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Jared Kleinman and Pregnant!Reader hcs

- YO okay so when you told Jared you were pregnant HE FLIPPED
- But like in a good way

- Like he is so excited

- He’s like bouncing off the walls saying “FUCK YEAH”

- He’s just so e x c i t e d

- He immediately calls his parents to tell them and he says “MOM, DAD, I MADE A BABY”

- They’re also super happy for you two and they congratulate you over and over and any chance they get

- Then he tells his friends and they’re all so happy

- They tell you that you both will be great parents

- Jared is 1000000000000000% confident he will be a great dad

- He’ll say that to you when you’re going to get the first sonogram

- He’s looking at the barely developed child and whispers, “You’re going to be an awesome kid with awesome parents and we’ll love you no matter what.”

- You hear that and kinda tear up and Jared calls you a sappy loser

- But he’s close to tears also lmao

- You’re probably the calmer and more emotional one

- He’s like really anxious and excited how many times can I say he’s excited

- He’s just like so ready to have this kid with you

- He knows that with a combination of you and him, your kid will be the coolest kid ever

- If you get cravings, Jared will drive to the store and get them, but not without complaining

- He’ll do anything you ask, but you just gotta deal with him whining about it at first

- If you ask him to rub your feet, he’ll be like ew gross

- And you’re just like Jared I am carrying your child

- And he’s like shit you’re right he’ll start rubbin’ away

- Jared will always be buying the most random stuff for your child

- “Y/N, I saw this awesome toy Pacman, I had to get it”

- “Jared, you’re wasting money”

- “Any money spent on my child is money worth spending.”

- Jared lets everyone think he is excited to be a dad

- But he was scared to

- He thought he would be able to be a dad, but he saw a shelf of parenting books

- That is what made him feel a little worried

- So, he made sure to buy every single one of them where does he get this money from

- You come home from Zoe’s to find him asleep on the floor with the books surrounding him

- His eyes are bloodshot from reading the small print for hours

- You smiled at your husband and poke him with your foot

- It takes a couple pokes to wake him

- When he does wake up, you ask him to come to bed with you

- He does and helps you get to bed, because you’re about 20 weeks along and can’t touch your toes

- When you lay down, you lay on your side

- Jared will spoon with you and always rub your belly

- Sometimes if he thinks you’re asleep, he’ll talk to the baby

- “Hey, little guy, or girl. I don’t know yet, anyway, I just want you to know that I love you. I love your mom and I love you. When I met her, I kinda hated everything about myself. She brings out the good in me. She’s a wonderful woman and I know she’ll be a wonderful mom.”

- In the morning, you ask him what the books were about and he reluctantly tells you his fears

- OKAY so let me go back to what I said earlier

- In the beginning, he’d be sure he would be a good dad, but as the due date gets closer he gets more nervous

- When you actually give birth, he is in full in panic mode

- You’re in physical agony and it’s not helping that Jared is yelling about how unprepared he is

- Jared tried to keep it inside because his mouth said it was stressful when his dad did the same thing

- But he just couldn’t

- He was about to meet his child for Pete’s sake

- He kept on trying to do the thing where he tells you it’s all going to be okay

- But that just makes you angry

- Jared for the first time just shuts up and holds your hand

- But he soon regrets it, because you’re squeezing his hand so tight her afraid it will pop open

- Jared feels his heart swell when he hears your cries subside and the ones of his child start

- They immediately take the kid away to wash him

- Oh yeah, you’re having a boy

- Jared nearly punched a hole in the doctor’s office when she told you two the news

- He would be ecstatic no matter what gender the child is

- Anyways, after they leave with your kid, Jared rubs your hand and kisses your forehead

- He tells you how amazing you are and how much he loves you

- When they bring the kid back, you and Jared start to tear up

- You take turns holding the child

- Jared feels this overwhelming sense of love for both of the people with him

(OKAY so imma make headcanons about how Jared would act with your child because that doesn’t have to do with pregnancy)

va103  asked:

THROWBACK THURSDAY! Find an old picture of yourself and post it up in this ask then pass this on to the next 10 blogs on your dash.

YAAAY an excuse to post pictures of me as a kid!

This picture is maybe why I round the edges of my drawings… I like them looking like an old photo.

Me with my lil’ sisters!  AND CHECK OUT HOW AWESOME THAT TOY GUN IS!!!  I wish I still had that.  My sister Mary has a mullet and Annie’s nose hadn’t grown in yet.  She’s also maybe holding a pipe.

MY PARENTS!  Look at how cute they is!!!  I know it’s not an old picture of me but I felt like adding this in and you can’t stop meeeeeeeee


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