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Researching robots in therapy for a paper proposal I have to submit tomorrow! It’s a shame that while there’s been a ton of research done and we clearly have the technology to implement this sort of thing, so much of this stuff is still restricted theoretical/lab settings or being used solely in the occasional nursing home. 

Another Day of Work [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i had another idea….

The three of you walk into the CCPD at the same time. Sebastian spins on the heel of his shiny dress shoe, facing the two of you. “What do you think, babes? Buttoned or no?” he mutters, smirking, thumb pressed against the buttons of his dark blue suit jacket. His gold ring spins slightly when he places his palm flat to his abdomen.

Biting your lip, you unbutton his suit jacket, straightening his tie before peering at Barry. He nods, pouting approvingly. “Unbuttoned.” you confirm, smiling up at the Warbler. “But don’t be afraid to button it; assert your dominance.” you add, handing him a brown bag. “And I made you lunch.” you beam, pecking his freckled cheek, smoky gray blouse swaying against your chest.  

“Yeah…how am I supposed to ‘assert my dominance’ when you put,” Sebastian pauses, pulling out an item from the bag and showing the two of you. “Squeezable applesauce in my lunch?” he asks, lips set in a tight line, thick eyebrows raised. A little blush appears on your cheeks.

Barry shrugs, moving his head slightly. “I’ll eat it.” he mumbles, stretching his arm out, dark red flannel scrunched at his elbows. You furrow your eyebrows at him, blinking. You put five of them in his lunch! “I actually need it, Y/N. My blood sugar is low…” he explains in a hushed voice, scratching the back of his neck.

“Knock yourself out, B.” Sebastian smirks, tossing the lime green applesauce packet to the speedster. He laughs at your tiny frown, leaning down to peck your lips. “I love you, wifey.” he grumbles against your lips, rubbing his nose with yours. Sebastian stands up straighter, slumping his shoulders when he sees his husband. “Really, Barry?”

The speedster swallows the applesauce, bright green eyes darting between you and him. Uncharacteristically slow, Barry removes the small nozzle from his mouth. “What, you said I could have it! He said I could have it, right?!” he directs at you, plump lips parted. The top buttons of his flannel flop open, revealing his light gray t-shirt.

“Yes, honey.” you giggle, rolling your eyes as someone calls for Mr. Allen-Smythe. Squealing, you pat Sebastian’s chest excitedly. “That’s you!” you grin, fixing his tie, “At least, I think it’s you…” you pout, presses the band of your ring on his white dress shirt.

The college boy peeks behind shoulder, nodding to the older man. “Yeah.” he breathes, corners of his mouth twitching upwards. “I can’t wait to say, ‘no, you’re out of order!’.” he says firmly, pointing his finger in the air, eyes squinted. Barry snorts, shaking his head. “Anyway, love you, babes.” Sebastian muses, turning his cheek.

You grin, placing a kiss on the little mole on his cheekbone. Barry copies your motion, nodding towards the lawyer. “We love you too! Good luck, Bas!” the speedster calls after your husband, sighing when he enters the small room. “Hey, baby, you wanna get pizza for dinner?” he asks you, looking down as he squashes the applesauce packet, trying to get everything.

Taking a step in your black heels, you place your hands on your hips, above your dress pants, pouting. “Depends. Is it gonna be from Coast City?” you ask hopefully; he hums, nodding. “Then, yes.”

End of the Comics [Mod Post]

So the bot ran to the end of its comics. I’ve been busy on other projects so this one’s basically over until I have time to work on another idea @krabkri had for this blog. Feel free to submit comics, reblog old ones, or send me hatemail.


Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

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“I still remember your first haircut…” 

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


Altertale!Reapertale (AlterReap)
AR!Toriel and AR!Sans



How did you decide when someone was irretrievably lost—when they were so evil or toxic or just plain set in their ways that you had to face the fact they were never going to change? How long could you keep trying to save them, and when did you give up and grieve for them as though they were dead?

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Hetalia: Surprise Halloween! - Nordic 5
manga vs anime

So obviously a lot of the fandom puts Allura into filling in the blue paladin position because she’s the friendliest lion and because of what happened in the previous version of Voltron. I understand that. 

And then there’s Keith as the black paladin, because Shiro had asked him to, and him having been able to fly the lion that one time because he’d basically begged Black to in order to save her current paladin. I understand that.

And then Lance becoming the new red paladin because that’s the only lion who still needs as Allura takes over his. I understand that.

But what if the lions had another idea?

So what if they discuss things and decide that they would try to fit these new roles, and Langst happens where Lance is left feeling angry that he’s always just a substitute for Keith’s position, and upset that he was easily going to be replaced by Allura. 

But then they try to each step into their newly assigned lions and neither Keith or Lance are let in, and Allura feels a really grudging acceptance coming from Blue. 

Because although the lions will definitely need to choose new paladins in order to make sure they can still become voltron who said they had to choose the paladins that the humans decided? 

So at first Lance feels the aggravation coming off of Red and believes that she’s really mad at being forced to deal with Lance, but then he notices that Red’s attention is focused on Keith. She isn’t acting aggravated at him

And then he turns to see Keith unable to open Black at all, who is also acting a little annoyed. So Lance decides to call him over and when he reaches red he mentions that he just doesn’t get why Black isn’t responding to him. Like she did before right?

And so they meet back up with Allura outside Blue and they find out that Blue is acting really pouty although she seems to be trying to warm up to Allura. They discuss it and figure that if Keith can’t get into Black then Allura might have to. So they try again and Red and Blue are very happy to be back with their paladins. Blue is purring up a storm in a way that almost seems victorious.

But Black doesn’t respond to Allura either which doesn’t make sense to them. The only time a lion will refuse Altean royalty is when a better paladin is in their midst. 

So Lance starts heading towards Black and while Blue starts grumbling as he heads towards where Allura is standing, Black turns to look his way. Once he gets close enough Black actually opens up for him and just the three of them are absolutely bewildered. 

The two others can’t accept the idea of Lance who comes off as a class clown in their eyes to be the leader, but as Lance is allowed in as the new head they have no choice than to accept. 

And then Blue and Black are grumbling at each other while Lance takes his new position because as it turns out they were actually fighting over him.

And that’s how Lance becomes the new leader and gets more validation from two parts of voltron than his team mates have ever given him.

I just got all into this because we all assume that they’ll all get assigned into their new roles by deciding themselves. But just as how Blue first chose lance without Allura telling her to first I feel that while she was right when designating the other paladins to their lions last time, it was because the lions would have picked them anyways. Now though with the first one chosen as the black paladin being gone, the lions will choose for themselves who is best suited as the leader, as it isn’t as obvious this time.


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Spike (for anon & iwanttoseehowitends)


Another random idea for mchanzo that I had after looking at some noodle shimada dragons fan comics and I really like the dragons-are-rad-scarves-unless-it-hates-you concept. I’m too lazy to redraw hanzo for the last panel. lel

Hanzo’s having fun messing with jesse. Savage hanzo is savage.
And merry x’mas to everybody! :3 


As soon as I watched @tilly-and-her-books recent book haul~ I went and bought this stunner. Howard is one of my favourite authors and I greatly enjoyed her retelling of Alice in Wonderland (and Morpheus lol).
I’m in love with this cover, it’s darkly beautiful~ I hope the story inside is just the same!