i had an argument with the cuz a while back about this actually

Hamilton : Whole Sqaud AU

- Modern time au

-So Alex just got into college, and he’s officially adopted by the Washington and majoring in PoliSci

- Thomas and Lafayette are twins who were separated at 13 cuz their grandparents didn’t approve of their parents’ affair

- The twins were finally reunited at 18 and went into college together, roommies

- John Laurens with his pet turtle Philip just got into college too, and are rooming with Alex

- Alex was a bit shy to meet John but was really ecstatic when meeting Philip

- John was really chill and friendly that he helped Alex unpack then invited him for lunch

- They met the twins on the buffet area and they all sat together

- Thomas and Alex were already talking about politics when they got into a small friendly argument that Lafayette had to literally hold Thomas back

- John laughing as he held the back of Alex’s shirt to stop him from going all out

- Lafayette saying something to “Tommy” in french and Thomas rolling his eyes and said something back in french to “Marmar” ( From his name,Marie-Joseph)

- Alex asking them a question in french and Lafayette started talking to him in french really fast

- John was smiling at them amusingly and shared a confused look with Thomas

- Then they all heard a laughing somewhere behind them and saw Charles Lee laughing and mocking at them

- Lafayette tried really hard to stop the three of them from getting into a fight with Lee

- They all left the cafeteria and talked more at the garden

- They spent more time then later exchanged numbers to hang out more

- Then Alex and John went to buy books together and the twins decided to roam around campus

- Lafayette accidentally bumped into Hercules, who was on his way to practice with the football team

- Lafayette was entranced by him that he accidentally asked him for his number in french while Hercules apologized

- Thomas eyeing his brother’s flushed face suspiciously while Hercules chuckled and introduced himself

- Hercules has no idea whaf Laf said

- Lafayette apologized and introduced them and Thomas to Herc

- Herc was called by someone from the team and promised to talk to Laf again soon

- Thomas laughed at Laf as they continued to walk around and talking in French

- Meanwhile Alex and John met Aaron Burr at the bookstore, and he gave them some confusing advices while he bought his own books

- Alex wasn’t too sure what to think if him, and John shrugged at him

- They went back to their dorm together and decorated their room together

- And Alex was afraid if he liked John as crush already, and they just literally met

- And then the next day they met up with the twins for breakfast when Hercules spotted Lafayette and invited them to eat together with his cousin, James Madison

- Thomas was interested in James from the moment they saw each other and Lafayette snorted at him

- The six of them ate together and Alex, John, Herc and Laf seemed to be getting along really well that they started to get more loud

- James sighed at his cousin before listening to Thomas talk about politics

- Surprisingly, he actually conversed with him really well, unlike the other freshmen he met (he and herc are sophomores)

- Then suddenly the Schuyler sisters entered and Herc waved at them to their table

- The cousins and the sisters knew each other since high school

- Angelica’s a junior while Eliza was a sophomore and Peggy was a freshman

- Lafayette was a bit disappointed in Peggy’s fashion and accidentally said it out loud

- He and Peggy somehow became best friends then

- Peggy doesn’t care about fashion as long as it has flowers, she’s okay with it

- Eliza was texting to her friend and roommate Maria before introducing herself to them

- Somehow the majority of the group were majoring in PoliSci

- Then Lee and Seabury went in and almost all the group groaned

- With all of them hating the two, they exchanged phone numbers then Alex spotted Burr and invited him

- He was hesitant at first but he did anyway

- He was a bit annoyed at how loud they were, with Hercules literally shouting, and Thomas and Alex were almost arguing again with Angelica and James looking at them amusingly, and Lafayette subtly flirted with Herc and Peggy noticing, John laughing as he again held Alexander back, and Eliza smiling at the text Maria sent

- And he suspected that Thomas and Alex would join the debate team (which he, angelica, eliza, and james were in)

- But, in all honesty, he kinda liked these guys

This is just a small part if my Au, if you want to know more, just ask me! I’ll be working on a fanfic regarding this AU anyway, I’m so excited!!

Edit: I made a fanfic based on this!! You can read it here.
The Coloured (Band Fanfic)

Prompt:  I finally had a chance to see the movie and I love Zack could you write something where all the rangers really do decide to start a band and they are trying to decide on a band name.

“Come on! That’s a stupid name!” Kimberly screamed at Jason. “Seriously?! ‘The Rangers’?! Could we be anymore obvious?!”

“It’s hiding in plain sight! We could say that we call ourselves that cuz of the rangers that came to protect our town!”

“Do you really think Zordon and Alpha would even let us?” Billy quietly chimed in. Jason immediately froze and considered it while Kimberly folded her arms. Leave it up to Billy to calm everyone down.

“You’re right. Stupid idea.”

They were all at the abandoned train car, hashing out details for the band they wanted to start. Zack sat on top of the long side of the car, while Jason was leaning on the side of it. Kimberly was sitting by the campfire with Billy, warming up he hands. Trini sat in her usual spot, sprawled out comfortably.

“How about ‘The Morons’?” Trini drawled sarcastically. 

“Not helping, Trini,” Jason replied with an unamused look. Kimberly giggled though, so Trini smiled at that.

“We could call ourselves ‘The Crazy Boys and Girls’!” Zack chimed in.

“… Zack, just be quiet,” Trini sighed, placing her fingers on her temple.

Zack just smiled. “Yeah, didn’t think that’d fly.”

“Okay, well I think we should do something cool about the Power Rangers cuz that’s who we are!” Jason practically begged.

“We can’t really do anything without making it obvious!” Kimberly raised her voice again.

Billy groaned. “Guys, this is the same argument.”

Trini rolled her eyes. “We could choose something about the Power Rangers without choosing something too obvious.”

Kimberly twisted her head around to Trini so fast, Zack thought it would come flying off. She looked so offended that her girlfriend was taking Jason’s side. Trini just shrugged at the look.

It looked like Trini and Kimberly were having a silent argument with their eyes so Zack decided to make another suggestion. “Well, how about we choose something about ourselves that goes along with the image of the rangers?”

The entire team turned to look at Zack, shocked. “… That was actually a good idea,” Billy eventually said.

“Well, what about us is included in the rangers?” Kimberly asked.

“Uh…” Zack replied.

“Welp, there goes that,” Trini said smirking up at Zack.

“Well, it’s not like I need to come up with it!” Zack argued. 

Billy shushed everyone by standing abruptly and waving his arms about. “I got it! Like Alpha said, we’re all kids of different colors and the rangers all wear different colored armor! We could be called ‘The Colored Kids’!”

Everyone perked up at that. “That’s good!” Jason agreed.

Trini stopped them, raising a bottle into the air. She must’ve pulled it out of her backpack. “Wait, wait, wait. We gotta take out the ‘Kids’ part. It’s weird.”

Billy looked discouraged and sat back down. Kimberly patted his shoulder to comfort him.

Zack laughed from his spot in the air. “Alright! ‘The Colored’. Me likey. But we gotta make it different. Can’t be plain, so let’s use the British spelling!”

Again, everyone paused to stare at Zack. “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY WINGMAN!” Trini exclaimed, pointing her bottle at him.

“Hey! I can have good ideas! Jesus, I’m insulted, Crazy Girl!”

Everyone laughed.

“Alright, then. Let’s put it to a vote. ‘The Coloured’ with British spelling?” Jason spoke up.

Everyone raised their hands in agreement.

“Awesome!” Billy exclaimed.

Jason laughed. “Don’t celebrate just yet. We have to decide who’s playing what, and the type of music we’re doing.” 

Billy groaned. “No!” he pleaded. “This is going to take all night!”

“That’s why we chose a weekend,” Zack laughed.

These guys. Zack thought to himself. 

“I call lead singer!” Trini yelled.

“What?! NO! I want to be lead singer!” Kimberly yelled back.

“And so it begins,” Billy sighed, hanging his head.

The Girl Who Ran


  1. Long story short: Newt and reader get into an argument, the reader is a builder and she ran into the maze when she couldn’t take the argument anymore and everyone thinks she dead cuz the next day they can’t find her. Maybe after a few months the reader is back in the maze and everyone is shocked and Newt has his limp now cuz he tried to die cuz he thought he lost her. Sorry it’s so confusing and long. Heated argument at first than fluffy and stuff at the end. Thank you in advance!! XX
  2. Hello, may I request a Newt imagine where she’s actually been the first one in the maze and stayed there and after a year or two she gets lost in the maze (runner) and everyone thinks she’s dead but she ends up finding her way back one day and everyone is shocked. The reader and newt were and still are dating. Newt never stopped loving her. Fluff, sad (kinda) and you can add more. Sorry I just love your Newt imagines tbh. Thank you in advance 

Warnings: none?

Notes: Decided to combine these two!

Being a Builder in the Maze was always fun. You got to work with all the tools and make sure everything was secure. One mistake and you’d get hurt, which was always the risky part of it. Though that’s what made it really fun. 

Being the Second-in-Command in the Maze was stressful. You had to make sure everything was running smoothly. You had to travel from job to job around the Glade, and make sure no one was getting riled up at another. sometimes there were unsolvable problems which made it even more stressful. 

But you being a Builder, and Newt being Second-in-Command worked out well. Especially when together. You took Newt’s stress away, calming him down so much. Newt always patched you up when you got hurt. You were both so in love with each other, and worked out so well. Everything was peaceful when together.

That is until today. You and Newt were a very serious couple. But lately Newt was on edge. He was becoming a little more angry and more stressed. It was so much for him that he snapped at you. 

“Jesus, Y/N, lay off! Bloody hell, you are smothering me! You’re too much!”

Although you were a tomboy, you were still sensitive. Newt’s words hurt. A fear of yours was becoming too clingy, or smothering him. Now it was obvious that fear had come into play.

“Fine.” Your voice cracked. “I’ll fucking back off.” 

Due to Newt being stressed out beyond belief made you stressed out. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. He had been exploding lately. Each time he got upset and you were around, he’d lash out and say things that really hurt. This time it especially hurt. He knew that you were afraid of smothering him and becoming this annoyance. 

The only thing you thought of doing was something unimaginable. You ran off into the Maze.

Gladers tried to stop you. You were trying to be sneaky about it, packing a bag with food and water. You tried slipping through the Doors without disturbance, but Gladers caught on to what you were doing. 

“Y/N, no! That’s breaking a rule!” Someone yelled. A few Gladers tried to capture you, but you were faster than you looked. Once you passed the Doors, Gladers stopped, not daring to go inside. You ran and turned a corner, disappearing.

Multiple Gladers–especially Gally–were infuriated at Newt. They knew it was him who started this. He was so rude and mean lately. It wasn’t like him. But he really hurt you, and you didn’t know what to do.

Newt, who was in the Homestead, didn’t hear about you fleeing into the Maze until after you were gone. His mood instantly changed. He had no idea he pushed you over the edge to the point of running inside the Maze. Newt felt awful, and was now worried about you. Would you come back?

Newt moped around. He couldn’t believe that he pushed you to suicide. You never came out of the Maze and none of the Runners that day saw you. It had been two months. You were dead. You had to be. And Newt knew it was his fault. 

“Newt… You might want to see this,” Alby said urgently. Newt furrowed his brows, leaving his spot. He went outside into the Glade, seeing all the Gladers surrounded at the Doors. Clint and Jeff rushed passed Newt with a makeshift stretcher.

“What’s going on?” Newt asked, trying his best to run.

Arriving at the crowd, there you were. Shockingly enough there you were. The backpack you took was gone, your clothes were tattered, hair a mess. You had scratches and a few marking that needed stitches. Blood soaked some parts of your skin and clothes. All in all, you were on the brink of death. 

Clint and Jeff arrived with the stretcher. Newt helped hoist you up on it and you were carried away. Half of the Glade was silent while the other half was questioning about how you were still alive.

Newt, Alby, and Gally followed the Med-jacks. They kept telling you to stay awake, keep your eyes open. They needed you to keep fighting. 

Multiple questions were thrown at you, but you weren’t responding at all. You were non-responsive, just looking around and blinking slowly. Everyone was concerned. But everyone was more baffled by how you managed to live in the Maze for an entire month.

A week passed. You slept a lot. A lot more than a person should, but it was understandable. You were stitched up and heavily medicated, but no one could determine your recovery. You still hadn’t spoken a single word.

“Y/N…?” Newt asked, peeking in. You made eye contact with him from your bed. “How are you doing, love?”

Nothing. But you moved your arm slowly, motioning for Newt to walk in further. He followed your small demand, walking right next to your side. He slid a chair over, sitting down and caressing your forehead. 

Newt hadn’t said much to you since you were sleeping so much, or were busy getting checked. This was his first real moment alone with you since being back. 

You looked up at Newt, tears in your eyes. Everything hurt and there was so much pain. You were physically and emotionally scarred to the point of no talking. 

“Don’t look at me like that,” Newt sighed. “Y/N… I’m so sorry I lashed out so much. I’m sorry I pushed you to the point of… you know. You could have told me I was pushing you too much. Hell, you could’ve lashed back at me and told me to fuck off. But I’m so sorry.”

“I…” You whispered. “Sorry.”

Newt’s eyes went wide. He wiped the few stray tears that had escaped your eyes. “No, don’t be sorry.”

It was silent again. Newt didn’t say anything, just gazed at you. You stared right back into his eyes, missing them. You made a huge mistake about leaving through the Maze, but it was also a huge accomplishment. During that month, so much happened. Including finding the exit. Once you were healed and recovered, you’d inform everyone. Though for now you needed to rest.

lilmissginge  asked:

for the otp meme: merthur, 1-30? ^^

1) Who is the most affectionate?

Merlin’s definitely the more likely to initiate PDA. Arthur tends to get a little embarrassed by it if anyone’s around, but he always accepts it anyway cuz he can’t get enough of it. He’s just a little too repressed to reach out himself, always a tiiiny bit afraid that he’ll be rebuffed.

2) Big spoon/Little spoon?


3) Most common argument?

They don’t communicate very well. They both tend to make decisions for the both of them without consulting the other, Arthur because he forgets that Merlin’s opinion might differ from his and Merlin because he just assumes he knows what Arthur’s answer will be already so doesn’t need to ask, and that doesn’t usually turn out very well.

4) Favorite non-sexual activity?

Anything that they can make into a competition, lol. They will compete on anything, like monopoly or how far they can skip rocks or who can carry more grocery bags in from the car at once, and make the most outrageous and ridiculous bets on it. The bets are a competition in and of themselves, tbh, just getting sillier and pettier every time (the number of times they have had to literally lick each other’s boots is just stupid). It’s all in good fun, tho, and there’s plenty of laughs all around either way it goes.

5) Who is most likely to carry the other?

Like literally carry? Arthur. He’s got the muscles and he can hoist Merlin up without much trouble. (Merlin can lift Arthur if he really wants to but it’s not a particularly fun or romantic experience for either of them, lol).

6) What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands. They’re long and nimble and gentle and strong all at once. And Merlin, for his part, just really loves Arthur’s eyes. They’re a different kind of blue than his own, a lighter clearer kind, and he loves them a lot. Arthur gets embarrassed when Merlin just wants to stare longingly into his eyes tho, sometimes that’s just too intimate (at least when he realizes that’s what’s happening, lol, other times they just get caught up in each other and don’t notice that it’s been twenty seconds since they last blinked or looked away).

7) What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

They get awkward as fuck. Arthur is normally a very confidence person, but as soon as he’s faced with someone whose opinion he actually cares about, he gets rambly and blushy and drops things and tries waaaay too hard. Merlin’s slightly better off, but he’s twice as likely to trip on air and will cut and run (sometimes mid-sentence) if he thinks he’s making an idiot of himself.

8) Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

They’re not really big on nicknames. Occasionally Merlin will take a leaf out of Gwaine’s book and call Arthur princess, but he does so in full knowledge that Arthur will make him pay for.

9) Who worries the most?

Merlin is MADE of worry. It is his natural state of being and nothing can stop it. Arthur worries when they’re in dangerous circumstances of course, Merlin is his top priority then, but Merlin just worries all the time about everything.

10) Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

That’s something Arthur makes an effort to learn and remember. It’s one of those things that he sort of considers a Boyfriend Thing, and he always feels warm and fuzzy and accomplished when it makes Merlin smile.

11) Who tops?

They switch a lot. They both have a slight preference for top!Merlin.

12) Who initiates kisses?

Merlin really really really likes kissing. He will kiss Arthur at every opportunity, will make any excuse, would happily forgo sex entirely if he could just keep kissing him. (Not that Arthur minds.)

13) Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

This ties back to that “Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands” thing.

14) Who kisses the hardest?

When Merlin gets on a roll, he goes hard. He spends a lot of his time playing himself off as weak, but he’s not. And when he wants something? Really wants it? He will take it.

15) Who wakes up first?

Merlin is much more of a morning person than Arthur is (if either of them can be considered as such. It’s more of a 10am vs noon kind of thing, lol).

16) Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?


17) Who says I love you first?

Merlin has no trouble saying it. He knows long before he lets the words out of his mouth, and he only holds them back because he knows Arthur isn’t ready to hear them yet. Even after Arthur can accept the words from Merlin, it still takes a little while before he can bring himself to say them back. He just wasn’t brought up with love being an open or obvious thing.

18) Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Since Merlin’s the one who almost always makes the lunches, the notes are most commonly his. Sometimes they’re sappy. Usually they’re snarky/sarcastic/actual reminders of things he knows Arthur has forgotten he needs to do.

19) Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

They’re both a little reluctant at first, if only because of their widely different demographics. Merlin with the working class, Arthur the highbrow crowd. They both worry a bit how their friends will react and if they’ll be assholes about it, and Arthur especially worries about his father’s opinion. Arthur’s friends come first because Merlin refuses to be hidden, and also he’s very outspoken and in-your-face about his social position, which they like. Then come Merlin’s friends (Will thinks Arthur is a posh prick but the rest of them don’t mind him), then Hunith, and then Uther. Later. Much much later.

20) What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

It grows on them. Everyone’s a little wary of it to start with, but they prove themselves to each other’s people before too long. (Except Uther. Uther never quite warms up to Merlin completely, tho he does accept it.)

21) Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Arthur will totally do the whole slow-dancing-in-an-empty-room-to-no-music-just-cuz-he-wants-to-be-close thing. Just so he can get his hands on Merlin and also make him smile helplessly cuz it’s so damn sappy.

22) Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Arthur is not allowed in the kitchen. Not anymore.

23) Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

Arthur really honestly thinks his lines are smooth. Merlin never tells him otherwise cuz it is just too good and so worth the secondhand embarrassment to see Arthur look so pleased with himself.

24) Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Meeerrrrrrliiiin. He will say anything to fluster Arthur in important meetings and make him go red in the face.

25) Who needs more assurance?

Arthur’s insecurities don’t get the best of him often, but sometimes they sneak up on him. Then he just needs a reminder or two that Merlin really likes him, not his money or his position or what Arthur can do for him. It’s hard for him to believe that anyone can love him unconditionally for him.

26) What would be their theme song?

Is that even a question? A Thousand Years. Duh.

27) Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

Hunith used to sing to Merlin when he was little, so of course Merlin does the same for his kids. Arthur rolls his eyes and says it’s silly, but it’s only a few weeks before Merlin overhears him humming while he rocks the baby back to sleep.

28) What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Pine. A lot. Talk on the phone all the damn time, so much so that it probably irritates whoever they’re with.

29) one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

Arthur has a tendency to distance himself at the first sign of trouble. It’s easier than getting hurt, and it protects him from potential rejection. Merlin can’t leave him if he leaves first, and this way if Merlin does leave then at least it was HIS choice. It only takes two instance of this for Merlin to catch onto what was happening in Arthur’s head, and honestly it just made that particular argument worse because how dare he just give up on this?? How dare he not fight for them?? But after that, when he’s calmed down, he does recognize the insecurity and fear behind it and knows better how to head it off before it reaches the point where Arthur starts withdrawing.

30) one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

Merlin bites his fingernails when he gets nervous or stressed out. Arthur starts pulling his hand away from his mouth whenever he notices him doing it, holding Merlin’s hand against his chest and kissing his fingertips to convince him to stop. It sort of backfires cuz now Merlin starts nibbling on his fingers specifically to get Arthur to be so gentle and concerned with him. It’s all very sappy and sweet and this headcanon will never leave me alone.

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history repeats itself: I

//screams because I finally finished chapter one

Summary: In which some people end up with an unwanted roommate.



It had been a perfect trip planned in the spur of the moment.

Or perhaps on the whims of a teenager’s obsessive fanatics.

Either way, upon hearing there was a museum dedicated solely to Ladybug (and Chat Noir), Chloé had instantly demanded her father fund a trip for her to go.

The mayor, however, saw it as an opportunity to gain favor with the voters and the heroes as their third anniversary approached. The way he saw it, if the heroes saw how much he appreciated them, they would help his campaign, and once the people saw the heroes favoring him, they would too.


So he compromised with his daughter; an exclusive, all-expenses-paid field trip for her class to see the museum in London, where they would roam the city and be able to learn the history of the two heroes before returning to Paris in time for the anniversary banquet he would hold on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s actual anniversary (since becoming heroes, that is).

It was perfect, and it certainly got the rest of the class up in a frenzy.

Alya, in particular, was bouncing with joy. She was almost excited enough to copy Marinette’s infamous butt wiggle.


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(also on AO3)

The first chapter of my fic for @shippingwithstiles day 3!!! i’ve still got another scene or two to write before it’s finished, but i wanted to make sure i got it posted on the right day lol.

shout out to @inell for convincing to write this and being hella helpful and sweet, and to @thedaughterofkings for being as wonderful a beta a cheer-reader as always, and one more to @iamsorrymyfriendbutwedonot for some close editing!!

April 3rd - Black Magic (Supernatural Stiles)

[and also secretly April 2nd-I Kissed a Girl (Stiles/female), snuck into the background to make up for missing that day lol]


Allison didn’t look too great when she answered her front door. Well, really, she looked the same as she always did—obnoxiously pretty and generally well-put-together—but she didn’t have the same warm smile on her face that she usually did when she greeted Stiles. Instead she looked kind of grim, a frown on her lips and a little crease of worry between her eyebrows.

“Hey, Stiles,” she said. “Thanks for coming.”

“Anytime. What’s up? Your text sounded kind of urgent.”

She stepped back to let him through the door and closed it behind him, ushering him into the apartment.

“I might have a tiny situation,” she admitted. “Or potentially not-so-tiny, I don’t know yet.”

“Okay,” Stiles said slowly, following her down the short hallway to a home office type room. He leaned into the doorway, hands in his pockets and watched curiously as she came to a hover in the middle of the room. “And you call me for this situation? Just me? Seems more like a Scott thing. He’s usually the one everyone goes to for situations.”

“He’s busy with alpha things,” Allison said distractedly. Her hands flitted over the back of her dad’s desk chair for a moment, then skipped over to the nearest shelf to run along the spines of the books there. Her eyes were just as restless, darting around the room on a loop without ever settling on anything. “And anyway, I don’t think his help is the kind I need. This is more up your alley.”

“Feel free to tell me what ‘this’ is anytime,” Stiles said mildly.

He couldn’t think what kind of thing would be up his alley but not Scott’s, unless it was specifically a magical problem. But even then, most people would go to Deaton before him, which was understandable. As strong as his spark was and as much progress as he’d made so far, he still wasn’t up to Emissary level yet. He was still an apprentice, at least technically speaking. And besides, he felt like Allison would’ve said magic right off the bat if that had been the case.

No reason for her to be this cagey if it was magic. It was kind of making him jumpy. He wasn’t nervous yet, per se. He wasn’t getting any overwhelming sense of impending doom like he did with a lot of the situations the pack had found itself in over the years, but the way Allison was biting her lip and twisting her fingers around each other wasn’t particularly reassuring either.

Abruptly, Allison turned to face him fully and let out a quick breath.

“Dad went on a hunting trip,” she said bluntly. “And he hasn’t come back yet.”

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(It’s a little long, so be warned.)

So. A few days to a week ago I was reading a YuuMika fanfic (I know, don’t say it). In this fic, Ferid Bathory was an important-ish side character. He wasn’t that much of a big deal—that is until I fell in love with the way he was portrayed. Like, when I first saw and got a taste for his character, I was like “oh, so he’s that kind of douche-bag. Okay. I can live with that.” Wasn’t all that into him. But because of this fic, I wanted to read more about him (idk, maybe I was in denial about him being a douchy character or maybe hoped that some part of him cares on a vulnerable, emotional level.

Now. You may be wondering what this has to do with Mika being a Prince, right? Well I’m getting there.

SO. I go to the only place that has more information on Ferid Bathory than any other place on Earth….the Internet. Or more specifically, the Owari no Seraph Wiki page. So there I am reading up on the first part of his wiki page when I noticed something.

When I see the “Michaela” part I just have a total “DON’T READ A WEBCOMIC CALLED HOMESTUCK” moment where I go “what’s this shit?” I get over my slight shock of Ferid being a Mika (because I had mistaken it for Mika’s name). I realize, “oh look at that, it’s a link for another wiki page. I’ll just click it to see what I’m missing.

Turns out, I wasn’t missing much…..or was I? well either way, there wasn’t much information written on it. (But I’ll tell you my thoughts. Because, you know, you care for some reason. Mika’s probably that reason but onwards).

First, we find out it’s rare. Kind of saw that coming. BUT! I DID MATH! YAY! So, I thought to myself, I thought “Aquarian, how much would one out of tens of millions be? Well what if I took our modern day world population and divided it by 10 million? So we could get an ‘at most’ guestimate?” so that is what I did. I divided 7 billion by 10 million and got a total of 700. So, as far as my NOT-mathematician ass can tell, at MOST approximately 700 boys had the Michaela trait BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE.

BUT! Because it said “tens of millions” that means there was MORE than 10 million. It could have been 20 million or 30 million or even 40 million. So the number of boys before the apocalypse that had the Michaela trait could be even less. Now after the apocalypse, maybe a handful? (again this is my thought process). Now onto the next piece!

“Known people with the Michaela trait……Only three known so far? WAIT MIKAELA HAS THE MICHAELA TRAIT!?!?!?!? ….I feel like I should have seen that one coming…..” (again, my thought process)

Then I thought “wait, what if this is the trait that makes you have the ability to become a Seraph?” So even though I did not see Yuuichiro, or Mirai on the list I believe that perhaps it was simply a mistake on the website’s part. BUT! I was slightly surprised to see Crowley’s name on the list. I guess I didn’t expect it.

Now, I’m going to skip the “Legend” part because that’s where things pick up but I also want to talk about the “Story” and Saito.

So Saito, of course, is Ferid’s sire. He also apparently knows about the Michaela trait and seems to be the one that introduced the topic of the trait to us. This is speculation (as far as I know), but perhaps the reason he turned Ferid was because he wanted to see how the trait would react to being part of a vampire body. Maybe. Maybe that’s why he abandoned Ferid, because nothing happened, maybe the trait DIDN’T react.

Now the Crowley part throws me off. Ferid was somehow able to watch over Crowley even before Crowley was even born? Maybe before he was even a thought? What the fuck? I haven’t read The Story of Vampire Michaela series yet (but god do I want to) so I don’t know if Ferid ever explains this. I can only think at the current moment that perhaps the trait can be traced? Because it seems a little too coincidental that Ferid simply happened to be able to watch a human that hasn’t even been born yet for 150 years that simply HAPPENED to have THE Michaela Trait.

If I follow the train of thought that the trait can be traced by certain individuals, then that would explain why Ferid was so interested in Mika. Maybe that’s why he thought Mika’s blood tasted so good (though, if I’ being honest, that’s a little bit of a stretch.)

Now this is kind of where I branch into two directions, though both made me think that Mika is special.

Going back to the “Legend”, it says that the angel Michaela fell to the earth (for now we’re ignoring the part that this “Michaela” caused the creation of vampire because that is possibly a whole new can of worms about this angel probably being the vampires’ Father a.k.a. the first progentiter possibly. Anyways this isn’t what this post is about.) So, I took my search, momentarily to google.

Not much appeared other than fanart and quite a few facebook pages. But then I noticed the ad about the archangel Michael. I thought nothing of it because I was looking for MichaelA not Michael and I believed there was a distinct difference. Turns out, there really wasn’t that big of a difference.

So I before I came to the earlier realization, I googled the meaning of the name “Michaela.” Cue eyetwitch. After a moment of facepalming, I realized that I recognized the meaning of the name (cuz, you know I was hoping for a difference. Turns out that Mika’s name “Mikaela” is ALSO the feminine form of Michael, as in the Archangel Michael. )

Finally I was like, “fuck it, Aquarian. Let’s just see what is up with this Michael dude.” I was raised “Catholic” but I honestly never paid attention and I hated going to church. I knew Michael was some form of important but I didn’t realize HOW important? Like I thought he was just a name you throw around when you feel scared. 

(Note: the image is one i edited in order to get all quotes that i find important for my “argument” in one picture because if i had done it one by one this post would be MUCH longer.)

NOPE. Michael is considered a prince by many branches of Christianity/the religion with God in it? Like? Some say he’s the prince of the lower classes of angels but that’s only if you keep the “A” in archangel to a lower case. If you capitalize it, then it becomes the Prince of ALL angels, Seraphs included. It was around this time that I got the feeling that maybe Seraphs of the end and Michaela Trait Possessors are a little different.

Alright, this is where I backtrack a bit and remind you how I said I was branching off but the two branches are somewhat connected. Well, the other branch continued on to Saito. Lemme explain.

Well, I was curious about the vampire who sired Ferid Bathory. (because remember that that is how I got started on all this “research”?). So I clicked a link and it led me to his wiki page.

As I was reading through the personality part of the profile, I read about how differently he treated Mika and Yuu. NOW I can say I read that book, more like that part specifically. Saito DID treat Mika kindly and everything. Even going so far as to tell Mika to stay away from Guren (though that might have been a jab towards Guren). UNFORTUNATELY, I DIDN’T read the part with Yuu and Saito. But from how it is explained, that treatment was a far cry from how Mika was treated.

At first I wondered why. “why would he treat them so differently? Aren’t they both children? Unless the age doesn’t matter to him. Well they do have different personalities. Maybe he just liked Mika’s personality more? Mika IS more polite while Yuu was apparently ‘temperamental’ on the way to the orphanage. Maybe that’s it. Maybe he just hates children in general and just appreciates the ones that only speak when spoken to or are just plain polite. Especially since he said all the orphans were unwanted (which is actually him being bluntly honest about stuff)…” but a small voice also said “but what if they were treated differently because Yuu is a seraph and Mika is an archangel?” I promptly told the voice to shut up but to keep talking at the same time.

So after a few more minutes, I click the link that says “Relationships” and I got this. Not only is Mika described as a LEADER (*cough cough* ARCHANGEL MICHAEL *cough*), he is also described as a “seraph with high experimental potential” while Yuu only got “a young seraph”. IDK about you guys but I noticed the special-ness usually goes to the main-main character. I actually would have bet that Yuu would have been the more powerful Seraph….maybe even a PRINCELY seraph (*nudge nudge* *wink wink*)

Okay now before I go I have one last thing to point out.

As I was reading Yuu’s part of the picture above, a little piece of a sentence hit me like a ton of bricks. “[…] Mika, who becomes a vampire.” The title of the book where the Michaela Trait is mentioned? THE BOOK OF VAMPIRE MICHAELA. WHO SHOWS UP IN THE BOOK? MIKAELA HYAKUYA. WHO IS A VAMPIRE WHILE THE MICHAELA THAT THE MICHAELA TRAIT WAS NAMED AFTER WAS AN ANGEL NOT A VAMPIRE.

Okay now a total mindfuck moment…

What if Saito COINED the term Michaela Trait? Okay, so, if the Michaela Trait CAN be traced, and that’s a big IF, what if Saito watched Mika for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years like Ferid did to Crowley. And Saito named it the Michaela Trait after the Mika he watched??????

Alright. I’m done. I need some sleep. And to do homework.

(thoughts? Opinions? Angry noises?)

Please Like, reblog, make comments i need to know I’m not crazy and skeep deprived.

Exchange Program Where Everyone From Everywhere Lives in NY

United Sates: Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson 

Just imagine Leo only speaking in Spanish until the kids from Spain arrive, tricking everyone into thinking he was one of them. 

When he’s caught he switches to perfect English, smiles, and says “Viva la America?” in a real cheesy accent. Percy admits he didn’t even try to convince him to not to do it. 

 Annabeth nearly beats the humor out of him before Jason can stop her. 

Italy: Nico di Angelo and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano

Nico’s constantly muttering complaints under his breath in Italian. When someone, Leo, asks him how to say ‘good morning’ so he can greet Reyna in her native language Nico tells him it’s “Vaffanculo.” 

Leo goes up to Reyna the next morning and tells her in. She catches Nico, who is snickering like a madman, watching from the corner and nearly dies of laughter. 

Leo never did figure out “Vaffanculo” means “fuck you.”

France: Will Solace and Hazel Levesque 

Leo once told Will that, while he thought Hazel was cute and all, he’d expected two hot girls to be the ones from France. 

“But, hey,” he’d added, nudging Will and giving him a few suggestive winks, “At least we have tips from someone who definitely gets all the girls.”

Will looked him straight in the eyes and deadpanned that he was gay.

This was at the dinner table and Nico, who was sitting close by and overheard, had to kick Reyna in the shin before she could even initiate ‘plan solangelo.’

Hazel, on the other hand, got catcalled by some fuckboy on the street. “What’s your accent, Nigerian? ‘Cuz it’s hot.” 

Frank, who’d been with her, blew a gasket: “It’s French, jackass.” Needless to say, Percy had to bail him out of jail for battery.

“I don’t hold it against you, bud. It’s guys like him that make us all look even more idiotic than we are … not that I’m saying we’re not idiots, ‘cuz we are.”

England: Annabeth Chase and Jason Grace

Annabeth and Percy often get into arguments on whose country is better, which leads to Percy dumping all of the tea in the house (where they all live together) into the pool. 

In response, Annabeth writes “Long live the queen” on Percy’s forehead and he doesn’t realize it until Jason takes pity on him and tells him.

Speaking of Jason, when Travis asked him why he didn’t have an accent, Jason admitted he was hiding it. 

Apparently as soon as he got off the plane some girls started fawning over him and telling him his voice was “hot.”

Canada: Frank Zhang and Piper Mclean

Frank lived near the border while Piper lived in Quebec. Because of this, Frank isn’t fully fluent in French while Piper could’ve passed for a native with the way she spoke.

Will starts a full blown conversation with Piper in French at some points, but when Hazel tries to speak French to Frank he just stutterers and blushes before mumbling a quiet “Um, I don’t understand.”

No one knows who was more embarrassed: Frank or Hazel.

Ireland:  Charles Beckendorf and Katie Gardner

Sometimes Katie will go off and talk really, really fast when she gets excited about something. Paired with her thick accent, only Beckendorf and the Stoll twins are able to understand her.

Beckendorf doesn’t have as thick of an accent, but he also has one. Annabeth says it’s utter chaos when she hears him and Silena talking (”I can’t make out a word of it. I have no idea how they understand each other, no idea.”).

Spain: Connor & Travis Stoll and Chris Rodriguez  

The twins immediately befriend Leo for the prank he pulled. Chris finds it amusing but decides not to warn Leo about Conner and Travis’ antics in order to get back to the boy.

Sometimes all four of them - Leo, Chris, Connor, and Travis - all have full blown conversations in Spanish in front of the others. 

Everyone thinks they’re talking important stuff but, in reality, they’re fighting about whose food was better: Spain’s or Mexico’s (Leo traveled down a few times to visit relatives and fell in love with cuisine).

Austria: Clarisse la Rue and Silena Beauregard 

Don’t think of Silena walking in and catching everyone’s eye. Don’t think of Clarisse towering behind her and making ‘I’m watching you’ signs at all the boys ogling Silena.

And definitely don’t think of Clarisse dragging Chris along with her to spy on Silena’s dates with Beckendorf (this leads to everyone thinking they’re dating which, in turn, leads to them actually dating).

Russia: Calypso and Lou Ellen

When Lou Ellen was first introduced the first thing she said was: “No, I don’t have vodka.” Needless to say, Connor and Travis pulled there first prank ever on her, leaving bottle after bottle of vodka in her room. 

She ends up dumping it all of their heads at breakfast.

Percy leans over to Leo and asks if she’s lost it.

When Leo responds with a really cheesy, offensive Russian accent, everyone looks to the usual temperamental Calypso and expect some kind of explosion. 

Instead Calypso fucking snorts and says “amateur” before correcting Leo with an even cheesier, more offensive accent.

Bed Rest

Prompt: @redvsbluesecretsanta​ 2016 gift for @what-happened-to-agent-georgia who requested Tuckington. 
Summary: Tucker takes care of Wash after an incident with a warthog and a wall.
Read on Ao3

It was a well-documented fact that Wash had a bad relationship with military vehicles. 

This might have been the first time it was friendly fire though, which was impressive with Caboose around. The Reds insisted the time they ran him over with a car was warranted.

This time it was still sort of a Red, if the LTs counted as team members. Jensen was crashing— testing some of the refurbished vehicles. Wash usually stayed pretty far away from the motorpool, but he had been yelling for Tucker.

Tucker looked up from where he had been loitering just in time to see Wash eat the Warthog’s grill and get thrown neatly into a wall. His head cracked so hard against it everyone in the room was going to have a hard time eating their eggs.

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“You think you need him.”    (Rafe & Sam thoughts)

Prompt for this post came from this: [x]
Ya’ll got me thinking and… this just sorta happened. lol

@hisomoe@madeofashandsmoke@aceiplier @jigsawlovey

▪ hisomoe:
“I was playing the scotland sequence again, and during the eavesdrop scene Nadine says to Rafe “you need him.” (lets pretend she meant Sam), Rafe’s reaction kills me.”

Firstly, OMG YES! Rafe’s reaction is everything!

Secondly, I’d just like to point out that there’s no “pretending” necessary.

Let me explain.

Rafe, at the time of the auction, still thought Nate was out of the game. Why would he think Nate might be drawn out of his cozy, normal life and show up out of the blue after all these years? In fact, as far as Rafe knew, there’d be no way for Nate to even know about all this. Also, quite frankly, I seriously doubt Rafe would have wanted Nate sniffing around in any way, shape or form. That’s made pretty obvious throughout the entire game. Nate even said that he and Rafe did not make a good team (for many reasons), and that Rafe was glad to be rid of him. He also explains that they never made any progress on the treasure without Sam. But let’s assume - for arguments sake - that Rafe did want Nate to show up… what was his plan? Sit idly by and hope Nate would just appear because why exactly? By Rafe’s understanding, Nate had no reason to be there.

Sam, on the other hand, would have had every reason to be there, and Rafe knew that. Before I get into that though, let’s back track for a moment.

As we now know, Rafe is the one who got Sam out of jail after hearing he was alive. Rafe sought out Sam for help, not Nate.  <THIS.  This right here is important. Remember, again, that Rafe and Nate’s brief partnership didn’t go well. More to the point, Nate wasn’t able to help Rafe at all. So after Rafe learns Sam is alive - Sam, the authority on Avery (which Rafe himself points out) - he sees his chance to get the help he needs. The kind of help that he knew Nate couldn’t (or wouldn’t) provide. So he promptly busts Sam out of prison, and the pair team up to hunt down Avery’s treasure together. Then they continued working together for the next two years. In which time they actually made real progress, found clues, and finally got a solid lead. Rafe spent 15+ years searching and turned up zip! Sam comes back into the picture and poof! Back on track! (Also, let’s be real, that prolly totally annoyed Rafe. xD Poor baby can’t do shit without Sammy’s help. lol)

Sam is the key in this entire quest. Especially from Rafe’s perspective.

((There’s an interesting parallel here regarding what happened in the past and present when they were searching for Avery’s treasure. Many years ago, at a dead end with no leads, Sam gets Rafe to help, they finally make progress. Fast-forward 15 years, at a dead end with no leads, Rafe gets Sam to help, they finally make progress. Interesting indeed.))

Right then, all that’s established, moving on.

Now obviously, Rafe was well aware that Sam not only knew everything he did (potentially more) about the auction, but that he’s probably still on the case. So even having suddenly vanished - possibly with little to no word, leaving Rafe upset and likely confused - Rafe suspected, and was secretly hoping, he’d show up. Either so he could confront him, or just straight up kidnap him. Who knows. lol He was just hoping he’d show up alone.

Regarding the whole Sam pulling a Houdini on Rafe, sadly we don’t know the details, or if Sam gave Rafe any obvious hints (intentional or otherwise) about how he felt, or what he might do. However, Rafe’s reaction later in the story tells me he probably trusted him (“to a point” lol), and didn’t suspect much, if any, about what Sam was plotting. That is, of course, until Nate and Sully showed up. Though I’m certain he had some suspicions before then, right after Sam left.

I mean, two years is a pretty long time to be working closely with another person. I think Rafe might have known how Sam felt about everything deep down. He probably knew just how to push Sam’s buttons (or thought he did), and how to manipulate him (haha, you forget, two can play at that game, Rafe! Sam is pretty damn sly and very clever). Rafe knew just what to say to keep him away from Nate and focused on their goal. He also had to realize just how invested Sam was in this little treasure hunt of theirs (his mistake was failing to realize why). And you better believe he used that to his advantage every chance he got. Rafe had to know Sam wouldn’t just pass up an opportunity like this, regardless of where they currently stood as allies, or enemies, or whatever the hell they were.

Point is, at the time nearing the auction, Sam was in the wind but still in play. Meanwhile, Rafe, though angry with him, knew deep down he still needed Sam’s expertise and clever insights (woo boy, can you feel Rafe’s rage building as you read this cuz I sure can. lol).

So of course he’d want to draw Sam out, and he’d use the auction to do it.

Furthermore, I have a feeling it was Sam who discovered the Cross was going to be at that auction. Sam more or less confirms this when he tells Nate at the pier: “Happened to do a little digging of my own… and uh… I bet you Rafe doesn’t have this”, he says as he hands Nate a copy of the newspaper clipping with the cross and auction info on it.

Now it could be that Sam found this out while working with Rafe, since we know he’s lying about a lot of things in this scene (naughty biscuit). However, there could just as easily be truth in what he’s saying. Maybe he did find it himself. Perhaps Sam was responsible (even if by accident) for bringing it to Rafe’s attention in the first place. Of course, considering the type of event this auction was, it’s just as likely Rafe discovered it through his own high level channels and contacts. Which would mean he’s the one who told Sam about it. Probably soon after that was when Sam skipped out on him (can’t say for sure though).

Either way, the end result is the same. Rafe was well aware Sam knew about everything. Most important of all… that’s the only way a plan to draw him out would have worked. As I touched on previously, whoever he hoped to see there had to be someone who knew everything, or there’d be no reason to think they’d show up.

It had to be someone who knew about the cross.
From Rafe’s perspective, that sure as hell wouldn’t be Nate

Let’s also not forget the exchange late in the story, when Nate tells Rafe he can’t find the treasure without their help, that he still needs them. At first, Rafe appears to consed, but then tells the the brothers plainly:  

I just need Sam  

Even after everything he did, Rafe still believed he needed Sam (which I’m sure he hated to admit, if that conversation with Nadine was any indication). From the beginning, and throughout everything that followed, when Sam first came to him all those years ago, when he discovered Sam was alive in that prison, when Sam seemingly bailed on him, and even after his betrayal was made clear, Rafe always knew he needed Sam’s help to find Avery’s treasure.  It was always about needing Sam.  And you can be sure Nadine picked up on all this. She ain’t slow in the head. Girl knows what’s up.

You don’t gotta pretend Nadine was talking about Sam.

Nadine was talking about Sam. [x]

▪ Rafe:  “Well, I didn’t think he’d show up!”
▪ Nadine:  “Or maybe you wanted to draw him out.”
▪ Rafe:  *scoffs*  “Why– Why the hell would I do that?”
▪ Nadine:  “Because you think you need him.”
▪ Rafe:  “……”

Trust me, guys, it’s got nothing to do shipper goggles.

Chapter 16 (Behind the Walls)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,185

Warnings: Mentions of abuse. (If you don’t want to read it, I advise you go away.)

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: So I know I said that I will be updating regularly but clearly I didn’t. I had a lot of personal stuff that happened in the past week alone that prevented me from doing so and I apologize for that. Thanks for sticking around and thanks for the support that you gave me. Hopefully this is to your liking.

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Check Please HP AU

ALRIGHT, so I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while but I have accepted that it not going to happen in full-fic format. So, here, the old “this isn’t a fic but oh wait it’s turned into a bit of a fic” format (a petals classic):

So, the key of a CP HP AU is that, in general, you have to get everyone in the same House because that’s how the quidditch teams work. And a quick glance (I haven’t read them bc I try not to read aus im going to write for fear of transference) tells me that others have done Hufflepuff and Gryffindor but if you know anything about me, you know there is nothing I love more than dismantling the last vestiges of anti-Slytherin prejudice that still lingers in everyone’s subconscious. (*cough* Untamed *cough*)

Basically, I’m going to put everyone into Slytherin. Cuz I can. So here you go, you have:

Jack Zimmermann, son of Bad Bob Zimmermann, a quidditch legend. He played Beater for the Montrose Magpies and is known for creating and coining the term “Scoring Beater” due to his skill at using his beater’s bat not only to control the bludger, but to hit the quaffle through the posts at incredible distances. It starts out as a trick play but turned into a legitimate scoring strategy. Most importantly for our story, Bob Zimmermann was the Captain of the team for his final two years of Hogwarts, won the House Cup for 4/6 years he was on the team, and is generally regarded as one of the finest flyers ever to come out of Gryfindor.

Yes, Gryffindor. Bad Bob Zimmermann was a Gryffindor. In fact, all of the Zimmermanns in the history of Magic have been Gryffindors. 

Until Jack Zimmermann. Already dealing with the pressure of dominating in quidditch little leagues, Jack Zimmermann came to Hogwarts and then in a moment that didn’t quite seem real, the Sorting Hat was put onto his head and screamed SLYTHERIN before it had even finished it’s downward descent. The Gryffinders started clapping before they realized what had happened. The Slytherins didn’t start clapping because they assumed there was some mistake. Some claimed that the Hat must just be a bit tired (it was the end of the alphabet after all) and it made a mistake. It is said that this might be the only time Headmaster McGonagall broke her calm exterior during a Sorting Ceremony and tried to put the hat back on a student’s head.

But, eventually (when the Hat just turned and huffed at McGonagall and the Slytherins finally started cheering), there was nothing left for Jack Zimmermann to do but walk over to the Slytherin side of the Great Hall and plop next to B. Knight, already wondering how on earth he was going to explain this to his parents. Even his mother, who was a Muggle, knew enough about Hogwarts to know that Slytherins were the worst

Of course, in the weeks/months/years that follow, Jack Zimmermann realizes that he is, in fact, a Slytherin. Goal-oriented? Ambitious? He is all of those things. And, actually, he is a lot of things from the other Houses as well because, really, what person can be reduced to just three or four traits and isn’t it a bit ridiculous that eleven year olds are just sorted into Houses and then basically conditioned to view themselves in a certain light throughout their formative years and–

Well, wait. We’re getting into Shitty.

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A really THIN argument to why Mor could already be pregnant at the end of ACOMAF

For @proteancharmed @shyvioletcat @throne-of-omg-the-feels @thefandomlifeisfab and anyone else who tagged me in the ACOTAR3 baby pinterest pin post!

So this is NOT a solid argument nor is it substantial enough to be a theory, just some things I’ve been looking at.

There are some random scenes where Cassian asks Mor and Azriel where they went the night before and we all think it’s just him being a buffer and them going out with other people. But what if they are buffering him, cuz they’re scared to hurt his feelings? Also, let us not forget that Azriel is THE SPYMASTER. So if he doesn’t want you knowing his business, I doubt he’s gonna leave a trail.

Some of the scene/lines (there are more but these are the ones that come to mind) that could maybe be used to support a behind everyone’s back Moriel affair are as follows:

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anonymous asked:

For the OTP thing Merthur duh

hahaha yessss all of them

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

Arthur because he is just that kind of cocky shit who likes to tease people and push boundaries, and he knows that if he does it just a bit and stops, then Merlin won’t be mad and will just curl up against his side and grumble about it for a while looking all cute and grumpy.

2) Who is always horny and will have sex at any time, at any place and at any time?

Usually Arthur, but there are times (days, weeks, months sometimes) when the pressure of his position really gets to him and his sex drive will flag due to persistent anxiety. At which point, Merlin deems it his responsibility to make the executive decision of when Arthur needs to be left alone, when he needs to be cuddled and pampered, and when he needs to be fucked hard until he forgets all the pesky worried thoughts in his head. Arthur does not mind handing over this responsibility on those occasions.

3) Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?

Merlin actually really likes bathing Arthur. He gets something very satisfying out of washing him from head to toe, massaging his shoulders, scratching nails over his scalp and making sure soap doesn’t get in his eyes. Sometimes Arthur will get frisky, but mostly they’re both content to let it be a non-sexy intimate thing between them.

4) Who likes to walk around the house naked and who tells the other to go put some clothes on?

Sometimes Merlin has to wonder if Arthur even knows what a shirt IS. Not that he’s complaining, but sometimes there are people coming over to visit and Arthur does need to actually be clothed on those occasions.

5) Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?

Arthur because he’s the one who usually walks away from the fight first and then he’s too stubborn go back in and argue to get his room back. He’ll crash on the couch alone but usually wake up with a blanket and pillow that weren’t there when he went to sleep.

6) Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?

Arthur. He wants the record, the proof, to remind himself that Merlin is there and Merlin is his. He keeps the pictures on his mobile where he can look at them whenever he needs reminding of why he does what he does.

7) Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?

Merlin’s always found it easier to say it. He grew up in a household where such a phrase was common, whereas Arthur had to fight for the merest approval. It falls out of Merlin’s mouth without him hardly noticing, while it takes weeks for Arthur to build himself up to letting the words out. When Merlin uses “i love you” in a fight, they usually keep fighting tbh because it’s nothing unusual. But when Arthur throws it out in the midst of their anger, it usually brings things to a halt because it drives it home to Merlin that he’s really upset/worried/afraid. He doesn’t say it lightly or easily.

8) Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?

Merlin wears Arthur’s. They smell really good and they’re just too-big enough to be slouchy and comfortable.

9) Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had? Who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?

Arthur wakes Merlin up cuz he’s just not the most considerate person, let’s be honest here. He’ll nudge Merlin until he wakes up so that he can regale Merlin with his newest dream adventure, and Merlin will just give the ceiling his best death glare and make sure to kick Arthur in the shin once he’s “sleeping” again.

As for the nightmares. Well. They’ve both seen and done a lot of shit, but Merlin’s always seems to affect him more deeply. Arthur was raised knowing that he would fight and kill, that it was usually honorable and necessary action. He was prepared for the violence his life would entail. Merlin wasn’t. And he definitely wasn’t prepared for the things he would be pushed into doing for the sake of destiny. Arthur may harbor some guilt, but Merlin is swamped in it and his nightmares usually consist of him, of him losing himself to darkness and doing terrible things. Arthur holds him close and whispers reassurances in his ear that he is good.

10) Who is more likely to cheat?

The only situation in which either of them might cheat would be if Arthur, very early on in the relationship, was heavily pressured by his father to find a respectable princess to marry For The Good Of Camelot. If Uther managed to convince him that the fate of the kingdom rested on Arthur making a good match and siring heirs by her, then he might be able to strong-arm and guilt-trip Arthur into a union like that no matter how strongly Arthur wished to stay with Merlin. And he would feel like utter shit later on when he later rebelled against the arranged marriage and followed his heart back to his real love.

11) Who makes fun of the other for having a crush on them, and who has to remind them that they are in a relationship?

Arthur loves pointing out that Merlin loooooooves him, Merlin thinks he’s haaaaandsome, Merlin thinks he’s the best prince in the wooooorld. Merlin rolls his eyes and hits him with a pillow.

12) Who starts a food fight in the kitchen?

Arthur, because Merlin would never be so inconsiderate to the kitchen staff who have to clean it up (and also knows that the kitchen staff are secretly vicious and liable to slip gross stuff into their food in revenge).

13) Who initiates duets? and who is the better singer?

Merlin actually has a lovely voice, not that many people know it. He sings quietly to himself as he does chores sometimes, but it isn’t until he hears Arthur humming along that he starts poking at Arthur to sing with him. It takes a lot of badgering, but he manages it! (And immediately regrets it because, for all his many skills, Arthur can’t carry a tune in a bucket.)

14) Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?

Arthur falls in love with hand holding as soon as he realizes that’s a thing he’s allowed to do now. It’s just such a simple gesture of affection, a point of connection, but it means so much to him somehow.

Merlin’s the butt-pincher, and usually right in the middle of important court business just so he can snicker while Arthur goes red in the face and struggles to keep from letting on.

Merlin lives for backwards hugs. He’ll wrap his arms around Arthur from behind and prop his chin on Arthur’s shoulder and just stay there for as long as possible.

Belt loops are Arthur’s favorite way of hauling Merlin in for kisses. Can’t go wrong with hips first ;)

15) Who likes writes the others name on their wrist?

Arthur has a tendency to sign his name on anything that stays still long enough. It’s some obnoxious royal tendency to acquire territory and mark it as his own. Merlin would be much more irritated by this if it didn’t give him warm fuzzy feelings to know that Arthur wants to openly claim him.

16) Who is more seductive when they are drunk? and who is louder in bed?

Merlin actually manages to be seductive under the influence (first drink or two, I mean, past that he’s a mess lol) while Arthur just gets progressively more cheesy and awkward. Merlin is more consistent in his volume in bed, keeping up a pretty steady stream of dirty talk, but Arthur is either all in or all out. He tries so hard to be restrained and dignified, but once Merlin breaks him all bets are off and you can hear his begging from halfway across the castle.

17) Who is more protective?

They are both liable to cut your hand off at the wrist if you lay a finger on their bae. Which is dangerous considering how, well, dangerous both of them can be, lol. They will fucking cut you.

18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

Arthur finds it a lot easier to say things when he knows no one can hear him, so he’ll practice talking about his feelings when Merlin is asleep. That gives him the confidence to say it to him later when he’s awake. (Merlin only fakes being asleep once and then feels guilty about it later when he realized that Arthur did intend to really tell him this stuff later and just wasn’t ready yet.)

19) Who drives and who has the window seat?

Arthur is one of those people who can’t stand not being the one driving. A backseat driver like nobody’s fucking business, so Merlin just let’s him have the wheel at every opportunity and enjoys the scenery.

20) Who falls asleep in the others lap and who carries them to bed?

Merlin’s more likely to fall asleep during films or netflix binges, in which case Arthur will scoop him up and take him to bed, but Arthur’s more prone to falling asleep at his desk over paperwork. Merlin can’t actually lift Arthur half as well as Arthur can him, so he has to nudge him awake and lead him sleepily back to bed and make sure he doesn’t brain himself on any furniture on the way there, but it’s the thought that counts.

21) Who cuts the others hair?

Merlin will not let Arthur near his head with scissors, that is just a recipe for disaster. Occasionally Arthur will let Merlin give him a trim, but really he’s more inclined toward a real barber.

22) Who is super bad at sexting? and who sends them encouraging messages throughout the day?

Arthur’s attempts at sexting are laughable (and Merlin does laugh over them, lovingly and usually with Gwen who has also been subjected to them). Merlin’s pretty good at it, but he’s also really good at intuiting when Arthur will need wholesome encouragement. His sweet feel-good texts are impeccably timed and Arthur sometimes wonders if that’s a side-effect of his magic.

23) Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? and who’s more afraid of loosing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?

Arthur has always felt drastically unworthy of Merlin’s affections, which Merlin does not understand in the least but works his damnedest to rectify.

Arthur is usually the one in dangerous situations, being a fighter and all, and Merlin spends every battle and every patrol quietly going out of his mind with worry because he knows how likely it is that he’ll get hurt or end up dead if Merlin’s not with him so why isn’t he with him right now??? 

Arthur doesn’t have a lot of experience with healthy interpersonal relationships, he doesn’t quite know how they’re supposed to work, and he always feels that deficit very keenly where Merlin is concerned. He wants to do this right and be good for him and make Merlin happy, but he’s never confident that he’s doing it right. Sometimes his worry over potential mistakes is far worse than the mistake itself, as his constant validation-seeking can get very irksome, but they always work it out somehow.

24) Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

Arthur tends to catch hold of Merlin as he’s doing the chores or making dinner and just hold him close, swaying and humming and nuzzling at his neck for a moment before letting him go on his way. Merlin always laughs and kisses him protests without an ounce of seriously to it.

Arthur did try to dip Merlin once, but Merlin was so caught off guard that he spazzed out and hit Arthur in the face and they both ended up on the floor, Arthur in pain and Merlin laughing hysterically. Needless to say, he hasn’t tried that again.

25) Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?

Arthur thinks his lines are really smooth but they’re just not and Merlin doesn’t have the heart to tell him how utterly lame they are. He just chokes himself trying not to laugh in Arthur’s face and then responds later with innocent looks and blatant innuendo in very public environments.

26) Who kissed first?

Merlin kissed Arthur, because Arthur would never be the first to cross that line with a person of a lower station than him. He would never impose on Merlin when he couldn’t be 2387% sure that his superior position wasn’t complicating things, pressuring him, making Merlin feel obligated, etc. Merlin needed to be the one to move first and they both knew it. That’s the only thing that gave Merlin the courage to do it: knowing that Arthur was waiting for it.

27) Who orders take out at two in a morning? and who wakes the other up at three in the morning to go downstairs with them to get a glass of water because it’s too dark?

Arthur. For both of them tbh. Because why would he make his own food when he could have someone else make it and bring it to him? That’s why take away exists and if it’s open at 2am, then why not use it at 2am? And he will absolutely try to get Merlin to fetch water for him in the middle of the night. Sometimes Merlin will grumble and oblige, sometimes he will kick Arthur off the side of the bed entirely, and sometimes he will get up and get the water and then dump it on Arthur’s face. It’s a crapshoot.

28) Who writes poems/stories and love songs about the other? Do they sing the songs the write for them?

Merlin’s more inclined toward the composition of actual creative endeavors. Arthur’s never been big on words, but Merlin can write the hell out of a sonnet when properly moved to it. 

29) Who does some crazy stunt to try and impress the other and who ends up driving them to the emergency room after it backfires?

Is that even a question? Arthur, sweetheart, get down off that parapet, I don’t need a giant banner with my face painted on it to know that you love me, dear lord you’re gonna get hurt!!

30) Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

Merlin has a love/hate relationship with his glasses, but Arthur thinks they are the sexiest thing on the planet and does not hesitate to let absolutely everybody know that.

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RFA + V + Unknown Headcanons - Apologies

inspired by @mystic-imagination-messenger thank you for writing so much MM goodness for us! I had this idea brewing in my head for awhile before I realized you had already done a similar prompt, sorry ;~;

Scenario: How would each RFA member apologize after a big argument or realizing that they f*cked up?


  • immediately after, he realized he was wrong and oh god he shouldn’t have what should he do?!
  • 11/10 starts crying
  • Trying to say sorry, but the poor boy can’t even get the words out
  • Wants to hug you but is too scared, he knows he did a bad boo boo and god why did he do that how could he have been so stupid??
  • …the tears just keep pouring out and he’s so nervous he starts to stutter and his words come out so garbled and nonsensical it’s like he’s typo’ing IRL you can barely understand him
  • you have to hold back laughter and try to keep a serious face on even though in your heart you’ve already forgiven him
  • sobs into your shoulder while promising he’d never do it again and you end up having to comfort him


  • Usually she knows not to let her emotions get the better of her, but she got caught up in the heat of the moment because you’re the only one who can affect her like that
  • really she only said those things because she has such high expectations of you
  • but she realizes it was unfair
  • and now she feels incredibly guilty
  • Gently knocks on your door, quietly waits until you’re willing to see her and hear what she has to say
  • Brings you a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee and a blanket
  • While you’re taking sips, she takes a deep breath and apologizes for her behavior
  • She’s also managed to write up a full 10-page report with the first few pages detailing a plan on how and why she will never make that mistake again and the remaining pages filled with how much she adores you, all the little things she loves about you and how she hopes you’ll accept her apology but that she understands if you can’t forgive her because she doesn’t deserve you
  • You can’t believe she did that but you read it anyway and it brings a smile to your face because she’s poured all her feelings into it and filled it with sappy things she’s usually too embarrassed to say
  • You keep it hidden away but you like to pull it out when she’s not home and read it again and again


  • All he remembers is that he was really mad but now he can’t even remember why
  • he feels so bad he never should have yelled at you
  • if anybody else had raised their voice against you he would’ve punched them so now he’s seriously debating punching himself and the only thing stopping him is that the director would kill him and he kinda needs the job
  • He’s so moody and restless he can’t even focus at work and the director sends him home early
  • Uses this time to plan something elaborate and when you get home he surprises you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates
  • …while dressed in a black and white striped prisoner’s outfit that he stole from work because “I should be jailed for committing such an atrocious crime against you, please forgive me my princess
  • Sings a really sappy love song to you and ends it with “I’m sorry” whispered in your ear followed by a gentle kiss on your cheek
  • You forgive him of course how could you not when he started kissing everywhere else too


  • The stubborn oaf didn’t even think he was wrong at all
  • He was just trying to protect you why would you even be mad at him for
  • You give him the cold shoulder for a few days until you realized it was up to you to show him what he did wrong, because it doesn’t matter if the entire RFA tells him he was wrong, he won’t listen to anyone except you
  • You patiently wait for a chance and one day you find it while he was talking about some company business, and you use the context as the perfect analogy to calmly explain to him why you were upset before
  • it clicks and he finally gets it, and is horrified that’s how he made you feel and vows never to do it again
  • the next day your apartment is filled with 10,000 red roses cuz Regret Ham knows no chill
  • like you could smell it while you were still a block away from the door
  • he shows up at your door right after you arrive, hands you a crisp white envelope with your name elegantly penned on it in his handwriting
  • Inside the envelope is a blank itinerary
  • He tells you that he’s cleared out his schedule and for the next 48 hours he was completely yours and would take you wherever you wanted to go and do whatever you wanted him to do
  • You briefly debate telling him to dress up in an embarrassing outfit and dance the macarena but what ended up happening was you both end up not leaving bed for the next 48 hours
  • True to his word though he never made that same mistake again


  • It’s not really apparent because he’s usually always joking around but the boy has a temper
  • he accidentally loses it one day and needs some time alone to cool down
  • But soon realizes that welp, he done goofed and he feels so so bad and guilty he doesn’t sleep at all
  • Creeps back into your room and notices you had cried yourself to sleep
  • Unlike Zen he does punch himself and it takes him so much to stop himself from crawling into bed and curling up next to you and holding you tight but he doesn’t want to risk waking you up
  • When you finally wake up, you discover he’s built a fort around you in the form of offerings of honey buddha chips and Dr. Pepper and also a mountain of mint chocolates because he knows you love them so much
  • You dig your way out of the giant wall of offerings and see him sitting cross legged on the floor his eyes puffy from crying and his hands fidgeting nonstop
  • All he can do is mumble “I’m sorry I’m sorry” over and over again and he’s so scared you’re going to leave him
  • When you tell him you forgive him he looks like he might cry again and envelops you in the biggest bear hug
  • You thought that was it but when you turned on your laptop it burst into a 30-minute long animation of a cartoon Seven shouting out the words “I’M SORRY” in every possible language on earth
  • and when you checked your phone the same thing happened and it puts a big goofy smile on your face

Bonus: V + Unknown + Vanderd00d (lol) under the cut

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Pairing: ReaderXDerek (Teen Wolf)

Request: Hi! Please do a Derek Hale x reader imagine where reader and Derek got into a high argument ,then the Derek accidentally said he loves her. Reader was shocked cuz Derek was a tough person , then they started making out and stuff. Thank you so much ! Plz make it long !

A/N: sorry this is so short, there isn’t much to do with a make out scene that isn’t a full blown smut and I didn’t really want to make a full blown smut. I will be making more Teen Wolf imagines however so this isn’t all you get!!!

Written By: Claire

“Derek can you please stop and actually talk to me about why you’re so pissed off?” you asked angrily following Derek into his apartment. “You’re acting like a child.”

“I’m acting like a child?” he asked suddenly turning around and stopping causing you to nearly run straight into his chest. “Says the person who just barged into a fight and almost got herself killed.”

“I saved you.” you stated. You could feel your own body heating up from anger now. Derek was in a bad position up against the hunter, the rest of the pack was nowhere to be found so you decided to jump in before he got hit with anything.

“I was handling myself fine, the only thing you did was throw yourself into the mix. You could’ve gotten hurt (Y/N), you could’ve gotten fucking killed!” Derek scolded loudly, his eyes beginning to glow red.

“And why would you care? Like you’ve said time and time again I’m technically not even part of your pack.” you shouted back, now both your voices escalated to a volume that you knew the neighbors could hear, not like you two cared.

“You think that because you’re not part of the pack that I wouldn’t care if you died?” Derek questioned stepping forward as if to emphasis the apparent stupidity of the question.

“Pretty much.” you responded. Before you could move the argument along by saying more you felt Derek’s lips on yours, one of his strong arms going around your back while the other hooked a leg. You felt the door that you had slammed shut mid-argument up against your back as you wrapped your legs around Derek’s waist and brought your arms around his neck, your fingers running through his hair.

“You’re so stupid sometimes.” he said in between a long kiss, his voice still in a low growl.

“I can’t help it.” you said, pulling away and looking into his eyes, a smile curling into your face as your eyes both glowed their wolf colors.

“Fuck.” Derek sighed before pushing back into you. You were too busy kissing him to even notice where he was carrying you, it wasn’t until you felt the bed under you and Derek holding his body over you that you knew where you were.

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fuzzballsheltiepants  asked:

I'm new to Tumblr but enjoy your posts. I have a theory about ACOMAF. We know someone is betraying Rhys and Feyre, right? Tracking Rhys' magic doesn't always make sense. I think it's Mor. She's never around when Rhys and Feyre get attacked. She has several episodes of being missing - disappearing after leaving Rita's, refusing to go to Feyre's family, not being there when Velaris is attacked. Cassian acts suspicious, asking where she's been. There's more but I need more space! What do you think?

Do we know for a fact that Maas said someone is betraying them? I know we all got excited about a betrayed plot line but was it ever verified? Or was it just a tumblr trend?

And the magic track happened at the Spring Court cuz Tamlin has been sneaking around since the beginning of the book. I thought he’d allowed Rhys into the Spring Court so that they could track his magic, but then @sparkleywonderful (she’s the Suriel of the fandom as far as I’m concerned) noticed that every time they track Rhys, Feyre has also used her magic. And that Lucien and Tamlin know she has fire magic from Autumn Court so they could use that magic (cuz Lucien likely has it too) to get a “lock” on her magic. To track her. And by default, track Rhys. Who is the person they wanted. Cuz I’m convinced they’re trying to break into that prison.

And I can’t remember where Mor was supposed to be during the Velaris attack, I thought she was at the Night Court with Rhys. But you never know. I think Cassian asks where Mor is to play buffer between her and Azriel. Cuz he also asks Azriel where he’s at. And I think we could argue that she doesn’t want to go to the human lands cuz of how they treat women (I think that’s the excuse she gave).

But just because she has a cover, doesn’t mean she isn’t being sneaky. You know? For a while on Tumblr, everyone was posting theories about how Amren would be the one to betray them and that it would be either by accident (cuz maybe she’s mates with the Hybern king, or they’re related/have history, or because she doesn’t want to go back to the prison). But as I reread ACOMAF I could easily see it being Azriel. He is a mystery and he has all these “contacts” in other courts and if Mor’s gift is truth, than IDK about you, but I’m going to pay the most attention to her.

Honestly, the only ALSO make an argument for Cassian betraying them to save Nesta. I can make an argument for Elain betraying them accidentally because maybe she goes to find Greysen, or Lucien and let’s something slip, or she’s captured and tortured and then tells them everything.

Like. UGH. I could see it going SO MANY WAYS! First I need to verify where Maas said someone should betray them. And what her exact words were when/if she said it. Cuz Kier would betray Rhys in a heartbeat.

ALSO, LUCIEN. MISTER FOX MASK HIMSELF. If I were him, and I knew Tamlin had made a deal with Hybern, and that Feyre’s sister was my mate—sorry. I’m spilling my guts. My loyalty can no longer lie with Tamlin. But all that aside, Lucien’s fox mask has never sat well with me. Foxes are almost always symbolic of tricksters and sly people.

SO. YES, BASICALLY I CAN MAKE AN ARGUMENT AS TO WHY ANYONE COULD BETRAY THE MAIN GROUP. But I don’t want to get serious and say who I think is most likely when I don’t know if Maas actually said someone would betray the group.

@sparkleywonderful do you know?

New to the family

@charliechaplin2blr Sorry for the delay, here you go! Although it’s less Hak-Mundok and more Son family.

Title: New to the family
Characters: Hak, Mundok, Tae-yeon
Summary: The day Hak met his little brother

“The people of Fuuga will be your family now and they’ll protect you from evil people like your parents did. You can relax here, got it?“

To his surprise, it worked. The child showed him a shy smile as he curled up on his lanky lap. Hak felt relieved, even though the kid was immobilizing him. So much for grabbing a grapefruit.

"Are you my family, too? My big brother?”

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It’s a spiderweb.

You know where else there’s a spiderweb?

You know what it is a part of?

Yep. Frank's hopeless romantic tattoo. Hopeless with a spiderweb on one hand, romantic with just one half of a broken heart on the other.

And that one,folks, we’ve already talked about. It’s connected with the HOPELESS ROMANTIC song by the Bouncing Souls, I’ll now remind you of its lyrics (please note that Frank has also tweeted this song and these tattoos showed up on Frank’s hands around the ProjRevolution times so yeah.)

“I’m a hopeless romantic
You’re just hopeless

Beer and wine does me fine but
It doesn’t always do
When I get back up and dust off
I always come back to you.
I’m my own man with my own plan
I can’t do the things you want me to
I’m kinda lazy and I kinda stink
But I’ll clean myself up for you”

So obviously, that song’s got a lot to do with how Frank felt over Gerard’s well, or let’s just say over their 'break up’ after Projekt Revolution. …over the fight…and the non-talking and the band hiatus and leathermouth and world is ugly and stay and all that followed…ehm.

Now, the lyrics…Assuming that this is exactly how Frank felt (cuz c'mon,tweeting that song,getting a tattoo of it), then the half of the broken heart represents just that, a break up, being heartbroken, end of a rship. Frank was crushed and desperate and pissed off cuz c'mon,Gerard, but despite all that and how much he hated himself for it, according to the lyrics, he knew he would always get back up, dust off, clean himself up for and come back to Gerard. And THAT’S exactly what the web represents. It’s not being hopeless as in “there’s no chance for us anymore”, but being hopeless as in“i’m hopeless-ly in love with you, i will always come back to you, there’s no getting out of this love web”

Aaaaand here we come to the the album’s cover photo!!


So now you get the idea, i believe….cuz hell yeah, i’d totally say the spiderweb on the cover once again represents Frank being unable to get out of the freaking 'love'web of their relationship……He used to have stomaches after ProjRev (too), when he gained weight rapidly cuz of the pills he ate, also the anti-depressants and all that shit.

So yep, i’m pretty sure it’s ALL connected.

Now when we’ve discussed the (possible) general idea of the album, let’s get to the particular songs that stood out for me as frerardish ones.

(Mind you, this is just MY humble opinion. Not forcing you to read it, so if you’re not ready for a frerard dose, i kindly ask you to step away now.)

….Get ready for some LOOOOONG reading :-/ sorry.

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