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Group Therapy - Rogues Gallery

SO. It’s been a super fucking long time since I’ve actually written and posted anything on here. Well, time to put that dry spell to an end! It’s like I got divine inspiration last night while watching the hockey game and this baby was born. I hope you all like it, I had a fun time writing it! Enjoy! -J.xx

“Hi, I’m Harley Quinn, and I have a clown kink.”

“Hi, Harley,” the rest of those stuck in today’s group therapy session droned back at her.

“Me. That’s me. I’m the clown,” the Joker interrupted, smiling one of his infamous grins.

“No one was talking to you, puddin’!” she snapped, staring down her boyfriend that sat across the circle from her.

“Now now, Harley. This is not a place for aggression. This is a safe place,” the poor doctor left in charge of the group of lunatics, Dr. Matthys, said.

“But he always butts in when I’m trying to talk!” she protested.

“Because I always have something better to say, pooh,” he smiled sweetly.

Harley melted at the sight of his smile for a moment before remembering that she was supposed to be mad at him. So she huffed loudly and crossed her arms, turning her head away from him.

“Don’t have to be such a sour puss,” he muttered.

Before Harley got the chance to retaliate, Dr. Matthys spoke up again. “There’s no need to get snippy with each other. Everyone will get their chance to talk. Miss Quinn?”

She gazed at the doctor before flicking her stare back over to her smirking boyfriend, but then finally deemed it safe enough to speak again. “If he interrupts me again…”

“I assure you, Miss Quinn, that if Mr. Joker interrupts you again, he will be removed from group therapy,” Dr. Matthys said.

“All the more reason to do it!” the Joker laughed.

Standing up, Harley was about to march her way over to her annoying boyfriend and make really him shut up, but she felt the hands of some of the multiple guards in the room yank her back down into her chair. Where she huffed and crossed her arms, again.

“I’m sorry, Miss Quinn, but you’re not allowed to leave your seat during the course of group therapy unless you’re accompanied by guards,” the doctor frowned.

“But you were gonna teach me a lesson, make me shut up, weren’tcha, Harls?” the Joker smirked and leaned forward in his chair, propping his elbows on top of his knees and resting his chin in his hands. “I always know how to get you riled up, punkin.”

“Shut up,” she said.

Putting his hands up in the air, he said, “Consider my up, shut.”

“Good,” Harley said, trying to remember what she had been saying before. She had just gotten distracted by her annoying, but beautiful, smart, perfect boyfriend… Shaking her head, she looked back at the group in confusion.

Sighing, Jonathan, who was sitting beside Harley, reminded her, “You were talking about your clown kink. Which you subsequently displayed to the rest of us. Unfortunately.”

“And please explain, Mr.-”


“-Doctor Crane, your apparent distaste for Harley’s preferences?” Dr. Matthys asked.

“I just don’t see why anyone would prefer qualities attributed to a circus act with the obnoxious sense of humor, the garish outfits, the overused gags. I don’t see the attractiveness in it,” Jonathan explained, with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

“OVERUSED?” the Joker suddenly cried out, standing up so fast that he knocked over his chair. The guards were on him in seconds, dragging him towards the door and out of the room while he still shouted, “I’ll show you overused, you straw-loving, stick up your ass creep that scares off more than just crows!”

Harley snickered, but Jonathan didn’t seem to share her amusement in the Joker’s outburst, saying, “Now there’s a man who needs true help. Might I suggest more voltage during his next  electroshock session?”

“Hey! No one talks about frying puddin’s brains ‘cept for me when I’m mad at him!” Harley said, pointing an accusatory finger at the man sitting next to her.

Jonathan eyed Harley for a moment before replying, “A curious little thing you are.”

“Can we just leave already?” Poison Ivy spoke up for the first during the entire session. She almost never said anything during one of these pointless ‘therapy’ sessions, they were useless in the long run.

“We still have ten minutes, Miss Ivy. Then everyone will be dismissed,” Dr. Matthys replied, with a somewhat forced smile.

Groaning, she let her head fall back. These stupid sessions never got done quick enough for her liking. She should’ve just pulled a stunt like the clown to get herself thrown out. She’ll keep that in mind for next time.

“Does anyone want to her my new riddle?” Edward smiled happily, brimming with pride over his latest intellectual conundrum.

“Shut up, Eddie!” everyone else in the room shouted collectively.

And then the room just dissolved into meaningless arguments and chatter about nothing, each of the inmates trying to talk over or out best someone else. Sighing, Dr. Matthys set his clipboard on his lap and dropped his head into his hands.

“I freaking hate group therapy.”


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

I want the universe to understand that when I ask for the darkness, I don’t certainly mean solitude, even if I want it at the times I refuse to give in for the people who don’t understand what I’m teaching my soul from feeding a random cat in the streets, or holding a friend so tightly, ignoring the scars all over his arms from last night’s battle he had to go through again, or complimenting a girl with a short dress instead of gazing at her black knees, the way they do, you see, I want to be able to steal a kiss or two on the same sidewalk where someone had stolen an old lady’s bag earlier in daylight, then cussed at this couple holding hands like they were the biggest sinners in town, I want to graffiti an abandoned wall with my heart that has been burdening my sleeve for so long, I still didn’t decide to grow apart from it, because I care, I always want to care, in the night, I hear everything calling, that’s why I think it’s always the right time to know how to let go, to blow my hands cold, put the ache of my open wounds to sleep, I just want the universe to believe in me, infinitely, to help me make friends with the contaminated parts of my soul, maybe they aren’t as black as the darkness I ask for, and maybe the darkness isn’t black, it’s just deeper than the rest.
—  hannah-mu 

By Marley C. Cumbee


I’ve been having the most graphic dreams lately. They’re not really terrifying, but very surreal. They’ve been the kind of dreams that literally feel so real, it’s like you’re awake. Last night, I dreamt that someone bled all over me. I could literally feel the blood all over my arms. I immediately awoke and checked my arms for any traces of proof that what had just happened was real or just a dream. I hope they continue. Because it’s given me so much inspiration to explore the dark areas of my mind.

i’ve had all of my clothes sitting on my floor due to lack of closet space so around five o’ clock yesterday i started folding my clothes and then decided to make a trip to target for a stand alone closet which then turned into bringing home $200 worth of new decorations and installing this into the ceiling while rearranging my entire room close to midnight last night…

I wanna feel the light, I wanna touch the sky. I wanna know your name, I hope this warmth remains. I wanna touch your skin, I want to know you again. I wanna feel your light, I hope we last the night.

… I wanna wake up, feel the water and the sunlight on my face. But time is never on our side…

(click title for the song) smn pointed out how goddamn tired Prompto looks after the 10year gap n YES, he really really does. Like maaan. N then another Amarante song inspired me for this scene- I imagined how Prompto n Noct would have a similiar chat as they had back then, when Prompto pours out his heart a bit. but just…not really anymore? because he’s so tired of this. all of this. he want’s to feel alive again! he missed noctis so much. n he missed all of them being together n when shit was still alright. n he misses the sunlight. god he misses the sunlight. n he misses watching noctis fish n doozing off while waiting for him. n he misses the life they had. the peace before they left insomnia. the ignorant bliss.

n it all kind of ended up in this piece; kinda like the last night before everything ends n prompto holds on to noctis, to his light, for the precious few moments they got left because time is never on their side…

Another piece that made it into my Etsy shop- Go grab yourself a print :)

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After being overweight most of my life, sometimes I recognize the girl in the left picture more then I recognize the girl looking back at me in the mirror now. I’m used to always having to wear control top pantyhose to try and hide my stomach rolls in a sweater dress. I’m used to walking out of stores empty handed and frustrated after not being to find anything that fit me. I’m used to my family trying to make gentle and subtle hints that maybe I should go workout more or watch what I’m eating. After losing 100 pounds though, none of that is a problem anymore! I no longer have to rely on shapewear to make me feel confident in an outfit 😜, I went shopping at Francesca’s this weekend and could pluck a small off the rack with no worries if it would fit or not, and my mom just told me last night that she really does think I’m inspirational and it melted my heart a little ☺️People tell me that online all the time, but hearing it come from your MOM really means something - especially when for so many years she really just wanted me to get healthy and I felt disappointed in myself that I wasn’t. No one can make you decide to lose weight: no matter how many comments or concerned remarks I got from family or friends or my doctor, it was ultimately MYSELF that had to make the decision to take control of my life and get healthy and it has seriously been the absolute best decision I have ever made for myself 😍💕


Choi Twins Harry Potter crossover!

I had lots of ideas and sketches that I wish I’d finish, but I’m still glad I completed these two!

I got a feeling that Saeyoung and Saeran would live in a cupboard like Harry and one of their best memories would be a day they recieved a letter from Hogwarts.
And I totally see them becoming partners and starting up some mischievous buisness just like Weasley twins *_*
I thought of 707 being total Ravenclaw and Saeran going to Slytherin

Whishing for you to have lots of magical moments this year!

and some music inspiration as usual 
our last night – blank space

all rights reserved by respective owners of Mystic Messenger and Harry Potter

Blue (Prince Adam x Reader)

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Word Count: 930

Pairing: prince adam x reader

AN: beauty and the beast is one of my all time favourite movies and stories, so with the new movie (which was incredible by the way and i’ve watched it four times already) out I was inspired to do this :)

It had been months since you’d last seen your father before you were locked away in this enchanted castle by the cursed beast.Over that time you and the beast had gone from despising each other to becoming close friends and maybe even more.

It was a cool night as the wind whipped around you both on the balcony as you took in the magnificent view in front of you. Little did you know the man beside you wasn’t staring at the view, instead he was staring longingly at you. “It’s foolish, to think that you could ever care for a creature like me.  For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

“I don’t know…you’ve become quiet the gentlemen.” You smirked watching his stunned expression before taking his hand in your own as you began to lead him back inside. “Come, I want to show you something.” He followed as you lead him up the staircase and eventually to your favourite place in the castle, the library. "You’ve made me curious Y/N, what is it you wish to show me?”

“I found a new book and it’s extraordinary, I wanted to share it with you!” You rushed out excitedly as you climbed the ladder to reach the novel.

“Ah-be careful climbing that!” The beasts voice was laced with concern as he rushed over behind you protectively. You lightly laughed at his behaviour, his concern for you was adorable yet you reassured him nonetheless. “I’m fine, see.”

The beast let out a huff at your carelessness, he was so grumpy sometimes. Your eyes set sight on the book you were searching for as you reached up eagerly to take it, only to loose your balance and fall backwards off the ladder. Closing your eyes tightly you waited for the impact and the pain that would soon follow, but it never came. Instead a pair of strong muscular arms caught you, stopping you from hitting the ground. Opening your eyes they met with those incredible captivating blue ones that belonged to the beast. 

Quickly becoming lost in thought as you stared into his wonderous eyes you heard the beasts voice that was filled with worry. “Y/N?! Are you alright?”

A smile appeared on your lips at the sound as you continued your gaze into his eyes. Reaching up cautiously as if he might break at your touch, your hand gently caressed the side of his face as you spoke. “Your eyes, they’re the most beautiful pair i’ve ever seen.”

The beast seemed to be in shock at your actions as he became speechless, finding it difficult to keep his eyes off your face as you gently caressed his own filling his heart with warmth. A thought popped into your mind as you continued to stare at the mysterious man in front of you, the man whom you were falling for but still didn’t know his name. “You never told me your name. I don’t wish to call you a beast because you are far from one, you’re kind and gentle.”

His breath hitched in his throat at your words and your close proximity. Clearing his throat he finally broke eye contact and carefully placed you down on the ground. “Adam. My name is Adam.”

A wide smile took over your face at his confession before you bravely held his hand in your own as it gave you butterflies when you both touched. “Well Adam, I have something to confess myself.” His eyebrows furrowed as he tilted his head in confusion, gently rubbing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “What is it?”

Standing on your tippy toes so that your hands could reach behind his neck you moved your body so that it was against his own. “Adam, over these last few months you’ve shown me kindness, compassion and loyalty, something that I didn’t think i’d ever find from another. You’ve captivated my heart and I must inform you that I’ve fallen hard. Adam…I’m in love with you.”

The beast smiled the biggest you had ever seen him before as he placed his hands on the small of your back, resting his forehead against your own. “I love you too Y/N, more than you could ever know. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Your heart melted at his words as you leaned into his touch only now noticing the sparks of gold that swirled around his body. “What’s happening to you?!” You asked worried as you pulled away from his embrace to see better. His body lifted slightly into the air as his fur turned into skin and he became human again. A gasped left your lips as he came down to the ground, standing in front of you in his true form. He was breathtaking.

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“Is it really you?” You questioned astonished as you grabbed his face to look into his eyes. And sure enough they were the eyes that belonged to Adam. "It is you! The spell has been broken!” You exclaimed excitedly before jumping up so that your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms rested behind his neck.

Adam laughed happily as he twirled you around, he’d never believed he’d ever be this happy. “I’m human again Y/N!” You nodded your head as you giggled at his behaviour. Leaning in to close the distance between you, you pressed your lips against his own as you finally kissed the man you loved. From that moment on you knew that everything would be okay, as long as you had Adam by your side.


singlikeyaminit: Hey guys,so last night was a pretty special evening!..so here goes a story about how powerful and unifying music can truly be: Last week an artist named YoungJae @333cyj333 reached out to me on social media,posting a screen shot of my new song with Sanjoy called “Obvi” …he’s a member of a K-Pop band called GOT7 …after direct messaging,we exchanged info and he proceeded to tell me that he auditioned for the band by singing my song “Wait For You” ….this is in Seoul Korea mind you,a country I have yet to visit or experience!!…fast forward to a couple of days later, he invites us to the #Got7 fan meet show last night at the Pasadena Civic,which just so happens to be where The Green Mile portion of American Idol was taped during my season…I hadn’t been back there since!…so as some of my fondest memories were conjuring up as I walked into the auditorium,I couldn’t help but think of how amazing this journey has been…the places it’s taken me…the people I’ve met…people who’ve inspired me…people I’ve perhaps inspired,and touched in some small way with my music…and it was all playing out right in front of my eyes last night!…so,needless to say,we had a blast getting to meet YoungJae and the rest of the band members..I want to thank him,his team,and his endless community of fans for reaching out and making last night possible!..I am forever grateful! Namaste!


Safe to say I saw Beauty and the Beast in the cinema last night, and ever since I’ve listened to all the soundtracks and especially Evermore sung by Dan stuck with me, now listening I even tear up, so obviously I couldn’t but draw them together. Oh the feels…

I Really love this so far, and I hope I’ll finish it soon (having had very little inspiration lately so many this will kick me into gear again) and I hope you like it! 😊❤

Dialogue Prompts

1) “So … this is it?” “This is it.” 

2) “Do me a favor?” “I swear to god if this is like the last one-” “No, no, calm down, this one is legal.” 

3) “I’ll see you on the train.” 

4) “Come back home soon, sweetheart. Everyone misses you.” 

5) “We’ve met before, haven’t we?” 

6) “Be careful, don’t do anything stupid, don’t make any rash decisions.” “Mom, stop fussing over me, this isn’t my first hunt.” 

7) “I’ll see you again my friend, someday.” “Ah, in another life.” 

8) “You look tired.” “I’m always tired.” 

9) “You’re always welcome here.” 

10) “You’ve made some mistakes, fell in with a bad crowd, I know. But please don’t act like your entire life is a mistake? It’s never too late to fix these things. Just come back to us.” 

11) “I um … I missed you.” 

12) “Come here, it’s safe now.” 

13) “God, you really are insane, aren’t you?” “Took you this long to notice, sweetheart?” 

14) “You’ll lose all your friends if you’re seen hanging around me.” “Oh it’s all right, no one likes me anyways.” 

15) “Careful with that candle, you’ll burn yourself.” 

16) “It’s nice to meet you.” “We’ve met before.” “What? When?” “Just before I killed you. About five years ago.” 

17) “How long has it been since you saw your sister?” “I haven’t seen her since before the war. She disappeared, just vanished one day, and then, well, everything was collapsing, we all had to run, no one had any time to look for her.” 

18) “What’s the password?” “What are you, eight?” 

19) “Someone broke in last night.” “Did they take anything?” “No, but they left something.” 

20) “After everything we’ve been through you’re just going to throw it all away?” 

Can’t Take Her Anywhere

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is one of my 600 Follower Celebration Requests! I really hope you all like this. It was requested anonymously with the song “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott. This is written in Jensen’s point of view and we’re going to say that Danneel is happy with someone else. A huge thank you to @carasauruswrex for proof-reading this at the last minute for me! You are awesome. :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mild Violence, Language, Tiniest bit of Angst?

Word Count: 1,400-ish

Song Inspirations: “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott

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Tonight was a big night and we were all excited. Jared and I were opening another bar together. This time, the bar would be located in Vancouver, BC and we figured it was only right because we had spent so much of our life in this city, getting to know the people and places. We fell in love with this place hard and fast and we thought of this as being our homage to the city we love. With Supernatural ending after this season, we only thought it was right to leave our mark here before we went home for the last time.

“You ready, man?” Jared smiled at me as he straightened his shirt and I smiled and nodded, then held up my finger to say ‘one second’. “Ah, yes, the wife. I’ll just be here.”

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So last night I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I was just seeing all these girls who were showing off their beautiful looks, their progress which is always very inspiring to me!! but I found myself starting to pick myself apart wishing I had their hair, skin, curves, muscles, etc. I was thinking about ways I could change myself to try and look like them, and feeling like I wasn’t good enough and why should I even try to reach my goals when I’m never going to look like them. When I caught myself thinking these terrible things about myself, I had to take a step back put the phone down and breath. I reminded myself that no I’m not ever going to look like them and thats OKAY because everyone is different and unique in their own way! And instead of tearing myself down I started to build myself up with kind words and things that make me a good strong person. Social media is a great thing, but is can also be a very toxic place. It’s okay to struggle and have these little moments because it reminds us that we are all human. The most important thing to do is to love yourself, say and think positive things about yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are and you DO NOT need to change yourself what so ever! ❤

My Book of Shadows

So last night i was super inspired to work on my book of shadows after watching a TON of videos about it on youtube from some other very lovely witches. 

My book of shadows for now is a very large 3 inch 3 ring binder that i’ve had for a while now. I personally prefer to use a binder so that i can organize all my thoughts and have the ability to move them around back and forth as i see fit. 

I’m going to throw this out there that when i was making this list i had 0 ideas on how to organize it so it’s a bit jumbled but these were my ideas for things that i knew i’d want to touch on in my BoS~

Things on the list with a ? at the end im not sure about yet but figured i’d write them down just in case i do later.

You are more than welcome to use this list as a guide for what to put in yours if you would like~

Stormwaterwitch’s List of Things I want in my BoS:
Moon Phases
The Gem World
Color meanings
My Elements
Animal Guides
Crystals I own
Pop Culture Witchery
Green Witchery
Space/Cosmic Witchery
Tech Magic
The Jeweled Court
Altar Setups
Gem Waters/Elixers
DIY crafts
Tarot (Major/minor arcana)
Tarot Layouts
Candle Magic
Glamour Magic
Pendulum Board?
Ouija Board?
Mythical Beings
Feng Shui?
Zodiacs (Chinese/Greek)
Astral Travel
Meditation guides
Other Pantheons?

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy can you write how RFA+V+Saeran would react to MC coming home really late (without telling them) because she's a professional ballet dancer and she was understudying a role? And the lead got injured so she had to take it on short notice? And she gets home with crazy stage make up on and scares them?

Sorry for the LATE HC. I’ve said before I’ve been pretty busy and I’m just trying to find time to catch up. But here’s one! I wasn’t too inspired to do V or Saeran for this one so I apologize! Enjoy!


  • precious nugget was spending all night at the library to study for a big test coming up
  • he was texting you to tell you that he’s on his way home
  • but you weren’t answering???
  • he gets home and you’re not there
  • !!!
  • even though he was very tired, he used the last of his energy to make a few calls to find out where you were
  • meanwhile you had just got off the bus after a long day of rehearsal
    • and you had to start getting used to that
  • you were so EXHAUSTED you just left your makeup on to take off at home
  • trudging through the front door, you heard Yoosung in the other room on the phone with someone
  • just as you set your bag down in the entry way, Yoosung came into the room
  • !!!
  • the lighting was not flattering to your face
  • he let out a yelp
  • poor baby jumped so bad he dropped his phone
  • you felt so bad for spooking him
    • thankfully his phone was fine 
  • once he kind of came back to reality you got hit by a barrage of concerns
    • “oh my gosh why were you out so late???”
    • “why do you have all that makeup on???”


  • you were supposed to work with Jaehee in the afternoon 
  • but you called her a little before noon explaining the situation you were in
  • Jaehee understood and ran the shop by herself that day
  • after closing time she headed back to the apartment
    • was a little tired so she just picked up some bentos from the store for dinner
  • but you weren’t there???
  • when she texts you, you said you were on your way home
  • so she waited for you
  • just sat on the couch and watched some TV to pass the time 
  • you were rushing to get out of practice
    • you didn’t realize you were still wearing your slippers 
    • and you still had your makeup on
  • when you got home you were just so exhausted you just wanted to eat dinner and chill with your bae
  • aw your sweet amazing gelato is asleep!
  • you decided to nudge her awake
  • but the moment she opened her eyes, she saw a horrifying face she followed her instincts and went straight for a punch
  • (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \) !!!
  • you blacked out for a hot second
  • next thing you know you hear rustling in the kitchen and the guilty gelato running to your side with an ice pack


  • rehearsal on his end looked like it was going to be a long one
  • the only thing he asked was to check in with him whenever you can *^^*
  • time just flew by but Zen was home actually the time he originally expected
  • now all he had to do was wait for you ^^
  • you on the other hand, was at rehearsal until 11:30 (23:30)
    • you were so damn tired
    • you dressed into your street clothes but you forgot to take off the makeup
    • your friend was kind enough to have you carpool with them 
  • as he was changing in the bedroom, he heard the front door open
  • naturally heading toward it, you approached the doorway to the bedroom, exhausted
  • “Uh, sorry I’m lat—”
  • the whole makeup on your face startled him, he just slammed the door in front of you
  • uh…rude
  • there’s a slight pause between the two of you
    • you going wtf
    • and Zen going wtf I just slammed the door in their face
  • he sheepishly opens it and you two are just staring at each other
  • afterward, there is plenty of laughs and helping you wipe that makeup off


  • he was coming in from Hong Kong late at night
  • was pretty exhausted when he came home
  • all he wanted was to just head to bed with you and Elizabeth 3rd
  • but you weren’t home!
    • you must have had practice or something
    • when he texted you, you were on your way home
  • while he was waiting he decided to crack open a bottle of wine
  • then Jaehee called from work and he had to deal with that pot of mess
    • this donut was so focused on the call he didn’t hear you come in!
    • and you didn’t want to bother him while he was on the phone, so you were just patiently waiting by the counter until he noticed you
  • he hangs up and as he turns around he jumps a little at the sight of you
    • he spilled some wine on his shirt!
    • *o*
  • this donut was ok about it
    • he has a billion other shirts anyways
  • but you kept apologizing like the sweetheart you were
  • “Well how about you help me get this off…”
  • (°ロ°) ! “S-sorry g-gotta go to bed, bye!!!”
  • cue you running away to the bedroom and locking it behind you
  • this donut is so confused but just chuckles a bit because you’re just so darn cute!


  • it was another long night for Seven
    • Vanderwood was really driving him up the wall with work
  • he had been texting you periodically but he knew you were in rehearsal so he didn’t expect you to see his texts until you were on your way home
  • but you didn’t come home at the usual time
  • ???
  • genuinely concerned so he tracked your phone
  • still said you were at the theater???
  • it must have been a long rehearsal so he had went back to work
  • while he was in the bathroom, he heard the door open???
    • who broke into the inner sanctum???
  • cautiously tiptoes in the dark (too lazy to turn on the lights)
  • turns on the flashlight on his phone instead
  • first thing he sees is you with your hair loose and makeup still on
  • jellybean’s training kicks in
  • instinct is to throw his phone at you
    • hits you square in the face
    • poor you gets a bloody nose
    • in his defense, the light was unflattering
  • and instinctively Seven FREAKS out and scrambles to find the nearest first-aid to take care of you
Dirty Laundry Pt.4

So sorry for the wait, but rest assured we’re coming to a close soon! Then on to the next twisted storyline I get from a dream lol. This is inspired from a dream I had last night that Happy was my baby daddy. *sigh* a girl can - literally - dream. Hope you enjoy!! Comments/feedback welcome!!


For the last few days, Happy Lowman couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. Truthfully he thought he was getting sick at first, the way everything in his body felt like something wasn’t right a tell-all to impending illness, until he realized he was symptomless. Sure, he couldn’t sleep. Never had been able to get a moment of resolute peace, but now it was worse. He paced and tried to ignore the gnawing feeling in his gut that told him something wasn’t right, tried to ignore the dull throb in his chest that made him feel like all the air was being sucked out if his lungs.

Heartache. He missed Y/N.

He never thought he’d be the type of man to cheat. Honestly the only reason he’d even considered it was that he felt he was lacking care at home. He’d been trying to get Y/N pregnant, and after that proved a struggle for the couple, all their actions were more mechanical than emotional. Vanessa had chased him, said what he needed to hear, and next thing he knew the bitch was hanging off his arm at the club every chance she got. And he wanted to stop it. But Y/N had been avoiding him. And he had needs.

Little did he know all that alone time was simply her dealing with morning sickness and trying to come up with a good way to let him know they’d finally done it. He was going to be a father. He wondered if she’d even give him a chance at this point.

He scrubbed a hand over his face before rubbing at his sternum, trying to take the edge off the throbbing in his heart. He looked to the open clubhouse door and groaned when he saw Vanessa come through.

“Not up for it today bitch,” he grunted, looking down before she turned to face him.

“ I just need to get my shit from your room,” she stated quietly. Her words sounded slurred, and when he looked up at her he audibly gasped.

Someone had broken her nose. Badly. There were dark bruises covering her eyes and her lip was stitched up on one side. Looked like it had been a huge gash. He fought back a smile.

Y/N had done this. He had taught her well. Maybe a little too well. He walked her back to his room, opening the door and gesturing her to clear her stuff out. She scurried quickly, keeping as much distance between them as possible. He then walked her back to the clubhouse door.

To his dismay, it opened right as they reached it, and Y/N stepped in. God, she looked gorgeous. Tight fitting top, short shorts and a scuffed pair of combat boots.

“I was just getting my stuff, I swear,” Vanessa squeaked, hesitantly making eye contact. Y/N glanced at her briefly and nodded.

“Good. It’s a shame what happened to your face. Gonna make it hard to find work for a while, huh?” Y/N smiled cheerfully, a hint of amusement in her voice. Vanessa scurried out behind her, leaving her and Hap alone.

“You crazy bitch,” he couldn’t help but murmur, grinning. “You’re the one that did that to her.”

Y/N sniffed disdainfully in his direction. “Yeah. I did. Sorry if it ruined getting your dick sucked or whatever you had planned today. Bitch had it coming.” She flicked a black card at his feet. “There’s her number though. For when she heals up.”

“Y/N please. Just give me a cha-”

“Not your turn to talk. My turn. So shut the fuck up and pull up a seat,” she grated out, hopping up on the pool table. He moved to a barstool and perched, giving her his full attention.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“I’ve been thinking. About everything that’s happened. I’ve got to say I was completely surprised. Despite all the hours you’ve been logging here I never woulda guessed that meant you were cheating. I guess the jokes on me, but after what your dad put your mom through I never would’ve pegged you for a cheating bastard. People change though. I thought you wanted to settle down with me. Have a few kids. Get married. Do right by each other. I just hope it was worth it.

"I’m sorry you felt like you had to stray. I was trying to spend time with you, but you just kept pushing further and further away. The night I caught you I had planned a dinner. To give you this,” she paused, pulling out a picture. A sonogram.

“I wanted to wait until I had physical proof. That I was pregnant, that I wouldn’t miscarry. So I could show you instead of just telling. And instead I get home, start the laundry and find little miss Vanessa’s calling card. I’m guessing you didn’t realize she slipped it in there.

"But that’s over and done. You made your bed and you can lie in it,” she paused to wipe a stray tear, the only indicator of her pain as her expression remained stoic.

“ I won’t keep you from your child. My baby will never have the chance to say that mommy was the bad one. The balls in your court when it comes to that. But I ask that you give me some time before you come around again. So I can get my head on straight. I think you owe me that much, Hap.”

The throbbing in his chest turned into a burning, white hot flame. It felt as if his heart strings were snapping one by one. She’d let him be a father, but she was done. He took a deep breath but nodded his assent.

“I can do that for you. But I’ll always love you. And I’m hoping one day you might give me another chance to really prove it,” he rasped, throat thick with emotion. She let a few tears fall and nodded. Then she hopped up, gave him a long kiss, and walked to the doors.

“See you around, Hap,” she whispered, sending him a watery smile. Then she was gone, running across the parking lot and into her car. It was only then that she broke down and let herself cry. Long, heaving sobs overtook her as she buried her face in her hands.

Inside, Happy put his head in his hands and did the same.

Jersey [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: You’re a journalist and your neighbor is playing music too loud, you go to complain and turns out he is writing a musical.

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: None. Light cursing maybe?

Author notes: MY FIRST DRABBLE YOU GUYS! I think it turned out better than I imagined. Please let me know what you think, if you like maybe I can write more?

“You need to stop!” Your words echoed on the hallway that connected your apartment to the rest of the building. The loud music suddenly paused and you exhaled in relief after slamming the door. 

You had three articles to write until the end of the week, the last thing you needed on that friday night was the same song played slightly differently for what seemed like hours to you, it was already bad enough that you had to ditch your friends because of work. 

When the inspiration came back to you the words just flew from your mind all the way to your laptop. Your fingers moved quickly and you wrote not more than two paragraphs before the loud drums started once again.

That was the last straw. 

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This is not a great representation of my artwork, and I know that I can do better, but I had to draw this last night because I couldn’t fall asleep unless I finished it. Sorry for the not-so-great quality.

But this is for @therealjacksepticeye. I’ve always been a fan. I just wanted to thank him for all he’s done for people. He’s such a nice guy. 

(Maybe I’ll redraw this and make it better at some point.)

-NotSoHilariousComics aka Gabby

My Best Mistake

Prompt: Lin x reader, reader nearly hits Tobi with a bike, and invites Lin for coffee

Words: 1021

Author’s Note: I got nothing. This just sort of happened. Enjoy!

It all happened so fast. I had been riding through the park, idly minding my own business and listening to my music, when out of nowhere this little mass of gray and white fluff just appeared in front of me. Without even thinking, I swerved out of the way, going too fast to straighten myself out. In an instant, the bike was pulled out from under me, and I toppled into the grass on the other side of the path I’d been riding on.


I started to sit up, rubbing my head and pulling my earbuds out. I couldn’t help but groan in pain as I moved my arm, which was now sore from where I had landed on it.

“Oh my god, Tobi, what the hell!”

I turned my head, remembering the animal I had just fallen to avoid hitting.

“Oh, shit! Are you alright? Please tell me you’re not hurt!”

I rolled my eyes; of course I was hurt. I had just flown a good three feet from a bike.

“I’ll be fine,” I grumbled, getting up.

“Thank god, I’m so sorry. I let her off her leash for one second and she took off.”

“Really, it’s not a big deal, I’m just sore.” I looked down at the dog, Tobi, now reattached to a leash, who was sniffing at my shoes. At least it had been a cute dog that I’d fallen for. I rubbed my head again as I turned around to look at her owner.

His long hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, and he had one earbud dangling waywardly off his shoulder. He looked familiar; I knew I had seen him before, I just couldn’t remember where.

“Seriously, thank you for not hitting her, but I’m really sorry you fell. Can I make it up to you?”

I shrugged. Why not let the cute guy whose dog I hadn’t hit do something nice for me?

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

He smiled widely at me, like I had just taken a huge weight off his shoulders. If he really felt that badly about my fall, I just might’ve.

“Let me buy you some coffee. There’s this great place not too far that makes the best lattes.”

“Okay, but only if they have hot chocolate. I don’t drink coffee.”

“What do you have against coffee,” he asked, reaching down to pick up my bike for me.

“I don’t like the taste,” I said as I took it from him. He shrugged at me and started to walk off, his dog trailing right beside him. I followed with my bike in hand.

“You don’t drink it for the taste,” he reasoned playfully. “It’s all about the caffeine.”

I smirked and shrugged back at him.

“I have Mountain Dew for that.”

He laughed at that, and I smiled back at him.

“I guess that’s true,” he agreed, looking over at me. “I’m Lin by the way.”

I stopped for a second, examining him again, more thoroughly than I had before. The name, like him, seemed familiar, but I still couldn’t place it. He stopped with me, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“And does Tobi’s savior have a name,” he questioned. “She’ll have to know who to make the gift box out to.”

I snorted and started walking again, watching as he did the same, bouncing a little to make sure he was ahead of me.

“(Y/N). Does Tobi need me to spell it for her so she gets it right?”

“Nah, I think she’ll manage. She’s a very talented dog.”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “talented at almost becoming road kill.”

“Hey! She would’ve been really cute road kill!”

We laughed together at this before both going quiet. We were silent until we got to the coffee shop. He took my bike from me and carefully placed it next to the window.

“So, are you also going to buy me a new bike when someone steals that one?”

“We’ll be inside for five minutes tops, no one will steal it.”

I murmured my agreement and followed him into the store. I stood behind him while he ordered, remembering my demand for hot chocolate. After he picked up the drinks, he led me to a table outside, pulling out a chair for me to sit and handing me my cup.

“Thanks, Lin,” I said gratefully, taking a sip of it. He grinned and drank some of his own coffee.

“Good right?”

“Great actually. How’d you find this place?”

“I just happened to find it while walking Tobi one day. Completely by chance, but it was one of the best mistakes of my life.”

“High praise,” I said teasingly. “So while we’re on the subject of mistakes, and Tobi, can I ask you a question?”

“Well, I’m ninety-nine percent sure you just did, but yes, continue.”

I rolled my eyes and took another sip.

“Why do you seem so familiar? I feel like I’ve seen you before somewhere.”

“Well I’m on Broadway.”

“Oh really? Yeah, that makes sense. In what?”

He looked down, suddenly seeming a bit shy.

“Well, I kinda wrote a couple musicals. And I’m currently starring in one of them.”

“Well, very captive audience over here, do tell,” I giggled, gesturing for him to continue.

“Lets see, I did In the Heights a few years ago, and am currently in Hamilton.”

“Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool,” I replied, “I think that-“

Wait. Did he just say… Hamilton?

Something in my brain clicked.

Lin… as in Lin-Manuel Miranda?

I sat there frozen, staring at him with my mouth open. He shifted in his seat, drinking his coffee.

“So… you’ve… heard of it?” He looked at me, and I finally remembered to close my mouth.

“Heard of it. Yeah,” I said stupidly. “I saw Hamilton last night.”

“Really? Because, last night wasn’t really my best. There were a few things that went wrong, and I felt bad that-“

“It was amazing,” I finally responded, cutting him off. He grinned at me, looking happier than he had been all morning.

“Would you like to see it again?”

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