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So, I had the curiosity to go over your exchange with that weird anon trying to say that us, OQ fans, aren't ERs as well and... I don't get it at all. I understand someone not liking the thing I love. I understand the person loath the thing I love, but why in the world do people insist on pushing their visions on others? That's so gross! Not to mention claim things that were never part of the OQ dynamic like sexism and Regina being reduced to a LI. People really see what they want, it's amazing!

Everyone has their own interpretations, and I think that sometimes people lose sight of the fact that their interpretation isn’t the only valid one – especially if their own interpretation is what they see echoed all around them in their spheres of social media.

This is really one of those things where I cannot stress enough the value of following people who don’t necessarily like what you like. Not necessarily people who hate it – although I have done that, too. I have followed people who are very anti-OQ and anti-Sean, etc. and I usually end up unfollowing them eventually (or unfollowing for a while and then following again, most often – I’ve unfollowed a lot of them right now bc Sean is coming back to the show for a while and I want to be able to enjoy it without people ripping on it), but for those times that I am following them, I get to see who they are as people, and what we do have in common, both inside the show and outside of it. And I feel like that really helps in seeing people as people not just as shippers. 

It’s a lot harder to assume all Hoodies have a low IQ if you regularly interact with smart, passionate Hoodies. It’s a lot harder to assume all of Swen are just angry lesbians if you’re regularly interacting with Swen who are kind and thoughtful and brave. It’s a lot harder to assume all CSers are children who think rape culture is just the bee’s knees when you’re regularly interacting with CSers who are parents, and advocates, and genuinely good people. 

And, look, I do a lot of scrolling past things I don’t particularly care about on my feed, but I do also have the opportunities to see what Rumbellers like about Rumbelle, how CSers interpret CS, how much personal value Swan Queen has for Swen. And I don’t always agree with what I see, but I find it’s a lot harder to be an asshole about ship-based stuff when I see all these shippers outside of the battle zones. 

It’s a lot harder to send hate over ships when you have names and faces and relationships with people in those ships. It’s a lot harder to say “all CSers” or “all Hoodies” or “all Dragon Queen shippers” or “all Swen” when you’ve seen that there is not actually a hive mind, but a collection of individuals who are each here for their own reasons, and who, by and large, are kind and respectful.

But when that’s not your sphere? When you’re surrounded by people who are constantly ripping on one ship or the other, who are constantly denigrating their shippers as all one thing, or all another, who have lost sight of them as individual people and not just a big group of wrongness, and whose interpretation is validated again and again by the people they interact with who share that interpretation – well, then it’s really easy to believe you’re the only one who’s right. And I’d imagine it’s also really easy to believe that all those people who are wrong need to be told they’re wrong, and that your fandom experience would be better off without them. 

I disagree, wholeheartedly. 

I think my fandom experience is made infinitely richer by Swen, and CS, and DQ, and Rumbelle, and Snowing, and DOQ, and Red Queen, and Swanfire, and on and on. And as a result, anons like these don’t actually hurt me – because I know that their opinions are not everyone’s. I know that their opinions are just that – their opinions. I know that everyone has very different interpretations of the text, because I see it every day. I interact with it all the time. I have been seeing it for the three years I have been active in this fandom.

It’s much the same in fandom as it is in life – broadening your social sphere to include people who don’t see the world they way you do helps you to learn about those people in a way you can’t from within your own bubble.

Anyway, this got long, but… there ya go.

‘But just a vision of you awakened a couple core parts of me I had no idea existed otherwise, and now that I have the actual you?’ She paused, knowing her, for dramatic effect. 'Now that I have you, I feel just as resolved as I did in that first moment all the time. Ever since the cafe  there’ve been no more nightmares, no more panic attacks, no more sadness or stress. I just feel so overwhelmingly happy when we’re together, and I feel balanced even when we have to be apart. I … ’ she trailed off a final time, wiggling suddenly slightly as if uncomfortable. ’ … je t’aime, y’know.’

—  👁‍🗨

[Verse: Lana Del Rey]
I had a vision
A vision of my nails in the kitchen
Scratching counter tops, I was screaming
My back arched like a cat, my position couldn’t stop you were hitting it
And I shouldn’t cry, but I love it, Starboy
And I shouldn’t cry, but I love it, (I love it), Starboy
And I shouldn’t cry, but I love it, Starboy
And I shouldn’t cry, but I love it, Starboy

[Outro: The Weeknd]
I just want to see you shine ‘cause I know you are a Stargirl
I just want to see you shine 'cause I know you are a Stargirl
I just want to see you shine 'cause I know you are a Stargirl
I just want to see you shine 'cause I know you are a Stargirl

I think I’ve had a misconstrued vision of love. I thought love meant constant texting, never spending a second apart, never having a fight. I thought things had to be picture perfect for a love to be real and I would need to do anything possible to reach these unattainable standards. Love doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve come to realize that love can be the exact opposite. Love is being able to trust who you’re with when they’re at the bar with their friends, without needing to hear from them every few minutes. Love is helping her pick out the hottest outfit to go to the club with, even though you won’t be going with her; because she deserves to feel beautiful on a night out. Love is spending days apart and acknowledging that everyone needs alone time, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Love is arguing. Love is getting annoyed that she’s late to every date, every party, but never leaving without her. Love isn’t always perfect. Love doesn’t have to be only happiness to be healthy. Love can be every emotion built into one, but the good ones outweigh the bad. Love is knowing that no matter what, you can feel safe, secure and healthy with yourself and with your relationship together. Love is everything.
—  Love is you.

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What if Harry and Draco had been together for a while and one of them had to go away for a while and they are on the phone and then one of them says "turn around" and there they are!!! Did this make any sense

Draco hated muggle devices.

He hated the ridiculously loud telly vision, he abhorred everything that had to do with the terrifying things called vacuum cleaners, and telly phones were no different.

They were small to hold, blindingly bright and too loud for Draco’s taste.

(That, and they didn’t exactly look pretty.)

(Yes, Harry did buy him a silver one, which was fine, but still.)

He never understood muggle devices, either. He just let Harry deal with that stuff, watching his boyfriend wave around with a duster, apparently persistent on using the stuff he’d grown up with rather than using his wand. 

(Harry had always been stubborn, after all. It’s why Draco had fallen for him in the first place. Well, that, and of course his magnificent arse.) 

The only times he liked to use phones was when his boyfriend - his stupidly successful and famous boyfriend - was out on a mission for work, unable to use magic to avoid getting his location known. Because then they could call, Draco standing in the dark of his bedroom, trying to keep his voice even and far from worried (Harry away on a mission always made him go crazy, but Harry didn’t need to know that.) Because then they could talk and talk and talk, Draco helping Harry to stay awake and focused, ending up falling asleep with each other’s breathing in their ears, a calming reminder that the other was still there, still alive.

Draco was standing in their bedroom right now, the blasted muggle device against his ear, Harry’s voice rumbling through the speaker.

And Draco was trying hard not to cry. 

(Harry had been gone for almost two weeks now, and it didn’t seem as if the mission would be done very soon. He knew Harry’s job was important, he knew that the ‘bad guys’ needed to get caught, but goddamnit couldn’t the criminals give his poor boyfriend a break? Give him a break? He needed his boyfriend, he needed to hold his hand, he needed to kiss him until his lips were swollen and almost painful.)

“I miss you,” Draco whispered, not quite succeeding in keeping his voice even.

“I miss you too,” Harry murmured back, soft but not any less sincere. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Draco snorted - half a laugh, half a sob. “You better, you prick. I need someone to make a mess of the kitchen, it’s almost scary how clean it is nowadays.”

Harry laughed, and something twisted in Draco’s chest.

“I need someone to never turn off the light when they leave the room,” Draco continued, wanting to hear that laugh again and again and again - “I need someone to forget to close the fridge, I need someone who always leaves their glasses on their nightstand.”

“Someone to yell at you when you use up all the hot water again,” Harry chipped in, and Draco scoffed.

“As if you’ve never heard of warming spells, Potter.” When Harry didn’t answer, Draco sighed. “Just… Come back, alright? It’s boring here without your annoying face.”

“Hey, Draco,” Harry suddenly said, his voice sounding a bit off, “could you turn around?”

“Why would I -”

“Just do it.”

Half thinking his boyfriend had gone mad, Draco turned on his heels. 

And promptly dropped his phone.

The loud crack it made when it connected with the floor didn’t bother Draco in the slightest - because oh, Harry was standing there, a stupid grin on his face and his eyebrows knitted together, ridiculously cute, his hair standing in every possible direction and holding his phone against his ear - such a unexpected sight that Draco had difficulty finding his breath.

“Uh, hi,” Harry said, waving sheepishly. “Surprise?”

Harry,” he breathed, and he didn’t wait for Harry to say something - and jumped towards him, kissing him full on the mouth, his hands immediately in Harry’s hair, tugging at the strands so hard it must’ve been painful but he didn’t care because Harry was with him, Harry was home - 

Harry’s phone dropped to the floor, too, when he automatically wrapped his arms around a crying Draco.

They didn’t care much about that phone, either. 


Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

So I was looking through some EOS quotes today..

and I came across this one from Maeve at the end of Empire of Storms, “And I saw who you were, what you were, I saw who you loved, I saw your mate.” This means that Meave saw Rowan and Aelin’s first encounter BEFORE she broke Rowan, before Lyria.  She faked the mate bond with Lyria only after she saw Aelin’s fate.

So what I want to know is, how did Rowan and Aelin first meet in Meave’s vision, before everything had gone to shit for both of them.  Lets pretend they didn’t meet in that alley, then how did they meet each other? Would Aelin still have gone to Wendlyn?  Did they meet in Erilea? I NEED TO KNOW THAT AU MATE BOND ENCOUNTER! please Sarah tell me!!

You Like That Don’t You, Love?

Request: “Can you please do a Newt Scamander smut where either you catch him masturbating or he catches you and its kind of goofy sex. Also can the reader be his assistant who’s a thunderbird? If you can”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: SmUT! Like the most detailed smut I have ever written in my LIFE.


Originally posted by relationshipaims

You and Newt leaned against a wall as you both stood eating a quick lunch, observing all the bustling creatures as you took your well-deserved break. You both had your vision trained on a small black thing, that was currently looking into its pouch with pride.

“How much do you want to bet that my lost necklace is in there?” You asked your companion, taking a bite from your sandwich.

“I don’t want to bet because I know it’s in there. We’ll get it back when he’s asleep.” Newt replied simply.

He looked to his side, lapping up your beauty with his eyes. He only now became aware of the way your arm was slightly grazing his whenever you’d bring your food up to your mouth, sending a pulse that would awaken the butterflies in his stomach. You turned your head, catching him in his stare, and he quickly looked back to the Niffler, a pink hue painted across his face.

“Look, think the bloody little rascal forgot something.” Newt pointed with a wide smile as the both of you had been idly watching the Niffler go about its business.

The creature was scurrying back to its treasure pile, unaware that it was dropping some valuable items from its pouch as it speedily ran into its burrow.

“Looks like break time is over.” You sighed, chucking the rest of your sandwich into your mouth. “I’ll help our little friend out, you go get the feed organised.”

Newt chuckled at your muffled sentence, watching you give him a chubby-cheeked grin and then swallowed your food, heading over to the trail of coins and jewels. He walked over to the side of his shed, where there were dozens of labelled boxes containing bags of feed for all the different species.

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Request: Aww I’m so damn in love with all your Imagines and your writing *smooooch*. So I saw you got a lot Bucky requests but I dare to send one in as well, cause he’s a damn cutie ! :) An idea where you’re his shy girlfriend (you dont work for shield but the other avengers like you a lot) and one day you surprise him after work in his room to see him just in some sweats after he had a shower. You cant resist and it happens he takes your virginity but all real gentle? :) (also with some metal arm kink)


Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

You’ve been Bucky’s girlfriend for about two years now after seeing him visit the museum you worked at. You were very shy at first and sometimes you still are. You had instantly recognized him and he was definitely nothing like people thought he was. People spread rumors about him and some were true but others were just ridiculous. You knew he had been though a lot and he asked you tons of questions about the stuff he saw in the museum.

Bucky wasn’t like the Winter Soldier at all, though you knew it’d always be a part of him. You’ve noticed a difference every day when he’d visit you at work. A few months after, he invited you to the tower to meet his friends. Two months after that, Bucky asked you to be his girlfriend. The Avengers all welcomed you with open arms, especially Captain America. Steve was so glad to see his best friend warming up to a girl and letting himself be happy.

You had just finished your shift at the museum and Bucky didn’t show up today, which you didn’t mind. He said he had to go out on a mission and he would be back at the perfect time. You wanted to surprise Bucky and see him at the tower and secretly make sure he made it through the mission without any injuries. You closed up the museum and said goodbye to the security guards as you left.

You loved visiting the tower and you swear every time you go, there’s a new invention Tony Stark has come up with. Natasha and Wanda always wanted you to stay longer, maybe even more than Bucky sometimes. Your friends had a hard time believing that you’d become basically like family to the Avengers.

The excitement in your stomach kept getting bigger the closer you got to the tower. You were excited to see Bucky and you hoped he’d be okay with the little surprise drop by.

You walked through the tower entrance and pressed the elevator button to go up to the common room. You adjusted your bag and your shyness started to peak through. You nervously stepped out and held your bag closer to you side.

“Hello?” Your soft and small voice rang through the common room. You didn’t see anyone around and you sighed softly. You walked back to the elevator and heard a manly yell. You gasped and turned around to see Sam.

He held his chest and exhaled heavily. “Y/N, you scared me!” Sam said, his chest rising and falling. You smiled and your face turned a bright red. “I’m sorry Sam. I wanted to surprise Bucky.” You said quietly, laughing softly when Sam calmed down. “He should be in his room. It’s good to see you!” Sam said with a wide smile.

You smiled shyly and nervously tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Good to see you.” You said before waking back into the elevator. You took the elevator to Bucky’s room and sighed, biting the inside of your cheek.

The elevator stopped and you stepped out when the doors opened. The hallway was quiet, the only sound were your footsteps as you walked to Bucky’s room. You gently knocked on his closed door and waited a moment. When he didn’t answer, you walked in and gasped, seeing Bucky walk out of his bathroom with sweats hanging low on his hips. He was drying his wet hair with a white towel and your face turned red again.

Bucky smiled and jogged over to you, his eyes bright and smile wide. “Y/N! What are you doing here?” Bucky asked happily, picking you up and twirling you around. You smiled shyly and felt his muscles move against your body. Bucky’s strong arms held you and you felt him place a kiss on your cheek.

You giggled when he set you down on your feet. “I wanted to surprise you. I hope that’s okay?” You nervously asked, your eyes falling to his abs. Bucky smiled and took your bag from you, setting it on the chair near his desk. “Of course that’s okay! How was work?” Bucky asked, sitting on his bed and pulling you in between his legs.

Your mind was racing with naughty thoughts the longer you stared at Bucky. His hair was slightly dripping water still and you watched the droplets fall down his shoulders. You bit your lip and Bucky cleared his throat. “Y/N?” Bucky asked softly, his hands resting on your hips.

You quickly  looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes already on your red face. “W-work was fine. How was the mission?” You asked, your quiet voice squeaking just a tad. Bucky smirked and pulled you onto his lap. You breathed out shakily, feeling his hands raise your dress up your thighs. “It was fine. What’s going on with you?” Bucky asked but something told you he already knew.

You nervously swallowed and looked down at his hands. You gasped, feeling his hands disappear under the fabric. “I, uh,” you said, looking back up at Bucky, “I’m just-you’re, uh-” Bucky cut you off with a quick kiss and you sighed into it.

You shifted in Bucky’s lap and you felt his semi-hard cock rub against you. “Bucky, I need you.” You quietly said. Bucky chuckled lowly, rubbing his hands down your thighs. The contrast between warm and cold comforted you and you felt goosebumps rise on your skin as you imagined what he could do to you with his metal arm.

Bucky leaned in and captured your lips again, kissing you slowly. You let your fingers run through his wet hair and you heard a soft groan fall from Bucky’s lips. You pulled away, your heart racing in your chest. You looked away from Bucky, only to have his hand raise up to turn you back to him.

Bucky smiled at you. “Y/N, are you sure you’re ready for that?” Bucky asked, his eyes searching yours for any doubt. You shyly looked up at Bucky, resting your hands on his bare shoulders. “I-I’m a virgin, but I want you, Bucky.” You said softly, hoping Bucky was okay with your situation.

You were nervous about this, but looking at Bucky shirtless, your mind was going crazy and so was your lower region. Bucky smiled and leaned in to kiss your neck. Bucky’s hands moved to the inside of your thighs, making your breath hitch in your throat. “Promise me, let me know if I hurt you. I want to take care of my best girl.” Bucky whispered softly. You nodded gently.

Bucky pulled away from you and carefully placed you on his bed. You crawled up to his headboard and laid down on your back, your head against his fluffy pillows. Bucky pulled his sweats off, leaving him in his boxers. He smirked, leaning on his knees on the bed. He slipped your flats off and dropped them to his floor.

Your breathing was unsteady as you felt Bucky kissing up your leg and his hands following after. His breath was warm and his lips were soft and plump; it was making you dizzy and you loved it. Bucky’s hands lifted up your dress and you blushed at your choice in underwear. Bucky smiled and looked up at you, gently rubbing his finger along the hem.

You shyly looked away, feeling Bucky smile against your skin. “Captain America panties? Really, Y/N?” Bucky chuckled softly. You hid your face in your hands and giggled. “They were a birthday gift from my friends and I had to do laundry today.” You whined, your face getting even hotter. Bucky chuckled softly and bent down to kiss the inside of your thigh.

You held in a moan and felt Bucky’s stubble scratch against your skin. You moved your hands to his hair, lightly tugging on the almost dry strands. A groan fell from Bucky’s lips again and he gently sank his teeth into the skin of your thigh, making you gasp. “You’re so soft, Y/N.” Bucky said, his voice raspy.

Bucky lifted your dress even higher and gently placed a kiss on your clothed pussy. You bit your lip as your hips jerked slightly from the sudden contact. Bucky smirked and teasingly rubbed a metal finger down your pussy. You felt yourself get wetter and you whined. “Bucky, please.” You begged, looking down at Bucky in between your legs.

You were getting impatient but you knew Bucky wanted to take things slow. Bucky smiled and placed a kiss on your pussy before sliding your dress up and over your head. You blushed and covered your arms over your chest. You tried to close your legs but Bucky’s large frame kept you from doing so.

Bucky shook his head and gently pulled your arms away. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, Y/N. Don’t hide from me, please.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes. You nodded and sighed, letting Bucky take your bra off. He tossed it away and leaned down to press kisses along your chest.

You swear he could feel your heartbeat it was so strong. You watched Bucky attach his mouth to one of your breasts, sucking on your nipple. You moaned softly and Bucky smirked before pulling away from your breast with a sultry pop. “You sound pretty. Keep moaning, don’t hide those from me either.” Bucky said, winking at you.

You giggled and blushed harder. Bucky sat up on his knees and your eyes fell to his boxers. Bucky smirked and hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your legs. You blushed as he pulled down his boxers and your eyes widened at how thick he was. “Bucky.” You whimpered out.

He bent down and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You felt Bucky spread your legs open and he held his cock in his hands, slowly rubbing his tip along your slit. You gasped at the feeling and looked in between your legs. Bucky kissed your forehead. “Are you ready?” Bucky asked quietly. You nodded and Bucky pulled your face up to look in your eyes.

Bucky looked at you nervously. “Please, use your words.” Bucky said quietly, stopping his movements. “I’m ready.” You breathed out. Bucky nodded and watched your face, slowly started to slide into you. It stung as he stretched you with just his tip. You winced and Bucky immediately stopped. “Y/N, I-” You shook your head fast. “No, Bucky it’s just a little bit. Please, keep going.” You begged, wanting him to fill you up.

A sigh fell from Bucky’s lips and you kissed him, holding his cheeks in your hands. Bucky hesitated before he started to slide into your wet pussy again. You felt his breath hitch the further he went and you squeezed your eyes shut at how much he was stretching you. “Fuck.” Bucky strained, his hips finally meeting yours.

You moaned softly and wrapped your legs around Bucky’s waist. After you felt adjusted enough, you begged Bucky to move. Bucky’s hands rested beside your head and he started to thrust in and out of you slowly. Your breath came out short and quick as goosebumps littered your skin. “Oh my god.” You moaned, feeling Bucky’s cock brush against your g-spot.

Bucky grunted, keeping his eyes on your face. “You look so beautiful. Mm, you like that, don’t you?” Bucky said, his thrusts getting faster. You let out a rather loud moan and you let your nails rake down Bucky’s back. “You’re so tight.” Bucky said, reaching his hand down to rest on your lower abdomen.

You felt Bucky gently slam into you and he gasped, his flesh hand adding a little pressure. “Fuuck, I’m so deep, Doll.” Bucky moaned, his eyelids drooping a tad. You moaned and reached for his metal hand that was placed at a safe distance away from your head. You grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to your throat.

Bucky stopped his thrusts and you breathed heavily, watching him. “Y/N, there’s no way.” Bucky said, his own breathing heavy and unsteady. You knew he didn’t want to hurt you, but you’ve fantasized about this for so long. “Bucky, I want you to use it on me.” You pleaded, grinding your hips against his.

You saw Bucky’s eyes land on his metal hand so close to your throat. He sighed and you heard his arm whirring. “Just tell me when to stop.” Bucky said softly, reaching his metal hand up to your throat and applying little to no pressure. You nodded and felt him start to thrust into you again.

Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head and you moaned. Bucky cursed under his breath and you smiled when you felt Bucky’s metal hand grip onto your throat a little tighter. “Harder, Bucky.” You begged, resting your hands on his arm. Bucky groaned and thrust into you harder, making your tits bounce.

Bucky leaned down and quickened his thrusts. “You’re my dirty little girl, aren’t you?” Bucky asked, watching your face contort with pleasure. You moaned louder and felt Bucky’s flesh hand reach down and start rubbing your clit fast. “I’m gonna cum!” You squealed as Bucky sped up, his hips slamming into yours. “Fuck, I feel you clenching around me.” Bucky growled, his thrusts faltering as his own release was fast approaching.

You gasped and Bucky’s metal hand gripped around your neck even tighter as you started to cum around Bucky’s thick cock. “Oh fuck.” Bucky groaned, hot spurts of his cum shooting deep into your pussy. His thrusts slowed and you breathed heavily, feeling Bucky’s metal hand leave your throat.

A moan fell from your lips as Bucky pulled out of you. Bucky collapsed beside you and he rolled onto his back, breathing fast and hard. “God, that was amazing.” You said with a wide smile. Bucky pulled you into his side and kissed your head. “Was I too rough?” Bucky asked quietly. You blushed and hid your face in his neck. “No way.” You said with a small smile.

Bucky smiled and kissed your forehead. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky whispered softly. You sat up and looked down at Bucky. “I love you too, Bucky.” You bent down and pressed your lips to Bucky’s, your chest full of happiness and joy.

Note: omg, phew!! it’s hot in here. I noticed I got carried away and it didn’t seem all that gentle, so I hope you like this. if not, I can try again. feedback is always welcome! .c

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Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul pt. 55

“Gaia” 1989, Oil on Linen.

The day after our daughter, Zena was born I had a vision of Gaia, the World Soul. Gaia was the tree of life or web of life with her roots in the subatomic, atomic, molecular, and cellular levels of matter (mater/mother) reaching upward through the oceans, stones, soil, grass, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, air, and atmosphere to nurture all plants and creatures. A natural cycle of birth, sustenance, and death was woven into the tapestry of Nature, Gaia continuously gave birth to life through the love energy in her heart. The future generations of humanity were symbolized by a human mother nursing in Gaia’s cave. Gaia’s body was being ravaged and destroyed by man, reflecting the present crisis in the environment. A diseased and demonic phallus had erected structrues all over the earth to suck dry Gaia’s milk and turn it into power and money. The wasteland of a disposable culture was piled high and was seeping into the microgenetic pool causing diseases and defects in the Great Chain of Life. Emerging also from that microgenetic level – but on the side of Nature – was an evolutionary alarm represented by a large “seeing” hand which catalyzed the collective will of the people, enabling them to see, with eyes of unobstructed vision, the actions necessary to stop the destruction of the world soul.

Two Worlds

Prompt: Uncle Tony Stark comes to visit

AN: This came to me in the middle of the night. I love how it turned out.

Words: 1259

          You walk through the building with an authority that comes from having mesmerized the halls when you were two. You don’t even pause, as you swipe your clearance card and pass through the doors. Tony had always been a tad sentimental, but not revoking your security clearance is just stupid.

          You ignore the gaping mouths and push open the office door. The sight that greets you makes you pause. Stiffening your shoulders, you don’t even bother with a greeting. A hand goes to your hip and you ask, “Where is he Pepper? From the look of things, I’d say he hasn’t stepped foot in the building in years.”  

          Pepper just stares at you, “Y/N, but you …”

          You sigh, “Went to another dimension, the dimension that is fusing with this one, and I need Tony to make sure the world doesn’t go kablooey.” When she just keeps staring at you, you snap, “Pepper!”

          She snaps back to reality and simply says, “He’s off the grid.”

          You smile “Then give me the coordinates for the new one. My email is the same.”  And then without another word you leave. Dialing the number, you know by heart, the phone rings three times before your husband finally picks up.

          “Did you get ahold of him?”

          You sigh as you slide into your car, “Of course not. Nothing with Tony is ever easy.”

          Bruce just chuckles, “I thought you said I reminded you of him.”

          You smirk, as you hook your phone to the bluetooth, and pull out onto the road. “Exactly, Bruce.”

          Your husband just laughs, “Well, Alfred always said you’re the only woman in the universe that would be able to put up with me.”

          You smile as the coordinates pop up on your phone, “The coordinates just came through, I’m off to see brother dearest.”

          “Good luck.”

          You turn off your phone and allow your mind to drift. Tony had been born three minutes after you. He’d always been smart, and always filled with a mind that was moving faster than everyone else’s. He’d never been able to stay still for long, and by the time he was sixteen he’d begun going through women faster than he went through red bull. Your parent’s death had sent him further over the edge.

          It had left you running the company. An accident in an experimental area had sent you careening through dimensions and had landed you in a world very similar to your own, but oh so different.

          You’d found an entry level position at Wayne enterprises and worked your way up in a matter of months. It had taken some time but eventually you had earned the trust of Bruce Wayne himself. It hadn’t taken you long to figure out his secret. He wasn’t nearly as good at hiding it as he thought. You had waited in the shadows until he needed you. You had never expected to fall in love with him.

          Fifteen years and seven kids later, found you still madly in love with the man, and still just as dedicated to protecting the new world you had become a part of.

          Then, the dimensions had started melding, and you had found yourself staring down a home you long thought was lost. Two weeks of research showed exactly how much had changed in your absence. Your brother had become a hero, aliens had invaded New York, and your brother had built a machine determined to destroy the world.

          Your brother had always been brilliant, and honestly you were thrilled to see that he had found something he had been passionate about. And now, he was needed again.

          The dimensions seemed to be erasing key events and people to compensate for how many things were melding. There was a chance to stop it from happening, if you were able to get Tony’s help.

          It takes you several hours to reach the building. Slowing to a stop right outside, you exit without a second thought. Guards are on you in seconds, and you simply raise an eyebrow in question, before the first Avenger steps out. You believe he’s called Vision.

          Stepping around the guns aimed at you, you walk right past the computer, machine, man, thing, and move into the building. You track his phone to a nook surrounded by windows. Stopping beside him you simply say, “So, I hear you’re still building things.”

          Tony just turns to you and says, “Did Y/F/N Margaret Stark just make a joke?”

          You smile, “I made an observation.”

          Tony finally turns to you, and you can’t help but sigh at what you see. His face now has lines, there are bags under his eyes, and he’s much too thin. When you don’t say anything he says, “So you were trapped in another dimension?”

          You nod, “The one that is slowly becoming a part of this one. And soon it will start erasing people, to compensate for the population increase.”

          “How sure are you about that?

          “99.99% It’s already started happening where I live.”

          Tony sits down on the window sill and looks up at you, “So this is how it is. My big sister comes back from the dead, apparently married,” he points at your ring, “and I don’t even get a hello, or at the very least a cookie.”

          You let out a deep breath before sitting down beside him, “I didn’t mean to vanish.”

          He nods, “I know. I got the reports. A scientist off his rocker started experimenting off the books, and when you went to fire him after finding out, he started the damn machine up, and it ended up killing three people, and you … well you just disappeared.”

          You cross your ankles, “I tried to find a way back, Tony.”

          “For how long?”

          The question catches you by surprise, but you answer anyways, “About two years. Until I got married. Until I felt like I was home for the first time since I was a kid.”

          “You ever think about me?”

          You smile, “Of course I did, you’re my little brother. And whenever my kids would do something especially stupid or especially bright I would tell them they were acting just like their Uncle Tony. They want to meet you by the way.”

          “So I have little nieces and nephews just running around.”

          “Nephews and niece,” You correct.

          “And the guy?”

          You smile’ “Head of a big company. Family owned like ours. He’s a really good guy, and an amazing father too.”

          Tony nods, and goes silent for a few minutes before saying, “Okay, let’s go.”


          “Save the world. I’ve got to find this phone first. And then I have to meet this husband of yours. Something tells me I might need his resources from his world. I also have to deal with the secretary of state…”

          You pull a card out of your purse and hand it to him, “Have her call him. She’ll take care of it.”

          Tony just looks at the card for a minute before saying, “Amanda Waller.”

          You smile, “Any man within their right mind would be terrified of her.”

          Tony just shrugs, and extends his arm. You give him a half hug as the two of you walk out the building, “And just so you know sis. When all this is over, I reserve the right to kick this guy’s ass if I don’t like him.”

          You laugh, “You’re welcome to try.”

          Tony scoffs, “Try? I’m a superhero.”

          You smirk, “So is he.”

Today was the day that I found out you had met someone else.

Breathing started to get a little bit harder and my vision became slightly clouded as tears started to well up in my eyes. But swallowing bile, blood and a feeling I can’t really name I smiled and said that I was happy for you.

That of course wasn’t a lie, I’m happy that you’re happy but it just kills me that you couldn’t be happy with me because I tried, I tried so hard to make it work but in the end you knew what you wanted and it wasn’t me, it was her.
—  one day I’ll wake up and my first thought won’t be of you.

So I mentioned about a week or so ago that the theme that needed a bit of fresh paint was RubySU, buuuuut I figured the anthro one would do for now with the vision I had heheh~ Anyway, after far too long piddling around with water FX and nighttime palates, I finally managed to piece this together, AND BOY AM I GLAD I WAS ABLE TO FINISH THIS!! (I say as I continue to make small adjustments while planning the upload~)

Pools are lovely in the evening you know, though it’s always too cold for my personal tastes!! Fortunately for most machines and hybrids, producing heat is no problem at all~!

So why not join him, the water is juuuuuust right~

Doll - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested by @winters–doll: Hey!!! Could u Do a Bucky Barnes imagine where everytime he sees u he calls you doll and it makes u blush like heck. The team then notices and teases the two of you? Thanks ❤❤

Originally posted by natpekis

It was late Friday night and you were currently on a mission to find something to eat. Vision and Wanda who both love to cook, were M.I.A. so you were left to fend for yourself. 

Nat sighed from the living room couch as she flipped through the channels on Tony’s unnecessarily large television. “There’s never anything good on.”

“That’s usually the case which is why I never bother watching it.” You snickered as you shut the door. Nothing in the fridge had caught your eye so you moved on to the pantry, hoping to find something else.

“You’re also a psychic. Why even bother watching T.V. when you can see the future?”

You giggled at her response. “Good point.”

You heard heavy footsteps approach the kitchen and Bucky came through the doorway. As soon as he saw you his face lit up with a smile. “Hi there, doll.” 

You blushed and grinned at him. “Hey.”

“Hi there, doll.” Nat mocked in a silly voice as she eyed the both of you.

This caused you to blush even more so you leaned into the pantry to hide your face behind the door as you looked.“Do you guys want some popcorn?” You asked.

“Sure.” They said at the same time.

Sam entered the living room and plopped down on the couch beside Nat. “Hey (Y/N), make some for me too! So what are we all up to?”

“I find these two flirting to be very entertaining if you’d like to watch.” She smiled at Sam and he turned to look at you.

“Ooooo…” He grinned and winked at you.

“We were not flirting! We said hello.” You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever you say, doll.” The redhead teased.

“Aw I love it when he calls her that.” Sam chuckled.

Now it was Bucky’s turn to blush. “Mind your own business, Bird-Man.” He spat.

The smile on Sam’s face disappeared. “It’s Falcon. Say it with me now - Falcon.”

An annoyed Bucky stalked off and you looked at the pair on the couch in disappointment. “You guys need to leave us alone.”

“He should know we’re just messing with you guys.” Sam replied as he grabbed the remote out of Nat’s hands. She didn’t bother fighting back since nothing on the television interested her.

You didn’t say anything else as you left the room to look for where he went. Finally, you found him looking over the side of the balcony in the Quinjet’s hangar.

 “I’m sorry they always tease us.” You stood next to him and folded your arms on the rail, looking out in the distance. 

He looked over at you. “Why are you apologizing?”

You shrugged and laughed nervously. “I honestly don’t know.”

A comfortable silence lingered between the two of you but you spoke up. “I like it when you call me doll.” Pink tinted your cheeks as you avoided eye contact.

“Yeah?” He asked.

You nodded. “No one besides my parents have ever called me a pet name like that. I really do think it’s sweet.” You could tell he was looking at you with a smile on his face, but you didn’t take your eyes off of the horizon. 

“You know, we shouldn’t care what they think or say. It’s stupid that they have nothing better to do. I mean, it’s just a nickname, right?” You looked up at him but couldn’t quite read his eyes.

“Y-yeah. Just a nickname.” He repeated.

You smiled at his sudden change in attitude. It took you a moment but you mustered up enough courage to stand on your tip-toes and press a soft kiss to his cheek. You turned around and started to head back across the hangar. 

“Oh James, when are you going to make a move?” You called over your shoulder.

You couldn’t see him as he shook his head and smiled. “Soon, doll.” He called back.

Candy Hearts

Authors Note: The ending is pretty shit, forgive me.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Avengers x Reader

Summary: Reader gives the Avengers personalized candy hearts.

Word Count: 1317

Originally posted by ohmydisney

“Happy Valentines Day!” A chorus of groans was heard from the common room and you frowned. You walked in the room with your hands behind your back.

“What? What’s wrong with Valentines Day?”

Tony sighed and got up from his seat. “Nothing, kid. It’s just that not all of us love it as much as you do.” That made you remember that most of the team was single. Tony and Pepper were on their break, Natasha still had that thing for Bruce, who was still in hiding. Steve had that awkward thing with Sharon and Wanda and Vision had their own little thing going on.

The rest of the team, including yourself, was single. Clint had gone back to the farm two days ago to be with Laura.

“Oh, right. But you guys know I celebrate it every year.” And, yes, it was odd to be so ecstatic about a holiday solely focused on relationships when you weren’t even in one. It had just been one of your favorites since you were a kid. The candy, cards, flowers, let’s not forget the candy, the hugs you would receive and/or give. .was candy mentioned?

Yeah, maybe your love for Valentines Day was all about the candy and not the concept of celebrating relationships.

From where he was sitting in the corner of the room, Pietro spoke up. “What he is trying to say is that it is getting annoying, princesa.” Next to him, Wanda jabbed her twin in the ribs.

You looked around and everyone was glaring daggers at Pietro. You picked up a ‘way to be subtle’ which sounded a lot like Sams’ voice. It took you a moment to realize that the team had slowly come to be annoyed with your constant exaggeration over the holiday and was trying to tell you in the nicest way possible.

“Oh, it’s ok I understand now,” you faked your sadness as you backed away, “guess I’ll just have to eat all these candy hearts by myself.”

You exposed the basket of sweets from its hiding spot behind your back and watched as the teams’ faces changed from apologetic to excitement.

“You had candy hearts all this time and didn’t tell us?!” Everyone made a quick dash to you but you raised up your hand to stop them.

“So it’s annoying when I express my love and joy for this holiday, but when I have candy in my hands, I’m suddenly not annoying anymore?”

Closest to you, Bucky encloses your hand with his own and reaches down to kiss each of your knuckles separately. You shivered slightly under his touch and he smirked.

That bastard, he knew what he was doing to you. He knew how you felt about him ever since that mission in Peru.

“We’re truly sorry, doll. Could you ever forgive us?” He pouted and you knew you were gone for. At the corner of your eye, you spotted Nat and Wanda throwing smirks and winks your way.

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes and pulled out a bag of candy hearts, “but only because you’re so desperate.” The pieces of heart candy in the bag read You Make My Cheeks Scarlet and you remembered that you had customized sayings to give to everyone.

“Wanda! This one’s for you.” She took the bag and chuckled. “Clever.”

Bucky tried to grab one but you pushed his hand away. “Nu-uh, be patient,” you handed Steve his bag that said I’d Deflect A Grenade For You which he had a good laugh at much to Bucky’s confusion.

Natasha got a bag filled with hearts that said I Won’t Bite Unless You Want Me To, You’re So Hot You’re Breaking My Circuits for Tony and How You Doin’ for Sam.

When you reached Bucky, you hesitated. What if he took it in the wrong way? What if he didn’t even find it remotely funny?

“Come on doll. I’m not getting any younger here.” Bucky’s eager hands reached for the bag but you held it out of reach.

“You know what? I don’t think I should be giving an old man such candy. It could break your fragile grandpa teeth,” grinning, you watched as he snatched the bag out of your hand.

Steve looked over Bucky’s shoulder. “What’d you get, Buck?”

Bucky held up the bag in disbelief and spoke directly to you, “Let’s Get Buck Naked?”

It was silent for about 0.23 seconds before Sam burst out in laughter, the rest of the team joining in. You laughed along for about three seconds before you caught the look on Bucky’s face.

“You want me to get buck naked doll?” He started unbuttoning his Henley shirt and the laughter quickly died down, “Your wish is my command.”

Everyone quickly left but not before throwing you enough winks to fill up your now empty basket. Sam puckered his lips making a kissing motion and you flipped him the bird.

When you turned back to Bucky, he had his shirt off and was in the process of zipping down his jeans.

You said this almost every day, whether it was to yourself, Nat, in the gym or in the kitchen, it wouldn’t hurt to say it again.

God definitely took His time on him.

Too bad you would have to stop him unless he wanted printed camera footage of his ass all over the Compound.

“Bucky! Stop, I was just- it’s just a joke, don’t take it literally.” At this point, you were beginning to get flustered when the bad on his boxers started to show.

“Aw, are you blushing?” He stepped closer, leaving less than an inch between you two and pinched your cheek with his right hand. “That’s adorable. .”

“Shut up, Barnes.”

“. .You’re adorable,” You looked up at him in surprise. “You’re beautiful actually, and smart, funny, amazing. .” His tone was low and distracted as his eyes flicked between yours and your lips. Your heart was racing with anticipation.

“. .Perfect-” You cut him off by smashing your lips against his. He responded immediately. You had both been wanting this for so long but never acted on it until now. 

You threw your arms around his neck as he placed his on your waist. The kiss was better than you had ever imagined. It was slow and passionate but full of longing.

Neither of you wanted the kiss to last but the need for oxygen and the sound of a camera flash. Pulling away, Bucky sent glares at a snickering Steve and Natasha. You pressed a finger to your swollen lips and stepped out of Bucky’s embrace when you realized how close you were to his toned stomach.

“Y-your, um, your shirt is. .” You glanced pointedly at the floor where his shirt still lay and he picked it up when he got the hint.

“What’s the matter, doll? Can’t handle me being buck naked, can you?”

“Oh, I can handle anything you throw my way, Barnes.” Your post-kiss state slowly dissipated when Bucky’s gaze darkened.

“I’d like to test out that theory.” From where they were standing, Natasha and Steve gagged. “Please,” Steve declared. “Take it to the bedroom.”

Bucky grinned down at you and threw you over his shoulder. Giggling, you raised your head up to bid Steve and Natasha goodbye as Bucky made way to his room. A mortified expression on Steves’ face showed that he wasn’t being serious.

“Be careful what you wish for, Stevie!” Bucky playfully smacked your ass, “Hush.”

You would have to thank your candy hearts for this win.

I had a vision…. fresh and clear as a mountain stream…. mind revealing itself to itself…a light from within…… I’d known this place, reunion with the deepest wellsprings of my being…..
by Peter Pohjola / source

Celebrating Small Business Saturday with Rifle Paper Co. Founder Anna Bond

Check out @riflepaperco on Instagram to see this video and more creations from Anna’s small business.

After designing wedding invitations for a few friends, and then creating the invitation for her own wedding, Anna Bond, co-founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co. (@riflepaperco) knew she had found her calling. “Everything about designing stationery just seemed to click, and it was the perfect mix of everything I loved,” says Anna, who lives in Winter Park, Florida. In the beginning, designs were all about Anna’s taste, but today, there is so much more that goes into the process. Above all else, she continues to consider the beauty, functionality and quality of every design. “I’ve been blown away by how much people have resonated with what we are doing and by the people who work with us on a daily basis to help see this vision come to life,” says Anna. Her advice to fellow small-business owners? “Write in your own voice and find what makes you unique.” #ShopSmall #SmallBizSat

MCGA HAMMER OF THOR SPOILERS bullet list for all your Fangirling Needs™ BELOW

Come rant with me about

  • Samirah’s flying lessons 


  • Samirah failing at Valkyrie vision hahahahahahahaha
  • The crowd going OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH at Amir saying I love you LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Samirah blushing in general yes give me more thank you
  • Otis the goat turning up in
  • a trenchcoat and sunglasses
  • The chapter titles, Exhibit A: Your Standard Rooftop Chase (WAS THAT A FUCKING PUN) Scene with Talking Swords and Ninjas
  • Hearthstone? More like Hearthrob. Am I Right?
  • Another sword had a point pun
  • The Return of Falafel


  • UNDERCUT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAGNUS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The name is Alex Fierro
  • Hearthstone’s ASSHOLE, HORRIFYING Father, backstory
  • Hearthstone is a hearthrob lmfao
  • Heimdall taking selfies
  • More Shipper!Magnus
  • MalloryxGunderson is canon
  • Calling asshole parents out for abuse and kicking out their children
  • How a lot of queer children experience homelessness
  • because of the asshole parents
  • SO MUCH ABOUT GENDER FLUIDITY IN GENERAL, Mythologically speaking or present day 

Alex Fierro is so fucking badass 

  • S/he decapitated Magnus with a garrote to save his life, to explain the chapter title
  • I Am Saved From Certain Death by Being Killed
  • Shipped Alex and Magnus at the speed of light
  • NOT EVEN KIDDING. And the 19 hallmates are all like it’s okay to be attracted, Magnus, the cheeky bastards I love them
  • Thor in PIGTAILS?!!! 
  • Backstory of Thor in a wedding dress O_O bahahaha
  • Loki gets freed -_- 
  • Magnus never flew by plane before *laughs at fingernail impressions on seat handles*
  • Alex is also a shape shifter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With seemingly a lot more control over her/his powers
  • Alex can sculpt!!! S/he is a sculptor!!! 
  • They petrify Blitzen so that the stab wound inflicted by Randolph doesn’t kill him holy crap
  • That’s why they had to go see THE ASSHOLE Father of Hearthstone the dickhead to get a stone to save him basically


  • Anyway, RIP Randolph 
  • The humour was just as brilliant as usual, I enjoyed the book so much!!!
  • More of Blitzen’s fashion
  • Cheese graters gonna grate grate grate grate grate
  • And Jack, I quote Magnus, has a better social life than him
  • Like he goes on dates and crushes on other swords and spears and everything. 
  • He’s so hilarious! at one point there were a bunch of daggers and Jack started spazzing over them like they were puppies
  • LMFAO I like Jack a lot hahahahahaha
  • Squirrels in the Window May Be Larger Than They Appear
  • hahahahahahahahahahah

I just had a blast reading this book WHAT AN EXPERIENCE <3 

The next book is going to be titled The Ship of the Dead



Why Reychel would be like a fairy tale

Or what happens when me and @piper-mccool talk about reychel.

  • Listen… Reyna, praetor of camp Jupiter and demigod daughter of bellona, falling in love with mortal Rachel (who is the oracle of Delphi, sworn to be a maiden)… this is fairy tale material right here.
  • When Rachel was going through her confusing visions in the last Olympian she probably had visions about Reyna, her future gf, and painted it thinking it was relevant to the war.
  • She’d be so confused “why do I keep drawing this gorgeous girl percy? What part will she play in this war?“ 
  • And then when Percy starts to get his memory back in son of Neptune he recognises Reyna slightly, but can’t remember where from, but then by the time reychel happens he will know, and he teases Rachel endlessly about her paintings.
  • Percy was so scared at the time though and would definitely think rachel’s visions were predicting some important event but mostly rachel’s just really gay
  • “Percy, it turns out the girl was my gay vision not an apocalyptic prophecy”
  • They hang the paintings in their first apartment together.
  • Reyna is so shook by it, and doesn’t know what to say when she first sees them.
  • Reyna thinks they look to pretty to be her, rachel always assures her she couldn’t capture even half her beauty in her paintings
  • She has pictures of rachel’s paintings on her phone and scrolls through them when she needs cheering up, she doesnt know what she’s doing half the time but the paintings reassure her that they were meant to be a couple.
  • Look… a relationship predicted by the fates, what kind of fairy tale bullshit asdfghjkl