i had a tumblr moment with the bff

I was tagged by @plsetski - I am so sorry I took forever to do it! <3

a - age: 32
b - birthplace: Flint, MI, USA
c - current time: 10:10 PM
d - drink you last had: Water
e - easiest person to talk to: My BFF Chris. She’s not on tumblr.
f - favourite song: It changes all the time. At the moment it’s Where I’m Going by Sir Sly
g - grossest memory: After having a child (c-section in my case), nurses push on your tummy to help things settle and heal better. Two words: BLOOD GEYSER
h - horror yes or horror no: horror yes, but I’m selective
i - in love?: Yep
j - jealous of people? Rarely
k - killed someone? I would have to kill you if I answer this
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Lust at first sight
m - middle name: Lynn
n - number of siblings: 1 brother, he’s 5 years older
o - one wish: For people to stop being assholes to each other
p - person you called last: The pho place
q - question you’re always asked: where are you from? (I don’t really hear it, but I guess I have this odd mid-western, southern and unknown vocal mix when I’m not using my ‘narrator’ voice.)
r - reason to smile: schmoopy answer - My son
s - song you sang last: Childish Gambino Heartbeat
u - underwear color: Peach 🍑
v - vacation: I’d probably do Japan again, it’s a blast
x - x-rays: Just dental
y - your favourite food: Legit Detroit-style pizza 
z- zodiac sign: Gemini 

This is where I’m supposed to tag people, but I’ll just say anyone who wants to do the thing. 

Bucky - 21st century

Today was exactly one month since you had taken Bucky Barnes, better known these days as the Winter Soldier, into your care. You had found him on the side of the street in DC, looking lost and alone. You had known who he was, because it was all over the internet, so at first you had been a bit hesitant about taking him in, but he had look so scared when you saw him. He was also been very hesitant about going with you. It took a lot of convincing to get him to stay with you, and even then it took about 3 weeks for him to really trust you. Once you had proved you went to help him with the memories and the nightmares and that you didn’t completely hate him like most people, he opened up to you a bit more.

You had just gotten up and was going to the kitchen. Bucky was standing there, your phone in his hand.

“Hey, how’s it going?” You ask.

Bucky looked up at you. “I’m sorry, I just saw this sitting here, and I got curious…” He handed it to you.

“It’s totally fine, I don’t mind. I forgot, you probably don’t know what it is. It’s a phone.”

“That’s a… phone?” Bucky said, looking confused. “That’s not like any phone I’ve ever seen…”

“Ya, you’ve missed a lot. Here, I’ll show you.” You walk over to stand next to him, then handed him the phone. “Press the button on the bottom.” He did, and your phone turned on. He looked up at you, his eyes wide.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.” He said. “You’re right, I did miss a lot.” You continued to show Bucky lots of features, which he was fascinated by. He enjoyed the internet the most. Then you showed him all the apps you had on your phone.

“T… Tumblr? What’s a Tumblr?” Bucky asked you.

“It’s a website with blogging.” Bucky gave youa confused looked. “Posting pictures, videos, stuff like that. It’s anything about a topic you like. Here, I’ll show you.” You wet onto Tumblr. The first thing that showed up with a picture of your favorite band.

“Who are they?”

“That’s my favorite band, Pentatonix.” You say. The 2 of you continue to look through Tumblr as you explained everything. You had to explain everything to him, from slang words to who people were.“

"So all those faces that are laughing and stuff are called… emojis? Why do you use them?”

“Everyone thinks they’re cute. You use them to text.”

“What’s a text?” Bucky asked.

“It’s like… sending a letter. But it’s from your phone and it’s faster.” You say.

“Can I try it?”

“Sure.” You went into the message app and went under (Y/BFF/N)’s contacts “Text whatever you want.” Slowly, Bucky tapped the screen, spelling the word hello, then hitting send. A moment later, your fried texted ‘hi’ back. Bucky looked up at you in surprise again.

“She got it that fast?!” He exclaimed. “That’s… wow, that’s so cool!”

“Ya, that’s the 21st century for you. Exciting, huh?”

“Yes, very. I can’t wait to see what else you have!” Bucky smiled, something he had done only once before. “Thanks for showing me, (Y/N).”

“No problem.” Bucky looked down at the floor nervously, then leaned forward and kissed your cheek. You were surprised at first, but happy; that was the first time he had ever made physical contact with you. He was making progress with social interaction.

“You don’t mind that I did that, do you?” He asked softly. “Please don’t be mad…”

“No worries, I’m not mad. It was actually kind of nice.” You blushed.

“I’ll have to remember that for some other time.” He smiled again.

Anyway, I have to go to work, ok? Call if you need anything.“ Bucky handed you your phone, and you went and got ready for work. "You’ll be fine on your own, right?” You asked once you were done.

      “Ya, I’ll be fine. Have fun at work.” Bucky said.

      You smiled. “Ya, I will.” You went on your way to work. Once you were out of the apartment, you couldn’t help but smile; Bucky was doing so much better. He actually seemed happy. Maybe now, he could finally live a happy, normal life.