i had a tsunami of feels at that time

I had just gotten used to the fact that maybe relationships just aren’t for me. I had just become comfortable in my own skin. I had just started to adjust to being on my own. I had just started to be fully independent….and then those feelings hit again. They hit me like a tsunami. Suddenly, I’m rethinking every word I say, changing my outfit three times before I go out, and seeing every other girl as someone I need to compete with. And dammit, I hate that this is happening again, and I hate you for being so oblivious.
—  But clearly I don’t really fully hate you, because if I did I wouldn’t be in this situation. (via dissembled-thoughts)
I Choose You

Happy, happy birthday Gabby znks​ !!!!
I hope this is to your liking …


Becoming a popstar seemingly overnight was enough to shock Blaine to his core, but he hopes that he has managed to keep his wits and his heart through the mediatic tsunami that his life has become.

One day he was playing his guitar in the park near NYADA to pass the time and test his songs along with some covers, and it feels like the next he was the new musical sensation, bringing back to the scene some of the 1950s charm (not his words) with a contemporary twist (ditto).

The only article he has opposed publicly is when someone called him a dapper, cleaner George Michael because … No.

So far, Blaine feels like he’s on a ride that cannot be stopped: he can sing his compositions–granted, his producers have found some really talented lyricists and composers to help him along the way, but he has a say in every decision.

So far so good, right?

But when his agent calls him to ask him his opinion about very red chairs, Blaine almost faints.

“The Voice?” he repeats, and Kitty nods behind her glass of scotch. “The Voice wants me to take over Pharrell?”

“Yes, my precious little Hobbit,” Kitty says, her smile softer than her words. “NBC’s The Voice, the shows that gathers around 14 millions of our fellow countrymen, has called little old moi to ask if you would be available for the next season.”

“Oh my God.”

“And since your next tour is not until the next summer …”

“Oh. My. God, Kitty!”

“Relax, honey, or people are going to think that you’re not pooping rainbows anymore.”

That makes him laugh, at least, and some of the tension that has been building inside of him since the show has been slipped into the conversation melts away.

“And rumor has it that Adam is looking forward to work with you.”

“No he doesn’t.” Blaine has never been particularly subtle about his cute fanboying over the leader of Maroon 5.

“No he doesn’t,” Kitty echoes, letting a giggle out as Blaine throws the pit of his Martini’s olive at her. “I just wanted to see your face.”



Blaine and Kitty smile at each other before lifting their glasses. “To a new step towards stardom!”

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