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ten minutes in heaven [warren worthington iii]
warnings: Language, Sex mention (a lot), light smut (like this gets kind of heavy, but I do not write actual smut so)

word count: 2057

    It had started out harmless.

    Just a harmless game of truth or dare, but then again, nothing involving these rowdy teenagers was innocent.

Scott had gotten cocky, as he did on occasion, and called the group together. He claimed that you were going to have some ‘team bonding.’ You had laughed and asked him what that meant, but he would not tell you, instead forcing you into the room where everyone was gathered.

When everyone gathered in the living area, you sat on the couch next to Warren. This led to the group letting out various wolf whistles because they all knew that you and the angel were dating.

Scott then announced that you would be playing a few games of truth or dare. You had rolled your eyes and muttered, “Yeah, ‘team bonding.” It was a sarcastic, quiet mutter, and you thought no one had heard you, but Scott, from your other side, pushed you off the couch. You landed on the ground with a huff and looked up at your boyfriend who was laughing at your current predicament.

You turned and slapped him on the knee, but the action only caused him to laugh even harder.

“I’m sorry, baby. You’re just too cute,” Warren made out through gasps and chuckles. You frowned and crossed your arms like a child, and Warren reached down. He grasped you by your arms and pulled you up to your feet. He then proceeded to pull you into his lap, seeing as Kurt had taken your spot on the couch.

Warren wrapped one of his wings as well as an arm around you and squeezed your body close to his. You snuggled closer to him, laying your head underneath his chin and wrapping your arms around his neck. The Archangel dropped a small kiss to your forehead and the rest of the group groaned at your public display of affection.

Seconds later, Scott was trying to explain to Kurt what the game was as the smol blueberry cutie had no idea what truth or dare was.

You laughed and got off of Warren’s alp to grab a drink from the kitchen, questioning if anyone else wanted anything. Peter had called out that he wanted a soda and a Twinkie, and you chuckled telling him that you’d only get the soda.

When you arrived back in the room, you tossed the can of soda to Peter who quickly grabbed it and popped the lid. You sauntered back to Warren who held out his arms childishly, wanting you to come and sit on his lap once again.

“C’mere baby,” He seductively spoke, the words causing your cheeks to enflame and turn a bright shade of pink.

You walked back over to your cherubic boyfriend and when you got close enough, he reached out and grasped your hips. He yanked you down into his lap and wrapped his wings around you once more. He knew that you absolutely adored his feathered wings, which he had recently gotten back thanks to Hank’s intelligence. You stroked the pristine, white feathers in your hands, and Warren attempted to contain a small moan, but was unable. He groaned out and tossed his head back, causing the rest of the group to holler and laugh at him. Warren blushed, but was not ashamed; his wings were sensitive and when you stroked them, he was unable to hold back his pleasure.

When the game finally started, it had been innocent. Small, easy questions like ‘who do you like?’ or ‘how old were you when you had your first kiss?’ Simple dares like: ‘go jump in the pool’ and ‘go scare Charles and Erik downstairs.’

Then it got dirty.

Scott had asked Jubilee when she lost her virginity.

Jean dared Peter and Kurt to kiss.

You had chuckled and hoped that no one thought to ask you anything bad.

Then Peter spotted you.

It had coincidentally been his turn and he asked you to pick truth or dare, and you had bravely picked dare. That had been a mistake on your part.

Peter rubbed his hands together, a plan forming in his head.

“Stand up,” The silver haired speedster commanded, so you did. He then told Warren to do the exact same thing.

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked to Peter, “What are you doing Peter?”

Peter laughed and then replied, “You and loverboy are going to play my favorite game: Ten Minutes in Heaven.”

Warren chuckled with his arms still wrapped around your waist, “Peter, it’s Seven Minutes in Heaven, dumbass.”

Peter rolled his eyes at the wing-adorned boy, “Yeah, I know that. I just don’t think you can get anything done in that time. I mean, you’re not me.” Peter boasted, which caused you to lean farther into your boyfriend with a smirk. You had been dating for a few years, and you knew exactly what he could do with seven minutes.

Warren smirked and his wings tightened around your frame, “Oh, I think seven minutes is enough time to get her crumbling beneath me.”

Your eyes widened at his blunt remark, the rest of the room letting out cat hollers and whistles. Warren only continued to smirk before rolling his lips into your back. You coughed and sputtered when you felt his obviously hard erection on your back. Warren held you tighter to him and repeated the action which led to Peter yelling at the two of you to get started in the room rather than in front of him.

You laughed nervously and stared up at Warren. You marveled at the tattoos on the sides of his face and the side of his scalp. You grew aroused when you thought about how the tattoos followed down his sides and onto his muscular stomach. Having the pleasure to trace those tattoos with the tips of your fingers and your tongue one night was the best thing you had ever experienced. Well, it was not really your pleasure, more like Warren’s. He had groaned and arched his back when you lightly traced the lines close to the hem of his sweat pants. Beads of sweat rolled of his forehead as you played with the strings that kept his pants from falling off. Warren continued to groan until you used your fingers to pull the sweat pants off.

By the time you came back from the memory, Warren was dragging you in the direction of his room. You followed behind him, almost melting in your own arousal.

When you reached his room, the door was immediately shut behind you and Warren reached behind you to lock it. Before you could do anything, Warren had you pressed against the door, his lips finding your neck and latching on. He used his plump lips to scour for your sweet spot, and when he did, you let out another moan and tossed your head back against the wooden door. The archangel smirked against your neck and sucked on the spot harder, no doubt leaving a dark purple mark for you to cover later.

Warren let his lips still for a moment before he spoke, “What do you think, baby? Think I can get you crumbling beneath me in seven minutes?”

You nodded your head frantically before responding, “Fuck yeah, you can. You just might need some more time after for a few extra rounds.”

Warren smirked again and began walking backwards, his wings expanding to their full fifteen foot length. You practically melted at the sight of his wings, and Warren knew it. He knew you had a fucking wing kink and used it to his advantage. The angel knew that the thing you loved most about him (Well, this was debatable) was his large, white wings. Warren smirked and puffed out his feathers and let you watch them for a few moments, before he extended his muscular arms as well. He nodded his head once before he flexed his biceps, the action causing you to whimper under your breath.

Warren chuckled and motioned for you to step forward, “Then we better get started, babygirl.”

You moved forward, attaching your lips to his. Warren responded with enthusiasm, tilting his head to the side so he could dominate. He slipped one hand up to your neck, tilting your own head to the side. He ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of your bottom lip. Granting him access to your mouth, he slipped his tongue into your mouth and rolled his hips up into yours. You groaned and Warren pulled his mouth away for a split second to whisper, “Jump.”

So you did.

You jumped into the air, trusting Warren to catch you. When he did, his arms were underneath your ass, supporting your weight.

The blonde angel walked backwards towards his bed. He let you fall first, so that he could lay on top of you. He reconnected his lips to your neck, allowing you to arch your back into his chest. You dropped your hands to run down his hard chest and you played with the hem of his shirt. Warren got the message and leaned back away from your body so that he could pull the shirt over his muscular body. It seemed to go in slow motion as you watched the shirt leave his body.

God, you had the hottest boyfriend.

From his muscular biceps, his chiseled six-pack, and his sharp v-line; you melted under him.

Warren let you watch him for a few moments before he reached down and pulled your shirt over your own body. This led to him marveling your body just as you did to him.

“I’m so lucky,” Warren whispered, his eyes deep and dark with lust as they scanned over the bare skin.

You pulled his lips back down onto yours by grabbing him by the back of his neck. He let one of his hands drop and roam around your body. You let out a few moans as he did so, and you raised a hand to pull on his gorgeous blonde locks. This caused Warren to let out one of his own moans, and you smiled at you achievement.

As for Warren’s wings, they were transferring between extending to their full length and curling around your body. At one point, you raised your other arm to stroke his sweet spot. Because his wings were sensitive as he just got them back, he had a sweet spot; it was just above his right shoulder blade. When you stroked it with your fingers, Warren collapsed above you. He kept his weight from crushing you, but his wings shuddered and his head threw back. He moaned out again and you let yourself arch into him.

Warren took your lifted back to his advantage, so he reached behind you to grab ahold of the clasps of your bra. With one flick of his fingers, he unclasped it from your chest. He quickly pulled the straps from your arms and let the material fall. He chucked the useless bra away from you, his movements becoming frantic and rushed as he grew more aroused.

When Warren finally let his hands fall to the hem of your pants, there was an interruption.

Knocking was heard on the door, and a voice shouted out, “Hey, your time is up!”


The both of you ignored his voice and continued your actions.

Minutes later, Peter knocked again, “Hey guys? Can you even hear me over your fucking?”
    Warren laughed against your skin and pulled his head up from your stomach, where he was layering kisses along the soft skin.

The angel spoke next, diverting Peter from opening the door, “Hey Peter? Can you please fuck off? We’re going to stay in here to finish some important business!”

You moaned beneath Warren as he reattached his lips to your stomach.

Peter was heard shuffling outside the door and his voice rang out one last time, “Okay fine, but if you guys fuck again, can you keep it down? I didn’t get any sleep last time you fuckers went at it!”

Warren ignored the comment and finally let his lips graze the hem of your pants. Then in one swift motion, he pulled the pants off of you and smirked, “Let’s see what I can do with unlimited time then.”

mooniva  asked:

For the character thing: Suga?

First impression

OMG THE SWEETEST EVER. Those first couple episodes when Suga sets to Hinata in his spare time at school i just FELL IN LOVE with the sweetness that is Sugawara Koushi. And I felt bad for him that he had to step aside and let Kags be setter. I assumed at first that he wasn’t really that good of a player BOY WAS I WRONG. Also I just loved his character design immediately, the silver hair, the beauty mark SO CUTE.

Impression now

Spawn. of. satan. lmao but really he’s so fucking sassy it’s incredible. He’s so incredibly savage but still sweet at the same time???? To me, Suga’s the glue that holds that whole team together. He’s a great vice cap AND SUCH A GOOD PLAYER HIS MOVES ARE SO PRECISE AND HE PRACTICES SO HARD HE DOESN’T GIVE HIMSELF ENOUGH CREDIT.

Favorite moment


Idea for a story

“10 Times Suga Sassed Asahi and the 1 Time Asahi Clapped Back” lmao idk 

Unpopular opinion

I get bothered by too much “sugamama”. It’s cute and yea he’s definitely team mom but that’s not ALL HE IS, ya know?

Favorite relationship

Daisuga DAISUGA DAISUGGGAAA, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. But suga/asahi/daichi friendship is pure and beautiful and i love that too.

Favorite headcanon

a fun DRUNK, I love reading fics where he’s a giggly, sassy mess when he drinks because likesame.





Thanks for asking!!!

One Day (TianshanWeek Day Six)

Title: Losing a bet

Summary:In hindsight, Mo Guan Shan knew he should have never made that bet with He Tian. But he had. And he had also lost it. Now, he was stuck with having to do one order from He Tian for one day.

Rating: T

Ao3 Version Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9781217/chapters/22044143 


Mo Guan Shan knew he didn’t have the best qualities in his personality. He had a quick temper, was easy to annoy, would be irritated at a lot of things in the world and he knew he had a foul mouth that would be quick to swear.

And, it was these attributes that had lead to his downfall.

He should have never made that stupid bet with He Tian. He really shouldn’t have. But in that moment in time when he did, it felt like it would be a good idea. He could win the bet; have He Tian do one thing for him. It could be anything and Mo Guan Shan had come up with so many ways to embarrass the black haired man.

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The Manual

Anon asked:  Reader knows how to play guitar and has been stuck in writer’s block for some time now. Wanda unintentionally helps the reader out of it and gets a complete song dedicated to her. Reader plays the song at a party and confesses to her long term crush! Thank you!

Okay so this took me forever to find a good song, and even though I know a fuck ton of Kpop songs….I think I found a good one. Ignore the fact that the pronouns are male, and make it female, mmkay? Mmkay. Good. Also I uh…twisted this because cuteness, mmkay?

Warning: This sucks I’m sorry

@imaginesassemble @yestoomuchfandomfiction

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Title: A Run in the Park
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,287
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon for “I have been super stressed because this huge grade is about to go in and I really need to pass.. could you write a Peter (you know the one!) x reader one shot fanfic thing. Where he finds out his friend (reader) is also a mutant. They have the ability to use others mutant abilities against them (or you can change it.) and they beat him in a race. But it ends in fluff? Because they both like each other. Ahh you don’t have to.. thanks..” // I hope you like it & I hope you passed! ♥

Peter Maximoff was a bit of a scatterbrain, but he was consistent with some things. For example, he would pass through the same park every day, at the same time. In truth, however, it was only because there was another who went there every day, at that time, and they had captivated him in an entirely indescribable way.

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Excuse me.



Well, I guess, uh? This shot was sort of framed as being Homura’s perspective. I guess this is supposed to represent her focus on her close friends as being the only things that matter to her??? But then, Hitomi and a nameless dude in the foreground have clear faces.

Wait, that’s not Violin Boy, is it? I could have sworn he had shorter, silver hair.

Title: James Jealous Wesley
Prompt: Imagine James getting all jealous and passive aggressive when another man flirts with you.(It’s from an imagine site, I’ll link it back later but I’m on mobile rn)
Warnings: None I think but if anything bothers you I’ll tag it
“You look absolutely stunning.” The first words out of the one and only James Wesley’s mouth were as always, a compliment directed at you. You smiled shyly; it was your fifth date but you still weren’t used to his constant admiration of your beauty.
“Aw, James, you look even better. Like, people are going to look at us and say, "wow, who is that handsome male model and his girlfriend? Should I ask for his autograph?”“ You giggled as you stepped outside of your door to see a sleek, black limousine parked out in front of your house. It pulsated with a deep bassline and you already knew it was your favorite song playing. You tried not to gasp; it was quite obvious from the way he dressed and acted that James came from money but you were still excited about the luxury of riding in a limo.
"I think it’ll be the other way around.” James chuckled, took your arm in his, and led you down the front steps and into the limo.
Inside it was cold, a nice contrast to the warm summer weather, and you were sure the leather on the seats were more expensive than the red dress you’d bought on sale at H&M.
“This is really nice,” You admired the rest of the interior as James slid in the seat across from you.
A smirked danced on his lips as he spoke, “Wait until we arrive at the mixer.” That was one of the things you liked about Wesley- the way he talked; it was so articulate and polite, unlike a lot of the other citizens of New York. He was so..classy. But also secretive, this was the first time he’d even mentioned his work. Other times he would just deflect your questions and change the subject, but now he was taking you to a small party at his boss’ house, which you figured that meant he was getting a little more serious about your relationship.
When you arrived at James’ boss’ apartment- well, penthouse, really- all eyes were on you. Not many people were there, maybe ten or twelve at most, but it was obvious you had captivated every man’s eye in the room, except for one bald man who was busy with a pretty brunette girl. A couple of guys lurking in the corner didn’t seem to be too happy to be there.
“Can’t believe he invited those damn barbarians.” James muttered under his breath. You decided to ask him about it later.
He stood close to you, holding his arm in yours and staring down people who were staring at you the wrong way while you giggled at him. You never knew he could be so jealous! After a few minutes of saying hi to other party guests, James led you over to the bald man and briefly introduced you to him “This is my date, (y/n). (Y/n), this is my employer.”
“Hello,” The man, who you realized you still don’t know his name, nodded politely at you and immediately returned to his conversation with what you assumed was his date.
“How about you go to the snack bar while I talk to my employer.” James whispered softly in your ear and the proximity of him being so close to you sent chills down your spine. You didn’t particularly enjoy playing the part of an obedient housewife, but since this was his work and that obviously was important to him you headed over to the long table anyways.
You browsed through the assorted cheese and crackers looking for something to eat, finally picking out a mini chocolate chip cookie when you felt someone approach you from the side. You glanced up to see one of the men who’d been in the corner silently earlier smirking at you. “You are a cookie girl. I like this.” He had a Russian accent and a silver scar running down his face, with fluffy blonde hair that contrasted with the whole mysterious bad boy thing he had going on.
“My name is Vladimir.” He added. You glanced over at James, who alternated between nodding in agreement with something his boss had just said and sending you glances out of the corner of his eye.
“I’m (y/n),” You introduced yourself and smiled brightly, popping the cookie in your mouth.
Vladimir caught your glance at James. “Are you with him?”
You nodded and he rolled his eyes. “Of course the prettiest girl here is with him.” He spoke the word ‘him’ with more disgust than you thought was possible. You were slightly concerned as to why he seemed to dislike James so much, but also flattered that he called you the prettiest girl. You decided, hey, I can use my celestial beauty to persuade him into telling me more about James’ work! The party you were at only sparked your curiosity.
You leaned in closer and widened your eyes, hoping that the three coats of mascara you were wearing made you look doe eyed. “What do you mean? Is there…something wrong with James?”
Apparently your technique worked, because Vladimir grinned and to your horror he eyed your breasts. “Well..” He licked his lips, “If you really want to know what he does..”
You nodded eagerly and tried not to flinch away as he sidled and whispered softly in your ear, his breath hot. “James Wesley is a-”
“A-hem.” Suddenly James was hovering by your side. Vladimir pulled away from you and chuckled. “I guess we finish this another time, yes?”
You nodded quickly, feeling guilty about fake flirting with Vladimir.
“Yes. Another time.” Wesley’s lips twitched up in a half assed smile, but his eyes were dark and screamed 'I will literally end your life’. He wrapped his arm around your side, squeezed it tightly, and placed a kiss to your temple.
“Everything ok here?” A young guy popped into the conversation looking nervous.
James sighed. He did that a lot. “Yes, Francis. Everything is fine.” He spoke coldly to the man. “Let’s go. Vanessa would like to ask you about your dress.” James spoke to you, but looked over your head as if you weren’t there.
“Um..okay,” You shifted around, you hoped that James would cool off(even though you thought it was ridiculously cute when he was jealous) and that Vanessa wouldn’t laugh at you when she found out your dress was from H&M.
James was silent as you crossed the room to Vanessa, and in fact, he was distant for the rest of the night save for a few “Let’s get food” or “the bathroom’s that way”. You were really worried about it, how could you explain to him that you just wanted to know about his work? You were embarrassed beyond belief. Okay, so Vladimir was a little cute, but he was no James Wesley. You didn’t really like him, you just wanted information.
At the end of the night, after all your goodbyes to all the people you met(save for Vladimir, you were sure to stay away from him) you both headed out to the limo.
Before you got in, you paused. “James..” You weren’t sure how to continue.
He opened the door and looked up at you-his gaze was empty. You were taken aback, he reserved that look for the days that he was most frustrated and didn’t want to acknowledge the world around him and the idiots in it. He had never, ever looked at you that way before. It stung.
“Come on, I wasn’t flirting with him!” You protested and rolled your eyes.
James slid in the car and before he slammed the door shut you heard him mutter a “Yeah, right.”
You popped in next to him, throwing your purse down inbetween the two of you.
“Okay. So listen. I was…in a way..flirting with him.”
James scoffed. “So you admit it?”
“James, let me finish!” You’d never seen him act this childish before. “I just..I wanted to know more about your work. He was already hitting on me and we started to talk about you, and like he didn’t seem to like you much and I wanted to know why and so I figured, hey, maybe if I got into it he’d tell me…” You stopped there when you saw James’ face. His eyebrow was raised and there was a hint of a smile on his lips.
“James, please, it’s the truth-” Here he interrupted you but you didn’t stop-
“I love you!” You blurted out, while he said, “I believe you.”
You both stopped for a few seconds and just stared at each other blankly while you tried to comprehend what the other’d said.
“You..believe me?” You asked, finally.
He rolled his eyes but spoke fondly. “Of course I do. I know you. You couldn’t make up a story that bad even if you tried.”
James stopped speaking and shifted his weight so he was leaning just a bit closer to you. “You love me?” His voice was soft and low and completely irresistible.
You blinked a couple of times and swallowed thickly-he was so close, enough to drive you crazy, but not close enough as you would like. “Is that a bad thing?” Your eyes flicked down to his lips and back up again.
James moved closer so now his lips were just barely brushing yours and then he whispered.“Not at all. Because I just happen to love you too.” Before he could act you had already closed the distance between you two and knew after tonight, you’d completely forget about Vladimir Ranskahov.

Stuck - Wanda Maximoff Imagine

A/N: hello again, dearies! sorry I’ve been absent in the past couple of days but I was a bit busy and I had been neglecting my story on fanfiction so I needed to update it! :D but now I’m back! haha alright got another request for you!

Anonymous said: Could you do a Wanda x female)reader story where the reader tells Wanda she likes her and then Wanda avoids her because she thinks that she’s lying? Loads of fluff (You can change it if you have a better idea because I’m terrible at thinking of plots of stories haha) Love your stories by the way! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Avengers :)

Your name: submit What is this?


“Ugh, I am an idiot” (Y/N) said smashing her head against the table at Tony and Bruce’s lab.

“She’s still not talking to you?” Bruce asked sadly.

“No!” (Y/N) said frustrated. “Ugh, why did I open my mouth?” she said frustrated. “I like you, I have a crush on you; I am attracted to you” she said in a girlish voice. “I knew I’d freak her out!”

“If you said it like that, you probably did, yeah” Tony mocked her and (Y/N) glared at him.

“Shut up! This was all your fault!”

“My fault? How is this my fault?”

“You said I should tell her because she liked me!”

“Well, Speedy said she likes you and he’s her twin! I assumed if someone knows her it’s him!”

“Well, maybe Pietro said that just to mess with me” (Y/N) complained.

“Uh-uh” Bruce intervened. “I don’t think so. I mean, I know Maximoff likes to mess with everyone, but not Wanda. He wouldn’t mess with something like that” he informed her.

“I’m doomed” she said miserably. “It’s settled. I am never leaving this laboratory again. I will nest here and I will live here and I will die here” she informed them.

“Come on, (Y/N). You’re being over dramatic” Tony told her. “Wanda will come around” he said placing a hand on her shoulder and (Y/N) let out a sad sigh.

“I hope so” she said sadly. “I miss her” she said resting her head on her hand.

It had been two weeks since (Y/N) had confessed to Wanda how she really felt about her. But it didn’t quite turn out how she wanted. Wanda didn’t believe her and told her that she probably was just messing around with her and ever since, she had ignored her and shut her out completely. She didn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t Pietro and it broke (Y/N)’s heart.

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Late night walks.


This is for you guys, I love you so much, and it was so much fun to write.

Fandom: X-men.

Pairing: Quicksilver x Reader

Word count: 2000

Summary: Peter wakes you up at 2:00am to go for yet another one of your guys’ midnight strolls through the gardens. Things take a bit of an unexpected turn.


“Hurry up!”

“I’m coming.”

You scowled bitterly, sliding your foot into the rag of a beat-up all-star shoe you had just yanked out from under your bed, trying to balance on one leg as you did so. It was late and cold and dark, and having just woken up, your mind was still too foggy to actually care what sort of shoe you picked out. For all you cared, you’d jump out the window to Peter barefoot, letting the gravel outside dig into your skin.

“C’mon, I don’t have all day.” Peter whisper shouted from beneath your window, moving side to side and stretching his neck up as he tried to see into your bedroom.

You rolled your eyes and growled as you held onto a nearby dresser, hopping on one foot as you finally managed to get your foot in your shoe. You straightened out with a deep breath, then grabbed your nearby jacket, walking closer to the window.

Zipping it up, you looked down, waiting to see a patch of silver hair atop a goofy grin, and scold Peter shut, but instead, you were met by nothing but dampened soil and footprints.

You knitted your brow together, and resting your hands on the window sill as you leaned forward.


You craned your neck to the left and then to the right, the wind tangling yur loose hair in your earrings, but still, no sight of your friend. You pulled away from the window with a frown. Typical Maximoff. People were too slow for him, and it was only expected of him to lose his patience and run off after waking you at 2:00am in the morning, propelling rocks at your window like bullets.

You’d woken up once you heard the familiar muffled call of your name, followed by the tack of gravel on glass, followed by a loud crash, and immediately shot up in your bed. You’d scrambled to the window, droopy-eyed and pushed the window open, only to find Peter kneeling by a trashcan where he had just accidentally throttled a stone at a stray cat, and he had asked you to go out with him.

A midnight stroll, one like the two of you usually took on nights like those, with your hands tangled and palms pressed flat together, and joy emitting from the both of you as mindless words slipped from your lips numbed by the cold. It didn’t matter what you’d said. You’d said it to Peter, your best-friend. And whatever it was, he would understand, and retaliate with just as mindless as a response. You would laugh. And he would laugh. And then you would be reminded that he was just that—a friend—and nothing more.

And soon your smile would fade.

You breathed in deeply as you went to shut the window, but a warm set of fingers wrapping around your wrist made you stop in mid air.

Your heart stuttered in your chest as you immediately jerked away from the window, pulling your hand back to your side, knocking over some stacked books the room was too damn dark to see. You cursed.

“Shit.” You glanced behind you before looking back, only to find a set of chalky white teeth beaming in the onyx of the night.


“You asshole!” You shoved his shoulder, feeling some bit of relief that it was him, rather than a mass murderer.

Peter couldn’t contain his laughter as he reached out to stop your hand. “You should’ve seen your face.”

“It’s too dark to see shit—see?”


“You know what I mean.” You huffed, rolling back down the sleeve of your jumper.

“What’s wrong with you?” You went to push on the shoulder of Peter’s shiny silver jacket, but he quickly caught your wrist, before you growled, yanking it back and rubbing at it sorely. You went to move past the silver haired boy to the mess of books lain by the window.

“Can’t you ever just knock at my door like a normal human being.”you asked.

“Y/N, you of all people know I’m far past normal.” The brown-eyed boy grinned smugly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

You rolled your eyes at that.

“A title you wear so proudly.”

“A title I should.” He pointed a finger at you strictly, but his tone remained playfully. You scoffed, going to pick up your Trig book that was hidden behind your curtain.

“ Enough of that,”said Peter, leaning against your wall, “ let’s get going.”

“Give me a minute will you?” You knelt down, pushing your hair out of your face, “This is all your fault anyway.” You grumbled the last part. Peter watched as you smoothed your hands over the carpet carefully, leading mainly by feel rather than sight of the books on the floor, and laughed to himself when he realized all you could see was but the outline of a tree outside cast upon your floor by the moonlight.

“Need any help with that?” He cocked his silver head to the side.

You sighed, shaking your head. “I’ve got it”

But you might as well have not said a thing, as, in a blink of an eye and a brief flash of silver, the books you were once nesting in your arm and on the floor were gone. You blinked furiously, moving your head back in confusion, and then turned around, finding them in rested against the fabric of Peter’s infamous ‘rush’ shirt.

“Let’s go.” He smiled at you, dropping the books on your desk with a loud thud.

You rose to your feet, dusting off the knees of your leggings. “Okay, okay.”You sighed as you looked into the brown eyes of the boy in front of you. “Le—“

But Peter didn’t give you any time to finish, and before you knew it, he had his arms around you bridal style, pressing your form to his warm warm chest, and the two of you were speeding out the entrance of the school and into the raven night.

“I like to  call her Karen.”

“She probably doesn’t even remember you.”

“So,” peter shrugged o, a lopsided grin playing at his lips. He was leaning against a robust oak tree that you two frequented numerous times that night, with his hands hidden in the pockets of his jeans.

“I like her and her feathers, and I’m naming her.” he said.

You shook your head, laughing manically, and reached down carefully to grab another lily pad, drawing it in from the middle of the water.

“I mean, look at all those other ducks—boring-ass green heads and orange beaks and nothing more to them. She, though,–“

“Karen,” You corrected as you placed the plant on your lap and then reached in for another.

Peter nodded, earnestly. “Right, Karen—she’s different in her grey and white speckled glory.”

You paused for a minute, hand still outstretched and holding onto a lily-pad, and looked up at the swimming poultry across the pond whom he was eyeing. She was waddling around in circles, dipping her beak under her wings to clean herself, before moving onto the next one.

“I don’t like her.” You said. You turned your head to Peter, grinning. His brow immediately furrowed, and he parted his lips in a little ‘o’ shape just to show his disdain.

“How dare you?” He gasped, but you merely rolled your eyes, going back to drawing lines in the water as you pulled the lily pad closer to the shore. You were practically toppling over with laughter, trying your best to stay on your toes when Peter strutted over to you, and placed his hands firmly on your shoulders.

You two had been wandering the gardens for hours upon hours, and by the peaking sun slowly threatening to rise in the distance, you could tell your morning escapades would soon come to an end and you’d be needed back at the house.

You could’ve spent all morning, however, here, with Peter, talking about a range of topics from your family, to his, to how he was dealing with his whole dad situation, and eventually, somehow, to the duck that you two saw every time you came here swimming in the pond.

You squealed when Peter shook your shoulders playfully, causing you to drop all the four lily-pads you had collected back into the water with a splash.

“Peter!” you cried, trying your best not to trip on the water that had splashed onto your shoes.

“What?” the brown-eyed boy laughed, grinning from ear to ear.

Using as little space as possible, you quickly turned around so that your chest was pressed to his, fidgeting in place when you felt the sole of your foot slip on the moist rock.

Peter caught you with both his hands though, resting them on your waist as you scrambled even closer to him, feeling the fabric of his shirt press even harder to his.

However, in doing this, made your heart rate increase ten times faster, and Peter noticed right away.

“Woah, easy there,” he cooed, his laughter slowing to a simple chuckle as he smooth his hands on the small of your back.

You tipped your head back to look up at him, deep into his ebony-brown eyes; the very ones you had seen every night out here before, every single time you had even the smallest of conversations with the silver-haired boy.

And it was just then that you realized how breath-taking they were.

But what you never realized, was that Peter, too, was thinking the exact same thing as he stared intently into your y/e/c gaze, feeling himself get lost in the galaxy that was your eyes. Peter would never admit it to anyone—before then, not even to himself—but for the past few months getting to know you and seeing inside the complexity that was your personality, the silver-haired boy had found himself falling in love with you.

You of course, had no idea.

“You okay?”his eyes ran across your face, taking in the curve of each and every one of your features, much to your oblivion.

“I, uhm..”

The words got lost on the tip of your tongue, leaving you speechless as much as you were breathless, as you remained with your eyes glued to Peter’s. You could feel the rise and fall of his burly chest, the flex of his muscles, his breath fanning over the skin on your nose, and at one point, if you weren’t just imagining things, you would go as far as saying you could feel the way his heart skipped a beat when you smiled at him.

The proximity between the two of you or lack of, was building more and more tension when all of a sudden, you felt Peter’s hand rested on your waist began to inch higher up the small of your back, teasing and teasing your skin, as he lowered his face closer to yours.

You of course were instinctively called to respond by doing the same thing as you pressed your body harder into the sturdy one towering over you.
Your noses were practically butting when Peter’s lush plump lips parted to speak.

“Y/N?” he asked.

You simply stared. No sound, no words. You couldn’t’ bring yourself to do anything but, at this point, but dared to tread on.


“Can I, uhm,….” Peter scratched absently at the back of his ivory-hair, licking his lips. You felt his heartbeat speed up through the fabric of his shirt. You could’ve laughed if it had been appropriate—you did laugh. Loud and clear, but briefly, because it was just such a surprise to you to see Peter as anything short of confident. At times he went as far as arrogance—but this? This was new.

You knew what was coming. All you had to do now was say yes.

You opened your mouth to speak, heart racing, lips twitching into a small simper, and then you slowly raised yourself onto your toes, trying to meet Peter’s height. You tilted your head to the side, fluttering your eyes shut as your hands rested crossed over his neck, and your mouths were but inches apart—

But that’s when you felt the weight of your anxieties topple you over, and in one swift movement, faster than you could comprehend—faster than Quicksilver himself—you found your body falling backwards into the mass onyx water behind you.

You landed with a shriek, water splashing everywhere, onto peter, who stood there, eyes darting side to side and then widening in realization of what had just happened.



Thank you guys a ton for the follows, I appreciate it so much.

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You’re Not John part 2

Originally posted by princess-of-kittens

Pairing: Samxfriend!reader, Deanxfriend!reader, Negan
Word count: 1,836
Warnings: Mentions of blood, swearing
Author: Brit
Part 1

After Dean had come out from changing, you pointed next to Sam. You didn’t want to have to rush out half dressed to deal with them fighting. Pulling a shirt and a pair of jeans out of your bag, you changed as quickly as you could. You didn’t even bother putting on your boots, simply taking your socks and boots with you. You sat on a chair to the left of Dean. Negan was still standing and observing.

“Alright, I’d like to get this hunt over with by tonight.” You started, pulling on your socks. “The sooner we gank this bastard, the better.” Licking your lips, you completely ignored the man staring at the three of you. You were all business at this point. “Since we don’t have John, that changes things.” The night before you’d discussed how this was going to go down, which now had to drastically change.

Negan stepped forward. “What’re you hunting?”

Glancing at him, you sighed. “A Wendigo.” You said simply.

“What the hell is a ’Wendigo’?”

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Hi, I know I haven’t been on here for a while and I apologize ~.~ I haven’t had my computer with me for a couple of weeks, but.. I’m back now ^^

and here’s my Sesshomaru inspired makeup thing~

omegaverse!sourintori (anon request) SFW (omega!nitori gets catered/ mpreg)

“Sousuke.. Don’t let him do that!” Rin huffed as he stopped his lover from washing the dishes.

Nitori’s belly was swollen and large, stretched out so far he hadn’t been able to see his toes for a long time. He was pregnant with Sousuke and Rins babies. Twins to be exact. He was a good nine months in, but ever since his stomach started to show, Rin had refused to let him do anything.

“Rin.. I can still do things.. I’m not handicapped because of the kids..” He said, rubbing his engorged abdomen. Rin frowned and put his hand over his lovers. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” He said and Sousuke walked up behind the silver haired male, snaking his arms around the boy. “Or our babies.” Sousuke finished his sentence.

The two alpha males protected their lover and unborn children. They made sure nothing happened to any of them. This meant they had made sure Nitori didn’t do anything but rest. Every time he would try to clean something or make dinner, Rin or Sousuke would stop him. They would say how it’s not safe for him to be up.

Nitori sighed as he was helped back into bed by Sousuke, Rin pulled up the blanket. “ honey… You’ve got to relax now.. Doctors orders.” Sousuke said, kissing his lovers forehead. “ we will get you whatever you want.. Drinks.. Food.. Aspirin.” Rin spoke softly, caressing Nitori’s cheek.

Nitori sighed. “ I love you two..” He mumbled, loving how his two favorite boys cared so much about him. They smile at him, kissing his face all over.

“We love you too, Ai.”

AN: I can not get over just how perfect this gif is for a Harry Potter AU, wow. Thank you to the anon that requested this! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Gryffindor!Pietro X Slytherin!Reader

Prompt: Ok but hogwarts au??? With pietro coming in as an exchange student during the 6th year. Just like imaginE IT?? And everyone one else all ready goes to hogwarts (also the reader is slytherin)

((A few important things before we begin;

-I don’t normally do AUs that veer away from the Marvel ‘verse, however, I made an exception because I have never specified that before and I genuinely love this request. Please do not send in any sort of non-Marvel AU’s as requests!

- I am not going to lie; I am much more comfortable with Marvel than Harry Potter. I know more about the characters and the universe in general, whereas Harry Potter I watch once a year with my mom on my birthday. So, that being said, don’t be rude– I will do my best to keep this as Harry Potter 'verse as possible, but a lot of the details I probably won’t be able to dive into. Sorry!))


“The Gryffindor and the Slytherin”

“I can’t believe it– I can’t believe it.”

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Peter Maximoff x Reader - Shit, I’m in Love

Prompt: #82 “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 743
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, angst, LOTS OF LOVE

Originally posted by imaginessforall

Peter was not the kind of guy to be possessive, but he was protective of the people he loved. And he was completely in love with you. Peter’s entire life, he has only really loved one person, Lorna, and that isn’t what he was feeling with you. This feeling was different and it hurt; like when you eat really greasy food and get a terrible heartburn. Growing up with a single mother meant Peter didn’t get a lot of attention and Peter didn’t exactly grow up with amazing values. Love was small murmur of goodnight, it was a pat on the back, it was his Mom thanking him for putting the dishes away.

But what he felt with you was a different kind of love. Every kiss felt made him feel like a million butterflies had exploded in his stomach. When you smiled, your face lit up and could make any day feel better. And when you laughed, Peter swore that time froze as your head went back and your mouth opened into a grin.

Peter was madly in love with you, but he had no idea what to do about it. You were his girlfriend and he knew it was okay to love someone you’re dating; in fact, it’s very normal. But he couldn’t shake this feeling of confusion and dread. Was that supposed to come with love?

He had been avoiding you for a few days now and you could tell. The boy was always near by no matter what, but he had been purposefully distant. You had no idea why and it fucking hurt. You loved Peter and the fact that he was pushing you away felt like someone stabbing you in the heart.

Peter sat under a tree, his leg jiggling; it was a nervous habit of his. His mind was flooded of thoughts of you. It didn’t matter how hard he tried, his thoughts couldn’t drift from what he thought he was feeling. Love. How do you know it’s love if you’ve never felt it before? You saw him sitting there and you could tell he was in deep thought. Every so often, his lips would move; he was mumbling to himself.

The silver-haired boy looked almost insane, sitting under a tree staring into blank space while muttering things every so often. He broke his trance when he spotted you coming towards him. Peter considered speeding away, but he couldn’t. You had seen him, and speeding away would make it very obvious that he was avoiding you.

“Hey, Peter.” You smiled. The boy gave you a nod, his eyes wide. What was he supposed to say? Peter wasn’t sure how anyone could just say ‘I love you.’ He couldn’t even come up with a scenario where he could possibly squeeze that in.

“I noticed you’ve been avoiding me and… it’s bothering me, Peter. You mean so much to be and I don’t want to lose you. If you don’t want to be together anymore, I understand. But just please talk to me. Do you even like me anymore?” You sighed. Peter opened his mouth to speak; he didn’t want to break up! That was the complete opposite of what he wanted. He couldn’t think of anything to say and the dead air hung between them. You opened your mouth to speak when Peter cut you off.

When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!” Peter blurted out. You had a look of confusion on  your face. What was he even talking about?

“P-Peter… you…. love me?” You stuttered out. Peter gulped as he gave a small nod. You smiled at the boy.

“I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you are one of the most special people in the whole world. You are funny, intelligent and witty. You’re so fucking perfect for me and I don’t know what I would do without you. The past few days, I’ve been going insane. I needed you by me, holding my hand and kissing me unexpectedly. I love you too.” You leaned forward and kissed the boy slowly. Peter felt the butterflies exploding in his stomach and he felt the pizza-like heartburn.

He was madly in love with you and it made him feel like an insane person, but Peter didn’t care because he had someone who finally loved him too. This is what love is.

I am so in love with this entire concept, excuse me while I go die because I actually wrote something good. I hope y’all like it too! Requests are closed.


((I only realised once I’d already written these that it looks really lazy! I promise it’s not, I just thought it would be more interesting to have Candy and each of the guys being caught having sex in different scenarios that seem to fit the boy’s personality. I think you’ll see what I mean…))


Kentin’s breathing was sporadic and heavy as Candy rode him, his hands firmly gripping her hips to help her move. He couldn’t get over the change in sensation just from having her face away from him and it was a bonus that he was able to stare at her arse. “Oh my God, Kentin,” Candy moaned as he pulsed inside her. Before Kentin could reply they heard the unmistakable screech of the front door to Candy’s apartment. The pair froze, Candy’s hands still gripping Kentin’s upper thighs. “Candy, we’re home,” Philip yelled, his footsteps approaching her bedroom door. Quickly Candy jumped off Kentin, “I’m just getting changed, Dad!” Philip laughed and then they heard his steps echo down the hall. Needless to say, Kentin was no longer in the mood.


Alexy yelped as he stood in Armin’s doorway, one hand still on the handle. In front of him he saw something he had never expected to see, Armin and Candy standing butt naked. Candy was pressed up against the furthest wall with both legs wrapped around Armin’s waist, her face showing how completely mortified she was by the interruption, while Alexy got an unimpeded view of his twin’s arse. “Sorry!” He said loudly, “I really need to learn to knock!”


Castiel smiled against Candy’s lips as he ground his hips against hers, thrusting deeply into her. Having her wrapped up in his arms, every inch of her body pressed up against him, was the best thing he had ever experienced. Just then he saw Candy’s face go pale. “What’s wrong?” He asked, stopping immediately. Candy shifted one of her hands from his chest and pointed behind him towards the door to the school’s basement. Castiel’s eyes widened, turning his head to the side to see Lysander standing in the doorway with one hand over his eyes. “I thought you should know that the Principal is looking for you,” the silver haired boy said in a surprisingly even tone before turning around, “Oh, and I found my keys.”


“Oh my God!” Rosalya shrieked, giggles erupting from her lips. Lysander was frozen where he knelt on his bed behind Candy, his hands still on her breasts as she knelt on all fours facing his bedroom door. Candy’s face was red for an entirely different reason now than it was only a few seconds before. “I never pictured you two to like this sort of thing,” Rosalya continued, “Have fun!” With that she turned around and shut the door. Lysander breathed out shakily, “Would you still like to continue?”


Nathaniel groaned throatily against Candy’s perky breasts as she moved up and down in his lap. With the curtains drawn and the door locked, the Student Council Office was transformed into their own world of heat, gasps and tender touches. “Nath, let’s go faster,” Candy panted against his ear while she used the back of the chair as leverage. Nathaniel chuckled breathlessly and gripped her behind tighter while he increased the pace that his hips rose. Just then they heard a knock on the door and they froze. Holding their shaking breaths, the pair waited in horror for the person to speak. “Nathaniel?” Amber’s voice came, “Nathaniel, are you in there?” Candy stared petrified at the sweating blonde beneath her. Nathaniel shook his head slightly, his golden eyes wide and locked on her gaze. Finally Amber concluded that her twin had already gone home and turned away from the door, her heels clacking against the linoleum hallway.


Cherry Pie

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 
Rating: NSFW smut
Warning: it’s smut, reader is a stripper.
Prompt: Sam takes Bucky and Steve to a strip club, let’s just say Bucky didn’t go back home with Sam. 

Gifs aren’t mine, they belong to @sebstiansource 

Bucky looked over at Steve as he drove to wherever Sam was taking them, Bucky didn’t want to go out, he wanted to be at home reading a book by the fire place in his room. Steve looks over at Bucky and gives him a comforting smile as he pulls into a parking lot. The neon sign above the bar reads ‘Ares’ and has a neon silhouette of a girl next to it.

“You guys ready?” Sam asks a smirk playing at his lips as he gets out of the car.

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prunebleue  asked:

I love your AU, they are so detailed. I would like to see what you would do with the Queen Regent Elia Martell metting the Bastard of Winterfell, Jon Snow.

Malevolent and without form

A King’s bastard is a dangerous thing - Elia is a Martell with enough Targaryen blood to know that for an absolute truth.

Title: From one Vice to the Other
Pairing: IwaSuga
Language: English
Wordcount: 956

Read on AO3!

Notes: For hq rarepair week day 1: beginnings/celebration!

He pretends he doesn’t hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears as he realizes that, fuck, Sugawara is a lot more handsome up close than he is seen from the other side of the court.

“Good game today.”, the setter says and Iwaizumi just vaguely registers how close their hands are right now.

“You too.”, he replies, and then he realizes that the other had barely played at all.

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Requested by wyldfireheartfaerie

”…a scenario, like in the Iron Knight, where Ash grows old and dies, from Meghan’s POV…”

Note: I cried writing this. If you are not in the mood for crying today, don’t read this. Because you will cry, and I will not be held accountable for it, because I’ve already been held accountable by myself for writing this and I hate myself for it. So, you’ve been warned. 

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