i had a text post i was gonna make for sarah

listen fam i’m tired and i’ll probably change my mind about this in five seconds but i’m gonna go ahead and say it right now while i have this opinion

goddamn destiel should be a big fuckin deal.

soobernatural tries every season to “outdo” itself despite the fact that we already had the goddamn apocalypse 14 seasons ago. as evidenced by so many goddamn tv shows before it, making a popular ship canon is the bIGGEST THING U CAN DO. if i were the unlucky sucker who was makin all the decisions over there in sooperbloop’s corner of the CW, i would keep destiel in my pocket until the very fuckin end. i’d build it up so even the most dudebro straight dude fan who watches supersnatch would be like “when are they gonna fuckin kiss already.” tHEN i would make it the series finale to trump all series finales. it’d be fuckin fireworks and love confessions and a long, close-up fuckign kiss RIGHT on the mouth.

i would cement my piece of shit television show into the historical vault under the category “made a ship canon bc the fans clamored for it and wow turns out it was a good fuckin idea and the reason why this show lives on even after its conclusion” and i’d file it right next to the goddamn x-files.

it’s 20 fucking 16. less than a decade ago, LGBT people on film and tv were made fun of (brokeback cough mountain). now?? now they’re praised. i don’t exactly want to say “make destiel canon because it’s the cO oL And T R End y thing to do on tv today” but like

it’s not taboo anymore. it’s not laughable. it’s not even “shocking.” the reaction from the media and *most* fans would be praise. it would not be a bad fucking decision, so there’s absolutely no good reason NOT to do it. 

it’s a good fucking ship and it deserves what all good fucking ships deserve: screen time. confirmation. a kiss maybe??? a goddamn happy ending. 

i’m so tired.