i had a sudden onset of

If anyone is still wondering why I am so picky about doberman breeders:

A customer came through my cash lane between classes yesterday, returning some dog food because his dog died a few days prior. I did my typical “I’m sorry for your loss” and finished the return, and he asked me where cat litter was because he’d been so worried about his dog that he’d run out of cat necessities. So of course I got Creed out of his tuck so I could walk him there and that’s when he noticed I had a dog with me for the first time…

and fell to his knees sobbing because the dog he just lost was his 5yo doberman, to lymphoma, on Wednesday. Sudden onset, they found it and within the month she was gone. Seeing Creed reminded him so much of his girl that he couldn’t bear the pain and sat on the floor for several minutes crying about his dog. I let Creed break the no-touchie-on-duty rule and he sat with this man, licking his face, leaning against him as he was hugged, until the guy was able to compose himself a little better.

His dog was from a well known shitty breeder that markets her imported dogs as Da Best Evaaa working and breeding dogs, 100% full Euro and superior championship bloodlines all the way from Serbia, super healthy compared to those icky American dogs. His dog died young and it burned him so much that he’s gone to the malinois because at least most of those make it to 10.

You want to know why I’m so choosey about breeder decisions in this breed? Because that’s not uncommon in this breed. Because this guy was completely abandoned by his “breeder” the second he knew that his dog had cancer and had to go through this hard time by himself. Because this guy had such a strong bond with his dog that he could not help but have a complete meltdown on the floor of my store because he saw another doberman.

Because the health in this breed is god awful and because the breeder he’d chosen is similarly god awful, I led a 40+yo 200+lb man through my store as he continued to weep and sniffle and hug my dog because he lost his so tragically.

You can call me elitist when you’re the person comforting the folks who have lost their dogs to such tragedies.