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“Coronation” Part Eleven

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, my baby Bucky cant get a break 

Word Count: 881

A/N: And it’s here! My permanent taglist is open. 

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“Where the hell is she?” James screamed throughout the ballroom.

“Where the hell is my Fiancée?”

 Six Hours Earlier

“I’ll see you at the party, girls!” Y/N called out while closing the door to her chambers.

It was time for her to begin getting ready for Bucky’s party. She had spent the beginning of the morning getting her nails done with the other royal ladies of the palace. It was an eighteenth birthday after all. She needed to look perfect to be seen with her Fiancé.

She was in dire need of finding an outfit for the night. She had a few custom dresses sent to her a few weeks ago. Y/N had just waited until the last minute to try them on, just like everyone else she knew, she was a procrastinator.

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For one of my classes (Physical Dysfunction) in my Occupational Therapy program this semester, we had to create an adaptive device. We’ve recently been learning about stroke patients with hemiparesis (severe weakness on one side of the body), and I was trying to think of what could help if I no longer had fine motor control over my fingers. How could I still sew and engage in meaningful occupations?

That’s how I came up with the idea for my project. I would still want to sew even without fine motor control, a superior pincer grip or minimal finger dexterity.

So I created these elastic pockets on a compression glove that hold needle nose pliers which are able to do the grasping for you. All you need is the gross motor control of a flexing and extending Palmar grasp.

I did really well, and I’m really proud of it, and maybe it could help people sew and embroider who have difficulty after an injury or after being diagnosed with difficult conditions.

Allig.ator skull removal

Hey vultures!! A lot of you were interested in the process I used to get the skull out of one of those tourist shop allig.ator heads. Just know that if you follow my process, you will not get a perfect skull. Also, I take zero responsibility for what happens if you choose to give it a shot! If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a message! Also, I apologize for the freakishly long post… 

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any small headcanons for johnny storm and trans peter parker? I love spideytorch and harrison osterfield is our johnny!

“c'mon johnny,” peter groaned, dramatically throwing his arms in the air before throwing himself on reed and sue’s couch. “may is out on a date tonight and ned and mj are still mad at me because i dared some robbers to shoot me and they actually did shoot me – i need someone to give me my T shot!!”

johnny fiddled with the edge of his sleeve and made an exasperated noise. “not my problem, webhead, you should have thought about that before you decided to be the most annoying bug on earth! and that includes mosquitoes! do you know how annoying mosquitos are!”

“johnnnnyyyy,” peter whined, his voice cracking. he rolled over onto his back and looked up at johnny with big puppy eyes.

johnny groaned and ran a hand through his hair, he felt the fire rippling under his skin the more his distress grew. it didn’t help that peter looked adorable and genuinely upset. but then he remembered that his sister’s boyfriend was a doctor. and doctors know how to give shots. probably. i mean reed was a genius, sure, but he was still reed.

johnny flopped down on the couch next to peter and pulled pete onto his lap, maneuvering him so that he was comfortable on johnny. it wasn’t very hard bc pete was several inches shorter than him and could lean into him easily.

“REED!!” johnny yelled, and peter groaned and elbowed johnny in the gut.

“DUDE THAT WAS RIGHT IN MY EAR!! maybe just call him!! or leave the room and find him!”

“but that means i would have to move,” johnny pouted, pulling his arms tighter around peter.

“good, move, leave, go far far away you flamebrained –”

johnny kissed him, giggling into it when he felt peter’s hand instantly go up and run through his hair. peter sighed and leaned closer to johnny, suddenly realizing how cold he was. or maybe he was just cold in comparison, johnny was always warm. it was a nice thing for the winter months, when they would be on patrol together and johnny would hug him from behind. sure his suit had a built in heater now, but johnny didn’t need to know that.

“what did you call for john – ?” reed said as he walked into the room, breaking off when he saw what looked to be johnny and peter trying to eat each other’s faces. peter began to politely pull away from the kiss, but johnny just leaned into it more to piss reed off.

“oh, god, i don’t wanna see this! don’t you guys know what it means to ‘get a room’?? you had a room, don’t call me into it!”

“wait no, reed! we need your help!” peter shouted as reed began to walk away, he pushed johnny’s face away from him and then flicked his forehead.

reed leaned against the door frame and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “just tell me what you guys need.”

“i need my testosterone shot, but i’m scared of needles. and johnny can’t give it to me because he is too – ”

“i’m not scared, i’m just – ”

“you’re scared,” peter snorted, “more scared than me, because i could totally give the shot if it wasn’t my skin that i had to put the needle in, but YOU can’t even LOOK at it you COWARD – ”

“oh fuck you webhead – ”

“nah you’d like that too much – ”

“okay, okay,” reed said, looking as if he wished that the floor would open up and swallow him. “i’ll give you the T shot, peter, just please stop initiating foreplay right in front of me.”

so that’s how peter finds himself sitting on johnny’s lap with his boxers hiked up to reveal his thigh, with reed knelt down in front of them gently pricking peter with the needle and steadily injecting the testosterone into his muscle

peter jumped slightly, but reed kept a firm hand on his leg so he wouldn’t shift the syringe

“dude, don’t move around like that with a fucking needle in your leg,” johnny mumbled as he kissed peter’s forehead

“i can’t help it, it tickles,” peter giggled breathlessly

“how can it possibly tickle, you massive weirdo.”

“when the liquid goes in it tickles,” peter sighs, resting his head on johnny’s shoulder

“well… i can think of another instance when liquid going in something would tickle and – ”

reed promptly pulled the needle out and gave johnny a warning glare as he reached for an iron man bandaid

TDBM Drabble: Lodged

Prompt: Episode 5.1; I’m using my interpretation of something that Matthew said which may well be blown out of the water by 5.2 so I had to slap this together quickly.  
Word Count: 300

Jean’s knitting needles clicked together angrily.  Lucien peeked behind Matthew, meeting her gaze beseechingly.  He only got her raised eyebrows as a tart reply.  

He’d offered Mattie’s old room to Matthew, thinking it would be for a few short days.  

It had been two weeks.  No more kiss and cuddle in the lounge after dinner.  No more pressing Jean against the kitchen worktop, tea towel wrapped around her waist, burying his nose in her hair.  No more greeting at the door with her arms draped around his neck.  

Because within moments, there would be the thump of Matthew’s cane to make them leap apart.  

Frustration wedged in their hearts, just like Matthew was that evening, taking the spot between them on the settee. After all, there were game shows on TV every night.

“How are you settling back into the force?” Jean said suddenly.

“It’s going alright,” Matthew muttered, focused on his show’s final death round.

Her mouth became a thin line.  Before she started to say more, Lucien shook his head.  He understood her irritation, but he couldn’t toss Matthew out.  He’d found his home; how could he deny his friend that same thing?

Jean rose. “I’ll go to bed.”  Sweeping from the room, she left Lucien without even a peck on the cheek goodnight.  

But the next evening, she was cheerful, hips swinging as she hurried to the ringing doorbell.   

Alice Harvey had arrived.  Jean smartly moved her into the lounge, sat her by Matthew, and suggested they discuss the newest corpse. This delightful topic unbent the shy couple.  Lucien started to join in, but Jean dragged him into the sunroom with her.  

“What are you doing?” he hissed.

“Dislodging a stone from my shoe,” she said, pushing him down onto the seat and curling on his lap.  

Okay I thought this was going to be a short funny fic, but it turned out a lot fluffier than I meant to! I just kept adding more and more of these two cuties being cute! I hope it’s what you wanted! Enjoy!


Marco sat on Tom’s bed and watched the demon play around on the floor with his string. Marco giggle and looked at him roll around. “What do you want to do, Marco?” Tom asked, swatting his piece of yarn. Marco smiled.

“I’m having fun watching you mess around.” Marco teased. He leaned back on Tom’s bed and felt something poke him from under the blanket. Marco sat up and reached under the blanket, he bit back a giggle when he pulled out a princess Marco doll. He looked over at Tom who was playing with his yarn. “Tommy, what is this?” He asked. Tom looked up and began burning bright red when Marco held up the doll.

“NOTHING!” Tom screamed, jumping up and grabbing the doll. “It’s um… it’s um nothing.” Tom blushed deeper and he held the doll close to himself.

“It looks like a princess Marco doll.” Marco pointed out, putting his hands on his hips. Tom blushed deeper still and he held the doll in his hands, looking away. “Tommy, did you buy a doll of princess me?” Marco asked.

“I-I thought it would be cute and funny to have, maybe I’d tease you about it b-but… I just really liked to hold it and it made me feel less anxious and I know it’s stupid, but it’s like you’re here even when you aren’t.” Tom blabbered. Marco smiled and Tom began to burn up and fire circled his feet. “This is dumb and stupid right?” He asked.

Marco stood up to face the demon and gave him a kiss on the head. “No, it’s not dumb and stupid.” Marco promised. He looked at the doll Tom was holding and beamed. “It’s actually really cute, and I’m flattered. I’m glad it helped you calm down.” Marco told him. Tom smiled at Marco brightly and held the doll in his hands.

“Thanks Marco…” He mumbled. “I was worried you;d think it was weird. I just really like the comfort.” Tom blushed. Marco smiled and gave the demon a hug.

“I know you do, I do too. I don’t think it’s weird.” He beamed and gave him a kiss. “I would like to comfort too.” Marco assured. Tom stopped and thought for a moment, before resuming hugging Marco.


“Marco!” Tom called, stepping through a portal and into his boyfriend’s room. Marco looked up from his computer, he was sitting on his bed. Tom was holding something behind his back and he jumped down onto Marco’s bed and crawled next to him. “Marco! I got you something!” Tom cheered. Marco beamed.

“Tommy! That’s so sweet of you!” He gushed. Tom giggle and gave Marco a kiss.

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands.” Tom instructed. Marco laughed lightly and held his hands out, squeezing his eyes shut. He felt something soft and plush placed down in his hands. “Okay! Open your eyes!” Tom exclaimed. Marco did so and looked down at the gift Tom had put in his hands.

It was a rag doll made of purple felt with pink yarn hair. It had three red button eyes and was dressed in a red shirt with a star sloppily stitched in it. On its face a spiky-toothed grin was drawn, as well as marks around the eyes.

“Do you like it?” Tom asked. “It’s supposed to be me! I know I’m not a very good sewer but I tried really hard and was hoping you’d like it! Because I have the princess MArco doll that helps me, and maybe you’d like this.” Tom suggested. He seemed nervous about this gift, like it was unknown whether or not Marco would like it.

“Tom! This is amazing!” Marco cried. He actually had tears pooling in his eyes. Tom tilted his head, confused by the reaction. Marco hugged the doll close and sobbed. He then threw his arms around the real Tom. “It’s perfect! I love it and I love you!” He cried. Tom smiled a bit and pulled away just enough to kiss his human on the nose.

“You really like it?” He asked. Marco nodded and felt the doll’s yarn hair.

“I adore it!” Marco said with emphasis. “He’s not nearly as cute as the real you, but he’s a close second.” Marco joked. Tom laughed and smiled as Marco held the doll close cuddling it’s head. “I love it! Every time you’re away from me I’ll keep him close.” Marco promised. Tom grinned and scooped Marco up in a hug.

“I hope so.” He smiled. The two cuddled for a long while and Marco kept musing at the doll and stealing kisses from the demon.

“What did I do to deserve such a sweetie like you?” Marco asked, bopping the demon’s nose. Tom blushed at the pet-name and affectionate touch. He nuzzled Marco’s shirt and took in his scent, enjoying the closeness.

“I ask myself that same question, only about you.” Tom giggled. “You really are amazing. What other fifteen year olds have led a revolution?” Tom asked. Marco smirked proudly and shrugged, patting the demon’s head.

“I don’t know. But not everyone has the support of somebody like you.” Marco gushed. He then looked at Tom seriously and held his hands. “No matter what happens, I can always count on you to be there for me. I can always count on you to love me.” Marco explained. “Even if we get into a fight or spat… I never truly stop feeling amazing about you.” Marco explained. Tom mused and cuddled closer to the human.

“How could I ever, EVER, abandon such an amazing princess?” Tom asked. Marco blushed deeply and kissed Tom on the nose. Tom giggled. “I’m serious! How could I ever be crazy enough to leave you? You’re my everything, Marco.” Tom smiled and pressed his forehead to Marco’s. Marco smiled and closed his eyes after looking over at the doll Tom had made for him. He looked down and saw Tom had band-aids all over his hand, showing he had pricked and stabbed himself with the needle and sewing scissors many times while making this doll. Marco gushed and took his hands.

“Oh Tom.”

just the two of us (hogwarts au) part nine - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - i can’t apologise enough for how long this has taken me to write. i know you’re all expecting party, and i promise i will start on that as soon as i can. it’s much easier to write with somebody else, which is why mean queens chapters tend to get written in one day and submitted, however writing alone is hard and takes me much longer, so i’m sorry if you’re not enjoying mean queens and prefer my other fics. i really am sorry, recently it’s been tough to write through school work and my debilitating mental health, but we won’t get into that because it’s sad. all you need to know is that i feel awful and I'm very sorry i haven’t delivered this quickly. i hope you like it anyways <3

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When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother “What will I be? Will I be pretty?
”Will I be pretty? Will I be pretty? What comes next? Oh right, will I be rich which is almost pretty depending on where you shop. And the pretty question infects from conception passing blood and breath into cells. The word hangs from our mothers’ hearts in a shrill of fluorescent floodlight of worry.
“Will I be wanted? Worthy? Pretty? But puberty left me this funhouse mirror dry add: teeth set at science fiction angles, crooked nose, face donkey-long, and pox-marked where the hormones went finger-painting my poor mother.
“How could this happen? You’ll have porcelain skin as soon as we can see a dermatologist.” “You sucked your thumb. That’s why your teeth look like that! ” “You were hit in the face with a Frisbee when you were six, otherwise your nose would have been fine! ”
Don’t worry; we will get it all fixed she would say, grasping my face, twisting it this way and that as if it were a cabbage she might buy. But, this is not about her. Not her fault she, too, was raised to believe the greatest asset she could bestow upon her awkward little girl was a marketable appearance.
By sixteen I was pickled by ointments, medications, peroxides. Teeth corralled into steel prongs, laying in a hospital bed. Face packed with gauze, cushioning the brand new nose the surgeon had carved.
Belly gorged on two pints of my own blood I had swallowed under anesthesia, and every convulsive twist, like my body screaming at me from the inside out “What did you let them do to you? ”
All the while, this never ending chorus groaning on and on like the IV needle dripping liquid beauty into my blood.
“Will I be pretty? ” Will I be pretty like my mother, unwrapping the gift wrap to reveal the bouquet of daughter her $10,000 bought her? Pretty? Pretty.
And now I have not seen my own face in ten years. I have not seen my own face in ten years, but this is not about me! This is about the self-mutilating circus we have painted ourselves clowns in. About women who will prowl thirty stores in six malls to find the right cocktail dress, but haven’t a clue where to find fulfillment or how to wear joy, wandering through life shackled to a shopping bag, beneath those two pretty syllables.
This, this is about my own some-day daughter. When you approach me, already stung-stayed with insecurity, begging, “Mom, will I be pretty? Will I be pretty? , ” I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer no.
The word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be, and no child of mine will be contained in five letters. You will be pretty intelligent, pretty creative, pretty amazing, but you will never be merely “pretty.
—  katie makkai

;Want any piercings? [asked by @crowwoyzeck​ from this ask meme]

Nora: Oh, don’t even get Ren started.

Ren: I want to get my earlobes pierced, a few cartilage piercings, a nose stud, possibly an eyebrow piercing…

Pyrrha: Unfortunately, it’s notoriously difficult for Hunters to get piercings, because our Auras repel the needles.

Jaune: Right, so like, Weiss has her ears pierced… 

Ren: … but her parents had it done when she was a child, before her Aura manifested. 

Pyrrha: It can be done, but it’s really not a pleasant process. 

Nora: You basically have to get yourself beaten up first. 

Pyrrha: I’m perfectly content wearing clip-ons for the rest of my life, but I know that Nora– 

Nora: Yup, I want to get them pierced one day. 

Pyrrha: What about you, Jaune? Would you ever get a piercing?

Jaune: Actually, I used to have a piercing in one of my ears before it closed up.

Pyrrha: Really!

Jaune: Yeah. Not on purpose. One of my sisters thought it would be a great idea to play beauty school, so she wrestled me to the floor and stuck a needle in my ear, and then I kicked her in the shin so she couldn’t do the other one, and then it got infected and–

Ren: Wow. 

Jaune: Yeah, not a fun story. Great ice-breaker at parties, though. Makes everyone want to find something else to talk about as soon as humanly possible.

Falling Truth p1

Paring: Bucky x Reader (in the long run)

Characters: The avengers

TW: Torture, angst, blood, betrayal

A/n: My first serious!!! This is super angsty and dark, i love it. 

Your eyes flutter open to the feeling of a heavy fabric over your head. Everything was dark and you tried to move but you found your self being electrocuted if you moved the slightest. You screamed out for help, but your voice seemed to fail you after just a short call. You heard a door close and footsteps grow louder and louder. You screamed as you tried to move away from the noise. 

“Thats not going to help you” You heard a familiar voice say. You were picked up from the floor, your body stiffened as the electrical current flew through your body. Your hands were forced behind your back. Thick metal bound you wrists and you were shoved forward. You stumbled and struggled against the cuffs. You entered a bigger room, you could tell as your screams got more echoey. You were forced on your knees, then a blinding light filled your eyes. 

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//death of a bachelor

Unconsciousness was a tricky frame of mind. Ciel couldn’t tell if he dreamed it, or if he really had passed out somewhere, at some point. All he’s aware of now is that he feels like he may have died. If he did, it wouldn’t be anything to be upset about. He wouldn’t have to walk into that damned office another day. But the more he thinks about it, the more he experiences it as he sluggishly pulls through, is that he would rather wish death than to feel how he feels at that very moment. This is as close to being a corpse as he’s ever been, and he couldn’t pinpoint how to react, because he hadn’t the strength to.

His skin was cold as he felt goosebumps spread like a sheet of hail against his skin, eyes far too heavy to keep open for only a moment. A small breath inched past his lips that seemed to just return back into him. He sensed he was on oxygen, with the way his nose felt incredibly dry. Piece by piece, Ciel put together the clues, and when they created a picture, he was struck with devastation. He couldn’t tell at the moment if he was upset at himself for it, or upset at who decided to finally turn him in.

An older male’s voice spoke to him, a tone that was meant to be comforting and reassuring, yet he translated it as ‘you idiot, you damn near did yourself in, again’. In attempts to gather up the strength needed to open his eyes, he made progress when the bright lights of the emergency room pierced through the slits, blurs ever so slowly creating shapes that molded into faces. This older man, a doctor of sorts, probably would have rather wanted to shut his oxygen off. He knows he’s thinking what a screw up he is. Truth be told, he didn’t mean it this time. He was stressed, pressured…

And there she was. That bloody blonde at his other side. She was the entity that wouldn’t let the living rest. He expressed a sound close to a whimper, a way of saying he’s a victim of her witchcraft. “S-Sh-…She…m-made me…She made…me…” This was stupid, so stupid, he couldn’t even make himself clear. His words were sluggish, the effort to even speak one word pained his lungs as if he were breathing hot needles. But it was all true. She led him to a stress so great he had to double dose. She’s around every corner and he couldn’t stand her nose in his business. 

Oh god, what is she going to say for him? Is she going to rat him out? Did she call his father? The anxiety of knowing she can further ruin his life beyond what he’s never expected is more than enough to put him into hysterics. This wasn’t over. He won’t let her win.

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19: underwater kiss. Whiterose?

19. underwater kiss

“Ruby, I am not getting in that water.”

“Aw.” Ruby pouted, looking out over the lake. In her opinion, it was one of the best places to swim; the entire island she and Yang had grown up on had been full of lakes like this, and she’d been eager to share the experience with her girlfriend.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Weiss was a little less than willing to go along with her.

“Why not?” the younger girl asked. “Yang and I used to swim in the lakes all the time when we were kids.”

Weiss wrinkled her nose. “I don’t know where it’s been,” she said. “I don’t know what’s in it. It isn’t sanitary.”

“There’s only some fish…”

“My point exactly.”

“… Oh.” Ruby deflated like a balloon that had been poked with a needle. She knew that if she kept at it, she could eventually convince Weiss to get into the water regardless of what she thought; but then her girlfriend would be annoyed and frustrated, and that wasn’t what she wanted at all. She wanted Weiss to enjoy going into the lake. “Okay.”

Ice blue eyes shifted, softened, before Weiss gently took Ruby’s hands. “Is this really that important to you, Ruby?”

“Well.” Silver eyes shyly met her girlfriend’s, and Ruby smiled. “I wanted to share it with you, you know? Yang and I used to really like swimming here.”

“… Well then.” Weiss took a deep breath, squeezed her hands. “Let’s go. If you and Yang did it all the time, it can’t be as bad as I’m thinking.”

Ruby grinned, and with an excited whoop pulled Weiss into the water without any warning at all. The heiress yelped as she was suddenly submerged, thrashing for a moment to surface and take a breath before Ruby pulled her under again.

Okay. So. Her girlfriend was going to drown her, it seemed.

It really was a thought that should have bothered her, but under the water Ruby cupped her face and kissed her, and Weiss kissed her back, and for a moment she completely forgot about the water or needing to breathe.

Though, in the end, Ruby did pull her up from the water so they could both breathe, giggling and clinging to her as they floated in the water. “So,” she said. “Worth it?”

Weiss sighed deeply, but she was smiling when she kissed Ruby again. “Worth it.”

Shot - Alex x Reader


Alex X Reader- could you do a imagine where the reader is Alex’s girlfriend and a shooter is in the hospital and she ends up getting shot instead of Derek while trying to save him and she almost dies and can there be like emotional fluff when she wakes up and Karev is there?

A/N: This was such a good idea. I hope you like this.


You stood on the opposite side of the double doors, seeing Derek standing there with the gunman in front of him. On the other side were Cristina and Meredith. You couldn’t let him die, especially since he was about to be a father. Him and Meredith had been through so much already, not to mention he was also your friend. You pushed through the double doors and stood in front of Derek. “(Y/N), what are you doing? Get out of here.” Derek whispers quietly to you. “MOVE AWAY FROM HIM! HE KILLED MY WIFE!” The shooter yelled pointing the gun at Derek. “Mr. Clark,” you started to say as you put your hand out. “Your wife had a stroke and a major brain bleed. Dr. Shepherd isn’t responsible for anything. She was brain dead. The test showed it. You can’t shoot Dr. Shepherd. He has a long life ahead of him with his wife. I shouldn’t be saying this, but he has a kid on the way. How would you like it if your kid grew up without you? I know what happened to your wife, Alison, wasn’t fair. But Dr. Shepherd had nothing to do with her death. It was her time.” Your breathing and heart rate as you saw him standing there, contemplating wether to pull the trigger or not. He lowers the gun slightly. Alex stood by Cristina and Meredith, watching what was happening. “Come on man, if you pull the trigger, I lose the best thing to ever happen to me. You pull the trigger on Dr. Shepherd, his kid grows up without a father. Let them go! The cops will eventually get you.” Alex yells. You glance at him and mouth ‘i love you’ to him before turning back to Mr. Clark who had brought the gun back to where it was, aimed at your chest. You close your eyes and try to prepare yourself for the constant pain you were about to feel. You hear the gun cock, feel a tear run down your face before the gun went off. You fall back onto Derek, causing him to fall too. You’re still conscious surprisingly. The police enter the doors on the main floor, making Mr. Clark run away from you and everyone else. You apply pressure to the wound, which was gushing blood. Cristina, Meredith and Alex run to your side. Derek takes off his dress shirt, revealing the white t-shirt underneath. He moves your hand away from your gunshot and uses his shirt to help stop the bleeding. That’s when you blacked out.


You inhale deeply and slowly open your eyes. Alex was asleep on your arm which now had the pins and needles feeling. You use your free hand to stroke Alex’s head which slowly lifted up. His eyes opened, however you could see the dark bags under them. “Hey, I’m alive.’’ You whispered. Alex smiles at you before kissing your forehead. “Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you?” You wipe under your nose before replying to him. “The way he aimed the gun. I looked like it would’ve went through my heart. I thought once I blacked out, that I was done. How’s Mer and Derek?” Stress like this was not good for Meredith and her baby. “Derek is still shook up, I mean, we all are. Owen was shot. I went with Mer to make sure he was okay while Derek watched you and Cristina operated. She had a miscarriage.’’ You looked down at your IV and avoided eye contact with him. “It’s my fault.” You mumbled. “Hey, (Y/N),” Alex moved next to you in your hospital bed. “It wasn’t your fault. If Derek got shot, she would’ve lost the baby too. Trust me.” He pulled you closer to him. His hand travelled from the top of you hair to the bottom as he kissed the top of your head. “What happened to Mr. Clark?” You asked looking up at Alex. “He ended up going into the room where his wife was and shot himself.” Your eyes start to gather with tears. “We’re safe?’’ He nodded. “We’re safe.” He told you before he kissed you. “I’m always going to protect you (Y/N). I promise.” You snuggled into Alex’s chest before you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep. At least this time you knew you were safe and sound as long as you were with Alex.

The Good Kind of Pain | gilinsky imagine

bc a lot if people wanted piercer gilinsky


My grip tightened around my best friend Ava’s hand. She’d convinced me into getting something pierced tonight and we had just walked into the Tattoo parlor. It was just as terrifying as I had imagined; bald guys with head to toe tattoos and scary guys who looked like they had just escaped prison, drilling and sticking needles into people.

I started shaking walking up to.the main desk thing. The guy behind it looked much less intimidating than the others, a middle aged guy with only a few small tattoos on his arms. “How can I help you ladies tonight”? I was thinking on getting my nose pierced but I was still staring at all the people getting drilled into. “She really wants to get her nipples pierced”. That snapped me out of it. Before I could protest he was already talking to one of the big bald guys with a needle. If I said no now he would probably get offended and put me in a blender.

“Alright, all I need is an ID and you’re set. Sixty dollars for both”. Shit.

“You know, she just wanted to get her titties pierced so bad that we just ran down here and completely forgot to bring our IDs. Crazy right”? He just looked at her for a second and then at me for a little longer. “I know you’re not 18, kid. But if you really want this, and you have the money, I can let it slide this time”.

“Uhh…”. I was actually starting to want to get them pierced but I was a little bitch when it came to pain. Ava gave him a $100 and he gave me back two twenties. Then he lead me to the back part of the building. It was even colder than the extrance and there were about twenty rooms filled with supplies and needles and chairs and more bald guys. We finally stopped at the last door on the hall. “Go on. Jack’s ready for you”.

To my surprise, there was a tall young guy standing by the door. And the walls were a bright blue instead of black like every other room on the hall. “Y/N”? I nodded and sat in the piercing chair. It leaned back and kind of resembled the chair you’d sit in at the dentist. “You don’t look like the type we usually get for nipple piercings”. Even though I was nearly 17, I still had somewhat if a baby face and was only 5’3. “Surprised me too”.

He laughed a little and put on his gloves. If anyone was gonna stick a needle through my tits, I was glad that it was him. “Take off your shirt and we can get started”.
I only had on a daisy chain crop top and a bra so I took them off and threw them on the floor. He looked over my chest for a few seconds before grabbing something from his drawer. He took a clamper-thing and put it over my nipple. It was so tight and felt like someone was literally trying to bite it off. “I know it hurts, this is the worst part. Just breathe for me, okay”? I could only get out loud moans as he stuck the first needle in.


He smiled at me and ran his hand up and down the outside of my leg. I guess he was trying to draw the attention from my chest but it wasn’t working. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced. But I kind of liked it.

“See, it wasn’t that bad. Just breathe and you’ll be okay”. I closed my eyes and squeezed his arm waiting for the second one. Sure enough, it went through a few seconds later and hurt even more than the first one. Before I could even cry, Jack was rolling up the chair back to it’s normal sitting position.

“Don’t cry, you did so good”. I had to blink a few times to keep the tears away. “Does it look good”? He smiled and ran his thumbs under my new rings. “You look sexy. As a matter if fact, I think I might need that number, girl”. We both laughed and he told me everything I needed to know about taking care of them. No tight shirts for a week and no metal things near my chest bc they might get stuck them.

He gave me his phone and I put in my number under “Y/N is hot”. “I have to tell you though, I’m only sixteen”. He looked at the name I put in his phone and smiled. “I’m seventeen. The only reason I work here is because my dad owns the place”. Then he walked over to his drawer again and threw me a big “Gilinsky’s Ink House” t-shirt. I just threw it over my head and didnt even bother with a bra since my boobs still hurt.

“That’s really cool”. I jumped down from the chair and checked my phone.

New text from | Avaaaaa | 9:06 pm
Hurry up loser, it doesn’t take that long to get your tits stabbed

I couldnt help but laugh. “Thank you, text me when you get home, okay”? He gave me a hug being careful to not rub against my boobs. “Im gonna be here pretty late, ‘Y/N is hot’”. I smiled and looked up at him.

“I can wait”.


Sorry if the ending was really bad, I didn’t know what to. But I had that idea in my head for a while and I really needed to write it

selfishferret  asked:

3, 10, 13??

3. Three fears: I just answered in another ask in more detail but needles, death, and driving

10. Number of Tattoos/ Piercings:
I have 4 tattoos, one on my foot one on my inner arm one on my wrist and a thigh piece, I have my ears pierced but I never wear earrings and I had my nose pierced but it got infected while I was pregnant so I took it out and it closed

Edit: sorry I forgot 13. Something I really really want: I really really want to see TØP live I’ve never been to one of their shows 😭😭😭
The White Teddy

I’ve had a few full recovers of patients recently.  Full recovers take about a month each.  The animal keeps all its original fur and skin underneath, and new fur goes on top.  If their eyes or nose are ok, those still poke through.  Usually, people choose this when the patient is very bald, or it’s going to another generation.  But sometimes, they just miss the fuzziness, or are worried about long term stability and figure if they’re sending their beloved stuffed companion to the hospital for a bath, they might as well do everything at once.  That was pretty much the story with the white teddy.

Here is the initial email his person sent.  It was entitled: My Oldest Friend.  It might sound a little familiar to some of you. :-)

So my teddy bear is broken and I no longer know how to fix him.

Honestly, I never thought a stuffed animal hospital existed. You say that out loud to someone who doesn’t understand and it’s almost preposterous.
But here I am, 26 years old, crying because my 25 year and 3 month old friend is broken. He’s been through it all: my travels to Europe and the Caribbean, my move out of my parents house and eventually to a new city. He’s been torn several times because of the washer and dryer and had to endure my mother’s version of a hospital, more like a chop shop in retrospect, and become the very slobbery chew toy of an Ex’s American bulldog. I’ve sutured him as best as I could throughout the years, but it’s gotten to the point that if he sees one more needle he’ll just disintegrate.
What do I do? How do I fix him?
A bear that I no longer remember what he’s supposed to look like. He has a patch where his nose used to be. Or is that what his nose always looked like? What was once soft white fur (?) is now grey and rough in the places where there’s any of this fur left. He’s flimsy and I’m scared to cuddle with him. I’m freaking out at the idea of having to box him up and shelve him like a relic. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that.
So, in short, what do I do? Is it even possible to restore him? Will he be the same? Will he be recognizable? And how much will this much necessary fix cost me?
Please let me know as I am in dire need of my friend.

Now Teddy didn’t have lots of obvious wounds when he first arrived at the hospital.  He looked well hugged: flattened fur, a bit misshapen from hugs perhaps.  Here he is on arrival:

You could hear his person’s concerns though, and you can see the baldness and joint injuries.  So, he was in for a full treatment, spa and full recovering and nose restitching.

Here he is in the bubble bath at the start of his visit:

You can see his eyes cleaned nicely.  Next step restuffing him and judging plumpness before transplant fur.

And picking a new fur:

His person went for the thicker fur on the bottom of the photo.  Here he is starting his recovering:

His back is still open to adjust stuffing.  Here his head is done too (his eyes are still there, I promise!)

Next step, nose, and eye clearing. And he was ready to fly home:

The teddy made it home safely last week and his person sent a photo of her hugging him: It’s up on the happy patients board in the hospital.  She wrote:

Many, many thank you’s for all you’ve done; he hasn’t left my side since I got him. Definitely a forever friend.

“ACOWAR Epilogue : Safe Space”

It’s now been three years after the defeat of the King of Hybern. None of us thought we would make it this far, or be as happy as we are, but here we stand, backs straight, and smiles on our faces. 

After the war with the King of Hybern which destroyed major parts of all the Prythian courts, Rhysand teamed up with Tarquin and Helion, deciding once and for all, to get rid of the thing that haunted them all. Amarantha. 

They made Under the Mountain a safe space. Any Fae, from any court and any lineage, bastard-born or the heir to the throne, was welcome always and forever. It was there, no one had to worry about titles, or duties, or honor, or death and loss. They could let go, be free, and just be faes. 

At first, I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to go back to Under the Mountain. Every time I even thought about it, I still felt the pain of my spine cracking, and I relived those horrible tasks. Rhys understood each time I said next time. 

Though, when Cassian and Azriel had started a plan to rip out every rock that formed the mountain, he wasn’t as understanding. Eventually those three bats braced the darkness of the mountain together, and Mor only went with them when I was ready. 

Finally, I agreed. Mor winnowed us there and I paused as I looked up at the Mountain. Mor gripped my hand gently and she smiled, linking our fingers. “For a couple of useless males, they did an okay job”

Okay was the understatement of the year, and that was considering all the stupid understatements Cassian made daily. I grinned at the large courtyard that surrounded the mountain in seven sections. One for each court. Each section lead into one of the cave-hallways and I suppose they each then lead into Under the Mountain. 

“You ready?” Mor asked, guiding us down the Night Court courtyard. I nodded at fellow Night Court faes and they all bowed, their fingers brushing their brows.  It had taken me a while to stop bowing back, but with Cassian and Azriel both mocking me, and making horrid high pitched voices, I learned quickly. 

“I was re-born ready” Mor laughed and we both walked through the cave-walkway. Mor tugged on my hand and I knew she felt Azriel somewhere near by, probably lurking in the shadows as always. 

I sped up my stride and we finally entered the main throne room. I sucked in my breath and Mor swore gently. She rubbed her chin and shook her head, swearing once more. “Okay so maybe they did more than an okay job”

I snorted softly and shook my head. Fourteen thrones wrapped around the room in a circle. Gone was Amarantha’s throne, gone were her torture devices, gone was the Wyrm, gone were the spikes that almost killed Lucien, gone were the horrid memories. 

What replaced all that, was absolutely stunning. Symbols stood over the respective thrones, for the different courts. I looked for the falling stars and moon and finally found Rhysand’s throne. And mine. “Wait, fourteen thrones would mean-”

“Yes,” Tarquin said. He walked down from the Summer Court entrance way smiling. I grinned and walked over to him, smiling. He had a scar that ran across his face, just like we all had scars now. “I think Rhysand wanted to share the news with you, but we all came to a unanimous decision. In honor of you, Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court, and all the countless times you have saved us, the courts have agreed to have High Ladies” 

I grinned and hugged Tarquin tightly and Mor chuckled from behind us. I knew Tarquin was blushing without even having to look up, but I hugged him tighter. He rubbed my back a bit awkwardly and I laughed, pulling away. “Rhysand won’t hurt you”

“Well, he might” Azriel said. He stepped smoothly out of the shadows, wrapping his arms around Mor. I wriggled my eyebrows at him and Azriel squirmed uncomfortably for a moment. 

“Oh my gods” I fanned myself and I shook my head, clutching at my chest, “You’re displaying your affections? Publicly? Oh Azriel, the scandal you will cause. The whole of Prythian will be talking about this moment”

“Feyre,” Azriel growled, with a hint of a whine in his voice. Mor laughed and she kissed his cheek gently and suddenly they both disappeared within the shadows. I smiled and turned back to Tarquin, squeezing his hand. 

“And do you have a High Lady, Tarquin?” 

The young High Lord of the Summer Court blushed again. I nodded and tapped his chest gently, fixing his shirt. “Go get her, fishy” His blush spread as he quickly walked away, his white hair glowing. 

I shook my head and began to walk again, looking around. There were seven circular levels above the throne room, each most likely filled with chambers for each court. First was the Summer Court, then the Autumn Court, then the Winter Court, followed by the Day, Dawn, and finally Spring and Night. 

Of course the Night Court was at the top. I let my wings loose from my back and I shot into the sky, flying past the different courts. Fey waved at me and I waved back, smiling at the Prythians. It was like one big family now. We were all brought together because of Amarantha and the King. 

I landed on the Autumn Court level first. I walked down the hallways, fascinated with all the reds, browns, and golds. It felt warm, and fire places roared along the hallways. I continued to walk until I got to the High Lord and High Lady room. 

“Come in, Feyre” Lucien’s voice said just before I opened the door. I pushed it open and poked my head in, grinning at my brother-in-law and sister. Elain sat on the couch, her legs crossed under her. She read through some paperwork and Lucien was looking over her shoulder, knitting. 

I barked out a laugh and rushed in. Elain jumped up and Lucien grunted, rubbing his nose since Elain’s head had smacked it. I ran to my sister and we crashed together, Elain gripping me tightly. “Oh Feyre, you finally came. Isn’t it wonderful here?” Elain smiled up at me. 

“Yes, the sight of Lucien knitting while you deal with paperwork was definitely worth the trip” Lucien grumbled and he set down his knitting needles, slowly pulling at the brown and gold yarn before getting up. He walked over and hugged me gently, and I wrapped my arms around his back. 

“Are you alright, Lucien?” I asked, not for the first time. I looked up my friend, slowly brushing his red hair out of his eyes. Lucien gave a sad grin as I took in his other eye. 

“At least I match now. It was worth it, Feyre. Redemption and your forgiveness. I will never forgive myself for letting Tamlin do what he did to you. In this case, my screams and actions spoke louder than any words” I nodded mutely and hugged him again. Lucien smiled and he placed his hand on my head and the other one on Elain’s, brushing the tip of her ear. 

“I rather like it,” Elain said, walking back over to the couch. She sat down and grinned, uncapping a pen with her teeth, “It makes him look like the hottest High Lord in existence” Elain winked and a blush slowly crept up Lucien’s neck. 

“Hey, now” I said, wrapping my arm around my brother-in-law’s waist, “You forget what man I brought home first”

“Rhysand?” Elain asked, tilting her hand to the side. She shook her hand back in forth, and said, “So so. I mean I get the whole wingspan thing, but really, what else does he offer?”

I gasped and threw a couch pillow at Elain and she laughed. Lucien rolled his eyes and he walked back over to the couch, sitting behind Elain. He draped his arms around her neck and Elain brushed the two long scars over both his now mechanical eyes, before going back to the paper work. 

And Lucien picked up his knitting needles, smiling down at his wife. “I’ll leave you two alone” I waved goodbye, before closing their door behind me. I spread my wings once more and shot into the air, soaring past the Winter Court. 

As I flew past the Day Court, I waved down at Helion. He lifted his hand up in greeting, before turning to the chocolate-skinned female beside him. She wore a dress of gold, with a white crown on her head. I bowed my head to her and she bowed back, then I soared higher. 

Finally, I felt at home. My feet landed on the granite black floors, littered with patterns of stars. I smiled and walked down the hallways, that all curved into a large circle. I turned left, going deeper into the structure. I heard Cassian’s voice and I stopped short, hiding in a curve of the walls. 

“Come on, Ness” Cassian said. I looked past the wall and I saw Cassian boxing my sister in, pressing her against the wall. I held back my amused snort as Nesta stared up at him, an amused eyebrow raised. “Please,” He flicked her nose, “Please”, another flick, “Come on Nessie,” another flick finally had my sister kissing her Illyrian. 

Cassian grinned against her lips, holding her face in his hands. “That’s how you get an Acheron to kiss you, Feyre” He mumbled against Nesta’s lips, before pulling away. I walked into the hallway and I shook my head, hugging Cassian around the waist. 

“Rhys does it better, but I guess you can take third place”

“Third!” Cassian cried out. He wrapped one arm around my waist and the other around Nesta’s shoulders. He started walking down the hallways, his fully healed wings wrapping around us both. “Oh Lucien has nothing on me. Now, I can somehow admit defeat to my High Lord, but never to that fire-breather”

Nesta and I both laughed, hugging onto Cassian. He strutted down the halls, brushing Nesta’s hair, and her shoulder blades. “As of right now, I have two Archerons on my arms. I think I win” 

“One of them is my wife, Cassian” Rhys’s voice said from within the High Lord and High Lady room. I kissed Cassian’s cheek gently and raised my eyebrow at Nesta’s growl. My sister made a big deal of clearing her throat, but there was already a triumphant grin spreading across Cassian’s grin. 

He gripped my sister’s face and slammed her against the hallway wall quickly, holding her arms above her head. “Please”, Nesta whispered and I covered my ears and ducked into the room before they could continue. 

Rhysand grinned up at me, dramatically sprawled across the bed. I snorted and jumped on top of the bed, kissing him gently. He leaned up, resting his hand on my lower back. “Feyre Darling,” He purred, nipping at my ears, then down to my lips. 

“Rhysand…ugh, I still can’t come up with something” My husband laughed and he kissed me again, gripping the back of my head. His fingers tangled in my hair and I sighed, pulling away. 

“I want to show you something,” He whispered, standing up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out bed. I smiled and walked after him, the tips of our wings brushing. We both shuddered at the same time and grinned. 

Rhysand brought me out to the balcony and he lifted me up, setting me down on the railings. He wrapped his arms around my waist so I wouldn’t fall. I grinned, gripping the bannister and I stared out at the courtyards in front of us. The Night Court courtyard was occupied by a single night fae, sucking the face off a day court fae. I smiled and looked back at Rhysand. “You wanted to show me inter-court love?” 

“What?” Rhysand looked over the balcony and he groaned, “No, not that. Though, I approve of it. It was Tarquin’s idea to let everyone love whoever they wanted. I’ve never even thought our people could smile and be happy, with lesser faeries and from other courts at that” I smiled as he said our people. Not just the Inner Circle, but everyone from the Court of Dreams, no longer Nightmares. 

“I wanted to show you, this” He held my chin gently, and turned it to the left and up. I gasped as I watched the stars slowly fall out of the sky. They slowly disappeared over the horizon, only to come back again. 

“Rhysand, how” I whispered, watching the small Starfall he had created for his people. I looked back at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

“Well, I told you stars were spirits too. Some of them just wanted to be here. It’s not like I trapped them all in bags” Rhysand chuckled. I rolled my eyes and kissed him, as he pulled me off the railings, back into our bedroom. 

“Come, Feyre Darling, there is someone very tiny that wishes to see you” I gave him a perplexed look as he held my hand once again, walking us out of our room. He spread his wings and I followed in suit, and he lead us to the Spring Court level. 

“Rhysand, what do you have planned?” I asked, shaking my head. He pressed his finger to his lips and he walked down the halls, covered in flowers and waterfalls. I brushed my fingers against the cool water, smiling. 

Rhysand knocked on the door, and there was a light “Come in” and we both entered. Rhysand let my hand go and he bowed to the High Lady of the Spring Court. 

I squealed and ran at her and she laughed, hugging me back. I had met Belle before the war had officially started with the King. While I was still deceiving Tamlin. Belle grinned and she hugged me back, and I wasn’t sure which of us was going to fall first. “Oh gods, how is he?” I asked hurriedly, looking around for him. 

“He’s fine, Feyre, come on. He’s asked for you” Belle gripped my hand and she tugged me into one of the rooms. I screamed and pushed past Tamlin, staring down at the small blonde boy in his equally small bed. Tamlin went sprawling on the ground and he groaned, rubbing the back of his head. 

Belle laughed as I picked up my godson, rubbing his blonde head. He giggled and gripped onto my ears, tugging at them. I kissed his nose and smiled, rubbing our noses together. “Hi, Andras” I whispered, kissing his forehead. 

Andras giggled at his father, who was finally picking himself off the ground. He tugged at my ears again, smacking a kiss on my cheek. “Fay-raaaaahhhhh” 

“An-draaaasss” I copied him, sending the Heir of the Spring Court into a fit of giggles. Rhys chuckled from the doorway and Andras reached back, stroking my wings. 

“That’s enough,” Belle said, shaking her head. Tamlin smiled at me, before taking Andras. He sat back down in the bed, placing his son in his lap. Andras pouted and he gripped onto Tamlin’s shirt, willing tears into his eyes. 

“There you go,” Rhys egged him on until Andras was full on crying. I laughed and picked up my godson, holding him against my hip. The Heir immediately stopped crying and he grinned, singing “Fay-raaaaahhhhh” 

“Darling,” Rhysand purred and Andras nodded, mocking his godfather and purring, “Dar-winnggg”

Tamlin grinned from the bed and he placed his hand behind his head. Belle climbed into the bed with him and she rested against his side, and I watched as Tamlin nuzzled her blonde hair, kissing her temple. “There are children present” I covered Andras eyes as his parents kissed and he giggled, tugging at my hand. 

“Rice!” Andras screamed, reaching for his godfather. Tamlin barked out a laugh, tilting his head back. He brushed Belle’s hair again, still laughing his head off. “Rice, Rice, Rice! Gimme Rice!”

I laughed and handed Andras to Rhysand, who had a faked sour look on his face. “Rice? Andras, we’ve been over this. It’s Rees. Come on, buddy. Rees

“Rice And!” He cried out. Tamlin and I barked a laugh at the same time and our heads snapped, our eyes meeting. He gave me a sad smile and I nodded. In the end, his actions were just as loud as Lucien’s. He had been the one who had saved me from the King of Hybern, and together he and Rhysand had thrown the King into the Cauldron, after tearing him apart. 

“Rice And! Rice And! Rice Aaaaaaand” My precious godson sang. He swung his arms around, tilting his head back. His blonde eyelashes brushed against his chubby cheeks, his green eyes burning brightly. 

“Yes,” Rhysand sighed, “Rice And” He shook his head before kissing Andras’s forehead, then giving him back to Belle. Belle grinned down at her son, kissing his forehead and fingers, before setting him on Tamlin’s chest. 

“Rhys,” Tamlin said. Belle and I went quiet and Tamlin sat up, holding his son against his chest. Rhys paused and he held his hands tightly at his sides, then he released his fists. 

“She’d be happy for you, Tamlin” My husband’s voice slightly cracked. He ducked his head and I reached out, squeezing his hand. A while ago, Tamlin had spent hours and hours tearing down his father’s studies, and his private rooms looking for Chiara and Aidana’s wings. 

He had finally found them and brought them to us. Both him and Rhysand had shared a silent look, filled with the same pain. Rhysand told me after Tamlin left and after he had buried his sister and mother’s wings in his mother’s old seamstress house, that Chiara had been Tamlin’s mate. 

The idea shocked me at first, but I could see it. Tamlin at at least one hundred years old, training with Rhys by day, and running away with his sister by night. I could see it, Tamlin trying to impress her and getting slammed down on his backside by Cassian and Azriel, only for her to tend to his wounds by night. 

I could see her flying them around the mountains in the Night Court, and strangely I could see them racing through the Spring Court, and going for dips in Starfall pools. I could see their love story, a lot clearer than I had even pictured Tamlin and I’s. “You kind of look like her at first glance,” Rhys had explained. “She had much lighter hair though, and onyx eyes. But you have the same spirit and fiery passion and the same need to save everyone” I had looked up and I was shocked to find Azriel and Cassian silently crying. 

They had cried during the burial of the wings as well and when we all went back to Velaris, Cassian had screamed for hours while Nesta held him, rocking him back and forth. “Cassian was closer to her than I was, if you can believe it. She was madly in love with him for the longest time, but she finally accepted he loved her as a sister”. My heart had never hurt so much as it had that night. 

“You think?” Tamlin asked, snapping me back to the present. He brushed Belle’s hair with one hand and Andras’s hair with the other. He pursed his lips and looked at Belle. She nodded, kissing his forehead gently. “I’d love to name my daughter after her, if Belle is giving us a daughter” I screamed before Rhys could answer, causing both males to chuckle. 

“Of course. You stay happy, Tamlin. We’ll see you later?” Rhysand asked. He nodded at Tamlin and Tamlin nodded back. I smiled at them before taking Rhysand’s hand and walking out of the High Lord and High Lady room. The singing of “Fay-raaaahhhh” followed us until we were back in the throne room.

People started cheering as soon as we touched the ground. I laughed and let go of Rhysand’s hand as soon as the High Lady of the Dawn Court ran over, dragging me away. She had just married Zoran a few months ago, and she still had that honeymoon look in her eyes. 

“Chava, how are you?” I asked and she grinned at me, her light brown skin absolutely glowing. Definitely still in that honeymoon stage. Zoran was closely walking by us, his eyes narrowed. I took a step away from Chava and he loosed a small sigh. 

“Oh, that” Chava giggled and a dawn colored blush rushed across her face and it even traveled down her neck. I looked up and Zoran seemed memorized by his mate and his wife. “You see, we just mated last week”

“And you came here!” I shouted, then covered my mouth. Chava laughed and she nodded, fanning her face. “Oh Chava, you’re just asking for trouble”

“It’s neutral territory. A safe place, remember Feyre. No powers. I didn’t want to stay locked up in our chambers, no matter how exciting it got sometimes” We both wiggled our eyebrows at the same time and laughed. “Go dance” Chava suggested before she walked over to Zoran. 

I watched the High Lord look over his wife, swiping his fingers across her face, then brushing his hands down her neck, shoulders, hands, rubbing her waist and back, before smiling and pulling her against him. Chava smile and grabbed his hands and waist and they were the first ones to start dancing in the circle the thrones made. Chava’s laughter created the only music the Dawn Court needed, before they joined their High Lord and High Lady. 

I saw Tarquin, shuffling back and forth on his feet. I followed his gaze to a lesser faerie, with rounded ears. She was smiling and watching Zoran and Chava dance, her feet also bouncing. Her skin was incredibly dark and it set off her silver hair and grey eyes perfectly. Tarquin couldn’t be anymore obviously even if he were serenading her in front of everyone. 

I strutted over to him and dragged Tarquin on the floor. The smoothest High Lord of them all stumbled and crashed into me softly. The lesser faerie he had been watching hid her laugh in her cup. I gripped Tarquin’s hand and set it on my waist, “Feyre,” He gave a warning before I lead our dance. 

I spun us around the dancing Dawn Court, twirling faster than Tarquin could keep up. I grinned and kicked my feet, twisting my hips and bouncing around. I saw Rhys walking through the crowd, winking at me. 

I tossed my head back and laughed, bouncing more. I dragged us closer to the lesser faerie, before I spun around, knocking Tarquin into her. Tarquin gasped as his arms hooked around her body. I grinned, placing my face in a waiting Rhysand’s chest. 

He had also brought the lesser faerie closer and danced with her, if her silver blush was any indication. She stuttered and stared up at Tarquin, before smiling and fixing his blue jeweled and golden lined crown. “Tarquin” I hissed, giving him a pointed look. 

“Oh, uh, right” He mumbled. He shuffled on both feet again, before reaching his hand out. Good gods, his fingers were shaking. “C-Care to uh…bounce?” I smacked my palm against my forehead and the lesser faerie laughed. 

She grabbed Tarquin’s trembling hand and slowly walked them onto the floor. She spun around, pressing her back into his chest gently. He stilled, before wrapping his arms around her waist and they swayed together and Tarquin grinned back at me. “Oh he’s a piece of work,” But I was smiling as I watched him dance. 

The Summer Court watched them before hollering and joining in, dancing around their High Lord and his dance partner. The Day Court, lead by Helion and his wife, Merigold, followed the Summer Court next. The three courts slowly began to mix and mingle and Kallias grinned, giving pleading eyes to his wife. 

Her grey eyes remained cold, but a smile slowly formed on her face. Kallias grinned and he picked her up, spinning them around and they danced. The Winter Court began singing a soft song for them, dancing around them. 

Soon all the courts were dancing. Lucien and Elain lead the Autumn Court, and Rhys and I lead the Night Court. Dance partners were exchanged, faes dancing with other faes, and I saw Tamlin, Belle, and Andras dancing together as a little family. Andrew clapped off beat as he rested on his mother’s hips and Tamlin was smiling, holding his wife close, swaying with her.

I found myself gripping onto Mor’s hand and Rhys’s with the other and I grinned. Here we are, all of us. Rhysand, Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Nesta, and I. We danced in a circle, spinning and tangling wings, limbs, and feet. 

The male’s laughs boomed around us, creating a beat for our feet. Mor and I shared a look and we smiled sadly. Parts of us wished Amren was here, but she was back home now, with her people, where she belonged. 

Everyone began to jump up and down and I laughed, gripping onto Rhysand tightly. He smiled, placing his hands on my hips, spinning me around over and over. Soon Azriel caught me, spinning me over to Cassian. The General Commander kissed my ear before spinning me back to Rhys. They repeated this with Mor and Nesta, until we were all laughing and dizzy. 

Rhysand held onto me tightly, indicating he didn’t want to let me go again. He held my chin softly and kissed me, pulling me on my toes. “Is this everything you ever wished for, Feyre Darling?”

“That and more” I whispered back, slow dancing with my mate despite the fast pace of clapping hands, beating feet, and different voices. Rhys grinned and we danced the night away Under the Mountain, happier than we ever thought possible. 

The End

I really hope you guys loved reading this as much as I loved writing it. I made myself cry a few times, because it’s just so darn sweet and everyone is unbelievably happy. I’ve probably given you really high expectations for ACOWAR but I’m sorry! 

This was such a happy fluff piece to write and I love it. This is dedicated to, @miladyaelin and @hermajestymanon, but of course it’s for the entire fandom too!

Thanks for reading, share your thoughts via ask box.

Piercing story time!!!  First piercings! Lobe x2 (I was 3 months old - baby boy badass)  Second! Beside my first set of lobe piercings- I was 11 and graduating 6grade! Third! My nose piercing!! It was on my 13th birthday!  Fourth! My eyebrow piercing! Done the month after my 13th birthday (I still have it) 5: I got 2 upper cartilage piercings around xmas 2014 6) I started stretching my ears September 2015 7) I got my eyebrow re pierced after it closed, Christmas 2015 8) my ears are at 0gage. I got my nose piercing after my 13th birthday and I went to Atomik Tattoo in Quebec City. An actual piercing place that use hollow needles. It’s a little pricy depending where you live. There it was about $30, more expensive for me since I had a black hoop. Advice: don’t get black jewlery because it’s painted and WILL get infected. Mine did and I had it removed 3 weeks after being pierced.

When I last bleached my hair (two days ago).