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#18, brotp. Fives and Rex.

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

Captain Rex sat at his office desk on Coruscant, a broken-down communicator in front of him and two needle nose electric rods in his hands. Impossibly thin wires crisscrossed the tiny circuit board to make even an electrician mildly frustrated. And Rex was no electrician.

Fives walked in, helmet under his arm, just as another wrong touch of the poker shocked Rex through his gloves. He gave a short hiss and shook his hand free of pain.

“Here’s my report from my mission with the 311th,” Fives announced, smiling and plunking down a datapad onto the desktop. “Anytime they need an ARC for a special mission, I volunteer. Look– I even got a tan out there.” He tugged the neck of his undersuit down to reveal no visible color change on his skin.

Rex nodded stiffly, his eyes on the device in front of him. “That’s great. I’ll look it over when I have a moment.” His silence would’ve dismissed anyone else.

But Fives just stood there for the longest time before asking, “Adding slicing to your skillsets? We get those issued, y’know. Just ask for a new one.” 

“Modifying it. I plan on giving it to Ahsoka.” 

Fives froze. He heard all about Ahsoka’s arrest and trial from others in Torrent company as it all had taken place while he was off world, attached to a different brigade. And he’d come back to a commander-less 501st. 

“You know where she is?”

Rex’s jaw clenched. “Not exactly. But I plan on finding her.”


“I expect she’ll try to track down her lightsabers. I’ll start looking where she dropped them and go from there.”

Fives at least kept his laughter contained to a halfway-stifled chuckle. He’d already heard the account of the disasterous operation to capture Ahsoka– how it spanned sectors of Coruscant and landed more than a few soldiers in the infirmary. Fives didn’t know Commander Wolffe personally, but still noticed the man had a couple very new, very prominent facial bruises. 

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

“I didn’t invite you,” the captain said tersely.

“I volunteer for this special mission. You’ll need an ARC. I mean, last time I wasn’t here, you lost our second-in-command.” 

“How about an indefinite special mission as a Kamino janitor?” Rex grumbled, eyes dangerously narrow.

Fives cleared his throat. “Right.”

Despite Rex’s nonexistent plan, Fives tagged along to the industrial sector near the Republic base only for them to waste an hour walking in silence along giant, neverending pipes. Fives wasn’t sure if Rex was searching more for Ahsoka or for Ahsoka’s lightsaber the way his gaze tended to skid along the ground most of the time.

When they spent nearly as long at an old warehouse wandering its many levels, Fives finally gave in to his burning cynicism. “Rex, it’s late. If I were a teenager… which, technically, I am, I’d be out having fun.”

“Ahsoka’s a lot smarter than you, though.”

“Granted. But she loves clones. Personally, I’d stop in at someplace like the 79s. We could check it out, grab a drink, ask around…”

“Are you trying to use this plan to bar hop?” Rex finally broke from his terrain investigation to angle his visor in Fives’ direction. The weight of his displeased gaze was becoming a familiar feeling lately.

“If it just so happens that that’s how it works out, I’m not averse.”

The exhale venting from Rex’s helmet sounded almost feral. “Here’s the new plan: we split up; you go check wherever you suppose she’ll be, and I’ll continue with what I’m doing.”

Fives nodded stiffly. Rex’s temper seemed to grow shorter and shorter the longer he stayed on Coruscant. In fact, Fives couldn’t remember his humor being nonexistent like this since Umbara.

Fives left the captain in the dark warehouse and set out for a higher level where the neon lights congregated almost as densely as the people drawn to bright things. It was surprising to think that only fifteen minute prior he’d been one of two people searching a rundown building on a level that hadn’t seen the sun in centuries. 

Fives took to asking himself, “If I was Ahsoka, where would I be?” It didn’t help that the majority of shops and bars lining the way so appealed to him that they nearly sidetracked him at least twice.

One salon he passed catering to lekkued sentients, brightly advertising a discounted manicure with a lekku buff, made Fives smile. Two steps later, he fought against the flow of foot traffic to return and stare into the wide front windows. There at the counter, her back to him, was a Togruta with blue-and-white striped montrals. 

It couldn’t be that easy.

There was no karkin’ way. 

She turned toward the door and Fives’ jaw almost dropped to see that it was undeniably Ahsoka, wearing dark civilian clothes much more suited to the lower levels of Coruscant. She exited the shop without noticing him, slipping easily into the stream of people plodding along the walkway. Fives tore his helmet off and only with the second attempt at calling her name did he put enough force behind it to break through the din of thousands of sentients.

Ahsoka jolted when she saw him, and for a moment Fives wondered if she was about to escape. But she neared him, crying, “How did you find me?!”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he said with a shrug. He saw her trained gaze sweep their surroundings, the same way she had on countless missions with him when scanning for threats. 

“I can guess why you’re here, though,” she said. “Please don’t tell any of the guys you ran into me. I need some time for now; I’ll get in contact with Rex when I’m ready.” She fidgeted where she stood, glancing at her avenue of escape. 

Apparently no one was in the mood to talk to him today. “Take care of yourself, ‘Soka,” Fives said sincerely before the onset of a playful smile. “How about a kiss to send you off?”

He was already leaning down toward her level.

Ahsoka’s mouth twisted into a grin. “How about no?” She bid him goodbye and with just a couple of steps merged in with the perpetual crowds of Coruscant, leaving Fives with a dying smile.

Rex found Fives leaning on the bar at the 79s halfway through Fives’ second drink.

“What a surprise you’re here,” Rex said, plunking down his helmet and the modified communicator next to the ARC. “Did you look around at all?”

Fives smiled. “Hey, this was your plan. I’m an excellent investigator. I can’t help that no one I’ve asked has seen her.” He gestured to the the nearby patrons– mostly clones– who clearly hadn’t been sober in hours.

“Karkin’ ay. I’m ready to be off this kriffing planet,” Rex grumbled. He ordered himself a boring drink that came in a small glass and clinked it against Fives’ proffered tumbler. 

“You and me both, brother.”

• Its the second day of Matt Espinosa week! It’s technically the third but I went to sleep hella early yesterday, so I ended up not posting. The imagine will be posted today as well. This scenario was suggested by a lovely anon!❤️

I felt like shit. No, that was an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this shitty before. I had a huge headache, a sore throat, a stuffed nose, and a bad cough. “Matt!” I called out with a scratchy voice, instantly regretting it when it made my headache even worse. I had spent the night with Matt after our little date night which consisted of a movie and dinner, and I woke up feeling like this. I knew I should have got my flu shot when my mom took me to the doctor. I just fucking hate needles. “Yeah babe?” He asked while looking at his laptop screen which he was holding. “Matt. Look away from your fucking screen for five seconds to talk to me.” I snapped at him with my scratchy voice. I didn’t mean to snap at him, I knew he had to be editing his new YouTube video, but I just felt so horrible. “Alright, sorry babe.” He said as he closed his laptop then squatted down next to the bed so we were face to face. “I was wondering if you’d go to the store and get me some medicine and some soup. I feel like I got hit by a truck.” I said as I started into Matts beautiful brown eyes. “Of course, you wanna take some NyQuil while me and my dad go to the store?” He asked as he placed his hand on my forehead to feel how warm my forehead was. “Damn you’re burning up.” He breathed out, then got up and walked into the bathroom. I sat up on the bed, not even caring that my bun wasn’t even a a bun anymore. “Here take this, we’ll be back as soon as we can. But if we get unlucky and get stuck in traffic, you’ll at least get some sleep.” Matt said as he handed me a tiny cup with NyQuil in it, then placed a cup of water on the nightstand. I quickly downed the medicine then quickly drank nearly the whole cup of water to drown at the disgusting taste of the medicine. “We’ll be back soon.” Matt said as I laid back down in bed, then Matt pressed his lips to my forehead. “Love you baby girl.” He said sincerely, making me smile as I closed my eyes. “I love you too.”
“Babe, wake up.” I heard someone say as I got woken up out of my sleep. I slowly sat up and saw Matt standing beside the bed with a Walmart bag. “How long was I asleep?” I asked before yawning, feeling a little bit better than earlier, but still felt shitty. “An hour maybe, not that long.” He replied, then sat down on the bed. “My dad picked out the medicine since I didn’t know what to get, but I got you a few cans of that really good progresso chicken noodle soup, and since you’re gonna be in bed for a couple days I got you some magazines and that new book you wanted.” Matt explained as he pulled out the contents of the bag. I seriously have the best boyfriend ever. Words can’t explain how grateful I am for him. “Have I told you how much I love you?” I asked, making Matt smile. “Everyday.” He replied, and I know he wanted to kiss me, but he didn’t wanna get sick. And I didn’t want him to get sick either. “I’m gonna go make you a bowl of soup and bring you a water bottle for your medicine. You can use my laptop to watch Netflix if you want.” Matt said as he picked up the contents of the bag, then handed me his laptop. “Thank you for doing this for me Matt, I really appreciate it.” I said sincerely before he walked out of the room. “Anything for you baby.”

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! The imagine for today will be posted in about an hour, so look out for that! ❤️

Beavertown Double Chin (8.5% abv)

On Saturday 13th February London’s Beavertown held their 4th birthday party. Amongst the festivities a few special beers made an appearance, including this particular delight, brewed as a doubled up version of their own Neck Oil session IPA. And yeah I know that was a couple of weeks ago but “better late to the party than arriving with your pants on backwards”, as my grandma used to say. Except no she didn’t. Dunno why I said that. Her saying had something to do with ferrets and arseholes, maybe. Anyhoo…

I open that beautiful lookin’ can and pour, the potent tropical aroma blitzkrieging my hooter. The taste follows the nose, lightly floral, zesty, and hella tropical. ‘Tis a papaya, mango, lychee, dried apricot, and cantaloupe fruit salad of a brew garnished with grated lime, grass, pine needles, and a few dried flowers. There’s some biscuity, grainy malts in there but it’s unsurprisingly the hop’s show. It’s light-med bodied, well carbed, bone dry, bitter, with nary a trace of that alcohol to be found, and well, delicious.

A hearty congratulations to the beavery Londoners once again for this blinder of a brew, a gleefully unbalanced flavour bomb and entirely worthy of a birthday celebration beer. Also, in a strange quirk of fate, I’ve gone from missing out on it to having half a dozen of ‘em in the fridge. Awesome!