i had a midterm today that took my life


April 26 2017: How do you go to school/uni?

I live in the dorms at UCLA so I basically live at school lol, but I walk to classes. The walk is around 15-25 minutes to class depending on where it is, but it sucks I want to die walking to and from class because THE HILLS ARE SO PAINFUL like we don’t get rekt by the quarter system already

I had a long looogng day today. Took the life sciences midterm and I thought it was really easy but like, all of my friends were like omg it was so hard, so now I’m a little scared hahah…after that I had to finish lab work that my lab partner did not contribute to, and we finally met up around 10pm to work on it (I swear I did 99%) and we still didn’t finish. It’s actually 12:30am right now and I got texts from my lab partner talking about “edibles” (yes, you know, edibles, friends) and I’m pretty sure he meant to send the texts to someone else, but I’m damn sure he’s doing that and not the lab work. freck


rosesbabygirl  asked:

Can you do a shawn Mendes imagine were he's a Virgin and I'm not and he get embarrassed but I think it's cute???

I am so sorry this took forever to get to! I’ve had so much crap going on at school since my midterms are this week, but my mom let me stay home today so I get to goof off and write! Please don’t hate me too much

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