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Here’s me throwing a little appreciation to everyone who makes my time on this website for dumdums worthwhile! I wanted to do something a little different instead of just listing all my favs, so i’ve written just a little blurb to thank you for making me so happy <3 I hope you all manage to find your tag lol this got a bit long (might have to do a cheeky command+f heh) compliments / blurbs under the cut!!

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Hello, I don’t know where to start but, just thank you I guess??? I never thought I’d get to 100+, I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months or so now? Not my first time having an RP blog but the first time I made one & actually used it for more then a week, & honestly couldn’t have wished for anymore of a welcoming experiences. I’m glad my muse for Noct as well as my love lasted this long to even see me getting this many follows!! He is my tired son & is so fun & easy to write & I am happy that so many of you enjoy my portrayal. I didn’t think I would be noticed that much to be honest ‘cause of how many other Noctis’ there are. They are all just as amazing & great to be honest!!

Onto the people!! Of course gonna but under a read more ‘cause I have a few things I wanna say & might ramble on. But here we go~!!

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INTJ Relationships

By songs-and-types

These are my personal relationship experiences with some of the types that I’m closest to. I probably don’t speak for every INTJ, and as I’m not very typical for my type, I don’t imagine every person of the other type will interact that way with INTJs!

ISFJ- My best and oldest friend is an ISFJ, and we get along absurdly well. There doesn’t seem to be much compatibility with these types in theory, but I find that we complement each other really well. She’s very perceptive at reading people’s moods and understanding what’s best for them, whereas I can often discern people’s emotions or hidden meanings, but have trouble understanding them (but WHY?? It’s not rational!) I also love having random conversations with her; the clash of our Ne and Ni is something like swimming in a pond, where I’m diving forever deeper and she’s swimming forever wider. She’ll seize onto the most random word or hand gesture and use it to start an entirely new topic of conversation, and I’ll keep discussing the same thing for over an hour, coming back at it from multiple angles and getting more and more abstract. We bemuse each other and balance each other, but we’ve almost never fought.

ISTJ- This is my mom, and because our types are so similar, we have very little conflict. Both of us like things to be very organized, and neither one of us will be that upset if someone says something blunt or potentially offensive. We’re both private with our emotions, and this especially helped me during high school. Sometimes we will clash over Si and Se; my mom and I are both devout Anglophiles, but she (in my mind) sees this idealized country that doesn’t really exist, full of Beatrix Potter and Arthur Ransom and gaslit Victorian streets. The things I love about Britain are more tangible: hiking, theatre, classic rock music, etc. We may share an obsession, but we approach it from very different perspectives!

ESFJ- The thing I love about my ESFJ friend is how incredibly caring and compassionate she is. I’ve met some ESFJs who came across to me (introverted Fi user) as smothering or false, but my friend is never anything but helpful. She once encouraged me to open up about something negative I was dealing with at the time, and was an incredibly supportive, considerate listener. She never pried or seemed nosy, but by noticing my emotional state and asking caring questions, got me to talk about something that I had been bottling up for a while. One thing that ESFJs almost never seem to get credit for is their creativity, and my friend has it in spades. Being around her is a constant boost to my own creative process; she’s an artist and graphic designer, full of the craziest, most original Ne ideas, and I love listening to her ramble and seeing the cool, conceptual things she comes up with. My dad is also an ESFJ, and he’s constantly playing music or drawing.

ISTP- My ISTP cousin and I have a special bond built on years of ‘adventures’ together, at first in the woods behind our neighborhood and now in online gaming and board games. We both love to argue; it’s fun to see our different functions come out to play as I stick firmly to ‘the facts’ and he keeps circumventing them with some impossible logical contingency. When we were younger, he would dare me to do physical feats like climbing over fences and jumping out of trees, and I would order him around like a merciless dictator as I invented fantastical plots for our escapades. Looking back on it, I think I may have hurt his feelings with my bluntness more often than he let on, since his inferior Fe might not have shown it at the time. But we still get along great today; we’re both very sarcastic, a little insensitive to others, and prone to spending hours in our respective rooms playing fantasy board games.

INTP- There’s only one other intuitive in my close extended family, and of course we have no functions in common. This makes for interesting discussions at family gatherings, since we tend to gravitate towards each other for conversation but inevitably end up in an argument. He always wants to think of quirkier things, consider more possibilities, move on to another topic of conversation. Usually, I’m still hung up on whatever the original question was: ‘What do you  mean, let’s talk about thermodynamics, I’m still working on a great analysis of The Scarlet Letter here!’ It really doesn’t help that he’s an engineer and I’m an English major; we’re both unbelievable nerds, but in completely different fields. Overall, our relationship feels a lot like two people who should get along, but just can’t seem to find any common ground. I imagine this is largely based on our own individual interests and character traits, though, so not necessarily applicable to all INTJ/INTPs.

ENTP- ENTPs are a lot of fun, if completely exhausting! Being around the constant zaniness of an Ne-dom for any extended length of time leaves me feeling completely wrung out and exhausted, but in a wonderful way. You never know what my ENTP friend is going to do and say next, and this makes being around her endlessly fascinating. I can never carry on a conversation with her, partly because I can’t get a word in edgewise and partly because I can’t even follow half of it, but she’s so animated and so skilled at playing devil’s advocate that it’s really just like she’s having a conversation with herself. The thing that I value most about our friendship is probably how she encourages me to think outside the box and not be so serious all the time; I tend to discard things like green unicorns as the meaning of life as inherently ridiculous, but she can make me stop, reconsider, and acknowledge that just because they’re not ‘plausible’ or ‘profound’ doesn’t mean they can’t be valid answers to…something. Closure and reality are just not that important to her, and I admire that immensely.

INFJ- My INFJ friend and I initially bonded because of an immediate, rare feeling of understanding. She’s one of only two fellow Ni-doms with whom I’ve grown close, and it’s always wonderful to uncover new ways in which we think alike. For example, we recently found out that we both love to have ‘existential wallows,’ where we sit on our beds in a state of Ni abstraction and think epic thoughts. We’re both terrible at any and all forms of sports, and we both use art (she draws, I write) to express our ideas with symbolism and metaphor. Of course our main area of difference is Fe/Fi; she often comes across as an extrovert in social situations, because she’s taking the energy in the room and manipulating it so that everyone feels comfortable. It’s only in one-on-one situations that you see how she’s really much more focused on ideas and introspection, and on looking out at the world through her thoughts.

These are types with whom I have the closest relationships. Although I do know at least one person of every type, I don’t spend enough time around them to have as good a sense of how we get along and how our functions interact.


Thank you everyone for bringing me all the way to 3000 followers! Not bad for 10 months of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun on tumblr, and I felt like I’ve been overdue to make something to show a little appreciation to the blogs that I follow who have helped make my dash so enjoyable. So thank you to everyone I follow, and to all the artists and graphics makes and other bloggers who I don’t follow but whose work I still always love seeing! Thank you everyone for making the One Piece fandom here such a warm and incredible one!


aceuuu | arsmentae | artsycrapfromsai | beecharts | bonyonyo | bukibukibaby5 | captain-mais | clairedraws | dapbuns | deadlylimits | deer-head-xiris | dereshis | eecks | fflightningxiii | fleette | flock-o-fennecs | lorabird | milkmanner | mugibaras | paaprikaa | pastamachine | prinzart | rabiscosetal | robinsketchblog | rooster-kun | rspixart | sabaodypark | skullrat | spongeping | stitchfruit | stripesandteeth | tanktrunk | teeething | that-one-apple | trecomics | trelldraws | tutugui |♕ undeadseanbean ♕| violariku | vvisti | wan-pis | wanpisscomics | whisklash | yongi

Graphics Makers & More:

akagamis | anna-hiwatari | azumaneh | baltigo | chizuyus | dressrosas | fervorzealotsandtoys | frozenchameleon | fujitora | furanky | greatsenpai | kikokus | marincolosseo | oen-peice | onenakamapiece | onepiecezombie | sanjl | seikens | seisfleur | shiroyoh | strawhatcaps | tsrawhats | usoapp | we-are-nakama | weissofthecorax | what-the-fuck-is-one-piece | winterlanterns | wolf49 | zorosama

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art credit first of course. YEAH the long awaited follow forever i said i was going to do since the beginning of forever. i’ve swapped a lot of accounts and yet a lot of you fuckers have still stayed, and that’s just super dope. if a giveaway happens it’s going to be separate, but for now, this is what i wanted to roll out. i’m gonna start with the shout-outs to people who are cool and senpais and shit and throw the specific rants under a read more hERE WE GOOO.

SOME LOVELIES ( specifically people in ow or ocs with ow verses! ):

@wundertater // @acritas // @weighingsouls // @cheerslcve // @peacekept // @demonbounty // @tsuriaii // @gunborn // @inmysights // @flashbangrevolvcr // @virvitae // @cazadoric // @peilot // @formidulosus // @petitewidow // @dragonsealed // @godskinned // @obruor // @prctcct // @spiritkind // @riobeats // @pratisamya // @aoryu // @talonsbane // @ncthehero // @onedrawn // @dynamiting // @pcrdner // @desertbred // @strickenveteran // @aithreachas // @aaraigne // @honorbreak // @spaceape // @deathwalksamong // @fightswar // @bundesadler // @helixrocketed // @hellfirings // @pistolslang // @dog-of-war // @junkiac // @niyantran // @spookyninja // @suollac // @carvelight // @diiisplaced // @yuzaii // @kitaryu // @divinerest // @excelsicrr // @lxonessa // @niinjas // @infragain // @aoiiryuu // @pwnyou // @oberarzt // @lacklustern // @swiftstrik // @icebcund // @swiftbreak // @roadhcggin // @vaquerc

SOME OTHER LOVELIES ( of non ow fandoms!! ):

@judgmentcast // @heartfound // @blacksclerae // @oddarrovv // @demonkiiller // @humanwrath // @eaglehoe // @platiinvm // @perignotus // @caelumcxiv // @timewielder // @destinykey // @vurasphere // @humanitygained // @tbyq // @ficklemuse //  @bearerofstrengths // @legacycaptain // @necroarchy // @sarraqum // @kantod // @championborn // @breathinstardust // @buryingthebodies // @baliit // @divincdmercy // @thuashdore // @humanityshope // @stickybcmbs // @internaldrive 

What would this be without some amazing personal blogs who have been rad af:

@dadsimulator2016 // @halokyte // @denimgenie // @orbitutmost

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so, enjoy my fun graphic xD but, as 2016 comes to an end, i want to recognize some people. on a personal level, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me. i was accepted into my education program, i started in my education program, i made friends at school, i made friends at work, i started in a new job that i actually really like. while 2016 has had many ups and downs, it’s also been a great year for me in regards to rping. i’ve just passed my 1 year and 5 months mark on this blog – the longest i’ve ever had an account for. i’ve just passed 1,750 followers – the most followers i’ve ever had before. i’ve made some really great friends, i’ve had some really great plots, and i’ve developed better as a person myself. i want to thank everyone who has been there along the way, who has helped me become the person i am today because without you guys, i wouldn’t be that person at all. so, thank you to everyone. this is in no particular order ( actually, it’s in alphabetical order but shhhhh )

❄️ @aithreachas ❄️ @alfodir ❄️ @agirlingrey ❄️ @anxmalxnstincts ❄️ @bravelink ❄️ @benjenstcrk ❄️ @braverytaught ❄️ @cerseilionesslannister ❄️ @cellobowsandarrows ❄️ @dominusmontis ❄️ @davosshorthand ❄️ @dcvoidofcolor ❄️ @eldestshebear ❄️ @fadetogrey ❄️ @feastforthecrown ❄️ @gryffindorhead ❄️ @goldenngore ❄️ @godsiwasstrong ❄️ @georgerrrmartin ❄️ @herunfailingkindness ❄️ @honorwinning ❄️ @hraustr ❄️ @hangtherules ❄️ @ismiracle ❄️ @illegitimatesnow ❄️ @inspectcrjefe ❄️ @jestersmuses ❄️ @jedichosen ❄️ @kingofashcs ❄️ @krrakenprince ❄️ @klllerwithin ❄️ @littlewinterdove ❄️ @lordofelves ❄️ @lcrdcrow ❄️ @ledivdova ❄️ @ladyoftheneck ❄️ @lovelyladylysa ❄️ @maidofwinter ❄️ @mocthergrimes ❄️ @meleabra ❄️ @mithraiic ❄️ @nuiiruk ❄️ @nxrthernblood ❄️ @notatlas ❄️ @outlawiism ❄️ @oftarth ❄️ @officerdxddy ❄️ @onceporcelain ❄️ @ofironandbeauty ❄️ @pureironking ❄️ @padshiy ❄️ @predative ❄️ @podstye ❄️ @queenlymuses ❄️ @rhaegxr ❄️ @royalsadist ❄️ @raidstombs  ❄️  @starhaze ❄️ @symboltothenation ❄️ @showmaxter ❄️ @shieldarmed ❄️ @scarredhound❄️ @snarkofstark ❄️ @strongerthanchaos ❄️ @talentforlying ❄️ @torturedmemory ❄️ @thelittleqveen ❄️ @unseenmockingjay ❄️ @unscathcd ❄️ @valorslain ❄️ @verydoctory ❄️ @warhornofgondor ❄️ @worserthoughts ❄️ @worshipsonlydeath ❄️ @xaedificare ❄️ @xstrange ❄️  @yngwolfrobb ❄️ @zokliitsos ❄️

a few shoutouts bc these people are awesome. it ended up being beneath a cut bc it got really long. apologies xD

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I started making this follow forever at the start of the year when I had just hit 2k followers and now I’ve surpassed 5.2k. Which is really, super amazing. And I’m a lazy butt who really should have gotten around to thanking everyone a lot sooner. So here it is, my first follow forever.

Firstly, thank you to halfghxul for getting me into haikyuu in the first place. Without you there would be no haiwaizumi and I wouldn’t enjoy sports anime like I do. And to sakamchis for creating this graphic for me so i didn’t make something shitty on paint. Also for making me eat my words of “I’ll never reach 1,000 followers by the end of 2015” and not gloating too much when I ended up being really wrong. Both of you are awesome.

Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs that I am incredibly lucky to have found on this stupid website. (Please note that not all of these blogs post haikyuu) Mutuals are bolded.


| @akaashiofficial | @akahshi | @alcieart | @alicenakiri | @alisahhaiba | @anbiento | @assassin-kun | @asuunaa | @ayarambles | @badlyplanned | @basedkenma | @bevi-sama | @bokeiji | @bokuakakuroo | @bokkuroo | @butterflyofmadness | @cibee | @claramarla | @clopierz | @cowardpervert | @crossbelladonna | @daichisuga | @dickuroo | @ebizumi | @eicinic | @enncshita | @esseined | @fallencrows | @fantakoi | @flunflun | @futurelines | @haikyuucrows | @haikyuusetters | @haikyuustuff | @haikyuuvanguard | @hajimeaf | @hajimeiwaizumi | @hajimeiwaizvmi | @halfghxul | @hamaiasa | @hinata–shouyo | @hinata-shouyoooo​ | @httpshouyou | @hq-scans |


| @its-fristi | @iwaizumid | @k-a-r-o-1221 | @kahcchan | @kahgeyamas | @kageyllama | @kanekx | @karasunowings | @karma-alma | @karosuno | @keijae | @keiko-chan | @kenmai | @kiingjaeger | @kittlekrattle | @kuramoch1 | @kuroutetsurou | @kuroos-dick | @kusakkabe | @last-heroine | @leviarckerman | @mabuch-i | @makotozz | @mangakas | @milkybreads | @mushinkei | @nico-nico-nic | @nicolasis | @noranb | @officialtobio | @ohmilk | @ohohomos | @ohprcr | @oikq | @oikiwa | @pfeffersteak | @pyayaya | @radio-silents | @reiconcorps | @rubsomepinkinit | @rynezion |


| @sakamchis | @sasukeeuchiha | @sawapapa | @shiratorizawa | @snakeyhoho | @sodap6p | @sonschmarn | @suga-swan | @sugacchin | @sugaw4ra | @suggestivescribe | @suuzumes | @talk-to-the-fish | @takigawachrisyuu | @tanba-san | @tatsumiyaa | @teaberryleaf | @tiredyamayamakun | @tobimaru | @tobiohchan | @tooru | @tooruoikwa | @torrima | @tovbio | @tovru | @tsukis | @tsukiyamaa | @tsundrre | @ushjima | @vellaude | @viria | @wakaju | @wavervelvet | @whrilybird | @xhaikyuu | @yaboybokuto | @yaboykeiji | @yakumorrisuke | @yamagvchi | @yozoras | @zeino |



Truly, I appreciate y’all so much and thank you for the endless amount of love and support. ♥ It means the absolute world to me and I honestly wanted to add people whom I don’t follow into this post as well but due to me not having enough time to slowly go through my followers list, I have to cancel that idea for now. I am really sorry, cupcakes! Maybe the next FF. 。・゚(゚⊃;n;⊂゚)゚・。

Thank you for being the most amazing, sweet and genuine friends I could ever have. ♥I love you to the moon and back.

I probably will have to link this post to you in LINE considering how busy you are with work & school lately but Gaby, you’re probably one of the very few who knows me inside & out and I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a friend. You’re seriously like a sister to me and I just adore you so much!! You’re so talented, amazing, strong and just so… ♥︎♥︎ :’) Thank you for being the most sweetest & amazing best friend anyone could have! I love you tons and gambatte with whatever you’re currently doing!! I’ll be rooting for you! -uhgs-

 My best leogruel pal who can make Soryu cum just by laughing~♥︎ You’re a fantabulous friend and I truly hope you know that. I appreciate all our conversations and how we can just randomly message each other like, “OMG TOWEL BOY ETC ETC” or something like that ahaha! And let’s not forget sock Eisuke and Soryu too c; heheh I just love ya loads and thank you for putting up with my hyper & random $hizz. We needz to meet up soon again okay?! I MISS U SO MUCH!

The cup to my cake! My soulfriend 4lyfe. ♥︎ Your liveliness and positivity never cease to make me smile and I just wanna glomp you so bad ;v; I’m truly happy that you messaged me when you did because, well, if you didn’t, we honestly wouldn’t have met! And I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful being like yourself. Thank you for being one of the most wonderful bestie and for being such a cutiepie omf ;u; <3 Oh!! One more thing. I love, love, love our longass messages! XDD they always make me laugh or smile haha~ I love you tons, Vi Vi!

There’s never been a time where I wasn’t thankful or appreciative to have you as my friend & mentor. You’ve been so supportive, encouraging and patient with me and I seriously can’t thank you enough! Your words of advice has helped me a lot; be it with personal issues or other things. I truly admire how positive, humble and wise you are and I hope that one day I can be at least half as good as you are in writing. ♥︎Thank you for being such an amazing and sweet friend! It means the absolute world to me. c’: I love ya loads, Amy! #hugthugs4lyfe

 Ruee!~ My twin with the heart of gold and the mind of a pervy old man xD I know it’s only been a short while since we’ve known each other but I truly love chatting with you and making all these fantastic yet crazy ideas! you are so sweet & humble and such a lovely person. ♥︎ I’m no doubt thankful to be able to call you my good friend and we’ll 5ever be the Dirty Fangirl Duo! XD or pervy twin sisters LOL. I hope we’ll be friends for long time because, let’s be honest. Put our brains together and we can honestly create tons of epic shizzaz. ◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞♡⃛◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞ #dirtyfangirlduo5ever

Ken Senpai: Now, just because you’re the last does not mean you’re the least okay? xD Heheh even though you don’t have(Or rather, don’t use) your tumblr, I still wanna mention you here! Thank you for being such a patient, sweet and kind person~ It means a lot to me!! Thank you for also listening to me vent or ramble without getting weirded out by it lol I know I tend to talk a lil too much sometimes :’D I truly enjoy speaking to you and I seriously find it awesome how our conversations can get soo random too lolol!! But all in all, you’re amazing (and super disciplined omg) and I hope you know that!~! Big cat huggles & cuddles for Ken-samaaaaaaa!

You have been such fantabulous friends and I really hope we can get to know each other more and possibly fangirl about pixel men till we’re old ladies. ♥︎ (I honestly wanted to add all your lil notes here too but because I didn’t want to make y’all scroll too much, please check under the readmore instead <3)

duchessmimrose || o-taku-tome || chernenkxv || therandomgoddess || starredrose || cattiepon || youkas || lilysotome || kblackship || thetenacioustoastee || elli-dawn || akiyoshis || nanasharu
|| t-asuna2000 || lil-sweet-devil

 The ones who never fail to make me smile and feel all fuzzy with happiness. You guys are my Cupcakes. I love you. ♥︎ 

# - C
2d-is-better-than-3 || absolutelyabsolem || anithefail || adevilslovesong || aenimochi || airglas || alstroemerical || and-beastly ||
angel-helena || atsumu-kashiwabara || ayas-dream-world ||
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D - F
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G - I
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J - L
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M - O
|| melodramatic-wallflower || michirumichiie || mokomatsu || mirutsuki || mrszala || my-sweet-bodyguard-rp || myforgedweddingislife ||myfrozensanctuary || novetteus || nasica || nhiai93 || nia-nessa || nornura || oikawaas || otome-rebel || otomesass || otomegameslover || ohexouniverse || otaku-who-likes-pie || otome-musings ||otomecarnival || otomefeels || otomeinyourarms || otomekitty123 ||otomeloverforlife || otomemisadventures || otomepicfics || otomesuki ||otomesweetheart || otometracker409er

P - R
|| private-hiro || risamichan || reiiko || renetteichinomiya || riu-kakeishi || rorerai || rosysunset || rei–rei

S - U
sweetxxtjhin || seasonelle-jewel || spennakyoko || seoulmateswooner || sakura-diamond20 || sakuyaaa || sarielsisters || shiinakey || shootingstar613 ||sillyredqueen || skiddoes || smallfootstepsatatime || starvina || soulextinctor ||sparklypistachio || star192 ||  takutoschokingface || tamotome || that-one-awkward-fangirl || thatawkwardotomefan || thecuriousinquisitor || therrain || tamakirishima || thevoltageprincess || thevoltagequeen || takaakuma 

V - X
vivielledelweiss || vanev8 || voltageland ||  voltagegames || voltageotomeruinedmysociallife || weird-anime-girl || weabqueen || yubisensei || yuziyuzuchan || zaizenakiyoshi 


To the awesome peeps in the second section, please check under this readmore! <33

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♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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Livia Nelson lives and works in New York City. She is the founder of the popular creative writing Tumblr blog Yeah Write. In addition to her day job building websites, she likes writing, drawing, painting, knitting, petting street cats, drinking hot sauce, and goofing off. She is 5232 in line to the British throne.

Yeah Write can be found at: yeahwrite.co
Her writing and design can be found at: livianelson.com

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Four years ago today, somebody showed me a video of five puppies frolicking on a beach and unknowingly changed my life forever. During this time, I have felt nearly every range of emotion known to man, and I’ve also met some of the best, most important people in my life. Today, I would like to thank them. Some of these people I’ve known for years, others for months, and I care for you all the same. Thank you for sticking with me all this time, I love you more than you can imagine!

Adriana // @stilinski - Adriana you are truly one of the most wild people I follow. You’re so kind and always freaking hilarious and I can’t imagine ever not following you. Thanks for always being kind and wonderful and wildly entertaining. You are truly amazing and I love you lots!!!

Alex // @mittmurdock - ALEX!!!!!. Honestly, thank god for Hannah introducing us, because I don’t know what I would do without you. You’re always so fun to talk to, even if we haven’t talked in a while. You’re so sweet and nice and just a wonderful person all around. I love you lots and I’m so glad to have met you. Thank you for always being around for me when I need you!

Ameet // @fellforgold - AMEET. WOW. WOOOOOW. There are few people in my life I value you more than you. I cannot think of anyone more encouraging and amazing and genuinely sweet and wonderful. Thank you for always being around to talk and always making sure I’m okay. You’re such a bright spot in my day, and it always puts a smile to my face whenever you text me or tweet me. I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to explain how important you are to me and I’m genuinely so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Thank you thank you thank you for simply being you.

Amelia // @ameliaproblems - AMELIA WE HAVEN’T TALKED IN LIKE TEN YEARS AND I MISS YOUUU. And even then I love you so much. I feel like it’s always so easy to just pick up a conversation with you and I’m so lucky to have someone as amazing and talented like you in my life. You bring some much needed diversity to my dash and when we do talk, I never leave the conversation with anything but a smile on my face. I’m very lucky to have met you and I would never trade that for that world.

Asia // @liamwayne - Asia, there are few people in this fandom I’ve been following as long as you, and honstly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for sticking around and just being awesome and kind for the past however many years we’ve known each other. I’m so happy to have someone like you in my life!!

Ellen // @lillourry - Ellen I love you loads!!! You are such a talented writer and so sweet to boot. You’re such a joy to talk to always and take the most killer selfies. Every day I feel lucky to know you and seeing your tweets and posts really brighten my day. I’m honestly lucky to have you in my life and I value our friendship so much. 

Fatima // @paynevans - Can you believe we started talking because I said it’s never too soon to call someone trash and you immediately went and called me trash LIKE. I’m so glad to have you in my life, though. You’re so genuine and wonderful and I love the way you don’t take people’s shit and are always ready to fight for Liam. It’s truly been wonderful getting to know you better this past year and I’ve loved every second of it. I love you very much!!!

Fer // @liamkent - FERRRRR. We truly have been following each other for soooo long and I love you so much. You’re so sweet and nice and I cannot imagine a world where we don’t know each other and talk to each other. I love talking to you about fic or just how much we love the boys or just anything at all, really. Thank you so much for sticking around all these years and for always being such a positive, wonderful force in my life. I can’t begin to explain how much you mean to me.

Hela // @hrhpatroclus - HELAAAAAA. I COULD HONESTLY SCREAM FOREVER ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME. You’ve become such an important person to me. Thank you for being so kind and wonderful and just one of the best people in this fandom in general. I look up to you and who you are as a person and a writer and I just love you so, so much. I have met some truly wonderful people in this fandom, and few of them come close to you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Husky // @foundfamilyvevo - HUSKY I CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. You are genuinely one of the most wonderful people I have met through this fandom. You’re always so fun to talk to, and you’re so cute and nice and sweet to everyone. You’re amazingly talented and inspiring. I love how easy it is for us to talk about anything, and I’ve missed our Skype conversations, tbh. Thank you for always being a wonderful beta and just an amazing person all around. I’m so, so lucky to have you in my life.

Izzy // @soofyahn - IZZY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I honestly don’t tell you enough how much I care about you. You’re so talented and wonderful and kind and just EVERYTHING. I love talking to you on Whatsapp and twitter and seeing your selfies always makes me so happy. Thank you for being sooo encouraging of my work and always willing to take a look at things for me. Your comments are always some of the sweetest I get, and talking to you always leaves such a smile on my face. I feel so lucky to have met you and I’m so happy about how close we’ve gotten this past year. I don’t know what I would do without. Thank you so much for being my friend, honestly. 

Jamie // @autoniamaton - Jamie, honestly, if I could favorite every one of your tweets, I really probably would. You’re such a kind soul and wonderful genuine. I appreciate your love of Niall and Liam and ot4 and how you’re always around to encourage me to write fic or just talk about wonderful ships or kill me with your tweets. It’s been such a joy getting to know you and I can’t imagine my dash or tl without you now. I love you very much!!

Katy // @justawordshaker - Katy you are an absolute delight!!!! You are so sweet and nice and genuine and honestly, the NOUIS group chat is one of the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet at the listening party, but I sincerely hope we get to meet up soon. Thank you for being you!!

Maggie // @lovedyouless - There are few authors I admire more in this fandom than I admire you, Maggie!!! You are honestly sooooooo talented and on top of that just one of the sweetest, kindest people in this fandom. You’re genuinely such a nice person and I love how you’re always available and ready to talk about anything. You’re probably the driving force behind my recently acquired lirry love, and let’s face it, that in itself is amazing. I’m soooo lucky to have you in my life and to consider you a friend. I can’t thank you enough just for being you, but THANK YOU. I love you lots!!

Maya // @chastityandperversity - Maya you are so sweet and kind and inspiringly beautiful. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you this past year and I genuinely treasure all the moments we’ve shared in our group chat. You are so wonderful and I love you a whole lot. Thank you for being so wonderful always!!!

Minnie // @jadethirstwall - Minnie, I honestly feel like I’ve been following you forever, and I can’t imagine my dash or TL without you at this point. You bring some MUCH NEEDED Little Mix into my life and I’m sooo grateful for that alone. But on top of that you’re always so nice and fun to talk to and I genuinely enjoy having you in my life. Thanks for always being around!! Love you lots!!!!

Nicole // @outofcases - NICOLE I COULD HONESTLY NOVELS ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT YOU’VE BECOME TO ME. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been only talking a few months now, because it’s hard to imagine my life without you. Thank you so much for always being so bright and encouraging. I love how you’re always available to talk fic and your fic ideas are always so inspiring. I admire your talent and creativity, and I’m very sorry that sometimes all I have to say to your brilliant ideas is “omg”. I truly can’t believe we went so long without talking. You are the most wonderful and I love you sooo much. Thank you for everything you’ve done the past few months.

TC // @multishippinfool - TC, you have honestly become one of my best friends in this fandom. You’re so kind and honest and wonderful. Thank you for being so talented and encouraging and just an amazing person all around. I love talking to you every day and you’re such a bright spot in this fandom sometimes because you’re so level-headed and calm and collected. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. I love that you’re always around to talk to and thank you for always being the best cheerleader and beta. You’re seriously one of my favorite people I’ve met through this fandom and I’m so lucky to have you in my life!!

Sammi // @paynekink - Sammi, you have honestly become so important to me. I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but thank you so much for being around to talk during the beginning of this year when things were difficult for all of us. You’re so amazingly kind and sweet and easy to share my opinions with. Your love for Liam is inspiring, just as you are in general as a person. I’m so lucky to have met you and I value our friendship deeply. I love you so much!!

Saralyn // @apicturesqueplace - Sara, you are genuinely such a bright and wonderful person. I feel so, soooo lucky to know you and have you in my life. Talking to you is always so fun and your selfies never fail to make me smile. I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to know you this past year and I love you a lot more than I can explain. Thank you for being in my life!!!

Sasha // @bigbrotherlouis - SASHAAA. You are honestly the sweetest. I love how encouraging and positive you always are. I can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel to have met you. You are truly a bright spot in my day and I’m so happy about this newly formed ….narry groupchat because let’s be real, we all know great things will come from it. You’re an angel and never change.

Val // @yziam - You’re another one I’ve been following for just about forever. I can’t imagine coming on my dash or TL and not seeing you on there, even if your interests have shifted elsewhere these days. You’re so nice and funny and sweet and I’m so glad to have met you and become your friend!!!! Thank you for always being around and I love you lots!!

Zaf // @thesecondwarm - Honestly, do I even need to make a post for you??? You’re already very well aware that I love you and that you mean the world and more to me. Thank you for being my best friend and my favorite person in the universe (other than Niall and maybe Michael). I’m glad we’re going through this hell of a fandom together, even though it took you months to finally get here and left me alone during that time to cry on my own. But you’re here now and you’ll always be in my life whether I want you there or not. I love you sooooooo much that I could probably write novels about it but, y’know, who has time for that? ANYWAY YOU’RE MY FAVE. BYE.

Some other wonderful mutuals I love and appreciate and wish I could talk about all day!!!

@1dgi @alwayseven @backbackforward @becomewords @broken-drums @caerulea-aquila @corvusreges @cumsziam @curlymohawkliam @drownedindeniall @easycomfort @engagedjesy @fallenforpayne @frannkocean @givemethatpaynis @harrysniall @henleyliam @jmcats @justaddspooks @lafaerie @leedsmebacktoyou @liammix @liamnlouiss @liamtrash @mademoizayn @midnight-tidings @mohawkpayne @narpilepsy @newmexicana @ollyxander @papacitopayno @pegcartr @rubdown @saintskidds @sexgodliam @sgtjamesrogers @shivermeniall @sonyeondanc @spareourworld @stuckystarnes @thebarbershopquartet @tommo21guns @umhi-im-alexis @vanessamary @wearecities @zayncangetsome @zenamored @zlpayne

Some non-mutuals I love and appreciate all the same!!!!

@1dgaf @cactiall @coffeeandniall @horanpayne @fannyann @fyonedirection @itshoran @jamesniall @literallyfuckeveryone @moondoggiestyle @niallscuddly @nialljustgotwet @nihora @pointlessdonothing @psycholinguistic @sashayed @storanfit @theroadverytravelled @valencing

danielle hit 1,000 followers!

I can’t believe there are now over a thousand of you following me. I haven’t had this account that long - since June, I think - and it’s been a wild ride over the last few months. You’ve laughed with me, you’ve cried with me, and you’ve squealed over Stydia with me. I can without a doubt say I have the best followers ever. I love every single one of you and I’m so, so glad so many of you are interested in the things I post. I have no idea why those things interest you, but I’m thankful for you anyway. c; This is my second ever follow forever, so I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing, but let’s go for it anyway! ALSO, thank you so much to dewittwrites for my amazing Stydia follow forever graphic! I really appreciate it! 

i don't know where i'd be without you

the following people are my best friends. my squad, the loves of my life, the ones who get me through the hard times. i’m going to be sappy as hell and write each of you a little letter, which can be found under the cut below. this thing would be seven million pages long if i left them up, so accept this for now and find your message under the cut!

1989rph / dandelionwrites || princessclarke-writes || grinchwrites || stanwrites || bilbowrites || derekroleplays || brenna1x1

i would apologize for making you cry, but... nah.

I don’t know how I landed so many incredible rp partners, but I did. Every last one of you is phenomenal. Your replies leave me laughing, crying, and squealing over feels. Whether our plots is angsty or cute, full of love or hate, we have a good time. Thank you for writing with me and for being patient when I have writer’s block. You guys rock. [Listed in no particular order! I think I missed one or two, but that’s because you changed your URL and/or you don’t follow my 1x1s on a main account, so I couldn’t find you! I’m so sorry!] 

1989rph || princessclarke-writes || grinchwrites || stanwrites || bilbowrites || derekroleplays || brenna1x1 || hudrosewrites || sammyandstilesrps || adelaidekanerps || clairetalks || 1x1nshit || rchardsgansey || mariesrps || falaheewrites || couragerps || ninaplots || lostboyrps || onanunrelatednote || bumblebeewrites || copperrps || kimmwrites

you light up my dash like nobody else~

Now, on to the guys and gals who brighten up my dash with every single post! I follow some of the most awesome people, y'all. These are just a few of the incredible individuals who I really enjoy talking to, squealing over Styda with, and/or just reblogging their amazing and inspiring posts! [Listed in no particular order! I’ve bolded those who are especially important to me c: I am so, sincerely sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. I follow a lot of people and you guys change your URLs so often that I can’t keep up! I love every single one of you so much and again I’m so so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone.]

dylanstilinskirp || rad1x1s || saraof1x1 || rachelblairy || december1x1 || crystalreedwrites || reindeer1x1s || obrienwritcs || izzierps || narniawrites || dewittwrites || greenarrowrps || clewrps || kris1x1 || glamour1x1 || tuli1x1 || fairytaledanchor || charaerps || veronicamarsrps || kaley1x1 || diana1x1s || lea-rps || queenprattwrites || primrosewrites || queenbwrites || winterscube2 || pothead-plothead || wonderlandrps || troutyrps || issaofrp || idiotarps || olsenwrites || overstreetwrites || pmbrlys || swiftofrph || swiftroleplays || deathbytomlinson || durmstrangwrites || dovewrites || frittyrps || gaysrph || gustinrps || glader1x1 || gabeofrp || hanniballs || hollandsofrp || hotciderirwin || jfcirwin || jessicaparkersroleplays || lushwrites || littledovewrites || mandyrph || markyrph || jensenrps || newromanticsofrp || marzofrps || maggotrps || elizabethbennetrps || connorvvallsh || koalofrp || veronicasawyer-rps || rejectsrph || rejects1x1 || zeuswrites || lukehemmings1x1 || ashley1x1s || xfayewrites || casey1x1 || fitzroleplays || buckybwrites || hudsonrps || ella1x1 || bronnywrites || brita1x1 || brooklynofrph || kaylasrp || oliviasrps || hailsbailsrps || rhiatalks || pey-rps || hennigwrites || nymphadorawrites || swearwolfewrites || kaysirps || roden1x1s || chelseaofrps || aubreyplaza1x1 || sarriall1x1s || jordannerps || caceerps || bellamyblakiism

aaand shoutout to my 1,000th follower!


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