i had a lot of fun messing around i guess

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When you explained Alt 2D in an old ask - 2D had brain damage and was considered "thick" by most of his peers. ...I'm ruining the fun aren't I

I guess it’s all a matter of of perception because Gorillaz Official does change the story /background of the characters and lore a lot.

He could have gotten brain damage when he had felt out of the tree.
Or he could’ve been fine and 2D might’ve just been not very bright as a child (but he grew up to be very intelligent cause he has a law degree now? Idk)

I just always figured he wasn’t really messed up until Murdoc came around 😭

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really weirdly phrased question but do you ever think that the way you draw fayple will sort of change over time? like she'll become her own form the way garnet in su is in current eps vs the look she had in the answer?

I drew her the other day actually! 

Although this isn’t a final design, I was just messing around since Finch and Maple’s designs have changed a bit

She isn’t really a dedicated character, just something we did for fun so I guess she doesn’t develop a lot O: she just changes as Finch and Maple’s designs change.