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The Invisible Cord Ch. 7

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November 2011
The Green Creek Motel
Right outside of Washington D.C.

As I wait in the parking lot a sudden fear comes over me. I remember my abduction and begin to panic a bit.
All the email said was that they had information on my children and gave me an address.
It’s been an hour that I’ve been sitting here waiting and with every passing minute I grow tenser.
After an eternity a car followed closely by an SUV enter the parking lot. I feel for my gun. Not long after my abduction I bought it and have kept it near ever since.
A man exits the car and looks right at me and nods.
I carefully get out of my car, holding my gun in my coat pocket.
He looks in the window of the car and gives another nod.
A door opens and a girl and boy get out. They look at me for some time. I know who they are on instinct. They are my babies. The ones who were stolen from me, thought to be dead. Here they are standing in front of me.
It feels like I’m moving through molasses as I cross to them. They stand side by side and look at me. My daughter looks me right in the eyes with curiosity. In the girl’s face I see myself as a teenager, her bright, wide, almond shaped eyes and narrow face take me back to a more innocent time.
My boy’s eyes dart around and he shuffles his feet. He is the spitting image of his father and it breaks my heart for a moment. He has the thick eyebrows and high cheekbones that an eighteen year old me fell in love with. The one thing of mine he does have are my eyes. When they finally meet mine they are serious but tender.
We just stand there looking at each other for the longest time. Finally I reach out and put a hand on each of their cheeks. I barely make contact before my girl throws herself into my arms and buries her face in my neck. I cradle the back of her head and cup my son’s cheek. The moment I do I’m overtaken my emotions of all kinds.
Fear, sadness, joy, confusion, anxiety, almost anything you can name.
Finally it all zeros in on love and he joins his sister in the hug.
For the first time in sixteen years my life feels full.

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Sent this picture to my mom asking what the fuck was happening and why I had thighs all of a sudden and she replied “it’s muscle.” To which I replied “Are you sure? Because it looks a lot more like an entire bag of hostess chocolate donettes…”

ED recovery is a long road, and while I do know that that’s muscle from having been healthy working out, sizeable weight gain still freaks me out, even when I know it’s good and my partner tells me it’s beautiful. So don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re slipping back, you’re just getting ready to launch forward. 💯

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mac and Charlie pre the Reynolds. Like, all they had was each other. I bet Mac was very protective of Charlie- and Charlie was accepting of it. He didn’t make fun of Mac for his ocular pat downs, in fact, he still doesn’t. Before Dee and Dennis came along, neither of them had anyone to impress. They just cared about each other. Then, all of a sudden these competitive, destructive rich kids were hanging out with them and they felt the pressure.

Take Charlie’s scene in The Gang Misses the Boat when he tells Dee he only bullies her because he feels pressure from the guys. I think it’s the same dynamic with Mac and Charlie. Mac obviously wants to impress Dennis/get his attention, so he makes fun of Charlie. Charlie wants the same from Mac, so he gives it back and goes after Dee. (You could argue that Dennis is root of all of it.)

But in CharMac team up episodes (Mac and Charlie Die, Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare, Chardee Macdennis ect.) Charlie and Mac aren’t at each others throats. There’s a much more genuine, tender care for one another. 

So I think about them as kids, or in high school before they met the Reynolds. They spent their days throwing rocks at trains, avoiding their shitting parents, wrestling, and just taking care of each other. And I love the gang’s dynamic as a whole. I love CharDee MacDennis, possibly more than is healthy. But I can’t help but wonder where Mac and Charlie would be if they’d never met Dee and Dennis. Probably just living in a shitty apartment, maybe owning the bar, maybe not, and still taking care of each other. 

I have a theory or I guess headcanon technically that a lot of the things Erik does aren’t planned.

Take for example, the mirror scene. I don’t think Erik planned on leading Christine to his home that night- it’s too on the spot. He doesn’t even let her change, and I feel like if Erik had planned on taking Christine to his home that he would have planned out a much more “mysterious and sensual” kind of thing.

But the reason he takes her down is because Raoul. All of a sudden there’s a threat, a major wrench in his plan. I think Erik panics, and that’s why he makes the quick decision that Christine must come down with him that very second.

And then another example is his proposal on stage. I think that whole thing is planned, but what wasn’t was Christine unmasking him in front of the entire audience. I don’t think Erik was counting on her saying yes for sure, maybe he was, but I know he wasn’t expecting his face to be gaped at by a packed audience.

And I think he has an awful moment then. All the terrified, disgusted faces staring at him probably sends him into a horrible panic. We know Erik has a troubled past, and we know he was displayed at a freak show, consensual or not depends on the version. Even if he did willingly let people pay to stare at his face, I’m sure he didn’t love it and probably feels ashamed when he thinks about it.

So now he’s on stage, pleading with Christine to marry him, and his mask is off for all the world to see. I think this is what makes him snap and what leads to Christine being kidnapped from the stage. Because Erik literally panics and tries to escape from the people staring.

Not an excuse for his actions of course. Erik doesn’t get a get out of jail free card just because of his awful past, but I think it’s interesting to consider why people do the things they do. Just an observation and idea of mine.


request: “Part 2 to INTRUDER please please please” + “I honestly really liked ‘intruder’, the plot and writing was very natural!! Please write part 2💖💖💖💖” — by anon

a/n: my intruder imagine is one of my personal favorites and i am quite pleased that a lot of people are loving it as well lol. hope you guys like this part two because i certainly do! (p.s. sorry for the sudden shift from second point of view to third. i just feel like i write the best in third person so)


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Draco Malfoy had indeed kept his promise that when Y/N woke up the next day, she was all alone inside the room, Daphne Greengrass’ bed tidy and showed no sign that a boy had been sleeping there the night before. In fact, Y/N contemplated whether she had dreamt the whole scenario or did it truly happen, but judging from the small smiles Draco would send her way every time their paths would cross, she was certain that it was all real and not just a pigment of her imagination.

Now today — today was Christmas officially. It’s been exactly a week since their interaction and Draco hasn’t forgotten it one bit, though thanks to his sudden attraction to the girl, he had a hard time trying to gain the courage and talk to her. Not to mention the fact that Pansy was now obviously mad about his disappearance on the night she confessed that she was already in love with him (Draco running away due to shock which led him to Y/N’s room), he knew it wasn’t wise to get cozy with another girl or else Pansy will no doubt include Y/N in her anger and bitterness.

That was why all he could do now was stare at Y/N as she eats alone in her own space for breakfast, pancakes that were shaped like gingerbread men on her plate while she casually read a book from under the table, Draco realizing that she was still doing school related work even if it was supposed to be 'the most wonderful time of the year’.

Surely, one conversation wouldn’t hurt, would it? Draco thought to himself as he absentmindedly drank from his coffee cup — but since he wasn’t paying attention to himself, he stupidly poured the coffee all over his clothes and with a rather loud hiss, he stood up, wiping it with the tissues that were provided on the table.

When he looked back at Y/N’s spot, she was just leaving, gathering her things before walking towards the exit of the Great Hall, making him curse under his breath for another missed opportunity.

“He knows I hate hot pink.” muttered Y/N distastefully to herself as she opens her gifts from inside her room, sitting on the floor cross-legged while holding out a pair of mittens that definitely wasn’t going to be worn by her because of its ridiculous color. It was given to her by her brother who liked to mess with her a lot, sending off gifts that he knew she wouldn’t fancy.

Sighing, Y/N brought it down and moved on to another gift from one of her friends when she abruptly hear three loud knocks from her door. With a raise of her eyebrows, she stood up and went straight for it, twisting the door knob to open and was surprised when she came face to face with Draco Malfoy.

She smiled. “Draco, not running away from Pansy again, I hope?”

“No, not this time fortunately.” chuckled the platinum-haired boy, his hands behind his back.

“Then what brings you here?” asked Y/N.

Draco’s ears turned pink like the last time and slowly brought his hands out, a box in his possession that had a red wrapper with a green ribbon tied around it, the colors of Christmas itself.

“Just a token of thanks. I never really got to show you how grateful I was after that night.” he explained when he saw her puzzled expression.

“Oh, Draco.” Y/N frowned. “You didn’t have to. Now I feel guilty because I didn’t bother to buy you a present.”

He shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I didn’t spend much on it, anyway.” he handed it over to her. “Please, take it, it would be your present to me if you did.” smiled Draco.

“Absolutely not.” said Y/N. “Um, why don’t we go inside? I think I can give you something after all.”

“Inside?” repeated Draco, his eyes wide.

She realized how her sentence sounded. “Wait, no! It’s not like that it’s just that —” she stopped herself. “Really, I’m not going to do anything rash or scandalous or whatever you’re thinking.”

Draco was trying to hide a laugh. “I wasn’t thinking anything.” he lied, following her then inside and closing the door behind him.

Y/N placed his gift for her on the edge of her bed while she crouched down on the floor where he saw a bunch of tattered wrappers and opened boxes were lying around. There also seemed to be three presents that were still not opened, and Y/N picked one of them before standing up and walking towards Draco.

“My Grandma’s very very very special homemade brownies. She always gives me some every Christmas because it’s simply the best and quite rare since her secret ingredient takes over a year to harvest and December’s always the month it grows.” beamed Y/N. “Here, you can have it. I can always have them next year.” Though when she gave it to him, there was longing in her voice and hesitation.

“Er — are you sure?” asked Draco.

Y/N nodded. “Positive.” she grinned. “But I must warn you, after you’ve taken a bite of those brownies, you’ll never appreciate the next ones you’ll ever eat except if it’s from Grandma.”

“I think I’ll be willing to take the risk.” laughed Draco.

There was a moment of silence for the both of them, just standing in the middle of the room with no words being said. Finally, Draco cleared his throat.

“I should probably go.” he slowly walked backwards. “Uh — thank you again. I hope you’ll like my present by the way. Let me know what you think.”

Y/N marched forward. “Sure will. Keep me posted on those brownies too, okay?”

Draco chuckled. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” he got out of the room. “Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

“Merry Christmas, Draco.” replied Y/N, closing the door then and almost immediately running towards her bed to get the gift Draco had given to her. Her face was a deep shade of red because of flattery and she was all flustered as she rips the box wrappers apart in hope to see what he bought already.

And as she reveals the present, all she could do was widen her eyes because Draco was lying when he said that he didn’t spend much on her gift, for it was obvious that the way the bracelet inside the blue velvet box shimmered and had diamonds on it, that it was damn expensive — but it wasn’t the only reason why she was staring at it in awe.

Among the other jewels that hung on the silver chain, a sapphire moon stood out the most. Y/N blushed yet again as she stares at it, knowing that the ornament was a symbol of their first time getting to really know each other. So as she wears it on her left wrist, she could only think of the night she truly saw Draco for who he was, hoping that she’ll get the chance to know him even more.

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What do you think of Mary's look of realization when Cas said "the things we shared, that changes me."

My first instinct was to cackle to myself, not going to lie :P 

Cas does seem to turn to look at Dean for that whole announcement, and Mary does seem to then look wonderingly around at Dean about it all… For the sake of fan fic, signal boost the crap out of her look here because that’s the Moment. :P

Wait I was going to try and come up with the serious answer but I just remembered the Winchester Gospels meta I wrote a long time ago which concluded that if you only had Chuck’s books to go on, you basically had no choice but to accept that Dean and Cas were banging because of Cas becoming human-er over season 5… And… Cas has been getting steadily more and more human since season 9 when he last tried to be an angel…

There is only one explanation for why Cas has changed.

No, but seriously, I guess that amount of wonder is worth it because she’s the newest character to grapple with the concept of angels by MILES and she BELIEVED in them, and Cas as she’s experienced him has been a bit of a mess but he’s been THEIR hot mess, and this part of the speech isn’t really for her at all, she’s witnessing the history Cas has with them, the awe that she can’t even imagine how old he is but he says the best part of his life was with them… Whatever she knows about Dean and Cas (and I’d bet a very bare bones version of the story at BEST would be on offer, and more likely Cas as weird incidental references except for random moments where he becomes totally central to their story because Dean is so WEIRD about talking about him, and, well, Mary and Sam don’t talk >.>) I don’t think Mary really got the enormity of it even with him hanging out and helping? In a way it’s just because it was too much information to absorb - welcome to the future we have an angel helping us with everything - does she even know it’s weird to them too? Or at least, she’s walked into the middle of their drama? I don’t think until 12x03 she even realised Cas HAD drama and her own was too much to really let it sink in about Cas saying he didn’t feel he belonged… Somewhere along the way he’s gone from “Castiel” to “Cas” and she’s getting a better grasp on him, but this is still a LOT to hear. And DEAN. Did all this. to an ANGEL. 


Which makes you want to believe in Destiel from the complete other end of this because she SEES how huge this is all of a sudden, and WE know how much of that history is Dean and Cas, and their very, very personal, romantic drama…

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First kiss+solangelo amybe?

YUSSS!! Lol this turned like a lot more angsty than it needed to be i am very sorry I have a problem with angst okay someone pls stop me before I make myself die of the feels XD

As a doctor, WIll always had to remain calm. No matter what came through that door. It didn’t matter if it was a minor cold, or blood was gushing out from their side, the campers of Camp Half-Blood could always trust him to be cool and collected, the eye of the tornado.

But, alas, there are times when even the best of the best crumble away.

All of it was so sudden. Really, no one knew it was happening, except Nico di Angelo. Nobody expected him to come when he did. One moment Will was just sitting on his bed, reading some book called Carry On that Annabeth recommended to him, the next he was looking up as someone appeared out of nowhere, causing him to jump a foot in the air. He looked up to see a familiar pale face. 

“Gods Nico I thought I told you not to do that anymore,” Will says with a laugh, standing up. Nico looks like he wants to say something, and he tries to, but he’s interrupted as he falls against Will, unconscious. Will gasps, reaching his arms around him to support him. 

“Nico?” he says worriedly, his breathing starting to speed up. That’s when he notices Nico’s hands pressed firmly to his side, both of them coated in a thick layer of wet blood. 

“NO. No no no no no!!” he cries. A few of his siblings rush into the room to see what the commotion was about, and immediately stop. Will looks up at them, tears glimmering in his eyes. 

“We have to get him to the infirmary. We have to save him.” Nobody told Will that it was probably too late as they helped him with Nico’s lifeless body, taking him to the infirmary as quickly as they could. None of them mentioned that it was almost impossible for someone to lose this much blood as they opened the doors, causing campers to hoard around them. And they did not mention how cold Nico’s skin was as Will ordered everyone away that wasn’t a doctor. 

“I need stitches,” Will tells one of the Apollo kids that rushed to their aid as soon as the door bursted open.

“And bandages. Lots of bandages.” Another person nods, heading off. 

They set Nico down and the campers arrive with stitches, bandages, nectar, and ambrosia. Another camper removed Nico’s hands from his side. That was when his world came crashing down. That’s when, for the first time, the campers saw Will cry. 

“I-I-I can’t–” he says, his hands shaking. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright Will. We got this one.” They all knew Will and Nico where friends. In fact, they where almost inseparable. Some even wondered if their bond went deeper than friendship. Either way, they never left each other’s side. They where the sun and moon. Always. 

So, for the first time in forever, Will left the room, the thought of blood spilling onto the pristine white sheets making his stomach twist painfully as he gazed at Nico’s chalky while face in his mind’s eye, cold and unmoving. 

Nico isn’t going to die, he told himself as he clutched his head in his hands. Nico won’t die. He’s a fighter, he’s always been. He’s probably been through worse. Your siblings will save him. They always do. But, no matter what he told himself, he kept thinking about what would happen if his heart stopped, bringing the sun down with it. The world would stop spinning and there would be a hole in his heart, bigger than anything he’s ever experienced. He never even told Nico he loved him, and that would be the worst part of this whole situation. He would regret it till the day he died.

By the time his sister came out it could’ve been an hour or five, Will still wouldn’t have known.

“He’s stable. For now,” she says solemnly. Will nods his head. 

“I want to see him.”

“I’m not sure if that’s–”

“I’m going to go see him,” Will says firmly, ending the conversation. He stands up, brushing imaginary dust off his jeans in an attempt to keep his heart from racing a thousand miles an hour. It doesn’t work.

The hallway seems to grow longer than ever now. Every step seems to ring in his ears like a drum. Thump. Thump. Thump. He doesn’t know what he’s going to see when he walks up to Nico’s room, but it’s not going to be good. 

The door creaks open like something out of a horror movie. The air around Nico smells and feels like death, and that’s when Will realises that the ghosts have gathered around him, mourning.

The other doctors cut off his shirt, which is now deposited in a trash can, stained permanently with blood. His side looks like an animal attacked him, all of it marked with bright red scratches that go in every direction. It must’ve been a monster or something. 

Will then looked up at his face. It was paler than normal and his eyes were closed, but it didn’t look like he was sleeping. It was something more grotesque than that. It was someone’s awful version of sleep, something that showed more pain than peace. The worse part was always waiting for them to wake up. Even if it wasn’t someone Will got along with too well, because people where counting on him to save them, but the truth is, when you get to this point, there was nothing much you could do. You just had to wait by and hope that the gods think their life is worth saving. 

The machine beside him was beeping steadily. Good. There wasn’t anything to worry about. Not yet. Nico would be fine. He was always fine. Even when he had to get seven stitches in his head when a minotaur had a little too much fun with him. Even after he shadow traveled all the way from Greece. Even when he almost got his arm chopped off. He was constantly fighting battles, whether they where with inner demons, or the demons demigods faced everyday, and each time he was okay. Always okay. 

Will did something that he’s done to countless of patients as he stayed by their bedside late at night, hoping he wouldn’t fail someone else. He started to talk. He always hoped that his words would reach them, and that it would help them resurface. But this time, his voice came out choked up.

“Nico I… You can’t die on me, okay? You’re my friend, you’ve always been. Even when you tried to push me away, I still wanted to be with you. I know you try to be something dark, something that people want to stay away from, but to me you where the stars in the night sky. You where the moon guiding my way home. You where the brightest thing in my sky. Always. I need you, Nico. I–” Will can’t continue because tears are starting to stream down his face and weak sobs are escaping his throat. He presses his forehead against the scratchy sheets. 

“Gods I can’t do this. I can’t–” he groans and sits up. He grabs Nico’s lifeless hand, squeezing.

“Please keep fighting. For me?” Nico doesn’t answer. Will pulls up a chair so he can stay by his side. He grabs Nico’s hand again. 

“I’ll be right here. Always.” 

Will was woken up by the monitor beeping. At first it didn’t really worry him, but then he realised that something about it was off. He bolted awake to hear it beeping warningly and seeing others rushing in. Oh gods no no no no no.

“Is he breathing?” someone says. 

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

“Check his pulse.”

“It’s faint but it’s still there. We need to get him an oxygen tank asap. Someone try to get him breathing at least a little bit,” a girl with frizzy black hair nods her head, pressing her hands to Nico’s chest, giving him CPR. 

Then, oh gods, no. There’s one final, long beat, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dead silence. The room is suddenly a lot colder as the ghosts form again, crowding around Nico, their eyes sad. Tears stream down Will’s face as he forces himself right by Nico’s side, pressing his fingers to his stone cold face. He presses his face to Nico’s chest as the other’s quietly slip out and the ghosts disappear, letting him mourn in peace. 

“Nico…. You can’t die on me. Why did you die on me….” he starts to shake with grief. 

“Nico after everything you’ve been through…. it’s not fair for you to die. Not like this. Not after–” he pauses, deciding to choose his next words carefully. 

“Look. I wish I could’ve told you this when you where….. but oh gods Nico, I love you. I love you so much you can’t even begin to understand. I’ve always loved you, Nico. I wish you knew. Maybe…. maybe it could’ve ended different.” He puts both of his hands on Nico’s still cheeks. He wish he could see a smile crack on them. He wishes he could see blushes spread across them and he wishes he could’ve wiped curls out of his eyes as they gazed at each other. But now…. now…..

Will leans forward, his face inches from Nico’s.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and I guess you’re not around to care,” he whispers, then he presses his lips to Nico’s cold ones. Softly. Gingerly. Then, to his surprise, he felt them move underneath his. For a moment, he wonders if he’s imagining it, if he wants it to happen, but then hands cup the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Will pulls away and looks at Nico, who’s brown eyes are wide open, his face full of innocent wonder. 

“That was my first kiss,” he whispers, sounding excited, and pretty shocked. 

“What the fri–” Will’s heart is beating faster than ever. Nico looks over at him, cocking his head. 

“Why are your cheeks wet?” Nico asks. Will lets out a cry of joy and wraps his arms around Nico, burring his face in his neck. Nico yelps.

“Oh right. The stitches. Nico how–”

“How what?”

“How are you alive?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You where dead, Nico. I heard your heart stop.”

“Well it’s working fine now….” he trails off, thinking for a second. Then–

“DAD!” he roars. The god Hades vaporises in front of them. 

“Okay look I had to. You know I’m a sucker for love stories,” Hades says, putting his hands up defensively. Nico crosses his arms and rolls his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean you can just raise people from the dead.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“I just did.” Nico opens his mouth to say something, but then Hades disappears. Will shakes his head, chuckling. 

“I love your dad.”


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Shabby Sandcastles Pt 2; C.H.

A/N: Due to popular demanded, I’ve given this part 2 a go. Happy reading.

“Y/n! Y/n wait!” She stops in her tracks, but doesn’t turn around at the sound of my voice. I wouldn’t blame her. She doesn’t speak, just stands there completely motionless, waiting for me to do something. “I’m sorry.” I mutter, probably not completely genuine if you ask me, but all the well, I meant it.

“I saw that yeah. I haven’t done anything wrong to you so in what right mind makes you think you can treat me in such a way?” Her voice is strained, but full of emotion - anger, maybe even hatred, towards me. I can’t come up with something proper to give her as an answer and decide to just stay quiet.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” She speaks louder this time and I can feel my cheeks heating when a few people down the corridor turn their heads. “Y/n, I’m sorry it’s just…” I trail off. She won’t be too happy with me when I just tell her she isn’t cool enough for me, because she most definitely is.

“Just what? You’ve got a reputation to uphold?” She cocks an eyebrow at me and a devious grin makes its way into her lips while she stares at me. I can feel the guilt and shame become apparent on my features and I think it fuels her anger she’s storing - just for me. “You don’t understand. Luke and - well you know - I can’t go back to how it was before Y/n. I just can’t.”

“Then I guess you can’t talk to me, right? Let’s end it now then and get it over with.” She huffs and turns on her heel again, ready to stalk away from me. “Y/n babe come on, wait.” I speak a bit louder while my fingers curl around her wrist. The death glare I receive speaks a thousand words, but I do not release my hold.

“Why didn’t you text me back?” I mumble, eyes cast towards the floor when I feel her pulling cease and let go of her wrist. I cross my arms over my chest, something defensive about it, when she slowly shakes her head at me. “We still aren’t completely housed in, Calum. I’ve been working on our new home for almost two weeks alongside my parents to get it a little bit more home-y. If I did get a chance to look at my phone I wouldn’t be awake long enough for a full text message.”

I don’t respond because somehow I knew she wasn’t like the other girls and wouldn’t keep me hanging on some thin line while talking to ten other males. She wasn’t like that. “So I’m sorry that I may have hurt your feelings, Calum. But sometimes life doesn’t go easy on you, it’s not like I want to be here.”

“I was enthralled when I saw you on the courtyard this morning.” I lazily smile, hoping to pull a small smile - any smile would suffice - from her lips. I fail.

“I didn’t notice any of that when you just blatantly ignored me two minutes ago.” If her words would be poisonous, I would’ve given up by now and accepted my faith. But I’m not giving up this easily.

“Let me take you out. I could show you around, and I can make it up to you. It’s a win-win for you.” I take both of her hands and feel more and more people stopping to stare, ignoring their conversations and focusing solely on ours. “And what’s in it for you?”

“I get to hang out with this awesome friend I made during the summer. And who knows.” I throw her a wink and I see the hint of a smile appear but she decides to scoff. “No and who knows Calum. I’m not someone who lets people walk all over her without consequences.” She smiles up at me and I feel my chest warm up - the same feeling I have felt all summer while I was around her.

“Tonight?” I ask hopefully while I let her hands go, taking a step back. “Can’t. Have to help my mom with the basement.”

I can feel my heart drop into my shoes that she might blow me off every single suggestion I make. “But how about this weekend? I’m free Friday night.” She chuckles when she sees the humongous grin that probably will remain for the rest of the day.

“I’ll make time. I’ll see you then?” I grin taking a few steps back towards the doorway as I watch her grin shyly, nodding her head. “Great.”


“I’m sorry I’m late. Got held up at the boys.” I sheepishly grin as soon as Y/n opens the door. The small smile playing on her lips shows me that she isn’t angry with me. “Where do you wanna go?”

“Well, I told you I’d show you around, didn’t I? So, let’s start with something to eat at one of my favourite places.” I start guiding her towards my car to start a night she hopefully would forgive me with and would be unforgettable all the same.

“This is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted! I think I’m in love.” Y/n mumbles with a mouth full of pizza, nodding her head along to emphasise her words. “Well, eat up. Because I have ice skating planned after.” I wink at the beautiful girl in front of me and her face lights up immediately. She shoves another bite of pizza past her lips before she drops the crust onto her plate.

“Let’s go then. I’m excited to see what you have in store. I can’t skate though.” She purses her lips and I chuckle, shaking my head as I stand up. While I hold out a hand for her to take, I speak. “Maybe that way you will be too busy to laugh at me falling flat on my ass.” It draws a high pitched giggle from her lips as she winds her arm around my biceps, pulling me closer.

“Believe it or not, I missed you.” I feel my heart constrict as she speaks the words and don’t speak up, just press her closer towards me.

Ice skating went just as I expected it would go. I was a complete and utter failure, while all of a sudden she decided to find a knick at it. It was nice to hear her laugh so heartily and carefree. If hearing that some more meant me falling down an awful lot more than necessary, I’d do it over and over again. It would also mean I would feel pretty sore at practice tomorrow.

“Well, I had an amazing night. Thank you.” Y/n mumbles as she ties her own shoes back up and raises to her feet, wiggling from leg to leg in front of me. “Who said the night was over yet?” I grin up, raising to my own feet so I could return the skates. “What do you mean?”

“There’s something I’d like to show you. Nothing all too special.” I pull her along for the short walking distance uphill. I already feel my heart hammering in my chest although I don’t know why, when I take the last few steps up to the edge.

“Oh my god, Calum. This – this is amazing.” The twinkling lights of the city does itself justice. It seems a bit magical, maybe even movie-worthy as both of us stand there, enjoying the scenery. “This concludes the end of our tour. Thank you for choosing Calum Tours.” I proclaim proudly, turning towards Y/n as she bursts into a fit of giggles.

“You’re such a moron. Thank you for this, it’s beautiful and I really enjoyed myself.” Y/n smiles at me, her hands curling around my arm as she sneaks closer towards my frame. The wind was picking up and the night was setting it – it was turning harshly cold rather soon. We had to leave shortly. “Any time.”

“So, aren’t you going to kiss me?” Y/n questions as her gaze keeps locked on the twinkling lights, smirk covering her lips. She doesn’t have to tell me twice.

Tree Bros: Connor is mad about something else...(1)

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen 

Characters: Connor Murphy and Evan Hansen 

Rating: Teen for some swearing

AU: Connor lives, diverges from the musical. 


***Warning: Connor is a little OOC, sorry. Then again it’s not like we actually know all that much about him so he might not be 

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Under your skin the moon is alive.

Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but that just means they’ve got to make each moment matter, got to make it memorable, got to make it mean more.

[Read on AO3] [This is a sequel to My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.]

Falling in love with Yuri is something that happens gradually. Creepingly.

Otabek, twelve and frustrated and hurt in his pride at being stuck with the little kids, his quads aching as the ballet teacher corrected his stance on the barre for what felt like the hundredth time, had not been struck by lightening at the sight of blonde boy who slipped from position to position as smoothly as raindrops on a lotus leaf.

“Very well, Yuri,” the teacher would say several times throughout the day and the boy named Yuri would not puff up with pride like many of the other children did, but instead just pursed his lips and did even better the next time.

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For me it was kind of about processing what I want to say next and I knew it just couldn’t be any old thing. It had to be really special and really singular and it couldn’t sound the same as the old stuff and there was a lot of discovery that went on. I moved out of home and all of a sudden I was kind of figuring out who am I when I’m alone? Who am I when I’m doing things just for myself? And I feel like you can really hear that on this record. There’s definitely moments where it’s like ‘Oh, she really went there.’
—  Lorde about her new album ‘Melodrama’ (Beats 1)

anonymous asked:

Could you post all the times Jamie and Claire say 'I love you' please? I love your blog!

With pleasure, anon!


He cast a glance at the horizon, where the sickle moon hung low and rising. “It’s nearly winter, and the nights are long, mo duinne.” He leaned across the fence, reaching and I stepped into his arms, feeling the heat of his body and the beat of his heart.
“I love you.”

He drew me close again, kissed me gently and whispered in Gaelic, “He
will let you go because he thinks you are helpless. I know you are not.” Releasing me, he said in English, “I love you. Go now.”

“I love you.”
“Oh.” I was mildly surprised, but undeniably pleased. “I love you too.”

Dragonfly in Amber

“Oh, Claire, ye do break my heart wi’ loving you.”

“Mm. You’d forgotten how to say anything’ except ‘I love you,’ but you said that a lot.”
The chuckle came back, louder this time. “Oh, aye? Well, could have been worse, I suppose.”

The slight breeze was welcome, for the early autumn sun was still hot on my shoulders and calves.
“I love you,” I said softly, not meaning him to hear me, but only for the pleasure of saying it.
He did hear, though, for the hint of a smile curved the wide mouth. After a moment, he rolled over onto his belly on the plaid beside me. A few blades of grass clung to his back and buttocks. I brushed one lightly away, and his skin shivered briefly at my touch.

“I love you,” he muttered, half-awake.
“I know,” I said, and fell asleep at once, holding him.

“I know it,” he said quietly. “I do know it, my own. Let me tell ye in your sleep how much I love you. For there’s no so much I can be saying to ye while ye wake, but the same poor words, again and again. While ye sleep in my arms, I can say things to ye that would be daft and silly waking, and your dreams will know the truth of them. Go back to sleep, mo duinne.”


“But here,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him, “here in the dark, with you… I have no name.”
I lifted my face toward his, and took the warm breath of him between my own lips.
“I love you,” I said, and did not need to tell him how I meant it.

“No.” He swallowed; I could hear the sound of it clearly, and feel the pulse beat in his neck where I held him. “But now I have taken ye back from her, as well. I love you — and I love Ian, like he was my own. And I am thinking maybe I cannot have ye both.”

“I forgot. I love you,” he said, giving me another shake for emphasis. “And I’m glad you’re no dead. Dinna do that again!”

Drums of Autumn

“No,” he said softly, still looking out at the night. “Not then. There are things worth dying or starving for—but not words.”
“Maybe not those words.”
He turned to look at me, features dim in starlight, but the hint of a smile visible on his mouth.
“Ye know of words that are?”
….“What about—'I love you’?”
He reached out a hand and touched my face. A breath of air stirred past us, and I saw the small hairs rise along his arm.
“Aye,” he whispered. “That’ll do.”

“Jamie,” I said hesitantly. “Do you believe I love you?”
He turned his head and looked down at me for a long moment before replying. The moon shone on his face, picking out his features as though they had been chiseled in marble.
“Well, if ye don’t, Sassenach,” he said at last, “ye’ve picked a verra poor time to tell me so.”
I let out my breath in the ghost of a laugh.
“No, it’s not that,” I assured him. “But—” My throat tightened, and I swallowed hastily, needing to get the words out. “I—I don’t say it often. Perhaps it’s only that I wasn’t raised to say such things; I lived with my uncle, and he was affectionate, but not—well, I didn’t know how married people—”
He put his hand lightly over my mouth, a faint smile touching his lips. After a moment, he took it away.
I took a deep breath, steadying my voice.
“Look, what I mean to say is—if I don’t say it, how do you know I love you?”
He stood still, looking at me, then nodded in acknowledgment.
“I know because ye’re here, Sassenach,” he said quietly.

I stepped close to him and put my hands on his shoulders.
“I love you.”
He looked down at me for a long moment.
“I’m glad of it, Claire,” he said quietly, and touched my face. “Verra glad. Come to bed now; I’ll warm ye.”

The Fiery Cross

I unscrewed the stopper and inhaled. Whisky, and very good whisky, too.
“I love you,” I said sincerely, and he laughed.
“I love ye too, Sassenach,” he said, and gently touched my foot.

“Jamie—I love you. Be careful!”
He didn’t remember Culloden, he said. I wondered suddenly whether that loss of memory extended to the hours just before the battle, when he and I had said farewell. Then I looked into his eyes and knew it did not.
“‘Good luck’ will do,” he said, and his hand tightened on mine, likewise frozen to the current that surged between us. “‘I love ye’ does much better.”

“Sassenach … I love ye now, and I will love ye always. Whether I am dead—or
you—whether we are together or apart. You know it is true,” he said quietly, and touched my face. “I know it of you, and ye know it of me as well.”

“I love you, a nighean donn. I have loved ye from the moment I saw ye, I will love ye ’til time itself is done, and so long as you are by my side, I am well pleased wi’ the world.”

“When the day shall come, that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’—ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

“Yes. Just now, I was actually trying to rank ‘I love you, I like you, I worship you, I have to have my cock inside you,’ in terms of their relative sincerity.”

I leaned back against the pillows, feeling a bit better. The fever had quite gone, but I still felt wraithlike and weak, barely able to sit up unassisted, and I fell asleep almost without warning, after the least exertion.
Jamie, still snorting, took my hand, raised it to his mouth, and kissed it. The sudden warm immediacy of the touch rippled the fair hairs of my forearm, and my fingers closed involuntarily on his.
“I love you,” he said very softly, his shoulders still trembling with laughter.
“Oh,” I said, suddenly feeling quite a lot better. “Well, then. I love you, too. And it will grow, after all.”

“Jamie …” I said, feeling my throat close.
“I love you,” he said, so softly that I barely heard him, close as we were.
I lay still for a moment, feeling the stone grow warmer in the palm of my hand.

…Then I came back to bed, saw his hair a dark mass on the pillow, and the shine of his eyes in the moonlight.
“I love you,” I whispered, and slid under the sheet beside him, putting my arms around him, hugging him close, warmer than the stone—so much warmer—and his heart beat with mine.

An Echo In The Bone

“Tell Jamie,” I kept saying to a misty Ian. “Tell Jamie that I love him.”
“Open your eyes and tell me yourself, Sassenach,” said a deep, urgent voice somewhere close.
I tried opening my eyes and found that I could. Apparently I had not died after all. I essayed a cautious breath and found that my chest moved easily. My hair was damp, and I was lying on something hard, covered by a blanket. Jamie‘s face swam above me, then steadied as I blinked.
“Tell me,” he repeated, smiling a little, though anxiety creased the skin beside his eyes.
“Tell you… oh! I love you. Where… ?” Memory of recent events flooded in upon me, and I sat up abruptly. “The Teal? What—”

What would he say to Claire in such circumstances? he wondered suddenly. Probably what he had said to her, in parting. “I love you. I’ll see you again.” He didn‘t see any way of improving on the sentiment, after all.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

“I love you, a nighean,” he said, very softly, his breath warm on my skin.
“I love you,” I answered just as softly, taking the ribbon from his hair and loosening his plait between my fingers. I pressed his head closer to me, not in invitation, but out of the sudden urgent need to keep him close to me, to protect him.
He kissed my breast and turned his head, laying it in the hollow of my shoulder. He
took one deep breath, one more, and then was asleep, the relaxing weight of his body against me both protection and trust.
“I love you,” I said, almost soundless, my arms wrapped tight about him. “Oh, dear God, I love you.”

“Are ye all right, Sassenach? Is it bad, then?”
“No,” I said, and wiped my eyes hastily on a corner of the sheet. “No—it—it’s fine. I just —oh, Jamie, I love you!” I did give way to tears, then, snuffling and blubbering like an idiot. “I’m sorry,” I said, trying to get hold of myself. “I’m all right, there’s nothing wrong, it’s just—”

The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royalty AU [Chapter 4]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three
Also on FF.net and AO3.

Word Count: 5,549

Okay, here’s the next Emma chapter. I’m sorry it ended up taking so long to post - life got really crazy for about a week and this took longer to finish than planned. A little more backstory here and the next chapter will be the one we’ve been waiting for :) thanks for being patient with me. The reviews and flails are all so wonderful and they make my day! As always, all rights, characters, and my soul belong to OUAT.

“So you still don’t believe me?”

Emma nearly laughed at her father’s quickly drawn conclusion as he flopped down in the seat across from her. Peeking up from the recent issue of Time magazine she’d borrowed from her mother’s bag, she found the analyzing eyes of the man who’d just asked her something of a question.

“I never said that,” she replied with a sly smirk. “Just trying to process your new level of popularity. I guess I didn’t realize how much things have changed since I’ve been gone.”

His gaze was understanding and the tiniest bit concerned, almost as if he needed to hear that she was okay with this little venture. She’d assured him she was a few times over the past couple of days and even if it wasn’t totally honest, Emma knew it was the right thing to do. Normalcy was the next step in her father’s recovery process and if being in regular communication with a few members of the royal family fell into their now typical realm of “business as usual"….well, she would just have to learn to deal with that.

"It’s not that different, Em,” he started with a raised eyebrow. “I used to tell you all the time about how I was in the active ranks with the Queen’s son years ago. We were quite good friends even back then.”

“Yeah, but you also used to say you’d help slay the imaginary dragon under my bed,” she replied, matching his expression. “You can’t blame me for questioning what sounds like the stuff of embellished fairytales, Dad.”

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A/N: Uhh this one may or may not be new? We’ll never know. Merry Christmas. x *thanks gif source*


Sometimes, you think you can connect to someone who you later realize you’re only attached to because they fill sort of emptiness that needs to be taken care of. This connection can reach to great lengths from playful dates around the block to sudden heated bedroom games under the covers. I never knew I, myself was doing it until I saw her. I always announced that I liked someone anonymous to avoid any further confrontation about my love life. I finally had my anonymous person.

I was a house party thrown by a close friend and was sharing a drink with Olivia, a former fling who I had been hanging a lot with recently. She was one of the few people I was comfortable around and no matter what people said, I still enjoyed her company and it sort of shifted into a whole new direction when I noticed her acting different. All of a sudden, she always wanted to be around me and it got a little overwhelming. I was never one to know to handle someone’s feelings so I didn’t give myself any other choice but to keep whatever it is she thought this was, going. We were having what I thought was a stifling conversation when she leaned in and kissed me. With no warning, just went straight for it. I pulled away, not even a second later and looked puzzled into her eyes as she looked back at me in dismay. “I’m sorry.” She muttered and walked away, flustered.

I sighed and took giant swig from my beer when I felt a forceful thump against my back, pushing me forward, leaning on the skinny table beside me for stability. Feminine giggles heard behind me as I saw another friend of mine with a new girl I hadn’t recognized but was responsible for breaking me out of trance from her clumsy actions. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She spoke, unable to contain herself. Her smile was the first thing I noticed, it was different; Her eyes, with a hint of nervous and unamusement. “Sorry Cal.” my friend, Blaire, pat my upper arm, smiling and ran off with the mysterious brunette, who quickly turned her gaze back at me and back. I downed more of my drink, furrowing my eyebrows and headed slowly in their direction. I momentarily made small conversation with people along the way so I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was following her. I tried to forget her but she kept reappearing wherever I went. With every person I spoke to, eye contact was rarely given because I could not stop looking at her. Her face was now plastered in my mind and so was her smile. She was definitely not afraid to let it stretch across her face. Her nose crinkled and she leaned slightly forward, sometimes covering her mouth to hide her insane smile. Before I knew it, the person whom I was supposed to be engaging in a conversation with was gone. I should’ve expected that.

My beer bottle was conveniently empty and I approached the table with the cooler in which they were provided and popped off the cap without an opener with my savvy skills. “Excuse me.” That familiar voice spoke behind me. She gave me that smile, for some reason, made me feel so different inside. I smiled back and stepped aside as she reached into the cooler and retrieved a bottle. Her body’s searching motions made me assume she was looking for a bottle opener and I turned momentarily to set my own bottle down to help her in attempt to potentially start a conversation. “Hey, I can open that for you, if you’d-” Pop “-like,” I chuckled, still finishing my offer to see her sipping from her self opened bottle already. “Thank you, but I think I’m all set.” She smiled through her teeth and turned to walk away. My first thought was what just happened as if it wasn’t simple enough. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Olivia standing there, fiddling her fingers.

“Oh hey…” “Cal, about what happened earlier tonight,” “You know what, don’t even mention it. We don’t have to dive into that. We both know we had a little too much to drink and shit happens.” Her eyes narrowed slowly down, sulking. “It’s alright.” I gave a small smile, patting her arm and her walking away. I broke out my trance once again as I felt a tap on the opposite shoulder. “excuse me… you must really like beer to always be blocking this cooler,” the voice spoke sarcastically. “I could say the same about you, you can really ingest a bottle,” “Actually, it’s for Blaire.” “What? Blaire can’t walk anymore and help herself like a big girl now?” I said shaking my head in Blaire’s direction while she stuck the middle finger at me grinning. She, however, smiled politely and shook her head. “Well, she can’t really open a bottle quite yet so I guess that’s why she has me.” Pop She set the water bottle I was drinking aside and tossed the beer cap in the basket. “Where did you learn how to do that?” “It’s an ancient technique.” “And I thought I was the only one who conquered the bottle cap trick.” “You must be Calum.” I blinked, taken back by her sudden knowledge of who I was. “I’m sorry, have we met?” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Uh no, Blaire just mentions who her friends are casually. She refers to you as, um, beer boy? And I assumed that meant it was cause of something like this.” “Nice. You know me, who are you?” “Y/N.” I held out my hand to shake hers and for the first time, I was feeling awkward around a stranger. “Thanks Y/N. I’m glad I can count on you.” Blaire bumped her shoulder, taking the bottle from her. “So… Have you met-” “Yeah, Blaire you’re about 4 minutes late. Thanks for trying though.” I sipped my beer, shaking my head. “Beer boy?” She broke out laughing. “Sorry I didn’t think that’d come up but since it did, now I know you guys talked plenty. I hate to break this up but our ride is outside sooo, I’ll catch you later.” She fist bumped me, clicking her teeth and pulled her away as she gave that familiar soft smile and mouthed a goodbye. I sat back down and started clearing bottles out of courtesy and I noticed a black rubber object peeking from between a few empty bottles. I pulled it out and saw it was a miniature bottle opener attached to few keys. I looked them over and saw Y/N scribbled onto the handle in silver ink. That little sneak. I quickly slid it into my coat pocket and with a smirk and walked away before anyone saw.

So, while I was at work...

I had a random idea (doing cold storage inventory is great for sudden ideas, tbh, do recommend). I don’t have a lot of time to trawl the fandom tags, so when I reblog something it’s because it crossed my dash. This is almost always art, and almost always already has hundreds if not thousands of notes.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t really “do” social reblogs. That’s a quick way of getting into an endless treadmill of reblogging things you might not necessarily be all that into for the sake of not hurting feelings. I don’t like guilt when I’m trying to unwind.

THAT BEING SAID, it’s also true that working hard on something and watching it languish in the dark recesses of Tumblr where no one can see is discouraging as hell. I’ve been there. Days, weeks of work = 8 likes followed by tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze. Likes are nice, but in my anxious brain it twisted into a statement of “Meh,” or, worse still, “I do like it, but I’d be embarrassed to be seen in public with it.” It was enough to convince me that my writing must not be all that good, and I stopped posting much of anything until Undertale came out and I was early and lucky enough to find an audience. 

What I think might be fun this summer is this: if you guys have/know of a fanwork that you think is getting slept on, submit or link it to me, and I’ll reblog it, provided that the creator is cool with it! I have a pretty fair number of followers (for a writer, anyway, lol), so I can provide a little boost of visibility. I already have some things in mind for this, but the more the merrier. I only ask that you submit things that have a sparse amount of notes, as in <100. My own content averages about 40 notes, so that should give you an idea of the scale I’m talking about. That thing you love that’s gathering dust with 5 likes? Submit that shit!

Art, comics, fic, playlists are all fair game, but I’ll be honest and admit I’m most interested in giving some writers a leg up, since they fall through the cracks a lot (and I’m maybe a little biased toward my own tribe). I’ll probably set aside one day a week for this, with a special tag. I’m leaning toward ‘summer of love,’ lol. :V

Sound fun? I think it does. 

heartbreak | cheryl blossom x reader

Originally posted by gabbiesworld


written by: kelly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: can you do a cheryl x reader set on the 4th of july. as soon as the reader hears about what happened she rushes to the blossom’s house but gets run over by a car and cheryl witnesses this and the reader gets sent to the hospital and cheryl gets reckless without the reader until she wakes up. basically cher loses y/n and jason on the same day

chapter song: youth // daughter

the 4th of july was riverdale’s ultimate holiday. the normally peaceful green streets were aligned with pops of red white and blue. the great american flag was spread across town centre and almost every person in town had a smile across their face, proud with patriotism.

that was all until news scattered around town that jason blossom, riverdale’s golden boy, had unfortunately drowned in the very river that had been the beacon of the town.

this is where the story begins.

“y/n, darling please run this pie to the andrew’s house. fred is a hopeless cook and the last thing we need is a fire in their kitchen… again.” my mom spoke, lifting her eyebrow reminding us all of the last time fred andrews ever touched an oven.

“yeah mom, i remember. although you weren’t complaining when all of those firefighters came to the rescue.” i say with a wink.

“less talking more walking missy!” she said, her cheeks instantly red.

and with that I was on my way, archie’s house was across the street from mine so it wasn’t really much of a chore. as I was approaching the andrews front porch, I heard betty shriek my name.

y/n!!” she yelled from her front yard, panic evident in her voice.

“what’s up b?” I say hesitantly, studying her body language.

“have you spoken to cheryl?!?”

cheryl was always a touchy subject in my friendship circle. we’ve been seeing each other for a year, and my friends weren’t supportive. not because I was seeing another girl, it was because I was seeing cheryl.

kevin referred to her as jessica rabbit on crack, but to be fair cheryl refers to kevin as a bootleg, gayer neil patrick harris.

“no, she’s spending the day with Jason, why?” I question.

“there was an accident at sweetwater, they were in a boat and it tipped, they can’t find jason and cheryl's…in a bad way.” betty said hesitantly.

my heart fell to the pit of my stomach, my hands almost instantly let go of the fragile pie dish and it shattered on the pathway.

the shattered pie depicted my current state of mind; a big mess.

the next thing I know, I was running to thornhill. ignoring my surroundings. the only thing that mattered in my mind was cheryl. thornhill manor was across town from where we lived but the trip was shortened by running through the local park.

i was running so fast that all of a sudden thornhill was in site. the burning ache in my throat was building up, I had a vision of my distraught girlfriend sitting there all alone. I needed to be there for her.

cheryl’s pov

sitting in the great room of my home brought up a lot of amazing memories for me; christmas morning, thanksgiving and the annual family reunion - today was not a celebration however.

my brother and i had been separated for the first time in our lives, and it was the most terrifying feeling. those thoughts were disrupted when I saw my girlfriend running towards our house.

she knows that this place is off limits, my parents would die if they ever found out that i was gay. I stare at the girl sprinting when in a split second, while she was in the middle of the road, a car sped past and took her clean off of her feet.

there was this moment when she was in the air, where I could see that she had come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to survive this. she landed on the road like a ragdoll.

it was like the next few seconds i had an out of body experience. i remember running outside towards the front gate yelling and screaming for someone to get help, as i reached the front i realize what had happened.

sheriff keller had hit y/n while he was on his way to thronhill to question our family, this was all my fault.

everything was a blur; the sirens were approaching us. there was a large crowd around her but it felt like no one but us. i could see her face, lying all alone in the middle of the road. her mother had arrived at the scene.

MY BABY!” she screamed as a nice young man was holding her back.

PLEASE, PLEASE SOMEONE DON’T LET MY BABY DIE.” she called as the paramedics lifted y/n’s mannequin like body into the back of the ambulance. i was paralyzed. the next few hours were crazy. I had betty cooper of all people messaging me from the hospital keeping me updated.

it wasn’t good enough. i had to be there for her, she risked her life trying to be there for me.

veronica offered to come and fetch me and take me to the hospital to be there with all of the friends and y/n’s mom. i never liked veronica, but I had never been more grateful for such an offer.

the car ride was rather uncomfortable. silence swallowed the atmosphere and it was the type of silence that needed to be broken.

“cheryl, i’m so sorry for everything that’s happened to you today.” veronica gulped.

bad things happen to badpeople, ronnie. i’m a bad person. i deserve this.” i state with minimal eye contact.

“cheryl, nobody deserves to go through so much in one day.” veronica argued.

the silence fell over us again, nobody spoke until we got to the hospital.

as we arrived into the I.C.U ward, i see y/n’s mom sitting next to fred andrews. her facial expression was neutral and calm but her face was red like she had been crying for days.

betty, archie and jughead were standing around a watercooler across from mrs y/l/n and mr andrews. betty came over and pulled me into a tight embrace.

“cheryl, she’s in a coma. her condition is stable for the amount of injuries she has sustained. the doctors are saying it’s a miracle that she’s even alive at the moment.” betty told me, sporting a broken smile.

that news was hardly a relief.

“i need a moment.” i said exiting the hospital ward, the smell of hand sanitizer and the sound of heart monitors kept making me feel like I was waiting for her to die.

i rush out to the parking lot of the hospital and i do the most reckless thing I’ve ever done in my life. i lie in the middle of the road at the entrance of the E.R, i close my eyes and i wait.

in about two seconds I get yanked up to my feet in a strong pull.

i see Kevin.

“cheryl as much as I feel sorry for you I need you to understand now is not the time to be selfish!” he barked at me.

as much as I hated to admit it, he was right. I was being reckless and selfish.

“are you okay?” He asked. the simplest question in the whole world, yet nobody managed to muster up the courage to do so.

“i’m fine.” i reply as i shook off some road gravel from my skirt.

“don’t lie.” he spat.

at that moment, my heart broke.

no. i’m not fucking okay kevin.” i whimper.

he placed his arms around mine and he pulled me in for a hug. we sit around for an hour crying together. it wasn’t out of sadness, but desperation.

i still had hoped that she could pull through this. that was until those moments after the accident turned into days.

with each day, i began to lose more and more of myself. i found myself craving danger, i was on my way to the south side, i had a plan to go and cause trouble among the serpents.

a rush with danger was what I was craving and the serpents were the closest thing to danger that riverdale had to offer.

i was about 6 steps away from getting my ass kicked when the news broke that y/n was awake. that was the most amazing news I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

i ran through the hospital doors, rejoiced.

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She’s mine (Dan Howell & Phil Lester imagine!) Part 1!

So a lot of people were begging me to do Yandere Dan and Phil which I love as I feel like we don’t get a lot of Psycho Phil as much as we get  psycho Dan so this should be good!

(However Yandere Phil won’t be in this part but patience..:)..)

Anyways, Hope you enjoy!


I felt a bunch of eyes staring at me as I walked to my desk. I just had to join, right in the middle of a school year, where everyone had their own friends and were up to date with everything they’d ever learnt. 

I was used to it. I had been to nine different schools in the past four months, leaving me with no friends to leave behind. I sat down on my seat and got my equipment out. The room stayed silent as the thud of my textbooks were put on the desk. It’s okay, don’t worry, just breath. I’ll be leaving me in a few weeks anyways. 

Fortunately, a an dressed in a smart suit hurried into the classroom. His eyes landed on me and he clapped his hands together. “Ah, you must be Y/n, the new student!” I nodded smiling politely. “Well, welcome to our school, I hope everyone has been treating you nicely!”

Or at least that’s what I thought he said for when he started talking again, my eyes landed on something much more interesting. A boy, tucked up in the corner of the classroom, hoodie on with the hood up. The hair that was visible on the front of his face was curly. His eyes were deep brown but facing downwards, much more interested a drawing that he was in the process of making. He was different somehow..

“Miss Y/L/N?” The teachers voice echoed my daydream “Ahh, I see you’ve chosen your tour for today!” 

He went over to the boy and forced his hood down, revealing pair of earphones shoved in each ear. “Well Daniel Howell your lucky that someone has chosen you to be their tour for today otherwise you would be getting a detention” The teacher said sharply. Quickly, Dan shoved his earphones into his pocket before looking at me. His eyes widened a little, as if he was surprised to see me. 

After registration, it was time for period 1

Dan was waiting for me outside the classroom, hands shoved in his pockets. He also had his headphones out again. 

That was until he looked up and saw me.

“Come on, let’s go” He said blankly, walking off. I had to run to keep up with him as he was going so quickly.

“Um okay, hi?” I said awkwardly. His eyes were ahead, staring into an empty space. It was obvious that there was a lot going on inside his head. I again was ignored. 

“Why were you staring at me in class?” He blurted out suddenly, still not making eye contact. My heart sped up. He saw. He saw me admiring him! Before I could reply, A black-haired blue-eyed boy split in between me and Dan. He put an arm around my shoulder and pushed Dan to the side, blanking him as if he didn’t exist.

“Well, hello beautiful what’s your name?”  He said cockily. I blushed and spoke “Y-y/n” The boy smirked “I’m Phil, Phil Lester and I think we’ve got the same class together, Biology right?” He asked. As soon as I nodded, He took my hand and dragged me through to the classroom, leaving Dan by himself

………Middle of the lesson…………..

Luckily, I was sat next to Phil for more then half the classes which was great because I didn’t have to make any new friends. We got to know each other a little more, laughing a joking. Until suddenly, he went serious. No laughing or joking. Just pure blank

“Hey, be careful of that boy you were with earlier” He spoke quietly

“Dan?” I asked. He nodded before looking around and scooting closer to me. “Rumour has it that he murdered a bunch of girls that refused to go out with him and he was also caught strangling a boy half to death in the toilets”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Don’t be stupid, Dan’s too shy to even look someone in the eye let alone kill them!” 

“Okay but be careful” Phil leaned down and took my hand. He was sweet but I couldn’t help feel another ones eyes on me… 

Straight after class, Phil had to go to football practice. That left me alone for lunch but again, I didn’t mind seeing as I was moving in a few months anyway. It was a shame really, I was starting to like it a lot here. 

After lunch, I figured that football would be over now, so I went to find Phil hoping he was alone. I walked along the corridor, heading outside when all of a sudden, I heard a loud scream come from the janitors closet. It sounded like Phil! Nearly pulling the door off its hinges, I opened the door to find Phil. However, he wasn’t alone. Dan was there too but with a knife in his mouth and his hands around Phil’s pale throat…


There we go, another imagine done! I’m so sorry this took so long, school sucks like hell :/ Anyways, Hope you enjoyed the start of this series and hopefully you want more!

Thank you for reading!  

Trading Places —- It’s Frank’s turn to top.

-(inspired by this fanart which is not mine. feel free to add the @ of the artists to this post if you know who it is.)

“Okay I’m ready.” Gerard feels mumbled onto his lips, he starts unbuckling his boyfriend’s belt when the kissing stops and hands shoot down to stop him.
“What? You said y-”
“I mean I’m ready to, ya know, top.” Frank blushes, and looks for a reaction on Gerard’s face. Which is a smile, a confused smile, but a smile at least. Frank has always bottomed, which he loves, a lot. But Gerard has always thrown it out there that if he ever wants to switch it up that it’s okay. And tonight is that night in which he wants switching up to be done.
“Anything you want baby,” Gerard kisses him again, “so how do you want me?” He wiggles his eyebrows and Frank wants to hide under the bed. But he’s thought about this, a lot, so he has an idea.
“Take your clothes off and lay on your back,” Gerard’s eyes go big, he’s not used to the guy begging for his cock to be telling him what to do in bed. It’s kind of exciting.
“Yes sir,” and that just makes Frank uncomfortable.
“Okay, I might be fucking you tonight but none of that shit,” Gerard giggles, taking off his pants and flopping onto the bed, on his back, of course.
“I’m ready for you daddy,” he says in a whiny, needy voice, putting up his legs just like Frank does when he’s being impatient.
“I will leave if y-”
“Ah okay, okay, I’ll stop, just excited.” He wiggles around on the sheets, tries out gripping them in the angle that Frank does and yeah, that’s kind of hot.
“Yes I can tell,” Frank, with his pants off, start to climb over his boyfriend and in between his legs. “You’re beautiful,” he puts a hand through the other’s hair, taking in the view of Gerard smiling and blushing before leaning down to kiss him.
After a minute of making out and grinding against each other, Frank reaches over for the lube. “Have you ever…?” He asks, seeing if he needs to tell Gerard anything before it all gets started.
“I’ve only used dildos before so I’m guessing it won’t be much different,” Gerard shrugs, “except of course I love you and your dick and not dildos.” He adds on, trying to save what probably could’ve been taken the wrong way.
“I know what you meant,” Frank smiles and starts lubing up two fingers, “I love you too, and your dick.”
“Oh I know you love m-”
“Alright Gerard,” Frank brings a finger down to the rim of Gerard’s asshole, making him twitch from the sudden coolness. He lifts his legs up, wrapping then around Frank and hooking his feet together. “And it’s - lot different, are you ready?” He waits for Gerard’s nod and slowly pushes a finger in, catching Gerard’s lips when he gasps. He’s never had his finger in someone else’s asshole before so its a weird feeling, Gerard’s the only person he’s ever been with sexually, and he himself is Gerard’s first. So it’s nice that he gets to have all these new experiences with the love of his life. He moves as carefully as he can, waiting to feel a nudge on his arm so that he can add another. When that happens he does, gaining speed as the thrusts go on, loving the sound of Gerard’s little whimpers. He wants to make those whimpers into moans though so he curls his fingers, pushing in at a few different angles until- “Oh fuck, yes-” that. Frank gives himself a proud little smile and keeps pushing against and rubbing at that spot until Gerard is the one begging.
“Mmm, I’m ready, cu-c'mon,” he squeezes at Frank’s arm, wanting to finally know what his boyfriend’s cock feels like inside him, not orally.
“Yeah just,” Frank slips out his fingers, “one second.” He rubs a good amount of lube onto his aching cock, he’s not really one to want to stick his dick into things but looking at Gerard, sweaty, needy, and vulnerable, he’s never wanted to fuck anything more an his life. And it’s not just that his boyfriend is incredibly hot, it’s that this will be a next step in their relationship, next step for Frank. Being able to know what fucking Gerard feels like.

Once he presses the tip of his cock against Gerard’s asshole, Gerard practically presses down against it. “Eager much?” Frank teases.

“Just fu- ah,” he gets cut off when Frank pushes in, going a little deeper than he thought he would.

“Shit, sorry, didn’t think it’d go in so smoothly,” he feels bad because he knows Gerard’s not exactly a cock-whore who’s used to this.

“Jesus, don’t apologize, go all the way,” Frank should of figured that someone who fucks rough would want to get fucked that way too.

So that’s what Frank does, pushes in all the way, and mother of God it feels fucking weird and amazing. Really tight, he didn’t expect it to be this tight and he really has no idea how long he can last like this. Gerard seems to take notice to this and pulls Frank down in a kiss, trying to distract him. Places his legs a little higher, squeezing Frank’s shoulders and trying to adjust.

“How’s it feel?” He thrusts again, slowly going in and out, for his sake not Gerard’s. He has no fucking idea how Gerard can last up to an hour fucking him.

“Perfect, baby” he says breathlessly, “f-faster, please.” Frank complies, hoping he doesn’t come in like, three seconds. Instantly Gerard starts moaning and scratching at his back, realizing that this is a lot different than dildos. And a lot better, so much fucking better. Having someone actually be in control and thrust into him, someone he’s been in love with for a lifetime. Being able to feel the muscles in Frank’s back work to fuck him, it’s erotic, and he’s starting to understand why his boyfriend always wants to bottom. Always is begging for him to just get on with it when he’s taking his time with fingering Frank. Yeah, it hurts a little, but not in a way that turns him off, it’s actually kind of hot because it’s “my boyfriend is fucking me” pain. And it’s starting to go away with each thrust, and Frank is really getting into it because he’s grabbing Gerard’s thigh in on hand and his hip in the other, and just pounding him into the mattress. Frank’s head ends up right next to him, his mouth on the nape of Gerard’s neck. He grabs Frank’s hair tight, which just makes him moan and thrust in deep, which makes Gerard moan because yes, he fucking hit that spot. And Frank takes notice, biting Gerard and repeating the same motion, and it feels so good to have someone be in control like that, and feel insane pleasure without having to touch himself or use some plastic toy. And Frank’s a good size too, not as big as himself but not small either. Like six inches, Gerard thinks. And he’s only about three inches bigger. Which he used to be worried about when they decided to start having sex, which was basically like two days into their relationship. Because he didn’t want to hurt Frank or anything of the sort. But when Frank finally saw Gerard’s cock all hard and ready to go, he was fucking ecstatic. Apparently he fucks himself at home with like 10inch dildos so being one inch under that is totally awesome for Frank since he never gets the dildo all the way in anyways. And he’s not a size queen but he does have a preference in which Gerard meets. So yeah, that all worked out perfectly. And now he’s fucking Gerard and it’s definitely starting to feel like something they can do every now and then. Switch it up.

Gerard starts moaning, a little too loud for comfort, they aren’t alone in the house right now. So Frank takes his hand off Gerard’s hip and sticks his fingers into the other’s mouth. Gerard does that to Frank and Frank loves it so he figures Gerard might too. And he’s right, because Gerard sucks and licks his fingers, moaning around them. And now Frank sees why his boyfriend always does that to him, it’s really fucking hot. Eventually though, Frank gets too into drilling Gerard that his fingers slips out and end up wrapping around the other’s neck.

“F-frank, I’m-”
“Me too, oh God,” Frank thrusts a few more times, hitting Gerard’s spot as hard as he can. Feeling Gerard’s nails scratching at his back, and right when he comes, Frank thinks his skin might of broke because Gerard presses so fucking hard. It’s a good thing Frank has a pain kink but it doesn’t even matter with the way his boyfriend’s ass squeezes around his cock, and with that he’s coming too. Gerard’s mouth is against his ear, hot and heavy. Frank’s is biting at his neck, trying to muffle his moan. Frank’s still thrusting a bit, and Gerard’s still whimpering. Knowing he just came in his boyfriend’s ass is an erotic feeling. Frank is in a state of bliss, everything just kind of stops and he can enjoy this moment with his best friend. Who’s mumbling praises into his ear, Gerard’s starting to think bottoming is something he can do every now and then. He feels insanely close to Frank now, well he always does but having someone come inside you is another level of closeness. After a minute of just laying on top of Gerard, because holy shit topping is fucking tiring, who would of thought; Frank pulls out and lies down next to the guy he just totally fucked. He didn’t last as long as Gerard usually does but it’s okay because the first time they had full on sex, Gerard only lasted a couple minutes longer than he just did. So he feels proud of himself, also his dick is kind of sore, but Gerard is probably sore too.

“How’d I do?” He lazily asks, moving his hand over to find the other’s, who takes it immediately.

“Frickin amazing baby,” Gerard turns over to his side and yanks Frank till they’re kissing. They barely even move their lips, tired and worn out, just sucking on each other’s lips a little. Reveling in the moment. “We should do that more often,” he eventually says, pulling away and smiling at Frank.

“I agree,” definitely agrees, they smile and kiss again, then Gerard wipes off his stomach and dick with his t-shirts then throws it on the ground.

“Let’s sleep, m'tired,” Gerard swings an arm over Frank and kisses his cheek, “I love you, a lot.”

“I love you a lot too,” he holds Gerard’s hand, thinks about how amazingly perfect his boyfriend is, and after a few moments pass by, they fall asleep together.