i had a lot of feelings all of a sudden

I have a theory or I guess headcanon technically that a lot of the things Erik does aren’t planned.

Take for example, the mirror scene. I don’t think Erik planned on leading Christine to his home that night- it’s too on the spot. He doesn’t even let her change, and I feel like if Erik had planned on taking Christine to his home that he would have planned out a much more “mysterious and sensual” kind of thing.

But the reason he takes her down is because Raoul. All of a sudden there’s a threat, a major wrench in his plan. I think Erik panics, and that’s why he makes the quick decision that Christine must come down with him that very second.

And then another example is his proposal on stage. I think that whole thing is planned, but what wasn’t was Christine unmasking him in front of the entire audience. I don’t think Erik was counting on her saying yes for sure, maybe he was, but I know he wasn’t expecting his face to be gaped at by a packed audience.

And I think he has an awful moment then. All the terrified, disgusted faces staring at him probably sends him into a horrible panic. We know Erik has a troubled past, and we know he was displayed at a freak show, consensual or not depends on the version. Even if he did willingly let people pay to stare at his face, I’m sure he didn’t love it and probably feels ashamed when he thinks about it.

So now he’s on stage, pleading with Christine to marry him, and his mask is off for all the world to see. I think this is what makes him snap and what leads to Christine being kidnapped from the stage. Because Erik literally panics and tries to escape from the people staring.

Not an excuse for his actions of course. Erik doesn’t get a get out of jail free card just because of his awful past, but I think it’s interesting to consider why people do the things they do. Just an observation and idea of mine.

Soo indicates she’s also aware of leading by example in her role as an Asian American performer. “I definitely have been approached and reached out to by a lot of young Asian American and Asian women, which has been really cool for me,” Soo says. “It wasn’t until ‘Hamilton’ that I began to be considered an actor of color, and I really don’t know what to make of it. I feel like I had a very culturally and racially diverse life, being half Chinese and half white, so it was interesting that all of a sudden at this moment in time, people became aware of it in a different way. I definitely feel as a theater artist that the more we can push for diversity, the better.”
Astro confesses to you...


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JinJin wasn’t planning on confessing to you. But as time goes on, he realizes what he has for you is more than just a crush. So he writes down exactly how he feels about you in the form of a poem. He hands it to you, palms sweating, and softly raps it for you, grinning and blushing the whole time. He feels like it might be too cheesy and embarrassing, but he hopes that his love for you came through the awkward confession…

“So… do you like it? I know it’s kind of sudden, but I just can’t hide how I feel about you~”


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MJ had to work up the courage to confess to you, since the thought of losing your friendship terrifies him. You always know how to make him smile, and he doesn’t know what he would do without you in his life. But after a lot of inner turmoil, he decides to take the plunge. He takes comfort in the fact that above all else, you two care about each other. And he knows that will never change~

“I have felt this way for a long time, Y/N… And I think you deserve to know.”


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Eunwoo has always considered you a friend. One of his best friends, to be precise. However, his feeling towards you have steadily grown into something he can’t hold back. He begins to notice every little thing you do, and finds it all to be simply enchanting. You two are talking one day, when he unexpectedly takes you by the hand, looks into your eyes, and tells you the truth~

“You have such a good heart, Y/N. You mean more to me than you can ever know…”


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Moonbin has loved you since the day you met, but his confession comes quite unexpectedly. You both are out shopping together, when you find an adorable cat-ear headband and try it on, just for fun. You turn to Moonbin and make a silly face, expecting him to laugh. Instead, he slumps against a nearby wall and gazes at you with the utmost adoration~

“Y/N, why can I never take my eyes off of you? How do you always make me feel this way…?”


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Rocky adores everything about you and loves how you two seem to click and just understand each other. He’s been planning to confess to you for months. He decides the best way to do it is to make it meaningful. So during one of your walks through the park, you both pause to admire the view. Suddenly, Rocky spins you around, draws you close to him, and then softly reveals his feelings to you…

“I wanted to tell you out here, in nature. Because what you and I have just feels natural~”


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After Sanha tells the other members that he has feelings for you, they start suggesting ways he could confess to you. He rejects most of their ideas, and decides to go with the one that he think will impress you the most. He performs a personalized version of “Confession”, just for you! He feels much better after telling you, even though you end up giggling the entire time at how cute he is~

*singing* “Wipe the tears from your beautiful eyes… From this day on, Y/N… Will you be mine?”

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“Felicity was playing my daughter, but I also play with two other versions of [Jyn], four years old and eight years old. There I had to improv a lot. It’s difficult to make little four year olds act the way you want, or say their lines without stiffening up. So it’s basically my job to make them feel at ease and play it out so they forget what they’re doing, then all of a sudden you get some beautiful moments with them.”

- Mads Mikkelsen  [screencrush.com , 15.12.2016]


Would you please do a Bucky x Reader where they are married and still living in Avengers tower and they get into a fight about him not wanting her to go to a Hydra Base. (While they are fighting they stay in separate rooms and the team notices) She gets hurt on the mission and hates doctors so Bucky stitches up her wounds himself and then lots and lots of cuddling and they sleep in the same room together and the team is happy they aren’t fighting? Thank you!

As you feel the warm trickle of blood begin to cascade down your chest, your eyes flicker down to the piece of metal jutting out of your skin as Bucky’s last words to you ricochet through your head.

“I won’t be able to protect you if you get hurt!”

You had been so angry at him.  So angry that marrying him had changed the way he treated you in the field.  So angry that marrying him all of a sudden made you a dainty woman that he constantly had to defend.  So angry that he couldn’t see that you were still an independent person apart from him.

But as you slowly hit your knees, you realized he was right.

You had gotten hurt, and the only person you wanted wasn’t here.

“Y/N!” Captain shouts as you hear a pair of metal feet touch down at your side.

“We gotta get her to a doctor,” Tony says.

Your head lobbed back as the fear ricocheting behind your eyes causes him to swallow his words.

“She hates doctors,” the Captain says lowly.

“Well,” Tony says as he dodges another case of shrapnel, “we gotta get her out of here!”

“Take her back to the base!” the Captain says as he shields you from an incoming explosion, “We can fix her up there!”

The last thing you remember was crashing through the roof before everything went blank.

Groaning as you open your eyes, you feel the stick of a needle against your flesh as your eyes jolt open.

“Ssssshhhh…” Bucky soothes as he injects a little more numbing solution into the outer layer of your skin.


“Try not to talk,” he says soothingly as you swallow hard and grimace.

“You have some pretty bad bruising around your neck.  Not to mention this pretty deep gash in your chest.”

Your memory was slowly returning as tears begin to well in your eyes.

“Bucky, I’m-”

“For once, Y/N, can you just listen?” Bucky says.

But he wasn’t angry, and he wasn’t commanding.

He was pleading.

He was begging.

And it hurt your soul.

Laying there with your head off to the side, you feel him finish your stitches as he wraps his strong arms around you and slowly sits you up.

“Let me know when you’re stable,” he murmurs lowly.

It took your mind a second to stabilize itself.  First the room was spinning, then it was tilting, then it was steady, and then your nausea subsided.

“Ok,” you breathe.

But Bucky didn’t let you go.

Laying your head on his shoulder as the entire fight comes swimming back into your mind, you hear the words you had spat at him scream out into the dark recesses of your brain as tears begin to well in your eyes.

“I didn’t marry you to follow in your shadow!”

“I’m still my own person!”


“I’m so sorry,” you whisper as a tear drips from your cheek into his shoulder.

“Ssssshhhh…” Bucky begins to soothe.

“I just-”

“It’s alright, Y/N,” he says lowly as his voice vibrates through your skin, “I’m just…so glad you’re ok.”

And as you lean into Bucky’s arms and sniffle into his skin, he begins to stroke your hair as Tony and Steve smile at one another from the doorway.

“Think they’ll actually sleep in the same room tonight?” Tony asks.

“I hope so,” Steve breathes.

“Think they’ll fight again tomorrow?” Tony asks as he pushes himself off of the wall.

“I hope not,” Steve murmurs as he follows behind his friend.

But little did they know that the two of you would sleep close to one another that night, your body tucked under his arm and your leg threaded between his as he would force himself to sleep lightly just in case you needed anything.

But what they didn’t understand at the time was that the fighting that would wake everyone up wouldn’t be malicious, but passionate.

And neither of you cared enough to worry.

So I found my old blog from back during my emo phase and looking through it I found some cringey gems that I said and let’s just imagine angsty Mike saying any of these next season:

• “Hope is the most treacherous this we have. It always brings either happiness or despair and the problem is we can never know which”

• “I wish I could be mad at you for leaving but instead I’m mad at myself for not giving you a reason to stay”

• “The sad thing is sometimes your life changes slowly and sometimes it changes all of a sudden. I don’t know what’s worse: the pain being stretched out or coming without warning”

• “I miss things and people I never even had”

• “I still think of you a lot, but I’m thinking with my mind and not just my heart”

• “I don’t hide my feelings because if people can’t notice them then they are the people who don’t deserve to know”

• “I’m screaming for help and I wonder if no one cares enough to listen or if everyone hears and doesn’t care enough to do anything”

• “But darling, no one is actually happy. We are all faking it and lying in hopes of a few good moments”

Maybe someone’s said this before but I just got a lot of feelings all of a sudden about Dorian, Sera, Bull and Dagna.

Bioware isn’t perfect, Dragon Age isn’t perfect, even the writing of these individuals fails in some ways, but they fill a very important void in my heart. I wish I’d had more characters like them growing up, perfect or not. Characters with whom I can identify, characters who are queer like me.

Characters who are independent and fully realized, and who get a happy ending. If they don’t wind up in a committed relationship with the player character, they find each other. They find love and friendship and support in each other, and we are shown this. Their love is textual, canonical and undeniable. This means more to me than I can really express.

Happy endings are important. They help me envision my own.


Note: I’m sooo sorry this came out so late. I had writer’s block. :( Oh well, it’s out now. I really did enjoy this one. There’s a lot of fluff and it’s cute. I hope you like it. :)

Request: 46 and 39???? I love your work! from @crowley-trash

“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” and “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

Word Count: 857+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warning: Language, mention of sex…that’s it

You sighed as you loaded the washing machine for the third time that day. Because you had just recently returned from a hunt, you were working on washing your laundry. All of a sudden, you started to feel a craving for some Jolly Ranchers. You were in the mood for some fruity hard candy. Luckily, you remember saving some from the bag you kept in the kitchen.

You padded towards the kitchen, noticing a certain King of Hell sitting with his feet propped up on your table.

“Oh hey, Crowley, have you seen the…? Oh.” You trailed off as you saw your lover with an empty Jolly Rancher bag next to him.

“Oh,” He mused, taking his feet off of the table and standing up with a slight smirk appearing on his face. “You mean this?” He held up one final green Jolly Rancher and you stared at it, practically drooling. You really wanted the damn candy.

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bisexualonion  asked:

okay so for as long as i can remember, i always liked boys, and had *very few* feeling for girls. but now i'm 14, and recently i just had a sudden change of heart that i like girls a lot. i mean when i say this that i woke up and was REPULSED by boys. they make me uncomfortable, and i just can't imagine being with one. girls on the other hand are suddenly all i want. i have a huge crush on a girl. why is this? i'm out to my school (not my family) as bi, but i'm questioning that i'm gay. help??

It’s completely ok, sexuality is a fluid thing and it can change with time but you can’t force it to change. You can try to get to know this girl and see if you’ll be attracted to her more. But don’t hurry up to come out, it also can be a one time thing influenced by smth. Time always shows whats true yk 

Sudden Confession//Choi Youngjae

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Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Youngjae accidentally lets his feelings for you slip.

Author’s Note: This idea was inspired from my friend Cai, who’s very adorable and lwho oves Youngjae a lot c: I hop eyou all enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

You sighed softly, knocking on the door for what seemed like the hundredth time, almost ready to scream for at least one of the boys to answer. The boys had invited you over for a movie night, seeming as you all finally had a day off and were able to hang out for the first time in what seemed like months.

“Can someone op-“

You began to speak, knocking on the door as your head was turned away, but your actions were cut short after feeling your knuckles hit something soft rather than the hard wood door. You turned your attention up front, to see your hand placed gingerly on Jaebums chest.

“Hello (Y/N),” Jaebum chuckled, taking your hand softly from his chest while he pulled you through the door, closing it swiftly behind you two.

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INFJ Confession #2482

Am I the only one who after spending a lot of time with someone, like spending a couple of days together, I get really sad. Don’t get me wrong it feels amazing to be alone but those couple of days you had someone to do everything with and then all of a sudden they aren’t there and your by yourself.

Calling out my fucking fandom

Dear Clex@,

Y’all are tripping the fuck up.  You guys were the ones who were begging people of color to come watch this fucking show by saying how it was so diverse and had good representation.

But when I watched the show myself, I saw racist tropes EVERY FUCKING WHERE!  You know how it fucking feels to be a black lesbian that watches a show that empowers women and queer women, but shits on people of color?  No, of course you don’t because a lot of you are fucking white and don’t fucking get it.

You motherfuckers did not care about racism when Lincoln and Raven were getting tortured every season, sometimes multiple times in one season.  But for those of you who like Bellamy all of a sudden care?  Yeah, I’m calling out the colorism that is evident when you choose your favorite POCs in the show.  And those of you who don’t like Bellamy are saying that what he’s doing is in character.  Yeah, because the Bellamy who called himself a monster for killing someone would definitely help slaughter 299 people in their sleep just because (sarcasm).

Then you fucking ask POC in the fandom to tell you why we think the show is racist, and when we tell you, you laugh at us and tell us that our reasons are stupid.  Like your mayonnaise-ranch-dressing-no-ass-having white girls understand how racism works.  Shut the fuck up and stop talking over people of color.

And now, some of you are complaining about Ricky “spoiling the show” for you.  Grow the fuck up.  Seriously, are fucking kidding me?  Ricky’s character was tortured multiple times so that Octavia could have a story arc about becoming a strong woman aka black man gets hurt to elevate a white girl.  He also went out of his way to interact with fans and keep us entertained while we waited a year for the 100 to come back.  And you’re complaining about him spoiling the show for you?  Promos and episodes have been building to Lincoln’s departure since last year, and you’re just now figuring it out.  Sorry, you must have been blinded by the two white girls kissing.

Also, if you expect me to continue supporting Clex@ or the show because there are LGBT+ characters and one of them is bisexual, I would like to refer you to the show How to Get Away with Murder where the lead character is a bisexual black woman.  Two white girls kissing does not count for diversity anymore.  If you want queer POC to support your white LGBT+ shows, you are out of luck.

Ricky gets to complain because for all the hard work he put in, he got crap from JRoth in return.  ADC is a guest star and got more promotion than a series regular on the show.  Fucking take that into consideration.

Also, I would also like you all to google “intersectional feminism” because y’all seem to have forgotten that POC exist and fucking matter.


A bitter ass black lesbian who is tired of the racism in this fucking fandom


Black guys scare the shit out of me sometimes in terms of flirting. I’ve always been shy so I don’t know how to flirt AT ALL. I just sit there and giggle because I have no idea how to respond.

Being catcalled just makes me feel worse. I remember the first time being in 9th grade. I was walking to class and all of a sudden, these guys yell “How you doin, ma?” I just ignored them and after a few quiet seconds I heard “oh all right, fuck you then bitch” and they were gone. I never felt so disrespected before.

I still get catcalled a lot and I’ll be in the 11th grade by next week and I just hope it stops bc it makes me feel insecure as a black girl. I’ve had numerous black guys flirt with me and still manage to make me feel like shit in the process.


was when Riley’s mom asks her to keep being their “happy little girl” for them

that really hit me and my sister because goddamn that is SO DAMAGING FOR KIDS

me and my sister went through this during the divorce, her especially. and it HURTS because all of a sudden you can’t be upset. you can’t feel the emotions you’re supposed to feel during a big upheaval, you have to be the “strong one”. I felt like this growing up, like I couldn’t be weird or abnormal because well mom and dad are already dealing with my autistic brother, they don’t need more crap from me (nothing against my bro, i love him a LOT now, but I didn’t get it as a kid). I had to grow up insanely fast so i could take care of him and my sister, and especially protect her when mark had his meltdowns. i didn’t feel like i could talk about how any of that felt, or how it felt that mom was distant from me because she was so preoccupied with mark or how dad’s depression meant his idea of parenting was just being over silly with us and shoving mormonism down our throats. I literally only had my cat Mindy to spill my guts to, and that hurt a LOT.

kids feel anger. kids feel sad and scared and worried and hurt. you work through it with them, not expect them to be perfect.

this movie is amazing.

They love to say,
“She came into my life like a storm”
But you’ve never been the thunder,
For scentless is your name.
To think
Like amber, you hold the past inside
Display it for the world to remember,
To recall the beauty, the ferocity,
To enact the grudge
Of those long forgotten.

They speak of earning your stripes,
Struggle and loss you know too well
But you must learn to forgive yourself,
To love what is inside.
If I could
I would kiss the scars away, erase
What brings you to my door with
Tears like stars in your night eyes.
Yet I am, will always be, selfish
And I trace the holes like constellations.

They ask why you love me,
And it is an answer I won’t hear
Not for lack of words,
But I know it is never what they expect.
It is cold
So different from the fire that consumes
When we toss heads back together,
For a monster cannot love,
And a monster cannot be loved.

—  “The Problem With Gods and Goddesses” || a.j.r.

the weird thing about being trans is that you know that gender is a complicated and confusing thing, you know it’s a ridiculous social construct to assign genders to inanimate objects, and you know that gender can be expressed in a thousand contradictory ways

but at the same time, you kind of feel like you have to conform to it anyway?

like im a trans guy and even though im constantly complaining of people gendering items like deodorant and stuff, i still feel a hell of a lot better wearing ‘guys’ deodorant to ‘girls’ stuff

and i will rant for years about people saying ‘sit like a lady’ etc. because sitting positions dont have genders, but i’ll still be conscious of spreading my legs apart in public so im sitting ‘like a guy’ 

it’s probably the same for nonbinary people and trans women as well 

because in life we’ve had the strict gender roles ingrained into us since we were born, and if you’re trans you all of a sudden feel this strange need to switch, even if that’s not what you’re comfortable with 

Hubble has made me work for every cuddle. Ani and Balto have been cuddlers from the beginning. Balto curled up in my lap and slept the entire ride when I picked him up and we had just met. All you gotta do is call A&B over and they hop on the couch and curl up next to you but hubs is far more aloof. Likes pets and affection but only a few minutes then he’s done. I used to feel like I wasn’t doing enough but realized its just how he is, he likes his space, is an independent space dog.

The last few months though he chooses to spent lots of time with me on the couch, would rather be on the bed than on the floor, he seeks out pets and scritches far more often. All of a sudden I am a very rewarding thing. This morning I woke up at 6 am Hubble is standing over me quietly chattering with his nose p much on my cheek, then plops down to cuddle with his head on my chest. I pet him and cuddled him until I feel back asleep and I woke up a few hours later he was still there. He always wakes me up to potty but this is the first time he’s woken me up just to cuddle. It just made my day guys. 

People are criticizing Vegeta’s shitty attitude towards Bulma and Trunks in the last ep bc “the fight with Buu changed him!!!”

Well, I mean, yes it did. But it only made him realize how much his family and Earth truly meant to him. And if you ask me, I’ve already seen a lot of change from Vegeta. He’s still brash and mean, but he actually WENT on the vacation because he made a promise to his son (as shitty of a situation that was lol). The fact that he kept the promise shows that the process of change has begun. You can’t honestly sit there and expect Vegeta to all of a sudden start getting touchy-feely with his family in public at the drop of a hat.

All his life, he’s known war. He had been consumed by it. This new life of leisure is different and he feels uncomfortable by the change. Vegeta really doesn’t know how to conduct himself. He isn’t used to going on family outings (probs a cultural thing too). He doesn’t know how to react when Bulma shows affection in public aside for withdrawing. So everyone calm down and give him a chance for god’s sake.


Hey guys,

Just holy good God. I’m not sure how to react, so I’m just going to lay everything out on the table:

My friend from college died last night, unexpectedly. So… Right now I’m feeling a very odd mix of denial, disillusionment, sadness, joy, love, disbelief, etc. This has been a very weird couple of weeks.

As you’ve noticed–and as I’ve posted about–I’ve been on less, talking less, etc. I’ve had a lot more work all of a sudden than expected, plus dying family members, plus preparing to go to the Philippines for my brother’s wedding, plus going back to my 65-89 hour work week again has made things hard to manage. (For instance, on most days, my schedule goes: Wake up at 6 for job 1. Work until 4. Drive half hour to boyfriend’s house. Eat. Go to boyfriend’s bowling league/trivia/bowling again/therapy. If time is available (lol), sleep until 7:30. Get dressed, leave at 8 to drive hour to second job. Start second job at 9, work until 2:00. Drive another half hour to get home. Fall asleep at 3, get up for 6. Rinse and repeat).

And yet… You all have remained as supportive as ever. And I can’t thank you enough.

Life has seemed equally busy for CC Mun. So, I was thinking maybe it’s time to look for a third moderator/mun to help things. Mostly this would involve helping out on the roleplays, as they have come to a hiatus, but also help posting things and answering asks on ask days. And messages, because there are just tooo many to wade through at this point—which makes me so sad, because I miss being able to answer every one of them. So if you’d like to apply, shoot me a message! I’ll be doing the same thing as last time–giving a writing prompt to respond to as Gaster!sans, and having my third party friend pick the winning entry to prevent any bias (and because if I had to choose… I probably never would haha).

As you can also see in the picture above, I’ve scheduled a crapton of posts–about enough to post every hour from 12pm-10pm (or longer) every day for the next four days. I’ve got a few more to post, but that’s just from the tags alone–and I still haven’t gotten all the way back to all the tags I haven’t posted yet. I shall get there, nonetheless! My hope is by doing that I’ll be able to talk more, do asks when I can, and the rest–but making sure you get posts no matter what. I promise you all–I’m doing everything I can to give you my all. Because you’re my fam, and that’s literally the least you deserve.

I love you, Fam. Thank you so much for everything. ♥

I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to drive you home, you had taken a couple of beers while we were spending the evening at our friends apartment, just the three of us. All of a sudden we’re sitting in the building’s parking lot, I just finished my second cigarette in a row. Your girlfriend calls again and with shaky hands you pick the phone from your pocket and put it gently on your ear. “Where the fuck are you, I can’t hear anything why the fuck are you being such an idiot again this is your fault” I hear her drunken voice trough the phone too, she’s been going out to get wasted for a number of times lately. I feel my chest aching. “Why can’t you drive my friend home, she has no money and if she gets raped on the way home, it’s your fault.” I never knew she would say something like that, for the last two years I’ve always thought she was the softest girl ever. I wanted to take your hand.
You started shaking even more. She hung up on you and you sat down next to me on the bench. While asking you all kinds of things, I suddenly realised how unhappy you are. “It’s weird seeing you like this you know,” my hand moved to your shoulder, “you’ve always been the one to bottle this all up inside you. I think it’s time to let it out.” We’ve known each other for five years and it has always felt like I have been the only one relying on you. Selfishly I’ve always wanted to hear your hardships, to give me a chance to return the trust and kindness. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” a pause, inhale, “I mean for the last six months I’ve lived with her, I’ve just felt like she comes home just to yell at me for all the awful things in her life.” You were shaking so much, almost starting to panic, I put my arms around you, leaving us in an awkward side-hug situation. “You do know how dear you are to me, right?” you asked, trying to smile while stroking my knee gently. “Yeah… Of course I know.” Oh boy, if you only knew how close I hold you in my heart. “We’ve known each other for five years, so yes, of course I know,” I babbled on, trying to get your mind off of all the sad things. Actually I didn’t know. I’m the kind of person who needs constant reassurance that people still want me around, you especially. For all this time I’ve been the one to come crying to you when my life was shit, so for sure I am glad that I have the occasional opportunity to offer you the support of a good friend. I wanted to kiss your exposed neck. “Hey, are you cold? Here, take my jacket for now.” You stood up and briefly took off your jacket, placing it on my shoulders. “But won’t you be cold now?” I asked, it was 2:47 a.m. and I wanted to give you warmth. “No, you see, the sweater is just nicely thick and warm.” You offered me to have a look at it, I did, grabbing a fistful of the material, touching your skin slightly. It’s not even that thick. You were shaking so much, the worry might’ve shown on my face. “Let’s go to the car already, c'mon” I muttered, taking your jacket and your bag, skipping towards the passenger seat door and carefully watching you take place on the seat. I wanted to hold you. “Please keep your hands and legs inside of the trailer for the whole ride, thank you.” I slammed the door shut, and almost frantically ran to the drivers seat. I didn’t want for you to be alone for more than a second. I wanted to call you mine.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2