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Sorry to be so thick Julia but what do you think are the implications of the No Court Date for Louis thing you posted? You said it explained why the wind was blowing form another direction? I hope its not delayed - just want it over, his name cleared publicly and no longer the thing the media throws in to any article about him. :(

i meant that the tone of the articles about louis and the situation had changed yesterday. one was very positive like “louis is fan friendly” etc and the other “exclusively revealed” stuff about the pap’s history that could have been reported on for a month. they know the case is not a case and are now approaching the arrest from another angle. they admitted that the prosecution was still reviewing if there was a case at all in another article so.. they’re changing tune because the court date was most likely annulled (surprise! not.). and the moral of the story is that louis’ team could have actively prevented those headlines all month long had they put any effort into getting the actual proceedings out there. but they’re ugly assholes that let him be portrayed as someone who hits women :)

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I've been looking through the list of stancest blogs but it seems several no longer exist. I guess that's the hazard of being late to the party. I do love most of what you post so I wanted to ask if you had any recommendations of older stancest fics, art, analysis, or other that might still be available?

Hello! I’m sorry you’re not finding a lot! A few recs from a while ago would probably be:

someoneisintrouble- fantastic writer, especially if you like spanking! a very well thought out style with amazing characterzation!

calciseptinefic- i can’t help but show off this amazing writer always- calci has a very noir movie-esque style that i adore. 

busmall- an amazing writer who has a more straight forward novel style, it’s crisp and warm and it’s so fucking good 

tentacledog- a more gritty styled author that just writes some of the sexiest scenes ever, while still being incredibly raw and emotional… just a blessing tbh (also a great artist!!!!)

fallingsongs- some of the fluffiest writing i’ve ever read omggg it feels so homely to read their stuff! very comfy and real…

writingdice- jesus christ i love their work so much, a fairy tale kind of style with an edge that you just end up falling for! a personal fave of mine that needs more attention! (also an artist!!)

sinful-shipping- it’s pretty damn great and i’m dying over their one shots…

there’s a L O T more writers, but they still write for stancest so i’m not mentioning them here!

also if you need artists, just check out any artist i’ve reblogged bcs they all deserve so much love and attention! 

analysis-wise i’d go back to busmall, cheeziswin, and theywerefireworks because damn good shit 

OOC: I had a dream about the Heroes the other night

I tend to remember most of my dreams in high detail, so I like to write down the really cool ones. Well a few nights ago I had a dream about the Heroes, and I thought it’d be fun to share here :)

WARNING: This is wayyy longer than I thought it would be. Like, it’s super long. Hope you don’t mind. lol

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3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

a theory...about Shiro’s hair

ok everyone’s probably had enough of my crack theories, but…. I haven’t seen this one before and just …. listen. I have a bit of a theory about Shiro’s lil tuft of white hair. 

hmmm….oops I got distracted for a second

It ties into the theories that Haggar is actually Altean [x] [x] (this is relevant, I promise). The main reason behind these theories seems to be: 1) she has really powerful magic similar to Allura’s, 2) we haven’t seen her ears at all, so they might be pointy, 3) she has white hair like Allura’s and Alfor’s

…. *coughs* and Shiro’s.

Now, it’s pretty widely-accepted fanon that part of Shiro’s hair turned white due to stress/trauma, which is definitely a possibility! But as far as I’m aware, this hasn’t been confirmed by canon (like …. I can’t even think of a time anyone acknowledges Shiro’s hair at all). 

Let’s say Haggar is Altean. And it seems like she’s the one who did the majority of magic experimentation on Shiro, right? Well, what if ….. his hair didn’t turn white due to extreme stress, but rather because he has Altean magic in his blood?

So …. *sweats* ….. (sort of) Altean!Shiro anyone? 

Critical Role: episode 91

An incomplete list of things that happened tonight:

  • Keyleth had a frank discussion with her dad about not being prepared and how she feels a little angry about that sometimes
  • Keyleth’s dad hugged her and I cried
  • This picture:
  • Keyleth declaring, NOT asking permission, that she will stay with Vox Machina for a while longer
  • “We kidnap the President of Hell and assume is visage” Grog no
  • Matt smirked a LOT this episode and every time I said “I Don’t Like That Look On Your Face Matthew”
  • After my mind was excited by the prospect of Tiefling Vax if they tried reincarnation, now we have CANON TIEFLING VAX and I cannot WAIT for the fanart I’m gonna SWOON
  • Both VEX AND PERCY expressed great interest in seeing Keyleth shift into a succubus
  • “ermagerd”
  • “I am Lady Keyleth’s … friend”
  • After the break, Matt was illuminated by orange light
  • Devil’s Night DDDDD:
  • “Percival, strut”
  • Percy sternly demanding directions was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • Vex sneering and being all snobby and nasty was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • “This is like Hellraiser”
  • Keyleth finger-gunned with flaming hands at a devil man
  • Keyleth and Tary unknowingly ate souls
  • “We gotta get arrested” “Or become police officers”
  • “We could send him a tree”
  • “Here, he’s a wee bab in a chocolate egg”
  • “All this time Vax has been staring at Tary imagining him with HALF A BEARD”
  • Percy snorted a soul intentionally 
  • “I would prefer you indebted to me … tempt me … it behooves you to make this contract” This entire conversation holy hell it was so hot I might have fainted
  • “Greg”
  • “Does it show” PERCY OMG
  • Keyleth with her hood down, flaming hands on, striking a badass pose
  • Keyleth said that Vax “belong[ed] to her” and somewhere Vax got a boner
  • “I feel inspired to go to bed” SAME

I don’t know if anyone else caught this but Jack sent out a post this morning (where I live):

I reblogged it and then clicked on it to go to Jack’s page and the text had changed:

I just looked through Jack’s page and the post is no longer there.

*Edit: I’m sorry I didn’t realize about the second post oops. My bad*

“You create your own demons” - Tony Stark and the Villains of the MCU. The Blame Game Part 2

There have been many posts about IM3, and its numerous faults. I won’t go into every single one - it’d take longer than a Tumblr post should be. Instead, I’ll focus on something that was hinted from the very beginning of the movie, and that is present all throughout the MCU.

“A famous man said you create your own demons”. A sentence said in Tony’s thoughtful, regretful baritone while the suits blow up poetically. A sentence that sets us up for a clear conclusion. That yet again - it’s all Tony’s fault.

This is not a new thing. Most of the villains Tony went up had some sort of personal vendetta against him. In a way, that’s not necessarily surprising. There’s only so much depth the villain of a Marvel movie can have and vengeance or power hunger is usually the go-to reason. The same reasons often motivate the villains in other stand-alone Marvel movies. The difference is that the heroes in other movies are rarely, if ever blamed for it.

So, to start us with, a run-through Tony Stark’s villains.

Obadiah Stane - the back-stabbing, double-crossing father figure. Stane, the guy who arranged Tony’s ordeal in Afghanistan, who sold Tony’s weapons behind his back, who tore his arc reactor out of his chest. The same guy who barely warrants a footnote apparently, even if he’s the true Merchant of Death. Even the Ten Rings terrorists decide to take him captive instead of killing him because he’s more valuable alive than dead - although arguably, they are Tony’s exception, in the sense that it wasn’t personal on their part. They just wanted the weapons.

Justin Hammer - the business rival. In a way, Hammer is a parody of Tony. Sometimes, it seems his sole purpose is to point out how much better Tony is at everything. But that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. Stupid people with wealth and influence are often the most dangerous. Just look at Donald Trump. (And yes, I know Justin isn’t an idiot. He’s just ridiculous. But I’m making a point here).

Ivan Vanko - the old wounds nemesis. I never did understand if Howard did in fact rip off Anton Vanko’s designs, or if Anton was guilty of Howard accused him of. Either way, this is a classic case of the “sins of the father”.

Aldritch Killian - the guy Tony… dissed at a party one time?

And yet, from the very beginning, the movie tells us that it’s ALL TONY’S FAULT. And this is in fact an opinion I’ve seen in the fandom. If Tony hadn’t been a jerk to the young Killian at the party, he would have never become the Mandarin.

No. Just no.

Tony does not carry the weight of the decisions of every single wackjob in the world. Was he an asshole? Sure. But the natural response to having your work rejected is not to turn yourself into a scientific experiment and start blowing people up. 

That’s like… going around gunning people down in clubs because you realized the girl you met last night gave you a fake phone number.

At the end of the day, all Tony really did was provide feedback for Maya Hansen. He helped a fellow intellectual peer. He actually assisted in stabilizing Extremis and making it better. I know it’s incredibly tempting to call it irresponsible, but the work was primarily Maya and Killian. Tony had very little to do with it.

And yet… “We create our own demons”.

There is a parallel here we can make with other Marvel villains. First we have the Captain America villains - the Red Skull and Alexander Pierce, Hydra - in both cases, “nothing personal” - just Cap standing up against evil. I suppose technically, the Red Skull hated Cap for winning the lottery when it comes to the serum, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s more chance than anything else. It could have easily been some other guy who was in that position. Zola goes into a similar category. The only one who falls into the personal nemesis category would perhaps be Crossbones, who blames Cap for his disfigurement. The Winter Soldier doesn’t really count - there’s a very real personal element there, but he’s never truly Cap’s enemy, I don’t think. You need to have agency to be somebody’s nemesis, and the WS is mostly just Pierce’s weapon. 

Then we have the Thor villains. Loki.

Loki is also a sore point for me in the MCU. Loki endured Asgard’s abuse for 1000 years, and finally snapped when he learned the truth about his parentage. 

At the end of Thor 1, Loki lets go of the spear and essentially commits suicide. And yet, at no point does Odin take responsibility for anything that happened to his son. HIS SON. Not a random stranger he met at a part. His adopted son, whom he deliberately lied to, whom he raised to hate his own people, who lived for 1000 years in a culture that disdained his natural inclinations. 

I always did wonder just how much Odin knew of what happened to Loki in the void. Thor tells the Avengers the name of the species Loki planned on bringing along. This could be just script oversight, a plot hole. so to speak - there’s a lot of that going around in the MCU - but it does not speak well of Odin. And I will go to my grave saying that Loki was coerced into his actions from Avengers 1.

Then there is the dark elf Malekith. Presumably, Odin’s father Bor wiped out all of Malekith’s people. Malekith is entitled to some revenge. But at no time does Odin acknowledge Asgard’s responsibility in the situation with Malekith - Bor’s, if not his own. 

Arguably, Loki is about as personal as you can get when it comes to villains. Malekith’s beef is with Asgard as a whole, not with Thor. And even there, his primary motivation is acquiring the Aether. Revenge is secondary (as evidenced by the fact that after getting the stone, he left Thor and Loki to the minions).

Next, we have the Guardians with their Ronan. I’m not 100% clear on what Ronan was trying to accomplish beyond “Kree justice on Xandar” and the apparent destruction of the planet, but it was unrelated to Quill and the crew. Similarly, in Ant Man, Darren Cross’s vendetta and main goal was related to Hank Pym, not Scott Lang.

For Bruce Banner, we have Thaddeus Ross. There’s definitely a personal element there. He hates Bruce largely because of Betty. He’s obsessed with the Hulk - although it’s worth noting that it stems from his work with the super-soldier serum. The Abomination acts as a secondary, forgettable villain - possibly resentful that the Hulk beat him, possibly craving power. Ross’s obsession carries over to Civil War, independent of the Hulk once Bruce is out of the picture. 

Finally, we have the collective “Avengers” villains (other than Loki). 

The Maximoffs - whose parents were killed by a SI missile. We don’t actually know who sold the missile, but what we do know is that the reason of the revolt in Sokovia was Hydra. Chances are Hydra’s purchase of the Stark missile was entirely legitimate, through SHIELD. Doesn’t that put things into perspective?  Again - it’s a Tony thing.

Ultron. I’m still on the fence on just how much of Ultron is Tony’s responsibility. One day I’ll start a debate about it. But let’s say, for the sake of keeping the post of a reasonable length, the murder-bot Tony is widely blamed for.

Zemo - Like Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, a Sokovian who lost his family due to the Avengers. It’s personal for him too - just not solely focused on Tony.

So, to wrap things up, other than the Iron Man villains, the only villain who truly gets personal is Loki and perhaps Ross and Crossbones. The collective villains all include Tony, or even focus on him - as is the case of the Maximoff or Ultron (”he hates you the most”). 

It is important to note that even in cases such as Ross’s, the grudge match against other heroes is always viewed as unjustified. ALWAYS. It’s always the other guy’s who is in the wrong. That’s just the way it works. There were scenes in Thor that depicted Loki in a more complex light, but those scenes were specifically deleted to make Thor the good guy and Loki the villainous jealous younger sibling. Not so in Tony Stark’s case. In Tony’s case, he’s the one to blame for everything since the Original Sin.

There is an underlying message here - a message that has been perceived and internalized. That Tony Stark is hated - so it’s okay to blame him for everything else too. It’s the same pattern of blame that is everywhere in the MCU.

This is why during AoU, everyone is in such a rush to blame Tony for it. Steve Rogers, a man who has known Tony for years, bends his ear to the words of a Hydra agent and believes her over his teammate. Thor chokes Tony. Bruce skirts responsibility. Wanda gets away with it (we’ve been over that already).

It’s quite frankly an alarming pattern - and somehow it makes me wonder if they won’t manage to make Thanos Tony’s fault too. If not, they’ll probably set it on Loki.


so I saw a lot of hate for allura in the tag today so i went back to episode 2.12 and got some screengrabs of her apology to keith

i made a longer post here, but yeah like she’s not perfect, of course not, and you know what? she realised her mistakes and she apologised. she’s barely been awake like a year and she’s had so much shit to deal with, notably the destruction of her planet and her entire race so uh yeah

And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

Peep Show

Word Count: 5457

Warning: Smut with voyeurism and exhibitionism

A/N: This story is a tad bit longer than the other ones I had posted. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I can’t do this anymore. It’s over, y/n.”

You stared at your boyfriend, shocked at the words that just escaped from his mouth. This was not how you saw your two year anniversary going. You had planned a nice romantic evening at your apartment for you and your boyfriend, Chris. He was supposed to come over at six for a cheesy candlelit dinner you had prepared. Followed by a movie on your cozy couch which would result in you two snuggling up together in each other’s arms. Then the night would end with a little physical contact in the bedroom and lots of R&R the next day. But of course, Chris had other plans. He came over empty handed! And not only that, he forgot it was your anniversary! Chris had expressed that he had fallen out of love with you for some time now and he wanted to seek excitement elsewhere. You were blindsided by his confession and completely heartbroken.

“But Chris, can’t we-”

“NO, Y/N! We are over! There’s nothing more you can say that will make me change my mind. Besides, I started seeing someone else.”

Chris left your apartment leaving you on the floor in a balling mess.


One Week Later…

“Y/n! This is ridiculous!” Your best friend yelled as she pulled the blinds open, letting light enter your apartment. “Besides work, you haven’t let this damn place!”

You lowered your head in shame. You didn’t mean to isolate yourself from the world but the breakup was still fresh on your mind. You had given two years of your life to a guy, thinking that he loved you only for him to tell he was bored with the relationship. It was embarrassing and also insulting. You didn’t look at the situation as if it was his choice but blamed yourself because you couldn’t keep him happy. A few tears fell from your eyes. Your best friend rushed to your side, holding you close.

“Don’t you dare cry over that asshole, y/n. He doesn’t deserve your tears or thoughts,” she wiped your cheeks. “Guys don’t think when it comes to relationships. All they want is for someone, who isn’t their mother, to take care of them and supply them with sex and food. You remembered what happened with my ex?”

You thought back to the many phone calls you two shared because her ex boyfriend. If there was a king of douche bag boyfriends, he would be it. Not only did he cheat on her but he trashed her apartment and stole her money before he disappeared. You two were up all night driving around looking for him. At the time, you were relieved Chris wasn’t like that but you also didn’t expect him to walk out on you.

“Anyways, I learned from the situation. I’m too young to settle down and now I’m living my life just the way I want it. I don’t need a boyfriend and I keep a few guys around to handle my needs. Yep! Life is just wonderful which is why I don’t want you hanging in the house anymore. Let’s invite a few more friends, get dressed up and go out tonight. What do you say?”

You thought it over for a second. To hell with Chris! If he didn’t appreciate you then it was his lost. Eventually, someone will come along and appreciate what an amazing person you were. But that day was not today, so why not go out and have fun?

“Hell yeah! Count me in!” You shouted as you jumped up from the couch, storming into your bedroom closet to look for something to wear.

A couple hours later, you, your best friend, and three other girls stood in line waiting to get inside a club. You decided on wearing a simple black dress that hung off of your shoulders and black stilettos heels. Tonight you wanted to focus solely on having fun and not about Chris and what he could possibly be doing at that moment. It wasn’t long before you were let in and the blast of music followed by people all over made you tense. Your best friend noticed.

“Relax, I know it’s been awhile since you put yourself out there but you don’t have to worry. Just enjoy yourself.” She whispered in your ear. You offered her weak smile and nodded.

As the night went on, everyone was having a good time. Your group of friends were chatting with a group of guys and you danced and drank a little too much to the point that you were tipsy. You heard your friend say something about going to another club and everyone got up to leave. You tried to keep up but ended up getting lost on the street. You checked your phone but had no signal to make a call.

As you walked around looking for them, the cool outside air sobered you up. It had been ten minutes and still no sign of your friends. You were about to hail for a cab and head home until you realized you were standing in front of a club. “Desire” spelled out in red neon lights and just below the name, words in white read “live shows”. Weird. It didn’t seem like the average place to party and held some mystery to it.

“They couldn’t have come here,” you mumbled to yourself, looking around. “What the hell. No harm in checking.”

You entered through the door and immediately felt the change in atmosphere from the previous club. The furniture and walls were white with a luminous blue light reflecting off of it. The slow sensual music was loud but not enough to hear from outside. Overall, you liked the place. Everyone there was wearing all black and a mask across their face, hiding their identity. You noticed they each sported a different color wristband as well. A man approached you. His choice of clothes, although were black, was different from everyone else’s. In fact, only six men wore that uniform.

“Good evening and welcome to Desire. May I ask which show would you be interested in?” He spoke.

“Well, I was looking for my friends. I thought had came in here but I guess I am mistaken.” You told him as you continued to look around. He could sense your curiosity and offered you light smile.

“If you are interested, I could give you a tour.”

He offered his hand to you. You were hesitant but decided to take it. You thought about your friends. Wondering if they were looking for you or if they went to the club or home. He led you through the crowd, handing you a glass of champagne along the way.

“What kind of place is this? It doesn’t seem like a club.” You asked.

“That’s because this is a lounge, for entertainment purposes only. This is the main floor. Some nights the stage is available for musical performances while the guests mingle but that’s not tonight. We offer drinks, food, and music. People pay to relax, make small talk, and to watch.”

“To watch? Watch what?” Confusion etched across your faced.

You two stopped in front a black door, shield away by a black, velvety curtain located in the back. He held the door open for you and you walked through. In this area of the lounge, the walls were red, the furniture was black, and the light shining from above was bright for you to see everything.

“Our peep shows range from whatever you desire. If you have a kink for control, then I would suggest the bdsm shows or if you’re into dress up, there’s the role play shows. Orgies, gay sex, spankings, cross dressing… you name it, we have it for your viewing.” Your head was swimming in thoughts. Out of all the places, you end up in the fetish club. It was all so overwhelming.

“So have you decided on a show?” He asked, tearing you from your thoughts. You nervously rubbed your hands together.

“Actually, this is too much for me,” you admitted, turning to face him. “I don’t even know what my kinks are. I just simply enjoyed sex.”

“Ah! I know the perfect room for you and the show is just about to start.”

The host walked over to you and placed a white wristband around your wrist. Once again he led you to a door. Inside only held a single black chair.

“Which one is this?” You were almost scared to ask.

“This is Jimin. He is the crowd’s favorite.”

“Wait!” You stopped momentarily. “Will I be the only one watching?”

“Of course. For privacy reasons, we only offer one person per room.”

He ushered you inside and entered behind you, shutting the door. You took a seat and stared ahead. The black curtain parted, opening the sensual scene to your eyes. The couple was guarded by a two-way glass screen. A dirty blonde haired man, dressed only in his boxer briefs, was kissing down a woman’s neck. She had long silky dark brown hair surrounding a beautiful face. She could have definitely considered being a model if she wasn’t an exhibitionist.

Both of them were kneeling with their bodies faced towards you. His face was concealed from your view as he kissed down her back. The bra the woman was wearing loosened and she pulled it off exposing her small breasts to your gaze. Their bodies fell forward with their backside in the air. He backed away from her to stand properly. His body was well defined and chiseled but not too muscular. His hand flipped his hair out of his face, locking eyes with you. When he did that, your heart nearly stopped beating. He was breathtakingly gorgeous. You gasped, sitting up straight in the chair.

“I see you like, Jimin.” The host whispered into your ear. You weren’t even aware, he was even there.

“Yes, he is very handsome.” You mumble, unable to take your eyes off of him.

“Maybe your kink is to watch or being watched. Come here often and you will learn why he is the crowd’s favorite. Have a good evening.”

The host exited the room, leaving you to watch the rest of the show. Jimin had turned his gaze away from you and back to his partner. She rolled over on her back, sliding her hands down her body resting on her private area. Her hand moved to the inside of her panties as she lifted her hips off of the bed. You couldn’t hear their voices or sounds but by the look on her face, you could tell she was enjoying the pleasure she gave herself. Jimin watched her with hunger in his eyes. You saw his lips move and immediately she was bent over in front of him. His underwear slid down his thighs, resting at his knees. His hands gripped her hair as his hips thrust forward. You watched him fuck her mouth as yours watered to get a taste. He reached over and slapped her panty covered ass. Your hand twitched as if he just slammed yours. Jimin suddenly pushed the girl on her back, yanking her panties off her legs. You were able to see his thick cock, standing proudly against his abs. It was then you felt a strong urge between your own legs. Closing your thighs tightly, you could feel how wet your panties were. Jimin rid himself of his last bit of clothing and closed the gap between him and his lover. He found your eyes once again as he spread her legs wide and he entered her. You softly moaned out at the same time the girl threw her head back. You watched him fucked her mercilessly wishing it was you. Soon you could see a thin layer of sweat that coated his back. You groaned to yourself. You would give anything to hear their lovemaking.

They suddenly rolled over and the woman was on top. She had braced both hands on his chest was rode him with such forced. Her hair was wild and untamed and both of their eyes were shut as they became lost in the feeling. His hands held on to her hips helping her grind on his cock. You could tell they were close by speed of their movements. The girl frozen her body, her scrunched up and her mouth hung open in a perfect ‘o’. Jimin pushed her off of him and stood. Quickly stroking himself until he came all over her face. The last thing you saw was their heavy breathing before the curtain close.

You sat there amazed at what you had just witnessed. You were on the edge of the chair and your fingers left indents in the leather. Your breathing was just as labored, you may as well have been fucking.

“Shit…” you stated, astonished.


You lied in bed, tossing and turning at the unrelieved pressure between your legs. Over and over the show played in your head since you made it home. Your friends eventually called and told you they were headed home for the night. You neglected to tell them about your mystery club and instead, wished them a good night. You thought back to how Jimin hammered into that woman. The way his muscles in his ass flexed and the satisfied look on her face, giving her quite a fuck.

“Jimin…” you breathed his name.

There was something about him that intrigued you. The look of hunger in his eyes as you stared at each other. It almost felt as though he was fucking you. You certainly felt the connection and knew why everyone favored his shows. He had a presence that invited you in. Even in that type of setting, you felt welcomed. You wondered how many women left that place panties wet, horny as hell, wishing Jimin would fuck them. Knowing them, they probably just found a random guy in the lounge and brought him home for an easy one night stand. But you… you wanted Jimin.

So it was no surprise that you went back the next night. You stared at the neon sign before walking inside. Immediately, you spotted who you were looking for and smiled.

“Good evening and welcome back to Desire. May I ask which shows are you interested in seeing tonight.” The host asked.

“I would like to see The Crowd’s Favorite. Is he available?” You replied with a smile, handing him your first payment. He smiled back and gave you a slight nod. This time he placed a red colored wristband on your arm. He led you pass the black door to the rooms where the shows were being presented. He handed you a black laced mask before leaving you by yourself.

“Enjoy the show.”

You found his specific room and entered, taking a seat in the chair. You stared at the mask in your hands, debating on whether to wear it or not. You decided not to since people had already seen your face. Taking a deep breath, you waited for the curtain to open and a minute later it did.

The same woman was laid out on the bed, her fingers buried deep within her cunt. She was the only one who was visible and you wondered where Jimin was. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted. You thought about how it would feel to put your body on display for a man or woman to see. To let them see you spread wide, performing lewd acts by yourself or with a partner. It sounds interesting but you didn’t have the guts. Maybe that’s why Chris decided to leave. You didn’t provide enough excitement in the bedroom and your sex life became dull.

As soon as you shook the depressing thought from your mind, Jimin appeared and climbed onto the bed. He snatched the woman’s hand away from her pussy and held them both above her head. She mouthed something to him as she started fidgeting. He brought his fingers up to his mouth, wetting them before they were pressed against her clit. Slowly, his fingers rubbed circles around the nub. You watched her back arch, lifting her chest in the air. Your breathing increased as well. Jimin slipped one finger after another into her twat until three of his fingers rested inside her. He worked them slowly against her walls, ultimately speeding up his pace. You couldn’t help the sudden rush you were feeling. Your fingers found what they was looking for in the inside of your panties. You were already soaked and wasted no time plunging your fingers into your pussy, trying to match his speed. Your eyes shut momentarily as you moaned out in pleasure. When they opened, you found Jimin watching you instead of his lover. His eyes drifted down from your face to your hand inside your panties. You felt your face heat up in embarrassment but you were too far gone to stop now. You opened your legs wider and used your other hand to massage your clit. Your juices flowed down your ass and onto the leather fabric. Your eyes closed again, imagining it was his fingers. You picture his naked body leaning over you, watching as you were about to cum. You looked past your heavy lids and saw Jimin lick and bite his bottom lip, his eyes still locked on your crotched.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” You chanted, feeling your stomach tighten.

Your head fell back and you screamed out as your orgasm washed over you. You swallowed hard, coming to the reality of what you had done. Your legs twitched from the aftermath and your panties were now ruined. When you lifted your head to face Jimin, he had a smirk on his face and a very hard dick in his boxers. You nervously shifted in your seat before getting up and running out of the room. You left the lounge, walking in no particular direction. After awhile, you stopped to calm down.

“What the hell, y/n! How do I go back after what I just did?!” You yelled to yourself.

“Simple, you just come back and take a seat because I’d love to see what else you have up your sleeve.” A deep voice joined the conversation. You turned around only to come face to face with Jimin. You immediately turned away from him and covered your face.

“I’m so sorry. I was caught up in the moment. I don’t know what came over me?”

Jimin smiled and crossed his arms. “Why are you apologizing? I enjoyed it very much.”

“Really?” You faced him. It was then you noticed his clothes hung loosely on his person, as if he rushed to get dressed.

“Absolutely! It seemed more real and genuine, better than the other shows I’ve seen.”

“That’s because it was. I was horny and I had imagined that it was you that was touching me. Like I said be– WAIT A MINUTE! Does that mean these shows aren’t real?!”

Jimin threw his head back and laughed out loud. “Of course it’s real. We are performers. It’s our job to keep the audience entertained any way possible. But doing the same thing over and over can seem artificial or rehearsed. But I can assure you, it’s real.”

“Oh.” You mumbled, running out of words to say.

“You know, you are quite experienced for a voyeur. Have you considered being an exhibitionist?”

Your eyes widen and you vigorously shook your head. “NO! There’s no way I could do that.”

“Why not? Are you afraid you might like it?” He smirked. You blankly stared at him, unable to answer. There was a possibility that he could be right. Since you came to that place, it gave boost of confidence and a high dosage of sexual excitement that was dying to escape your body. “Do me a favor. Come to the lounge tomorrow night, same time. Wear something comfortable but have on black undergarments. I will meet you in the back.” And with that, Jimin winked at you and walked away.


The next night, you had dressed exactly how Jimin said. Wearing black cheeky panties under blue jeans and a thin black dress that you pulled up into a makeshift shirt. All hidden under your black jacket. More than the regular share of people were there when you entered the lounge. Tonight, the stage was open and everyone’s attention was on an older woman who softly sung into the microphone. You looked around but couldn’t find your usual host.

“Welcome to Desire. Are you looking for someone in particular or are you interested in a show?” A deep voice asked you.

You faced the man who was dressed as a host but the only difference was that he wore a mask. From your time being there, not once have you seen them wear one.

“Yes, I was looking for you actually.” You stated confidently. Jimin removed his mask and held out his hand which you easily took.

“I had to make sure you didn’t change your mind.”

“If I did, I wouldn’t have come tonight.”

He led you to an unknown area of the club, one you were unfamiliar with. Opening a door, you were present to tiny room with a single bed inside. When you saw the closed curtain, your stomach dropped and you could feel each nerve tighten under your skin. You didn’t know if you were ready to perform such a task.

“Take off your coat and pants” Jimin spoke. He had already shed his clothes and stood in nothing but boxer briefs. Your eyes traced over every inch of him and his body looked even better close up. With trembling hands, you removed your clothes and handed it him. He sat them off to side and pulled you over to the bed. He stood in front of you, taking in your figure. You took deep slow breaths to calm yourself. Jimin picked up on your mood.

“You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I won’t be upset that my beautiful date for the night decided to leave me.” He joked. You smiled, feeling a bit bashful.

“Well I already came this far and I wondered what it was like to be watched.”

“But I already watched you.”

You thought for a moment before answering. “Yes, but it I wanted to experience being watched while someone does explicit things to my body. Knowing that you were watching me, only lit the flame and what I want is a forest fire.”

Jimin walked closer, his lips barely touching yours. “Was I the one doing explicit things to your body?”

“Every time.” You breathed out.

“Relax, close your eyes, and tell me about it.”

You close your eyes and felt his presence move away from you. You cheered yourself on in your head, trying to recant your fantasies. “First, you would approach me quietly, leaving wet kisses on my neck. Your hands would roam over my breasts, lightly massaging them.”

As you spoke, you felt Jimin’s hard figure behind you. His hands gently traced up your sides, moving from under your arms to cup your breasts. He fondled the mounds of soft tissue, rubbing his thumbs along your now hard nipples. His head leaned against yours and you felt his warm breath in your ear.

“What kind of shy girl leaves home without a bra? I guess you’re not as innocent as you think.” You moaned out feeling your wetness coat your underwear. “Come on, don’t slow down now, baby. Tell me what else I do to you.”

“One of your hands goes inside my panties and you tease me before finger fucking me.”

He lifted your right leg in the air, hooking his arm under it. His hand eased their way inside your panties, rubbing his fingers along your wet lips. Your head fell back on his shoulder and your hand massaged his scalp. His other hand slipped under your dress and pinched your nipple. Spreading out his fingers, Jimin was able to play with clit and tease your entrance. You were so wet, you were dripping down your thighs.

“Open your eyes.” He whispered in your ear.

You opened your eyes and lifted your head back into its position on your shoulders. The curtains were wide open and a woman sat in the chair in front of you. She was wearing her mask so you couldn’t see her face but the look in her eyes told you everything. She was just as interested as you had been when you first showed up. Jimin lowered your leg and moved his hands away. He turned your body to face his as he gripped your panties and yanked them down your legs. He pulled the neckline of your dress down, stretching it as he bent his head to capture your areola in his mouth. As he sucked, you felt his tongue flicking at your nipple. His tongue traced up your body until his mouth found yours. The kiss was a very heated one. Your tongue explored every inch of his mouth and vice versa.

“Let’s give our guest the proper performance, shall we?” He stated. You smiled and nodded. Jimin help pulled your dress off. “Lay on the bed on your back with your head hanging over.”

You followed his command, staring at his upside down figure. Jimin pulled down his boxers, showing off his semi hard cock. When he leaned over to touch your pussy, you came face to face with his genitals. You felt both of his arms wrap around your waist before you were being lift in the air. Almost immediately, his tongue invaded your other lips. Steadying one hand on his thigh and the other around his shaft, you sucked down the mushroom tip. Like a cock hungry slut, you eagerly shoved his cock in your mouth. Taking in as much as you can. Jimin groaned as he lapped at your clit. He licked to your opening, shoving his tongue in as deep as it could go. You were the wettest you had ever been and he was drinking down every drop. You could feel yourself tightening around his little pink muscle.

“Hold it in. We are not done yet.”

Jimin lowered you to the floor and maneuvered you over to the glass screen so that your body was pressed up against it. In one stroke he entered you, squishing your breasts to the glass. The woman almost fell out of her chair at the view she was getting. Jimin pounded into your pussy, spreading your ass cheeks to sink in deeper. You were a moaning mess, the element of pleasure plastered across your face. You pushed your backside against him wanting to feel more.

“Lift your leg up so she can see what I’m doing to you. I want this image burned into her mind.” Jimin growled, sinking his teeth into your shoulder blade.

You did what he said only to feel his hand come around your waist. He pinched your swollen clit between his thumb and middle finger, using his index to flick the bundle of nerves. His hips picked up speed occasionally grinding himself into you. Your sweaty hands slid down the screen, as you were on the verge of cumming. If only you could witness what the woman was seeing. This was your third come coming to the club, it all boiled down to this moment. Falling apart in front a stranger’s eyes all because of Jimin’s actions. Your breathing increased and you could no longer hold back your excitement.

“Oh God!” You screamed out, releasing so hard Jimin’s cock was forced out of your cunt.

You gasped for air, still feeling your high as your juices puddling under you. Jimin watched you in amazement. He had his usual pleased smirk on his face. But the show wasn’t over just yet. Falling to your knees, you grasped his cock in your hands stroking him to release. You opened your mouth and held out your tongue, waiting on his salty white liquid to land on it. It wasn’t long before his legs buckled and rope after rope of sperm spurted all over your face. There was so much, it almost covered your face entirely.

By now the curtain had closed and Jimin was cleaning you up with a fresh towel. As soon as he finished, he pulled you down onto the bed so you two could rest. Your mind raced with thoughts of what you had just done. A big smile spread across your face. You didn’t think you could do it but you did and was proud of yourself. You suddenly felt like a different person.

“You know, you never told me your name.” He chuckled, interrupting your thoughts. You slapped your palm against your forehead. How could you be so forgetful?

“Oh my God, you’re right! I don’t know when I became such a daring person. My name is y/n.”

“Well y/n, it is nice to meet you. But I think you’ve always been that way and you’re just now finding out what interests you. You are a natural born exhibitionist and I would like to help you explore more of that side. Plus more.”

You were silently hoping that this experience with Jimin wouldn’t just be a one-time thing but you also weren’t ready to show your body off every night like he did.

“Let me think it over, okay?”


One Month Later

You didn’t know how in the world you found yourself sitting across from Chris at a restaurant but you were. He had suddenly called you up out of the blue asking if you were available to talk. And you agreed because he denied you the talk you wanted when he walked out. He stared at you, taking in your appearance. He smiled as he talked.

“I’m glad you decided to join me today. It’s good to see you, y/n. I don’t know what it is but you have this glow about you. You look nice.”

“Thank you. What did you want to talk about?”

He cleared his throat and moved nervously in his seat. “Well, I want to apologize for what happened the last time we talked. I was a jerk for how I treated you and I’m sorry.”

“Mmm…” You raised an eyebrow, sipping on your drink. Your phone dinged and you picked it up to check the message. Chris rubbed his hands together and leaned forward.

“And I was wondering if you could give us another shot? I miss you and I realize you are the woman for me.” He smiled. You felt your heart beating rapidly in your chest at his words. You didn’t think you ever heard him say it. You put your phone down and stared into his eyes.

“Is that how you really feel, Chris?”

“It is,” he took your hand in his. “I really want this. I love you y/n.”

You smiled. “That’s good to hear… but I think that’s the problem. I’m too much of a woman for you,” you stated as you pulled your hand away, gathering your things to leave. “I don’t want to be with a guy who is quick to toss me aside because he thinks I’m no longer valuable. Not once did you talk to me and express how unhappy you were. Instead you decided to leave me looking for something better and judging by how you are back in my face asking for a second chance, I assumed you didn’t find it. I’m sorry, Chris but I’m not someone you drop and pick up every time you feel you want a girlfriend.”

You stood to leave but decided to offer a few choice words to your ex boyfriend. “So to put it frankly, you don’t deserve another second of my time. Fuck no and fuck you! Have a nice life.”

You blew him a kiss and walked away. You smiled brightly as you walked up to Jimin, who was waiting by his car. He looked damn good in all black with his blonde hair blowing in the wind. When he spotted you, he returned your smile and opened his arms when you embraced him. You two shared a brief kiss and Chris, who was watching the entire time, turned his head away in anger. Jimin helped you into the passenger side before he hopped in the driver’s seat. He pulled off, driving to nowhere in particular. You took his hand in yours and the two of sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Your best friend was right. You were young and didn’t need a boyfriend. Not when you had your favorite performer ready to dick you down and turn you out when you needed it. Yes, life was marvelous!

people don’t talk about modern!newsies headcanons enough like 

-they work at Barnes and Noble
-Katherine is an aspiring author/literature student who really loves her maxi skirts and Pinterest

-Davey takes up a part time job to help his parents pay the bills but he gets stuck babysitting Les so he sets him free in the children’s department of the store-
-Jack totally runs an aesthetic blog 

-that’s full of lots of pictures of nature
-and stills from old western movies
-the lodging house is probably a foster group home 

-store manager Wiesel overworking them and cutting their hours

-Spot Conlon works at like Books-A-Million on the other side of the mall
-Jack Kelly in skinny jeans, a flannel, and a beanie
-I’m putting it out there that Crutchie and Davey are total theatre geeks and probably cried watching Les Mis together or something

Imagine if back in Season 2 they had decided to go with Red Beauty. We would’ve had an LGBT relationship with 2 main characters (Ruby was still a main at the time) 3 seasons earlier, it could still easily have BatB undertones (Ruby is a freaking wolf), it would have gotten Belle away from Rumple (who they could’ve made into more of a ‘Gaston’ figure it they chose to). They could have foiled Red and Rumple as 2 “monsters” to show which one is the real beast. Imagine if in that episode where David’s step-dad/King whats-his-face convinced everyone to lead a hunt against Red if Belle had been the one to stand up for her and defend her from the mob (“Kill the Beast” song, anyone?)

Imagine Belle in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t constantly lie to her, except when it suddenly becomes convenient to tell the truth. Imagine her being with someone who wouldn’t excuse their shitty treatment of her by saying stuff like “You knew this is what you were getting when you fell in love with me” despite them repeatedly saying that they were going to try to be better. Imagine Belle being with someone who shared her ideals of being kind and selfless and wanting to help others.

Also, imagine Red having a more central part in the plot of Season’s 3-5 as all the Rumbe!!e episodes are now Red Beauty episodes. Rumple can still be around too, because he’s a great villain, but he could just be that… a villain.

Red Beauty could have been everything ya’ll.

French vocab DELF B2 (1)

I have decided to post here all the vocabulary that I had to look up while working with my book Les clés du nouveau DELF B2. But, instead of doing like most people do, and writing the English (or Spanish or whatever) translation next to the French word, I’m writing the definition in French. This way, I get an understanding of the word that is much deeper and lasts longer in my brain than just the translation. I’ll be doing one post for each unit in the book, and then for each exam after those (it comes with example exams for you to practice).

  • Foyer: lieu où habite une famille.
  • Adulescent: se dit d’un adulte qui continue à se comporter comme un adolescent.
  • Rebo: rebelle-bourgeois.
  • Auprès: en adressant à.
  • En panne: qui a cessé de fonctionner pour une raison ou une autre.
  • Boulot: terme populaire désignant le travail.
  • Dévaler: descendre hâtivement.
  • Héler: appeler quelqu’un qui est loin.
  • Escabeau: sorte de tabouret ou petite échelle ne comportant que quelques marches.
  • Canicule: une période d’intense chaleur au cours de laquelle les températures sont bien au-dessus de celles que la région concernée connaît habituellement sur cette même période.
  • Voyant: personne prétendant lire l’avenir ou le passé.
  • Guérisseur: personne qui tente de guérir des maladies mais qui utilise des techniques non reconnues par la médecine traditionnelle.
  • Furoncle: abcès fermé, volumineux et douloureux généralement dû à une bactérie appelée staphylocoque.
  • Blaser: rendre indifférent, émousser les sensations.
  • Emprise: domination morale ou intellectuelle.
  • Laxisme: tolérance excessive.
  • Autour: adverbe qui signifie que l’on se réfère à un espace qui entoure un objet, une personne ou un lieu déterminé.
  • Tisser: entrelacer des fils pour fabriquer un tissu.
  • Toile: tissu de lin, de chanvre, de coton,…
Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!

Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

Click “Keep reading” below to view the tutorial because looonngg post

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jfdskjfsd i couldn’t wait any longer to post this so
7 years ago (february 20th) i officially made these ocs and [clutches heart] they’ve ruined my life, and will now continue to ruin my life, til death do us part