i had a long tag rant but then this wouldn't work so i had to start again

Edit: Lying’s said some really good stuff about this, so go check out his responses because the points he brings up are important.

I am so, so angry about the yogs deciding to read fanfic out on the stream last night. So angry.

Generally, I try to keep this blog as a strictly fic-related one, given that I’ve got my personal for ranting about stuff - but this is important, and fic-related, and it’s something that probably affects a lot of my followers, given they’re fan authors themselves.

I woke up this morning to the find out this had happened, and my immediate reaction was do I need to lock my blog. I was thinking about how I’d go about shutting down my ao3 without losing my fic even as I was trying to find out exactly what fic it was that had been read out (it wasn’t one of mine, thank god, but it shouldn’t have been anyone’s).

This it is not an okay thing to do to your fans, and it creates a climate of fear and distrust every time someone does this. If you want to read fanfic out anywhere other than in a personal group of friends, you ask permission first. And if your intention is to read the fanfic out so you can mock it, don’t even bother asking. Just don’t do it. How is this a hard concept to grasp.

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