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I just discovered your blog and I can't believe I didn't have it in my life before! Thanks so much for running it. I adore Mr. Sexbang so much and if I had to pick my favorite thing about him (insanely hard thing to do) it would be how he's usually cuddled up with a blanket whenever they actually show him recording. If it's even possible - what's your favorite thing about this giant happy beanstalk??

I live for Danny wearing his Giants beanie

WHAT IF Merle and Lucretia’s spa day wasn’t their first, like if they had spa days before or generally hung out before everything happened? And it would be so hard for Lucretia to agree to to go again because it would mean being attached to her friends she had resolved to keep at a distance? And not just with Merle but her friendship with everyone? I’m so emotional rn

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81: “Hold still.”

“Robert, I swear, if you don’t stop moving around, I’m going to smack you.” Aaron threatened, pinching Robert’s hip as his boyfriend kept moving about, making it close to impossible for Aaron to concentrate.

“I’ll just be perfectly happy about being tied to our headboard then, shall I? Your mum can come and find me in the morning when you go to work, it’ll be great bonding for us.” Robert snarked, earning himself another pinch before Aaron continued with his tedious unknotting. 

Hold still.” Aaron practically growled, shifting so he was half sitting on Robert’s chest, stopping him from moving completely. Robert threw his head back, sighing as he finally stilled, letting Aaron work at the knots.

They’d always had a great sex life, the two of them. They’d managed to avoid anything particularly disastrous too, until that very moment. Robert had come back from a full day of meetings in Leeds, wearing that stupid maroon suit that drove Aaron crazy, and Aaron had lasted all of a half an hour downstairs in the pub before he was making their excuses and dragging Robert upstairs by the end of his tie.

Then he’d decided tying Robert’s wandering hands to the headboard was a good idea (it had been) but quickly discovered after he’d cleaned them both up, that well, he’d gone a bit too far with the knots he’d made.

“You owe me for this.” 

Aaron rolled his eyes, finally managing to work the last of the knots free, tossing Robert’s tie aside.. “You got two orgasms, you can shove it.”

Robert wiggled his fingers, flashing a bright smile at Aaron, the kind of smile that dropped Aaron’s heart into his stomach, even now, after months of this, months of them being together properly.  “Let’s make it a third then.”

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Some thoughs about yatori

Hey guys. This is something that i wanted to do a long time ago.. and here it is! As you all know, Yato and Hiyori are the sweetiest couple ever.. ( in my oppinion xD) and i think everyone knows that Yato has feelings for Hiyori. However, is it just a habit or a real love? 

Look at their relationship in the manga: 
As you know, Yato has never been in love before. He has never had friends and real family. He was all alone. Everybody that he knew, forgot him. And just one simple day, she appeared in his life like a hurricane. Hiyori changed everything.  If she wasn’t here, Yato wouldn’t know what it means to have a family. He wouldn’t know how to be really happy.  Hiyori is the first human that cares for him. She is the first person who said she wants to be with him longer. Yato hasn’t felt this way before for someone. And what he is doing? 

He doesn’t know how to love someone. Yato’s trying to get her attention. He’s jealous when Hiyori is with the other guys. He misses her when she comes home. He tries to be as close to her as possible. 
And even…

Yato wants Hiyori to be his wife. He want’s to marry her but why? 
What is marriage? 
It’s being with someone no matter what. Yato wants to be with Hiyori NO MATTER WHAT. He wants to be sure that she will forever be by his side. 

And here is the question. 
Is it a real love..
or just a habit? 

I think Yato truly loves Hiyori and he doesn’t want to let her go :) ♥ 
I will support their love as much as i can cause.. you know, he is a GOD. 
And she is just a simple human. What if this would be impossible? :( Even so.. why Adachitoka would do all this scenes? 
We just have to wait some time to know the answears. ;)

Confession #2,252

I know this sounds awful, but sometimes I wish I had cancer instead. People understand cancer. My condition is rare and no one knows about it before I tell them. Every time I admit I’m ill I need to spend the energy explaining it. Cancer can potentiality be removed, but I’ll be on medicine for life no matter what. Cancer is a killer but so is my illness if I forget to take my meds, and I so often forget… I feel bad for even admitting this, but at least if I had cancer people would get it.

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Luke Evans is another actor that was put back in the closet when he broke into Hollywood. Back in 2002 he was a stage actor in London and gave an interview to the Advocate talking about being a gay man. Around 2010/11 he started making movies in Hollywood and all of a sudden he is dating a woman and refused to talk about his personal life. Now he is back to being his authentic gay self and the whole thing is mind blowing.

i remember that and everyone being very confused when he suddenly had a girlfriend. 

everything that had come before was just erased and everyone who had known about him prior to that was like huh? but he was talking about his sexuality/openly gay just a few years ago?

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Hi! Thanks for all the work you do maintaining this blog. Can I ask about life under and shortly after Don't Ask Don't Tell? Also, I had a look through your discharge posts, but I wasn't entirely sure - how would a soldier be discharged if they were outed under DADT?

Thank you very much!

I enlisted shortly before DADT was officially repealed, (which was September 2011, though they were working on repealing it in 2010) so I only had to deal with it officially for about a year, although it would be three years before I actually came out to anyone nonetheless. 

It’s hard to explain being enlisted under DADT. I wasn’t entirely sure what would invoke DADT’s wrath, whether they had to have proof or whether just not acting hetero enough was sufficient grounds for an investigation.

I was only 19 and my sexuality was sorta w/e and I didn’t even call myself bisexual at the time because I was going through my “I don’t like labels” phase, but I got really paranoid really fast. I’m still super paranoid about looking or sounding stereotypically “queer.” I used to write fanfiction and I worried that somehow the government was powerful enough to track me down through my deleted work. I even restricted my porn to het only because I didn’t want people finding gay porn on my laptop.

Sometimes while I was bored in the field or at work, I’d write slash fic in a notebook and then either burn it or flush it down a toilet so no one would find it. I remember losing such a notebook once and freaking the fuck out thinking that someone would eventually find it and read it and KNOW, but then again my handwriting is terrible and the worst that came of it was some asshole drew dicks on the sketches I’d made (why ARE straight dudes obsessed with dicks???). I guess I’m sorta lucky I’m bi, if you wanna call it lucky, ‘cause at least I wasn’t completely faking my sexuality; I was just omitting part of it.

I actually knew a guy who was ballsy enough to be “openly” gay (or as openly as was possible at the time) and he even had “the voice.” I worry he thought I was a homophobe because being around him made me uncomfortable; I was convinced “they” were gonna come for him one day and I didn’t want to get roped into it. He was a nice guy though, don’t think he ever got kicked out (somehow). 

In basic training if we hadn’t fucked up during the week, on Sundays they let us have our phones for an hour to call our parents and tell them we aren’t dead. Shortly before leaving for basic training I actually had met a guy (on World of Warcraft, no less) and we’d been flirting, and he was still texting me while I was in basic which gave me like a million anxieties, because my phone was in my drill sergeants’ possession and like all they would have to do is just start going through it, and it was an old phone so it didn’t even have a password lock or anything. Nothing ever came from it, of course. Never texted him again actually; kinda feel bad about it.

The thing is that like, for me in 2011, there wasn’t a witch hunt or anything. DADT was on its way out at that point. It’s not like people were breathing down my neck trying to trip me up. I’m lucky I joined so late in the game because it was a lot worse back in the day. But still, it just felt more suffocating than in the real world, especially because when I first enlisted I intended to serve my full 20 years and it terrified me thinking that my entire life career could be ruined because someone found a Digimon fanfic I wrote when I was eleven. 

For me, most of my stress about DADT came from not knowing what was wrong, and the rest of my stress came from the constant paranoia and worrying about which aspect of my personality was grounds for dismissal. tbh this probably helped set the groundwork for me becoming the agoraphobic neurotic depressed anxiety-ridden loser I am today.

You might consider reading this post from a few days ago regarding how people might try to kick one out for DADT. If you have a more specific question, you can always ask again! Hopefully this post answers your question and isn’t just me rambling.

Edit: life after DADT for me was the same as before: say nothing, hope nobody notices you. At that point it was just easier to keep my head down, partially because there was a major election coming up in 2012 and for all I knew they were going to repeal the repeal.


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Heeeeey, so...

I’m not even sure how to start this except to say

I’m sorry.

Mod Neko here

I’m typing this up because I recently visited tumblr and realized that what was suppose to be just a holiday break turned into a hiatus which turned into …well.

(Ahem) I’m sorry to say that I’m leaving this blog. It was a great project and I have learned a lot from doing it, I had never run a blog before, but with the way my life is going and HAS been going for the past few months (I won’t bore you with the details) and the fact that I’ve been so remiss in updating this it’s safe to say that I’m done with it. Or at least mostly done. I keep telling myself maybe I’ll come back to it, when I have more time off or when the next game comes out and my interest is fired up again, but I haven’t been able to keep up with it even at it’s lowest (and not even for a full year) I think it’s safe to say I’m not very cut out for it. Even when I had plans for the blog (like using February for confessions about Dragon Age POC characters) I ended up forgetting and doing nothing about it.

I should have said something sooner or at least made updates of my own to tell followers I was still paying attention but I didn’t do that and I am sorry.

Mostly I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to keep this up for AT LEAST a year. A full year just would have been nice y’know?

I also apologize to Mod Orsino (or Mod Jo I believe is the name now. Damn I’ve missed a lot) for kinda roping you into and then abandoning you to a blog that you didn’t even start. You’ve been a great and educational partner and very interactive with the fandom and I wish I could have met the standard. But mostly, thank you, for everything. I understand if you leave this blog be too since you have your own life and projects before and after all of this.

To the follower, a big thank you. If it wasn’t for you all this blog wouldn’t have lasted a month. You came together in a shared spirit of wellness and fun and healing and proved that this sort of project, that this part of the fandom is wanted and does exist. You proved that the Dragon age fandom isn’t as all bad as it seems.

Maybe I’ll come back and… maybe I won’t. But thank you all for sharing this experience with me. I’ve never learned so much from a fandom before and I plan to take what I’ve learned and shared here in the real world for myself.

Before I go, I’m gonna finish up the Inquisition confessions (that I’ve let sit since Christmas, forgive me) and then that will be it.

So long.

-Mod Neko

Idol Swap (Park Jisung)

I don’t know if this sort of thing has been done before, but I just had this idea. What if YOU were the idol and the idols were just fans like you? I think it’d be interesting. So I want to make this into a series of some sort. I hope you’ll like it!

In this story, you’ll be a 14-year-old solo idol. Also, just a heads up…I’ve never been to a signing so I’m not sure how everything works. I’m just making up things as I write. This is quite long, but I hope you enjoy it~

Being such a famous idol at such a young age definitely took a toll on you. You definitely enjoyed feeling the adrenaline flow through your veins while performing, but the things you had to do to perfect each stage was almost the equivalent of hell.

You trained for hours daily. You worked under SM, an extremely well-known company so you had to keep up the company’s reputation too. You never had time to spend with your friends at school, so they eventually left you. You often left classes early for practice too.

You were often so exhausted, both mentally and physically, that you couldn’t even go to school…or get out of bed in fact. There were definitely times where you felt like quitting.

Despite all of that, you didn’t. You wouldn’t give up anything in the world for your loving fans. It had been your dream to perform since you could barely walk.

Park Jisung wouldn’t say that he was your biggest fan, but he was definitely a big one. He has bought every single on of your albums and went to tons of your concerts. This was the first time he would go to a fan signing. His older brother, Mark had bought him a ticket for getting all A’s in all of his classes.

Jisung wouldn’t admit it, but he constantly listened to your music, danced your dances, and his eyes would light up at the mention of your name or stage name. He had posters of you posted on his bedroom walls. His best friend Chenle would occasionally fanboy along with him.

On the day of the fan signing, Jisung made sure to wear his best outfit. He styled his hair neatly and brought a backpack filled with hand-made and bought gifts for you.

He had on a smile that wouldn’t come off. He talked about you the whole car ride. The others were slightly annoyed by that fact, but they didn’t tell Jisung because they had never seen Jisung this excited.

You took a deep breath and tugged nervously at your cute skirt. You had had a lot of fan signings before, but today you felt extra giddy for some reason. You looked over at your manager who gave you a supporting grin and thumbs up. You could hear the excited voices of your fans who were waiting for you to step onto the stage.

You gulped a little before stepping out onto the stage. Screams erupted from in front of you and you grinned, greeting everyone. You made your way to the table that was set up for you. You sat down in the seat and the guards started letting everyone to step forward.

You signed tons of merch with you on it and received lots of gifts. You got a lot of snacks and stuffed animals. You were happily signing away. You always loved interacting with the people who supported you wholeheartedly.

Jisung couldn’t have been more excited as he waited in line. He was undoubtedly getting closer, but it still seemed like forever until he could reach you. He recited what he would say to you when he got there.

His sweaty hands gripped tightly onto the backpack straps on his shoulders. He stared at you from afar, spacing out. He was snapped back into reality when the boy from behind him pushed him lightly forwards.

After what seemed like a long time, Jisung finally got to where the guard stood. He watched as you smiled sweetly at the young girl in front of you, signing her album. He let out a nervous sigh as the guard let him to you.

You drank some water from your bottle and flipped your hair over your shoulder. You smiled, your eyes closed, at the fan coming towards you…well more like shuffled towards you.

When you got a better view of the fan, you blushed a little, blaming it on the heat. It was a cute boy with blond, fluffy hair. He was quite tall and looked about your age. He was very handsome indeed.

“A-ah, hello!” you mentally slapped yourself for stuttering.

“Hello…” the boy muttered shyly.

He brought timidly handed you his album for you to sign. As you signed, he brought out a few gifts for you. Well, a lot of gifts actually. You noticed he was blushing and looked as if he had something to say.

“I-I-I…” he blushed, “I really admire you!”

“Ah! Thank you, I-”

“I love your songs, you’re so talented! You also dance very well, I always try to match your pace, but never can. I also love listening to you rap. Not even my brother can rap as well as you! I just love you so much!” he blurted.

You blushed at his exclamation as he slapped his hands over his mouth. Your heart felt like it was beating at 1321564 beats per second, ready to burst at any time. You giggled a little causing him to hide his adorable face in his hands. You shyly reached out to him and took his hands off his face.

“I-I…I think you look really cute,” you mumbled, looking away, your whole face flushed red, “We-”

“AH! Thank you!” he practically yelled.

Then, he blushed even more (if that was even possible). His eyes were glossy and tears started to pool at the corners of his eyes. You gasped a little, surprised.

“I’m sorry for cutting you off!” he hid his face in his hands again.

“Haha! No~ It’s okay!” you giggle at his reasoning.

He quickly took back his album and rushed away. You waved at him and he waved back shyly as he ran off. You attempted to compose yourself for your next fan, but you couldn’t get him off your mind.

You grinned silently to yourself. Now you knew why you were feeling so giddy earlier. Your heart pounded and you continued signing albums, happier than ever.

“Ey~ Jisungie! How was it?” Mark asked the still blushing boy, “It’d better be worth it, hm? I paid using my whole month’s allowance for that ticket!”

“I-It…went well,” Jisung looked down, blushing, “very well.”

Jisung was dazed and stared off into space thinking about how you had held his hands and called him cute. He blushed some more. He then heard a giggle from the seat behind him. He looked back, confused.

“Wah~ Jisungie, you sure know how to woo idols!” Jeno piped while looking at your signature. Jisung had rushed back to the car and hadn’t looked at what you wrote in his album yet.

Jisung snatched it out of Jeno’s hand and started at your cute handwriting. He blushed so hard, his heart pounding loudly.

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What actually offends me the most is how this whole Mon-thing situation is basically shitting on the Danvers sisters dynamic.

I feel the most offended when they use Alex as a vehicle to get Kara to convince herself to get with dude bro because ALEXANDRA DANVERS WOULD NEVER sit and listen to her baby sister venting about dude bro’s fuck up of the week and go, “It’s probs just a misunderstanding, you should give him a chance,” and just shrug it off.

The Alex Danvers that was introduced to us and that we know and love would fucking hunt that dude bro down, make him explain his fucking self while giving him constant shovel talks before giving Kara advice on what to do with that.

And I understand Alex has a lot going on for her right now, but for fuck’s sake, don’t they dare fucking tell me that Alex will continue to push her sister—her sister that she had practically dedicated her whole life to protect—to someone who clearly upsets her on a regular basis without hunting him down and interrogating him for his side of the story.

It’s such a disservice to Alex Danvers because that’s one of the things I love about her.

i’ve been living a parallel life for so long like my father truly doesn’t know shit about my life he doesn’t know that i go to the gym and started boxing he doesn’t know that i’ve had four student jobs he doesn’t know that i’ve travelled to most big western europe capitals he doesn’t even know that im going to norway in two weeks amljdkjgdlkjf he was being patronising cuz i said i wanted to go to disneyland and he was like before thinking about vacation u need to save up money and own ur own place and car and blabla and there are so many things that are wrong about what he was saying but the joke is on him cuz i went to disneyland three times already lel ;-)


Alright but the ending for season 1 tho -

(( demon Yukio is the cutest thing,,, ))

What happened to that blessed personality and adorable demon ears he had?? Now in season 2 Yukio freaking slapped Rin AS HE RISKED HIS LIFE TO SAVE Y'ALL??? Or is it just me? I dunno. Maybe season 2’s timeline took place befor season 1 even happened???

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Can you do snuggling and napping for Laito please? Love your blog btw❤

(Thanks, Friendly Anon, I’m glad you like my blog <3)

Snuggling:  A romantic moment they have cuddling in bed. (early morning or before bed time)

“Bitch-chan, hey, biiiittttch-chan, wake UP,” you heard as a hand shook you slightly. You inhaled through your nose then exhaled deeply, opening your eyes and blinking the sleep out of them. “Finally. Cuddle with me, Bitch-chan.”

Last night had been rough for you. It was… different. You had never felt that much pleasure in your whole entire life but there was also a lot of pain involved, a lot. You smiled at Laito weakly and stretched while crawling up to him and resting your head on his bare chest. “Good girl,” he praised, stroking your silky, (h/c) hair. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck, Laito’s sweater that you were wearing tickling his cold skin. “You’re so, so warm. Let’s stay like this. Who cares about school?”

You nodded your head slightly, yawning. You closed your eyes and rested on Laito. “I love you,” you admitted sleepily. “I mean it. Not like that purple haired slu-”

“I know. I know you do. I love you too, (Y/n),” he whispered next to your ear softly after stroking your hair back. You smiled as he continued to play with your hair, eventually falling asleep. He looked up at the ceiling with glossy eyes and a bright smile, feeling a new, overwhelming emotion in the middle of his chest.

Napping:  She came up here for peace and quiet during her lunch break; however, due to the anemia, she fell asleep. Diaboy finds her and…

The fatigue was more extreme than you had thought, resulting in you falling asleep, your back slumped against the wall. You just wanted peace for five minutes from those annoying boys and this was the only place. 

This resulted in Laito standing over you with the widest smirk you would probably ever see. His eyes were lustful and his cheeks were dusted pink from the dirty ideas he had creeping in his mind. School roof sex didn’t sound like an awfully bad idea. He had only attempted it once but the girl was too shy and ran inside before he could even do anything.

He reached for your skirt slowly, tugging it carefully. It was stuck on your waist. Damn. He carefully looked for the zipper, finding it and unzipping it in one swift motion. You stirred slightly which caused him to freeze but then he chuckled. Oh, why would he care if you are awake or not? He actually wanted you to be so he could see your fearful and disgusted expression… oh, how much it turned him on.

Your skirt limply covered your underwear. He hadn’t pulled it down yet, luckily because that when you woke up, staring intensely at Laito. He stared back down at you, smirking. He pointed to your skirt. “You got a little…”

You looked down slowly then turned bright red. “Oh my god!” Slap! “Get away-” kick! “-from me-” punch! “-you pervert!!!”

i think a lot abt how sasuke’s family life before the massacre was tense and troubled and that he already had some attachment issues before then and how that must be fucking impossible to address post-massacre without feeling ungrateful for what he had. like the fact of the matter is that sasuke didnt get what he needed from his father, and he got more from his brother but still got left wanting. im not sure if its general uchiha isolation or his status as a prodigy but its sad to me that he also never seemed to have any friends even pre-massacre. the boy was soft and insecure as hell to begin with. he idealizes how it was before to cope but rly… kid sasuke wasnt that happy. he was always a lonely, lonely kid who never felt like he was getting enough

Sneak Peak - XO 11 - Superpower - Spring

(Note: Spring takes place a year after Winter)

Brianne and Avery held hands as they stood on the terrace overlooking the site, Brianne laying her head over on Avery’s shoulder. She hadn’t drank in nearly twenty-four hours yet Avery could still smell the liquor coming through her pores.

“In three days you’re going to be Mrs. Horan,” Avery kissed the top of her head, so excited for her best friend.

“I know,” she replied in a dreamy tone, “What the fuck right?”

Avery laughed, hugging her best friend to her. Brianne didn’t fully trust Niall for a long time after he’d came back into her life. Until one night, in a desperate attempt to prove to her that he was willing to put in the work, he’d taken her toothbrush in a dramatic flourish and brushed his teeth with it. Brianne had never been so touched by something so disgusting before and she’d laughed as she kissed him before throwing out her toothbrush and telling him he was gross. A ring was on her finger six months later.

Brianne was suddenly hit with an intense bought of laughter, doubling over while Avery watched her in confusion as she gripped the stone wall and tried to catch her breath. “Oh my God, oh my God…we…oh my God….we…”

“What?” Avery was afraid she’d finally cracked.

“We married One Direction,” Brianne erupted and Avery rolled her eyes but couldn’t stop her grin.

“Did she finally break?” Harry questioned, bringing Avery a cup of chamomile tea and side eyeing Brianne. Avery looked into his watering red eyes and pout out her lip as he sniffed through a swollen nose. Avery rubbed his arm while Brianne tried to straighten up.

“And what a fan fiction life we lead. Hayfever Dreams,” Avery named her story while Harry gave her a look, questioning her before erupting in a sneeze fit.

“OCD Love,” Brianne named hers, swiping tears from her eyes while Avery handed Harry a tissue that she had tucked up her sleeve. Spring in Ireland was going to be hell for his sinuses.

“Do I want to know what you two are talking about?” Harry asked. Avery shook her head, going to her tip toes and kissing his cheek.

“I’m okay….whew…I’m okay,” Brianne straightened up fully now, looking over her shoulder at the castle. “I’m gonna go make sure my fiancé hasn’t found someway to get into that suit of armor in the front room.”

XO 11 - Superpower - Spring will be posted Sunday at 12pm (US Pacific Time)


First Meetings (Pines Family)

So I saw a prompt thing on @a-million-chromatic-dreams dash, and I figured why not try and make a part of a fic using that whole idea? I don’t know if I’ll finish it or not, but the gist of this is Dipper and Mabel’s parents invited the grunkle’s over for a while, more to learn about how Weirdmaggendon affected their children, but to meet Ford for the first time (in Sherman’s case the first time since he had been a young kid) and help him the best they can.

Anyways here’s what I got  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ford wasn’t quite sure what to expect, silent as Stan pulled up to a driveway to a home he had never seen before, at least not in person. His heart soared at seeing the two young twins that had changed his life, a smile forming instantly as he scooped up his 13-year old nephew with a soft laugh, his niece almost screaming at his brother about how excited she was for their visit. Once the two children calmed down enough Ford managed to convince Stan to go on inside, popping the trunk so he could get their luggage.

“Need any help?” Ford glanced to his left, shrugging his shoulders with a soft smile at the woman looking at him.

“Not particularly, but not to say as I don’t.” He winced at his social awkwardness, the woman chuckling as she picked up one of Stan’s bags. She had brown hair like Mabel’s, looking much like his mother’s save for the Pines curl that was missing. She reminded him so much of Mabel, the woman raising an eyebrow when she caught Ford staring at her.

“What? Got something on my face?”

“N-No! I was just, well…Mabel takes a lot after you.” He stammered, the woman once again chuckling as they made their way up the driveway.

“I should hope so, Dipper didn’t take much after me.” She chuckled, the two unloading the bags by the door. “Eileen Pines, it’s very nice to meet you Stanford. Well, the real Stanford anyways…”

“It is a pleasure as well.” He nodded, shaking her dainty hand with his own, the woman raising their hands slightly to get a better look at his extra digit.

“Mabel has never stopped mentioning your extra fingers, and I wanted to see for myself.” The woman smiled awkwardly, Ford feeling more at ease as he smiled softly.

“She was quite fascinated after I first emerged from the portal.” He said causally, wincing when she gave him a strange look.

“I’ll never get used to hearing about things like portals and interdimensional space-travel, but then again you and Stanley aren’t exactly normal.”

“I understand completely, I’m surprised you believed your children in the first place.”

“Honestly it was Dipper that got us to believe them in the first place.” Glancing into the next room Ford saw a man sitting beside Stanley, Ford smiling as he waved. “And once Stan told us the whole deal, how could we not?”

“Shermie ain’t much of stranger to how strange we are.” Stan grinned, Ford rolling his eyes as Eileen joined her husband on the couch, Ford leaning against the doorframe as the younger couple looked him over.

“I just couldn’t believe what happened to you all during that Weirdmaggedon…thank you for keeping the children safe.” Sherman spoke up after a few moments of silence, Ford subconsciously rubbing his wrist as he nodded.

“We would do anything to keep them safe.”

“And for that we can’t thank you both enough.” Eileen smiled, getting up to give both Stanley and Stanford a huge hug, though minded Ford’s neck even though it had healed over by then. “Consider this a part of our gratitude.”

“We were gonna stop by at some point ya know.” Stan spoke up, Sherman rolling his eyes at his older brother. “Not like I didn’t do it since those gremlins were born.”

“Wait, you saw them grow up?” Ford asked curiously, finally joining his brother on the couch. “I thought this past summer was your first experience with them?”

“Nah, I’ve known them since birth, but this was the first time I had ‘em by myself for a while.” Stan shrugged, Ford frowning a bit at not knowing about his previous experience. “Sorry poindexter.”

“It’s not your fault I’ve missed the last thirty years…” Ford mumbled to himself, Sherman and his wife sharing a look before glancing at Ford.

“Well, we can catch you up on all sorts of things, if you help teach us what exactly happened this summer?” Eileen offered, the three men coming to agreement right before the kids entered the room.

‘Where should we begin?”

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Hello!! If you can I need some help finding a fic. It is a viktuuri first time fic where things went wrong and were embarrassing and not perfect (somehow that made it perfect tho idk). It was Yuuri's first time and it was in a hotel after a competition. I seem to remember that it had a lot of hits and was a one-shot. I think I found it before I had an ao3 account. Thank you for your help and everything you do for the fandom 🙏🏻🙏🏻 bless. Your blog brings brightness to my life everyday 💜💜

I know I have read this but I can’t remember the title! Have you checked out my first time list? It could be on there!

Anyone know what this fic is?

Evermore - a Sherlolly songfic

I’ve been planning this out since crying in the theater over this song in Beauty and the Beast. I finally managed to get it all out in words, so I hope it really exceeds anyone’s expectations of a songfic lol. Enjoy!

I was the one who had it all. I was the master of my fate. I never needed anybody in my life. I learned the truth too late.

               “She’s gone,” Sherlock’s voice cracked. “I’ve lost her.”

               “Sherlock, what’s happened to Molly?” John asked, extremely worried that his best friend was on the precipice of a danger night.

               “She left; moved away and is being transferred. I don’t know where,” Sherlock sighed in defeat. He kept the tears in though his eyes were welling up to the brim. “If only I had figured out how I felt before this whole situation, things would be different. I learned the truth of my heart too late. I never got the chance to tell her it was true.”

               “It’s never too late, mate,” John offered, comforting Sherlock with a hug just as he did for him when they reconciled after Mary’s death. “Surely Mycroft knows where she’s headed. Find out and go to her.”

I’ll never shake away the pain. I close my eyes, but she’s still there. I let her steal into my melancholy heart; it’s more than I can bear.

               Sherlock had broken sleep that night. He was surprised he could even sleep at all. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Molly. Sweet, perfect Molly. Sherlock Holmes was not the cry-yourself-to-sleep type but he allowed the tears to fall as he laid there, willing sleep to come. His heart ached, oh how it hurt, and he had never felt such an agony as this.

               When did Molly Hooper capture his melancholy heart? He couldn’t even pinpoint one particular moment. It was, rather, a string of little moments that built up and bloomed into something beautiful. He mapped them out in his head like the way he solved a case. The Case of His Stolen Heart he thought; a very important, possibly the most important, case of his life. Sherlock felt something was missing. It was as if she had taken his heart with her whether she realized it or not. He felt he should let her go, for what good is he for her?

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The most hilarious thing, and probably the only thing out of the entire crap these terrible wanna be cult-leaders produce that I can still laugh about is them saying that it is disrespectful to ship Gillovny (in general and now that we have "proof" Gillian's with someone else). Jesus, I would advise them to get out of their own asses but I think we have to help Gillian getting them out of hers first. These two have lived with Gillovnies for 25 years.

They love each other. They don’t despise Gillovny. Especially Gillian likes it, that isn’t a secret. They live their lives no matter how many of us are Gillovny or Gillorgan. They always have, even before a couple of women on here wanted to be a part of Gillian’s life so, so badly. Before we had all these “uber-fans”.

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