i had a infarct when i saw this

In 1875, serial killer Albert Fish’s father passed away due to a myocardial infarction. Following this, Fish was placed in Saint John’s Orphanage by his mother. Fish, who was born with the name “Hamilton,” was frequently referred to as “Ham and Eggs” by the other kids at the orphanage, which eventually prompted him to change his name to Albert (after a dead sibling). Fish was also beaten sadistically during his stay there, and began to enjoy the pain he felt from the beatings. When asked about his time at the orphanage, Fish had said: “I was there till I was nearly nine, and that’s where I got started wrong. We were unmercifully whipped. I saw boys doing many things they should not have done.” In 1880, Fish’s mother removed him from the orphanage upon obtaining a government job. In 1882, Fish began a relationship with a boy that soon taught him how to drink urine and consume feces. The killer also starting visiting public baths, where he would watch boys undress, and began mailing offensive letters to women that he would find in newspaper clippings and dating agencies. Fish would continue with this behavior later on into his life.