i had a headache and i was too tired

Joker Imagine: Silent Treatment

Anonymous said:Could you do one where the joker and Y/N fights and she gives him the silent treatment and he pretends not to care but gets really annoyed and has fluff at the end. Honestly this would make my birthday so much better I love you blog so much 😍😍

//HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had to write this first. I hope you like it. I love you too;)

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Fuck you!’’ I hissed at Joker angrily and crossed my amrs. We had been fighting all morning because I was pissed. He had been drunk last night and some dancers had been his company all night. It really bothered me to think that some ugly rats have been touching my Puddin like that. It didn’t lead to sex, but I’m sure those hoes would have been down for anything.

‘’Y/N come on..stop yelling’’ He groaned, still tired and probably had a headache from all the alcohol he had consumed. I rolled my eyes and walked away from him with my mouth shut. ‘’Hey, don’t just walk away like nothing happened’’ Joker growled after me as I walked to the living room. Oh yes I would. As I sat down on the big couch, he followed me. I turned on the television and kept my arms crossed. ‘’Y/N’’ Joker sighed and tried to catch my attention, my eyes were glued to the screen.

‘’Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment?’’ He chuckled, but it was obvious that it annoyed him. I just sat there, acting like he didn’t even exist. I wouldn’t discuss his failures when he’s so childish. So I’d be a little childish back. Besides he told me to stop yelling.

Joker sat down on the couch and now he was speechless. I added some volume to the television as Late Late Night With James Corden began, because I had nothing else to do either. He had some celebrity guests on the show that I had never even heard of. Twenty minutes passed quickly and very quietly. At some point Joker had walked away and I was alone.

I sighed and then sprawled across the couch, laying my head on the handrest. Mornings were so boring, but at least they showed last night’s shows again. 

A few minutes later I could hear J coming back. I didn’t look at him because I had to pretend he didn’t exist. He sat down casually next to my feet. Before I could do anything, he grabbed my ankle hard and didn’t let go. J started to tickle my bare foot and my heart jumped to my throat.  I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t laugh. He chuckled and tickled me harder, making it hard for me. I tried to wiggle away, but it was useless. 

Oh how much a dick he could be. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and a loud laugh escaped my mouth. I started giggling loudly, but I wanted to punch his nuts. ‘’That’s my girl’’ He grinned evilly and then let go. I pulled my leg back to myself and then tried to keep an angry look on my face.He just smiled and he knew that I couldn’t stay mad at him.

‘’Now please talk to me. I don’t want to fight’’ He sighed and his smile faded. He was kinda cute when he was desperate. ‘’Fine’’ I mumbled and gave in. But I still wanted to talk to him.

Then out of nowhere I felt his arms around me and he hugged he tightly. My eyes opened widely from surprise. Joker wasn’t much of a hugger. I held onto him back and smiled, feeling good to be so close. I leaned back so I was lying on the couch again with him above me gently so I wasn’t suffocating. ‘’I’m sorry baby..I’m sorry’’ He kept apologizing and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. I started to play with his green hair with my hand as he lied there. ‘’I’ll forgive you, but next time I’ll pierce their skulls’’ I giggled, but it was a fair warning.

‘’I wouldn’t want to piss you off again. You and silence just doesn’t fit together baby’’ He told me with a sweet voice. I wouldn’t want to be one of those dancers either, because I’d make it hard for them for pissing me off and touching my Puddin like that.

i’m so tired from thanksgiving and I have the worst headache but I still wanted to get a few requests in, hope you all had a good thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

Also I’m so close to 900 followers that’s so crazy I was shook when I hit 200 now there’s almost 1000 people following me?? and they aren’t all porn blogs?? that’s insane man i’m so thankful for that thank you so much for your follow!!

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Zen gets on your nerves with the way he still smokes and drinks. It’s too much, you’re concerned about his health which causes quite a few arguments to start up because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Also how sometimes he allows fans to get a little too close for your comfort because his friendliness can sometimes be too inviting for them and they take it the wrong way. In the end he always throws away those papers with scribbles of phone numbers on them or will deny a fans kiss and offer a hug to them instead for you.

Jumin is still hard to communicate with and it can be upsetting. Sometimes he won’t share his feelings until he just angrily explodes them all at once when you both are arguing about something. He also holds on to things too much and overthinks, and you two bicker about how he can’t hold every single thing against someone. He doesn’t like to ask about things, so if he misunderstands something you said or did he’ll hold onto it until he can’t stand it anymore and finally brings it up. He’s learning though, you have to help him express his emotions and communicate with you since he’s used to that being a bad thing.

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3 Years

Genre: Angst, a little fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 1,627

a/n: I had trouble writing this. I had too many feels about it. Enjoy!

You wake up with a throbbing headache. You reach out to open a drawer by your bedside to take out a painkiller. You swallow it and lay back down with your eyes wide open. It’s still dark out and you have a few more hours left to sleep but you’re already fully awake. You were having the nightmares again. The same one which started 3 years ago. The beautiful bunny boy leaving you. The dreams were an exact replica of your actual breakup.

It was nearly 1am when he called you. You were tired from a long day at work and had gone to bed early. You pick up the phone barely able to open your eyes to see who the caller is but you know who it is.

“Hey Y/N. Did I wake you?” The boy’s soft voice is sweet which makes you smile.

“Mmmm no it’s fine. Are you still practicing?” You get up to lean your back against the headboard of your bed and rub your eyes.

“Yeah I’m still at the studio but I think we’re going to wrap it up now. Can I see you?” It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to meet at this time due to his practices but him actually asking to see you was strange. By instinct you knew something was wrong.

“Of course.”                        

“I’ll meet you in a half an hour.” You threw your phone on your bed as you got up to change into a pair of jeans and a hoodie and fixed your hair into a sloppy ponytail in the process. You put on a pair of sneakers and slowly walked to the park where you would always meet. The moon was perfectly full and was bright enough to light your way. You reached your bench and sat down. The park was quiet and people rarely came, making it the perfect place to meet your pre-debut boyfriend.

“Y/N” You looked up from your feet to find a masked Jungkook wearing his usual white t-shirt, baggy jeans, and timberlands. He pulled his face mask down as he sat next to you and showed his bunny smile that you love.

“How was practice today kookie?” You look at him and brush his jet black hair. His face is rough and you could see the bags under his eyes showing his lack of sleep. You hadn’t seen him in only a week and he was in a bad state.

“The same I guess. Hobi hyung got pissed that everyone was screwing up here and there. Namjoon hyung is crankier than ever. Everyone else is just worn out.”

“What’s the cause? I mean you really look like shit babe.” Jungkook grabbed the hand that was stroking his hair and just held it as he stared blankly at you.

“We’re making our debut Noona.”

You are surprised by this statement in two different ways. Thrilled by the fact that his hard work was finally going to pay off and concerned that he called you noona. Being two years older than him this was natural but he never called you that. He used to mumble something about not wanting to be seen as a child which had made you laugh.

“Oh wow. That’s really great! When is it?”

He pulled his hand out of yours and looked straight ahead as if he didn’t want to look at you.

“I can’t do this anymore Y/N. I- I can’t be with you anymore Noona.” Jungkook closed his eyes after he said this. It takes a while before you can process what he just said.

“W-what do you mean you can’t.”

“I can’t hang onto you anymore noona. I’m going to be busy like hell and I won’t have the time or mind to care about you. I love you this is crystal clear but that’s the exact reason. I don’t want you to be wasting your time waiting for me. It’s selfish of me to expect you to do that. I want you to be happy.”

You can’t say a word as your hand is shaking like crazy. None of this makes sense. If he loved you why would he let go? You’re mad as hell but can’t find the words to express this. Jungkook pulls you into his arms and hugs you tightly.

“I’m sorry Noona. I should’ve done this earlier but I was so fucking selfish to postpone this till now. I’m sorry.” And then he just walked away and out of your life. Just like that.

You remember the day of their debut. Crying hard when you saw Jungkook’s face in over 3 months. You cursed him. That his group will end up in a failure. Your curse didn’t actually work as they were now one of the hottest groups. Their song was on wherever you went making it impossible to forget his heavenly voice. You should have been able to get over it as it was over 3 years ago. But no. Jungkook never made it easy either. Him being all talented, being the golden maknae, appeared pretty much everywhere. This led to your continuing nightmares.

Your day at work was pretty much the same. Your boss yelling at you for no apparent reason, the younger co-worker flirting with you. You decide to have a drink before going home so you go to a nearby underground bar.

You grab a bottle of beer and find a seat next to the wall. You take out a file containing your current project and skim through it as you drink. The alcohol feels good flowing down your throat. You finish a bottle quite quickly and get up to get another bottle. You’re returning to your seat when you notice someone coming down the stairs. Of all the people that could have come in, it was Jungkook. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing but you turn your body the opposite way and hurry to your seat to avoid him. You groan and sink your head into the file laying open on the table. Why here? But you knew why. The place is quiet with only a few people so of course he would pick this bar. He wouldn’t be bothered by any of his fans here. You make a mental note to find a new bar when you see a pair of timberlands standing next to you. You wince and debate on whether to lift your head or wait until he leaves.

“Hey Noona I know it’s you.” His soft heavenly voice that you only heard on TV for the last 3 years is directed to you. You lift your head to look at your ex-boyfriend. He’s gorgeous. Even more now that he was properly pampered and taken care of. He lost all of his baby fat and has a stunning jaw line but his doe eyes and bunny smile hasn’t changed a bit. You show a slight smile as you look at him.

“I’ve missed you. A lot.” He was always truthful and direct about his thoughts but this caught you off guard. You stare at him not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry I left you like that. I was a coward. The truth is I’ve never gotten over you Y/N.”

“I-I have a boyfriend. We’re engaged.” You regretted this as soon as you said it. Jungkook has a smirk on his face as he looks down at your hands. Of course he would be looking for a ring. You quickly hide your hands under the table but you were already late.

“Oh really? I didn’t see a ring. You were always such a bad liar Y/N.” Jungkook makes a move to come closer to you but you slide your chair back and shut your eyes to avoid eye contact.

“Don’t. Just stay there. This isn’t fair. You leave and then all of the sudden after all these years you say you miss me? You can’t do this.” You stuff your things into your bag quickly as you get up. One more second with him could lead to a huge emotional breakdown and you don’t want that to happen. You charge up the stairs and out of the bar to be greeted by the cool fall breeze. You don’t dare to look back because you could hear his footsteps behind you on the stairs.

“Y/N please! I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me.” There’s an urge to just run into his arms but you force yourself to keep walking. Jungkook catches up to you and grabs your arm twirling you to face him. You stand there looking at him as he catches his breath. The moon is a full one once again, reminding you of the day when Jungkook had said goodbye. But it seemed different. It wasn’t a lonely hollow light. Today it felt completely full with dimension, filling you with its radiating light.

“I, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was having a rough day and came here for a drink and then I saw you and, and I couldn’t help myself. You have all the right to hate me Y/N. But please don’t.” You catch his facial expression as he hangs his head. He’s in pain just by the thought of you hating him. This hurt you more than it should have. You take a step toward him and sigh.

“God Jungkook if there was a way to hate you, you should have told me 3 years ago when you left.” He snaps his head up to yours as his doe eyes get as wide as they can get. “It took you 3 damn years. You’d better pay me back those 3 years.”

“Sorry I’m late.” He smiled his bunny smile and hugged you tight.

Seriously, if you all haven’t watched this, it’s so good. The comedy in this is classic. I believe it was from… the late 60′s/early 70′s? Either way, do yourselves a favor and give it a shot!

 Not too much to report today. Work was busy, co worker took soooo many trips to the store today I couldn’t believe it (she’s the one that drives me nuts anyway). The fact she left so many times made things look more busy than they probably were, but her frequent ‘quick trips’, which happened to take 8-15 minutes each, wore tiresome as the day went on for sure

 I’m especially tired right now and have had a constant minor pain/headache the last couple days. If it goes on too long I’ll go into the doctor, because while it may not be nauseating like some migraines are, at least they don’t last this long. It could potentially be my estrogen dose finally getting high enough, but I find that doubtful as I have had no more headaches than I had prior to starting hormones before the last couple days. My next blood draw won’t be for a few weeks until early March, and I don’t want to wait that long if the head pain continues. At least the pain is minor… still there though.

 It’s time to relax for a bit and give my head a rest. Boobs are itchy again, so there is that too, I suppose.

 I hope you have all had a great Thursday! Nearly to another weekend!

 - Lana

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I have this feeling like I'm verging on a panic attack and it's been with me for the past two days, it's like when you miss a step going downstairs and get that initial shock of "uh oh" and its affecting me a lot, it's giving me headaches and Im so tired at the end of the day I just took a six hour nap and Im still really tired. Do you have any advice? Or any stupid jokes that might make me feel better?

Ok, panic attacks. Oh boy, I hate them. I hope this advice isn’t too late cause my WiFi got cut off from my family. So I experience panic attacks full on, in like 3 seconds and then I am a complete mess and can’t stop. I never had an ongoing feeling of panic. The only thing that keeps me from having a panic attack is thinking “not now, not here” and then I go to do something. Last time I just did my laundry another time I wrote with a friend. Ongoing panic is something completely different though and I suppose it’s important to know why you might feel that way. I always think tea is a good way to relax. Take a tea and set yourself down somewhere, then try to feel everything. Try to feel your skin against your clothes or the warmth of the cup your holding. Focus on yourself being alive, breathing, that everything is okay and that it will be okay. Panic is not worth it. Another thing I like to do is cry. I cry and feel better, this can be hard because crying can lead to panic in a quicker manner. Maybe talk with someone about it if you can. Take a walk or draw or sing, keep your mind away from thinking about the panic. As for a joke, I don’t really have one rn, sorry. I belive in you, that you can do it an work against your panic.


Cassian’s wooden staff cracked across my knuckles, forcing me to drop my own weapon. The loud clatter interrupted the sounds of my labored breathing, while Cassian merely grunted “Again”.

“No,” I gasped, rubbing my stinging hand. “No more.”

He sighed my name, pinching the bridge of his nose. I could tell he was tired–there were always dark circles under his eyes now, and faint wrinkles across his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, as if he was consciously holding off pain. It had been a constant expression on his face since that night I had been so much more vicious than I had intended, when I had spurned his heartfelt confession because I was too afraid of my own heart. He rubbed his temples and groaned in frustration.

As if I was giving him a headache. As if I were a burden. The thought pierced my heart like a shard of ice.

“Nesta,” he began again, picking up my staff, “We only have so much time to train. Please don’t make this about pride or.. or feeling inadequate, or being angry, or whatever it is.”

I jerked back, as if struck. He reached for me, slowly, curling calloused fingers around my bicep, his thumb rubbing soothing circles across my skin. It felt–it felt like being grounded, like coming home, like a missing piece had been restored, all at once.

And then he ruined it by opening his stupid mouth.

“Feyre told me, once, that she thought you felt things more deeply, more strongly, than others. That you burned with it. Please-just tell me what it is. Help me understand.”

I hated him in that moment, for being kind in the face all that I had done to him, after all the ways that I had lashed out at him. I hated him for making him see myself, and I hated what I saw.

“Feyre is presumptuous. She has no idea about what I feel, what I think, and it’s not any of her business,” I spat.

He only wrapped his calloused fingers tighter around my bicep. “She is your sister and also my friend, Nesta. And no one can know what you think if you don’t tell any of us. If you don’t let any of us help. If you insist on pushing me away.” His voice had taken on a subtle, frustrated growl again.

My blood went cold, quenching the forge fire in my heart. I tore myself away from his grip and stepped away and immediately I felt… bereft. Broken. A hollow ache echoed between my ribs at the loss of his touch. I had let myself become weak then, if I needed him, after promising myself that I would stop caring for him. I could not afford to be weak. And so I raised my chin and let the bitter words fall from my tongue.

“So you will choose her over me. I made the right choice then.” He flinched from the venom in my voice, but still advanced.

His wings snapped open, filling the room as he stalked towards me. Backlit by the fire in the hearth, face wreathed in iron determination, it struck me that this, this was the commander of the Night Court armies, a warrior capable of such great destruction, and yet so much more able and free to give of himself than I was. So much braver in his vulnerability.  

“She is my High Lady,” he growled, voice dropping to an even more primal register, “and you know that his has nothing to do with choosing one of you over the other. But if you insist on seeing it that way, if you insist on choosing to hate everyone and everything,” he inhaled deeply, bracing himself, and I felt my heart quail despite knowing I had finally pushing him away–don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t say it, don’t leave me– as I watched his jaw clench, as he hardened his face, “and torment yourself, torment me, then you can do it alone. I can’t be a part of it anymore.”

It was like all of the bones in my body were broken, the marrow drawn out with a thousand piercing knives and salt poured into the absence and still I needed to keep my mask in place. This–this was worse than the Cauldron. Worse than the smothering, the suffocation, the bruising hold of Hybern guards pushing me forward, holding me under.

Worse, because it was my own fault, my own doing.

Worse still, that he walked away without looking back

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Your headcannon 20 intrigued me "Sometimes River gets headaches and flashbacks of her time with the silence. They are like waking nightmares." i wonder if you'd be willing to write a little fic about it?

It started when she was in university. The stress over exams and deadlines and classes, they made her tired and despite having Gallifreyan capabilities too many all nighters took too much from her.

At first it was just a dull pain at the base of her neck. It had been an old technique of Madame Kovarian’s to hold Melody by the neck as punishment whilst the Silence would shock her. She thought nothing of it; she’d had enough phantom pains since Lake Silencio to dismiss it.

But then she saw shadows with no figure to create them and she could have sworn that the lights flickered and that her computer sparked with more than just static electricity.

Then she wasn’t in the University Library at all. She was back in New York and she was running and scared and there was no one there to help her anymore. It flashed back and forth between the present and the past.

It felt like hours.

A few moments (of the real time) later Anita placed her arm on River’s shoulder. She jumped grabbing onto the wrist that, in her opinion, was holding her captive. 

They got better when she was with Anita but too often she would drift off and come back to the present with heavy gasps and sweaty palms.

They are ten times worse after she loses Anita at the Library.

40 weeks + 6 days

Yesterday I went to have an NST done as per request; baby is healthy and sure happy to be in there still! Snug as a bug!

I got home had lunch, and had a bit of a headache so I went to lie down for a while. Then I got hit with such an awful migraine, I was vomiting, dizzy, hot and cold… Thankfully I was able to sleep it off, and today I feel all right. Tired and starving even though I don’t want to risk chowing down too hard…

Ultrasound tomorrow, appointment Thursday and induction starting Friday!! 

May 1, 2015 // I’m kicking ass

Probably not a very classy name for a post, but it’s true. I powered through a blaring headache/general tiredness yesterday and managed to work on my thesis for five (!) hours, completing nearly all the proofreading, research and writing I wanted to do.

I already sent everything I did in for my appointment on Monday, but that’s not going to stop me. I’m going to power through today, too, even though I’m really, really tired and exhausted. I need to get my thesis done, and I don’t think I could live with myself if I don’t? Like? I HAD PNEUMONIA BUT I MANGED TO GET AN A, ANYWAY, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I DO.

This was simple.
Because of the colours of the sunrise, weird water flowers, headaches, coffee, and noir detective stories. I never had doubts about the song, too, because Caught A Ghost’s “Can’t Let Go” is in opening titles for the Bosch series where Welliver stars as the lead actor. And - yeah. Those eyes. I guess I can never be tired of painting the light reflecting in them.