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#8 “I waxed the floors. Grab your fluffy socks.”

gusenitsaa, you let me choose which one I wanted to write for CS… and I couldn’t resist the thought of Emma and Killian working on sock slides in her new home.  This is post Dark Swan-arc, so there is a little bit angst, but mostly it’s fluff.

She sat on the steps and looked blankly around the house she had bought when she was the Dark One. How many times had she said that she needed her own place?

               Now she had one, and it was filled with memories she wanted to forget.

               She scuffed her foot on the hard wood floors and had to admit the place was nice.  Gorgeous, really.  It was everything she had ever dreamed of as a girl in the foster system – white picket fence, just the right amount of luxury.  She had definitely spared no expense in her quest to be the most selfish woman in Storybrooke.

               She sighed and got to her feet.  She slid a bit, reaching out for the railing of the steps. She had kept the floor well waxed, and muttered under her breath.

               “You all right, Swan?”

               She paused at the sound of her voice, her shoulders tensing.  She had been avoiding everyone that meant everything to her – especially him.  Because she had realized she loved him more than power, had shared true love’s kiss with him, but that didn’t undo all the horrible things she had done, all the ways she had hurt him.

               “Are you going to look at me, Lass?”

               She swallowed, and forced herself to glance over her shoulder for about three seconds, just long enough to see that his blue eyes were far too understanding, before she turned her gaze back to the staircase.

               “What are you doing here?” she asked, hating how small her voice sounded.

               “I came to find you.  It’s not every day a kiss breaks a curse, only to have the true love avoid you, after all.”

               She felt the cool hardness of his hook on her wrist, and then the slightest of pressure had her slowly turning to face him.

               “Emma, talk to me,” he said, voice soft and almost pleading.

               “I don’t know what to say,” she admitted helplessly, pushing her hair over shoulder.  “I don’t know what to do, Killian.”

               “You could start by saying hello,” he offered.

               The words made her chuckle.

               “Okay,” she said after a moment.  “Hello.”

               He stepped even closer, his hand coming up to stroke her cheek.  She leaned into his touch and closed her eyes, and when his lips touched hers softly, she returned the chaste kiss.

               “Wanna take me out of this place?” she asked.  “I sort of hate it.”

               “Hate it?” he looked surprised at her words.  “But why?  It’s a lovely home, Swan.”

               “Yeah, that represents everything I did that hurt you all.”

               Killian leaned down, resting his forehead on hers.

               “Do you dislike the place, Swan?  Forget about the bad memories… just the house itself; do you hate it?”

               “No,” she whispered, her voice breaking a little. “That’s half the problem.  It’s everything I ever wanted.  Everything I still want.”

               “Then we’ll just have to take it back, won’t we?” he pulled back from her and looked around.  “Now, what’s something that the Dark Swan would have never done?  Shall we waltz in the living room?”

               Emma laughed at the ridiculousness of the suggestion, and Killian grinned back at her, making her heart swell with so much love she thought it might explode.  Just three years ago, if anyone had told her she would have a home, a family, a man she was utterly in love with, she would have called them insane. Yet here she was.

               And the thought made her smile fade, because what if she had destroyed it all and –

               “You’re not the first person to be tempted by darkness, Swan,” Killian, grasped her hand and tugged her closer.  “you’re not even the first in this town.  You were tempted, but you beat it.  So don’t let it break you now, when you’re back to you.  Reclaim your life.  Start with this home.”

               Emma looked around with him, and when she took a step, she nearly slipped again.  It made her look at the floor with contemplation, an idea forming. Because as the Dark Swan, she had been all that was regal and graceful.

               So maybe she needed to get a little silly.

               “The floor has been waxed,” she said at last, and Killian looked at her in confusion, which made a slow grin form on her lips, because yeah, this would be perfect.  “Go grab your fluffy socks.”

               And so, five minutes later they stood at the end of the hallway, both in the ridiculously fluffy socks that Mary Margaret had given them for some reason or another.

               “Explain to me the purpose of this again, Swan?” Killian asked dubiously, staring down the hall.

               “There is no purpose,” Emma replied, and she felt as close to herself as she had in… well, probably since she had realized Killian was still alive and had tackled him onto her bed.  “There’s just fun.”

               That said, she took off in a run and, once she had enough speed, let herself slip down the rest of the length of the hall, wheeling her arms for balance and laughing when she nearly hit the wall. When she came to a stop, she spun around and looked at Killian who was watching her with a smile.

               “Come on, Pirate.  Don’t tell me you’re too scared to give it a shot.”

               “Scared?” Killian scoffed.  “Hardly, Love.”

               His first attempt was a horrible failure.  He hadn’t gained enough speed, and so only slid an awkward foot before he stumbled, just catching himself on the wall before face planting.

               “That was pathetic,” Emma laughed.  She didn’t notice the way Killian had looked up at her, wickedness in his eyes, until he had slid forward once more, and she found herself caught in his arms, the two of them stumbling over, hitting the floor with a thud and laughter.

               “So graceful,” she said, blowing her hair out of her face and resting her arms on her chest so she could grin at him.

               “I’m always graceful, Swan.  Even when I’m falling over.”

               The boast was so ridiculous that Emma laughed again, until Killian leaned up, smothering her laughter with his lips. They were both grinning into the kiss, and entangled hands in the other’s hair.

               “That help?” Killian asked when they broke apart, stroking her hair behind her ear.

               “Maybe,” Emma replied with an impish grin.  “But now it’s a matter of pride.  No boyfriend of mine can be that bad at sock slides.”

               She giggled, pulling him to his feet.

               They spent the next two hours working on the perfect sock slide form.  Emma knew there would be more moments where memories of what she had done would haunt her, but when she slid down the hall and into Killian’s arms, both of them laughing and tangled up in each other, she thought that it would be okay.

               He would be there to help her through it all.