i had a hard time choosing caps

I rewatched “My Negative Thinking” the other day and would like to remind everyone that Logan writes in all caps. Why I care about this:

My father and a few teachers I’ve had write in all capitals for a specific reason: their brains go extremely fast. Writing in mixed case is slower and less legible for them, so they choose to write in all caps. (I have a major problem with my brain going faster than my hand too and I prefer to write in caps but can’t in formal writing or in school)

Doesn’t it make sense that Logic’s hands would have a hard time keeping up with his thoughts?

Rise Up

Chapter One

Summary: Part two after Sledgehammer. Stuck in a world of darkness where your only solid ground is Steve, can you overcome the disabling effects of what the Hounds of Hydra have done to learn to control your returned Valkyrie nature, the memories of your past lives filling you with a glorious but nearly impossible destiny, or will what has been taken, the loss of your sight, in turn have farther reaching consequences then you could have ever guessed?  

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3945
Warnings: Smexy, fluff, a little angst
Song: Rise Up by Andra Day

It all started with a song, figured I may as well continue the tradition

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone as Matt pulled it from his ear, looking at it in disbelief though he couldn’t technically see it. It was simply how his mind chose to compute this incredible moment. He’d heard enough interviews to know just which Steve Rogers was on the other end of the line, but he was still having a hard time believing it.

“I’m sorry. I think you have the wrong person,” Matt tried to brush it off, returning the phone to his ear.

He and Elektra were finally together, away from all of the crazy which had happened in New York. They were happy and alone, though, truthfully, he had a twinge of guilt for not telling Foggy he’d made it through the destruction of Midland Circle alive, allowing his best friend to think he’d died.

“Matt Murdock, former lawyer and defender of Hell’s Kitchen known as Daredevil. We know who you are, Mr. Murdock. We’ve always known.”

Stiffening, Matt clenched his teeth together. “If you’ve always known, why did you never do anything to help us?”

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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 30: Screencap Redraw

i’m sad now because this is the last one!! T.T these last 30 days have been an amazing challenge for me to do. my time management as well as the endurance of my aching hand was truly tested, as well as my imagination. i can’t wait to do another 30 day drawing challenge!

anyways, it took a really long time to choose the right screencap to redraw. i wanted to choose one that not only had great composition and color, but was also from an episode that has great significance to me. so i chose a cap from the Zippleback Experience, which is definitely one of my favorite episodes in the whole show. it was fun to find out how different my drawing style is compared to the CGI models of the show. also, i end up drawing dark shadows no matter how hard i try. gotta work on that.

thank you all for following the RTTE challenge and a special thanks to those who also participated!

Apples and Donuts (Rogers/Barton x reader)

Steve was by no means perfect; sure, he carried that wholesome and honest persona, and physically he was the picture of goals, but despite the outward perception, he was just as flawed as anyone else.  On the battlefield he was assured and confident, beyond capable and unbelievably strong, but at home in his personal life, he had insecurities and doubts that made being in a relationship with him very difficult.  He had fears about putting you in danger that left him unwilling to bend, and they all but crippled him in committing himself to anything that could last with you.  He always carried the fear that either you would be hurt someday, or that he would be lost and cause you pain after he was gone.  Most of his fears felt irrational to you, but to Steve, they were as real as the feelings for you that he couldn’t deny.   You knew that if Steve loved you, it would be with everything that he had, and he would value you above anything else.  Steve was the choice to make for a life of safety, but it would also be a guarded one that he could one day run from under the excuse of keeping you out of harm’s way.

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Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and tag 10 people

I was tagged by @musefulstranger

1. Delphine Cormier - Orphan Black (he said, shocking absolutely no one)

2. Korra - Legend of Korra

3. Tiffany Aching - Discworld

4. Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

5. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Marvel Comics (aka the reason I can’t boycott Marvel Comics, no matter how asinine their shenanigans get) (*cough cough Hydra Cap cough*)

6. Zoe Washburn - Firefly

7. Samus Aran - Metroid

8. Death of the Endless - Vertigo/DC Comics

9. Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time (man, I had a hard time choosing between her and Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess)

10. Chrisjen Avasarala - The Expanse

All right, I never tag people in these things, but fuck it. @mlleclaudine @madnanc @wayhaphine82 @ladycanuck @ebro-tho @srirachaforblood @kyroosterred (yeah, I see you lurking over there) @pyjamapocalypse @floramei @haaaaaaaveyoumetted @orphanzero

The usual disclaimers: sorry if I’ve tagged anyone who’s already been tagged, my feelings won’t be hurt if anyone doesn’t want to play along, and anyone else who wants to play may consider themselves tagged.


Day 23: Favorite Kiss

Oh man. I wish so hard that I had a full library of Phrack kisses to choose from right now. Like, a teetering stack of possible kissing scenes to the point where I’m wringing my hands trying to choose between them.

Alas. We just have this one. But slap me twice and call me Sally, what a kiss it is. And I know we’ve been over and over this as a fandom (and this scene has been capped an infinite number of times) and I have zero original things to say but. Like, okay. He’s “protecting her.” A chaste peck on the lips would have protected her. Just pulling her face towards him would have done the trick, no lip even contact needed.

But Jack Robinson was not going to half-ass this. I can just hear him thinking, this might be it. This might be my one chance to kiss this incredible, infuriating, insanely gorgeous woman and I’m going to go for it. And boy, does he.  

Like, open-mouthed, definitely tongue, the full nine-yards goes for it. And look! Look! If it was just trying to protect her why does he need to have his hands all over her like this?! 

C’mon, Jack Robinson. If it was all professional you could have kept that other (beautiful, amazing, super sexual) hand to yourself. But we all know better and so does Phryne.

He did it because he wanted to do it. Because he’d thought about it before. Because he needed to get her attention and the first idea that pops into his head is well I could kiss her

And then don’t even get me started on that solid 3 seconds of recovery they have afterwards, noses touching, breath mingling. It’s almost as sexy as the kiss itself. Both of them are a little blindsided by the intensity of it and have to take a moment to stare at each other in disbelief. Like what the actual fuck just happened here.

Of course they are in the middle of a life-threatening situation and sort of brush the whole thing under the rug afterwards. But I’m pretty sure both of them relive this moment from time to time, and are more than eager to repeat it when the time is right.

Sigh sigh sigh. Here’s to many, many more kisses in Season 3. And 4. And 5. And 6. And 10.