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#19 ”this is a bad idea. This is absolutely a bad idea, do it/let’s do it” +#22 ”do I even want to know what happened?” (Jasper x Reader x Brother!Emmett)

A/N:  I love ReaderxBrother!Emmett, I swear. there’s not much JasperxReader but I still love how this turned up.

(Gif is mine, if u use it, give credits.)

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The Cullen household was known for being “classy” and very “quiet”; for the outsiders, of course. But on the inside, it was never quiet, especially when Emmett and you were around. It wasn’t that you didn’t like each other’s company, it was that you enjoyed it too much, of course, it was all more of a “brotherly” love between you both, and that’s the problem, you were two messy siblings. 

While the rest of the family were out each of one doing their thing, you decided to stay home, being a vampire could get a little boring sometimes, so you thought of maybe cooking something, it wasn’t that you needed to eat, but seeing as Jacob would arrive later in the afternoon to spend time with Renesmee it could be a great time to waste some time.

Once you had everything prepared to bake some brownies you started to make them, but what you didn’t know was that Emmett also decided to stay home today, until you heard his voice.

“Hey, (Y/N)” he walked until he was standing next to you. “Baking, I see.”

“You are a very observant person, Em” 

He fake laughed while he watched you while you were cooking “You know, I have an idea”

You turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised as if to say “what?”

He smirked and continued “I’m a 100% sure that I can make those things better than you and in less time”

“Is this a challenge, my dear friend?” you stopped everything you were doing to turn and look at him.

“Maybe, but, it’s not a challenge if I already know I’m gonna win, (Y/N)” he said with the same smirk as before.

“You know this is a bad idea?” he nodded at you, still smiling “Ok, let’s do it”

Everything was going well, of course, that wouldn’t be for long. While trying to mix the ingredients faster than you, an idea crossed Emmett’s mind and he grabbed a handful of flour and threw it at you. You stood there for a second with your hands on your bowl trying to understand what had happened.

And right before you threw flour at Emmett you whispered to him “You are so going to die again, Emmett” 

And that’s how a huge flour (which later included a mix of all of the ingredients) war started, and if a normal human fight was funny, one that included two vampires was even better. You two were running all around the house throwing whatever you had on your hands, rapidly turning the neat elegant house into something that probably Alice would have nightmares if she could sleep.

Not so long after all of that happened you turned again to the kitchen, still pushing each other on the way there and as soon as you got there, the rest of the Cullen clan was already there and while Edward and Rosalie had a small smile on their faces, clearly amused by about what happened, the rest weren’t like that, especially Alice.

Jasper walked until he was closer to the two of you who right now looked like two little kids who got caught doing something you should; which was partially true, except you weren’t children.

“Do I even want to know what happened?” he asked while his eyes went to Emmett and to you.

“It was all her fault!” Emmett said before he started running again, probably to hide.


And with that, another war started, making the family wonder how two grown adults could be such kids.

Understudy - Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Based on a request I received, reader is the first female to play Alexander Hamilton, but is an understudy. Lin gets sick, giving Jasmine a great opportunity to make her feelings obvious to the protagonist.  

Warnings: Few swear words, allusion to smut. 

Word Count: 2,315 (I planned this way shorter and it just EXPLODED)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - Okay so I know I just gave you a prompt a little while ago (and it was amazing btw. You’re great man!!) but like Jasmine man.. Where like a girl plays Hamilton for the night and they kiss and it leads to more and ends with like half naked cuddles???

A/N: Okay so I SUCK majorly because I haven’t posted in forever because my writer’s block has been absolutely killing me, but here is me delivering on a request that I got embarrassingly long ago, I am so sorry it took me so long. This helped me push past my lack of inspo, so I’m ready for the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon! 

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The truth is, it was hard being Alexander Hamilton. Actually, to be more specific; it was hard to be the first female playing Alexander Hamilton. The idea itself had been a rock thrown into a pool of still water; plenty of ripples were created. The enthusiastic fanbase that had grown into a cult following of the musical had mixed feelings about this. Some were ecstatic. Others were less impressed.

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Wild thoughts - Jeff Atkins

A/N: this one  is based on the song wild thoughts by Rihanna. This one made me go crazy so I hope it has the same effect on you guys. Also big thank you for my girl @mleodicaprios​ for this awesome idea!

Word count: 1242


 I don’t know if you could take it
Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked
I wanna be your baby, baby, baby

Another weekend, another party, another chance to drink away your sorrows. You were looking forward to this evening in particular. You met someone new in school, his name was Jeff. You accidently walked against him on your way to the classroom. When he gave you your books back he scanned you from head to toe, undressing you with his eyes and a grin appearing on his face. Jeff seemed like a challenge and that was just what you liked.

  White girl wasted on that brown liquor
  When I get like this I can’t be around you
  I’m too lit to dim down a notch
  ‘Cause I could name some thangs that I’m gon’ do

When you entered Jessica’s house you were feeling pretty confident, you were wearing you favourite high waist jeans where you knew your butt looked great in and an of the shoulder crop top. It was an understatement to tell you were feeling yourself. You went straight to the kitchen and poured yourself an extra strong Bourbon. You felt an arm swing around your shoulder and that pulled you closer. You looked next to you and saw it was Montgomery de la Cruz accompanied by, yes you guessed it right, Jeff Atkins. They were probably both trying to fix a drink. A couple months ago you had had a fling with Montgomery, but it was nothing special. Just a one time thing, you felt like he wanted more than just a nice make out and you didn’t need that.

“Looking good babygirl, any chance I’m getting some of that tonight?” He asked with a smirk. You took a sip of your cup not breaking eye contact with Montgomery before you said:

“I have other plans tonight, sorry babe.” Your gaze switched from Monty to Jeff. You saw a smirk appear on his face before you gave him a wink and walked of. Being around Jeff was dangerous and you liked it, so so much. You entered the living room and decided to join some of your friends who were dancing on a table. You really loved dancing, feeling the music, moving your hips. In between dances you fixed yourself some refills and you were starting to get drunk.

  Wild, wild, wild
  When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts

You were dancing on a great Drake song when you saw Jeff entering the room. His gaze was wondering around the room went he found yours. You were looking him straight in the eyes while you were rolling around your hips in a very sensual way while slightly biting your lower lip. Your imagination was filled with all the wild things you wanted to do to him, and those were pretty nasty things. You couldn’t help but thinks how Jeff looked naked, he probably had and amazing body. You felt yourself getting a little wetter just by the thought of it. Jeff smiled at you while he rubbed the back of his neck, before he walked into the kitchen.

Jeff’s POV

  Ayy, I heard that pussy for the taking
  I heard it got these other niggas goin’ crazy

Jeff entered the kitchen and needed a drink after what he just witnessed. The girl had some serious moves. He didn’t understand why he didn’t see her before, she was the sexiest girl he ever seen. Honestly he just wanted to walk up to her and dance with her but he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous that he couldn’t handle her that’s why he was fixing some liquor confidence. In a strange way he felt attracted to her from the moment he saw her and this was his chance. He was pouring the liquor in when he overheard a couple guys talking.

“Dude, have you seen y/n dancing? And that ass thoooo”

“I know right, man that chick. She’s that type a girl you can’t fuck, she fucks you.”

“The first one to get her tonight get 50$?”

  Throw that ass back, bouquet
  Call me and I can get it juicy
  I can tell you’re gone off the D'usse

They all started to laugh and joke and that’s when Jeff knew it was time to make his move. He drank the whole thing in once and walked toward his target. When he entered the living room he saw you dancing on your own and damn those boys were right, you had a great ass. You were dancing even more flawless. He walked up to you from the back and whispered in your ear:

“You can’t seduce people like that in public babygirl.” While his movements started to synchronize with yours.


  Careful mama watch what you say
  You talking to me like ya new bae
  Girl, talking to me like you tryna do things

Jeff was grinding up to you and that was exactly what you wanted. He was whispering some dirty things in your ear that’s how you knew you had him right were you wanted. You teased him extra hard when you suddenly felt his erection against your butt and to be honest it turned you on. You turned around so you were facing him.

“I can help you with your problem down there.” You whispered in his ear before you slowly kissed his earlobe. Jeff took you by your wrist and guided you upstairs. On the way you passed by some guys whose mouth fell agape. Jeff saluted them.

  White girl wasted on brown liquor
  I probably shouldn’t be around you
 ‘Cause you get wild, wild, wild
  You looking like there’s nothing that you won’t do
  Ayy, girl that’s when I told you

When the two of you entered the room Jeff locked it immediately and walked towards you like it was his last mission in his life. He started to kiss you heavily you pulled at his shirt zo he knew he had to take it off. You unbuckled his belt before you pushed him onto the bed. You started to undress very slowly, not breaking eye contact. You walked up to him and set down on his lap.

“No that’s not how we’re going to it, I’m going to fuck you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Jeff said before turning the both of you around. You were surprised by his dominance, but you liked it.

“Okay daddy.” You moaned out.

Jeff placed you on the side of the bed, your ass facing him. he thrusted into you without warning. You arched your back as far as you could making Jeff moan louder and louder. You never experienced something like this. Jeff made you cum 3 times, nobody ever did that to you. You had to admit the boy had serious skills. When the two of you were finished you both collapsed onto the bed. You took a minute to catch your breath before you started to put your clothes back on.

“If you ever feel like doing this again, call me.” you said with a wink before leaving the room. Normally you weren’t the type to say those things but you knew there weren’t a lot guys that could give you this. When you close the door you hear something from the room.

“Oh I definitely will.” You heard Jeff say.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think and thanks for reading xxx

tskazane  asked:

omg i just read your heart disease prompt and i am devastated so I wanna request another angsty prompt where MC has terminal illness and on her last day, Jumin sneaked her out to the chapel and they exchange rings and wedding vows. ((MC passes away when they kiss)) i hope you have a good day cause im gonna go cry in the corner now. thnak you i love you

I’m actually going to cry I was so close to finishing this and I was working on it for hours and it crASHED my crops are dying my family is starving

I’ll still do the request, however, It might not be as good as the original and I’m soo sorry!!!! I love you too though hun!! Have a fantastic day and enjoy <3


You were sick.

Doctors hadn’t a clue of what it was, theories and ideas springing up with each new specialist entering your life.

But nothing that truly answered your question.

Perhaps because they couldn’t bare to tell you so.

And perhaps, Jumin knew that.

Each time they’d spring up another possibility the worry would sink deeper into his gaze, his arm coiling about you as though as long as that hand remained so did you.

Yet nonetheless, you two were just as inseparable as you always had been, whenever one went, the other followed. 

You had once spoken of a wedding, reciting vows to one another late in the night, snickering and laughing embarrassedly as you changed and edited the words.

Jumin however, became more so frustrated than anything.

“It’s not enough,” He muttered, erasing away at the scribbles on the paper, huffing as he ran his fingers through his hair. 

“What’s not enough?” You asked, leaning over him, a gentle palm resting on his back. “What’re you talking about?”

“This,” He pointed to the paper. “It’s not enough! it doesn’t say enough!”

“What does it not say enough of?”

“It doesn’t say how much I love you not truly,” He huffed. “I know it can’t be put into words b-but I would hope it could at least capture a fraction of it!” 

That had amazed you.

Even as you began to wither away, confined to a bed with brittle bones, and a heavy chest he seemed to only adore you more and more with each passing day.

He would simply be getting ready in the morning, setting up his tie when he’d look at you.

And as though seeing a flower bloom for the first time, he’d smile.

“Darling, is it just me or are you getting more beautiful every day?” He sighed approaching you as you sat up, pressing a kiss to his nose.

“I think it’s just you.”

“I don’t agree.” He cooed. “Not in the slightest.”

He moved his workspace to the bedroom to be with you, sharing amusing tales of his first days with you, unable to hide his delight as you’d erupt into laughter, only having to stop when your throat grew hoarse.

And during the nights when your fears would take over, he’d hold you close to him, fingers weaving through your hair calmly as he spoke to you.

“It’ll be okay dear,” He hummed, looking to you with that same familiar, kind glint others didn’t see. “It’ll be okay I promise. This will pass.” 

It didn’t.

Your once merely heavy breaths were weighed down by cinder blocks now, your voice hardly ever breaking above a whisper, risking a fire igniting in your throat.

Your limbs were flimsy and thin like sticks by this point, more fragile than a leaf, the slightest pressure threatened to leave you in shambles.

But somehow, Jumin found a way to light up your world.

He had a habit of doing that. 

He came home from work, as usual, twisting around to the bed, eyes wide with anticipation as he spoke, ribboning his hand with yours.

“Love, can you stand?” 

“Can I…what…?” You rasped, looking up confusedly. 

“Please, can you stand?”

“Maybe…” You sat up, feeling your muscles heave at the sudden movement.

Jumin instantly came to your aide, grabbing onto your arm, helping you as you rose, tightening his hold as you staggered forward, landing on him.

“It’s okay dear, I’ve got you,” He assured you, a peculiar excitement budding in him. “Come on, let’s go.” 

He led you down the steps, carrying you to Driver Kim’s car, setting you down beside him. 

Driver Kim gave you a polite dip of his head, greeting you fondly as an old friend would.

“Where…where are we going?” You questioned, peering forward, crinkling your nose. 

“It’s a surprise.” 

“A surprise…? Why?”

“I think it’s a bit more special this way.” 

You had continued to ask him questions here and there, Jumin clearly humored by your attempts yet not speaking a word.

Yet the answer had soon been revealed as you arrived.

A chapel.

Your eyes had widened like saucers at the sight of it, your jaw dropping. 

“J-Jumin I…” You let out a deep breath, in disbelief. “I didn’t even get to finish my vows.” 

“I know I spoke of having a grand and enormous wedding for you to show how precious you are to me but I…” He took your hands in his own, squeezing them tenderly. “I can’t help but think that as much as I’d like to think, we may not have all the time in the world, and all I want to do is to love you, to be with you.”

He laughed sheepishly, a hint of shininess in his eyes.

“I want to marry you.” 

He let out a deep breath, pure happiness in his voice.

“So MC, will you marry me?”

He had proposed before.

It had been late in the night, lights decorating the world around you as he knelt down, sincerity laced in his words, even through his flustered features.

Now the lights were dim and few, but the emotion was still just as prominent on him.

And just as then, your heart soared.

“Yes! Yes, of course, I will!” 

He chuckled, still in awe, kissing your knuckles before ushering you out, keeping you close as you stepped inside.

At the very end of the walkway, a priest stood, giving a small wave to Jumin.

“Hello Mr. Han, I assume this is your fiance?” 

“It is, MC, meet Mr. Cho, he’s going to marry us.” He explained. “I spoke with him last night.” 

“It’s an honor to meet you,” He greeted. “From what I’ve heard from Jumin, I think it’s clear to see how well of a match you both are.” 

“Thank you.” 

You followed along just before Mr. Cho, Jumin commenting on little things here and there to make you giggle.

It worked.

Simply just hearing him speak left you happy somehow.

He had a habit of doing that.

Even as Mr. Cho began, you never once pried your sight away from Jumin, the two of you seeming brighter than the very sun.

Yet your body began to crumble.

“A marriage is not measured by it’s size or its cost, but by the two who are wed. If their words are said in earnest and if their love for one another is true are what truly matters. Knowing that the care behind the promises will not fade with time, and that the hopes and dreams of one become the hopes and dreams of the other. Marriage is when two hearts become one, and when two souls become one as well, each supporting the other through this life and the next.” 

He glanced to Jumin, grinning.

“And I think it’s clear that your hearts became one, long ago.” 

Jumin stifled a laugh, his eyes glimmering with a shine that wasn’t sad but overwhelmed with delight unlike any other. 

You hadn’t even realized you were crying.

But you were.

“Jumin, do you take MC to be your wife, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor her, laugh with her and cry with her? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?” 

He didn’t even hesitate, nodding. 

“I do.” 

Mr. Cho repeated the same to you, hints of his words blurring out in your head yet, all the same, connected, a warmth erupting in your chest. 

The rings were revealed, simple engravings with words lined on the inside.

‘My heart travels with yours’

“With these rings, you intertwine your lives as a symbol of the connection between your souls, when you look at these rings I hope you are not only reminded of this day but of each day that was brightened beside each other,” Mr. Cho, softened. “You may recite your vows.” 

Jumin placed the ring on your shaking finger, steadying in his palm, only focused on him as he spoke. 

“I vow to show you each and every day how you have changed my life in a way I could have never imagined. I know it can never truly add up to what you have done for me but I will spend each moment here on this earth to support you and to have you know that you are the absolute most precious thing in my life,” He chuckled. “As much as Elizabeth 3rd might be jealous. Nothing can compare to you.” 

And he began to cry.

It was silent, but the tears slipped from his eyes.

A bit of him must have known, your legs hardly able to keep yourself up, the world around you beginning to meld into one, the thumping and pumping of blood throughout your veins banging in your mind.

Yet as you placed on his ring, the words spilled out without effort. 

“I vow to do whatever I can each and every day to make those rough days a little better, to make you smile, and laugh, to let you rest and feel human, even if only for a while. I vow to shower you with adoration, even if it is only a fraction in comparison to what you’ve given me. I vow, to make you happy.” 

“Then, it is with great honor, that I pronounce you husband in wife,” He sighed, lightly. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Whatever little strength you had, evaporated as you stepped forward, Jumin’s arms wrapping around you, a hand cupping your cheek, wiping away a few of the tears.

And as if he knew, he whispered those familiar words to you one last time.

“I love you so much.” 

And as he sealed the space between you, you were barely able to respond before your last bits of life were snatched away.

A bit of you was glad you didn’t witness the aftermath, the realization quickly setting in, as he would let out a sob, rocking you in his arms, begging to you beneath his breath for you to come back.

You would’ve if you were able.

You would’ve never left in the first place.

Despite this, all of you was glad you left as you did.

With the common words, you said to one another every day.

“I love you too.” 

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Ficlet prompt? (If there's already a fic like this lemme know) but Dennis is questioning his sexuality and because Mac is out now, he asks if he can kiss Mac. Yikes it 3am, I'm depressed and starved of macdennis fics help

It was decided that Dennis would be the one to tell Mac that his scratcher was actually worth only $14 (“Your money bought it, you should be the one to tell him,” Dee had explained shiftily after Charlie and Frank ran off - for once, no one was eager to be the bearer of bad news and upset Mac, not on a day like this).

So Dennis sits on the steps in front of Dee’s apartment building, waiting for Mac to come home for the night. He’s probably at the Rainbow right now, Dennis thinks, surrounded by other men just like him, finding comfort in bulging arms and strong jawlines, sturdy pecs and muscular thighs. And doesn’t that sound lovely, being pressed up against a body just like his own, touched by someone who would know exactly where to put their hands?

Dennis sighs. This part of him - the part he usually likes to keep tampered down and filed away, deep into the recesses of his subconscious - has been incessantly loud in his thoughts lately. He’d even go as far as to say that it completely threw off his game with that beautiful cashier he’d tried to D.E.N.N.I.S. these past few weeks - Cassie? Casey? he doesn’t remember anymore. Usually there’s nothing quite like the thrill of demonstrating his value to a new girl to get him off, but his heart doesn’t seem to agree anymore. It hasn’t for quite some time.

“Dennis?” he hears above him, “What are you doing out here?”

He looks up to find Mac smiling down at him. He’s wearing that tacky mesh tank of his, and his chest underneath is sparkling with body glitter under the dim light of the lamppost nearby. Dennis can’t look away.

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story sketch

starring a hero-type character and their villainous nemesis. after a sound defeat by the hero, the villain makes a desperate threat about “going after the people you love most” and hero kind of laughs and goes “yeah, no, don’t have any of those” 

and their nemesis is just ??? horrified????? like, “no parents?? siblings?? lover?? great aunt??? maybe a dog???” 


what the fuck”

because despite ending up a villain the nemesis actually had an amazing childhood and probably still calls their parents every day, while the hero is an orphan who had an absolute shitstorm of a life. and so the nemesis hears this and goes “hell no, this is bullshit, i am going to find you someone to mean everything to you so i can exploit your weakness later” 

which makes no sense to the hero? but whatever, as long as the villain isn’t hurting anyone they don’t care. 

except now they have a nemesis who constantly bugs them, trying to set them up on blind dates and introducing them to kindly old granparents and sternly loving father figures and sometimes bringing them puppies (”put it back, i told you i can’t handle caring for a pet right now, besides i can see its real owner crying on the street corner over there”)

and when most of the set-ups fall through, the hero and villain end up hanging out together at whatever activity the nemesis had scheduled, talking and bickering and sometimes maybe enjoying each other’s company. but only a little. (okay a lot)

fast forward a few months. a new supervillain comes to town, also looking to go after the hero’s most important person and finally defeat them – and after a few days of surveillance they conclude their most important person is obviously the nemesis. like, come on. they see each other every day and talk like old friends and there’s just this spark, ya know? unmistakable. 

so new guy takes nemesis, hostage, and nemesis spends like an hour trying to get the new guy to turn them loose. “we’re just rivals, okay? the hero doesn’t even like me. it’s not like they’re gonna come save me or anything, you’re just wasting your time”

and the new guy is like, “really. you really expect me to believe that. you are clearly the most important person in their pathetic life – isn’t that right, hero?” 

and the hero, who has just arrived dramatically on the scene, kind of sighs (how did their life get to this point) and goes “yeah, sounds about right”

then they rip this new guy to shreds for daring to lay a hand on the one person in the world they care about most

7 Years: Part 12

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Part 11

Catch up HERE!

A/N: Don’t go anywhere! There’s still one more part to this!

You watched Bucky sleep when you randomly woke up in the night. He leaned back against the chair that he proclaimed as his. His head hung down and his arms crossed against his chest. You can imagine the neck pain he’ll have later. You just..watched him. Really observed his features and it’s like things never changed. He was still the loving, caring, charming, and funny guy you came to love all those years ago and found yourself loving again. It was a strange feeling. You never thought you’d find yourself around Bucky after what he did. But he seemed really hellbent on being there for you and Isabelle. It warmed your heart. 

“You’re staring.” Bucky mumbled. His eyes fluttered open and he lifted his head.

You softly smiled, “Sorry,” you muttered.

Bucky tiredly smiled back and lifted his arms above him stretching out his arms and legs. His shirt rode up to reveal his Adonis belt and you couldn’t help but stare, “My eyes are up here, doll.” He said with a teasing smirk.

You shrugged, “Just surprised you’re still fit.” You said teasingly.

Bucky scoffed, “What? Figured I’d get chubby or something?”

You nodded, “It’d make me feel soooo much better if you did with my after-birth body and all”

Bucky grabbed your hand and kissed it, “Hush. You’re beautiful. You’re gorgeous. You’re a goddess.”

You lightly chuckled, “Bet you say that to all the gals, Barnes.”

He shook his head, “Nope. Always and only you, doll.”

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ML Fluff Month || Day 16

AN: Ayo my dudes, second one of the day. See, I’m slowly getting back on track.


Day 16- Flowers

Chat tapped on Marinette’s skylight, waiting for the designer to open the window. Usually Chat simply hops in but Marinette had warned him that she was going to have Alya model some of her designs for her online shop and didn’t want him to catch them at various stages of undress.

“Chat! Thank god you’re here. Come in come in. Alya and I have a favor to ask actually,” Marinette exclaims as she opens up her skylight, speaking a mile a minute.

Chat looked to Alya for help as he crawled in but the latter simply shrugged her shoulders and mouthed the word “inspiration.”

“Okay so all the outfits are done. We just have to get them photographed.”

“I thought that’s what you two were going to be doing tonight?” Chat asked, still a bit confused.

“We are, I’m getting to that. So I need you to get some flowers cause you’re like the only one I know that knows a florist that’s open this late considering all the flowers you’ve brought me over the years. Once we get that we can put some of it on the fake grass I got, string some fairly lights over and around Alya and boom, aesthetically pleasing pictures for this little spring collection,” Marinette explained, a wide smile on her face as she pictures it.

Chat chuckles and shake his head. “And when did you come up with this?”

“About five minutes before you showed up,” Alya chimed in from her position on the chaise. “Better hurry and get those flowers cat boy before this florist of yours closes.”

Chat nodded and left with a quick salute.

“Mm, so what happened to this elaborate photo shoot you wanted to do just an hour ago?” Chat asked with a laugh as he continues to weave little blue Forget Me Not’s into Alya’s hair. The three were sitting in the center of Marinette’s bedroom, a movie playing in the background. Alya was working on her blog while Marinette was making flower crowns.

“Eh we already had enough great pictures when Alya and I went to the park, I could just use them. I got sick of the idea not too long after you left actually,” Marinette replied without looking up from her second flower crown.

Adding the finishing touches, the designer smiles and places the crown on top of Alya’s head.

“Aw don’t we look cute,” Alya said with a smile as she looked at the reflection of her and Chat in the mirror.

Chat adjusted his flower crown and grinned. “You better be making one for yourself, Princess,” he said while crawling behind the designer to start weaving some little white Saxifrage into her hair.

Marinette hummed in response, already set to work on making the final flower crown for herself as Chat carefully took the ribbon out of her hair.

“Ooh I like that one,” Alya grinned, taking a look through her camera roll now filled with pictures of Chat, Marinette, and herself in flower crowns looking like the cutest flower children.

I’m deaf, not stupid II

1-2-3-my-name-is-oli ask: Could you do a Lydia x Deaf!Reader imagine? Like Lydia is drawn to her because she’s not scared of her voice/scream (bc she obviously can’t hear it) but then falls in love with her?            

Warning: None

(A/N): I want Stydia combo in my life , my bi heart hurts

Part I

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The next day, you were excited to go to school, this girl Lydia had promised you to explain you what the heck was that thing that attacks you yesterday. While you were walking to school, the boy with weird hand gestures approaches to you, waving his hand. You wave back and keep walking, but a minute later, the boy was walking with you, he seemed nervous, another perk of being deaf is that you get used to reading their body language, and this boy next to you, was really nervous, but why?. you touch his arm, the boy looked at you with a questioning gaze, he said something, but again, he talked too fast and you couldn’t read his lips, you touch his arm again, and sign him “are you okay?” of course he didn’t understand nothing. so you grabbed a pen and a paper from your bag and write it down, the boy writes down “yes I am why are you asking? By the way, my name is Stiles” and give you the paper and pen, with a little smile.

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It’s hard to walk down this lane when every minute there is a choice to make, an intersection to contemplate.

But I’ll stick to this one as it’s been a while since I visited your house at the end of this lane.

You’re worth it.

Every minute spent with you was a minute of real, loud and cheek reddening laughter.

But you weren’t lame and you weren’t mean.

You were mature and wise but also so damn funny. I don’t think I’ve come across a person like you ever since.

You adapted quickly, understood completely and didn’t care who it was - you just had to make them laugh and have a great time.

Out of all those funny days I remember one the most and I have a feeling when it comes to time spent with me you would pick that one too. Or maybe not. Maybe that was just another silly, epic day for you.

It was our games period and the next was SUPW (socially useful productive work - or that’s what I think the full form was anyway) and we had both forgot to carry a piece of smooth wood.

There were some workers working at the back of the ground, for what now is the children’s playground. There was a lot of wood and we weren’t the kinds to give up so we went up to that shady looking shed right at the end and asked that old man if he could give us some of the scrap wood.

He didn’t understand.

So we said again.

He didn’t understand.

So we looked at each other and we shook it off to try again.

And again and again and again.

Now I don’t know if it was because he wanted to get rid of us or he did understand us, but he started to frantically shake his head.

We were finally happy he understood us on the 9th time and we continued to tell him we wanted two and of which exact size.

He nodded and we kept explaining further and once we were done we realized we weren’t really for he just kept shaking his head.

I know that it was funnier when it happened and I know I’m missing out on all the details and I know this post is such a disappointment for your essence but I remember how much we laughed that day. And for the coming months remembering that day. And I remember your big eyes and pretty dimples and sharp features. And I see them on my social media every other day. I double tap but no number of taps will ever take us back to that school day.

We did finally get the pieces of wood and we completely ruined it later in class but it didn’t matter one bit like most things never truly do in the end anyway.

Soo.... How would Percy and Annabeth have met if they were normal people, not demigods?

The sun shines through his window, waking Percy up from his deep slumber. It was his 22nd birthday and the world seemed… bleak. Something was missing. “Happy birthday, my baby boy!” His mom walked in, holding a cake lathered in blue frosting. Percy smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks, mom.” The rest of his family began to file in. They brought presents and cards, but Percy’s heart just wasn’t in it.

Annabeth walked into the coffee shop. The barista already knew Annabeth was coming and passed her her usual black coffee and chocolate croissant. “Thanks, Jasmine.” She sat down and began to munch, trying to continue her book but something was wrong. The chocolate croissant didn’t look as appetizing as usual and the book just wasn’t catching her attention anymore. Something important was going to happen today. She just knew it. Getting up from her chair after collecting her things, she begins to walk out the door, her mind elsewhere. Suddenly, she crashes into the wall- Wait, no. Not the wall, it was a person as hard as a wall. “Oh, shit- that’s hot!” Annabeth’s coffee had spilled all over the mystery man and it was burning hot, just the way she liked it. “Oh my god! I am so sorry,” starts Annabeth, “I’ll buy you a new shirt-” She looks up at his eyes and pauses.

Percy didn’t even hear what she was saying. He was captivated by those fierce, gray eyes. She was immersed in his sparkling, green eyes. He helped her up. All the while, they were staring into each other’s eyes. “Sorry, again,” says Annabeth. Percy shrugs, the void he was feeling today had been filled. “It was a great birthday present, don’t worry.”

Annabeth laughs and shrugs, “I’ll buy you a coffee to make up for it.” He nods, “Only if you sit and enjoy it with me.” They smile at each other and go on. Annabeth’s heart leapt when she saw his smile. “Let’s go get you that coffee.”

Til Death Do Us Part Ch. 4

Previous Chapter: 3

Next Chapter: 5

Ahh it’s been while since I posted this story, but I will continue updating and fairly quickly. This chapter is focused on Jinyoung I hope you like it.

Summary: You and JB are arranged to be married. He’s a player and you’re the good girl. Will this marriage kill you or will it become paradise in the end?

1.5k words

Y/n = Your name

Your age: 20

All GOT7 members are their normal ages

You stared at your form in the mirror, patting out nonexistent wrinkles from your green chiffon shirt. Your hair fell nicely around your face and accentuated the winged liner you donned. The white sandals and dark blue skinny jeans complimented each other well, with a white cross body bag you ready to go.

Jaebum was currently at work, like he always was, but you didn’t complain because it made meeting Jinyoung that much easier.

You locked up the mansion and armed the security system before getting in your car and driving towards Jinyoung’s house.


“You know you remind me of Haha.”

“I, a girl, remind you of a middle aged male comedian?”

Jinyoung laughed at the thought before slinging an arm around your shoulder and completing his thought, “No because his facial expressions are really unique and the faces you make when you think no one is looking are hilarious.”

“Ahh, so you creep on me.” You teased back.

Instead of defending himself Jinyoung pulled up his face mask and pretended to be sneaking about you while still walking through the crowds of people in Hongdae.

You and Jinyoung had a great time walking and enjoying each other’s company. You even visited one of those animal cafes that everyone was raving about. This one was littered with kittens. It was by far the cutest thing you had ever seen in your life and you got great pictures of the kittens climbing on top of Jinyoung.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie with them.”

You sat down a little way away from Jinyoung with a Scottish fold kitten in your lap and began to position your phone for the picture, “Okay, one, two, three.”

Right before you clicked the button, Jinyoung tilted his head and threw an arm around your waist to pull you closer. On the inside, you were burning up, but on the outside, you faked annoyance with him for almost ruining the picture.

“You could’ve ruined the picture you meanie, and we look like a couple now.”

Jinyoung smiled and grabbed your phone to send the picture to himself, “I don’t see how that’s a bad thing, y/n. I’m posting this by the way.”

You could feel the blush rising to your cheeks, ‘Does he really mean that or is he just saying that?’ you thought to yourself.

You took a deep breath and steered away from the topic, “Anyways, there was a store I wanted to go, I need to buy a few new casual dresses and I value your opinion friend.”

“Let’s go, go, go!”


Dress shopping was not eventful, but it wasn’t bad either. Every time you came out of the changing room in a different dress, Jinyoung would applaud and cheer saying things like, ‘Aish, why aren’t you a celebrity?’ or ‘Oh my God, y/n, I’ve been blinded by your beauty!’ He was being greasy like bacon, but it was his way of saying, ‘You look great.’

The last dress was a black mini dress with a slightly low back and because of this you couldn’t reach the lace up on the back. You struggled with it for a good minute before giving up with great reluctance. This dress was just what you were looking for, but you couldn’t get the damn thing to close to check how it looked.

“You okay in there? You sound frustrated.”

You jumped a little when you heard his voice, but you recovered and replied, “I’m having a hard time lacing up the back.”

It was quiet for a minute then he asked, “Can I come in y/n?”

You opened the door to the small white stall to let him in.

“Turn around.”

You complied and made sure your hair was out of the way.

You didn’t think about it when you opened the door, but suddenly the stall seemed even smaller with the both of you in it. You were suddenly more aware of the fact that your back was exposed to him and you didn’t have a bra on.

Standing stark still, you felt his slim fingers grab onto the lace to begin putting it through the holes. There wasn’t a moment when hands weren’t pressing into or touching your skin. You were almost sad when he finished pulling it through, until he leaned forward to your ear, “Do you want me to do it hard or soft?”


Jinyoung looked at you normally, “How do you want me to pull it close, hard or soft?”

You let out a breath, “Hard, please.”

After tying it at the top he stepped back, “I think this one is perfect. What do you think?”

You weren’t focusing on the dress in the mirror when you answered a yes.


Jinyoung had insisted on accompanying you home, saying that he wanted to get as much time with his best friend as he could.

He drove your car while you flipped through radio stations. You talked and joked around until you pulled into the driveway of the house you shared with your husband. Jinyoung walked you to the door, returning your keys to you and then turned to leave.

“Thanks for driving me home, Jinyoung.” You gave a sweet smile as he looked at you and mirrored it.

“What can I say you’re my number one girl.”

Your smile grew, but your brain decided at that moment to think of his comment about him liking someone else.

“Hey, remember when we danced at my wedding, you said you had a girl you liked, who is she?”

Jinyoung’s expression changed to a slightly more serious one and he stepped closer to you, almost chest to chest, “Do you really want to know?”

You nodded and he carefully held your left hand while his left hand came to tuck some loose hairs behind your ear.

“I don’t think it’s worth telling you, I can never have her anyways, no matter how hard I try.”

“Come on, if I know who she is I can help you get her.”

Really you just wanted to see the girl who had captured the heart of the Park Jinyoung you held so dear, but at the same time you didn’t want to know and wanted him to leave her far behind.

His eyes darkened the slightest bit and his breathes came out the slightest bit heavier, “Okay,” he paused and leaned closer to you so that your face were centimeters apart.

Throughout this neither of had noticed Jaebum had come until you were once again being ripped away from Jinyoung.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing with my girl?”

‘My girl? What’s he going on about?’ you thought.

“She was my friend before she was your wife JB.”

“That may be so, but she’s with me now and I don’t like sharing what’s mine so stop trying to cause trouble and leave, unless you don’t want to exist to cause trouble in the first place.”

Jinyoung ignored him and flashed you a smile then left to hail a cab down the street.


Jaebum was pissed.

No, he was beyond pissed, he was ready to implode.

“I don’t understand, I really don’t!”

“Oh so now I’m stupid.”

“Yes! That’s exactly it! God, it took you so long to figure it out y/n.”

You scoffed at him. Right when you both walked through the door the WWE fight started. You weren’t the slightest scared of him or ready to back down.

“Listen, I don’t like you, you don’t like me, I don’t give a shit about what you do.” He put his hands on his shoulders and looked you dead in the eyes, “Hell, you could fuck Park all day every damn day of the fucking week, and I still wouldn’t care. But you wanna know when I do care?”

At this point he looked like a mad man ready to break and he kept going on.

“I care if people can see you two together and start questioning me.

He let you go and began to walk away, but you weren’t about to let him have the last word.

“Then I’ll fuck him here,” At this point you were in his face, “On the couch, on the counter, on your bed, and I’ll scream so loud the neighbors will hear. I’ll have the time of my life.”

Now it was your turn to walk away as you made you way up the spiral stairs to your room.

God, you hated his guts and you were even more determined to get what you wanted.


These are my favorite dramas of the 2013 season. Granted I did not watch a WHOLE lot of 2013 dramas but these are the ones that caught my eye and well gave me all the feels I could ever want. You may not agree with me 100% or maybe not even 1% but as always this is MY personal opinion and if you do not agree feel free to leave your own TOP 9 dramas of 2013 in my ask box or as a response to this post. Now these dramas are not in any particular order because I have a hard time making preferences about what is better than something else. So I hope you enjoy this post and if you havent seen any of these dramas I recommend reading my review and or watching them for yourselves!

Heartless City: A drama that had me from episode one. Drugs, violence, hot men, beautiful women, crime, and all the things that make up a mystery type drama was all in play in this and I loved every moment. Every curve ball they threw, every moment that made me scream in anger or scream in surprise by who was an undercover or who was stabbing who in the back. The badassness that is this drama makes it so damn amazing that I just simply cant put into words how much enjoyed this drama. It was shot beautifully, though the censorship in this could of been turned down a couple notches, the actors and actresses in this were spot on and the story behind it all was so freaking good. It was a drama that had me rolling on the floor like an idiot because of what was going on in it. It was fast pace, interesting and well it made me have all the feels in the world. I loved it from start to finish and it just was one hell of a ride watching it. 

Flower Boy Next Door : This drama was a real big surprise to me, if Im going to be completely honest. It had all the things that I find rather annoying about romantic comedies, the things that make me squeal with horror, but made it work. It was cheesy and goofy and I loved every moment of it, which is rather odd considering my personal taste in dramas. I fell in love with the characters from our main couple to the sometimes rather creepy second lead, to our supporting males and even the rather mean second female. They all seemed to work well together and the characters where just people that you could really connect to in some way or another. The acting was great, and even though some people dont like Park Shin Hye, I enjoyed her a lot in this drama, because she reminded me of myself. Though I wish I was surrounded by good looking men, but sadly Im not. It wasnt a boring story and it didnt drag on for too long like some dramas, it was just perfect in the way it was delivered from start to finish, and in my opinion are rather great drama that you could introduce your friends to Asian dramas with. 

Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo: Now if you know me and how much I adore Itazura Na Kiss the anime and how much I fell in love with It Started with a Kiss and how much I hated Playful Kiss, then you know I was rather hesitant on watching this new remake. Guys I was so scared because this series is something rather close to my heart, being it was one of my first anime and how attached I was to the characters in the Taiwanese version. But putting all that aside, I dived in and man Im glad I did. Though it wasnt perfect , it did have the essence that I was looking for when it comes to a live action of this story. It had the characters I loved and they were portrayed well. The story ran smoothly and I didnt find myself comparing it to the other dramas as much as I thought I would. It made me cry and it made me laugh and I felt that it did an amazing job for the short amount of time that it had to tell the story of the coupe that I really love. I was super impressed and I loved it to pieces. Im even more excited to see the next season and hoping that it will be just as great as this was. 

Shark: Oh come on, let me tell you how much I screamed and yelled and cried over this drama, well I may not have to if you watched it yourself. This was one of the dramas I watched in 2013 that was airing while I was watching it. I was hooked from episode one, it starting in the present and moving back to the past back in forth really made for a good intro to the story, and if you know me I love a back-story with kids, its one of my favorite things. The story was interesting and they mystery part keeps you going. The use of dramatic irony was also a good feature because it made it interesting to watch as our leading female tried to figure out who our main lead really was, and we already knew. I love when things like that happen. Though there were some big surprises in this drama and it just never got boring to me. Plus the love of my life (Lee Soo Hyuk) was in it and I could help but scream in fan girl delight whenever his face appeared on screen.  I loved it, plain and simple from the melodramatic parts to the action and mystery that surrounded the whole thing. It was well shot, acted, and written and had one of the best songs off a 2013 drama. 

That Winter The Wind Blows: I was so excited and yet hesitant to watch this drama because it was based on a movie which I really enjoyed. But once I started watching it, I was hooked. Me and melodramas are just meant to be together and it had all the things of a melodramatic story that I could ever want. I was crying tears that could flood a river, and smiling from ear to ear with all its cute moments as well. The acting in it was outstanding for the most part and the story was genuinely interesting. The characters developed well, and even though you may of hated some character for the things they were doing, deep down I still liked them all. And even though the ending kind of left me on a flat note, I could forgive it , because the journey to the end was so amazing. It truly was one of the best dramas of the year from the writing, to the cinematography, to the OST it truly hit all the crucial material that makes up a  well rounded and successful drama in my opinion and is one I would watch over and over again, though it might lead me to depression.

Master’s Sun: Now this is a drama that fan boys and girls alike squealed over and over during is airing time, and Im not going to lie, I was one of them. The cast in this drama was what got to me at first, I was super excited to see them all working together because there are some pretty amazing people in this! Then the story, it wasnt something I had actually seen before in a drama and though it wasnt “scary” like some people thought it might of been, I still enjoyed it a lot. Ghosts, I love them and seeing them in a drama and the way they were used really made it that more enjoyable. Then throw in a main couple that makes your heart melt and then second leading male that makes you want to die because you want to root for him but you want to root for our main male, then throw in the “bitch” that is too lovable to hate and you have the main characters that you just love to watch. Though it was a romantic comedy, and those arent usually my style, I found myself loving every moment and laughing harder than I had in a while. And even though there was laughter there were still tender and heartbreaking moments that made you cry your eyes out and I really loved the mix of it all. Truly a really great show.

The Queen’s Classroom: A drama that doesnt have to have a love line to make it worth watching was this one. A story of kids and their teacher, sounds boring enough if you think about it like that, but the story itself really was a great one. I had never seen the original version but this version made me want to watch it. I found myself so attached to these kids and wondering why our “evil witch” of a teacher was doing the things she was doing, and though I knew deep down, I still found myself wide eyed by how FAR she would take it. The cast, excluding the adults, these children were amazing and I even saw some kids that I remember from previous shows that had grown up and it made me feel so nostalgic about it. Just a story of kids growing up, and not our high school kids, but elementary kids..it was pretty much amazing. Even my grandma watched it with me. I cant really put into words why I loved this story, but there was just something about it that made me have feels and made it one of my favorites of 2013. 

Tonbi: Now I dont know many people who watched this drama in 2013 and I would consider it to be an underdog myself, because well it dosent have the romance most people are looking for, but to me..it has something much much better. Heart. It has the heart and relationship between family that really gets you right in the heart and makes you feel all kinds of emotions. I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was sad and I cried even when I didnt know why I was crying. This show had emotion and it didnt have the sad breakup or any of the stuff that we see in a lot of drama. It had emotion between a father and his son, and their story. Their story about living life and how the son came to be the man he is today because of the trails his father went through to raise him. It was just a really touching story that made me emotionally drained in a good way. I loved it and though its short and underrated and not a whole lot of people saw it, it was one of my favorite dramas of 2013.

Good Doctor: The tears or the tears that were shed while watching this drama. Now I know people were super excited about this drama because of WHO was in it, and dont get me wrong I was jumping up and down because of it too, but there were people who didnt want it to be a MEDICAL drama. Now for me, I LOVE medical dramas, they really interested me, and the fact that this was one made me super excited to watch. From episodes one, not even 15 minutes into it,  I was crying like baby, and thats when I knew this was going to be one hell of a show. The story and the characters, though sometimes annoying and just plain old rude, they were what made the show what it was. Our leading male pulled off a an amazing performance that I will never forget and all the little side stories that were thrown into the mix, were all worth watching and well made you have all the feels that you could ever want. It was a tear fest from start to finish and I loved everything about it. It was drama that I couldnt wait for the next episode and I just counted down the days. It was perfect and it is a drama worth watching and may I say paying the outlandish price for on DVD.

Well that's my sweet little list of 9 dramas that really just stuck with me this year. There were more dramas that almost made it, but I had to cut down the list. Dramas like Gu Family Book, Secret Love, Reply 1994, Suspicious Housekeep, Kazoku Game, Two Weeks, Nine Times Time Travel, they were all really good too so check them out as well. But those above are my TOP of the TOP! 

Confessing Is Hard...

 Fandom:  Teen Wolf

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by hyriefortunohale: Peter Hale one shot please? A love confession for the reader. But Peter finds it hard to confess since everyone thinks he’s a psycho. And the reader also loves him but teases him that she’s not feeling the same. Please make it super sweet :) XOXO!

Notes: Didn’t know how to approach this, but I hope it’s okay!!! <3

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompt, how about Vivi messing up a spell or something, and the gang has to help her do damage control slash reverse its effects?

This did not go in the way I thought it would. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Also, since this is Tumblr, better be safe than sorry. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. IT’S JUST FOR FUN. CALM YOUR TITS.

“Holy shit.”

This hadn’t gone how she planned at all.

“Are you sure you’re alright? Should you even be standing?!”

“Relax, Lew. She can’t be hurt that bad.” Arthur paused and tried to hold back a laugh. “Tried” being the key word. “Or I guess I should say he can’t be hurt that bad.”

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thequietclub  asked:

Allô Grace! I just wanted to say that I've been following you since your gracenmichelle and hello f*ckers days and that your videos where you "play" games while talking to strangers are some of my favourite things ever. I still watch them. :D They're hilarious and have so many great moments: "braws", "no, no no, honey, no!", the bond that you had with Elias, and just saying the same things over and over again. Maybe you could make another one this year? :D Thanks for making me laugh.

Thank you for watching those!! Those videos are some of my absolute favorites. I’ll see what I can do about making another one, but that Elias moment was so damn special it’s hard to outdo. 

Never Have I Ever

The AH guys are playing a little game after work, who will win?

Who will get embarrassed? Who will reveal their secrets?

Who kissed an attractive man in fishnets? Who has an illegitimate child with a big nose? Who makes out while making pig noises?

Let’s find out!

AO3 Link: HERE

Word Count: 1,900+

Rating: Gen. swearing, kissing (NO SMUT)

Pairing: Michael x Gavin [Mavin]

A/N: Fluffy ending :)

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This Child Lost

I found someone yesterday, a child I thought I’d lost forever.  His appearances have been practically nonexistent during this admittedly troublesome year, and it was indeed a most pleasant surprise.  He went to work with me and we both had a great day.  He made my coworkers laugh, was pleasant, positive and helpful, he even brought along an energy I’ve recently found to be in very short supply. Lastly, while I’m not terribly blessed with the ability to give either of us compliments, he actually does have another very unique talent, or gift if you will.  While I won’t say he makes people cry, he loves to write, he’s generally kind, and we’ve been told that our words often touch hearts, allowing, or maybe even helping those needing or wishing to shed a few healing “good” tears to do so.  I kind of like that, and oh yeah, he loves to play and be silly.  In other words, he’s totally free.  So, just who is this child lost?  I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured that out, and I truly hope he stays awhile.  It’s been pretty dark in my world without him.  As for you my dear friends, if you have a lost child, please find and free them.  I promise you they’ve not gone far.  You both deserve it, and trust me on this one, the world will thank you, and the universe will smile.  Love you all, Mike.               

Never Been Kissed (Part 1)

Anon Requeste: Can you do one where you met the guys at one of their shows a few months back and have hung out with them a few times and you’ve never had a boyfriend or been kissed and Ashton finds a sweet way for him to be your first kiss and hopefully the last ( something around that line )

*y/n pov.*

“y/n! y/n! y/n! PLEASE come to the 5SOS concert with me! Nobody else is open and I can’t let it go to waste, AND I CAN’T go alone! Not to add I have backstage passes!” your best friend begged you.

You really didn’t love the whole thought of fan-girling over bands because whats the point? You’ll meet them once and they’ll never remember you after. But this was your best friend, you knew how much she loved 5SOS so you thought. Why not? Its only one night.

“Fine! But only because I’m your best friend!” You laughed.

“THANK YOU OMG IM SO EXCITED! 5SOS HERE WE COME!!!!” She was practically jumping off the walls in excitement. 

~Night of the concert~ 

You and Lilly had finally got to your spots wiggling trough billions of teenage girls waiting to see their idols. You weren’t surprised when Lilly had told you, you guys were standing front row middle. Lillys’s dad was a major music producer and she got tickets and backstage passes for these things all the time. 

Right as we got to our spots the concert started. The night consisted of girls screaming, Lilly crying, and actually pretty good music. You didn’t think you would like their music as much as you did but you couldn’t help but dance along side of your best friend to all of their songs. Not to add the guys actually looked pretty hot on stage. 

Stop thinking that before you start fan-girling! You told yourself as you tried to stop noticing how the sweat made their faces even hotter then before but you couldn’t. The drummer caught your eye the most. What was his name again? Ashton I think? Well anyways he was gorgeous. The way he banged on his drums, it made your heart flutter. 

Before you knew it the concert was over and Lilly was literally pulling you back stage in a matter of seconds. You were surprised to find that only a few girls had backstage passes. 

After a while of waiting the boys all came out and started meeting fans. You and Lilly had been talking to her dad before they had come out but she did not even let me finish a sentence with her and her dad before she was off trying to reach the boys leaving me with her father. 

“She really loves those boys you know?” her dad laughed. “Believe me I know!” you said laughing right along with him.

After a while the backstage had started to die down leaving only you, Lilly, and her dad. You still hadn’t meet the band yet but you also didn’t care to because it might make you fan-girl even more. 

“Boys! That was a great show!” Lillys dads voice boomed as all the boys came over and greeted him. “Thanks Mr. Smith! Couldn’t have done it with out you!” Luke had thanked him along with all the other boys.

“Oh while your here I want you to meet my daughter Lilly and her friend y/n!” Her dad said pushing you forward out from behind him. “Nice to meet yo-” Ashton started only to be cut off by Lilly screaming “OH MY GOSH IT REALLY YOU! YOUR LIKE MY IDOLS I LOVE YOU GUYS!” She said hugging everyone of them before they could even react. 

“Sorry about her,” You laughed. “Its nice to meet you guys to. Nice show tonight.” You said calmly shaking all of their hands. 

“Wow… Your the first girl to ever really… shake our hands.” Michael laughed. “Well Its an honor being the first girl to shake y'alls hands.” You laughed along with them.

“So boys! Shall we go and get dinner after a long night of singing?” Mr. Smith asked. 

“Heck yah! Im starving” Calum said starting to walk towards the back exit. 

Nobody told you that you were going to have to go to dinner but right about now it didn’t really bother you. I mean having dinner with 4 really hot guys wouldn’t bother most people.

~Later that night at dinner~

All night you had been laughing and talking with the boys. You almost forgot they were famous. They acted just like any normal teenagers. Lilly left a while ago because she had some urgent friend in need and Mr. Smith also left because he had to get back to work leaving you all alone with the guys. 

“Well I guess that just leaves you y/n!” Ashton laughed. “I guess it does!” You smiled. 

The way Ashton laughed was heart touching. You’ve never heard a laugh like that before. I wish this never had to end. You thought to yourself having the time of your life.

“Well its getting late, I should probably get going.” you said sadly preparing to leave. 

“What no! The night is still young we have to all hang out! Come back to our place y/n! Please? it will be so much fun!” All the boys practically begged you.

“Your like the only chill fan we’ve ever meet. I think this is a start to a good friendship.” Ashton stated. 

Friendship?!?! Did they really want to be your friend? YES PLEASE!

“Your right. The night is young. Let go!” You laughed standing up with the guys to leave.

Maybe my wish is going to come true. Maybe this night won't have to end just yet. You thought to yourself realizing that Ashton was right. This was going to be an amazing start to a great friendship. Little did you know that it might end up being a little more then a friendship….

Idk if this is even good like I know this would probably never happen but just go with it okay. Love you guys! Hope you liked it! 


- Rachel xx

Cameron Dallas Imagines

Imagine: Cameron Dallas- Request- Anonymous

Cameron Dallas was my bestfriend since pre-Kso when he asked for me to go to magcon i didn’t hesitate. We flew out to Orlando together and met up with the rest of the boys. So far the weekend was going great. The fans loved me and were very excepting that Cameron and I were just friends.

It was now saturday night and we all decided to go to one of the rooms and have a movie night. Sitting on one bed was me, aaron, cam and nash. I was in the middle of Cam and Aaron. But i was cuddled against Aaron. He was super adorable and so cuddly. About half way through the movie he got up and left after glaring at us for a solid 20 minutes. 

I followed him to our room to confront him. “Cam? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing (y/n). Go back and cuddle with Aaron.” He spat at me. He slammed the door to the bathroom to get changed.

“Sure doesnt sound like it’s nothing. Are you really mad that i was cuddling with him?”

“no. Why should i care about what you two love birds do? None of my business.” He said pushing past me to go to the bed. “Can you leave now. I’m going to bed.”

“Cam.. please, just talk to me.."I said sitting down on the bed next to him.

"I said nothing! Just leave me alone.”

“whatever screw you Cameron.” I said grabing my Pjs and leaving. I asked to room with Mahogany, which she agreed.

*a couple days later*

I still hadnt talked to Cameron. He’s avoided me as much as possible. I sat at breakfast picking at my food. Aaron and Nash were whispering back and forth, than suddenly  Nash got up and left.

“Hey, (y/n) Come with me.” Aaron said grabbing my hand. He lead me to his and Nash’s room. Once we got in there I saw Nash and cam and knew it was a set up.

“Now you too are going to stay in here until you resolve your issues.” Nash said before leaving with Aaron.

I sat on one of the beds and started to tear up. I had never fought with Cameron before this trip and had a feeling this was going to be our second time.

“Hey.. (y/n) are you crying? No dont cry!” He said coming over to me.

I started blubering about how sorry i was for whatever i did to upset him. Then suddenly i felt him kiss me.

“Please shut up.. You didnt do anything wrong. I was just jealous of Aaron. I thought you liked him… Nash told me there was nothing going on between you and that i was just over reacting.”

I couldnt process anything he was saying because he had kissed me. Before i Knew what i was doing i kissed him again. “Don’t say anymore.. I understand. But you realize Aaron is four years younger than me right?”

He laughed. “Listen, jealously blocks out all reason….so.. what did those kisses mean?”

“Well, mine meant i really like you…”

“that’s what mine meant too… so does this make us-”

“a couple? Ya, i think so..”

“Great, no more fighting right (y/n)” He said while pulling me into a hug.

“Right Cam.”