i had a good laugh when i first found this

“First, I wanted to be a baseball player. And I was really good until I was maybe 12, then I started striking out all the time, the other kids were better [laughs]. Then I watched Top Gun so I wanted to be a pilot. It took me a while before I came to actor, I had to go through that unsure teenage insecurity, thick glasses and really bad acne and total self-doubt. It was college when I found my way to the drama department.”

SnK characters as wolfpupy tweets
  • Eren: if anyone tries to tell you your dreams are unachievable just remember i have crashed my dirt bike into all 7 wonders of the world
  • Mikasa: i've seen a lot of things in my time, which i blame on me leaving my eyes open. things got a lot better once i decided to just close them
  • Armin: being thinking about a lot of things lately and have decided thoughts are a waste of time
  • Levi: before anyone says anything i just want to leave so i am not around to hear it
  • Erwin: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • Hange: if i was the one who drove the titanic i bet i could have hit at least 3 ice bergs before it sank
  • Jean: if anyone can do it then someone who isn't me can do it
  • Connie: November 31st, or Halloween 2 as it was known, was removed from the calendar after i used time travel to abuse the trick or treat system
  • Sasha: people need to wake up and start going to sleep, sleep has been proven to be a far better alternative to awake
  • Reiner: to truly understand something you must first not understand it, then later understand it
  • Bertholdt: "just when i thought things couldn't get worse" that was your first mistake, things always get worse regardless of thinking
  • Annie: is there something that is a step up from a rhetorical question where i don't want any response at all
  • Ymir: your definition of a good idea may be different from my definition of a good idea, mine being that a good idea is any idea i think of
  • Historia: i don't care one way or the other way, no matter what way i don't care
The Real Queens//Josh Dun

Request: Hey just a random request but could you possibly do one where the reader and Josh play filters?? You can add anything else if you want to! Thank you queen <3

(I’m assuming snapchat filters? If I’m wrong please let me know and I’ll write you a new one ASAP)

(This was super rough, I’m really sorry man).


               “Josh! Come here.” You yelled, laying on the couch, making weird faces at the screen in front of you—which was currently turning your face into what looked like an alien. You were scrolling through the various filters when Josh’s face soon joined yours in the screen—becoming a bunny. “We’re bunnies!” You smiled, this previous expression falling when the filter came off your face (making Josh the only bunny).

               “You’re cuter than any bunny.” Josh smiled at you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head before properly sitting beside you on the couch (considering he was leaning over the back of the couch initially). “What is with you and snapchat filters?” He laughed, scrolling over to the next filter.

               “I’m…a banana.” You whispered, eyes widening as you saw Josh pout at your screen. “Don’t hate, I didn’t choose the banana life—it chose me.” You bit your lip, trying to stifle the laugh that was building in your throat. You saw Josh slowly begin glaring at you through the phone, pretending to be disgusted with your latest look. This caused you to finally break, laughter filling the room as you scrolled through the filters once again. Stopping on the flower crown filter—this time you took a picture, writing a caption then posting it to your story (which somehow the clique had found. They were awesome but little psychos at the same time).

               “Little psychos?” Josh giggled, head falling back against the couch as your face turned red. “You’re really something Y/N.” He laughed—referring to your habit of mumbling your thoughts to yourself, on many occasions.

               “First, it’s not my fault your fans can act like little alien-skeleton-lovechildren psychos. Second I mean it in a good way, considering I’m not much better, and third I’m so sorry. Being alone for months on end when you’re touring leaves me with no real conversation partner so I do the next best thing.” You smiled at him, resting your head against his shoulder once you were done ‘ranting’.

               “Whatever you say, you large psycho.” Josh laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulders—leaving the two of you in a comfortable silence.


               “So, I bought you something.” You heard Josh say—the two of you were currently skyping while you made yourself supper. “But I won’t tell you until I get home.” You picked up your phone, glaring at the face which filled your screen.

               “Not even fair!” You laughed. “I want to know now Josh.” You pouted, watching him roll his eyes at you. “Don’t roll your eyes so much, one day they’re going to roll right out of your skull.” You waved your finger at him before propping the phone up against the wall, where you could see him while stirring the contents in your pot.

               “That wouldn’t be too bad, like if they still worked. That would be sick—I could see anything. Like when you’re showering without you knowing it.” He laughed, the volume increasing as you paused, resting one hand on your hip as you gave him a “motherly” look.

               “That’s disgusting Joshua. What have I told you about rolling your eyes around the house, and into the bathroom when people are bathing?”

               “Not to do it.” He groaned, resting a hand on his face—trying to match the level of serious you were currently acting on.

               “And what do we do when you roll your eyes around the house?” You bit back a smirk, awaiting the creative answer he was plotting.

               “Put them back into my eye sockets without cleaning them—which is probably child abuse.” You smirked, a small laugh escaping your lips as you stirred your food. “Hey Tyler” Josh started, putting his phone onto the bed as he left the screen—talking to Tyler about the latest debate the two of you were having. You listened to their indistinct talking for a few minutes until Tyler’s face was filling your screen, a horrified look embedded into his features.

               “You’re cruel!” He screamed. “Do you know how much gross stuff is on the floor? And you’re shoving that into Josh’s eyeholes?” These two were going to be the death of you—not a bad torturous death—but a death indeed.


               “Y/N!” You heard a voice echo through the halls of your house—waking you up from a quite nice sleep. Glancing at the clock sitting at your bedside, the bright red numbers read “6:22AM”. Why so early? Why must someone break in at this hour, why not 6:22PM? Come in, have supper then steal a bunch of stuff. “Come here!” Being a bit more awake, you realized the mystery voice belonged to Josh—who was home a week early? What? You rolled over, preparing yourself for the cold air that would be surrounding your warm body once the covers were pulled off. Which felt worse than you had prepared yourself for—but Josh would be warm. The boy was a human furnace.

               “What?” You groaned, voice thick with sleep. You wandered out to the kitchen, where Josh was standing with a flower crown sitting atop his bright yellow hair—a cardboard sign reading “the real queens” being held at chest level. You raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out what was going on. It took a second (it was too early to think) before you realized: the last selfie you took with Josh before tour.

               The flower crown snapchat filter selfie. You smiled at him, walking over and wrapping your arms around his middle, smiling into his chest.

               “I can’t believe you remembered that.” You laughed softly, looking up at his face when you felt something being placed atop your head.

               “Of course I did—it’s the first thing I see whenever I open my phone. The last selfie we took before I left. Call me cheesy but I have to find ways to surprise you somehow.” He smiled softly at you, leaning down to gently press his lips into yours.

Twist of Fate

For @jonxsansafanfiction​‘s Valentines Challenge!
Day 2: Sharing a Bed
Summary: Modern AU: Sansa is forced to spend the holidays with her brother and his friends at a remote cabin in Scotland, but when Jon comes back from a walk injured, Sansa volunteers to stay behind and look after him. 

Sansa didn’t want to be here. She was supposed to be skiing, not stuck in a cabin with Robb and his stupid little friends, and she wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Arya and her stupid little mouth. Now Joffrey was up there without her and Margaery was going to get her well-manicured paws all over him. It wasn’t fair. She was seventeen; what was so wrong with a co-ed trip? It wasn’t as if they were all going to be sharing a room and bathing naked together. Her parents were just overreacting. Sansa was positive Robb had gone on his first co-ed trip with his friends around her age. This was sexism!

“Are you still pouting about your dumb trip?”

The door slammed shut, letting in a blast of cold air. Robb walked the four steps from the door to the kitchen island and plopped himself on a stool in front of her. Sansa recoiled from the proximity, still furious with her brother, and pulled the bowl of cereal with her.

“Sans, c’mon,” Robb said, pleadingly. “It’s not that bad. It’s better than being alone over Christmas.”

Sansa fixed him with her darkest scowl. “I’d rather be alone.”

“You’re being unreasonable.” Robb rolled his eyes at her antics and crossed his arms over his chest. “This is the best out of a bad situation.”

When she didn’t offer up a response, Robb sighed and walked past her towards the corridor adjacent to the open kitchen. She heard his room shut softly with a click. Distantly, she could admit he was right, but with her current mood, Sansa refused to acknowledge anything Robb was saying. She didn’t care that the rest of her family had pre-booked a holiday to Spain for the holidays, excluding her since she was supposed to be in Switzerland. She didn’t care that realistically there was no way Eddard and Catelyn Stark were going to let their seventeen-year-old daughter stay home alone in a big manor. She didn’t even care that Robb had graciously offered to let her tag along with him and his friends to a cabin in the north of Scotland and that one of his friends had relented his own room to let Sansa have a bed.

No, at this moment, Sansa didn’t care about anything. She was mad; she was bored; she was so unbelievably cold she could hardly feel her fingers. Where was the heating in this bloody place?

The door opened again and several more people filed in. Sansa recognised some, childhood friends of Robb, but the others she assumed must be people from university that she didn’t know. A couple of girls smiled at her before disappearing down the same corridor Robb had gone down only moments ago. But two remained and they walked up to the island.

“Morning,” Theon said, leering, which made Sansa want to throw up her cereal right then and there. She smiled tightly in greeting. A second later, after realising she wasn’t going to offer him anymore, Theon sighed. “Right, I’ll just go then.”

Her shoulders relaxed as soon as he was gone. Sansa looked towards the last remaining person.

Jon was busy typing something into his phone but sensing that she was staring, he looked up, grey eyes meeting blue. “Sorry. That’s rude of me.” He pocketed his phone and offered her a sincere smile. “Coco pops?” At her blank stare, Jon chuckled softly. “Your cereal.”

Sansa looked down at her bowl. “Oh. Yeah, coco pops.”

“Good,” was all Jon said for awhile, then he smiled again. “I knew those were your favourite. Made Theon grab them when we found out you were coming with.”

That took Sansa by surprise. She stared, unblinkingly, at Jon for a long second, before her brain finally caught up to her. “How do you know that?”

Jon shrugged. “I’ve had enough breakfasts at your house to know.”

“But I doubt Robb even knows that.”

“He wouldn’t know if a horse wandered into your house if it’s early enough,” Jon told her, and just like that, she laughed. For the first time in days since her parents forbade her to go on the Switzerland trip, Sansa truly, truly laughed. It was so freeing and so jarring because of who had made her laugh that she blushed involuntarily.

Jon smiled again and stood up. “We’re going for a walk down by the lake if you want to join.” But they both knew she wouldn’t join. “Anyway, enjoy your coco pops.”

He walked towards the corridor and was almost out of sight when Sansa suddenly spoke up again, much to her own surprise. “Thank you, Jon, for the room. I know the couch isn’t ideal so… thank you.”

“It’s no matter.”

A second later, a door clicked shut.

Their walk around the lake took much of the afternoon, that when they eventually returned, the sun was already beginning to set just beyond the white-dusted mountains. Sansa was sitting in a cocoon of blankets, reading, when they all walked in, trailing dirt and twigs into the cabin, but instead of being disgusted, making some snide comment to Robb, Sansa’s eyes widened when Robb and Theon assisted Jon in through the door. He looked a mess with snow in his hair and all over his coat. His face was contorted in pain, cursing loudly when the two boys unceremoniously dropped him onto the couch in front of Sansa.

“What happened!”

“Slipped down a mountainside, didn’t ya, sunshine?” Robb laughed, poking Jon on the shoulder. He earned a colourful swear word and a kick to the shins for that.

“One minute he was there then, woosh, he was gone,” Theon added with a dramatic flourish of his hands.

Sansa rolled her eyes at this. She began to reach forward for Jon’s hand when she stopped herself, wondering why she would want to do that. Instead, to avoid any repeat momentary lapses, Sansa placed her hands on her lap, wrapping them tightly around her book. “Are you okay?” she asked instead.

Jon shrugged, wincing as he did so. “I’ll be fine.”

“Aye and I’m the Queen of England,” Robb snorted. “You took a right tumble there, Jon.”

“I’m fine,” Jon said, emphasising each syllable with exasperation. His eyes hardened and he tried to stand to show he was, in fact, fine, but Robb quickly pushed him back down on the couch.

“No, you’re not, and you won’t be moving again for the rest of the night,” Robb said, all traces of humour gone. “We can stay in tonight.”

It occurred to Sansa that watching Jon fall down the side of a mountain must have wrecked Robb’s nerves in the process. They were more than just friends; they were brothers. Something she had seen firsthand when Jon had lost his mother and Robb had been there for every moment of that horrible time. Sansa was twelve then, too young to understand what loss really meant, but Robb was there, always there, and likewise, Jon was always there for Robb.

So Sansa stood up, letting the blankets pool to the floor, and closed the small distance so she was stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her brother. The time for spoiled, bratty Sansa was gone; she was loyal above all else, even if it rarely showed, and she cared a far greater deal than she let people know about the welfare of others.

“It’s okay, Robb,” Sansa said, placing a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “I’ll look after him. I’ll make sure he doesn’t move an inch from the couch.”

Robb glanced at her with a speculative frown. “Are you sure, Sans? It’s okay, you know. We can just go into town tomorrow night. I’ll ring Jeyne and Lysel and tell them to come back.”

“No, don’t be silly.” Sansa placed her hands on her hips. “Go. I’ll look after him.”

“You both realise I’m sitting right here, right?” Jon grumbled.

Robb placed a hand on his head and patted. “Shhh, the adults are speaking.” Jon jerked his head but winced again from the sudden movement.

“Go, Robb,” Sansa immediately said to avoid her brother’s indecision. It took a further twenty minutes to finally coax both Robb and Theon to leave, but finally, they were alone, and that knowledge made her suddenly very aware of Jon. This didn’t escape Jon either as he shifted uncomfortably, glancing up at her and glancing away again.

“Look, Sansa, you don’t have to… I’ll be okay here,” he mumbled awkwardly and raised one hand to rub at the back of his neck.

Sansa chewed at her bottom lip, debating on what she was going to say next, but the pain on his face was enough to convince her to just do it. “I lied to Robb,” she announced quickly before she lost her nerve. “I am going to make you move from this couch.” Jon tilted his head in adorable confusion and it drove all the doubts from her mind in one breathy chuckle. “I’m moving you to the bed, Jon. You can’t sleep out here when your back is clearly in pain… and don’t bother arguing because I won’t have it. C’mon.”

Jon opened his mouth anyways to speak but she shook her head adamantly, angling her body so she could shoulder most of his weight. He hesitated for a second but sighed, placing an arm around her. The warmth from his body made Sansa flush for reasons she’d rather not examine right now and she was glad for the curtain of red hair that shielded her from his gaze. Together, they moved, slowly, but steadily to her bedroom. She gently helped him under the duvet and placed it up to his chin.

“Now stay here and I’ll go make you some dinner.”

Once the somewhat slightly burnt pasta was consumed, Sansa took their bowls and got up from the chair she had been sitting by his bedside to leave. She didn’t look forward to sleeping on the couch but she wasn’t going to subject Jon to that either. Only when Sansa tried to walk away she was abruptly tugged back by a hand around her wrist.


This time, there was no hair to hide her flushed cheeks. “What? Jon, you’re…”

“I’m fine,” he repeated. “And I wasn’t raised to let a girl sleep on the couch when there’s a perfectly good bed here.”


“We’re just sharing a bed,” Jon assured her. “I promise I’ll keep to my side.” A faint smirk played on his lips and that made her blood run hot under her skin. Did he do that on purpose? Was he being oblivious or was he toying with her?

As Sansa settled in on the other side of the bed, body frozen with fear and anticipation, she realised she was the oblivious one, because somehow over the past couple of years, Jon had grown from the awkward, gangly boy she knew to a very broad, very strong man. A man who looked at her like she was as precious as a ruby. A man who made her feel wonderful, terrifying things in the deepest parts of her body, and lying in bed with him was, quite frankly, torture. Sansa shifted to her side, back towards him, then when that didn’t lure her to sleep, she shifted again to stare up at the ceiling. When Sansa tried to shift again for the third time, a hand wrapped around her forearm.

“Sansa,” Jon breathed out, the only sound in the whole cabin. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” she whispered. “I can’t sleep.”

There was a beat of silence, before, “are you uncomfortable around me?”

“No, no, that’s not it, it’s just –” Sansa sighed. “Yes. A little.”

“Would you rather sleep on the couch?” Jon turned so he was facing her; she only knew that because she could feel the bed move underneath him and the warmth of his gaze on her face.

Sansa turned too and searched for his grey eyes in the dark. She took a deep breath and forced herself to say, “no.”

There was another beat of silence before she felt his thumb stroking the curve of her cheekbone. Sansa inhaled sharply, feeling her heart quicken and body tighten with that same exhilarating sense of anticipation.

When Jon spoke next, she could feel his breath on her skin. “Am I making you uncomfortable now?”

She shook her head, belatedly realising he might not be able to see her. “No.”

The feel of his lips on her cheek startled her but when they travelled in light, feathery kisses along the line of her jaw to her already-parted lips, Sansa was ready. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, not wanting to jostle him too much, and leaned into the kiss as best as she could. It was altogether too much and too little for her body to handle. Sansa wanted to throw every jittering nerve, every confused emotion and frightening hope into the kiss, but he was injured and that thought was enough to sober her from pushing him too far.

“Comfortable now?” Jon asked. She could hear the smirk on his lips so she leaned forward and answered him with another, softer, quicker kiss. “Guess you are,” he chuckled. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his chest, so she was lying with her head tucked underneath his chin. “Good night, Sansa.”

“Night, Jon.”

anonymous asked:

Jealous!mike when guys keep flirting with ginny at the club

please understand that I interpreted “club” very loosely, but i needed more opportunities to revel in the jealousy of Michael Lawson. And, honestly, a lot of this isn’t even flirting. It’s just Mike slowly losing his mind over not being able to flirt with Ginny. 

Also, while there are real people in this, I did zero research into what they are actually like in real life, so they might as well be fictional… 

way more than you hate it | ao3

Del Mar Country Club

“I can’t believe that Oscar made us show up to this thing,” Mike muttered, fidgeting with his hat. 

At his side, Blip shifted. Mike didn’t need to look to know that he was being rewarded with a side eye of epic proportions. 

“You’re surprised that the celebrity golf tournament required celebrities?”

Mike scowled, crossing his arms and hating the way the polo shirt he’d had to borrow cut into his biceps. That had been old before he’d been forced to play 18 holes with a bunch of snobs with more money than God. After, forced to mingle with those same snobs, they were pretty much torture.

“Do you even count as a celebrity?” he snarked, glad to finally find an outlet for his annoyance. Not that Blip was particularly satisfying to pick on.

“I’m a two-time All Star, baby,” the center fielder replied with a grin. “And don’t pretend this isn’t all because the people in your group didn’t know who you were.”

“I shouldn’t have to apologize for being some yokel’s celebrity,” Mike muttered, giving up on getting comfortable. He was wearing plaid shorts for God’s sake, of course he wasn’t comfortable. “I should’ve told Oscar to go to hell when he asked.”

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Avengers Chatroom: Wingardium Leviosa

Requested by @magicalmagedeon

Pairing: Steve x F!Reader

Scenario: Anyone have the Winchester’s number?

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Natasha, Bucky, Wanda.

Steve: Does Y/N hate me?

Wanda: Of course not, why would you ask that?

Steve: Every time I ask her to train with me she declines.

Nat: Maybe it’s because she trains with me.

Steve: Would it hurt to just train with me for once?

Bucky: Ah this reminds me of when Steve got his first crush.

Wanda: Tell me everything.

Steve: Not another word!

Tony has joined.


Steve: Finally feeling guilty about all the terrible decisions you made?

Tony: I don’t have time for you, Steve. I have a poltergeist. Unless it’s Wanda pulling a prank.

Wanda: I’m in Sokovia. What’s happening?


Nat: Are you drunk?

Tony: NO!

Bucky: I don’t believe you.

Tony: Are you in the base? Where are you? Come to the kitchen.

Bucky: K


Nat: Bullshit. Wait I’m coming over.

Nat: So … Do we have any salt?

Tony has added Bruce.


Bruce: No, it broke remember?

Steve: I am not falling for this.

Tony: I have never been this scared before.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Hey Tony, I hope you learned your lesson! Don’t touch my phone ever again.

Bucky: You’re doing this?!

Wanda: Ah, this explains everything. You have telekinesis? I knew you had powers, just not what.




Nat: Why did you keep this a secret?

Y/N: I am still trying to control it and Fury said I should keep it a secret; something to do with how I got it in the first place being very dangerous if anyone found out.

Bruce: Fascinating, would you mind if I did some small tests?

Steve: She is not a lab rat.

Y/N: I don’t mind.

Tony: I am still recovering from this. Excuse me.

Tony has left the chat,

Bruce: I should probably help him clean up.

Y/N: Sorry, Bruce!

Bruce: It’s okay. I had a good laugh. Tony looked like he was going to wet himself.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: I can show you how to control your powers when I get back.

Y/N: Will it involve pranking Tony some more?

Wanda: Of course! I have to go, mission calls.

Wanda has left the chat.

Nat: Steve wants to ask you something, Y/N.

Steve: What? No I don’t.

Bucky: Yeah he does.

Y/N: What is it?

Nat: Do you hate him?

Bucky: He thinks you do because you never want to train with him.

Steve: Ignore them!

Y/N: Steve do you really think that? I’m sorry I made you think that. The reason I didn’t want to train with you was because… I get nervous when I’m around you. And then it’s harder for me to control my powers. I could hurt you.

Bucky: We should give them some privacy.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Steve: Do I scare you that much?

Y/N: No! I don’t get nervous because I’m scared of you. It’s because I like you.

Steve: Really?

Y/N: Yes!

Steve: Oh wow.

Y/N: Yeah..

Steve: Are you sure?

Y/N: Positive.

Steve: Like 100%?

Y/N: 100%. Look Steve, it’s okay if you don’t like me back. This won’t affect our friendship :)

Steve: Wait Y/N

Steve: I like you too

Steve: I have for a very long time and I really wanted to tell you but I didn’t get the chance to.

Steve: Hello, Y/N, it’s Bucky. I think you broke Steve. He can’t stop smiling like an idiot. I’m going to send you a video.


Steve: Look at this punk. He’s speechless. Would you do him the honor of going on a date with him?

Y/N: Yes!

Steve: He will pick you up at 5!

Y/N: Tell the Captain I look forward to it.

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Preference "How they react to you rejecting them"

(Lol poor our faves being heartbroken XD Omg I live on chaos XD But srsly though I wouldn’t reject any of them 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh it off at first thinking you’re joking but slowly grow angrier as you would confirm to him that you didn’t feel that way. He’d get pissed and just try to hurt your feelings back just as you had that way before trying to get on your good side. “Real funny, Y/N…W-wait what you’re serious? Why?! I’ve been fucking kind to you from the day I met you! I-I take care of you! And let you do whatever you want! And you still don’t love me…You know what, whatever I don’t need you…”

Daryl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be really heartbroken but try his best to conceal it. He’d look down at his feet and just nod, saying that he understands and that you’re right, it’s probably not the best time to be together and all. He’d feel like giving up on you but in end just wouldn’t be able to. “I-I get it…You don’t need someone right now…It gets complicated…I understand…Yeah…It’s for the best…”

Rick-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be startled and just confused as to why. He would’ve thought that you and him had been on the same page lately and that you would’ve wanted to progress the relationship, so hearing you reject him just shocked him. He’d ask for an explanation and rethink of his ways to get you. “Y/N…What do you mean? I don’t understand…I-I thought…You and I were something…I thought that you felt the same way…But why?”

Merle-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand the feeling of being heartbroken but just try to hide it behind his usual smile and laugh it off. He’d try his best to make a joke out of it and start to deny his feelings for you. However, in the end, he’d let it slip that he really does love you and promise that you’ll end up together. “Y/N, i’m joking…You really think that i’d get all romantic for you, come on now…I’m just trying to get you to make you smile a little more…So yeah, I love you and you’ll end up being mine!”

Glenn-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel at a lost for words and just wouldn’t want to believe it. He’d listen to your reasoning and it just wouldn’t be enough for him, so he’d keep asking as to why, only to end up being more heartbroken. He’d then pretend to be alright and start to distance himself. “What…So you never felt anything more for me…Why? I thought…we were closer than that…You really never felt anything for me?”

Carl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand as to why and just wouldn’t want to believe you just rejected him. He’d feel his heart stinging in his chest and put the blame on any other person he’d believe you were in love with and ask you about it, wanting you to admit the real reason behind your rejection. “Why? I-I don’t understand as to why…You don’t feel the same…I mean we spend so much time together and…Is it because of him? You like him don’t you?”

The Governor-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d try his best to keep his composure and act understanding of you but you could feel something’s off with him. He’d grip his glass of scotch tighter and take a quick sip of it before chuckling and doing his best to ask you politely as to why you’re rejecting and slowly getting angry. “Pardon? Y-You don’t feel the same…I see…Can I ask why? Why is it that you don’t want to be with me? If there is a another man in your reasoning, please don’t forget to mention him…I can handle it…”

Abraham-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t believe you and just laugh. He’d start to tease you about being just to shy to admit that you liked him, only to slowly understand the reality of things. His smile would turn into a frown and although he’d try his best to understand your perspective, he just wouldn’t understand. “Oh, Y/N, don’t be shy! Just admit it! You like me as well! Wh-what? You’re serious?! You don’t see me that way…What…Why not…”

Eugene-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel even more nervous than he was already. He’d start to stutter saying he gets it and just try his best to remain calm and not break down in tears in front of you. Although, he’d still be able to keep his serious tone, you could hear how sad he actually was. “O-Oh…I-I get it…Y-you’re not interested…It’s normal…I-I understand you just don’t feel the same as I do…I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing…Sorry for bothering you…”

Ron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get angry and just start to deny that you didn’t feel the same. He wouldn’t believe you and think that he knows as to why even before you would explain it to him, saying that you’re simply scared of what Carl might think of you and him. “What?! No, I don’t believe you…You’re just denying it because of Carl…Am I right? You’re just scared he might do something about us…If we get together…You love me…I can tell…”

Jesus-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh and smile, as he’s trying to assess the situation. He’d believe he hadn’t heard you right and just ask you one more time. He’d then get it and although it would sadden him, he’d be positive and try his best to explain his feelings to you once again and still convince you to be with him. “Excuse me? Can you repeat that? I’m not sure I heard you right…I see…Well, Y/N…I just really like you…You’re on my mind constantly and I believe we should get together…”

Dwight-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t understand as to why you were doing so. He’d then just smile at you before leaving and just get angry at himself, punch a few walls for being so foolish to believe that you and him could’ve been together before calming himself down and try to let go of his feelings for you. “What?! You don’t see me that way…Y/N…I thought…We could’ve been together or something…You know what, i’m fine…I really am…”

Morgan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d just feel empty and stare at you not knowing what else to say. He’d think about your reason and simply nod, pretending to be alright and saying he understands. Although, it would break his heart, he would never hold it against you and would even still feel the same for you. “I-I understand…You don’t feel that way…There’s nothing wrong with that…It’s me who jumped to conclusions…”

Shane-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be in denial and feel his heart ache. He’d shake his head and tear up slightly, still trying to convince you that he really loves and cares for you and almost beg you to feel the same way. No matter how long it’ll be, he’ll find a way to convince you as he’s determine to be with you. “No…No…You don’t understand…I-I love you, Y/N…I want to take care of you for the rest of your life…Y-You can’t just say, you don’t feel the same…”

Milton-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. As you’d talk, he’d look down to his feet and exhale in exasperation before telling you to stop and that he gets it. He’d quickly apologize about him thinking that you could get together and try to avoid being around you too much as it really hurts him. “Stop…I-I get it…You don’t need to say anything more…I’m sorry…I just thought that you might’ve felt the same…It’s my fault…”

Aaron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d instantly ask you as to why despite being scared of the answer. Although, he’d feel disappointed and it would show in his expression, he’d believe that knowing your reasoning will make him understand your decision better or even that it might help him find another way to get to you. “Can I ask you why? I mean I thought…You had some feelings for me…I’ll be honest…I just need you to explain it to me clearly…Because I don’t think i’ll be able to let it go…”

Gabriel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle to conceal his disappointment and tell you that he was joking with you. He’d ask your reasoning subtly but he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking of how foolish of him to think that you could’ve been together, and it would slowly show in his expression. “It was a joke, Y/N…I’m a priest so there’s no way god would’ve allow this…sometimes I forget my sense of humor leaves to be desired…Still, is there a reason for you refusing….”

The Wolf-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t care for it and just take it as it is. He’d still be calm as he’d already made his mind on you, so whether you’d accept him or not, he’d already follow you around, keep you safe and probably even plan on taking you away with him. “Ok…So what…I still like you…You think i’m going to change because you don’t "love” me…No…“

Noah-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d put on a fake smile and pretend to understand your decision. He’d try to brush it off and simply reveal to you that his feelings aren’t that "serious” yet and reassure you that he can get over it on his own. He’d still be his friendly self around you and put in even more effort to make you fall for him. “I get it…You don’t feel that way…It doesn’t mean we can’t stay friends, right? I’ll be fine, I promise…”

Simon-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t really catch on to it and just think that you’re joking. He’d act as his usual self and laugh at you while teasing you about “hiding” your feelings. Even as you would try to tell him as to why you didn’t feel the same, he’d simply laugh it off and think you’re so lovely rejecting him. “Sure, Y/N! You don’t feel the same! I totally believe you! You know sweetheart, the more you reject me the more I love you…”

Ezekiel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle and wouldn’t believe you. He’d smile and smirk, simply thinking you were playing hard to get and making him have to work even harder to get you. He’d flirt with you as he has been and pay even more attention to you acting as if you had never really rejected him. “Alright, Y/N…Of course, you don’t see me that way…You just love to play hard to get, don’t you…You’re walking away from me? That’s fine by me! I’ll get you back, beautiful!”

Benjamin-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d act as if he understands your reasoning and tell you that he’s fine. He’d keep his calm until he’d be alone in his room or away from you and just start to tear up slightly thinking about his feelings for you, he’d then try to cheer himself up by convincing himself that he can surely make you fall for him. “I understand…You don’t see me that way…Ok…So i’ll go back to my room…I’ll be okay…I swear…Everything’s fine…”

Caesar-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d scoff and just start to recount the instances when he felt that you were looking at him and all. He’d simply feel like you were hiding your feelings and just try to get you to finally admit to him by teasing you more often. “Oh, please, you don’t feel the same?! Y/N…You would always make sure I come back safe, tell me goodnight, drink with me and…the way you look at me…I find it hard to believe you don’t like me back…you’re just being shy…”

Heath-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand you and accept how things are. He wouldn’t hold it against you and just tell you that he would hope that you can one day see him other than as a friend. “I get it…You don’t see me that way…It’s understandable…I’m not angry at you or anything, I swear…There’s nothing wrong…but it doesn’t change my feelings for you…and maybe one day, you’ll be able to feel the same…”

Spencer-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand it and just ask you as to why. He’d try his best to keep his calm but the more you would talk the more he’d get frustrated and it would show. He’d roll his eyes, shake his head and just try to explain to you that he’s in love with you before actually asking your reasoning. “You don’t like me? What did I ever do to make you feel that way? I-I just really love you, Y/N…I’m happier when you’re around and I just can’t picture my life without you…”

Richard-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel like it’s his fault and wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. He’d look at you in the eyes and just try to get you to explain yourself before simply grabbing your hand and telling you that in the end, he’ll still have feelings for you. “I-I’m sorry, Y/N…I-It’s my fault…I just thought that you would’ve like to be with me…but I was wrong…Can I ask you why? I see…But I just want you to remember that no matter what…I still love you…”

Nicholas-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d pretend to be fine but you could tell he was mad, with his fists curled and his eyes glaring away from you. He’d try his best to understand your reasoning but it would never really sit well with him and it would show whenever you would pass by. “Ok…You don’t feel the same…I get it…Some people just don’t belong together…I-I’ll get over it…I can do it…Because i’m fine…”

Gareth-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get mad at you on the spot but laugh it off and start to enumerate the reasons as to why you should be together. He’d just feel like you were doing him wrong by rejecting him and just want to make you understand that he wasn’t going to let go of you so easily. “What? You’re rejecting me? Why? You should realize that there will never be any other better for you than me…I love you, care for you and I can provide for you…In this world being alone isn’t going to work for you…”

Michonne-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be heartbroken but do her best to conceal it by saying that it’s understandable. She’d tell you that there is nothing wrong with you not feeling the same way as her and that she’ll get over it as much as she can. “I see, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying…It’s normal…sometimes you just don’t feel the same as the others around you…I can get over it…There’s nothing for you to worry so much”

Maggie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she wouldn’t understand as to why and just express to you her disappointment. She’d want to let you know that you’re hurting her simply because she couldn’t hide the fact, and slowly you’d notice her eyes getting teary. “Really? You don’t feel anything close to…love for me…I thought you might’ve liked me…I thought…we could’ve been more than friends…I really like Y/N…and i’ll be honest with you…It really hurts…”

Andrea-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure if you were joking and simply take it as that. She’d let you take some time before telling you about her feelings again and as you’d refuse again, she wouldn’t understand as to why and ask you about it. “Okay? You don’t feel the same…Sure…Anyways I thought that maybe we could go on this run, just you and me…What? You’re serious…Why? Did I ever do something wrong to you?”

Jessie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d accept it and do her best to hold back her tears. She’d reassure you that she was fine with your decision and seek comfort in the others in hopes to change her mind and let herself cry. “I-I understand…You just don’t want a relationship at the moment…I can accept that…I’ll be fine…I just wanted to be with you but I can handle it…”

Beth-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d convince herself to accept it and try to move on despite being heartbroken. Nonetheless, she’d always keep an eye on you and eventually she’d convince herself that she wasn’t going to back down so easily and that you’ll end up giving her a chance one day. “I understand…it’s just not the right time…and you don’t see me that way…I get it…I’m fine…I’ll be fine…I promise…”

Sasha-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d tell you to not worry and that she’ll be alright. She’d think from your perspective and convince herself that it was for the better that you didn’t get together. “Look I get it…There’s no need to worry…Sometimes it’s just not right…and it doesn’t mean I won’t get over you…”

Rosita-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be taken back and in disbelief. She’d feel as if she had been putting all of efforts on you only to be betrayed and it wouldn’t sit well. She’d ask you why and end up trying to hurt your feelings back just to give you a tasted of your own medicine. “What?! You don’t feel the same? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much attention and care I pay to you?! A lot! I’ve never been this attached to someone and you’re telling me you don’t see me that way! No, you know what go to hell!”

Enid-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d get quiet and wouldn’t know what to say. Slowly, she’d feel tears but try her best to fight them back, telling you that she’s fine and that you should get back to whatever you were doing before going back to her room. “Ok…I understand…I’m sorry for bothering you with my feelings and all…I really am…I’ll go back to my room…and let you continue your work…”

Tara-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure of your words and just ask you what was wrong with her. She’d believe it was her fault and just want to improve herself or at least prove to you that you both should be together all while still being her friendly self. “Really? But does it has anything to do with me? Is it the way I act around you that bothers you or something? I just need to know…”

Carol-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d feel betrayed and wouldn’t want to believe you. She’d end up trying to forget about you and just treat you as any other person of the group, in hopes to make you distance yourself from her. “What…How come? You don’t feel…Alright…I get it…I was stupid to believe this…Whatever…I’m sorry to bother you…”

Arat-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d try her best to conceal her anger and frustration but you could see it in her eyes. She’d ask you for your reasoning even more only to get even more and more mad at you and wouldn’t be able to stay friends with you. “What? Why? What did I ever do to you to make you not like me that way? You can’t be serious about this…”

Pumpkin - 2

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: there was a change of plans with Natasha but only for the better. Who knew Bucky would be such great company to have for shopping?

Author’s Note: it’s so fluffy!! So, this is another part to pumpkin. It has cute Bucky and the reader’s an elemental. the next part would be all cheeky, romantic and angsty. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): sexual humour, swearing, body image issues and negative thoughts.

Word Count: 2100

PART 1, 3

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‘(Y/N)!!!’ you heard Bucky scream. You giggled at the thought of your plan working. It was always fun to see his angry face. you didn’t know but that anger was something you found adorable and not scary.

Natasha and Wanda, unaware of the whole situation, gave you confused looks.

‘why is he shouting?’ Wanda asked setting her mug aside.

‘oh, just wait.’ You grinned. ‘bitch, shouldn’t have touched my stuff.’ You said. you had decided to pull this prank on Bucky after he had covered your art supplies in silly string. It had taken you hours to clean it up. You knew you had to take revenge, a nice, cold revenge.

‘where is she?!’ Bucky stomped in the room covered in shaving foam. The three of you started laughing hysterically at his condition. How often does one see the winter soldier covered in shaving foam?

‘damn it, Barnes! Need a razor?’ Natasha clutched her stomach as she tried to speak in between laughter.

‘why did you do this?’ Bucky asked trembling in anger.

‘you shouldn’t have touched my stuff.’ You crossed your arms over your chest and stood up. His expression changed like a book of colours before he spoke.

‘guess that makes us even.’ He smiled and wiped the foam off his eyes. ‘here.’ He opened his arms. ‘what about a peace hug?’ he grinned and tried to hug you but you sneaked away.

‘don’t you dare!’ you pointed a finger at him as you ran. You both ran around the common room while Wanda and Natasha cheered you.

‘go (y/n)! save yourself from the foam monster!’ Wanda cheered.

‘shut the fuck up! You don’t know how scary this is!’ you shot her a glare and ducked Bucky’s arms. you flew over the couch using your powers. Bucky in an attempt to get hold of you slipped on the foam and fell.

‘argh, I think I broke something.’ Bucky groaned and clutched his side. You quickly landed and rushed to his side.

‘are you okay?’ you asked with concern.

 ‘oh, I’m perfect.’ He grinned and pulled you in his chest before you could make a move. You rolled on the floor for a while before he let you go.

‘fuck you, Barnes! You messed up my best sweatshirt!’ you sat up wiped off the foam. He got up and offered you a hand which you declined. ‘I literally have no clothes!’ you looked at him.

‘that’s why I’m taking you out shopping.’ He simply stated and fixed his hair.

‘I thought I was going with nat.’ you looked at Natasha and she shrugged.

‘I got busy.’ She said.

‘oh, aren’t you my best friend.’ You said sarcastically.

 ‘now, that I am.’ She got up. ‘come with me you’ve gotta train.’ She said to Wanda and she half-heartedly followed.

‘well, that was fun.’ Bucky said to you. ‘you wanna go to your place first?’ he asked.

‘I have some clothes lying here. I guess, we can change and meet at the garage?’ you looked at him for approval.

‘sounds good to me.’ he shrugged.

 ‘great, I’ll see you in a sec.’ you smiled and left.

‘this better go as planned.’ Bucky thought as he saw you leave.

You were bubbling up of joy at the thought of going shopping with Bucky. You loved spending time with him, not just because he was a great friend of yours but because, you had managed to develop some feelings for him. you first realized it when you found yourself smiling at his laughing face. it just got worse from that moment.

You knew he had no idea about it. nobody you had ever liked did. maybe it was because you were great at hiding emotions or maybe, because you were scared. You were scared of rejection, you were scared of getting that sympathetic look after you had poured your heart out to someone. You knew you weren’t pretty enough, you were always told so. You had learned that if you weren’t pretty enough, you were forbidden to even think about expecting some love back.

‘this is as good as it’s going to get.’ You smiled at the mirror with pain in your eyes. You sighed and headed to the garage.

Bucky waited by his bike as he tapped his feet to a tune stuck in his head. What was taking you so long? He looked at Sam and Steve who were trying to fix something in Steve’s car. They had been trying to do something for the past 2 hours but weren’t able to succeed till now.

‘hey! I’m sorry I’m late.’ You rushed to his side with your little backpack. You never had to wear a cap or something hooded for your ‘suit’ consisted of a long-hooded jacket and pants that allowed movement. You also wore a mask that covered your face from below the eyes so you never had to worry about being recognized.

‘took you long enough.’ He straightened up.

‘we’ll, all thanks to you I had a whole lot of cleaning up to do.’ You said. ‘it even got in my boobs. They felt weird. God, they smell like old spice.’ You looked down through the neck of your sweater and a heat rose to his cheeks.

‘well, you can check it later.’ He turned to his bike to hid his face. how could you make him blush so easily?

  ‘yeah,’ you let go of your sweater. ‘I would really love to learn how to ride a motorcycle sometime.’ You said as you examined the motorbike in front of you. ‘papa had this black one I really adored.’ You said as you looked for your wallet in your backpack.

‘I could teach you, if you want.’ He looked at you.

‘aint the only thing you wanna teach her ride, huh?’ Sam muttered hiding a grin and Steve snickered.

‘what?’ you stopped shuffling through your backpack and looked in their direction.

‘nothing.’ They said in unison as Bucky shot them a glare.

‘let’s just leave these assholes to be and get the hell out of here.’ Bucky said as he signalled you to get on the bike.

‘you really need to get some air, the old fumes from the car seemed to have affected your brains.’ You said as you sat behind Bucky.

You reached the mall and roamed around in search of a good store. You finally spotted one which seemed like a decent place. you both were mostly socially awkward and it was no picnic when you were out in public alone. But, together you would laugh a lot and practically you could conquer the world

‘what about this?’ you picked up a black sweater.

‘what about this? I’ve never seen you wear one.’ He picked out a dress of a deep burgundy colour.

‘it is nice but…’ you hesitated. ‘I walk like a man and it’s so girly.’ You rubbed the back of your neck and he rolled his eyes.

‘that is the point of this whole thing, (y/n)! we are here to get you stuff that makes you look great and less like the guys at a tower.’ He grabbed your shoulders in a joking manner.

‘yeah, okay.’ You said and continued to stroll through the different sections.

after many agreements, disagreements and bad puns you finally headed to the trial rooms.

‘will you come out?’ he asked.

‘yeah just a sec!’ you shouted back. ‘how does this look?’ you walked out hesitantly in deep necked emerald top and the jeans of your size.

‘whoa.’ Bucky was taken aback. You always tried to hide in baggy clothes and seeing you in proper clothes was very special. ‘you look great.’ He smiled brightly.

‘really?’ you rubbed the back of your neck.

really.’ He said and you smiled back before getting in the room again. You both decided on many other clothes before he remembered the dress had picked for you.

‘you planning on ever wearing that dress?’ he asked.

‘okay.’ You groaned and he chuckled. The dress did look good on you but you couldn’t get the zip all the way up. You sighed and decided to ask for help. ‘hey buck?’ you peeked out.

‘yeah?’ he asked.

‘I need a little help.’ You said. he nodded and moved forwards. ‘before you come in,’ you stopped him at an arm’s distance. ‘will you close your eyes, please?’ you asked adorably. He pretended to show that it didn’t affect him at all.

‘fine.’ He closed his eyes and walked in. ‘now what?’ he asked.

‘just,’ you took his hands and guided them to the zip. ‘zip me up.’ You said and he obeyed.

‘all done.’ He said and opened his eyes. ‘you look amazing.’ He breathed.

‘thanks.’ You twirled in you dress. ‘you have a great choice.’ You faced him.

‘I know.’ He said with a smug smile.

‘Jamie?’ you looked at him. and he tore his eyes off you dress to look at you. ‘you better get out or they’ll throw us out of here.’ You simply said.

‘yeah, and I didn’t know you had a mole, right here.’ He pointed at his chest and you hit him lightly. He got out chuckling at how embarrassed you looked.

‘anywhere else you wanna go?’ he asked as he helped you with the bags.

  ‘um, yeah. I need to buy some understuff.’you simply said.

‘wait, WHAT?!’ he asked with wide eyes.

‘you know bras and-‘ you grinned.

‘yeah, I know that but I can’t go in there with you. people already aren’t my fans and going in such a store will only make it weirder.’ He argued.

‘please?’ you gave him the puppy dog eyes but he didn’t budge. ‘I should’ve come with Natasha or Sam or even Pietro.’ You pouted.

‘okay, okay! I’ll come.’ He said grumpily.

‘great!’ you grinned. ‘let’s see…’ you ran your gaze around and found the store you usually bought lingerie from. ‘aha! Come.’ You grabbed his hand and he followed unwillingly.

You were looking around the store and had picked some stuff while Bucky stood there awkwardly. An employee noticed him and decided to approach him.

‘you here with your girlfriend or wife too, sir?’ he asked.

‘what?’ Bucky looked at him. ‘oh,um-‘ he struggled with his words.

‘Bucky!’ you called out.

‘coming!’ he replied. ‘sorry, I’ve gotta go.’

‘we all have to, sir. By the way, you are the only couple who have made me smile today. Have a great day!’ he smiled and Bucky smiled back.

‘what?’ Bucky asked you. ‘I’m only interested if you are showing it to me after trying it on.’ He stated it casually with crossed arm but you could feel your face turn red.

‘shut up!’ you punched him lightly and he snickered. ‘okay, help me get cotton.’ You said and this time it was his turn to turn red. ‘

wha- what?’ he stuttered and you smirked.

‘aww, what happened to the manly James Buchannan Barnes? Can’t find a good pair of panties?’ you teased him.

‘I can.’ He said grumpily and walked away. You shook your head at his childishness and looked around. Your phone buzzed with his message later. You looked around and found him snickering at something.

‘found ‘em, Jamie?’ you walked to his side. He nodded and pointed at a pair of black panties which had ‘spank me’ written behind it. ‘great work.’ You patted his shoulder and carried on to the cash counter.

‘wait, you’re actually getting those?’ he asked with disbelief.

‘yeah, they are cotton and,’ you handed the things to the bag to the cashier and paid the bill. You both exited the mall and you found Bucky looking at you.

‘what?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘you never completed that ‘and’.’ He made quotation marks in the air.

‘I kinda like it.’ you shrugged.

‘what?’ he grinned.

‘says the kinky asshole.’ You said.

‘really? Just when I thought I knew everything about you.’ he said arranging the bags.

‘so what? I am not entirely vanilla.’ You said and he stopped what he was doing and looked at you.

  ‘ooh.’ He teased you with crossed arms.

‘yeah, I’m not entirely kinky either. I am more like vanilla with sprinkles and syrup and stuff.’ You explained.

‘so there’s always room for experimentation?’ he asked and you chuckled and nodded. he busied himself in arranging the shopping bags again.

‘buck?’ you said softly and he hummed in response. ‘thank you.’ you smiled.

‘for what?’ he asked.

‘for everything.’ You grinned and hugged him tightly. He hugged back with a smiled on his face. you pulled back and kissed his cheek. ‘let’s get back to the base.’

He stood there frozen for a while, you out of all people, kissing him even on the cheek was a big thing. He kept a hand on his cheek to preserve the sweet touch and smiled secretly.

‘you coming or what?’ you asked.

‘what? Oh, yup! Let’s get going.’ He followed you. the day couldn’t have gotten better.

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Things That Happened At Camp (part 2)

So I was looking through my camp tag and having a good laugh about everything when I found my post from my first year on staff of a list of things that had happened over the summer. I’m doing another (very late) one now.

Summer 2016 Recap

-Had a 27-km day of hiking on roads because no one noticed a mistake made during the trip planning (Day was meant to be 18km, originally planned route would have been 32km, the result of saying ‘fuck no’ and using Google Maps gave 27km)

-On this day of hiking was carrying 2L of root beer (another story), and at one point all the campers were dead so we stopped on the side of the road and drank root beer from the bottle, then used the juice crystals and the salt from the med kit to make janky Gatorade.

-A kid dropped a canoe on his finger and the nail came off. No evac this year, but the medic complimented my bandaging again

-Had a kid who brought 1 underwear and 0 socks to a one week camp

-Made s’mores out of maple cookies and called them sugar daddies

-A kid used a crayfish as a nipple clamp

-A kid took a shit in a paddleboat. HE WAS LIKE 15.

- *Campers screaming like someone had broken a leg* *Counsellors run outside with the first aid kit expecting to need an evac* - Turns out, a girl had put the juice crystals in her bra.

-I accidentally elbowed one of my cocounsellors, causing her to drop another one’s GoPro in the lake. “SOMEONE GET IT!” Cue both of us jumping out of the boat. I got it back.

Try Again (M)

Genre: Smut
Word count: 3194
Description: When the first time is less than impressive, should you give it another shot?
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: This was loosely inspired by the movie “A Two Night Stand”, but mostly by Jin’s dual charms, going from dork to oppa in 0.1 seconds.

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"Will you kiss me?"

Something I wanted to do for Bi-Visibility Week! 

Ohm had disconnected a good minute and a half before, Evan was keeping track.

The silence was haunting, and Evan kicked himself for what seemed to have been the eighth time since he said those damning words.

“If we make it out of here alive, will you kiss me?”

What in the name of anything, made him say that? How could he slip up so badly?

Delirious still hadn’t said a word in the minute and forty-six seconds, and Evan was pretty sure his heart was about to burst out of his chest. He thought of ways to make it seem more like a joke than it was, but he was coming up empty.

“So, you want me to kiss you now or later?”

Evan groaned loudly, despite Delirious’ teasing tone.

“Please, just please forget I said anything. It was only a joke.”

“Was it?” And was that hope in his voice?

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anonymous asked:

God this blog is fantastic. Can I get something where the MC is/was a figure skater that had to retire early due to a bad injury?

(tHANK YOU. And yes! It’s funny, because I watch Yuri on Ice, and I’m going out on Saturday to start figure skating, myself! So, I’m pretty happy to do this request~)

• He had no idea you used to be a figure skater.
• In fact, he was wowed by the fact you were.
• But..when he learns you had to retire due to injury..he wasn’t having it.
• He wants to see you happy, and if your happiness came from being on the ice? Well, he was going to do everything he could to make sure it could happen again.
• “Zen. I appreciate you trying to help, but-”
• “Nono, no buts, babe~ anything is possible, right? You’re going to get back on the ice.”
• He actually gets help from Jumin on this.
• He gets you into an expensive program, where they can help to make you stable enough to do Athletics once again.
• And Zen is with you every step of the way.
• He even helps to guide you as you both glide across the ice. Slowly, but surely.
• Maybe you can never competitive figure skate again, but you could be careful with it. As a hobby.
• All thanks to Zen~

• Okay, you just kNOW this girl has ALL of your performances on DVD.
• In fact, she prefers to watch your competitions and recitals over Zen’s musicals.
• She never watches the one where you get hurt, however.
• She tries not to watch them when you’re in the room, considering she doesn’t want you to feel hurt, or get upset at the memories you were once able to make.
• But, sometimes you catch her red-handed.
• “(Y/N)! Oh..I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind..”
• It was actually sweet to you. I mean, of course you miss it..but you’re just glad that you have such a supportive and proud girlfriend.
• You both end up re watching it all together~

• He was in the stands the day it happened.
• He was cheering for you. A huge smile on his face.
• However..that’s when you fell..
• It looked bad.
• And I mean…really bad.
• He swears up and down you’ve fell like that before..this can’t be happening, can it?
• You’ll get up in a second and continue..right? Right?!
• You weren’t getting up.
• A couple people came out onto the ice, ready to bring you out of the rink, and take you to the hospital if necessary.
• Jumin stood up, rushing down to be as close to you as he could get.
• He actually began to yell at the people picking you up, telling them you were too good to have gotten so horribly injured.
• He was just in denial, really.
• When you get to the hospital, he stays in the waiting room the entire night. Doesn’t even get a wink of sleep. He’s absolutely terrified for you.
• He asks a doctor how you were..
• “(Y/N) will be fine, Sir..however..I don’t think she’ll ever be able to figure skate again.”
• He took it harder than you, in all honesty.
• He shoves his face into his hands, as tears form in his eyes.
• “(Y/N)…please get better..”

• He found out a looonngg time ago.
• He knew since the day you entered the Chatroom, and he had to preform a background check.
• He thought it was pretty cool, actually.
• Minus the fact you were injured, of course.
• He can’t help but notice you looking at a photo from one of your last competitions..and he starts to feel a little upset for you?
• Without a word, he pulls you into a hug, rubbing small circles into your back.
• He becomes as serious as he can for the time being, ready to be a shoulder you can cry on, or even offer some advice, or kind words.
• He hates that this had to happen to you.
• If anything, he wishes there was a way the accident could’ve happened to him, rather than you. Even if he didn’t figure skate.
• Always there for you. Even when you don’t want him to be.

• Was completely shocked when he found out.
• At first, he begins to ask you questions out of curiosity.
• But, before you had a chance to answer one, he apologizes.
• “Wait! Gah! I’m so sorry!! It must be hard for you to think about..I hope I didn’t upset you!”
• You can’t help but laugh, assuring him it was completely fine.
• So, you began to answer a few of his questions.
• He’s so impressed on how good you were. He wishes he knew you back when you still figure skated.
• He thought about how it could’ve been if the two of you did a duo??
• Even thinks about joining some local figure skating lessons, just so you could try and relive your goals/career through him.
• But, he realizes it would take years to even be below your level of figure skating.
• Still, the thought is nice.

• Like Jumin, he was also there when it happened.
• He was down in the front row, snapping photos of you as you gracefully moved around on the ice.
• He was proud, really.
• Seeing you look so happy..made him happy. He loved going to your competitions/recitals.
• In fact, ever since he met you..he never missed a single one.
• But..the moment you fell..his heart sunk.
• He stood up from his seat, placing his camera down.
• “(Y/N)?!” He called out, fear taking over his body.
• He was stunned.
• It seemed like all he could do was stand there..helpless, as a couple of people began to pull you out of the rink.
• You’ve fell a few times during previous performances..but this time was definitely different.
• V begins to come back to reality, as he runs to catch up to where you were being taken.
• All he could see, was an ambulance outside, as they placed your injured body in the back.
• When he found out you would never be able to figure skate?
• He finds a way to blame himself.
• It doesn’t even make any sense?? It was an accident???
• still, he does anyways.
• He constantly comments on how strong you are, though.
• You’re his little warrior~

• One day, he heard a few quiet sobs coming from your bedroom.
• Without even knocking, he opened up your door, only to find you watching a figure skating competition.
• He was about to just scoff, and ask you why the hell something like that would make you cry so violently.
• But..that’s when he noticed..one of the figure skaters looked oddly familiar??
• After a moment, he put together the pieces, unable to stay silent anymore.
• “Is that..you?”
• When he speaks up, you become aware of his presence.
• You wipe the tears from your eyes, as you give him a small nod.
• His eyes widen, as he watches you land an axel.
• It looked extremely hard..
• He was wowed, really.
• “Woah. I didn’t know you could do that, (Y/N). Why didn’t you tell me?”
• You bite your lip, holding back more tears.
• “Because I can’t, anymore..” You mutter.
• “What was that?”
• “I can’t do it anymore, Saeran.” You spoke up, making him tilt his head to the side in confusion.
• “What do you mean? You did fine, there. Don’t be hard on yourself.”
• “Saeran. I mean, I can’t physically do it. I got severely injured a while back at my last competition. Doctors said I would never be able to go back.”
• He becomes silent as he hears this. He can’t help but feel bad for you.
• He blinks, slowly coming over to sit on the bed beside you.
• “I-I’m Sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t know..”
• You let out an small chuckle, mumbling an ‘it’s okay.’
• He brings his arms out, wrapping them around you. He awkwardly pulls you into his chest, running a hand through your hair.
• And this is where you both stay the rest of the night, watching your old performances until you fall asleep together.

The Price of a Life (Fallen Angel!Wonwoo)



What truly is the price one must pay in order to survive?

Word count: 3258

Does it hurt..? Looking down at the woman in the crushed car, he couldn’t help but wonder. She looked so peaceful though, as if she was just sleeping. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood slowly permeating the air, he might have been able to tell himself that the woman wasn’t dead, she was simply.. resting. Maybe it didn’t hurt. Death itself might be painless, the act of dying might be the painful part.

“Mister… please.. please help my mom…”

His eyes flickered to the small human in the passenger seat, her own soul only seconds from following her mothers. Yes, dying looked painful. The small girl’s body was rejecting death, he could tell. Every cell was fighting to stay alive but it was almost inevitable.

“I can’t.” He sighed, looking almost bored. Why had he even come? The mother was praying for a god and that wasn’t what he was. The mother wasn’t even alive anymore. But looking at this small child it was unlikely she had been praying to god for her life.

“How old are you?”

The child blinked up at him groggily, as if she could barely even see straight anymore. Her mouth opened but she just whimpered instead of stating a number, obviously too dizzy and disoriented to answer.

“You’re young enough.”

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Phan fluff: long flights

‘Come onnnn, Phil! Dan called from outside. He was stood beside the taxi waiting and trying to be patient. Phil was clambering down the stairs carrying what was questionably a lot more than he needed for a short trip to Japan. 'Right, do we have everything?’ Phil asked.
'I really hope that in the four bags you’re carrying we have enough’ Dan giggled, he put the bags in the boot and clambered into the car after Phil.

They had arrived at the airport in good time so they decided to sit and have a drink. As they sat at a seat in Starbucks facing eachother Phil couldn’t help looking at Dan fondly, he had a urge to kiss him right there and then but he thought better of it.
'I love you so much, Dan’ He said instead. Dan looked around him suddenly. 'Phil! There could be viewers around here! We always run into people at the airport’
'So what? Am I not aloud to tell my best friend how attractiv… I mean er what a great friend he is?’ Phil giggled mischievously as Dan sighed. 'Well I suppose I love y… Er you’re a great friend too’
'We’re such dorks, I don’t know how we’ve not accidentally outed ourselves yet’ Phil laughed.
'Me neither, anyway let’s get going before we miss our plane’

When they finally boarded the plane they went and found their seats, first class, Dan had booked them months ago to make sure they got a good seat. They each had a glass of champagne and decided to put a film on. As usual Dan had fallen asleep about half way through, Phil didn’t mind though he had been watching Dan more than the film anyway. He really did love Dan, he thought as he snuggled into him.

'Phil…’ Dan half yawned, half whispered into Phil’s ear as he woke up. 'mhm’ Phil murmured
'How long til we’re there?
'I don’t know I think we still have a while, this planes not exactly breaking the sound barrier’
'Wow Phil you used the term sound barrier correctly,I’m proud’
'Thanks’ Phil said proudly. Dan snuggled back into him.
'you’re cute when you’re sleepy’ Phil gazed over at him lovingly. Dan looked up at him and smiled. 'you’re a great friend Phil’ he teased as he leaned into him.
'Hey! there’s no fans around anymore’ Phil leant closer.
'Okay then. I love you’ Dan whispered against his boyfriend’s lips. They kissed. it was a deep and long kiss, Phil had wrapped his arms around Dan, and Dan had grabbed hold of Phil’s shirt to get a better grip. They were so distracted that they didn’t hear the air hostess approaching…
'Any drinks? Does anyon…’ she stopped and starred for a moment and then spoke 'Oh erm sorry’ she said awkwardly. Phil pulled away from Dan, they both had messed up hair and were a little disorientated, they looked up and saw the woman. Both boys had blushed scarlet.

Home of My Heart - Part 7

Find previous parts here 

The smell of fresh pancakes filled her senses as she watched him cook.

“Jamie… You shouldn’t have. I can make breakfast myself, really.”

“Ach, I’m sure ye could. But I wanted to do this for ye. Before ye leave for work.” He set the plate down in front of her and sat in the seat across from her, watching her in the early morning light.

He took in the way the sun hit her hair in just the right spots and the deep brown turned to auburn. How had he only just met this woman and already loved her so much? He’d be damned if this would be a one night stand, she was so much more than that to him.

“Mm, this is good! Thank you.” She mumbled through a full mouth.

“You’re welcome, sassenach.”

She nearly inhaled the food, it wasn’t until she’d taken the first bite that she realized how hungry she was.

She got up to wash her dishes when she finished, but Jamie stopped her, taking the plate from her. “Let me.”

She smiled,” Thank you, Jamie. I better get ready for work. I’ll call you?”

“Aye. I’ll be waiting.”


She stood in the stream of hot water, letting it lap over her and wash all of her problems and fears away. It had been quite some time since Frank had occupied her mind day and night, but here she was again. Afraid of what he might do.


When she came downstairs, Jamie was no longer there. Of course she knew he wouldn’t be, yet her heart still sank. There was no evidence he had ever even been there, besides the throbbing between her legs.

His face was ever present in her mind’s eye. His flaming red curls, how they felt in her hands when he brought her to her peak. The way his body went taut when he came to his own conclusion. There was no denying she felt something more for him than lust, yet she was so afraid. Afraid of getting hurt again, having her heart broken. He wasn’t the same man as Frank. Far from it. Yet she had built a wall around her heart, and she wasn’t ready to break it down just yet.


The whirlwind of ever present work in the hospital distracted her from her personal thoughts and problems. Frank and Jamie sat in the back of her mind as she focused on healing, and learning.

By the end of the day she was exhausted. She had to change her scrubs several times after they had been soiled with blood, vomit and several other bodily fluids. She was almost out the door when she saw him, and all of a sudden she forgot how to breathe. She put her head down and tried to walk past him, but he saw her.

“Claire!” She ignored him.

“Claire!” He shouted this time. She kept walking.

A third time and his hand was on her arm, forcing her to stop.

“Claire.” He hissed. “I need to speak with you.”

Her heart started to beat faster and faster as her mind went through all the possible scenarios this would lead.

She swallowed, “What do you want, Frank.”

He pulled her off to the side but he never took his hands off her.

“I miss you Claire. I need you.”

She laughed. “You need me? Well. You should have thought of that when you slept with another woman. I don’t need you. I’ve moved on. Let me live my life, Frank. I closed our chapter a long time ago. It’s time you do the same.” She bit back. She had turned around and started to leave but he tightened his grip on her arm.

“Claire.” He choked. “She never meant anything to me. You do. I love you. Only you. Please. Give me another chance.” He pleaded, tears starting to run down his cheeks.

“No,Frank.” And with that she ripped her arm from his grasp and walked away.


As soon as she got home she called Jamie to come over. She needed him. And now.

It wasn’t long until he was at her front door, a look of worry on his face.

“Claire, are ye alright?”

She smiled at the sight of him. “I am now.” She whispered as she pulled him into a kiss.

He was hesitant at first but he gave in to her. Her hands were on the buckle of his trousers and in an instant they were on the floor. He pulled back.

“Claire, no. We can’t.” He urged.

Please Jamie. I need this. It’s been a long day, I just want you.”

God, how could he not give into her? She was beautiful. The way her hair floated about her shoulders and how her breasts moved as her chest heaved. How round her arse was. He could still feel it in his hands.

No. He couldn’t. Not again. He shouldn’t have laid with her the first time. It wasn’t right. But how could he tell her his feelings without her turning and running the other way? He wanted to make her his, properly.

“No, Claire. I’m here for ye, but not for that. So tell me, what is it?”

She eyed him and looked down at his pants and raised an eyebrow.

“You’re sure, you don’t want me?” She asked innocently as her hand went to grab his very evident wanting.

“You’re bonny Claire. I can’t deny that I want ye. But it isna right.” He reasoned.

She bit her lip and began moving her hand along his length. “Then have me.” She whispered.

He grunted and pushed her off of him. “I said no!” He hissed.

He could see her face go from a look of wanting and lust to that of fear and anguish.

She stepped back, avoiding his eyes. “I- I’m sorry.” She whispered.

He pulled his trousers back up and buttoned them. “It’s alright lass. Now tell me, what’s wrong?”

She sniffled and went over to the sofa and he followed. They sat side by side and she began.

“It’s Frank. He was waiting for me after my shift and he said that he wanted me back. That he needed me.”

Jamie’s jaw clenched, biting back the feeling of hatred he had for this man that hurt her. “What did you say?”

She nearly laughed. “I told him no. Told him that I had moved on. That he should’ve thought about that before fucking another woman.” She blurted.

His hand found hers and squeezed it reassuringly. “Good. He doesna deserve you.”

Neither do I. But I hope to make you mine. He thought.

A hint of a smile pulled at her lips. “When I got home I was just so angry, so I called you. I’m sorry for… what I did.” She paused, looking up at him for the first time in several minutes.

He squeezed her hand again. “Ach, dinna fash.” He hesitated before continuing.



“Listen… Claire, I like ye. More than just a friend. I’m sorry if this seems a tad bit early but I canna hide my feelings. I was wondering if you would have me. As your boyfriend?” He asked shyly, afraid of her answer.

She smiled and he was glad to see that it reached her eyes. “Yes. Yes, i’ll have you.” She beamed.

“Oh Claire. Ye’ve made me verra happy.” And then his mouth was on hers.

Yuzuki Shouyou loved volleyball just as much as her father. She always watched matches, she felt especially excited on the ones she saw live, both her parents present: Kenma on the seat alongside hers, his eyes wide; Hinata spiking across the court.

“Dad! Dad! Look at that!” when she pointed at a well performed block performed by the rival team, Kenma’s eyes soon followed.

“I know, child. Great block, wasn’t that one?” he says with a smile, small voice barely heard through the roaring of the crowd.

“Hell yeah!”


Coming home, the omegas’ family chatted happily, both gingerhead and black-haired girl chatting non-stop about volleyball, the sharp-eyed third party adding his opinion here and there, however, the loud chattering stopped as Kenma announced he felt a kick:
Father and daughter perked up instantly, moving rapidly to touch his belly.

“I think he is going to be a beta” the girl’s voice hissing as air passed through her tooth gap.

“How would you know?” Kenma placed a hand over his daughter’s and another over his mate’s.

“I can feel it.” they exchanged looks.

“Oh! I felt it! I felt a kick!”


“Dad! Come here for a second?”
Hinata soon entered her room, crouching at her side “Ya?”

Her voice was low: “Were you and father…” a gulp and a whisper “enemies? When you were younger?” her face turned to the TV, where the years-old CD played. Her face hidden from view (she could only hope) so he couldn’t see her small pout and tear-bright eyes.

“What? No!” Hinata looked at the TV, he recognized these old uniforms…

He kept watching, seeing Tanaka spike violently, ball flying to the ground at a monstrous speed, he saw Kuroo’s face turn into a scowl as he himself highfived Ryuu, though his attention shifted when he heard a tiny sob:
“Huh? What is this?” he turned his daughter’s face in his direction “Yuzuki, are you crying?” he swiped her tears delicately with his thumb, when her face screwed up, she opened her arms, to which her father answered in a tight hug, bringing her up and onto his lap.


“Love, did you knew our kitten was crying?”

“Huh?” Kenma looked up from his laptop to see a worried Hinata carrying their crying child. Said child was gripping his shirt with small hands, face screwed up and hiccuping into the fabric.

“What? Why? What happened, Yuzuki?” he received the girl in his arms, she constantly hugged him, their form adjusting around each other like matching puzzle pieces.

“Please, what happened?” Kenma asked, smoothing her hair out of her forehead and swiping away her tears.

“I-I s-saw your CDs, the ones t-that- in whi-which you fought-”

“Hinata, please get some water for me?”


After Hinata came back with the water, Kenma settled on the bed, Yuzuki in his arms, Hinata sat on the floor, listening in, seldomly playing with her bare feet (the way he knows it makes her curl her little toes and laugh). All eyes and ears on her.

“So, tell us now. What CD?”

“Um. Well.” she twisted and twiddled with her nails. A nervous habit that would endure. “Remember the CDs dad said he kept, from his highschool matches?”

“Yes.” the wing-spiker agreed.

“Well, I was watching them and- and I saw you two in a match. Against each other. And-” she squirmed, Kenma hugged her tighter. “Were you enemies?”

“What? No!” “In a sense.” both child and sire looked at him quizzically.

“We were enemies, yes, but only technically. We played on different teams, but were very good friends outside court.” Yuzuki blinked up at him.

“Actually, that was how we met!”

“Well, not actually-”

“We had a game see against each other, back when I was a first year.” their child’s humor was best now, she even had a small smile, listening their story. He tickled her feet, effectively bringing a laugh out of her lips.

“I… Got lost from my team. And Hinata found me.” Kenma said, smiling at the memory “though we were both lost. So we kept where we were. Eventually, our teams’ captains found us.”

“Oh! I remember! Kuroo-san was your team’s captain, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, he found me. And Sugawara found Hinata. And we played against each other. But we became friends while at it. Wasn’t it, Hinata?” Kenma looked at his husband, who watched the exchange fondly.

“Oh yes! I really wanted to be his friend, and-”

“And some years later, we realized we were in love. So we started dating, and later on married, then you came along, and now, your little brother will be here soon, too.” Kenma smiled, his eyes speaking volumes more than the small curve of his mouth.

“Ah! So pretty! Such a great love story!” Yuzuki bounced on his lap, to which the heavily pregnant omega complained, ordering her to go sit with her father.

“So when you guys lost your teams, you all did like we did in the…” her voice, though cheery and chipper, tears and sadness long forgotten, had now taken a somber tone “Hamburger Day.”

“Yes, and that’s why it is so important you keep your feet very still if you get lost. We will replace our steps, and find you!” Hinata explained.

“Oh! Will do!”

“Okay, angels, it’s all well and good, but it’s time for bed!” the now black-haired male moved to pick up Yuzuki, though his back protested in a very effective way. Hinata picked her up instead.

“But I’m not- waah” a yawn “ I’m not tired!”

“Oh really? What was that then?” Kenma smiled smugly.


“Let’s go now,” Hinata adjusted his grip “we all will have to wake up really early tomorrow!”

fanfic submission

The porn I wrote you u can post if u want but please anon me and excuse any typos or cliches I don’t usually write smut lmao

It was after 4 p.m on a Tuesday when Ben found himself in Martin’s trailer during the long lull between takes. Seeing as how the next set up was extremely complicated (very “techy” Martin had said, making finger quotations and laughing, both of them knowing they were in for a decent amount of waiting) they had decided to make the best use of this gift of time to put in a little extra preparation for ~the scene.

They had taken to calling it “the scene” and nothing else, since a large percentage of the crew wasn’t even aware it would be filmed later that evening(or at all) and it would be filmed by a skeleton crew. Standard practice when a production wanted to keep tight reigns on a scene they didn’t want leaked by an overly chatty grip or an assistant to an assistant who would be tempted to anonymously dump the information on the Internet. This was way too important to be spoiled. This was a hundred and some odd years of ‘too important to be spoiled please god let us pull this off’.

The boys–being the utmost professionals they were–were nothing but prepared for the moment. Nay, the honor of being the first two actors to portray an open, romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson. They had been prepared for this since Moffat and Gatiss both sat them down and told them what was what about their long term game plan all those years ago, and they’d giggled into their fists, giddy with the knowledge that they would be doing something legitimately groundbreaking.

Yes they were prepared. And excited. And relieved to know they wouldn’t have to lie to the press and media any longer.

As far as the actual scene went though they were only somewhat prepared. They knew the basic outline of it: Sherlock spills his guts to John about what he had wanted to say on the tarmac, confessing his love in a very dramatic Sherlockian way, and then kisses a shocked John. John is stunned for a moment before he reciprocates and they share a passionate kiss. There is a shot of them tangled up in bed briefly—it’s still a family show after all–that pans away and then….well that’s about the gist of the big romantic scene.

Ben had gone over the dialogue with Martin, and they both had the words down pat, almost as if they’d been in their hearts since the day this production began. They did know their characters very, very well.

The dialogue was flawless, the emotion would no doubt be there when the director yelled “action!” and they had already gone over the most basic blocking and staging of the scene. They did everything…….right up to the kiss that is.

They had both done love scenes before. Martin was surely no stranger to them and Ben, while not in as many romantic roles, had his fair share of onscreen kisses. They didn’t necessarily think they needed to rehearse the actual kiss–they were grown men who had kissed onscreen and off for many years and it was ridiculous to act as if they needed to practice. Surely they could just wing it when the time came, no? The emotion of the scene would carry them. Make it feel more….authentic. And besides, it’s not as if a gay kissing scene was anything different than a straight kissing scene when it all boiled down. Lips were lips. No big deal.

But “no” was Mark’s response when they’d mentioned this to him the previous day. Not so much in words but in the pointed look he’d shot them, his mouth small and pinched and his eyebrows furrowed. They knew that face.

“This is very important, you know I don’t have to stress that. While I usually would never question your finely honed actors instincts….in this case you must oblige me. This needs to be perfect and you know what they say about practice.”

They hadn’t even bothered to argue and later that evening Mark had pulled Ben aside.

“There’s not a ….reason you might be feeling….uncomfortable about the kiss is there?” He’d asked in his most casual voice. A voice that was anything but. He knew what he was after. He knew about Ben’s little (no so little) secret (not so secret) crush on Martin. The whole damn crew knew. Not that they would ever actually say anything about it–Ben wasn’t out of the closet and to the world he was a happily married heterosexual man–but they knew.

Ben had gritted his teeth slightly but otherwise was the picture of calm professionalism. It’s not as if they hadn’t danced around this topic before, him and Mark. Though this was the most blatant it had ever been. “I appreciate your concern Mark but I am a professional first and foremost. There won’t be any issues.”

Mark had simply smiled and patted him on the arm, the gesture something of an apology for sending them into this awkward, messy business.

And now here they were, Martin and Ben, about to get down to the awkward, messy business in the privacy of Martin’s trailer.

“Can’t have anyone busting in at the wrong moment and think something dodgy is going on, can we?” He winked and locked the door, throwing him one of his cheeky smiles that made Ben want to giggle like a bloody school boy.

Well that wouldn’t do. He couldn’t be giggling like a smitten teenager when Martin was snogging him or the jig would be up. He was supposed to be professional and that would be….well it could possibly take them down a road to a conversation that he wasn’t at all prepared to have.


“Fucking hell why do you have to be so bloody tall!” Martin griped for what seemed like the hundredth time as they mumbled snippets of the dialogue and maneuvered their bodies into optimum kissing position. It seemed that after fifteen minutes it was all they had managed to do–press up into each other’s personal spaces and make cutting remarks about each other’s height (or lack thereof). It was fun as hell, and the nervous tension Ben had been carrying around in the pit of his stomach disappeared, but it wasn’t exactly getting them anywhere.

To be truthful, Ben had assumed Martin would have taken the reigns by now and snogged him senseless. He wasn’t one for bullshitting around, and he certainly wasn’t shy about the physical stuff.

Unless…..he was just as unsure and nervous as Ben was?

He couldn’t tell by looking at him; Martin’s face was nothing but that same cheeky smile and his eyes flashing blue each time he cracked a joke. Impossible to get a true read on what he was feeling. But regardless, it was time to finally bite the bullet and just kiss already.

“Well when I signed up for a telly show and was told I had to kiss a bloke I certainly wasn’t expecting a hobbit!” Ben spat back, his voice holding no real venom.

Martin laughed. “Quite right.”

There suddenly was a prolonged silence that, up until fifteen minutes ago, wouldn’t have been awkward at all. Now it was heavy with the knowledge of what they had to do–what they were putting off doing essentially–and the realization of their bodies so close together. What it all meant.

Martin cleared his throat. “Well I guess we should stop fucking around and just get to it, eh?”

“Bad choice of words. You know. For a love scene.” Ben smiled wryly, lifting an eyebrow.

“Bloody prat.” Martin giggled in his high pitched way. “But good one.” He scratched the back of his head. “Uh I think we got the whole body blocking down so….I guess we just go for it eh? I’ll pretend you just told me you love me and you kiss me, and then we’ll wait a beat where my dialogue would be and then….well I’ll kiss you.”

He made it seem so simple. So clinical. But Ben had definitely picked up on a thread of something in Martin’s posture now. He looked…tense? And his face seemed unnecessarily stoic, as if he was steeling himself for something.

Perhaps he was just getting into the character, Ben reminded himself. It was probably what he should have been doing as well, seeing as how this was all supposed to be Sherlock and John, not Martin and Ben.

But no, Martin was definitely nervous. Considering he’d said before he had no issue kissing anyone (or being nude—Ben especially remembered that) on camera, he found this development most intriguing. Was it possible that….

Martin leaned closer, effectively killing his train of thought. “Alright, go ahead. Kiss me.” He said softly, his voice suddenly rough, looking up at Ben through his long, pale lashes.

He was biting his lip.

Ben moved subtly closer.

Martin licked his lips.

Ben curled one hand behind Martin’s shoulder blades, tugging him closer, the other snaked gently up his neck to cup his jaw and tilt his chin up toward him.

Martin complied, his body loose as he slowly rose up onto his tip toes.

“Here goes nothing.” Ben whispered before he closed his eyes and ducked down the rest of the way.


“Well that was…”

“Yea that was.” Ben agreed, not fully knowing what he was agreeing to. They had kissed. He had kissed Martin….John….no Martin. He had kissed Martin playing John but still. They’d kissed.

And it had been very, very weird.

They had gone through all the motions. Ben had tipped his head to the perfect angle, moved his lips just so—not too open as frenching your co star was strictly a no no unless discussed ahead of time–and Martin had reciprocated in an appropriate manner but somehow…..

“We buggered that up didn’t we?”

Martin stole the words right out of his mouth.

Ben blew out a long stream of air. “We did. That was terrible.”

“Hey now. It wasn’t that bad.” Martin poked him playfully. His smile dimmed a bit though and he gnawed on his lower lip. “But I do think we were overthinking it. Letting the fact that, yea this is a bit awkward, get into our heads and set us up for failure you know?”

“Awkward?” Ben felt his stomach lurch. Shit did he know?

“Well yeah. Most of the things I’ve worked on, and I assume you too, haven’t had you spending years with another actor before you have to make out with them. It’s always easier in my opinion to kiss a stranger than someone you…”

He stopped for a moment, choosing his words carefully.

“Then someone you are close to.”

Ben wasn’t sure if this logic would make sense to anyone else but he understood. He nodded his head silently.

“Besides,” Martin continued. “We were so tense we just….well fuck we forgot that these are two blokes who have wanted to shag each other senseless for years!”

“It was lacking in passion wasn’t it?”

“And tongue.”

“What?” Ben blanched. He hated onscreen frenching; he knew he objectively had a larger head in comparison to his female counterparts, and adding in tongue just added to the overall impression that he was trying to swallow the actresses face. He couldn’t bear to watch his scenes.

“Sherlock has wanted to shag John for years and vice versa. Later on its implied they do just that. The script says “passionately kiss”. They would be using tongue. I didn’t ask you about it before but…..would you….“

If it was anyone else he probably would have politely declined. But the idea of sticking his tongue down Martin’s throat was very appealing. Maybe they could practice it enough so it didn’t look like he was trying to eat his face on camera.

"That makes sense. Ok yea I’m…yeah. Let’s do it.”


They had once again found themselves in the same intimate clutch they were in before their first spectacularly awful kiss. Martin was on his toes leaning in, Ben was cradling his hand over Martin’s jaw, his fingers feeling the beginnings of scratchy five o'clock stubble, and their chests were less than an inch apart. The only sound in the trailer was their breathing and the steady drone of cars off in the distance.

“Don’t fuck this up.” Ben chided himself, taking one last look into Martin’s eyes for permission, and when he gave a subtle nod, he swooped down, bringing his lips to Martin with all the pent up feelings, all the attraction, all the inappropriate thoughts he had ever felt about the diminutive man, leading the way.

Martin’s lips were soft.

His breath was minty.

This was so different than the first time. So, so different.

Don’t think. Don’t think. Don’t over think. Don’t ruin it. Just feel. Kiss this man like you’ve always wanted to kiss this man.

Ben’s lips slowly slid against Martin, his hand gripping firmer onto his jaw as he guided him, his tongue licking against his slightly parted lips before being granted entrance and diving into his mouth with absolutely no subtlety and little restraint. There was a muffled sound that was a cross between a whine and a moan that came from Martin’s chest, and he leaned in closer, gripping the front of Ben’s shirt and twisting it until it felt like his buttons were going to be ripped apart like the cover of a cheap romance novel.

Keep it together Ben. Keep it together. This is just the first part. Don’t lose control.

Remembering there were two parts to the kiss, he slowed his assault on Martin’s mouth, his hand trailing down his neck in an unspoken signal to come up for air, and Martin did just that. When he pulled away Ben was struck with how bright and blue his eyes were, and how swollen and positively pornographic looking his lips were. The skin around his mouth was red and blotchy, rubbed raw from stubble upon stubble, and Ben tried not to snigger when he thought of how the makeup department would have to deal with that.

“And now I…..uh……I say…..words…….my words and then……I…..” Martin sounded utterly broken. For the first time in years Martin was the one who was completely lost in the scene. He had no idea what he was supposed to do.

“Then you kiss me.” Ben intervened, his voice deeper than usual, and taking on a sultry tone that he wasn’t consciously aware of doing.

Fuck. He was turned on. This was bad. This was so, so bad. This was….


He’d lost all ability to form thoughts as Martin surged forward, crashing into his chest and grabbing the sides of his head, pulling him down to the most erotic kiss he’d ever had in his life. There was tongue right away, nothing gentle or questioning here. Whatever awkwardness there had been in the beginning was completely replaced by nothing but two grown men happily sucking each other’s faces off.

“Ughnnnhhh” Ben moaned, meeting his tongue with each stroke, not caring if it was sloppy or not. His hands were moving independently of his body now, stroking up and down Martin’s sides and back, and he should have stopped himself, wondering if this was crossing the unspoken line that existed between actors doing scenes like this, but when his hand had snaked up underneath Martin’s shirt, his cool hand meeting his warm skin, and pushed up to skim possessively over his back, and Martin only kissed him harder, he figured they’d passed over that line a while ago.

“Oh god.” Martin groaned, coming up for a brief gasp of air. He seemed to be starting to recognize that this had all turned a bit “not good” but his body was warring with his mind. With a shake of his head, as if he had just decided something, he kissed him even harder and started pushing him backwards until they were sprawled out on the long couch that ran the length of the trailer wall.

“What are…”




“…doing?!” Ben gasped as he found himself now being straddled by the little blonde man. Was he dreaming? He’d had so many fantasies like this that he suddenly was questioning his sanity.

Was this really happening? Did Martin just get carried away or was it possible that he had been harboring the same kinds of feelings that Ben had been? Kissing scene rehearsals rarely devolved into full out dry humping like two horny teenagers which was pretty much what was going on that exact moment.

Oh but God it felt amazing. To be straddled like this, cock rubbing against cock–something that two actors really shouldn’t be doing at work–while two hot mouths fought for dominance.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. Martin was in his lap. Hard. He was hard. They both were. They were kissing and grinding and fuck. It was so wrong. It was so not what they should be doing. It was so….It was…it was….ohfuckinghellohgodfuckyeah.

But this time he’d actually said it out loud.

“Sensitive eh?” Martin whispered into his ear, his tongue licking and nipping at the outer shell. “I remember reading an interview once where you said pulling your hair the wrong way would make you scream for mercy. That was so fucking hot it made me hard for a week.”

Well then. That answered that question.

“If you keep that up,” Ben referred to the slow roll of Martin’s hips as he peppered his jaw with kisses. “I’m gonna need a change of pants…”

“Is that a challenge?”

Ben felt his head thump back against the window ledge; he was awkwardly sprawled out, half laying down, half propped up. “Fuck… what….what are we doing?” He gasped as his hands reached clumsily for Martin’s backside, pulling him even closer to him and slowly thrusting upwards.

His words were trying to make sense of any of this, but his body already knew the answer.

“Just following the script. They kiss passionately…fall into bed. We’ve always wanted to shag each other remember?” Martin said, leaving a hot trail of kisses down Ben’s neck as his lips found his clavicle and latched on, sucking warm and wet. His hands pulled his hair again, just so, enough that he almost sprang off the cushion.“For years.”

“Hnnggggh” Ben threw his head back. If he kept up with the hair thing he would definitely be coming in his pants and soon. “We? You mean John and Sherlock? They….oh god…..they…….hnnngggh…….”

“Sure.” Martin continued to mouth down his chest as he slowly popped button after button. “John and Sherlock.”

Ben didn’t believe him for a second. Thank fucking god.

Thank you!!!!!!! I never had someone write me fic before, and it was lovely and hot and I’m going to read it several more times! <3

(btw I read this while listening to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar and the music didn’t fit lmao)


“So apparently it’s not a good thing when people throw water balloons at unsuspecting people,” Warren finished his story and Persephone couldn’t help but laugh at how innocent this boy really was.

“What you’re telling me is that you shouldn’t throw water balloons when cops around? Nonsense,” Persephone joked, shoving him playfully before she leaned back on her heels.

Warrens shrugged and started laughing again. What he had been up to, Persephone had no idea, but it was the first time she actually found herself having fun all night. “I’m a dork, aren’t I?”

With just a nod of her head, Persephone pulled him down to her.

"We did good, didn't we?" - Nate Maloley

3rd person

“You look really beautiful.” Nate says in awe seeing his daughter in her wedding dress.

“I haven’t even had my make up done yet, but look at you dad! You look really handsome.” Nour says tugging on Nate’s tie making him laugh.

“I’m not used to seeing you in a suit.”

“I thought I’d dress up for the occasion.” Nate grins.

“How are you feeling?” Nour asks and Nate looks at her confused.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question babygirl?” Nour laughs.

“I just really wanted to talk to you, before you walked me down the aisle.” Nour nervously smiles at her father. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she couldn’t help but feel like it was the saddest day as well. She knew her father was happy for her, but he also felt like he was losing ‘his little girl’. Nour just wanted him to know that wasn’t the case at all. Even though she wouldn’t officially have her own last name anymore she’ll always be a daddy’s girl and she just wanted to make sure he knew by taking him on a trip trough memory lane.

“I can’t believe this day’s finally here.” Nate says tucking his hands into his pocket.

“I know right. I’m going to be someone’s wife” Nour says smiling widely.

“Do you remember when you used to take me to the studio? I just remember watching you work so passionately on something that you love. It inspired me to always do what I love amd follow my dreams no matter what.”

Nate gives her a small smile and clears his throat. He knew this day was going to weigh hard on him, but he didn’t want to cry even before the ceremony began.

“And the days I couldn’t go with you, I jumped in your arms when you finally came home from being at the studio. I was always so happy to see you.”

Nour chuckles and takes her father’s hand in hers.

“Do you remember when you found out I’d been on my first date and had a boyfriend?”

“Oh, don’t even mention that bastard.” Nate answers making Nour laugh.

“You’re right. He was a complete bastard. Of course I couldn’t see that then and all I wanted to do was impress the guy. I even got that stupid tattoo.”

Nour used to date a ‘good for nothing low life’ as Nate likes to call him. Rick. The guy was constantly in and out of trouble with the law, disrespectful, and honestly just not doing anything with his life. It came as a huge shock when Nour introduced the guy to her parents. Nour has always been a good girl, a little bit shy and Nate was not about to let this boy ruin thay. He immediately took a dislike to the guy while Y/n wanted to give him a chance. When Nour came home with a tattoo Nate had had enough, and threatened to snap the boys’ neck in two if he ever saw him around his daughter again. With Rick having a sleeve of tattoo’s Nate knew she only got hers to impress him. Luckily it wasn’t a huge tattoo and to make her feel better about the life long commitment she made at the age of sixteen Nate and Y/n decided to get the same one.

Nate chuckles

“I called you crying, I was so scared to tell you, but I was even more scared of mom killing me so I ended up calling you. I’ll never forget that day. You could have said ‘I told you so’ but you didn’t. Instead you suggested you’d get one just like mine and just like that you made everything okay again.”

Nate laughs.

“Yeah I remember that babygirl.”

“To me that was just the ultimate proof, no matter what mistakes I make you’ll be there for me, and I can never, ever thank you enough for what you did for me.”

“Nahh, babygirl that’s my job. It’ll always be my job to protect you, no matter who’s wife you are.” Nour smiles and she can feel herself starting to tear up.

“I always used to look at you and mom and just hope I could be as fortunate as you two were. I used to see the way you treated mom and I just wished I’d someday find someone just like you.”

“Have you? It’s never too late to come back home, mama.”

“I did.” Nour says smiling widely. 

“I really love him dad.”

Nate smiles too, but Nour can see a little hint of sadness in his eyes.

“If Michael were to leave me hanging at the aisle today, I mean he isn’t going to, I mean I’m not assuming he does, but íf he did… No matter how heartbroken I’d be I know I’d be okay. You can’t ever be replaced dad, not even by Mike.” Nour says and she can feel tears start welling up in her eyes. Not because she’s sad, just for the simple reason she’s now realizing how lucky she’s been to have an amazing man like her father in her life. Through all the years he understood her fears and protected her, he loved her unconditionally and even now when Nour knows he’s having a hard time letting go of her he’s trying his hardest not to let it show.

“I’m happy for you Nour. And I never thought I’d ever say this, but I actually do like the guy.” Nour smirks.

“I know you do dad. I mean this whole intimidating act you’ve been putting up is just you being protective over me but I do know how to pick ‘em dad. You thought me well.“ 

“I sure did. And I need you to know I’m proud of all you’ve become.” Are you ready to walk that aisle?”

Nour nervously nods and fiddles with her hands.

“I’m ready! extremely nervous, but ready. I’m just happy you’re walking me.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. ” Nate says and kisses his daughters’ cheek. 

“I’ll leave you to finish getting ready baby. Do you want me to call over your mom?” Nour nods.

“I love you dad. Thank you for everything.“She says while hugging her father tightly and for some reason it feels really special. It might be because this is probably the last embrace Nate will spend with his daughter while she’s still carrying his last name. When she’s still his girl. After tonight Nour will be someone’s wife and even though it’s hard for Nate to let her go, he knows she’ll be in good hands with Michael.  

“Wait, dad” Nour stops her father in his tracks before he can leave the room. 

“I wrote you a letter.” She says quietly and hands him an envelope from under her make up bag on the table. Nate can tell she’s having a hard time keeping her tears at bay and he can feel tears forming in his eyes as well. 

 “I’ll see you at the altar babygirl.” He whispers, earning a small nod from his oldest daughter. The minute he closes the door he opens the envelope. He smiles when he sees Nour’s handwriting all over the piece of paper. 

 Dear Daddy, 

We both knew this day was coming. While it’s the happiest day of my life, it also comes with a heavy heart. For as long as I can remember, it’s been you and me. Now the day has come and you have to share me. I know your heart broke when he asked for your blessing and I bet you held back tears as you said yes. To give away someone you love most you must believe that he can handle the responsibly.  

I know I won’t make it to the end of the aisle without shedding many tears. But you should know the man that stands before us, is only there because he has some of the great attributes you have. From the moment I was born and every day since, you have demonstrated what I deserve in a man. You have shown me love and respect. I spent many hours wondering if there could possibly be another man who treats me as well as you do? And with much trial and error and tears shed over the men in my past, you always held me, reassuring me that pain always goes away and hating the men my heart couldn’t. I’m happy to say I’ve finally got it right.

I won’t be turning to you for every single thing anymore (like understanding taxes or understanding exactly what was said in a political debate). But I promise I’ll save a few questions for you. The man before us is someone I spent my entire life wondering if he even existed or that you were the only good guy out there. 

 I know love because you loved me unconditionally. I believe in love because of you.   I know I won’t make it through our dance without bawling. And I know you know the song I chose; it’s the same one that has been our song since I was 7. I still remember our first daddy-daughter dance, when mom bought me my first pair of heels and I stood on your feet dancing. 

For me it seems it took a while to get here, but I know for you the years flew by. I still remember running down the staircase every time you came home from work. I still remember every Saturday morning when you’d make breakfast, or when you’d drive us to school while insisting that we were going to Disney World. While I never quite understood the sacrifices you and mom made to give us everything we ever wanted, I know, as I embark on this new journey to start my own family, I’ll get it someday. 

Thank you for every family vacation. Thank you for the love and support you continue to give me. Thank you for believing in my dreams even when I failed to believe in them myself. 

While marriage means vowing to share my life, the only reason I can share a life with another person is because you have given me the fundamentals to stand on my own two feet and confidence that I can.  While it may seem like you are losing me to the love of my life, my future husband, you aren’t. You are handing me off to a man who will forever live in your shadow and spend the rest of his life trying to reach the bar you set so high.

 I love you.

“Nate, are you okay?” The melodic voice of his wife sounds and soon after she has her hands wrapped around his shoulders and her head pressed to his chest. 

 “It’s hard isn’t it.” She asks into the crook if his neck and he simply nods. Y/n pulls off and uses her thumbs to wipe away his tears. 

 “We did a good job Y/n.” 

Nate says looking deeply into his wife’s eyes. She simply smiles and nods. “We really did didn’t we. Who would’ve thought.” She says chuckling causing Nate to laugh as well. 

 “Nour needs you though. I think she wants to have a heart to heart with you as well before the make up people come.” Y/n nods and pecks his lips. 

 “Oh, and no smoking! I know you’re anxious, but I don’t want you high off your ass at you daughter’s wedding. ” 

 “What I look like mama? I wouldn’t do that.” Nate answers, feigning to be offended.

“I’m just saying. John’s already mad at me because I threw his blunt away. I’ll tell him I’m sorry later but you know I’ll do anything to make this day perfect for her.” Nate laughs. “Babe why you’d do that for.” He says still laughing. 

 “Swazz can’t stay mad at me anyways, so it’s all good.” She answers, also laughing now. 

 “Now go. Nour needs you.” Nate says while smacking y'n on her ass when she turns around causing her to giggle. “I’ll see you in a bit Ma.” He says smirking, thanking his lucky stars he’ll always have one of the Maloley women to come home too. 



An Open Letter to My Dad on My Future Wedding Day - By Kirsten Corley

 These Nate imagines seem to be really popular, thank you all for the love. Let me know what else y'all like to read!

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Preference #4 - the First Time He Sees You Physically Exposed (Naked)
A/N: SMUT WARNING. Don’t even ask, I did Sam last and I was gonna make it cute but I didn’t know how, so I did this instead. This is the first smut I’ve actually published so please feed back and tell me if it’s rubbish…


You had spent all night thinking about Dean. This wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was something specific this time, though… not the way his face lit up when he laughed or the prospect of his lips on yours or how good his hands feel when they brush over yours accidentally. Nothing of the sort. You were thinking about all the girls Dean had found attractive in the past, and come to the conclusion that you’d never match their beauty. So you sat in your bed in your bra and underwear with your head in your hands, not caring that you were shivering. Soon, your upset turned to frustration. “Why can’t I be beautiful like them? Why, why, why, why, why?!” you shouted, throwing the nearest object at the wall, forgetting the possibility of Sam or Dean hearing you. You hugged your knees and stared down at them. A few seconds later, the door of your room was creaking open. Glancing up, you found Dean standing in the doorway. “Like who?” he asked simply, his brow furrowing with concern. “What?” you responded. On a reflex, you quickly got up from the bed, not realising you were exposed in front of Dean. “Who are you saying is beautiful while you aren’t?” Dean’s tone grew softer. Before you even realised it, you were stuttering the truth out. “The girls… the girls you thought were… the girl’s you’ve…” Dean had probably got the message without you fully clarifying. “Oh, sweetheart” Dean stepped forward, his eyes glazing over slightly and full of sadness. “I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” he took a few more steps forward, so his hands could reach your waist, where he gently placed them. “Even like this?” you asked, almost completely enthralled by his touch. You gestured to your body. “Of course.” one of Dean’s hands moved up to your face and he slowly ran his thumb across your lips. “If you don’t stop crying, your lips will taste of salt” he grinned and winked, leaning his face towards yours.


Underneath the phrase “great fuck” on urban dictionary, there’s undoubtedly a picture of Sam Winchester. In consequence, you felt completely invalid lying on his bed a few weeks after he’d first asked you out. You didn’t think you’d be able to satisfy him, to put it bluntly. Not with your body, or the way you handled his. Almost immediately, though, he proved you wrong: it only took one look at your naked body to set him off. You quickly learned that Sam, when in a compromising position, certainly isn’t one to “take things slow”. Soon (but not soon enough) after you’d thrown your bra to the other side of the room, Sam’s hands were on the places his lips couldn’t encompass in their vast sweep of your body. Your lover (you felt sure you could classify him as that at this point in time) was sucking and gently biting the sensitive parts of your skin, while his hands rubbed up and down whatever body part they could reach… “Sam, fuck” you grunted as your bucked your hips, Sam’s lips now shifting between your inner thighs, while his hands were on your ass. Goddamn him if you weren’t feeling the effects of Sam’s touch right where it mattered. Sam’s hands fitted round your hips (perfectly, mind you - as if they were made to do so) and he pushed them down, hard enough for it to be with intent but not so hard that it was aggressive or violent. “You’re grunting now, but you’ll be whimpering by the time I’m done with you” he growled, his mouth finally moving up to your centre. He hovered over your core for a moment, his determined gaze boring into your own eyes, as if to put you on edge even more than you were already. Sam’s head moved down a little, causing your grip to tighten on the bedsheets you’d been clenching between your fingers and your eyes to widen. “Sam, please” you whined. Suddenly, Sam’s head whipped back up, and moved across to your stomach, where it lowered onto your skin. “Not yet” you could physically feel his smirk. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, y/n… Might as well appreciate it to the full.” He shrugged, and his lips were ravishing your skin again.


Before you and Castiel became one another’s romantic interests, you made the crucial mistake of assuming that the angel was asexual. Sure, when he was human, it was different. But now? You assumed his vessel was merely there as, quite frankly, a meatsuit - not for animalistic or human uses like eating, let alone arousal. This is why you asked Cas to “pass you your towel” when you came out of the shower one evening after a particularly bloody hunt. As he reached for the cloth, your friend asked you if you wanted him to look away, which, you had to admit, was sweet… Although, despite your doubts that it would affect him, you did have feelings for this man, so instead of agreeing, you said, “don’t bother, I mean it’s not like it’s gonna-” your speech came to an abrupt halt once Cas gazed upon you and his cheeks went red, his eyes widening. He coughed loudly and crossed his legs, as if that was going to help the situation at all. “-do anything for you.” you finished, astounded. “oh, I’m so sorry, y/n” Castiel told you with the resigned voice he often uses, as he backed out of the bathroom. “I can understand why this might make things awkward.” He stumbled over a weighing scale as he continued to walk backwards, causing you to stifle a laugh. “I hope this won’t hinder the prospect of us continuing to be close.” You followed that up with a smirk and a smug remark: “oh believe me, Cas. It won’t.” Upon hearing that, Castiel poked his head round the bathroom door. His face fell slightly as he discovered you now had your towel wrapped around your body. “Well, if it doesn’t bother you, then don’t hesitate to…” your angel friend cleared his throat. “Don’t hesitate to ask me to do that for you again. Anytime. Uh, I’m not saying you’re not capable of handling simple physical activities, but…” He trailed off. “Should we just drop it?” He asked, avoiding your gaze. “What, the towel?” you quipped with a guilty smile, revelling in your opportunity to tease him about this. “Oh, y/n, I didn’t mean that.” It was too late, though. You had already unravelled the towel so you were completely exposed in front of Cas once more. “You should’ve said that earlier, Castiel” you winked.