i had a good idea but a poor execution


Ohhhhh boyyyyy, I didn’t know an anime series could do such a big 180 on my opinion of it but Seikaisuru Kado enters the hall of fame for being the biggest mind fuck in terms of I didn’t want this nor expect it.

Let’s start off with the most significant issue. Yukika. Now I’ve heard that the author for this anime actually wrote it from the end to the start and it really shows but not in a good way. Yukika was inadequately justified, I have to admit that whole scheme at the end was perfect in shock value, i didn’t see it coming at all, but the actual scheme itself and its content? No thanks!! I really could have loved Yukika as a plot device if they made Shindo and Tsukai’s relationship flow better, to me it felt as if they weren’t interested in each other until the date happened which is a short period of time to decide that you love each other and should have a baby.

Also if they really wanted to have Yukika be the answer, we really didn’t need the whole ‘negotiation plays a major role in this anime’ expectation that the show forced onto us. Kado could have been a seinen-action anime without episode 0 which set up this idea for us, and the ending could have fit better. Yes I’m still bitter about expecting Tsukai to have an actual role outside of magical girl baby producer love interest.

And on Hanamori. Boy this anime treated him so badly that I wish I could take him away and raise him myself. Kado gave us a gay character who was the closest friend of the man he was in love with and they decide to use his love for raising the mans daughter??? The fuck? Hanamori was such a good character but in the end he was reduced to ineffective justification for Yukika. I’m livid.*

Zashunina’s development as a character was something I actually liked about this anime, it was gradual and natural, and in the end proved very effective. Although I’m kind of annoyed with making him become a villain, this show advertised a grey way of thinking but in the end set it up as Zashunina bad and Tsukai good.

Following up on this, the show totally loss me on its agenda, in the end the moral was pretty bland with good vs bad instead of actual exploration of society’s reaction to advanced growth and foreign entities.

Overall, a 6/10 for me, Kado had an extensively interesting idea and premise but it’s execution was poor (probably due to there not being enough time to explore the ideas thoroughly) and it changed genres three quarters of the way through. Watch it for the experience of feeling utterly fucked but not for the overall content of it.**

*Hanamoris situation reminds me of pearl from su but the way that su explored pearls character and her envy greatly reigns over kado’s mere utilisation of Hanamori

**Weird opinion but I ended up liking the scientist girl, initially I thought of her as being annoying and fanservice but her character and reaction to the anisotropic was pretty fucking good. I liked how in the end it was implied she travelled to their dimension.