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New One - part 2 - Enoch O'Connor imagine (request)

a/n: uuhhh the gif partly goes with this storyline i guess eheh

characters: reader, enoch and all the other peculiars, miss peregrine

warnings: none serious. the only warning is that the children are all in accurate ages (like in the books) except enoch AND the reader is emma’s age. :)

y/n felt like she belonged somewhere. she had spent about three months at the children’s home, in the loop. although she didn’t exactly know for how long she’d been here, but she always asked miss peregrine. there were very few things the lady didn’t know. but she knew that y/n missed her parents a little bit, only a little. but each of the children did.

y/n had grown to love the children, she thought they were the sweetest people she had ever met. the children, of course, loved her just as much and her peculiarity, too. she was always playing tricks on her house mates without getting into any serious trouble.

enoch always watched the bunch from afar, in his room. he was always making new things alive to entertain himself and sometimes y/n, too. he loved to see her smile and laugh and have joy on her features. enoch also denied these thoughts when he remembered about them. but he could never tear his eyes from y/n, the smiling purple-haired girl playing with the children.

to enoch, y/n looked really beautiful in her pink dress. it was simpler than simple, a static pastel pink dress that reached her mid thigh and had a white collar around her neck. her purple hair perfectly stood out on the school girl vibe the dress made and her blue eyes shone in the contrast.

enoch sighed, looking out his window at y/n and the children playing. she was laughing, her mouth wide open with her tongue and teeth showing, cheerful sounds coming out of it. enoch grinned. the girl seemed to sense that someone was looking at her and she looked around, the dress slightly whirling in the air around y/n’s legs. her eyes searched the place around her, and when she looked up, her eyes found enoch in his room window.

she reached her arm out and waved at enoch, smiling. he returned the favour with a slight grin, but then turned his back when he realised the girl had caught him watching her. his eyes widened as he cursed slapped himself mentally multiple times. bloody hell.

the thing about y/n and enoch - over the few months, they had grown closer. they were best friends, but nobody believed it wasn’t more than that. the other boys noticed how y/n looked at enoch and the other girls noticed how enoch looked at y/n. they would tease y/n about it, but daren’t do it to enoch because he would probably flip and throw human guts at anyone who teased him.

the way enoch looked at y/n and vice versa was not telling any lies. they really did feel something in them towards each other, like a feeling. it made funny things appear in their tummies and smile all the time. they wanted to be more than friends, more than best friends. but that couldn’t be possible.

i mean, y/n was so insecure about herself. she hardly made herself put on that pink dress, she wasn’t confident about herself. y/n really liked enoch, but she thought - how could he ever like a girl like herself? she was nothing, a nobody. just a girl who could float things with her mind. and enoch was… everything y/n had thought of as a perfect guy. she saw through his wall of hating everything and everyone, she saw how much of a heart he had. either a beating one or not. he was a sweet guy.

enoch, of course, thought that any guy could replace him. y/n could go back to her time, her life and family. find someone who is better than enoch, who can give her more, who can actually be there. y/n was so perfect, in every way possible, but enoch was… enoch. a faded memory from the past. an old mind and soul trapped into a body of a sixteen year old boy. he was nothing. y/n would eventually find someone better than enoch, because she could still live like a normal person, unlike enoch.

y/n turned back to horace and millard. “i’ll go upstairs.” the young boys snickered.

“to find enoch, i suppose.” horace said.

“stop teasing, wonderboy.” y/n said and brushed out horace’s perfect blonde hair.

“see you later, y/n.” millard said as horace fixed his hair and the girl walked towards the gothic house. her legs carried her like an angel up the stairs, although they were slipped into slightly dirty sneakers. a memo from her real life. previous life, as she had decided.

y/n walked down to enoch’s room and knocked on the door politely. they were best friends and y/n would bolt through the door with a dramatic entrance, but not if it was enoch. he liked patterns and order, so y/n always politely started their conversations.

“come in.” she heard from his room. y/n opened the door and of course - saw enoch leaning against his shelves of bottled organs. he wore his grey sweater and white shirt underneath, gloved hands in the pockets of his pants. 

“hey.” she said with a polite smile. enoch gave her a quick smile. “i feel like you have something new to show me.” y/n stated and the boy nodded, a curl falling on his forehead. “so do. i wanna see.” she locked her arms before her. 

enoch turned around and sat at his working desk, patting y/n’s chair for her to sit down. she was so often watching enoch work that there were two chairs to his desk in front of one. it was a simple stool, but special to y/n and enoch.

the boy opened a bottle and took out the corpse of a frog. “hold your breath, it stinks loads.” he warned. y/n pinched her nose as enoch placed the small corpse on the working table in front of them. the frog wasn’t the bright green like living ones, it had shades of blue and grey all over its body. lifeless.

enoch took a tiny beating heart between his fingers and put it inside the cut up frog. the two teens were looking at it intently, waiting for the corpse to move its chest up in breaths. for a couple of minutes, they waited but nothing happened.

enoch groaned and threw his fist at the table, making everything on it tremble and shake. it took y/n by surprise, too and she looked over at her friend. his eyebrows were furrowed together, almost in a knot and his eyes were focusing on nothing in front of him.

“enoch…” she reached out and touched his shoulder and he immediately drew away from the girl. 

“don’t pity me.” he said with his back facing y/n. “i don’t need that. i just need to do things right… make them alive again.” enoch spoke. “but i can’t. why can’t i?” he said and turned back to y/n with a pained expression on his sharp, but soft features. y/n sighed quietly and took his hand in hers. 

“did you want to show it to me? or just show someone in particular?”

“i wanted to entertain you. i like seeing you entertained.” enoch said in a sad tone that sounded a bit like disappointment. y/n smiled at him. 

“why is that so?”

“well, that…” enoch said with glassy eyes. “it makes me feel some sort of way. like it’s filling me up.”

“does it make you feel happy?”


their faces were closer to each other than ever have been. y/n’s and enoch’s breaths were quiet. they looked at each other intently and y/n thought, this seems like an opportunity. i could show him how i feel. and maybe he feels the same.

she inched closer to enoch’s lips and it seemed like he was waiting for her to do it, wanted her to. but he wasn’t moving himself. when their lips were just a millimetre apart, enoch turned away.

oh, no, y/n thought, i’ve ruined it all.

“i’m…” enoch started to say, but then he sighed. “sorry, it’s just… i didn’t want you to stop, i just don’t feel-” he doesn’t feel the same way “-like you would want us to do this, i…”

“what?” y/n asked in a whisper. 

“it’s just… oh dear bird.” enoch groaned. there was so much he wanted to say, but it would take ages. “we can’t be… that. we can’t be together. we’re totally different. and it’s not appropriate of me to think of you in another way, i’m…” he sighed again, “i’m so much older than you. i’m eight four years old, for bird’s sake. and you’re sixteen. i can’t… offer you the things people in your real time can, i-”

y/n stopped enoch’s blabbering by turning the boy’s head back in her direction and connecting their lips. they were both fulfilled. 

it felt so nice, so… completed to have her lips on enoch’s. it felt like sparks were flying around. enoch raised his eyebrows in slight shock and surprise that her lips felt ten times better than he had ever imagined.

both their lips were unexperienced, but they didn’t feel it. all they needed to feel was their lips connecting and nothing else would matter at that moment.

he pulled away after a moment, giving y/n a questioning gaze. “what did that mean?”

y/n chuckled. “that meant i don’t care. i don’t care your mind and other psychological things are five times older than i am, i don’t care if there are better guys than you in the real time. i’m here now. you’re here now. and i will be here for however long i want to, and i’m staying with you. we’re both here and if we feel the way we do about each other, then there’s nothing stopping us from being this, from being together.”

after y/n spoke, she thought she was dreaming. enoch’s face lit up in smile so wide y/n thought his skin would crack like old paper. she had never seen enoch smile that wide, or smile in general. and it looked so perfect, his eyes sparkling a lighter brown made it all even more perfect.

Imagine: Anakin and Obi Wan cheering you up

For anon… Enjoy!

“Come on Obi Wan, you’re going to fall behind!” You shouted as you jogged past the Jedi Knight, Anakin close on your tail. The padawan shot his mentor a look complete with a cheeky grin and a tiny, sarcastic prance before racing after you. 

Obi Wan huffed. 

“I’m pretty sure the water fall isn’t going anywhere. If we just walked, we would still get there without missing it.” He called after the two of you. 

You whirled around and starting jogging backwards, rolling your eyes. 

“Yes, but if we ran we would get to the waterfall sooner. Also, walking is too way too slow. I don’t have time to walk.” You remarked, spinning back around and running away, the abrupt cliff edge coming into view. From what you had heard, Naboo’s Waterfall was a sight to see and you were sure to be entranced the moment you laid your eyes upon its crystal water. 

“Yeah, come on Obi Wan!” Anakin called, motioning to his mentor before bounding away at full speed, his robes billowing out behind him. 

Obi Wan suppressed a dramatic sigh. 

“The things I do.” He grunted before charging after the two padawans.

Anakin and you had already made it to the edge of the cliff, leaning over the railing to goggle at Naboo’s waterfall. It was a bit anticlimactic. 

It was very beautiful. The sunlight shimmered off of it’s falling water, which looked as pure and clear as diamonds. Salty air wafted into your nose and stung your eyes but, that was it. The waterfall wasn’t spectacular. It didn’t have epic caves behind it or a huge sea dragon floating around in the deep pool it fell in to. After several moments, you draped yourself over the railing, clearly bored. 

Anakin and Obi Wan were still mesmerized by it, their mouths slightly parted in wonder. Anakin’s eyes even looked a bit glassy. You bit back a chuckle. 

Sneakily, you snuck closer to him and drove your fingers into his side, making him cry out in shock. The padawan stared back at you in immense surprise before laughing and punching you in the shoulder. 

“I hate when you do that.” He growled playfully. You smirked. 

“This waterfall is boring.” You remarked, glancing back at the waterfall as if it were going to argue with your claim. After a few seconds, Obi Wan nodded. 

“It really isn’t as spectacular as every one says it is, now that I’m actually looking at it. It’s just a load of water falling into a pool.” The Jedi Knight commented. 

You agreed with him silently, grabbing both of their wrists and leading them away from the famous tourist attraction. 

“Come on, I know something that’s even better than this.”

“Have you seen Y/N?” Anakin asked, leaning back and propping his feet on the table, crossing his feet over each other. Obi Wan, who was sitting on the other end of the table, shrugged. 

“No sign on them since yesterday. I hope they’re alright.” He replied, worry starting to harden his face. 

Anakin met Obi Wan’s eyes and instantly, the both of them sat up. How strange that was, meaning Obi Wan and Anakin both getting up at the same time and the fact that you were no where to be found. 

After exchanging a few quick words, the mentor and the padawan made their way down to your room.

The door was locked. Obi Wan expertly fiddled with the lock using the Force and got your door open in no time. It flew open with ease. 

And there you were, sitting on the floor with a pile of tissues at your side. Your eyes were red with dark bags hanging underneath them. Your legs were being held tightly by your arms and your nose was buried in between them. You barely batted an eye when your two friends walked in. 

“Hey, what if I was naked?” You retorted, trying not to sound as cold as you felt. 

Anakin instantly sat at your side, concern furrowing his eyebrows. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked quietly as Obi Wan sat on the other side of you. 

You laughed lightly, sniffing as you did so. 

“Everything sucks today.” 

“Do you want to tell us?” 

“Not really.”


You thought that was the end of it but you had never been more wrong in your entire existence. Well, that might be an understatement. 

Anakin got to his feet again, motioning for Obi Wan to join him. The Jedi Knight got to his feet reluctantly, eyeing his padawan quizzically. 

That’s when Anakin started to sing. 

It was an awful noise. It was a mixture of extremely off key hooting and various voice cracks. A snort escaped out of your nose. 

“Oh my god.” You muttered, burying your face in your hands. When you peeked through your fingers, Obi Wan was dancing, a wide grin on his face. He was shaking his butt and side stepping back and forth. 

You felt an extreme embarrassment for the both of them and your cheeks started to redden. Soon you were laughing, almost hysterically, into your knees.

That was when the door opened. 

Mace Windu and Master Yoda stepped into the room, their eyes widening as they saw Obi Wan and Anakin making complete fools out of themselves. At once, the terrible singing and obscene dancing stopped and the two of them stood with their arms crossed self consciously. Obi Wan was trying to hold back a laugh. 

“Well, I-um.” Windu stammered, confused by the whole ordeal. Yoda was standing silently, a half-smile on his wrinkled, green face. When you met his eyes, he gave you a wink saying “We won’t make fun of them too much.”

Let us begin this fic by wishing georghiousophia​ a very happy birthday! And also, I think I owe you an apology. This is a birthday fic - as requested - but I sort of strayed from the fluffy request and made something a little darker. I have a bad habit at the minute of trying to suit the story to the character and this is one of those times where it sort of got away from me. I hope you still enjoy it but I would totally understand you making the same request but for a more fluffy version. If you’d like I’ll do a part 2 to this one where he comes back the next year - that was he’s more actively remembering the birthday. Either way, enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ???

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 1)

Your presence within the Avengers was not one that you boasted about. As someone who had made a name for herself in crime and villainy, your companionship with Earth’s mightiest was not the best badge on your brownie sash. During the Battle of New York, however, your intentions were alike and thus your allegiance formed.

One opportunity you never thought they’d give you, despite the fact that you were working together, was to interrogate Loki, the trickster God after his capture.
“Well, well.” He cooed upon seeing you arrive next to his glass prison. “They send the beauty to tame the beast.”
“They sent someone who’d really would rather not be here – so the quicker you refuse to give me any information, the quicker I can leave.”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you anything?” A sneer spread across his lips as his eyes lowered. “A foreign flower such as yourself might be able to charm even me.” You hummed quietly, dragging a metal chair across the railings to sit by the glass between you and the Asgardian. The screech it created caused Loki’s cheek to hollow as his teeth ground together.
“I’ve heard of your silver-tongue…” You mused, lowering yourself onto the seat. “But I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.”  
“Let me a little closer and you’ll receive it in a much different way, if it pleases you.”

“The only thing I want your tongue doing is shedding secrets. If you don’t intend to spill any then I’ll be on my way.” You sighed, leaning back in the chair and propping your feet up on a nearby railing.
“Alright… I shall make you a deal.” He began but you shook your head and held up your hands.
“Nuh-uh. No. No deals, not with you.”
“I see that you’re a little more intelligent than your teammates.” Your mind whisked back to Tony in front of his computer.

“Intelligent? No. Stubborn, absolutely.” You grinned. The God returned your smile, though with a little more malice than you might have liked. His eyes wandered about your figure, not perversely, but more analytically – he was assessing you, sizing you up as an opponent. With a deep breath, you began interrogation.

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Tom Hiddleston: The Interview

Note: This is the second fic thats meant to be posted today. Sorry its in this format I couldn’t find the gif to put it in normally.

You were extremely excited. You managed to get an interview with Tom Hiddleston, you wrote for a film magazine and you also had your own blog. You’d never done an interview with a major celebrity and it really didn’t help your first one to be with your celebrity crush - Tom fucking Hiddleston. There were lots of people writing for top end newspaper and magazines which didn’t help calm your nerves. You were waiting for what seemed like forever when a woman finally let you come in and interview him.

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Jimin- Shower Scenario (Warning Smut)

           It has been about 6 months since you and your boyfriend decided to move in together. Despite not being able to go out on dates like a normal couple, you valued any time you had with him. However, within the last two months, you rarely saw him. Due to his comeback dated to be in three weeks, he frequently stayed at the company practice room, perfecting their comeback stage. You texted each other often but it just wasn’t the same as being physically together. Being able to run your fingers through his orange silky hair when he lay down on your lap, the obnoxious laugh he let out after teasing you, and that killer smile he’d give after kissing you when you least expected it. All you could do was be patient, wait and support him anyway you can, even if it meant you both had to be apart for a while.

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                                                      The Mark

Request: “Please do one with kylo x reader where whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too!”

A/N: So this is quite similar to my multi-part fic Soul Mate, but less dramatic and…well, you’d know if you read it. Thanks for the request, anon, here’s some bitch ass Kylo Ren for you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None.

Word Count: 2.7K+


Yet another long day had passed in Star Killer base, which also meant another restless night. If it wasn’t for the fact that your position under the First Order was ‘important’, you were sure you would have a much easier life. But this was the life you chose ever since you could remember–it wasn’t like you had a choice, actually, you were young and vulnerable and had no one. Anyone was better than no one. Thus, the First Order became your family. Of course, no one in said organization saw each other as family, maybe the troops that went into battle, but other than that…everyone else was just a mere pawn in a game of war. So there you sat alone on your couch, with nothing better to do thanks to your insomnia, knees pulled to your chest as your left index finger traced the mark in your palm.

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 9 (woohoo wow)

a/n: hey there this is another part and it’s NOT the last one. the last one will be part 10, because i got an incredible idea for the ending and i really want to realize it!! and i uh thought it would be better if the last part was an even number not 9 :) this is continued right after the 8th part and this is shorter than usual

characters: JOKER ; READER

warnings: guns; gun use; swimming if that’s a warning; not really a joker-like behavior; smut; oral on a female ; )))

Once we were finished with the pancakes - which I ate most of - J took me to the basement of the house. It was cold, huge and filled with weapons all over the walls. Any kind of gun you could think of, it was here. 

My lips parted in amazement at the sight as I stood there. I bet J had a satisfied smirk set on his features, standing next to me. 

“Wow.” I said. “There are so many.” I walked over to the big ones, hesitantly touching one. It was cold, it felt… heavy without even holding it. J took my wrist and moved it away from the weapon.

“Now, now…” he spoke with a chuckle, “let’s start with the small ones, princess.” I looked down in embarrassment with a shy smile. His hand raised my chin up, making me look at him. “Don’t be ashamed, everyone’s a little curious.” He said. “Now, let’s start with your lessons.” J walked to the other end of the room and picked something from the wall. As he turned around, his hands held a white hand gun. My lips parted, it was really pretty. He walked closer and I saw golden details on it here and there. 

“Can I take it?” I asked.

“Carefully.” He replied, handing it over to me. Without hesitation, my hands wrapped around the small, heavy weapon, my fingers touching the golden parts. “Do you like it, baby girl?”

“Yes, it’s really pretty!” I exclaimed with a smile and my head nodding.

“Good, good. Let’s start the shooting, yes?” J asked with a smile, lowly laughing after. I nodded. He took my hand and dragged me out into a hallway that led into another room. It was with good acoustic. I turned my head right and saw 4 carton dummies in the shape of half a human body (a/n: if you dont know what dummies are - they are the cut outs people shoot at training, like deadshot did when they gave him a gun at belle reve ok yeah just for ya knowledge babes) at the end of the room. There was a mattress-like-thing behind them, probably so the bullets don’t come back to the shooter.

J walked over to a shelf and returned with ear mufflers in a form of headphones and gave them to me. 

“Won’t you need them, too?” I asked, hesitantly taking them from his hands. 

“I can take it, doll. I’ve shot so many people the bullets flying is like a song to me.” He said, I let out a giggle. 


“Now, take the gun correctly in your hand.” He commanded and I raised the gun up, holding it with both of my hands. “Good, very good.” J said, his tone stating that he was impressed. I smirked. “Here,” he spoke, handing me 5 bullets, “do you know how to load your gun?”

“No.” I said. 

“Alright, I will teach you that later.” J said, taking the gun from me and quickly putting the bullets in. His hands worked like a professional’s, he was one. He gave it back to me and I raised it up again. “So first, we charge the gun. We do it like this. Place your left hand on the slide.” I did. 

He placed his hand on top of mine, the other resting on my waist. Controlling my hand, he slid it towards myself, the upper slide moving along. It made a few clicking sounds and our hands slid it back in place. J removed his hand from mine and placed it on the other side of my waist.

“Now, stretch out your arms and aim. Do you know what is your target?” He asked. I looked at the dummy, there was a red spot in the middle, the middle of a person’s lungs. 

“The red spot.”

“That’s right. Now, close one of your eyes - it will help you concentrate on the target - aim and shoot.” J instructed. I put the ear mufflers on my head. I closed my left eye, pointed my gun at the red spot and guided my pointer finger to the trigger. Oh God. Was I ready for this? I’ve never fired a gun in my life. I was quite scared, to be honest. My breath was quite, ragged. I hope J didn’t notice that, he would cancel all this if he did. 

Get yourself together, I told myself. I let out a sigh and tightened my grip on the weapon. Counting to three, I was breathing faster. At three, I pulled the trigger. My eyes closed at the impact and I felt my body move back a few inches. The shooting sound was quiet thanks to the mufflers. I looked at the dummy I shot - the bullet had made a hole in it, ruining half of the red spot. I let out a breath with a smile, taking off my mufflers.

“Good job, baby girl.” J said in my ear. “That’s really good.” 

“I didn’t know I would do so well.” I said. 

“Do you want to try it again? So you would shoot the target?” 

“Yes, yes..” I put the mufflers on again, repeating my actions, only concentrating more on the red spot. I pulled the trigger, closing my eyes and letting the bullet fly. I opened my eyes and looked at the dummy, there was no red spot. I had shot it. I turned around to J, my gun still in hand and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

“Yay! I did it!” I cheered. J pulled back, pleased growling coming from him.

“You’re such a good shooter, princess.” He said with a smile, both of us chuckling. “Do you want to continue or do something else?” J asked, taking my mufflers off, letting them fall to the ground. 

“What would be something else?” I questioned. He took my arms from around his neck and took one of them in his hand. We made our way back to the gun room, where he placed my gun back in its place.

“Maybe swimming?” J suggested.

“Yes! Right now?”


“Okay. Let’s go change, then.” 

We got upstairs to our bedroom to change into swimming clothes. I took my swimsuit and went into the bathroom, telling J to not bother waiting for me. I wanted to make this a surprise, because the swimsuit I was putting on was one he hadn’t yet seen. 

Once I had changed, I looked into the mirror - it fit me perfectly. It was a black one piece - that barely was a one piece - it covered only my breasts, my butt and a little bit of my stomach and back. To join the upper and down part, it had two crosses - one over my back and the other over my stomach. A zipper was on the cross on my back. I really liked it and hoped J would like it, too.

I put my hair up in a messy bun and exited the bathroom. I walked down the stairs, through the house to reach the beach. I saw J’s green hair and white back in the water and made my way over to the water. I was just a few steps away from the dark water when J turned around. He practically melted once seeing me. Did I look that good?

“Baby girl…” He trailed off and walked through the water, black swimming trunks hanging on his hips. “You look…” he made a dramatic pose, flinging his arms around, “…wonderful!” I bit my lip before laughing.

“Oh, thank you!” I replied. He was standing right in front of me, his hands on my waist and eyes holding a lustful stare. 

“I see you got a swimsuit I’m seeing for the first time.”

“I did.” I smiled. 

“I like it on you,” J whispered in my ear. “But I bet it would look even better not on you.” I giggled and blushed at his compliment. “That’s some plans for later.” He spoke and his grip on my hips tightened before throwing me up in the air. I felt cold water hit the skin all over my body, taking my breath away. He threw me into the water. 

Once I had kind of situated myself in the water, I couldn’t find ground beneath my feet. I was really deep. I opened my eyes under the water - it wasn’t that dark. I couldn’t see anything else for my body was pulled out of the water. I inhaled deeply and loudly, opening my eyes to see Joker above me. I laughed and cleared the water off of my face with my hand. He was smirking.

“Why did you do that? It was scary.” I said to him, laughing.

“Thought it’d be fun.” He replied before leaning down to place his lips on mine. I chuckled into the kiss and straightened myself up, I wasn’t too comfortable. 

“Can we like, actually, go swimming?” I asked, pulling back. J growled, pulling my legs around his waist and I put my arms around his neck, so I wouldn’t fall into the water.

“Of course, doll.” He said. My lips grew into a smile and he, once again, threw me into the water.

After some time of fooling around and actually swimming, we decided to go back inside. The sun was starting to set, so I  we spent a long, long time in the water. 

His hands were on my waist, tickling me softly with little giggles erupting from my mouth as we slowly walked out of the water. J suddenly turned me around and flopped me down in the sand on my back, hovering over me. A small smile played on my lips as he stared down at me. His lips attacked my neck with kisses, making small moans and giggles fly out of my lips. 

His hands found the zipper of my swimsuit and started zipping it down, while his lips trailed down my stomach. My hand went into his hair, softly caressing the roots. The swimsuit was off me in seconds, J’s lips and hands were all over my body.

“We’ve reached ‘later’, haven’t we?” I asked in a moan.

“Yes, we have..” he growled as his lips trailed down my stomach, stopping right where I ached for him the most. He kissed all around but there, teasing me into hell. 

“Please, please, please, Daddy…” I whimpered. J hissed at the nickname, but kissed up the inside of my thighs.

“What, princess?” he asked.

“Please, don’t tease me, please, please….” I begged, hoping he would listen. He growled, kissing my thigh one last time. 

His lips moved down to my centre, placing a kiss there. I couldn’t help but let out a low moan, my head rolling to the side at the sensation. If only there were sheets I could take in my hands… 

He ghostly kissed up and down while his hands slid around my thighs to hold my shifting body in place. I felt his tongue come out and lick up a stripe, a whimper coming past my lips.

“Y-yes, yes, yes, like that…” I moaned out and put my hands in his hair. He licked up again, only with his tongue flat out against my core. I knew I wasn’t far from reaching my peak. 

I whimpered and moaned as his tongue continued to work wonders on me. Just when I felt like I needed something to get me off faster, his tongue entered me. I released the most high moan I'd ever heard in my life as my back arched up from the sand. 

“Do th-” I didn’t even get to say what I wanted, J’s tongue went in again, moving in and out at a fast pace. My body was quivering and shaking while I was whimpering, my fingers holding his hair tightly. 

If it wasn’t already enough to drive me insane, his two fingers also entered me. I lost my breath for a moment, but then regained it, releasing another moan. How was he such a professional at this? I was shaking in pleasure.

“Come on, princess, cum for Daddy..” J growled. That was all it took for me to reach my high and come undone. I breathed heavily as I felt my juices pour out of me. “Mmmm, baby girl, you taste so sweet.” He said, cleaning me up with his tongue. My breathing was slowing down as I saw him come back up above me. To say I was tired was an understatement.  

He placed his hand on my cheek and turned my head to face him. 

“Are you tired now, baby girl?” J spoke. I nodded in response, not being able to speak. He stood up and I felt my body being lifted from the sand. “Alright, let’s rest now.”

a/n: wELL THIS ESCALATED QUICKLY. :D anyway, i hope you like this part but i’m not 100% percent happy with it but meh. the last part will be better, if this one was shit :) i promise. btw, does anybody watch stranger things? cUZ FRICK I LOVE THAT SHOW SJHGUDV 

Imagine: Saving Indiana Jones

For anon… Enjoy!

Indiana Jones rounded the corner faster than cat, fumbling for the gun in his holster. Behind him, a group of bounty hunters stayed right on his heels. They were in the center of Egypt’s capitol, Cairo, weaving through the countless, snaking streets. 

Indiana barely dodged a mule-drawn carriage loaded with chickens. He slid beneath wagon filled with vegetables and pushed people out of his way mercilessly. He finally freed his gun from his belt and started to clumsily reload it. 

He dropped the pistol. It fell to the ground with a thud and was instantly kicked away by a grinning bounty hunter. Indiana sighed dramatically and put up his hands whilst being surrounded by confident and triumphant bounty hunters. They all had either a knife or a gun. 

“Hey fellas.” The adventurer said smugly, a smirk pulling at one corner of his mouth. The largest hunter stepped forward, his black mustache almost burying his nose. 

“Jones.” He grunted in a heavy Egyptian accent, fiddling with the handle of his cutlass. 

Indiana laughed slightly, his nerves starting to make his heart race. 

“Hey, can’t we all resolve this without shiny swords?” He asked politely. They all laughed heartily, slowly closing in on Indiana as they did so. 

“C’mon, guys, lighten u-” 

There was a deafening gun shot. 

The largest bounty hunter sank to his knees, utter shock contorting his face before he slumped to the ground, a bleeding hole in his chest. His followers barely had time to react before they were shot to the ground, falling in lifeless heaps. 

Indiana watched as each of his attackers fell at his feet. His gawked at them all as the last one perished, revealing you with the pistol in your hand, smoke streaming from its barrel. The adventurer snapped his mouth shut. 

“I had that under control.” He retorted jokingly, stuffing his hands in his pockets. You smirked, raising your eyebrows. 

“Really? If I hadn’t saved your butt, you would be sliced up like a piece of cake right now.” You replied, handing the gun to Indiana. 

He rolled his eyes and took it from you, stuffing it in his holster. 

“Well, thanks.” He muttered. Your eyes widened.

“Wow, I never thought I’d be thanked by Indiana Jones. This truly is a miracle.”

Indiana rolled his eyes and ruffled your hair before setting off towards Sallah’s house, fixing his hat as he did so.


Summary: You and Daryl like each other but you’re too shy and end up avoiding him. He gets the wrong idea and confronts you.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff.

Being shy was a pain in the ass. All you wanted to do was talk to Daryl Dixon like a normal person, but no, every time you tried you’d make a fool out of yourself. And that was on the rare occasion you actually spoke instead of just nodding and smiling like a fucking idiot. He must think you’re stupid and annoying by now. He actually thought the opposite, Daryl really liked you. He thought you were sweet and very pretty. He liked how quiet you were, you didn’t force small talk on him like everyone else. He thought it was incredibly cute when you’d trip over your words and get embarrassed and he actually liked your company. Which is why he was a little sad when you started to avoid him. At first he thought it may have been unintentional, but then he found out from people that you were swapping watch when you were paired with him and refused runs if he was going. He thought he had upset you or offended you but couldn’t think of what it could be. After a week he started to get angry, that typical Dixon temper coming out with his insecurities. He figured you were avoiding him because you knew you were better than him, that he wasn’t worth your time. The more he thought about it the more pissed off he got, and it didn’t help that he had Merles and his dads voice floating around his head telling him that no one would ever care about him, what would a pretty girl like her want something to do with a worthless piece of shit like you?

He made his mind up. He found out you were going on a run that day with Tara, it was a simple run, just in and out, so it was just the two of you. He managed to convince Tara to stay home with Denise and let him take her place. You’d just got ready to go when you saw Daryl loading up the car. You stopped in your tracks and started internally panicking. You’d successfully avoided Daryl which meant avoiding making a fool of yourself. Now there was no escaping it, this wasn’t good. You couldn’t deny that you’d missed him though, just seeing him there was giving you butterflies. You carefully approached the car and couldn’t seem to form words when he turned around and saw you.
“Just us today princess.” He sneered as he walked passed you to put the bag in the back seat. You were taken back by his attitude, he had never spoken to you like that before.

“Um…ok.” You squeaked out as you got in the passenger side. The first half hour was unbearable, he kept giving you dirty looks and the air was thick with tension. You were tempted to just open the door and roll out of the car at this point, it would probably be better than this right now. You searched your pack for your water and after having some you held it out for Daryl.
“Surprised ya think I’m good ‘nough to drink yer water.” He scoffed as he looked back to the road. You furrowed your eyebrows not understanding.
“W-what?” You asked confused. The look on your face was pissing him off, you must be a hell of an actress, you were almost convincing with your stupid pretty eyes.
“Like ya don’t fuckin’ know.” He spat as he glared at you.
“I don’t…I don’t know what you mean.” You stumbled over your words getting anxious with his temper. He suddenly slammed on the breaks and your head hit the dash, cutting it slightly. Daryl didn’t seem to notice as he was too absorbed in his own rage.
“Ya don’t fuckin’ know? Ya think yer too good to speak to me! Lil miss fuckin’ princess is too special to associate with Daryl fuckin’ Dixon.” He sneered. Your eyes went as wide as saucers, you were horrified, he had got it so wrong.
“No, no Daryl its not like that!” You frowned. He just scoffed again and wouldn’t look at you.
“What’s it like then?” He asked dryly.
“I-I fucking like you… Alot. But I’m shy and stupid and I kept making a fool of myself.” You admitted. He looked at you shocked but then looked absolutely guilty, and not just from your confession but the fact he had cut your head.

“I’m fuckin’ sorry y/n.” He sighed as he put his head in his hands.
“It’s fine.” You smiled.
“Nah it ain’t fine. I treated ya like shit cos I got in my own damn head. Then I go and fuckin’ injure ya. I’m such a fuckin’ dick.” He scolded himself. He couldn’t believe how wrong he had been. He grabbed the first aid kit and got out the alcohol and gauze to clean your wound, it wasn’t deep so it didn’t need dressing. He just stuck a band aid on it when it was done.
“So ya like me huh?” He smirked trying to lighten the situation a bit. You blushed furiously and lost your voice again so you just nodded.
“Gone all shy ‘gain?” He chuckled, he loved how cute you looked when you were embarrassed.
“Shut up!” You laughed as you playfully smacked him.
“S’alright, I like ya too.” He smiled making you smile back at him. Now the air was clear he started the car back up and continued on the journey.

It didn’t take long to get there but before you got out of the car Daryl grabbed your wrist to stop you.
“C’mere.” He smiled as he pulled you towards him. He gripped the back of your neck and kissed you, leaving you breathless. The kiss was intense yet somehow gentle at the same time. He must have ate some peaches before leaving because he tasted like peaches and smoke, a weirdly good combination. He broke away and gave you cheeky grin, making you laugh at him. You had no idea what was in store for you both now but you were happy as long as Daryl was by your side.

The Deal

Features: Draco Malfoy, reader
Pairing: Draco x reader

{In which the Draco and the reader make a deal that ends well for both parties involved}


It was the only thing that Draco had been talking about for the last two weeks. Ravenclaw vs Slytherin. Both teams were highly skilled in their own right and were duking it out to earn a spot in the final game of the season. The rivalry was tense. Members of the opposing teams had been seen shouldering each other in the corridors and members of Hufflepuff often found themselves mediating many an argument. Poor Mallory Chambers, one of the Ravenclaw Chasers, had ended up with a bloodied nose and sprained wrist after she had taken a “mysterious” tumble down the stairs. 

You had tried to politely refrain from choosing a side in the conflict. All of your housemates expected you to root with Ravenclaw. After all, house loyalty was taken very seriously, especially when it came to quidditch. However, your Slytherin boyfriend was pushing you to root for him and his team - and normally you would - but this time, though, was different.

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