i had a freaking great childhood then

David headcanon

What if when not working at Camp Campbell during the summers, David works as a pre-k/kindergarten teacher? 

It would explain his constant upbeat attitude and the ungodly amount of patience he has. He’d already be used to being unable to cuss around other kids. He’s able to keep a grin on his face. The way he instinctively crouches to the campers’ level to address them. David definitely feels like he’s had prior experience with children whether it’s through multiple years at camp or having early childhood education experience. 

David has a passion for making his campers happy like he does his students. He wants to see them thrive and grow. He believes they will go on to do great things. David plays songs on his guitar to make the kids in his class laugh or incorporates music into his lessons.

I’d like to imagine Max going back to school after camp and seeing David step out of his car. Max would freak out and be like “what the fuck are you doing here, camp man?!” and David would just nervously smile and say “Hey. Language. Well…um, Max. I’ve been transferred to your school to teach a kindergarten class.” Max internally screams because now the overly happy camp counselor is at his school.

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Part 1: Can someone pls explain me, why is self-diagnosis a thing? Why so many blogs on tumblr claim that they are "self-diagnosis friendly"? From my point of view, as a professionally diagnosed autistic person, this is ridiculous. Self-diagnosis invalidates people that are actually ill or have disorders, and so on. Yes, I do realise that getting a professional help might be difficult or expensive for many people. But even doctors don't diagnose themselves. We are always biased about ourselves.

Part 2: That’s just how people are. Yes, some people might reach a correct diagnosis while attempting self-diagnosis. But some will not. And these people claim that they have e.g. autism, when they really don’t. They don’t even know what that means. And then they attempt to speak for autistic people and destroy the public image of what autistic person is actually like. I’m not saying that people self-diagnose wrongly on purpose or for benefits. But this is still wrong. Get professional help.

Getting a professional diagnosis is literally impossible for many people, not just difficult or expensive. Certain groups like POC, girls, lgbta+ people are much less likely to be diagnosed, and much more likely to be discriminated against if they do try to talk to a ‘professional’ about it. Getting a professional diagnosis can be a traumatic and terrible experience, and you can’t ask people to go through that if they don’t want to. You can’t blame disabled people if they want to stay away from an ableist system that routinely abuses people like them and promotes ‘therapies’ that make their lives hell.

A professional diagnosis can help you access certain resources and get accommodations but sadly, in this ableist society, it can also be used against you. Which is why a lot of people chose not to get one, even if they might be able to, and it is a perfectly valid choice. A diagnosis does not create your disability or illness – It was there all along, getting or not getting a professional diagnosis does not change that.

You seem to have a very misguided or misinformed view of what self-diagnosis is actually like. I’m self-diagnosed, I’ve got no problem saying that, and I’m Autistic. I’m sure of that and I don’t need the approval of an allistic ‘professional’ to understand myself and how my brain works.  And I can’t get a diagnosis anyway because there’s a big chance it’d made me lose my job, therefore forcing me to leave the country I’m currently living in and love and sending me back with my abusive family, and I don’t even want to think what that’d be like if they found out why. I tried to talk to my parents about this subject once, as a young girl, asked to be taken to a doctor because I had been reading some books on the library about Aspergers and I identified so much with it. I’ll spare you the awful details, but their reaction was very, very bad. So much so that it sent me into deep denial for more than five years, terrified to even look too closely at anything remotely related to autism. I had so much internalised ableism and self hate. Because of what my parents said, I knew I Couldn’t Be Like That, and yet why was I different from everyone around me? I felt broken and like I was fundamentally just an awful person because I didn’t feel things the way I was supposed to or experienced the world as everyone else seemed to do.

You know what saved me from that? Finding the beautiful, wonderful Autistic community. Learning about it, researching for months, reading all I could find (this is in fact a very common story from self-diagnosed people, who often research and learn so much for so long before feeling confident enough to speak about it. I haven’t personally seen a single self-diagnosed person who didn’t have a great understanding of autism because of this). It was a long process, and it was hard. I had to get over so much of the bullshit I had internalised during my childhood, the misinformation, the fear that I was just a ‘freak’ or ‘pretending’ or just plain wrong. And it was the fact that so many awesome blogs on tumblr are self-diagnosis friendly and will defend people like me that helped me get there.

So why be ‘self-diagnosis friendly’? Simply put, because it helps autistic people. It helps self-diagnosed people come to terms with their identity, find a community, and make sense of the things they thought were ‘wrong’ with them. It helps the entire autistic community by removing stigma, and moving away from being defined by the allistic establishment, giving the power back to actual autistic people to define their experiences without its approval. In a society that promotes allistic points of view of autism over what autistic people say, this is a radical and necessary act. Allistic professionals do not know more about autism than autistic people.

The ‘public image of what an autistic person is like’ is already awful because it’s controlled by allistic ableist people, from their privileged place in society. Autistic people are individuals and just as diverse as allistic people, there’s not a ‘wrong way of being autistic’, and it’s not the responsibility of autistic people to be respectable enough for allistic society, because that’s never going to happen, no matter what. Maybe you don’t realise it, but you’re blaming autistic people for ableism by saying that. Autistic people, no matter what they do, are not to blame for ableism. Ableist allistic people are.

Also, you don’t have a right to tell other people they’re not autistic. You don’t know their brains better than they do. They know. They’re just trying to live their lives and make sense of everything as best as they can. Please respect that.

- Mod Arsit

The spouse and I are binging Dragon Ball, because it’s been a couple of years, and I just… really missed Tiffany Vollmer.

She was Bulma. I had known her as Bulma through childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. The sudden switch to Monica Rial was an incredible shock to me, and I was pretty upset when they announced the recast. No offense to Monica, she’s a great actress!!!, but she just wasn’t my Bulma, you know?

Now, Monica’s Bulma has really grown on me, and I freaking love her. But now and then, there are moments when I watch the Super dub, that I just wistfully wonder how it would have sounded if it were Tiffany.

The First Prom Is One To Remember

Fic Request: Lydia helping her and Stiles’ daughter getting ready for prom and she recalls her and Stiles’ prom and Stiles is being sentimental because his daughter is dating Scott’s son

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Established Relationship

Author: phangarbageprincess

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you I really love your art, especially your comics which are among the cutest reads I've had in this fandom! Also, I remember you and some anon having some kind of lovely headcanon about Shion and Nezumi who stopped being shy about...wind blowing (^^') and enjoying teasing each other with it, and I wondered if you had planned to draw something like that one day (this is NOT a request obviously, it's just me being curious :))

Hi :) Thank you so much. 

Most of my comics are pretty silly, but I really enjoy drawing them. No. 6 is dark enough, so I guess we can all use a little fun. :) 

Ah, I’ve made this gif back then: 

Yeah, I think I had some headcanons as well, but at the moment, I don’t plan on doing another “wind blowing” doujin/gif/picture, because I started a little reunion series (their horrible reunion). And then there’s my Childhood Friends series, too. >,< 

And I’m currently very much into “Carry on” by Rainbow Rowell, and I’d like to draw 1-2 SnowBaz fanart…maybe… They are so great. So cute.  *freaks out*  ;_; I love them…They have the relationship I’d love to see for Nezumi and Shion. *cries forever*

Buuut never say never, it could still happen that I suddenly feel like drawing more “wind blowing” stories. :)

Have a great week!

Women's Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite WOC

I wanted to wait until this day to talk about Skye because I have seen way too many posts saying that Skye is not a woman of color because Chloe Bennet looks white, and it’s awful. Chloe has talked about being Chinese many times, and for god’s sakes, the show has said multiple times now that she’s Chinese. Biracial representation is important. 

So on to Skye herself. First of all, it’s pretty freaking awesome that AOS introduced the first woman of color superhero to the MCU. She’s also the first character in Marvel (along with Raina) to be revealed as Inhuman, which is awesome. The first Inhuman in Marvel is a woman of color, that is great. I’m really excited that she has super awesome earthquake powers now, that is so cool. She’s going to get a super suit at some point and be an actual superhero, I can’t wait for that.

I love Skye’s relationships with other people. It’s sad because we know Skye had a really sad childhood. She was moved around a lot and never had a real family. So seeing her come to find a home within SHIELD was great. Her relationships with Coulson, May, Simmons, and the rest of them are all sweet and important for different reasons. She found a home with them, and finally felt like she belonged. 

It’s been really fun to see Skye go from just this rogue, but still awesome, computer hacker, to a badass SHIELD agent, to an actual superhero. The journey has been cool to watch and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

Birth Mom, 

Today I discovered your Instagram. It’s public; my window into your world. Seeing pictures of your happy family confuses my emotions. Part of me is envious of your kids, for having you, and for having such an awesome childhood full of opportunity and happiness. You look like a pretty freaking cool mom. I mean, you have an Instagram; I don’t think my mom knows what that is. I’m happy and envious of you kids’ opportunity to have a childhood. I have some happy memories, and I had a great childhood, but most of my memories are tainted with yelling and tension. 

I saw a picture you posted of an American Girl doll, presumably belonging to your daughter. I was momentarily emotional because I remembered being her age and longing so desperately for one, but we didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a toy. I got the knock off and was just as happy, but it’s stuff like that that leaves me conflicted. I have to remind myself that 20 year old you could not see the future, and that your view of my family only had such a broad scope. 

I love my mom, and I love my brother, I just have to work for everything I have in life. I suppose my family has made me a stronger person, given me a work ethic, and humility. I know when to ask for help and I have a very unique view of this world, one that I wouldn’t have if I had the opportunities others have. 

I don’t know what all this means, I’m just rambling at this point. I feel like while your Instagram connects me to you, it very much disconnects me as well. Without the technology I have, I guarantee I would have attempted to make contact with you, but because I can see your life from a tiny perspective, I feel like I’m allowed to make snap judgements of your family, life, and beliefs, even though those may be very wrong. 

I frequently wonder if you’ve Facebook, Google, or Instagram stalked me. If you do, what do you think? Do you find yourself making judgements based on the tiny details of my life I choose to make public? I wonder how accurate they are. Perhaps someday I’ll grow balls and actually reach out to you. 

-The Daughter You Don’t Know


first was photo ops which was so great and she had gary and like she was just so amazing. she complimented my outfit and my hair and like i was shaking an d freaking But life was great


like if i was worried for a second that my day couldnt have gotten better boy was I wrong because autographs was the best. 

so ofc when i get up there i am like shaking and a bit of a mess because thiS is CARRIE FISHER and i’m like trying to tell her she was my childhood hero without starting to cry and carrie like notices that i am shaking !!! and her response is to grab  my hand and tell me that everything will be okay and not to be so nervous

thats right guys carrie fisher gRABBED MY HAND

and i like a goof blurt out an apology and like i have anxiety sorry and she’s just so sweet !! how does she exists ?? SHE DREW HEARTS ON MY HAND FOR GOOD LUCK AND THEN SQUEEZES MY HAND AGAIN AND LIKE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF