i had a drawing epiphany with this one!


So I just finished all of the Blackwell games and oh the last game Blackwell Epiphany was so very good that I had to draw some fanart I put both versions because I like them both but understand that the first one is most likely too busy.  

Anyways these are Spirit guide Joey Mallone and Medium Rosa Blackwell who help lost souls come to terms with their death and move on with some sleuthing. If you like to point click games and noir style themes with supernatural elements  maybe check it out? and there no better time it’s has a 80% off steam sale today! So you can all of the games for like 5-7 bucks :) 

the brainwashing thing (I love pain!!!)

some of y’all have written great meta about Bucky’s trigger words, I saw a few posts critiquing it as a shortcut device for “switching” Bucky into Winter Soldier mode; which, I too prefer a more complex treatment in fic, but it didn’t feel like a cop-out while I was watching because Buck still has to deal with the weight his actions even if he couldn’t control them at the time. you’ve got to go for clarity in a film plot and as I’ve mentioned before, what this did beautifully was show Bucky’s lack of consent as WS when that could’ve been an issue they glossed over…

but basically, I had an epiphany a minute ago because it got me thinking about how the writers came up with these trigger words. why ten words? when the comic basis for the idea is just one (“Sputnik”)

the answer, of course, comes during the Zemo scene:

it gives Bucky time to struggle

drawing the process out = not only angsty as fuck, but narratively smart (wow, I love when those two things align…), because here’s more evidence that Bucky does not consent to being made into a murder weapon. he knows what’s going to happen and he doesn’t want it and stretching out the time allows suspense – will he stop Zemo?? – and allows us to watch that internal conflict play out for as long! as! possible! [/screams 1000 yeaRS]