i had a double ended trident

Also, From Under Bridges dance magic sketches, for the mental images I get every time I listen to “Kingdom Dance” from Tangled.

Brief version of the text: every year the Empress and the Highblood do an extremely impressive and powerful bit of dance/war-magic, in the space between spring and winter.  Watching two people do a complex dance in the space of a small circle, where each of them has to hit certain points at certain moments, their weapons’ movements are very, very important to the magic, one of them is spinning two clubs and occasionally juggling a third, and the other has a very sharp double-ended trident she’s spinning within inches of both of their faces…

…it’s very impressive, basically. XD  It’s extremely impressive and lots of people come out to see it.  One of the first signs of Feferi beginning to rebel against the empress was when she and the current Highblood’s heir had their own ceremony, breaking hundreds of years of tradition.