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Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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Who’s your favorite? ;) 

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, Tom Riddle. 

(( OOC: Since I’m trying to base this blog off of my version of Harry, (the version I had created in my mind before the movies came out.) I figured it might be fun to recreate a few other characters. ;) The movies were so brilliantly cast that there weren’t a lot of differences between the versions of the characters I had created in my head and the live-action cast, but this was definitely fun. )) 


Phantom of the Opera

||  Why Have You Brought Me Here/Raoul I’ve Been There

Adrien and Chat Blanc are different people here.
Because having Hawkmoth as Phantom seems… kinda weird and I somehow pictured Chat Blanc having the same intensity of feelings, admiration, love and/or possessiveness over Marinette. In short he fits the picture for me.

Though, I also don’t know how to explain that Adrein and Chat Blanc are different. 

I also wanted to draw him and try some brushes/techniques. 
This was so beautiful in my mind but I don’t know what happened. ;n;

I don’t know if this crossover had been done already also…


Thranduil concepts art by Daniel Falconer as Weta Workshop Designer.

He said that “ It was great fun playing with a concepts to inspire Thranduil’s costume. He’s character with all of Elrond’s prestige and power, but a lot less amiable and altruistic, so i tried to reference that in my concepts. There’s majesty, but there’s a thorniness as well, especially in his crown. Writer Philippa Boyens suggested opening his neckline and giving him a wide collar, which i thought worked really well as it confers a certain self-assured arrogance, a bit of the rock star.

Yes, i felt the same Like Daniel F  when i did editing Thranduil concepts wardrobe "great fun playing”, and so far i found there are 14 concepts wardrobe of Thranduil, and i'v finished 6 pictures since i had kept in my mind to editing about this concepts for 4 moths ago
The source of pictures took from different pictures of behind the scene of The Hobbit 2 Movie

I ever posted this picture, and at this time i put picture edited by me and  Daniel Falconer’s concept art not to compare it, but my imagination came from that concepts

Thranduil concept art by Daniel Falconer as Weta Workshop Designer.

It was so hard to me to editing this picture because  this wardobe never made for movie only for concept, so i just took part by part from different wardrobes of Thranduil.

Edit by Quelle Elenath DO NOT CHANGE/EDIT/USE ANY PART of them without permission


In case you missed the original post, here’s what’s going on.  

And here are all the other stories so far!

ARRRGGHHH!!!! It’s finished, I did it woohoo!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed it :) Sorry the last few stories were a little later than expected.  I’ve had a wonderful vacation writing for so many different ships, most of which I’ve never done before, but honestly?  It was so lovely to come home to my darling Harry and Draco <3

I changed my mind about this fic a few times, and in the end, I went from the heart.  When it doubt, get out the feels :D

1.8K words, no smut.  Picture set by me, though I don’t own the images.  Featuring Sean O’Pry and Harry, and Boyd Holbrook as Draco.  

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And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

  Harry wasn’t sure why he still did this to himself.  

  Year after year he came back.  It wasn’t that he did or didn’t want to, it was that he couldn’t not.  Not since that first time with Hermione in the snow, realising it was Christmas Eve as they stood in the square in Godric’s Hollow, staring at the monument built to Harry and his parents.

  Every year he came.  And every year it seemed a little colder.

  He knew come morning he would find himself at the Burrow, almost suffocating with happy cries of love and family as the extended Weasleys made him even more welcome than they did the rest of the year.  He knew he would be hugged and fed and teased, and he would be surrounded by nothing but life.

  He wasn’t sure if that was part of the bribe.  Of why allowed himself to come and stand alone on the night of the 24th, and lose himself for a while in his grief.

  He liked to think his parents were watching him all the time (well…maybe not all the time, he’d rather his mother not see him in the shower).  But in moments like this, where he reached out to them, he hoped they saw, and that it made them happy.  He hoped Sirius was there too, maybe with Remus and Tonks.  He hoped they had each other.  

  He took a shuddery breath as a cold tear slid down his face.  He never cried for them anymore, not in many years.  As the wounds from the war and the final battle healed Harry had vowed to live his life fully, honour the dead by celebrating the here and now.  But on Christmas Eve, he let himself be just a little sad.

  “I miss you,” he said quietly.  He knew he’d never really known his mum and dad enough to miss them, but he felt like he had through Sirius and Remus.  But them he did miss, deeply, along with Tonks, and Fred Weasley, and his beloved Hedwig…

  Another tear slipped down his cheek and he let a small sob rattle his chest. He wished he didn’t feel like he had to do this to himself, but there seemed no other way to get through Christmas Day and all its joy without succumbing to the guilt if he didn’t.  The only way he allowed himself that happiness was if he remembered those who had sacrificed themselves for him to be there in the first place.  He got to have a Christmas, because so many others no longer could.

  In the early years he had also visited his parents’ graves as well, but that had proven to be too much.  He needed the warm glow of the street lights, the chatter of passers-by, the rumble of traffic, otherwise, his thoughts drifted too far into the darkness.

  It was late now though, so most of the Muggles had headed home to prepare for the excitement of the morning.  Not that they paid much mind to the young man stood vigil at what they thought to be a water fountain.  

  If any wizards or witches had ever seen him over the years, they had mercifully let him be.

  Until now.

  “I understand if you want to be alone,” the voice said softly beside him.

  Harry didn’t react visibly.  Part of him wasn’t surprised, but a part of him jumped internally with several different emotions.  He was both surprised and not, scared and happy, resistant and welcoming.

  No one had ever acknowledged his little ritual, despite knowing full well about it. He smiled to himself though as he turned to his new companion.  Because if anyone was going to ignore Harry’s unspoken request, of course it was going to be Draco Malfoy.

  “Hi,” Draco said gently, a smile tugging at his lips.  “I hope you don’t mind, but, Hermione explained what you were doing – what you do every year apparently.”

  Harry sighed as the wind ruffled both their hair.  “And you thought you’d come and talk some sense to me?” he asked ruefully. He knew someone should, it had been a long time coming after all.

  But Draco shook his head.  “No,” he said, looking back up at the stone-carved baby Harry.  “I came to keep you company.”

  Snow was gathering on the Potters’ heads, and Harry shivered in his coat.  Draco huffed at this, and discreetly flicked his wand, enveloping them both in a warming charm.  

  Harry managed a smile.  “Thank you,” he said genuinely.  

  They stood a while in comfortable silence, looking up at the monument.  Harry had always firmly believed this was something he wanted to do by himself, that it was his burden to bear alone.  But he couldn’t help but admit that it was nice to have Draco with him now, as strange as that might seem.

  They weren’t the same two boys they were during the war.  Those boys had both been pushed by greater powers than they understood to play parts they couldn’t comprehend, and after the dust had settled, a surprising bond had crept between them.  They were both survivors, and all the petty reasons they had fought in the past had slowly melted away until Harry realised one day that he actually cared quite deeply for his former rival.  

  “Thank you,” he said again.

  Draco, ever the smart arse, gave him a fond little smirk.  “I’m just standing here, Potter,” he said, but the words were warm. “Not all that difficult.”

  “You know what I mean,” Harry said, rolling his eyes.  “Prat.”

  Draco nudged his shoulder with his own, and Harry found himself leaning in closer.  “Do you talk to them?” Draco asked in a voice so small it almost got lost in the snowflakes drifting to the ground.  

  Harry swallowed and inhaled slowly.  “Sometimes,” he said.  “There’s not really much new to say.”

  He felt the gloved hand slip into his own, and he stilled in shock and fear.  “Nonsense,” said Draco as if this was perfectly normal behaviour.  “I’m sure they’d love to know how brilliantly you’ve been doing at work.  Did you know that Mr and Mrs Potter?  He got another promotion.  He’s going to be Head Auror before you know it.”

  Harry laughed, it was small and incredulous, but there was a tiny amount of delight mixed in there too.  “I think that’s getting a little ahead isn’t it?” he said to Draco, who only glanced at him as he focused on the statues of his parents cradling the infant version himself.  

  “Nah,” said Draco grinning.  “You’re just being modest – he’s so modest Lily,” he said scornfully to Harry’s mum. “James – you’ll be thrilled to know he’s still beating me at Quidditch every chance he gets – his team trounced us at the inter-department tournament this year.”

  “You bet I did,” Harry did, squeezing Draco’s hand through their gloves, still not believing he was being allowed to do so.  More than that though, he couldn’t quite believe he was smiling, that the cold tears were drying on his cheeks.  “I love seeing that look on your face when I catch the snitch.”

  “I let you catch it,” said Draco.  “I love seeing the look on your face when you win.”

  They were staring at each now, and Harry wasn’t sure whether Draco was joking.  He didn’t really sound like he was.  “Oh,” he said nervously.  

  Draco seemed nervous too, but a little smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.  “Don’t your parents know how lovable you are?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as his voice wavered ever so slightly.  “Do they know how the room lights up when you enter? Do they know how you go out of your way to make people feel good about themselves?  Do they know,” he said, turning and stepping just a little closer. “That there’s no one else in the whole world quite like you?”

  Harry swallowed as the snow swirled around them, settling in the tendrils of Draco’s fine, pale hair, making his silvery eyes sparkle.  “Draco…?” he said, not really knowing what question he was asking.

  Draco bit his lip, and tentatively reached out his free hand to take Harry’s other one. “Hermione said you always do this every year, and you want to be alone.  But I couldn’t stand the thought of you being lonely.  And I realised, I don’t ever want you to feel alone.  I wanted to tell you…to finally tell you…that…”

  He blinked several times, unable to hold Harry’s gaze, instead looking to the flecks of snow resting on their boots.  “Yes?” Harry breathed, heart in his mouth.  

  Draco took a deep breath, and looked back up.  “I wanted to tell you that I’m here.  I’m right here and I don’t want you to be alone, to be lonely.  I want you,” he faltered but clenched his jaw, refusing to give up.  “I want you to be with me.  If that’s what you want.”

  Despite the cold Harry felt like he’d just slipped into a warm bath.  “You want to be with me?” he said, knowing he was just repeating what Draco had said, but it was so wonderful he wanted to hear it again.

  “If you’re going to be sad,” Draco said, grey eyes shining.  “On Christmas Eve, or any time.  I want to be there with you.  I can’t make it go away necessarily, but I’d like to try and make it a little better.  I want to be there for the good and the bad.  I want you…all of you.”

  Harry couldn’t help it as his face split into a grin, his eyes closing as tears of a very different nature sprung from behind his lids, tracing clean lines down his face as he tried to find the words that could possibly do justice to how he was feeling.

  “Yes,” he rasped after far too long, opening his eyes.  “Yes Draco, I want that too.  I want your good and bad, I want all of you too.  You’ve got me, you’ve already got me.”

  Their embrace was more a hurried bundle of scarves and coats, but Harry pressed the side of his face to Draco’s cheek, cold from the wind, and held onto him as if he intended never to let him go, which in a way, he guessed was true.  “You’ve got me,” he mumbled into his neck.

  Slowly, Draco pulled back, just a little, enough to move his face around hesitantly, before leaning carefully in to press their trembling lips together in their first, blissful kiss.  It was chaste to start with, a sweet touching of mouths that held a million promises. But slowly, gently, they began to move, moulding together, tongues slipping out to find their partner, dancing together as Harry finally admitted that he had wanted this for an extremely long time.  

  Eventually they parted, their bodies still pressed against one another as they hugged each other tightly, foreheads resting together under the dim glow of the snowy night.  “You’ve got me,” Harry said in little more than a whisper.  “The good and bad.  You’ve got me.”


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what are your oscar predictions?

oh boy howdy my dude this is gonna take a hot sec

Okay so first of all, my predictions for what I think WILL win differ from what I think SHOULD win (for ex. I think La La Land is gonna sweep even though it doesn’t necessarily deserve to. Like it’s a great movie but look at all the nominees holy wow.)

Second of all, I haven’t had time to see all the films yet… ironically enough bc I’ve been busy… with… film school…

Keeping all of that in mind (and realizing that I’m gonna talk a lot more about this than you certainly wanted):

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Turtles AU. Where the turtles were raised by Shredder.
The tmnt flashfic brought this AU back to my mind and it won’t leave. I have a different picture for that, but I’ll wait to post it till the 28th. (But I was too impatient to wait on this one) I really liked how it turned out.

Also this will be my last art post for two weeks as I’m going on vacation and will probably have no time to draw… So enjoy =]

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I've always been able to do a kind of mind palace thing, for as long as I can remember. I brought it up with my mum recently to ask if it was another "me thing" & it is apparently. I can basically imagine a place where I have been a few times, or I have seen detailed pictures of, and I can walk my self through the place, and pick out memories from different spots. (E.g. Walking into the first home I lived in, going into the kitchen and "watching" birthday parties I had when I was as young as 3)

That sounds interesting, have you done anything to improve the ability? 

To do it naturally is interesting, though this is, in essence, the idea of the Memory Palace- associating memories with locations. Do you see the memories in third person? That would make it more interesting.


I really like this picture that Rhett posted of Link sleeping in the Kommunity because I dont think it gets Rhinkier than that… and the picute was posted YEARS ago.. this is so different from the other photos Rhett has taken of Link sleeping just to make fun of him on the plane because his mouth was open.. because think about it, what was going on in Rhetts mind to need to take this picture? this is just sooo “my boyfriend sleeping” that I cant get over myself.. Link seems to have this smile while sleeping like he just had the most amazing night ..  

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"It’s a cute bruise " why so many girls think that bruised and beated body is "cute"? what is wrong with your mind? get off this little sluts girls tumblr and educate yourself! bruises are not cute!

I had this message in my inbox for more than two weeks, i wasn’t going to answer it, i usually don’t answer hate, but i changed my mind because i thought it was important, so here i go…

I always wonder why so many people think that they have the authority to come to your blog, and assume everything from your life because of one picture. Even send you a message exposing their own point of view as the one that is right, making everything else is wrong or ignorant, in need of education. People have different oppinions and as I respect yours you should respect mine. I post the pictures that i want, and i found cute the things that feels that way for me. There’s nothing wrong with my mind and i don’t need to educate myself. I don’t have a “little sluts girls tumblr” because there’s not such thing as “little sluts girls”, that’s very rude and insulting. People like different things, your opinion it’s not the only truth. When you see something that you dislike (like everyone does), ignore it, unfollow, block it, but please don’t send hate to other people because it’s not right, and you may hurt someone. By posting a picture i don’t hurt anybody, by sending hate you hurt people.


Today is #NoShameDay.

My name is Camille, and I have Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita. It’s a rare form of dwarfism (Harry Potter fans, Warwick Davis has it! [And I’m taller than him]), resulting in a shortened trunk and limbs. When I was a baby, doctors told me I had a 50/50 chance of making it past three years old, and, if I did, it would be a miracle if I made it to four feet. I was also born deaf.

I’m 20 years old, and I’m 4′ exactly. I love to sing and play piano/ukulele, and go to Broadway musicals. In the above pictures, my height difference is obvious, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling like the luckiest person in the world every day (except today because I had to write an 8-page paper today). I am not ashamed of having dwarfism, but I would like to credit all my lovely friends and family (inclusive of both those on this website and off) for being so open-minded and accepting me for who I am.

update on the Pope legacy.

Hello, i just want to let you know guys who read my stuff that im starting a ‘difference in the family tree’ challenge with the heir of my Pope Legacy. The rules are from here by the fantastic @samtastic-sims (hehehe).

I havent really changed the rules just the little intro story that I wrote by myself lol. I dont know if I will make a story line for this challenge or just go with it and post pictures. I just wanted to write a little something i had in my mind.

The only things that will be different with my start of the challenge is that my sim was already played before starting this and her skills are at maybe 2-3 in gardening and 1-2 in fishing. Oh and she’s starting with 2000 simoleons so she wont have a full build house right away + a bunch of stuff she picked up as a child/teenager.

Cant get a clear mind. Thanks.
(Ironic laughter included, about a building up helplessness.)
Fatalism. Yes I feel a little fatalism.
Another tea, another longing moment without movement.
I didnt run a tool today.
It felt if I could catch it now. I didnt. Not really.
Birds. I had no idea how long something like this can last.
But its nice. Again and a
To young to be a mother of
An unwanted picture its self assembling?
What would I say in a different place?
What, my phone, what?
Eyes shout. Just for a moment. Wanna sleep. No, wanna dream. No, wanna a real thing. A real thing, the only glimps of a real thing lays behind.
Behind a wall, a mask, my own? No not my own. Dont I own?
Own the place my feed stand on?
Owning means what?
I guess it becomes a word without meaning to me. Maybe I gone to far as I started to
Fit. It fits. Any other answer wouldnt match the question.
I was, once in a fine mental state and i understood that the only answer to every question should be yes yes yes. ( I was a little scared to say something wrong after I gave it back in my toungh.) Everything fits so well the chamges from one context into another. Only you.
Only you. Only you? I dont know. Do you?
Polaris isnt bright as other stars. And its a little isolated. Fixed while others
How to rationalisize human behavior? In the face of Freud?
I was xcommunizised before. I dont fear the churchbane.
But i fear every forthcoming day without you.
(Without correction)

Novel reading has, I find, not only the ill effect of rendering people romantic, which, thanks to my father on earth, I am long past, but they really furnish no occupation to the mind. A series of events follow so rapidly, and are interwoven with remarks so commonplace and so spun out, that there is nothing left to reflect upon. A collection of images, which amuse only from their variety and rapid succession, like the pictures of a magic lantern; not like a piece of Vanderlyn, where the painter makes fine touches, and leaves to your vanity at least the merit of discovering them. Oh! would I had my friend Sterne. Half he says has no meaning, and, therefore, every time I read him I find a different one.

Theodosia Burr Alston to Aaron Burr. Petersburgh, October 21, 1803.

chill with the snobbiness for one second theo. go out. get an ice cream

I felt beautiful in both pictures, but feel so much healthier and happier in the second one. :)

In the picture on the left, I was starving myself but too ignorant to realize that something was wrong. I thought that’s how weight loss was supposed to work! I had lost 15lbs in a month right before I took this pic and was so proud… But soon after gained it all back and realized I couldn’t keep up the damaging lifestyle.

In the picture in the right, I’m 25lbs heavier, doing crossfit, and more educated on how to keep my body and mind healthy, happy, strong, and sexy. I don’t have headaches anymore or feel irrationally emotional, because I am no longer nutrient deprived! I’m strong as hell and loving my body shape.

The difference between the pictures is about 3 years. Fall 2012 v Summer 2015

you ever learn something very useless that just stays with you? in high school i flipped through a catalog about class rings and somehow saved all that information to like the deepest layer of my mind. i accidentally saved over the voices of both of my grandmothers with twelve pages of symbols you could have etched into the stone that i’m positive were just all the pictures from the “symbols” tab in miscrosoft word. i know all the different ways to cut a low quality, cheap gem, i’ve had opinions on rose gold slotted in where formative memories should have gone since my senior year. if humanity was wiped out by nuclear war and we were sent back to the stone age, don’t worry, i could describe, in excruciating detail, the designs for a big ugly ring with the numbers 09 worked into the band five different ways. crop rotation? what’s that? here are all the birthstones by month. 

redemptionnnx submitted: 

 I use to run a weight loss blog back in 2012 , under “isabellelovespeanutbutta” i had lost over 160lbs in a span on 14months, but for 2 year i lost myself, i relapsed, gained 20lbs, and even though i reconstructed my body my mind was no where near ready.

350lbs on the left and 210lbs on the right,5'7, about a 3 yr difference

healthy eating and unstoppable devotion and discipline

i decided to get back on track and have started a new weight loss blog, please follow me, be apart of my come back- Isabelle


—- View more & send Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

Hi Guys! So there was THIS picture floating around and tinakegg had mentioned me, about possibly writing something surrounding that pic, well I had a few ideas in mind and when I started writing it it kind of went a different way than I intended so I hope you like it :D *smut*

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“Do you feel better, Rae?” Finn asked in a low voice running an ice cube up and down her thigh.

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