i had a crush on him for like 3 years

When Grantaire asks Enjolras out, he almost says no.

He doesn’t want to date Grantaire. Grantaire is antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is romantically attracted to.

But Grantaire looked up at him with nervous eyes and Enjolras had wanted to go to that exhibit, and Courfeyrac had said he should try to fight with Grantaire less and it’s only one date, what’s the worst that could happen? It will be awkward then they’ll both forget about it.  

Then the date is wonderful. Awkward at first, but they begin to talk about art programs in underfunded schools and they talk and talk and end up at a cafe, eyes wide and bright, listening to each other, trying to understand that other not just dismiss what the other says out of habit. They don’t fight, and when Grantaire quietly asks for a second date at the end of the night Enjolras doesn’t even think about finding a reason to say no.

So it goes week after week, date after date, and at some point they end up holding hands every time they are together, lips pressed to cheeks in greeting and goodbye.

It’s not something Enjolras particularly wants or needs but it is nice, he doesn’t mind. When Grantaire calls him his boyfriend, Enjolras likes the title, even if he doesn’t feel like Grantaire’s boyfriend. Grantaire is still antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is attracted to. He doesn’t want to write sonnets about Grantaire eyes, or that curl right behind his ear, or buy Grantaire flowers.

But Enjolras still wants to go places with Grantaire, and hold his hand, and hear what he has to say about the world. And that’s enough.

And then Grantaire has a dance recital– he comes to ABC meetings right after rehearsal, still in leggings and a loose shirt, smelling like stale sweat, a smile on his face; “today we finally perfected that last pass, it should be ready for Friday, I hope you all can come–”

and oh.

Enjolras goes home avoiding Combeferre, Jehan, Joly eyes filled with concern, “no I’m fine just a little tired.” Avoids Grantaire, “yes, of course, I’ll be there on Friday, I just need to go home right now.”

And then he’s alone at home and he thinks about the smile Grantaire had, the way the skin around his eyes crinkled, the way he almost hit Bosset showing how he lifts his partner and how his shirt rode up and


His first reaction is to call Combeferre, call Courfeyrac, but this is something that they can’t help with. This is him and Grantaire. He needs figure this out by himself.

Enjolras sits and he writes. He writes down every single thing about Grantaire, pinning him to paper, no detail left unnoticed, no virtue or vice dismissed. He sits and he writes for hours, turning over the man who had crept into his life without notice.

Finally, at two in the morning, he puts his pen down, leans back and thinks aloud ‘I have a crush on Grantaire’

and chaste, firm, upright, hard, candid, terrible Enjolras, blushes and—

‘I have a crush on Grantaire,’

He picks up the phone and calls him because Enjolras doesn’t waste time or emotion and—

—and Grantaire had, at some point, without him noticing, become the most contacted, most thought about, most important person in his life.

and Grantaire sounds so concerned fuck, Enjolras still hasn’t explained why he left the meeting like that, why he was acting so oddly and it can wait because right now the most important thing is

“Grantaire I have a crush on you”

“Enjolras our year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks what do you mean you have a crush on me?”

So this had happened about 3 years ago. I was in middle school, standing in the lunch line. I was all happy and giddy because I was standing behind my crush (I couldn’t even look at him from across the room without blushing- so standing behind him was like my face walked into an inferno) I was happy and smiling when this girl Brianna shoved me when walking out of the closet - she was putting the mop away, having to clean up a mess she made by spilling her friend’s lunch tray. She shouldered me roughly and I turned on my heels to face her, her table was right beside me (lucky me) and I said “Excuse me, could you please watch where you’re going next time? You shoved me.” I was being all polite because I didn’t want to seem like a jerk in front of my crush. She sneered at me and responded “Shut the fuck up, Whore!” To which I responded, “Oh, I’m a whore? At least I’m not on my third boytoy of the year you S-L-U-T!” I held the word ‘slut’ out (It was January when this happened, so that’s like… a new boy every 3 weeks or so…) She responded by dropping her mouth and glaring at me with her eyes. I could feel a whole bunch of people looking at us and next thing I know scalding pizza sauce is on my face! The stupid brat slapped me with a slice of Pizza! So I took my hand and put it like a Gorrilla does (you know… fingers tucked in but palm flat) and I swung and slammed the heel of my palm into the side of her temple (by her eyes). It was a defensive reflex! I didn’t know that was a killspot! (She’s alright of course…still a whore though) but the force flung her across the table (it’s one of those big circle tables they have at the schools now) I start to stomp away, tears in my eyes because I was so angry. “Because of her my crush probably thinks I’m a bully!” I thought “I’m going to get a referral because of her! My dad is going to KILL me!” The administrator in charge of referrals stopped me when I was walking to wash my face in the restroom. Took me to his office, dad got told, I got yelled at. But get this, since she initiated EVERYTHING, I only got the second half of that day in In-School-Suspension. That’s it! She got a week suspension AND a referral!

Do Me (Peter Parker X Reader)

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: BY MY SOUL

Warnings:Underage drinking, violence, language.

Word Count: 1,441

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Flash Thompson had sent a text to the entire school, inviting them all to a house party at his massive house. As soon as I got the text I ran over to my best friends Peter and Ned. “HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?” I asked loudly, showing them the message. “I don’t think we’re going (Y/N). It is Flash’s house. He’s definitely gonna be there.” Peter says, glancing at Flash across the cafeteria. “Petey, I won’t let him talk to you.” I say, grabbing his chin and making him look at me dead in the eyes. I knew that Flash had been emotionally, verbally, and physically battering Peter since the 2nd grade. “(Y/N) could totally take him.” Ned says, gesturing like he was squaring up and nodding.  “Totally. So can we go Pete?” I ask with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. “I can’t say no to that face.” Peter says, with a small smile in my direction. “I’ll see you guys after school!” I said just as the bell rang.

As Peter, Ned, and I walked towards home, we discussed a game plan for tonight. “I’m definitely wearing the hat.” Ned says. “I wouldn’t expect anything else Ned.” Peter said with a chuckle. “So I’ll meet you guys there?” Ned says, as we walk in front of his building. Peter and I lived in the same building just a few blocks away from Ned, so we always dropped him off first. “Are you ready to face tonight?” I ask Peter after a little while. “I don’t know. It kind of depends on how much of a dick Flash is.” Peter says with a shrug. I knew that he would be stressing until it was time for the party so to calm him down I put on The Empire Strikes Back as soon as we got back to Peter and Mays apartment. May was at work so we watched our movie until i heard the alarm on my phone go off signaling that it was 5 minutes till we had to start heading to Flashs’ house. Peter ran to his room to go change and I run up a floor to my apartment and change into a maroon tank top and black pants with my comfiest tennis shoes on. I grab my black leather jacket, my wallet, and my phone and head to meet Peter. Flashs house was far enough away that Peter and I got an Uber. The ride was about 20 minutes long and the entire time Peter and I were discussing the science/superhero joke on his shirt. His shirt read ‘What would a women version of Iron Man be called? Fe male.’ and that lead to a very long conversation about if Tony Stark was a woman. When we finally got there we were joking about how if Tony was a chick that he and Bruce probably would have dated.Flashs house was huge and obviously full of people. The windows were rattling with the music. Ned was on the sidewalk in front of the house just staring at the front door, his mouth agape. “Are you guys ready for this?” I ask, a little nervous myself. “Not really.” Peter responds, his hand shaking a little. I grab his quivering hand and intertwine my finger with his. He looks down at our entwined hands and then up at me, his eyes wide. “We can do this.” I say looking him in the eyes. “Yeah we can!” Ned says, grabbing Peters other hand. “Too far Ned.” Peter chuckles, releasing his hand from Neds. I laughed and started walking towards the door, dragging Peter along behind me with Ned following after The party was in full swing and people were everywhere. Flash, being the douchebag that he is, was DJing and calling himself “DJ FLASHY”. It was clear that he had already been drinking, as had most of the other people at the party. “HEY EVERYBODY! PENIS PARKER HAS ARRIVED. SCATTER CAUSE THE LOSER GENE IS CONTAGIOUS.” Flash yelled and then started laughing, and then a bunch of people followed him, laughing at Peter. I felt Peter’s grip on my hand tighten and his jaw tightened. “Petey it’ll be okay. Let’s go get something to drink.” I said, pulling him towards the kitchen. When we go there I went for the coke but Peter made a beeline directly for the keg. He poured himself a full cup and downed it. “Do you have like a super tolerance like Captain America?” I asked. “We’ll find out tonight.” He says, pouring himself another. About 30 minutes later and Pete was drunk as a skunk and giggly as hell. Flash had turned on a CD and was now making his way around the party. I had a drink myself and was feeling the liquid courage in my veins. “I have the urge to do something stupid.” I say to Peter, my first balling. “I’m stupid, do me.” Peter whines. I giggle a little and kiss him on the cheek. I knew I was going to be embarrassed about kissing him on the cheek later. But right now I whispered “I’ll be right back.” to Peter and walk over to Flash. “Ssssoooo the lady nerd decided to talk to a r-real man huh?” Flash slurs at me. I turn to a group of slightly sober teens and say “ You guys probably want to record this.” I turn back to Flash and let loose what I’ve been holding back for years “Flash you are the biggest asshole I’ve ever met. You act like a huge dick, which is misleading because thanks to Ruby Mackabee we all know you have a tiny dick. You hate that Peter is smarter and more talented than you. And quite frankly I’m tired of your shit.” I say with contempt in my voice. I ball up my fist and sock Flash directly in the nose, knocking him to the floor. I hear Peter yell “OH MY GOD (Y/N) YOU KNOCKED HIM ON HIS ASS.” I giggle and walk away from Flash, who had blood running from his now crooked nose, over to Peter. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” Peter says, grabbing me by my face and kissing me harshly. I was so caught up in the feeling that I barely taste the alcohol on his breath. He broke the kiss and squeaks out “I’ve loved you since the fourth grade and I don’t know why I didn’t tell you sooner and I in the 6th grade I was the one who took your drawing and it’s framed on my wall and I didn’t mean to tell you that and oh my God I hope you like me back.” He finishes and breathe deeply. “Peter, I’ve had a crush on you for years and I really hope you remember this tomorrow.” I say with a smile and pull his face back to mine. We danced the rest of the night together.

We woke up slung over the couch in Peters apartment. My head was pounding slightly and Peter was banging around in the kitchen. He came out with a glass of water and 3 pain pills in his hand. “Here these are for you.” He says quietly and and I thank him and take the pills. “Hey Petey? Do you remember last night?” I ask quietly. “God yes.” He says looking into my eyes and smiling. “How do you feel about what happened?” I ask looking into his warm chocolate colored eyes. “Like I want to do it again.” He says, cupping my face in his hands and pulling my lips to meet mine. The kiss was soft, and sweet, and full of emotion. “I love you, (Y/N). I didn’t just say that because I was drunk.I remember you saying you love me too. And God do I hope you meant it.” He says. “ I did mean it Pete. I’m in love with you.” I say with a smile. “FINALLY!” Ned says, coming out of the bathroom. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?” Peter shouts. “PETEY VOLUME AND no seriously Ned how long have you been here” I say loudly. “Since last night. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS.” He says with a huge smile and throwing his hands up in the air. “I’m happy too.” Peter says, smiling and kissing me sweetly. I smile and kiss him back. “Be mine?” He asks, leaning his forehead against mine. “Always.” I say kissing him.




Different Kind of Punishment.

Summary;Y/N get’s detention for not doing her homework again but Mr.Hemming’s has a different kind of punishment for her. 

word count;800 

Message me if you would like part 2! 

Part 2 will contain sex just a little warning! 

I hope you enjoy this, i had this in my notes and decided i would post it

Y/N Pov

i knew getting involved with him was a bad idea but now i can’t help it.

it was never meant to be like this.

I got detention, nothing knew there.

But something changed, he didn’t look at me the same. I thought something was up with him but i never thought having sex with him would change everything.

I am in love with my teacher and there is nothing i can do about it.

He ignores me every chance he can get and he asked if i could transfer English class.

it’s not fair,but he’s married.

his words to me that night were “i love my wife, i want to make it work”

i never expected it to happen like it did, but who knew detention would lead to having an affair for 4 months with a teacher, a married teacher.

The sex was great, better than i had ever had.

i’m 17 years old and have had 3 boyfriends in high school so i wasn’t a stranger to sex, i have had it plently of times but i never had that feeling i had when i was with him.

nobody knows about not even my best friend Lucy. She would freak out if she knew,she had a crush on him but i never really did until that day.

it has been really hard not having anyone to talk to, i could talk to him but he won’t talk to me.

Yesterday at School just as the bell rang for home time i saw her, his wife. She’s beautiful, everything i wish i was. She has long blonde hair, the body and the face. No wonder he loves her, no wonder he want’s to be with her over me.

They were high school sweethearts he told me, he had the biggest crush on her since Sophomore when he was at school, he talked about her like he still had a crush on her.

It broke my heart, but it was my fault for asking him about her.

Things haven’t been working out in his marriage the last couple of months, anyone could see that at school. He wasn’t himself, always arriving late to class, clothes not ironed and he looked angry like he had just been arguing with someone. Which was probably his wife.

I guess that’s why we kept having sex for four months, i was his escape.

he made me feel special. Yes the sex was rough but sweet.

I really thought he liked me, i remember the first time.

4 Months ago..

It happened on a Wednesday but days before i could tell something was up with him. He stared at me more than he should have, when he passed my table i could feel his hands touch me longer than it should have.

By Wednesday.. i was convinced maybe he liked me but i thought it was just my crazy thinking.

I got to class early because i wanted to see him,it was quiet when i walked in. Mr. Hemmings was just going through some marking when i entered. He looked up and then looked down not saying anything, i thought nothing of it and then i just sat down on my seat.

“Well looks like i’m the first one here again” I mumbled to myself as i tilted my head slightly hoping to get a reaction from him or even a sound.

“SHUT UP” Luke shouted dropping his marking on the table making them spread all of it and fall onto the ground.

He walked around his table angrily over to me, i thought he was going to shout at me but next thing i know his hands are on my waist pulling me up to stand on my feet.

everything happened so quick. i didn’t have time to think or to even breathe and then he spoke

“You need to shut up you prick teasing little bitch”

i was so shocked by his words..

I never thought he would ever speak to me like that and the tone he used aswell shocked me more than anything,but i couldn’t help but feel turned on. It wasn’t a tone he would use when he was shouting at a pupil in class, it was like a dominant voice.

But how am i a prick teasing little bitch? I don’t walk around with my skirt up to my arse, i don’t unbutton my top for him in class, i’m just a normal pupil.

What have i done?

i was about to speak to try and calm him down but he spoke again “ You’re going to listen to me and not speak. The rules are;

Rule 1;You only answer with Yes Sir, No Sir"

Rule 2;Don’t ever call me by my name”

and Rule 3;Never speak of this to anyone"

“Do you understand Y/N” he said

“Ye sir” i spoke.

What is he going to do now..

So guys i hope you liked this, i wrote this ages ago so i’m sorry if it’s shit!

I was going to write the smut part and then post it but i’m going to see if you guys like it or not first. 

Message me or comment if you would like me to continue this. 

Until next time 


Love Morgan xxxxxx

EXO Reaction: having a crush on you, but then finding out you are secretly dating another member (request)

II feel like I got too into this whole thing for everyone. I ain’t sorry though, it was fun writing this. 

Sorry for any errors.


“Let’s take a break dude.” Kai huffed.

“What? Another break? We just had one an hour ago.”

“C’mon hyung. I’m tired.” Kai pouted.

“Aish, fine but after this break we have to be serious about getting these moves down so we can break it down for the guys”

“I know.” the younger one groaned.

Xiumin threw himself on the bench, looking at his phone to find a text from y/n telling him to have a nice practice. He smiled to himself. He got butterflies in his stomach just reading her text.

“Hehehehe” Kai giggled as all his attention went to his phone.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked. His question went unanswered because all he was focusing on was the phone.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he went behind Kai to peek over his shoulder.”What are you laughing at, a meme?” but as he took a peek he noticed it was a text conversation.

“Fuck!” Kai jumped up and stepped away from him.He even hid his phone behind his back.

Based on that weird reaction, he really wanted to know who he was texting. “Who were you talking to?”

“No one.”

“No one? You don’t giggle at a text from just no one.”

“Okay, someone but i’m not saying who!” he said showing his phone in his pocket.

“Jongin, how long have we known each other?”

“ike practically half our lives.”

“Exactly, so you can tell me. If you don’t trust m then who can you trust?”

“Well, Kyungsoo, Taemin, Junmyeon- with some stuff, not everything-”

“Whatever! Just tell me who you were texting. the only time i ever saw you look at your phone like that was when you were with krystal.”

Kai’s eyes scattered all over. “Krystal and I are over, so it isn’t her.”

“So who is it?!? Dude you can’t jut not tell me!”

“No! She doesn’t want anyone to know we are dating!”

“So she’s your girlfriend?!?”

“I didn’t say that!” he blurted out nervously.

“You just did!”

“N-no i didn’t!”

They both knew he was caught and Xiumin knew exactly what to do t get the information out. “Oh… Ok, how about this? One piece of information for another. You tell me who you are dating… And I’ll tell you who my crush is.”

Kai’s eyes widened “So you’ll actually tell me who you mystery crush is?!?”


“O-ok, but you’l have to promise to not tell the guys. She and I want to everyone about it later. A-an you can’t let her know that you know that she and I are dating.”


“Ok so on 3 we say the names at the same time?”


“Ok… 1 “

“2 “

“ 3 “

“Y/n!” Y/n!” they both said at the same time. “What?!? You like her?!?” “What?!? you are dating her?!?”

“Dude, i’ve had a crush on her for months!” Xiumin couldn’t help but be upset.

“And I’ve liked her for a year! She was the reason Krystal and I broke up!” 

“What the fuck?!? Haven’t you noticed that i hit on her every time she comes over?!?”

“No! I just thought you were being friendly! But she is mine now so don’t talk to her like that anymore!”

Hearing him refer to y/n as “his” made his blood boil. “You know what?!? Practice over!” he shouted as he stomped out of the room. He didn’t want to even look at his maknae. He refused to believe that he and y/n were actually dating.

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Suho/ Junmyeon:

“Junmyeon, I’m sorry, but i have to end our skype chat early.” Y/n pouted.

“Aw, why?”

“I’m going out with friends tonight and I’m getting picked up in a bit.”

“But we were having so much fun, we have’t talked in forever.” he whined.

“I know, I know, but he is going to be here any second and i want to make sure i am ready.”

Immediately he jumped up in his seat. “He? He who?!? You don’t have any guy friends besides me and EXO!” He didn’t want her to be going out on a date. He always liked y/n, and planned to ask her out at the right time. He hoped he didn’t miss his chance. It’s not a date is it?” he tried to say casually.

“D-date? Pft! N-no! It’s not a date. It’s- It’s- He’s just a frined and he’s picking us all up. Yeah, so i got to go now, bye!” She said before she ended the chat.

“Aish, I hope it isn’t a date…”

“Junmyeon” he heard through the door before Chen poked his head in the room.

“What do you want Jongdae?” He groaned. The last thing he wanted was to talk to anyone else.

“SO uh, bro.” Chen whispered as he closed the door behind him.”You got condoms?” he whispered lower, despite the fact they were the only two in the room.

He slapped his hands over his face. “Bruh, you got to be kidding me! We just had a damn meeting going over the dating rules again.” A leader’s duties never ended, especially in the moments he wanted to be alone. “”And here you are asking me for condoms!”

“C’mon, don’t be such a mom!”

“It’s not a one night stand is it? You know how risky those are!”

“Yeah, i know! That’s why it isn’t a one night stand!”

“Oh so  you’re dating someone then?”

“Yeah, I am! I’m allowed to date!”

“But you got to be careful who you date! You can’t just go out with anyone! They could reveal everything!”

“No shit! I’m not stupid! I’m not dating some random girl okay?”

Suho couldn’t help but scoff. Considering their schedule’s they all didn’t have much contact with many trustworthy people. “And who could you possibly be dating that is that trustworthy?”

“Look it’s Y/n alright! We are all friends with her and we all know that we can trust her about anything! So is this interrogation over already?”

“Y/n? You’re dating y/n?!?” He couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal . “How could she not tell me? How long has this been going on? What does she possibly see in him?What does he have that I don’t?”

“Look, you got condoms or not? Y/n;s waiting for me to pick her up!”

“No I don’t” he said through his teeth.

“Fucking waste of my time.” Chen grrumbled as he walked out of the room.

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Lay/ Yixing:

Yixing was excited to say the least to be returning from China. Sure it was hard to leave his country again, but coming back to Korea meant coming back to Y/n.

The night before he and her stayed up talking on skype almost the whole night. they both agreed to spend the whole day together when he got back, just the two of them.

Yixing had been harboring a crush on Y/n and did not dare reveal it to anyone. With all his soul, he wanted to tell her, but he was busy enough as is and most of all, the last thing he wanted to do was ruin the friendship they had. What they had now was enough for him. He wasn’t even going to think about considering his confession until his schedule ever lightened up.


Today was the day that he was going to hangout with y/n. She knew drill, dressing in the least flashy clothes, but somehow she still looked so beautiful in her drab disguise. 

The morning was filled with breakfast, walking through the mall in sunglasses and a scarf despite being indoors, and blabbing away about anything and everything.

Now it was the late noon and they found themselves through the park. Every so often his hand “accidentally” bumped his hand into hers and enjoyed the tiny bit of physical contact and relished in the fact that she did not seem bothered by it or move away from him.

“So what else happened when i was gone?” he asked to keep the conversation going.

“Well… something did happen… but i don’t know if i can tell you.” she said looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze

“What happened?”

“Well… I came to a realization.” she smiled shyly.

“Realization? What kind of realization?” he let out a chuckle at her cute shyness.

“You know… One of those realizations where you… where you like realize you have feelings for someone.”

Instanly his palms were sweaty. “F-feelings? F-for who?” his heart raced. He felt like his chest was going to explode.

“… I realized I like Chanyeol, so I confessed and it turns out he likes me back and now we are dating!” she squealed.

And just like that, his soul left his body and he felt he was going to drop to the ground. “Ch-ch-chanyeol? You li-like Chanyeol?”

“Yeah! And I just had to tell someone cuz i can’t keep it a secret anymore.’ she beamed.

He stayed quiet, the horrible news sinking into his mind. “So… Chanyeol…”

“Yeah” she smiled brightly. “But don’t tell anyone. Wee still want to keep it a secret… I just couldn’t hide it from you, you are my best friend Yixing.”

“Yeah… Best friend.” he sighed

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He and Y/n were at her place having yet another on of their infamous movie marathons. He loved their movie marathons. It was never really about watching movies, it was more about them being as stupid as they wanted with each other and not being judged by others.

Right now, the movie Madagascar was playing, but Baekhyun was busy laying on the floor, trying not to laugh as Y/n was placing candies and snacks on his face to make a “food mask”. He had his eyes closed, two gummies atop of them. He giggled as more things were piled on.

“Baek, don’t laugh! You are making all the chips slide off!” Y/n whined.

“I have to!” he tried to say while keeping his face as still as possible.

“Baek, shhh!” she nagged

He tried his best not to move, but when Y/n shoved cheese balls up his nose, he couldn’t just not laugh. “Y/n why?!?” he cackled, removing the food from his face.

“Baek, why did you laugh??” she smirked teasingly.

“You knew that tickled and that I was going to laugh!”

“You should have kept yourself from laughing. I was working on a masterpiece.”

“Y/n, it was impossible not to laugh.”

“It cant be that hard.”

“You think so?” he asked with a smirk. That’s when he pounced. He tickled her sides, making her explode in laughter.


“I’d like to see you try!” he said to soon. 

Y/n magically pushed him off and now she was the one on top of him. “Take this!” she shouted as she tickled him.


He grabbed her hands, not letting them close to his body. With some magic of is own, he got back on top of her.

“HAHAHA BAEK!” she laughed in his ear. her laugh was loud, but it was a beautiful laugh, it was music to his ears. “HAHA I GIVE UP!”

“What?” he asked still staying on top of her. 

“I give up! You win!” she said trying to catch her breath

She looked so pretty looking up at him the way he was. Her eyes in combination with her lips, that was what always caught his attention. He liked y/n for a long tie, but it wasn’t until now that he wanted to do something about it. “I’m sorry, what was that? I can’t heat you.” he teased leaning closer to her.

“I said you-”

His lips stopped hers and he finally kissed her like he always daydreamed about. However, unlike his daydreams, Y/n pushed him off. 

“Baek…” she looked back at him with shock.

“Sorry” he said as he backed away from her a bit. “I’ve just liked you for a while- I just - I just… I don’t know.” he could feel his face burning. It didn’t help that she was looking back at him with such an intense frown.

“Baek, I have a boyfriend.”

“What? Boyfriend?!? When? You never told me!” He could feel his inside churning.

She looked away from him. “I’m dating Sehun. We’ve been secretly dating the last 3 months.” her voice was so soft, she was barely audible.

“Sehun?!? Sehun… Um… I’m just gonna leave now.” his voice cracked. He couldn’t get himself to look in her direction as he walked to the door.

“Baek, you don’t have to leave. We can just-”

“Bye” he said as he closed her door.

“How could I have been so stupid?!?” he thought to himself. “Of course she doesn’t like me! What made me think that she could actually like me?!? I should have known she wouldn’t like me back! Agh, I’m so stupid!”

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Chen/ Jongdae:

It was a wonderful night at the dorm. Almost all of the members were over, but so was y/n. Chanyeol had invited her and she actually had time to come by.

She just arrived and was sitting with Chanyeol on the couch. “Hey Y/n.” he smiled. he went over and sat at her other side. “Oh Chanyeol, Kyungsoo is calling you.”

“He is?” Chanyeol raised his brows at him. “I’ll be back y/n this shouldn’t take long.” Chanyeol said as he left the room.

“So you want some popcorn?” he offered. 

“Ha I hadn’t even said hi back yet and you are already offering me snacks?” 

“Well I mean, they were already finished when you got here.”

“Wow, and here I was feeling so special” he laughed

“C’mon, we made some of your favorite stuff, so you should still feel special.” he said leading her to the kitchen.

“Haha, thanks” she giggled shyly. all cute just like every time he threw a compliment at her. “You know, you look extra pretty today… Doing that for a certain someone?” he winked

“Jongdae, what do you mean?” She covered her smile with her hand. “I look like I always do.”

“Nah, I notice you using just a bit more makeup. I don’t know why though. you are just as pretty without it.”

“Jongdae stop, my face is burning.”

“What? I’m just saying the truth!” He tried to give his best smile. At this point he had been subtly flirting with for months and now he was just wanting for her to take him more seriously.

“And I don’t believe you about your face being hot.”

“Trust me, it is!” she insisted.

“Hm.. Let me see.”

He went up t her and cupped her face, making sure to make eye contact. “Oh wow. You’re right, your face is on fire.” he smirked. “You’re hot.”

Suddenly someone cleared their throat and Chen jumped at the sound. He quickly turned around to see D.O and Chanyeol standing at the kitchen doorway.

“Are we interrupting something?” D.O’s eyes switched between Chen and Y/n.

“No, we were just talking.” he said calmly.

“Let’s get started on eating!” Chanyeol declared passing plates and cups to everyone.

They all surrounded the kitchen island and loaded their plates with snacks. Chen was talking to Chanyeol, drowning out the sound of D.O and y/n’s conversation until D.O said something that caught his attention. 

“Babe, can you grab me a spoon?”D.O asked as he pour chips on his plate.

‘Sure!” Y/n said and without hesitation, grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and gave it to him.

“Thanks.” D.O said.

This completely threw Chen off and he cut off Chanyeol’s sentence  with  “Woah, wait! What did you just call her?”

Immediately the froze. “What? I didn’t call her anything!” D.O’s voice was suddenly nervous.

“Yeah you called her “babe”. I just heard you!”

Y/n looked panicked. “No he didn’t. He- he only called me y/n.”

“I’m siding with Jongdae” Chanyeol spoke up. “Kyungsoo, you just called Y/n, babe.”

“So what’s going on here?!?” Chen was tired off all the pointless talk, he wanted to know if he really heard what he just heard, because it couldn’t be really, it just couldn’t.

D.O and Y/n exchanged looks. “We are dating! There! Now you know!”  D.O said

Now Chen really couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Dating? Since when?!? You guys barely talk to each other! I talk to /n way more that you do!”

““We talk in secret stupid! We didn’t want anyone to know!” D.O snapped.

“We wanted to tell you guys, we really did, but we didn’t want to make things weird when we were all together.” Y/n explained.

“But it’s not like it should matter that we are dating. What y/n and I do is just between y/n and I” D.O added.

Chen clenched his jaw. “You’re right…It doesn’t who is dating who.” he forced himself to say. Seeing y/n so nervous about the whole reveal, he just decided to end the topic. “It’s not like I had a crush on her or anything.” he mumbled to himself.

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Dorm parties were always fun, especially when y/n was able to show up. With their crazy schedule, he barely had time to see her, but when she was able to see them all, she spent most of her time with him.

Now more than ever he wanted to hang out with her. It had been months since she was over and it was in this time that he realized he hated not having her around. He missed her. He missed her cute face an adorable laugh, and beautiful eyes. He just wanted time to go faster so he could see her again.

“Junmyeon, you did invite y/n right? Cuz if not, i can give her a call.” He said poking his head into his leader’s room.

“Uh… Yeah, we walked a bit, she’s coming don’t worry.” he swirled around in his desk chair to go back to what he was doing on his computer.

“But you sure though?”

“Yes Chanyeol, I’m sure.” he said in his mom tone.

“…I’ll text her just in case.”

“Fine i guess.” Suho huffed.

He sent a text, getting a confirmation right away that she would be getting to the dorm at around 7pm.

He had a good two hours before she would be over, so he took his time getting ready and making sure he looked as good as he could.

7pm rolled by and Y/n arrived right on the dot. He was lucky enough to be the one to open the door for her. He greeted her with a smile an a bear hug. 

“Hi Channie!”

“Finally i get to see you again!”

“Where is everyone else?” she asked looking into the packed dorm.

“You know, around. You want to go to my room?”

“Not yet, let me eat first. Plus, i need to find Junmyeon and talk to him about something.”

“Oh, he’s probably fixing his hair in his room again. Why don’t i get your plate together while you go talk to him?”

“Yeah, ok sure! Thanks Channie!”  she then swirled around and went off in search of Suho, greeting the other members as she cut through the crowd.

“The sooner she finished talking to him, the sooner i spend time with her.” he thought as he put her plate together. he made sure to get  all her favorite snacks . “Ok, now to find her!”

Thankful fr his tall frame, he looked over everyone in the crowd to spot her. “… not here.” he moved down the hall. “excuse me… excuse me… excuse me…” he said as he tried to go down the hall, holding the plate above everyone’s heads.

He went to his roo,m ,hoping she was waiting for him in there. “Nope, not here.”

He made his way back in the hall, and went to Suho’s room. “She is probably still talking to him.”

Without knocking, he opened Suho’s door and walked in on something that stopped his heart. Suho’s lips on Y/n’s, Y/n’s lips on Suho’s, his hands going down her wait. Chanyeol’s mind couldn’t comprehend.

“Thankfully” they jumped away from each other. “It’s not what it looks like!” Suho said right away.

“Not what it looks like?!?” he couldn’t help but be angry.

“Channie, don’t tell anyone please? We’ve been trying to keep this a secret.” Y/n whimpered.

His eyes stung., his vision soon became blurry and a lump formed in his throat. “Secret?” He looked between the two of them and then threw the plate of food on Suho’s night stand before slamming the door shut. He couldn’t handle what he just saw, not them , not the people at the party, not anything.He needed to go outside and get some air and just be alone with his aching heart.

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D.O/ Kyungsoo:

They sat on either side of the couch, their legs under the blanket they were sharing.

He never knew what it was about crush that made a person look at the one they liked constantly, but right now he found him self doing just that. Y/n looked so cozy unnder thefluffy blanket, so ccalm as she read the book on her lap. Her hair was so pretty, her lips so perfect, well everything about her was perfect. 

He wanted nothing more than to profess his feelings for her, but each time in the past, he backed out becuase he is too scared of rejection. Right now he felt it would be a god time to finally tell her. They were the only ones inn the dorm and they were just having a nice time in each others company

“Y/n, I need to tell you something.” he said softly.

She looked up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers and he just froze.

“What’s up?”

“I- I - uh”

“Cat got your tongue or what?” she laughed 

Her smile made it even harder to get a word out and there was nothing else to do but to give up again. “Nothing… I just wanted to say that… that i wanted to make your meal for your birthday party next week!”

Her smile grew. “Really?”


“Kyungsoo, thank you!” she jumped up from her spot and went up to him to hug him.

1 week later

He had spent the whole day perfecting y/n’s favorite meal, enough for at least he, the rest of EXO, and y/n of course. Baking the cake was probably the easiest part of the whole day. He just wanted everything to go according to plan. He was going to actually confess to y/n. Plan A was that she was going to love the food, spend most of the night with him like she always does when she is over, enjoy her cake, then he was going to take her onto the roof, look out on the city and confess in the middle of their deep conversation.

However, things weren’t going exactly how he expected. throughout the party, y/v was with everyone else, mostly Baekhyun. He was really stealing her attention with his stupid antics. Only every so often would she talk to Kyungsoo. It sucked he didn’t talk to her as much as he wanted, but she looked like she was having fun, so that was what mattered. Also he used the time to go over exactly what he was going to say to her

“Guys, guys… Hey everyone!” Suho practically shouted. “Time for cake!”

“Cake!” Baekhyun cheered. he grabbed y/n’s hand and they both ran into the kitchen laughing with everyone else.

D.O stood by his cake with pride. He loved seeing y/n’s shocked face when she saw her cake. 

“Kyungsoo, this is amazing! Thank you!” she said, giving him a peck on the cheek.

He could feel himself melt but he held himself together as Y/n blew out her candles. 

It was now it was almost time that he was about to pull her to the side and reveal her feelings.

“Yay!” everyone cheered as they attacked the cake. 

“Guys! Guys!” Baekhyun stopped everyone just asthey were about to eat.

“What could he possibly want to say?” D.O thought.

Baekhyun, cleared his throat. “Uh… um” he walked over to Y/n  “So y/n and i have something to say.’ that’s when D.O saw Baekhyun intertwine his finger’s with y/n’s “…We’ve been dating for two months already!” 

“What?!?” the word just jumped out of him. Luckily for him, his rage came out as shock and it only made Y/n smile shyly. 

“We didn’t want to jinx anything by telling everyone right away, so we dated in secret first to see if we could last.” she explained.

D.O could feel his insides dropping to the floor. He felt light headed noting made sense. all he could do was slap a fake smile on his face as everyone cheered.

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Kai/ Jongin:

It was finally time for the lunch break during dance practice when the beautiful Y/n appeared.

“Hey guys!’‘ She beamed as they all crowded around her in excitement.

Y/n was originally Tao’s best friend, eventually befriending them all. With Tao not apart of the group anymore, Y/n mostly hung out with the remaining members of EXO-M. So obviously she greeted Lay, Xiumin, and Chen with a hug, then hugging a few of the other members she was a bit more close to. 

Kai held himself back like he always did. He just stayed behind D.O and gave her a shy wave like some idiot. 

Y/n wasn’t by often. She had her own friends, her own life, plus their own schedules were crazy. He and Y/n didn’t really talk much, they weren’t too close. He would try to talk to her and she would try to talk to him, but in the few time they did interact, he would get tongue tied and come off as word, but not a good weird like Baekhyun or Chen. But he knew alot about her from what the other members have said about her and from eavesdropping on her conversations with the other members. He might not have been close to her (because of his own fault), but he had a really big crush on her and he couldn’t get past it.

“Guys, I haven’t seen you all in forever!” he smiled that perfect smile that always made his heart skip a beat.

“So i have some news to tell you guys, but I won’t tell you guys until after I buy you all lunch!” she offered.

“Y/n, no, you don’t have to buy us all lunch.” Lay said walking up to her. 

“Yeah, you don’t have to” they all said.

Yixing, guys, it’s fine. I am just in a really good mood today, so let me get you all something from that new cafe around the corner. How does that sound? Cuz I’m not taking no for an answer.” she said through her smile.

“Yay!” they all cheered awkwardly.

“So who wants to come with me and help me carry everything?” Finally a chance for him to not be a coward and actually talk to her. 

“I will.” “I will!” he and Lay said at the same time.

They both looked at each other. “Jongin, you don’t have to. You practiced really hard today so you should have a nice rest.”

‘Nah Yixing, I’m not tired at all. Plus, you just got back a few days ago , you should rest instead.”

“No, it’s okay-”

“Yixing, don’t worry about it. Jongin, made a good point, just sit down and rest.” Y/n said.

Lay sat back down.

“Oh shit! What did i just make myself do?!?” he thought. “Now I am going to be alone iwth her for like 15 minutes! What am i going to say?!?” he panicked as they walked out of the studio.

“So how have you been?” he asked first. “We haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Oh, you know, here and there, skyping Tao, fangirling over him and you guys constantly.” 

He let out a nervous chuckle. “ And how is Tao?”

“He’s good. He misses you guys.” She said as she opened the door to the cafe.

“Upon entering the building, he lifted up his face mask, making a sad attempts to keep people from recognizing him in the crowded area and pushed his hair into his beanie.

Y/n learned a thing or to about the unspoken rules, so she knew that they wouldn’t be talking while they were in the cafe. 

The orders didn’t take long. And they were son walking out with arm fulls of food.

“So I heard you and Krystal broke up… How are you taking it?” Y/n said in a soft voice.

He only shrugged. “Things weren’t working out, schedules and all that.” that was only partially the reason. The other reason was his crush for y/n. He felt bad that his crush kept him from focusing on Krystal. It didn’t seem fair to date someone if his whole heart wasn’t in it. 

“Ah, sorry to hear that.”

“Eh, its alright, I kinda moved on. I like someone else now.” Instantly he shut his mouth. “Did I really just say that?!?” he thought.

“Well that’s good! Who do you like? Do I know her?!?” she asked eagerly.

He just shook is head shyly.

“Are you goinng to confess to her?”

Again he shook his head.

“Jongin, you should! You’re a catch!”

He could feel his face burning.

“You should tell her… You know I had a huge crush on someone and I finally confessed.”

He stopped walking, “What?”

She stopped with him, a huge smile on her face. “And we are dating right now!” she squealed

“Wa? Who are you dating? Do we knnow him?”

She came cup close. “Yixing!” she whispered.


“Yeah! That’s why I dropped by! We are going to tell everyone, but act surprised when we announce it!”

“Y-yeah, no problem.” he mumbled

“Thanks! And, take my advice Jongin. It might work out of you put yoursefl out there.”

“…Yeah …” He fake smiled. “…Yeah…. Should have thought about doinng that sooner.” he said to himself.

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“So that’s what I want to do with my life I guess…” Y/n concluded.

“Well that’s interesting. Knowing you, I am sure you will accomplish all that.” he smiled genuinely. 

He looked over to the end of his bed where Y/n sat. Y/n was a great person, a great friend. He was sick and the second she found out, Y/n rushed over to take care of him. She was a great friend, but was someone that he wanted as more than a friend. Lately she had been over at the dorm alot more often and her coming over just to look after him, he couldn’t help but feel maybe she had similar feelings for him. 

“But I’ve been talking way too much. You talk Sehun.”

“I don’t mind. I like hearing you talk.” He was too sick to talk in a full voice.

“You’re too nice” she giggled.

He shrugged like it was no big deal. “Yeah, I get that alot.” 

“And you’re humble too.” she added sarcastically.

“So what is your type of guy?” he asked “randomly.

“What? Why are you asking me that?” her eyes shifted all over.

“I don’t know, just to keep the conversation going.”

“Well, what is your type?”

““I asked you first.”

“And I asked you second!” 

He let out a chuckle, smitten by her childishness. “I can’t say I have a real type.”

“Or are you really not interesting in girls?” she asked teasingly. 

“Hey, I said my type is no type, so now you tell me your’e type.”


“C’mon! Now can you tell a sick person no?”

“…I … Well I can’t really have a type of i am already dating.”

“Wait what?”

“Cu i feel “what is your type” is a question you ask a single person that is looking for someone to date… I am not looking for someone to date.”

“But who are you dating!?!? When did you start dating someone?!?”

“Don’t freak out okay? I am only going to tell you this cuz you are my best friend… and i can;t keep it in anymore… but don’t tell anyone!”

Y/n took his silence ans his intense eye contact s a yes. “ So about a few weeks ago… Xiumin confessed to me and I have liked him forever and I said yes and we’ve been dating ever since!” she squealed.

“Xiumin?!?” he coughed.

“Yeah! He’s so hot and mature, but also cute and-” she babbled on and on as she gushed over his hyung. Every word was a stab to his heart and all he could do was sit back and let her talk, sad that she was smiling about someone that wasn’t him.

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finally ; archie andrews

fandom ; riverdale

summary/request ; can you do an archie andrews imagine? where archie liked the reader since 3rd grade and she liked him ack and something happens to her which makes him confess his love for her and she likes him back and fluff.

word count ; 1,087

character count ; 6,026

estimated reading time ; 3 minutes, 57 seconds

warnings ;  archie andrews being a cute shit (???) there’s also slight beronica at the end.

author’s note ; for my readers that are british (like me) 3rd grade basically means year 4, i think (kind of embarrased that i had to google that). i’m sorry it’s not that long, i just didn’t have much inspiration fir it. also, there’s no miss grundy, betty never had a crush on archie and nothing ever happened with veronica and archie, just clearing that up. another thing, i had to put reggie in, bc any reference to reggie/archie bromance is just life.

Beautiful. That was the first thing that came to his mind when he thought of her. Love at first sight may sound cliche, but that’s exactly what happened for Archie Andrews. Remember what it’s like? The first time you see them? You feel like your heart skipped a beat and your hands start shaking because you can’t believe that you are anywhere near this gorgeous creature. Archie knows what that’s like and the first time he felt it was in the 3rd grade, Mr Flynn’s class, the day he met Y/N Y/L/N.

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School Days Pt. 5 (Losers Club/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

(A/N: Also very Stan/Reader leaning in this part. It be like that sometimes. If this sucks it’s because I suck, actually. I’d rather die than proofread this so come eat the hell)

Summary: The Losers Club meets the reader and Stan at his house for an emergency meeting.

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a/n; feelin spoopy and since iris did vamp!jihoon imma complete the winkdeep ship like me and iris im so cringe delete me pls and this might be short sorry

warnings: mentions of blood and periods, read at your own discretion

“The realms of day and night. Two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.” 

  • you and jinyoung were classmates
  • like the both of you were in the same class for freshman year, and for this year the same class as well
  • not that you didn’t like jinyoung, in fact, you had a tiny crush on him
  • but so far, your encounters with him were sorta cold
  • like, just passing down of papers or like discussion for classwork
  • he never spoke beyond “yes” or “no” or “thank you”
  • and he never initiated conversations
  • whenever it was recess he would speed off to god knows where
  • you never/hardly saw him in the cafeteria
  • even if you do he eats, alot
  • by alot i mean 3 servings of bulgogi, egg, potatoes, rice and seaweed soup
  • and his water bottle is a thermos flask
  • whenever he takes a sip out of his flask his lips would be tinted a deep red
  • lowkey hot but let’s move on
  • you’ve always wondered what on earth he was drinking but you were lowkey scared of him,, his looks are intimidating
  • sometimes he would get off early from school
  • as sometimes he would become breathless and stuff
  • and the teacher just excuses him
  • and youre like
  • “excuse me i can act breathless *hyperventilates* and get off school too??”
  • ^ you @ your friends
  • “maybe he just has asthma–”
  • you don’t even know why you were so pressed tbh
  • until one fine day
  • you were just chilling in chemistry
  • listening to the chemistry teacher drone on about iron(II) sulfate
  • y’all im still pressed about iron(II) sulfate its my most hated solution on earth i want it to not exist in front of me ever again
  • “ok so to prove this, we have to do a test,, iron(II) will produce a dirty-green precipitate in sodium hydroxide…”
  • then you felt something
  • “its ok maybe its just discharge no biggie–”
  • surprise bitch its your period
  • you felt more blood coming out, you were lowkey panicking
  • you not socalmly took out your pad from your bag and raised your hands and excused yourself to the toilet
  • and when you confirmed that it was really your period, your mood got 10x worse
  • after you were done, you saw jinyoung waiting outside with a pack of blood
  • you were puzzled but decided to ignore him
  • “y/n!”
  • you were shook, it was the first time he actually addressed you like that
  • “here’s a pack of blood, since you’re on your period, you’re losing alot of blood… so, here’s one to replenish?”
  • you were legit confused
  • “why would i need blood?”
  • “wha–”
  • “and how do you know that i’m on my period?”
  • “i, could smell it”
  • “you could–smell? ok unless you’re a dog or you’re–”
  • you saw jinyoung’s eyes turned from a choco brown to a deep maroon red, and you were more afraid of him than anything now
  • “sorry jinyoung, i gotta go.”
  • you ran off to the opposite side of school, in the abandoned toilets by the sports hall
  • what the hell did you just see
  • you saw jinyoung’s eyes turned red at the blink of your eyes
  • and him giving you a pack of blood?
  • that could only mean one thing…
  • he’s a vampire
  • it lowkey sucks because you had your cca, rhythmic gymnastics after school,
  • on the first day of your period,
  • after school ends at 3pm,
  • and upon discovery that jinyoung was a vampire
  • to make things worse, your teacher had to make you memorise a new routine for a competition in a week
  • “what’s wrong with you today, y/n? you can’t do your jumps properly, you can’t catch and hold your ribbon, neither can you hold your scorpion, what can you do?!
  • “i had my period today–”
  • “don’t you dare use your period as an excuse to slack off training! you’d better do well or you’re out of the school team.”
  • all you could do was sigh and grudgingly pick up your ribbon, take a gulp of water and continue the routine again
  • soon enough, you were seeing stars, and then your world was pitch black.
  • when you woke up, you were in the nurse’s office
  • you saw jinyoung by your side, his head rested on the side of the bed
  • you immediately shifted aside, which made him wake up immediately
  • “w-why are you here?”
  • “i’m a member of the first aid,” he showed off his club tee and his name tag, “i was assigned to look after you.”
  • “you won’t, drink my blood right?”
  • jinyoung threw his head back in laughter, making you confused
  • “y/n, do you think i would drink your period blood?” he held his stomach in laughter, “that’s gross, we aren’t that thirsty to drink your period blood.”
  • he knows i know that he’s a vampire, you thought
  • “then why did your eyes turn red just now?”
  • “i gave up my favourite pack of blood for the girl i like, obviously i was hungry–”
  • “the girl i like?” 
  • “i…i said nothing, you don’t–”
  • “the boy i like happens to be a vampire… and a very good looking member of the first-aid club… what do i do?”
  • just then, jinyoung’s stomach growled, which made him smile sheepishly
  • “i guess i’ll get going–”
  •  you held out your forearm for jinyoung, making him widen his eyes
  • “just take it.” you thrusted your forearm at him, “at least i can skip training if my blood sugar is low.”
  • “i can’t–”
  • “A+ blood, is your favourite… you couldn’t drink it thanks to me… I owe you one.”
  • “it’s in my bag–”
  • jinyoung just placed a light peck on your forearm, smiling to you as he exited the office
  • “what…” you scoffed
  • but hey that was cute
  • you and jinyoung just started dating without asking “will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend” LOL
  • in class, you and jinyoung would sit beside each other
  • which raised a few eyebrows but people supported it
  • there were many instances where you willingly shoved your forearm under jinyoung’s nose
  • his eyes would turn red but he would never feed off you
  • until one day he forgot to bring his thermos flask of blood, he had no choice but to feed on your blood or he would prolly die
  • the gentlest of vampires, his bite mark is very faint which would disappear in a few days
  • and also your accomplice in skipping trainings
  • other than that, jinyoung would be a very nice and ordinary boyfriend
  • and wouldn’t mind skinship
  • except that one time when he tried to kiss you his fangs accidentally cut your lip
  • “i have a plaster with a blood capsule so it will compensate for the blood loss”
  • feels super sorry and makes up by treating you ice cream and lots of cuddles
  • overall, a very naive and innocent boyfriend and vampire
  • pls protec

C: So I’m a queer teenager. I’ve known this for years, but my mom won’t accept my identity. She thinks I’m going through a phase, and if I convert back to Christianity, I’ll go back to “normal”. Anyways, I like someone (let’s call him P). Mind you, I haven’t had a crush on a person that lasted more than 3 days since 7th grade, and I’m in 12th grade now. P likes me back, which is shocking and great for me. We exchanged numbers and things been great. We flirt at work and stay up late texting each other. I asked him out on a date a week from now, but asked my mutual friend (let’s call her D) to third wheel. I did this because my mom likes D and won’t let me go out with a person she doesn’t know. I asked my mom if I can go to the movies and etc. with D. She said yes. I asked if it was okay if P could come too. She’s like “Who’s P?”. I describe him and shit goes downhill. Mind you, P is transgender (ftm) and he looks like a butch lesbian. My mom kept misgendering P and saying he’s a boy. Instead of going back in forth with her, I just asked her again if P can join. She said she don’t think so, she doesn’t like that. I’m so pissed. What does she think is going to happen to me? He’s not going to try have sex with me, not at the movies. He can’t get me pregnant. D, a girl my mom trusts, is going to be there with us. She’s telling me to be a normal teenager, but shut down ideas like this. My nana (grandma) said my mom likes things to go be a certain way, which is her way. I don’t understand why my mom is like this. I really like P. He improves my mood overall.


pairing: hoseok | reader + werewolf! au

words: 3.2k+

genre: fluff / slight angst /a try at action 

warning: slight swearing 

summary: there were five easy steps to telling his crush that he likes her, and that he’s a werewolf.

a/n: this is officially my longest fic. hope y’all like it!! i did a werewolf!jungkook imagine too so check that out !! oh, and happy halloween, lovelies !!

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[1] ; the classroom

you had met him at the place where, usually, every girl met her first love.

high school.

freshman year was supposed to be a rocky and unstable year, full of ups and downs. it was the year you found out who your bullies are, which teachers hate you and which you hate and of course the subjects you’d fail for the rest of the year.

sophomore year was when you’d start giving your studies less attention (not in your case, though) and start worrying more about finding good, loyal and long lasting friends. the friends who promise that they’ll be right there, by your side. sometimes, they kept their promises and not share your secrets, however, other times, not so much.

junior year. it was tough. but it was also the year most people prioritized their love life over their school life. on the other hand, there were people who loved to study and would never date.

you, in your junior year in high school, were one of those people. but something changed. you were always someone who loved to read and write and memorise lines from Macbeth in her free time, but a certain someone changed that perception of you, your own perception of yourself, that is.

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You're a Masterpiece

Jughead Jones x Reader

Jughead and I have been friends for about 8 years now and I really regret it took us this long because I have missed out on many more years of a beautiful friendship. To say Jug was just a friend would be a bold face lie, I had been crushing on Jug for the last 3 years. I don’t particularly remember what happened for me to start feeling the way I do about him but when I started liking the way his eyes shone when he’s telling a story or talking about something that means a lot to him, when that unique smile of his makes an appearance or the very rare heart felt belly aching laugh of his graces our ears my heart goes crazy, my stomach doing summersaults.

“Daydreaming of the day you and Jughead finally walk down the isle?” Veronica, smirked snapping me out of my state of concentration. It was just a boring Saturday night spent at Pops but the only difference was Cheryl Blossom was gracing us with her presence which seemed to have been happening a lot lately.

“Ronnie” I whined like a child. I wasn’t embarrassed about my feelings for Jug, I was attracted to him physically and personality wise there was just a spark that I felt and if Jug doesn’t feel it, I would just have to suck it up and get on with my life. “Wait, you and Jughead?” Cheryl gaped like the idea of us even being together was so shocking. Maybe it was to outsiders but I knew all our friends were rooting for us even if Jug is still oblivious himself.

“Don’t be a bitch” Ronnie warned, Cheryl holding her hands up in surrender. “I’m not judging I just never seen that coming” Veronica and Cheryl’s friendship had grown a lot since Jason’s funeral mostly because I think Cheryl knows Ronnie won’t hesitate to put her in her place but also they connect on some sort of level. The chime of Pops door had us all turning around only to be greeted by Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones who both seemed to be staring at the four of us in anticipation.

The four of us sharing quick glances between each other. “You guys want to join us?” Betty, asked turning back towards two of our good friends. It was a big step for Betty to take considering things are still rocky with her and Andrews given she just put herself out there and got shot down, which is why I think she understands my predicament. But was also oblivious to it until Veronica, rolled into town and figured it out within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Archie took a seat between Betty and Veronica and Jug jumped over the back of the booth, like usual, taking the seat between me and Cheryl.

“Well isn’t this a dynamic group of friends” Jug smirked resting his arm on the back of the booth. “That’s what makes us so great” V, grinned glancing at Betty. “Ripped at every edge” Jug winked, taking my probably cold coffee and drinking it. “But you’re a masterpiece” I looked up at him continuing the song, so much more meaning behind those words than Jughead is aware of.


“I felt like i needed to repost this cause i want the truth to come out. Im a bisexual and proud to be a bisexual” When I was around 6 years old I knew i didn’t fit in with society, I knew I was different I felt different. Girls my age started to talk about boys how cute the boys were.for me yeah I thought they were cute but I started thinking how cute this girl was in my class. I kept thinking about how I could I think that a boy & a girl was cute I was so confused. When I was 9 I will struggling to find out what was wrong with me so I went to the only person I could trust my older brother. He was practicing his new dance routine with me when I just shouted out that I like boys & girls, he stopped to look at me I was literally crying I was so confused I hoped he could help me. My brother just wiped my tears and said I was struggling with my sexuality he told me that I might be a bisexual and that its normal no matter what people say. When I was 15 I was in high school its had been 3 years since I lost my brother he was the only one who knew my about my sexuality he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone till I was ready to tell people. During my high school I was really trying to just like guys but it was hard when you have a crushes on girls as well. On July 7th 2015 age 17 @shanedawson came out as bisexual now he was the reason I came out he was my idol I looked up to him. So I decided to tell everyone I told my friends on Twitter first cause I knew they would understand but them came the worst part telling my family. At the time my parents weren’t divorced they were in California visiting family I was at home in Illinois I decided to Skype them. My parents & siblings understood me and loved me at least that’s what I thought. A week later my parents divorced I was currently living with my mom when she came home drunk and started saying that my faggot ass needed to leave that I was the reason she was divorced & why she has cancer( Now before you hate on my mom we made up she said she sorry we are all good). The worst part was my mom side of the family & my step dad they were very mexican christen people they hated me & the fact that bi. As for my father and british His family they loved me and they supported me. Yeah having one side of the family support while the other side doesn’t hurts. As for high school they found out cause words spreads fast some supported me while some will push me & call me names like worthless fag. The worst part of high school was senior prom age 18 I was asked by a guy who I currently liked when I went to prom he & his friends organized paint to dropped on my head when I took pictures all I heard was laughter & “my date” say look at the faggot she crying. After prom I just kept to myself and graduated high school thinking I’m free. So here I am today 18 almost 19 year old Angela sitting here telling you my story about how I came out as a bisexual & I’m so happy that I’m finally me after years hiding I’m finally free to be me. I love you all & thanks for reading my story “If anyone has a problem with me being bi please feel free to have your opinions, call me names, unfollow me, im not going to be mad about your opinions thats not how i roll so i dont care what you do im happy for being the real me” -love Angela

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Things You Should Know About Being Lithsexual

1. It’s the sexual or romantic desire for a relationship that fades when it is reciprocated. The sexuality of “Why haven’t you gotten a boyfriend yet?” and “Do you really just enjoy playing with people’s feelings?” and “Is that even real thing?“
2. I have heard these questions a million times, and most of the time they are asked by me
3. These questions come late at night, creeping in my mind and refusing to get out, making everything look darker, making the walls look like they’re caving in on me and the closet seem like it has monsters hiding inside, but I am the monster.
4. When I love, I love deeply. When I was 5 years old I fell in love for the first time. The crush lasted until I was 13. Now maybe I realize that if I had actually told him how I felt I would have gotten over him sooner.
5. I have seen every single romantic comedy, romantic drama, and romantic sic-fi movie on netflix. I watch them friday nights, when all of my friends are out on dates and I am alone.
6. I have always wanted a love like in those movies. But now I see that its only because I know that I’ll never have it. Because once you have it, you can lose it.
7. I broke up with my first girlfriend after 4 weeks. I had simply just lost feelings for her. I used to grin like an idiot when she texted me, but suddenly I just didn’t want to respond. I used to love when she hugged me, but then it felt clingy and unnatural. I used to get butterflies in my lungs when she held me, but then I just flat out could not breathe. She was one of my best friends, and I still loved her. Just not that way, anymore.
8. The second I ended the relationship, I started liking this boy. I had found out from a friend of his that he liked me and this other girl. At first, I cried because I could never compare to her. But then I cried because I hoped he picked her, because she wouldn’t ruin everything like I knew I would.
9.It hits me that I will never get married. I don’t think I can stay in love long enough to convince someone that I am worthy of devoting their life to. I see couples holding hands and laughing and I am tempted to try again, see if maybe it is because I haven’t found the right person, maybe those weren’t supposed to work out. No. I remind myself that I should have been in love with the people who came before. They did everything right. Maybe I can only fall in love with ideas.
10. I still tape “Say Yes to the Dress”
11. Im too afraid to go to pride. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be proud that I have ruined people and destroyed friendships and broken hearts that used to be so full. I don’t understand how it is classified as a sexuality when it feels like a disorder. Like a person comes in and turns a light in my heart on but then my sexuality comes and flips it off with no warning or reason.
12. How am I supposed to live like this?
Why is it that I am unable to love people like they love me?
13. What am I supposed to tell family members who ask me why I’m not dating, or why I haven’t gotten married yet? How am I supposed to tell my grandparents who have been asking and asking for grandkids? How can I look the people who ask me out in the eye when they get angry at me for leading them on, for flirting but never following through?
14. What am I supposed to do when I am all alone?
15. I think the key to dealing with all this, every bad thought that comes with this sexuality is to remember that its who you are. 16.That its the sexuality of always being there for late nights with friends, for loving yourself and your life, the sexuality of midnight cookie dough and not wearing pants all day, the sexuality of traveling alone and loving the simplest things in life
17. I know I’m never going to be a role model, a poster child for akoisexuals, but maybe this is at least something to raise awareness. We are here. We are valid. We are learning to love ourselves, learning to be proud of who we are.
18. And that’s all anyone can do.

A poem written and submitted by @emilygracecatherine

‘Bestfriend’ - Kim Seokjin X Reader

I don’t know how many people read these notes but oh well.

So… I know loads of people are waiting for 7 Years but I really needed to get this out. This is a true story (lol mine) and everything stated in it happened literally last week. Well, everything up until reader starts hanging out with Jin (because i’m not that lucky). I decided to post it because It’s been finished for more than a week and I’ve been so busy with school and I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing for this week. The next part to 7 years will definitely be out later today or tomorrow.

I legit don’t know what to do with my friend right now, I feel betrayed but I’m not petty (or confident) enough to confront her. (I’m secretly happy when something is wrong with their relationship because I’m a silent but deadly bitch. Kind of like silent farts.)

Anyway, thanks for reading. <3

It had taken you exactly 3 days to admit you had a crush on a boy. It had taken 2 seconds for your best friend, Eun-ha to approve of the realtionship, claiming you were her ‘OTP’.

Dong-Woo wasn’t just any boy, at least not to you. You had been placed next to him in the seating arrangement at the beginning of the school year and had at first ignored him. However, he had easily broke through the wall you had placed around yourself, with his charming humour and soon enough you had become friends. You shared the same music, game and movie taste. It all seemed unreal if you were being honest because how can two people have so many common interests?

Your friendship had progressed with each week until suddenly his comments began to do more than make you laugh. Butterflies flooded your stomach and no matter what he said it never failed to bring a smile to your face. You hated it at first and had been in denial.

That’s when Eun-ha had come in. She took notice of your exchanges and your reactions and had enthusiastically told you she envied your friendship. She pestered you about your feelings for 3 days and you opened up, not being able to take her nonstop questioning.

Soon enough all of your friends had found out about your feelings and had taken it upon themselves to comment on how much of a cute couple you and Dong-Woo would make.

Your interactions with him seemed to get deeper and you felt as if maybe, just maybe, he felt the same spark you did.

Then out of nowhere, you began to grow distant. You weren’t sure how or why but your conversations grew shorter along with the amount of times you saw each other a week until a time came where you didn’t speak at all. You were hurt to say the least and you ignored the rumour being spoken about him.

However, Your friends had heard the rumour and they were evidently worried about you. They had told you he had played with another girls feelings and you, in return, told them that you had gotten over him. That there were no lingering feelings. The doubtful look in their eyes was enough to let you know that they didn’t believe you.

To be honest, you didn’t believe yourself either.

Then came a time where he was added to a group chat you were in. You didn’t know if you should feel excited or annoyed so you stuck with in between. You occasionally spoke to him, your friends joining in and you were reminded of how things used to be.

That is until Eun-ha messaged you to let you know he had been private messaging her. You didn’t think much of it, it’s not like they had even held a conversation let alone hung out together.  When she had shown you the type of messages he had been sending, you brushed it off, telling her he was probably speaking to other girls too. That didn’t stop the little pangs in your heart that came with every time he sent her a kiss.

The painful throbbing didn’t stop there. He began to boast about an amazing girl who seemed like the perfect one for him on the chat and you hid your true feelings behind ‘lols’ and sarcastic comments.

A day came when he private messaged you. You remember how your heart had skipped a beat at the sight of his name at the top of your screen. Upon opening the message, your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach.

'Hey, if you’re not still going to meet Eun-ha, I could go instead. I kind of want to see her today…’

A frown graced your face and annoyance settled within you. Why was he so obsessed with her? They’ve literally been speaking for 4 days. You sighed, deciding to give him a blunt reply.

'I’m still going.’

His answer was immediate.

'Oh okay, well where does she live because I’m in the area and I’m not familiar with it.’

That’s right, he lives about an hour and a half away. All this just to see Eun-ha. Instead of dwelling in your thoughts, you gave him directions on how to get to her house.

Looks like you’d be seeing Dong-Woo today.


Dong-Woo arrived at Eun-ha’s house half an hour after you. At first, the familiar casual conversation sparked up between you two but as soon as Eun-ha was in sight his face brightened. Soon enough, you were forgotten and laughter filled the room as Dong-Woo cracked jokes with her.

You decided to go home early.

The next day you were shocked to discover that Dong-Woo had ended up staying the night. When your friends had questioned Eun-ha on her feelings for him, her response was that 'she didn’t like him like that and would never do that to Y/N.’

Then came the party. She had organised a little gathering with your group, Dong-Woo and one of her new friends who went by the name Seokjin. As the night progressed, you spent your time getting to know Seokjin or, as he preferred to be called, Jin.

Drinks were soon brought out and slowly, people began to get drunk. You blamed the alcohol for the public displays of affection Eun-ha and Dong-Woo were sharing, even though you knew better. You decided to retreat to the kitchen with Jin.

“So… what do you think of Dong-Woo?” Your head snapped up at the mention of his name only to find Jin staring back at you expectantly. You let out a small smile and rested your cheek on your palm.

“He’s obsessed with her. It’s obvious. I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact I liked him.” Jin nodded and silently sighed to himself.

“I don’t think it’s right for people who only began talking a couple of days ago to be that touchy. Especially since he threw away his friendship with her ex just to be with her. But that might be just me overthinking things.” You shook your head and sipped your lemonade before responding.

“No, I agree but there’s not much we can do about it now.” He took a bite out of his slice of pizza before slowly nodding.

Towards the end of the night, your group had somehow managed to end up in the park next door. As usual Dong-Woo and Eun-ha were all over each other and you stuck by Jin making light conversation. It was when they had both retreated to the side of the park alone that you decided that the best option would be to leave with Jin but as you parted ways with him you felt a lingering sense of guilt for leaving your other friend drunk.

Upon returning you were greeted with the sight of Dong-Woo and Eun-ha passionately kissing. You weren’t sure whether you regretted coming back but you focused on getting your friend home.

When you had made it back home the first person you spoke to was Jin. He seemed as surprised as you were and you were glad to know someone felt the same way. Seeking comfort you spent the rest of the evening speaking to him.


Waking up the next morning, you were greeted with the news that Eun-ha was officially dating Dong-Woo. Crying was what any other person would do but you realised that you didn’t feel anything. Not hurt nor happy.

“I must be a cold-hearted bitch to not feel anything.” That’s what you told yourself and although you truly did not know how you felt, you found that they both occupied your thoughts almost every minute of every day.

As the weeks had come and gone, you found yourself talking to Jin more and more until you had started hanging out on a weekly basis.

“Wait! So you were serious about liking Dong-Woo first? I thought that was a joke.” You chuckled at his cluelessness. “Yep, I was deadly serious.” He stared at you wide eyed as if you had done something he had never seen before.

“And you just let the relationship go on? That’s admirable.” You covered your face with your hands, suddenly embarrassed.

“But not as admirable as me, Kim Seokjin.” You burst into another fit of laughter at his confidence. “If only I had your confidence.”

You felt a burning gaze on you and when you turned to look at him, you found him already staring intensely.

“You should. You’re a really beautiful person. Not as much as me, obviously, but almost on par.”

You smiled at his words because you knew that was probably the biggest compliment he had ever given in his life. “Wow, if I didn’t know any better I’d think your trying to tell me something Jin.”

He took a bite out of his third bowl of noodles, slurping them into his mouth and chewing, mumbling something with his mouth full.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“Maybe I am.”

For the first time in possibly 3 months, the familiar feeling of butterflies returned and you felt your cheeks grow warm.

“Tell me then…” As the words left you, he let grin slowly spread on his face.

“Maybe another day.” He placed a hand to his lips and blew his signature flying kiss towards you, a giggle escaping your lips.

“Okay, another day.”

You were fine with that.


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I can imagine Jungkook sitting on the sofa searching old videos of him &Jm and all the times that they've flirted or Jimins gotten flustered. And all of a sudden Jimin walks past &rests on the arm rest draping half of his body over Jungkook to peak at what he's watching. Jungkook looks at him with the most sincerest eyes and jm thinks he's gonna say something sweet to him until kook opens his mouth. 'You had a crush on me, that's so embarrassing!' ... 'Jungkook.. We've been married for 3 years'

JEA;FOIEJF. “JUNGKOOK WE’VE BEEN MARRIED FOR 3 YEARS” I’M CACKLING!!! LIKE, I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS HAPPENING LMAO. LIKE, JUNGKOOK WOULD BE THAT  GUY. HE’D BE like “look at how you looked at me, lol. you had a crush on me, didn’t you? how lame!” and jimin would literally be like playing with his engagement ring, looking at jungkook with the most confused eyes like “you had a crush on me too??? we were literally dating then???” lmaoo. 

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Can you do another au based on your relationship? The last one was cute!

Yeah! I’ll do jamilton version of me and him getting together!!

They had been friends for three years when Thomas randomly face timed Alex at like four am. Alex was like ‘why are you calling me at this absurd hour’ and Thomas was like ‘I have a crush on someone.’

This made Alex nervous bc he developed a crush on Thomas around 3 months before that so Alex asked who Thomas had a crush on. Thomas refused to tell Alex but he said they could play 20 questions and then Alex could have three guesses at the end.

It quickly became apparent that Alex was the crush but Alex was scared to guess himself at risk of making things very awkward. So he stretched the game out for about an hour before Thomas got really frustrated and just yelled 'It’s you! Like how do you not get that it’s you?!“

Alex got really quiet for about thirty seconds before he said: “I knew that the entire time.”

Sarcasm  -  Johnten ft. Doyoung  - LifeGuard!AU

Requested by: @mokuxyobi, I hope you enjoy this and aren’t too disappointed! <3

Word Count: 925

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: LifeGuard!AU, Fluff

It was the last day of the week, and their shift was almost over.

Best friends since middle school, Johnny, Ten, and Doyoung decided it would be a fun idea to be lifeguards at their local pool during the summer they had left before college began.

Doyoung watched the kiddie area, keeping an eye on any children that might think going to the deep end of the pool was a smart idea when they could barely keep their heads over the water.

Ten and Johnny alternated between making sure nobody ran around the pool and that nobody got too excited and ended up hurting themselves or anybody around them.

They were the dynamic trio, but everybody could always spot Ten and Johnny together, even when Doyoung wasn’t around.

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Mini Fic!!

Not what I’d been planning to but here’s another mini fic. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


It’s a fan of his that sends him the video. Actually, most of his fanbase is talking about it and sending him the link non-stop.  

Yuri is still reeling from his last fashion show, sprawled quite wildly on the backseat of the first cab that would stop for a drunk model. His colleagues were still in the bar, singing their asses off in the karaoke.  

@yuripfan: omg @yuri-plisetsky check this out!! (laughing emojis) youtube.com/watch?v=…

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