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yesterday at work my coworker was talking about how she only wore chokers to make her neck look skinnier, then stood over the vent so her shirt billowed up and said ‘this is what I feel like’ and proceeded to say she meant to go to the gym but she ate jimmy johns instead - all while I was literally eating jimmy johns. I didn’t say anything to any these comments and when she mentioned the last part I just walked away and a few moments later came back and said “so actually I am in recovery from an eating disorder and it’s really hard to me to hear this kind of stuff, could we maybe talk about something else?” and it was scary but I did it and I’m glad I did, or else she’d just keep saying things I really couldn’t hear.

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└ This graphic was too cute even though I still haven’t watched it yet!!!

Cr: VS Arashi Opening Talk 09.03.2017

Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Partial Takes 1 + 2, Unknown Partial Take)
The Beatles

July 25th/28th?, 1969 (EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London): The Beatles work on the arrangements for ‘Polythene Pam’ and ‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’. 

PAUL: Hello.

JOHN: Hello.

PAUL: [laughs] Word in your ear. 

JOHN: Oh sorry, I fucked it.

PAUL: I’m glad you did. 

JOHN: Oh, good.

PAUL: ’Cause I had earlier, but I wasn’t going to tell. [John chuckles]


Reader x Mikaelsons

Requested By Anon

“Will you shut up Klaus?” You sighed from the sofa making Klaus glare at you.

“Excuse me?” He sighed and you smiled sweetly as Kol handed you a bag of Doritos.


“I’m trying to watch my show, so go be dramatic somewhere else.” You waved him off and Elijah had to hide his chuckle.

“I will send you back where you came from.” Klaus threatened.

“Hmm that’d be a good trick… where do vampire, banshee werewolves come from?” You frowned and fake pouted at Klaus who glowered and admitted defeat as his siblings burst into laughter.

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Joker Imagine - a henchman harrasses you

Anonymous said:Hey love ! Could you do a story where the reader is left alone with daddy j’s henchmen and over time one specific one harasses her behind daddy j’s back and he tells her she’s too weak for him stuff like that ,makes her cry etc.. and when he finds out through another henchmen he goes ballistic and tortures the fuck out of him and then daddy j gets all sweet and stuff, love your writing !!!!😘😘😘💘

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Take care of her’’ J told his men as he got ready to go. He was going on a heist that I was supposed to go to as well, but I got sick so I had to stay at home with some of his henchmen. ‘’And don’t do anything stupid doll’’ He told me and kissed my head. ‘’I won’t’’ I chuckled and then sniffled. I had a running nose. ‘’I know..Just watch out’’ He said strangely. Then he had to go. I wished him luck and watched as my green haired criminal boyfriend went out to break some more laws. 

‘’So what do you guys do around here?’’ I turned around to face the henchmen that stayed here. They weren’t very social with me, but  I could probably get them talking. They were all bigger and stronger than me, but I trusted them. ‘’Well I could show you around’’ One of them spoke up and walked up to me. The guy had huge muscles, loads of tattoos, blonde hair in a quiff and a few scars. He was wearing a black tank top, jeans, sunglasses and his gun belt. ‘’Sounds fine’’ I smiled and then sniffled again. The other henchmen looked at each other strangely, but remained quiet. 

He led me to the elevator and I followed him kindly. I was sick so I couldn’t even go and practise shooting. So he was my company until J would come back home. ‘’Where are we going?’’ I asked him as he pressed a button that I didn’t see. ‘’I’ll show you the storage floor’’ He told me with a deep voice. I nodded and just stood still as the elevator went down.

The elevator doors opened again and I saw a long hall with loads of doors. I couldn’t even remember being here because I was mostly in the penthouse. The henchman walked further inside and I followed right next to him. A few henchmen were here as well, who knows why. Suddenly he opened a door to a room. That’s when I felt weird. Why would he take me to such an isolated place? Stupidly I walked into the room with him. It was empty. 

‘’Now that we’re alone I can get honest’’ He started and made me nervous. So he wasn’t going to show me around after all. ‘’What do you mean?’’ I questioned this man and glanced at the door. It was shut. ‘’You’re so weak holy fuck. Seriously I don’t understand what boss sees in you’’ He started and seemed to be angry. My heart started hammering in my chest and I stared at him in shock. ‘’You shouldn’t be together’’ He chuckled and walked towards me. ‘’H-Hey..Let’s not talk about me and J okay?’’ I tried to smile, but it hurt. Then I back off until I was between him and a wall. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

‘’I bet he’s with you just for the pussy’’ He laughed and suddenly touched my body. ‘’Let me go’’ I groaned and slapped his hand away from me. Suddenly he grabbed my throat harshly and kept me against the wall so hard I couldn’t breathe. I tried to rip his hands off of me, but he was stronger. ‘’Be a good girl for me..Don’t do that again’’ He whispered in front of my face and I could feel his hot breath. It made me sick in my stomach.

 Suddenly his grip loosened a little and I gasped for air. Tears stung my eyes and I knew I was trapped. ‘’Oh..You’re not to tough then boss isn’t around’’ He fake pouted and then started laughing. Tears ran down my face silently and I felt like I was shrinking. He made me really scared, especially because he was so strong and I was sick. I didn’t even have my gun with me to protect myself.

Suddenly his other hand cupped my left boob and my eyes widened. ‘’Please stop..’’ I begged as my breath hitched in my throat. His other hand was still around my neck and it made breathing harder. ‘’I won’t stop until I want to you whore’’ He spat, making more tears gush down my face. My body was trembling from fear and I just wanted to find J. Then to make things worse, he pressed his dirty lips against mine. I screamed and tried to pull my face back, but he just choked me so I stopped wiggling. His other hand was squeezing my boobs harshly and I felt so fucking humiliated. He was trying to make out with me as I was trying not to throw up on him.

‘’If you tell J, I’ll kill you..’’He threatened me angrily. Then he looked at me seriously. I just nodded, being too scared to fight him. ‘’Is that clear?’’ He growled and then squeezed my jaw so it hurt. ‘’Yes’’ I whimpered and swallowed my tears. I felt so disgusting right now. ‘’Good you damn ugly bitch’’ He spat again and then yanked my hair. I winced in pain as he pushed me against the wall so he was behind me. His hand slapped my ass and I groaned in pain. ‘’Stop it!’’ I screamed again, but only angered him. ‘’Shut the fuck up’’ He hissed angrily. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath. 

‘’I’d teach you a lesson, but I don’t want you to get a kid running around. Tomorrow come to me with protection’’ He said with a low voice. My heart skipped a beat and I started trembling again. I would not do that. I just couldn’t, but for now I just nodded because I was too scared to disobey. ‘’Now fuck off’’ He growled and pushed me towards the door. I opened it quickly and left the floor. I literally ran into the elevator and pressed the button to go to the penthouse. As the elevator doors shut, I slid down the walls and sat down. Tears started gushing down my face wildly and I was sobbing loudly.

I couldn’t believe what just happened.

The elevator doors opened before I reached the penthouse and two henchmen walked in. As they saw me, they seemed worried. They knew that if I got hurt, someone would die. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ One of them, Jimmy asked me. I shook my head because I was unable to speak. Then I stood up and looked down so they couldn’t see my ugly crying face. ‘’Was it Mark? The one who showed you around?’’ The other henchman asked me. ‘’It’s nothing’’ I whimpered and then focused on my trembling hands.

The elevator went up and I was by the penthouse. I walked out of the elevator, past some guards and inside my home. I kicked off my shoes and hurried to the bathroom. I felt so dirty that I just had to shower. As I got undressed, I started crying loudly again. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Go to him tomorrow? Tell J? Die?


*POV CHANGE Joker’s P.O.V.*

The heist went just as planned. I was so happy about it and I couldn’t wait to tell everything to Y/N. I got home and noticed that my henchmen had been acting weird, but no one said anything. ‘’Y/N?’’ I called out for her as I stepped inside the penthouse. Her shoes were on the floor, not neatly as usually. That was weird. That’s when I heard crying. I walked closer to the sound until I found her in the shower of our master bathroom. I shut the bathroom door as I stepped in. She was sitting on the shower floor, letting the warm water hit her back.

‘’What happened?’’ I asked her and took off my shirt. ‘’Nothing’’ She lied, obviously hurt by something. I sighed and got completely undressed. Then I joined her in the shower, helping her up. She wrapped her arms around me. Her body was trembling even tho the water was hot. ‘’Tell me what’s wrong’’ I cooed and hugged her back. 

‘’I can’t..It’s nothing’’ She mumbled and sighed. I didn’t want to push her, so I just let it be for now. Maybe my henchmen knew since they were all acting so weird earlier. Whatever it was, I’d find it out someway. 

                   Y/N fell asleep after the shower and I put the blanket on her body. She was in our bed so I thought it was safe to leave her for a little while. I got two floors down where most of my henchmen always were, either in the main big office or their own offices. As I walked in, I got glanced at strangely. ‘’Now does anyone want to tell me why my girl was scared to death when I came home?’’ I broke the silence and played with my gun. Frost appeared out of nowhere and walked up to me. ‘’Jimmy and Poison wants to talk to you about it’’ Frost admitted with a quiet voice. I gave him a strange look, but let him lead me to two other henchmen.

They were in an office drinking coffee as I got there. As soon as they saw me, they stood up. ‘’What’s going on?’’ I growled deeply and looked at each of them. ‘’Mark had talked about hurting Y/N lately and bad shit about her..Just as you left he took her down to the storage floor’’ Jimmy started and then looked at Poison, an intelligent killer. ‘’I saw him take her to a room. I heard screaming, but the door was locked from the outside. Then she stormed off crying. Then Mark came up later and bragged about what he had done’’ Poison let me know. I felt like a vein would pop in my head from anger.

Oh how I would fucking torture that asshole for hurting my lady. ‘’Where is he?’’ He growled and started to breathe heavily. No one would hurt Y/N and get away with it. ‘’In his office’’ Frost informed me. I stormed off and left them behind. Mark’s office wasn’t far away. I ripped the door open and pointed at him with my gun. He was sitting by his desk, doing some paperwork or something. ‘’You know..birds have been singing anf they sang something like ‘Mark is screwed Mark is screwed for hurting Joker’s girlfriend’’ I growled in a mocking tone. His eyes widened and he stared at my gun, turning pale as time passed.

‘’That’s not t-true’’ He stuttered and raised his arms.’’Liar’’ I hissed and then pushed him against the wall. I looked deep into his eyes and nearly saw his beating heart. He was terrified. ‘’You really fucked up man’’ I let him know and then hit his neck with my gun. He groaned out in pain and fell down on his knees. ‘’Frosty would you do me a favour and take this pig to the torture room?’’ I called out for Frost who came here asap. ‘’Yes boss’’

                             An hour passed rather slowly. Mark was tied to a chair in the torture room and he was barely alive anymore. What I had done to him wasn’t for sensitive people. Even so called strong people would get the chills and gag if they would hear details. Let’s just say that Mark didn’t look like himself anymore.He was bleeding from random places and I had carved things on his body. Long story short, he was 100% regretting what he had done.

‘’I think that the dogs would love to finish you off’’ I laughed at him. There was a small ray of life in his eyes left. He was trembling and breathing heavily. Frost walked in two beautiful dogs, my German Shepherds. ‘’Finish him’’ I told the dogs who attacked mark. One last shout escaped his mouth before he fell silent. I walked out of the room, smiling because I knew he was dead. 

I got back to the penthouse and headed straight to Y/N. She was in bed, but she wasn’t sleeping. She was crying again. ‘’It’s okay..’’ I broke the silence and joined her in bed. I threw off my bloody shirt and then wrapped my arms around her. ‘’No it’s not J’’ She sobbed , obviously scared. So she didn’t know yet. ‘’Y/N ..’’ I said her name and looked deep into her pretty eyes.

‘’I killed him. He can’t hurt you anymore’’ I let her know. Her tears stopped and her lips parted. She seemed shocked. ‘’How did you even know?’’ She breathed out and then sniffled, probably because she had cried so much and because she was sick. ‘’The other henchmen let me know. You don’t have to worry. He’s gone’’ I reminded her while tracing my fingers on her cheek. There were bruises on her neck that I didn’t notice earlier. Damn I was glad I killed Mark.

‘’Thank you so much’’ She whispered and nuzzled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her body and sighed deeply. ‘’You must be crazy if you thought I wouldn’t kill him. I’ll protect you no matter what Y/N. You’re the only person I truly care about so I’ll treat you like it. Next time someone dares to hurt you, tell me immediately, okay?’’ I tried to make a deal with her. ‘’Okay Puddin’’ She  answered me quietly, making me feel happy.

‘’That’s my girl’’

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So I was at the “Dinosaurs Among Us” (aka the Birds are Dinosaurs) Exhibit at the AMNH and

Everyone realizes birds are living dinosaurs?

Feduccia confirmed to not be a real person

By @verybadpaleontologyjokes

Harry Potter Preferences: First ‘I Love You’


You and Harry were sat by the lake. He began playing with your fingers, “I’m so happy I can call you mine”. You chuckle, “Likewise, Potter”. He smiles, “I’m serious, Y/N”. You look at him shocked, not once had he told you he loved you. You smile, “I love you too, Harry”. He smiles, leaning in to kiss you passionately. When you both break away, you can’t help but smile.


You had finally convinced Ron to take you to Hogsmeade on a date. It took a lot of convincing as he had Qudditch practice the night before, “Thank you for agreeing to do this, Ron”, you say smiling. He chuckles, “Of course, I love you”. You stop in your tracks after realizing what he had just said. You smile, “I love you too”. He chuckles, “I know”. 


You had asked her to help you with some last minute studying, “I don’t get any of this”. She chuckles, “You will soon, don’t worry”. You sigh, “You’re lucky I love you”. Hermione gasps, “You really love me?”. You smile, “Of course, I don’t ask just anyone to study with me”. She smiles, “I love you too”.


He had asked you to meet in the common room after everyone had gone to sleep. “George, why did you ask me to come down here?”, you ask when you sit down on the couch next to him. He sighs, “I just wanted to tell you that I love you”. You smile, “I love you too, silly”. He smiles, “I don’t know why I was so worried”. You chuckle, “Me neither but you didn’t have to wake me up in the middle of the night”. You both laugh. 


You and Fred were coming up with new pranks when you finally had an idea of a great prank. Fred smiles, “God I love you”. You chuckle, “Well I’m glad you see me for the genius I am”. His smile drops, “Don’t you love me”. You laugh, “Of course I love you”. He smiles, “You sure know how to keep a guy questioning”. You grin, “Makes it all the more worth it”.


Neville had asked you to meet him in the Astronomy tower. “What did you want to talk about?”, you ask. He smiles, “Nothing important, I just wanted to spend some time together with you”. You smile, resting your head on his shoulder, “This is nice. We should do this more often. I love you”. You felt him tense up before relaxing, “I love you too”.


You went to meet Oliver after Qudditch practice, “How’s my lovely captain doing?”. He chuckles, “I’m doing great. I missed you”. He wraps his arms around your waist as you wrap your arms around his neck. “I missed you too”. He smiles, “I love you”. You nuzzle your nose against his, “I love you too”.


You found him on his bed after a bad transformation the night before, “How you feeling?”. He sighs, “A little sore but better now that you’re here. I love you”. You smile, “I love you too. I wish I was there with you”. He sighs, “Not gonna happen. I don’t want to hurt you”. You smile, “I know. Now lie down. I’ll be right here”. He cuddles close to you before drifting off to a much needed sleep.


You and James were making your way towards Hogsmeade for a date. “I’m glad we finally get to do this”. He smiles, “I know. I’m sorry I’ve been busy with the boys. I really do love you”. You smile, “I know. I love you too. Your loyalty towards others is one of the reasons why I love you”. He smiles, kissing the top of your head, “I’m lucky to have you in my life″.


You were helping Sirius study for his OWLs, seeing as he could use all the help but that wasn’t going as planned as he kept distracting you. “Sirius, will you please st-”, he interrupts you, “I love you”. You stop talking, before regaining your composure, “I love you too but I’m not the one that needs help”. He smiles, “I will but only for you”. You chuckle, “Alright, let’s continue”.

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Happy Monday! I had to chuckle as I see a very empty parking lot this morning. The Superbowl was fun as was the Phoenix Open!

“If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.”~ Anita Roddick

[dr] OUTLANDER Fic: Blind Date.

Anonymous said:
Hi Beautiful! If you have time, would love a modern fic where Jamie enters a TV dating show at Jenny’s behest but ends up falling hard for Claire, who’s on the medical crew 😀 Thanking you so much! If not your cup of tea, then no big deal! ☺

…if you grew up in Britain in the 90′s with Cilla Black, this is for you. I’m still chuckling to myself because @outlandishchridhe had to ask me whether ‘scouse’ was a real word. ILY girl.

As the VT ran for the last shoot of the day, Claire stood back from the rolling cameras, eager to be out of the way of the bustling studio. Sighing, she wiped the sweat from her brow. This was the worst rotation. As part of the surgical and medical interns team, Claire and her co-students were, as part of their residency, required to complete a whole myriad of tasks. One of these was on the set of a popular, high-stakes British television show as part of the crew. Most deemed it boring, yawning and complaining for the day as they sat off to the side and consumed their body weight in complimentary tea and coffee.

Claire, however, hadn’t had such luck. Instead her day had been filled with mardy television celebrities complaining of minor stomach upsets, crew members half-beheading themselves on the dangerous and often faulty equipment, and even –a birth!

Dropping her head into her hands, Claire rubbed her tired eyes as she counted down the minutes until the end of filming.

“Dr. Beauchamp…” a deep cockney accent boomed from behind her, “we have one last shoot for today and then you can go, but we need you on standby. I hope that’s alright?” he asked with such trepidation, Claire wondered how she’d sounded through the day to cause such care to be taken over the request.

“Of course, Tim. I’ll be with you in a moment. How long,” she broached, certain she didn’t want to know the answer, “is this one likely to take? It’s only, my fiance is waiting to take me out for our anniversary.”

A small lie wouldn’t hurt, would it? she thought. After all, she had had a fiance and it *would* have been their anniversary. Only, now, she did not, and it was not. But young Tim needn’t know that.

Glancing down at her ring finger to see that she did, indeed, wear jewellery indicating as such and then looking back up at her with a sort of mournful expression, Tim replied nervously, “A couple of hours….perhaps…”

At this, the poor lad made a run for it, darting off between all manner of cameras and sound equipment as if in a hurry to be away.

Claire shook her head and righted her lab coat.

A couple of hours, she reasoned, could be anything between two and seven.

The show, an incredibly cheesy dating show, was well under way by the time Claire finally pulled herself up out of the fold up chair and over to where the shoot was taking place. A small audience, formed of members of the general public, were placed off to the left, whilst the cameramen and women hovered below in a dip between the stage and the back of house.

Jamie sat off to the side, twisting his hands at his sides.

“I hate ye, Janet Fraser Murray,” he chanted, glancing towards his sister, who sat in the audience with a giant smile on her face. “I hate ye so much…ye wee fiend.”

“Mr. Fraser?” the young intern whispered, pulling his mic away from his mouth as he spoke. “Are you ready? They want to seat you and the other two contestants before the young lady gets here.”

Tugging at the bottom of his kilt, (something Jenny had made him wear) Jamie nodded at the prepubescent boy in front of him.

“Aye, I guess so.” Twisting his head from left to right, Jamie leaned down towards the lad, “What is the chance I can sneak out o’ the exit and make a run for it?”

Gripping his clipboard hard, his knuckles going a bright white colour, the young *man* paled at the question. “I– um –well. Y-you could, sir. But I think the p-producer and Ms. Black would have my head on the block for it.”

Sighing, Jamie resigned himself to his fate.

Suddenly, there didn’t seem to be enough air in the room, and he wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Are you alright, Mr Fraser?” the intern asked, worry colouring his tone. “We have a doctor on site if you’re feeling ill?”

“Nay, lad,” Jamie answered, his stomach churning anxiously as he fibbed. “I’ll live.”

“If it’s any consolation…” the boy replied, quickly making sure nobody of note was about to hear him, “she might not even pick you.”

Sitting under the bright lights, Jamie bounced his leg against the thin metal base of the tall chair, sliding his tartan over the slick leather of the seat. Of the three men sat on the raised stage, Jamie was the last to enlighten the coy young woman behind the sliding wooden divider of his name, age and career.

The gentlemen that had gone before him had been all bluster and banter, something he had no knowledge of. Having never even watched the show before, he’d had no idea of what would be required of him.

Now, here under the spotlight, he was regretting not being more forceful with Jenny on the matter.

“…and lastly, young Amelia, we have our saucy Scot from Inverness. A handsome highlander. Contestant number three, would you like to introduce yourself?” the host cooed, her scouse lilt adding a dash of humour to her alliterative phrasing.

Having no clue about how to proceed, Jamie must have come up with something unconsciously. The next thing he knew, the audience were oo-ing and aw-ing before a large applause filled the studio, encasing him in a sound so loud that he wished he could crawl under the cheap carpet and melt away, back home and back into obscurity.

The sound of metal hitting the thin plastic liner of the camera bases caused Jamie’s head to lift. Turning, he caught a glimpse of the white lab coat as the person who inhabited it bent to collect their fallen stethoscope.

“Ah Dhia…” he muttered, *hopefully* too low for the microphone to hear him.

Waiting patiently, Jamie stopped focusing on the twee host and the other surreal members of the show, and started to watch as the statuesque form of a woman appeared, as if by magic, right in front of his eyes.

She was beautiful; tall and thin with the most vivacious curly hair.

Jamie held his breath, eyeing her up and down as she tapped her foot and stared disinterestedly around her.

Why hadn’t he taken the laddie up on his offer to see the doctor? he cursed internally, now realising who she was and why she was hovering about with no real cause to be there.

Maybe he could feign an injury, fall sideways from the slippy chair and bruise his coccyx. No, he realised, that was a daft move. For one; Jenny would murder him for making a fool of himself (and her, by association) on television and for two; seeing a lassie across the room and being attracted to her was one thing, but actually getting along with one another was something else entirely.

Bringing himself out of his lust induced stupor, Jamie turned his attention back to the filming. In his absence, a break had been called for, and the other two men at his side were absentmindedly sipping water from glasses passed to them by the refreshment team.

Taking the opportunity as it had presented itself to him, Jamie pried himself from the seat and sidled off stage right, subtly placing himself between the tall camera hoist and the pretty doctor.

As casually as he was able, he leaned in, trying his best not to catch her off guard.

“I dinna suppose ye ken an escape route, Doctor?” he whispered conspiratorially into her ear, congratulating himself on his whitting conversation starter. It was better, at least, than causing himself bodily harm.

“No, sadly,” she replied, a hint of desperation in her tone. “I’ve been considering the same prospect for hours. At least you,” she added, with a hint of humour, “have only had to endure this one show.”

“Aye. Alas, I am a member of this…circus, ken? Ye, if I may be so bold, get to hide away.”

Jamie grinned as he saw her lips twitch into a small smile.

“Are you telling me, Mr. Jamie Fraser of Lallybroch near Beauly in the Highlands,” she responded, parroting back the blurb he’d rattled off for the unknown lass only moments before, “that you didn’t elect yourself for this little –experiment.”

“Nay,” Jamie added, putting to rest any doubts on the matter, he hoped. “I didna. Do I seem the type? It was my sister. She’s worried,” leaning in further, his lips brushed her ear as he lowered his voice to barely a sigh, “that I might die alone.”

“Oh, I see…and will you?”

“I used to think so,” he said, licking his lips as the tension between them grew, “but suddenly it seems less likely.”

“You rate your chances then, with –Amelia?”

“Ach, Amelia, nay,” he returned, boldness brimming within him, “I dinna think she’ll pick me, and I hope that I’m right.”

“Mr. Fraser! Can we have you back please!” the producer called, stomping across the newly lit stage once more, clicking his fingers at whomever he laid eyes on.

“Yer name, lassie. Please, what is it?” Jamie asked, pulling himself away from her but not taking his gaze off her.

She had the most perfect blue eyes, he noted, darker than his own. Stormy, like the sea on a dark night. Like a mermaids, powerful enough to lure him to his doom, and happily so.

Taking pity on him, she cocked her head to the side as he distanced himself from her without breaking visual contact.

“Dr. Beauchamp,” she mouthed, humour alight on her graceful face. “Dr. *Claire* Beauchamp.”

Sidney Crosby #2

Requested by Anon:  can you do a Sidney Crosby imagine where the reader and him cuddle while he watches tapes for work? and make it super fluffy?

*Here you go dear! I hope you enjoy this. :)*

Word count: 757

Originally posted by sidmalkin

You felt the touch of cool lips on your forehead and opened your eyes. The warm light on the wall was still on, the drinks on the table still half-full, and the tv was still showing game day tapes from a week or so ago.

Your eyes finally settled on Sid, looking at you with a blinding smile, “I dozed off?” you asked.

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I Own You - Theo Raeken (Part 3)

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No my gif homies (soz I don’t own any of these) creds to the amazing owner

word count: 1136

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: nah

Part 1 , 2 , 4

You knocked three times on Stiles’ door and no longer than a minute later the bright smiling, brown-haired boy opened the door. ‘(Y/N)! I’m so glad you could make it!’ He cheered and he indulged you in a powerful hug that had you chuckling. ‘I knew how upset you’d be, I don’t like seeing you upset.’ You told him with a smile. ‘You’re sure you’re okay, though? I don’t want you doing this for me.’ He said as he stepped aside to let you into his home. ‘I’m fine, Stiles.’

‘(Y/N) BABEEEE!’ Malia yelled from the living room. You popped your head inside and smiled, they were all cuddled up on the couch. ‘Come one, (Y/N)! We were waiting for you!’ Stiles said excitedly. He grabbed your hand and dragged you towards the couch pulling you down between him and Scott. ‘Here, we don’t want you getting any sicker.’ He said as he reached for a blanket and wrapped it completely around you. ‘Awh, cuties!’ Lydia giggled and you rolled your eyes, blushing slightly.

The movie began and you all quieted down. There were the occasional whispers here and there but for once everyone seemed to really enjoy the movie. Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you subtly checked to see who it was.

Ew, Theo: What are you doing?

Me: Movie night at Stiles’? Didn’t you hear?

Ew, Theo: If you hadn’t noticed I was otherwise occupied

Me: I know. I was there.

Ew, Theo: Aren’t they suspicious because you were “sick”?

Me: Nah, Stiles has me wrapped up like a burrito

Ew, Theo: He into you or something?

Me: Is that jealousy, Theo Raeken?

Ew, Theo: I don’t even know what that is

You had to admit that it was getting really hot inside your cocoon. You wondered if it was because of the fact that you were talking to Theo. It couldn’t be, right? You were just texting him, surely he couldn’t have that kind of effect on you. Still, you felt like you were boiling from the inside out. You let out a sigh before unwrapping the blanket from your body, finally allowing your body to breath. ‘Eh, (Y/N)?’ Scott suddenly whispered to you. ‘Hm?’

‘Who left that thing on your neck?’

This drew Stiles’ attention, you wondered how he didn’t get whiplash by the speed in which his head turned towards you. Your eyes widened as you stared at the screen in front of you. Stiles grabbed your chin and turned your head to get a look at your neck. ‘Holy shit, (Y/N)! Is that a hickey?’

‘What?’ ‘Holy shit!’

And once again, all the attention was on you. You groaned and lowered yourself in your seat, trying to sink through the ground which of course wasn’t possible. ‘Who’s the lucky guy, (Y/N)?’ Lydia grinned. Malia on the other hand, had a confused and suspicious look on her face. ‘No one you know…’ You muttered under your breathe. ‘Were you ever even sick?’ Stiles sighed next to you.


‘(Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell us there was a guy?’ Lydia whined. ‘There isn’t “ a guy” Lyds…it was just some dude. Nothing serious.’ You shrugged. ‘Can we please just watch the movie?’

You could see by the look on her face that she wasn’t done with you, but since the movie was still playing she let it go, for now. You let out a quiet sigh of relief. Something felt different though, a kind of weird tension. You turned your head to look at Stiles.

‘Stiles, are you sulking because I made out with some dude?’ You whispered to him.

‘What? No! I’m not sulking, you’re sulking…’ He replied, not once taking his eyes off the screen. You rolled your eyes with a slight chuckle. ‘I just didn’t think you’d be the type to…randomly make out with some dude.’ He continued with a sigh. ‘It was about time (Y/N) got some action! Get some girl!’ Malia called causing you to roll your eyes again.


When you got home that night you were so tired you were surprised you even made it home. Stiles had made you watch at least 5 movies. Stiles had offered for you to stay over at his place, which wasn’t an unusual scenario after movie night. But tonight something was telling you to go home.

And when you got home you were in for quite a surprise. You opened your bedroom door and frowned when you found someone in your bed. Normally you would’ve screamed, but your recognised the person immediately. The fact that it was just Theo didn’t make the situation any better, though. What was he doing here? Did he wait for you and fell asleep? You decided not to wake him, since he looked so peaceful. He didn’t look like Theo the “bad guy”. As you changed into your pj’s you wondered if he really even was the bad guy. There had to be more behind him, you just didn’t know what yet. You got into your bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. You really were playing a dangerous field. If Scott or any of your friends ever found out, you’d lose all of them. You still didn’t know why you were letting Theo get to you the way he does, you just couldn’t help it.

‘Aren’t you gonna kick me out?’ His sleepy voice suddenly sounded next to you. ‘Never wake a sleeping wolf. It’s bad luck.’ You muttered, a small smile playing on your lips. ‘Alright, maybe I was a little jealous. Only a little though.’
You couldn’t hold back a laugh. ‘A little jealousy caused you to break into my house?’ You asked. ‘No, I just wanted to see you.’ He replied with a shrug. ‘You see me every day at school?’ You frowned. You turned to your side and propped your body up with your elbow. It was pretty dark in your room but you could still all his features clear as day. ‘School is different.’

‘How so?’

‘For example, I don’t get to do this.’ You hadn’t even realised what was happening before his lips locked with yours again. This kiss was different than the one in the car, this one was slow, soft…loving almost. Something you most certainly weren’t expecting from Theo Raeken. But you were loving every second of it. Your hands wrapped around the base of his neck to pull him closer to you. But before you could really get into it, he pulled back. He stayed close to you though, your noses nearly touching. ‘I shouldn’t have to be jealous.’ He said leaving you slightly confused. ‘Do you know why?’ He asked you.

‘Because you own me?’

He grinned a boy-ish grin and pecked your lips again. ‘That’s right, princes.’


Baby Gilbert:


“Hello Love.” A voice drawled and you span to face it.

“Hmm, British, not Rebekah so Ko…Elij…Nikl…Niklaus?” You asked, smiling at Rosie who frowned when you started chatting to Klaus.

“You know who I am, that does make things easier, saves the introductions.” He smiled and took a bite of the food that had been sat in front of him since you shift started.

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“There is no case?!” Dean exclaimed, reading along over Sam’s shoulder.

“No, nothing. I’ve tried the newspapers, the internet, nothing.”

“So? We have a day off?”

“Seems like it,” Sam nodded, his eyes regaining some of that sparkle he had lost years ago. “I’m going for a run!”

Dean chuckled as Sam ran off to put some exercise clothes on. His brother reminded him of a puppy sometimes. Joyous, playful, overexcited.

Deep down, Dean was kind of put off by the lack of cases. It felt weird to not do something. On the other hand, Sam’s face made it worth it.

Sam deserved the little time off.

With nothing to do, Dean called Cas. The angel wasn’t around much, most of the time he was busy with some type of angel problems they had up in heaven.

Secretly, Dean cherished those few minutes alone with Cas. He had been missing him for a while now like their family wasn’t complete when Cas wasn’t around.

Dean knew about Cas’ insecurities. He found out about them not too long ago and his heart fell, breaking into a thousand pieces when he realised what he made Cas go through. Alone.

Cas didn’t feel like he belonged with them, he actually thought that the only reason they still contacted him, was because they only wanted them for his powers.

Which was bullshit by the way.

It’s just not like Dean could go up to Cas saying, “Hey, I like you and I have thought about kissing you for the longest time. Wanna make out?”.

It doesn’t work like that. Especially not with confused angels.

The phone rang once, twice, and then “Hello, Dean”.

Dean smiled at the customary hello he always got and said, “Hey, Cas” back.

“So, Cas, do you have any angels business you have to do tonight?”

“I believe not, why?” Castiel asked. Dean could almost picture Castiel’s expression.

“We don’t have a case,” Dean explained, “we’re free tonight.”

“And you want me to come to the bunker?” Castiel asked, sounding hopeful yet stoic. He wanted to come but was afraid he might have misunderstood. Dean knew that feeling.

“Yeah, I thought that I could show you some movies or something,” Dean said, just now coming up with that excuse. “To give you a little pop-culture knowledge, you know.”

“Okay, I’ll come, Dean.”

With that, the conversation had ended. Dean stared at his phone unblinkingly until he heard the familiar sound of wings flapping behind him.

He didn’t have to turn around to know it was Cas.

“Thank you for coming, man,” Dean said, not quite knowing what else there was to say.

“I always come when you call, Dean,” Castiel replied. Dean thought back to the first time Cas said that. It had been a fight, Dean had refused to stand down and Cas left.

A surge of pain hit Dean and he vowed to himself to actually treat Cas like he deserved to be treated. Even though Dean didn’t think he was good enough. He couldn’t be what Cas deserved exactly, but he can try to come at least close.

“Are you okay, Dean?” Castiel asked, eyes as blue as the morning sky laced with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Dean replied quickly. He had forgotten he was staring at Cas this entire time. “I was thinking about a Harry Potter marathon?”

Dean showed him Star Wars a little while back and Cas did enjoy it a lot. Ever since then, they watched a movie or tv show occasionally.

“Harry Potter?” Castiel questioned, racking his brain for knowledge on a person called ‘Harry Potter’.

“Oh, God,” Dean mock sighed, pulling Cas behind him up the stairs to his room.

“Don’t use my father’s name in vain, Dean,” Castiel boomed behind him.
Dean could only roll his eyes and ignore him.

Once they settled on Dean’s bed, sitting close enough to feel each other’s body heat, they started the first one.

“Babies are extremely fragile. If Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, he could have done so without using magic.”

“Cas, please, shut up,” Dean groaned. He had to listen to Castiel’s endless flow of questions since the start of the movie. He had tried to answer them the best that he could, but this was getting ridiculous.

Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Castiel replied. There wasn’t a sexy twinge to it, he actually said it like he was reading a shopping list, but Dean felt a tingle in his lower belly anyway and lunged for Cas’ lips.

Castiel met him feverishly, inexperienced but with so much enthusiasm that Dean couldn’t help but moan in Cas’ mouth.

“Make me?” Dean asked once they broke apart, panting hard.

“I saw it one of those romantic comedies you pretend to hate.”

“Of course you did.”