i had a bad few days

Sister Jilloff

Well, sisters serve missions too, and some of us masturbate as well. I masturbated copiously when I was a teenager. I do have some humorous memories about masturbation as a teen. I would say masturbation, although leaving me with a lot of curious questions as a teen, kept me satisfied enough to never try to have sexual relations with anyone. I felt guilty in the MTC about it because they took such a hard line about the subject. As a result I didn’t masturbate in the MTC but I had a few really great sex dreams, which I felt bad about at the time. I didn’t masturbate for the first few months of my mission. Honestly, it was probably one of the worst things I’ve done because one day it all exploded like the Teton dam.

Women are made a little differently than men and when things get hot and sweaty then they can get a bit more sensitive. At least that has been my experience. I was walking briskly with my companion on a rather hot and humid summer day when I was suddenly on the brink of an orgasm. I was extremely familiar with the feeling. I started walking a little slower and she seemed perturbed that I appeared to not want to get to our next appointment on time. So she hurried me along which got my fat thighs moving faster which got the wet lips rubbing quicker. Needless to say I had to stop and take a break as an enormous climax hit me. My knees buckled and I hit the ground. She thought I was sick or something so after our appointment we went back to our apartment and I took some time to “freshen up”. I masturbated furiously to try to get it all out of my system. I was always too scared to tell my mission president about it because I thought he would send me home. The stigma of being a failed missionary was more powerful to me than the stigma of telling my mission president that I had an involuntary orgasm followed by multiple self-induced orgasms.

After that day I started masturbating daily in the shower or while my companion was in the shower. Sometimes I would even excuse myself and rub one out in the restroom. I’ve never had another experience like that. I’ve never had another orgasm just from walking. I’ve also never stopped playing with myself long enough to see if it could happen again. Keeping myself satisfied allows me to focus in on more spiritual matters, as odd as that may sound to some people. I was a complete mess during my “no masturbating” time. I could hardly focus on anything and I spent a lot of time day dreaming. I found that I was a much more successful missionary after I returned to my old “evil” ways.

I’m such an Old I’ve had a bad tummy the last few days most likely because I’ve been eating junk and my p**ps have been.. just overall unpleasant experiences

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What's the most damage Dark has done when he gets mad? I can imagine the carnage as most of the possessions in the house are destroyed and a few people are probably very, very hurt, enough so that someone calls Schneep over to help with the injury's. -M

[Poorly written- in my defense it’s 2:30 ish in the morning but I wanted to write this.]

The day Dark really lost his cool was another instance of no one knowing why. What had set him off? Why did he explode so violently? Why was he one of the victims of the carnage?

For everyone else, the day was alright. The air felt tense, and Dark’s aura was definitely smothering the house, but… not bad considering.

Then, with a roar that wasn’t anything like they’d ever heard before, chaos erupted around them. The wave that ripped through the house took all color with it, turning the house into an old movie. Colorless.

Next the second wave ripped through. Hot, tangible anger ripped furniture, cut at skin, slammed bodies to the walls and floors. Host could only cry out in surprise as he was dropped through the void, landing on the floor of the living room with a thud and a gasp. In the recording studio, Wilford and Bim were swept off of the stage. Bim’s head cracked solidly into the wall, and he slumped to the floor. Wilford hit the wall back first, and while his breath was knocked from his lung he’d live. The Jims hit the cameras first and proceeded to slam into the seats. Unharmed but bruised.
Ed Edgar and Silver were both slammed to the floor, Silver hitting a wall before slumping down completely. Yandere and King were shaken in their treehouse, falling from a lack of balance rather than anything else.
The Googles and Bing were all shut off, and their bodies were tossed around in a tornado of miasma. Dark’s office was nearest the Googles due to odd planning, and they would come to suffer the most damage.
Iplier found himself with a scalpel through one hand, glass in his face and arms. The building was plunged into complete and total darkness.

Edward phoned the Jacksepticegos immediately, asking for help. They all arrived remarkably fast, ready to help.
Anti worked to get the power back on, glitching about on his mission. The others helped Iplier get everyone to his clinic before heading out to clean up the house.

Everything in the house was broken, people included. Not a single ego left without a broken bone that day.

Later, the Googles would force their way into Dark’s office with Iplier and Warfstache overseeing it. The group would find Dark’s office, nothing but rubble left inside. They would find Dark, body limply curled in the untouched center. Despite the state of his surrounding area, he looked just as bad off as the others.

Dark’s anger is like a hurricane. It tears through, harms and breaks and takes, and then leaves as though it had never before been around.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

Fighting with Peter Parker would include..

- cue dramatic af peter LMAO

- anyways

- the angel just wants you to be happy 24/7

- but sometimes arguments just happen, ya know?

- it started out very simple with slight banter

- and then it escalated to you two yelling at each other in his apartment

- arguing about the littlest of things

- ‘peter did you eat my piece of toast’

- ‘asdfghjkl pls don’t kill me’


- trying to give each other the silent treatment

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Peter gets bullied in school and they all say that he could never get a girlfriend, so Y/N who’s rather popular at school just kisses him in front of every one.

Words: ~ 1500

No spoilers!

A/N: This took me way too long to write… so sorry! Tell me what you think! :)


Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people. Not that I cared.

Normally I didn’t care about much going on in school, referring to the people. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I didn’t care at all about them apart from my friends.

It’s not that I didn’t like them. I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day. But honestly, I didn’t really listen when they told me about the last party or a concert they went to.

But there was one person that I cared about who wasn’t part of my friends even though I hoped I would have more contact with him. Body contact, too.

It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair…
Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would.

I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him.

He was so clever and his shy side was so cute that I just couldn’t handle it. I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about.

Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. Me and my friends stopped at my best friend’s locker and I occasionally let my gaze slip to Peter for a few seconds.

I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it. “What a looser you are!”, Flash exclaimed after Peter groaned loadly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Sorry to ruin your face but with these looks you won’t get a girlfriend, anyway.”, Flash claimed and his friends laughed at this comment before he pushed Peter again.
And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him.

But when Flash grabbed Peter’s backpack from his hands Peter looked up, his face filled with anger as Flash started throwing all of his stuff on the ground.
“Oh, what’s this?”, Flash exclaimed when he took a piece of paper from the ground. “DEAR Y/N, I wish i had the courage to tell you that I’d walk through fire just to see you smile…”, he started to read and I saw everyone’s eyes stare at me, making my face heat up.

I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him.

“But you do know”, he laughed, “You do know that someone like Y/N Y/L/N would never love you, right?” Oh, boy, how wrong you were…
I saw Peter’s head lowering again, his fingers brushing over his face before they ran through his hair.
Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point.

Someone like Y/N Y/L/N would definitely love Peter Parker.

My legs brought myself over to them, even though my friend’s arm grabbed me slightly. But I ignored it and shoved Flash ’s friends aside so that I could get to Peter.

“Peter, you told me you wouldn’t drag this old thing with you.”, I laughed, rolling my eyes and earning a very confused and very cute look from Peter.
“See? I told you that someone would think that you’re single.”

In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.
And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his.

Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

Peter’s face stated pure shock and he stared at me nervously before I smirked at him. “Bye, Peter, see you later.”, I smiled proudly, wandering off to my next class and ignoring everyone’s dazzled looks.

I let out a shaky breath I didn’t know I was holding. This had been life changing.

“Wait, Y/N, what the hell was that?”, my friend wanted to know, a strange look on her face.
“Spontaneous.”, I only answered, shrugging. “Yeah, I know. But what were you thinking?”, she asked and now there was a worried look that made me angry somehow. It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush. She couldn’t know this part.

“Nothing really. I just thought that Flash is a dick and Peter doesn’t deserve this.”, I simply said and only got a confused “Okay…” as an answer.

Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping.

I thought about the kiss, obviously.

Was it right? Apart from the fact that probably the whole school knew it by now, Peter knew too.

But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong. Somehow it made me feel strong.

And there was another positive aspect, as well. I had kissed my crush Peter Parker!

Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face.
“Can… uh… Can I join you?”, he chuckled, nodding his head towards the empty seat in front of me. “Sure.”, I nodded, a smile on my face which was maybe a bit too wide.

He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground.
“Rough day?”, I asked and he only nodded before he leaned forward slightly, his arms supporting his weight.

“Uhm, yeah.”, he replied before biting his lip, my eyes not being able to look at something else but him.
“Actually, it wasn’t that bad.”, he chuckled softly, his brown eyes meeting mine.

“Yeah?”, I grinned and he just nodded with a cute smile on his lips. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before my mind brought back the letter that Flash found in Peter’s backpack.
“Uhm, Peter…”, I started but paused briefly when his beautiful eyes stared at me, “I was wondering… I mean… would you… Would you really walk through fire to see me smile?”
He nodded instantly without a word, nervously fiddling with his fingers before my hands grabbed his. I couldn’t help but smile, my heart beat running in my chest.
“You know, you don’t need to do this. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me.”, I clarified, earning a grin from him and I returned it instinctively.

“Uh, I… um, I wanted to thank you for… you know.”, he began and I only shrugged, playing it cool,“No problem.”
“But the whole school thinks were a couple now.”
“Is that bad?”, I wanted to know, a flirty tone in my voice.

Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. “No, it’s not bad at all.” He clearly gained some confidence when I grinned at his answer. “I liked kissing you.”, he confessed, tilting his head. “No, that’s an understatement. I loved kissing you.”

“That’s good.”, I laughed before grabbed the collar of his shirt and nearly pulled him over the table to feel his soft lips on mine again.

He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met. He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted. My cheeks blushed due to all to blood that my heart pumped through my veins and I felt the excitement rushing through my whole body.
My fingers wandered up to the back of his neck, playing with some of his strands after Peter tilted his head to deepen the kiss, causing my mind to go mushy.

He pulled himself back slightly, a huge grin on his face when I ran my fingers through his hair. “You like me.”, he breathed out and I nodded before I pecked his lips briefly.

He leaned back again, giving me a charming smile. I had to bite my lip to hid that huge smile on my face which Peter saw anyway and I felt my heart skipping a beat.

This one question wether I wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend was definitely in his head but there was no need to voice it.

He knew that I was in love with him.

Part 2

It’s not your ulcer

“I am not a diabetic. Look, this morning my blood sugar was 193 and I hadn’t even eaten anything. That’s not diabetes.”

“Ma’am, that 100% is diabetes.” This conversation quickly became a stalemate between ignorance and my inability to explain her diagnosis in a way she would accept. In fact, every conversation I had with her went this way. She was perhaps the most obstinate and oblivious patient I had ever met. And she was my patient. 

She had come in with the worst foot ulcer I have ever seen. It tracked all the way down to the bone, meaning an amputation was likely in her future. According to her, the ulcer had started a couple days before and she had never had an ulcer before in her life. I used my years of medical training to quickly deduce that a) there was no way that ulcer happened in a few days and b) she most definitely had two very bad looking ulcers on the other foot. When I pointed that out she became upset, telling me they were just split calluses, not ulceration. Every attempt to diagnose and explain the diagnosis was refuted by her “intimate knowledge of her own body.” 

The next several days were some of my most frustrating. I was called to her room for numerous reasons, including refusing insulin (because she wasn’t diabetic), refusing dressing changes (because she was allergic to the dressing), complaining that the hospital food was inedible and rotted, and yelling at nurses about their inadequate care. Each time I walked to the room and took my verbal lashings. I listened. I empathized. I did everything I could to put myself in her place and see the fear she likely felt about losing her foot. 

None of that was enough.

I am not sure if I have ever truly hated a patient. But with her, I came close. Despite my ill-feelings I spent hours coordinating her care between multiple surgical specialties, all of which wanted to pass on taking a non-compliant diabetic, vasculopath to the OR. Podiatry, vascular, and orthopedics all subtly yelled, “not it.” 

Several days into her hospital stay I expressed my frustration to my attending. “They are not your ulcers,” he replied. I looked back, confused, as he continued. “They are not your ulcers. If you care for every patient’s problem as if it were your own, it will destroy you. She got herself into this and she has to bear some responsibility for getting herself out. If she refuses to take our recommendations as to her care, there is nothing we can do. There are times you have to step back and separate yourself from the patient.”  

I have thought about his words a lot since then. In some ways if feels antithetical to my nature to see medicine as a job. But I have also experienced the severe mental fatigue and frustration that comes with trying to help a patient unwilling to help themselves. At the end of the day, how far should we go? How much time should I spend on one uncooperative patient knowing it takes time away from other patients who also need my services? In the end I did step back from the case and allow myself to see my care for her as something closer to a job. I switched off service a few days later and the last I knew she was getting an amputation, though she spent time fighting with surgeons about where they could cut.     

At some point we have to protect ourselves as physicians, despite how mentally strong we believe ourselves to be. This year has taught me a lot of medicine, but it has also challenged me mentally. I am still searching for the coping skills necessary to survive life as a resident and eventually as an independent doctor. Despite the frustration this patient provided, she did allow me some excellent learning in this area. In the end, I have to appreciate her for that.  

Have fun being stranded in the Philippines.

Please be patient, the buildup to this is intense and long but the resulting revenge has probably put me on the Devil’s shortlist. (tl:dr at the end)

About 3 months before I finally quit, I was getting really pissed. Management was never in the office, the Owner couldn’t make up his mind about anything, and so many people were quitting that I ended up being the only Programmer/Developer in an office of about 50 people… for a company that received 95% of its business from online sales. People started taking credit for my work and I decided to quit. Looked around for jobs, found one pretty quickly, and put in my two weeks notice with a nice little note that simply said something to the effect of “I hereby resign, effective blah blah blah”.

Lo and behold the man who had in the last few days become my manager (we’ll call him Frank) instead of idk maybe promoting the only programmer in the company to the head of the development department, begged me to stay, promised me a raise, and told me about their new project and how he wanted me to be involved.

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Harder (Smut)


A/N: This took me so long to finish. Here’s a mix between some jerking off and some passionate sex. I’d love to hear what you think. 

Word count: 3,295

After Karen and I picked up Shawn at the airport, we went straight back to their house to spend the night. Though Shawn would have rather gone home, he’d finally given in after a couple of hours pouting childishly in the car from the airport and back to Pickering. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand he wanted to spend his first night back in his own apartment, but his cousin were graduating tomorrow and driving all the way back and forth two days in a row was just stupid when Karen and Manny had left Shawn’s old room untouched since he moved. 

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Sweet Creature (Part 2)

Summary: Disappearing after the events of Civil War, Steve makes himself a home in a small town, not knowing what awaits him there.

Word Count: 694

Part 1

A/N: This fic is my way of coping with what’s coming in Infinity War. Oh, and it’s a slow burn, because I don’t think Steve will even want a romance atm.

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

As promised, Steve was there after his run. Barely heaving, he stepped into the bakery, eyes searching until he met hers. She smiled so widely he felt his throat dry up. And he recalled that the last time he had felt this way… Peggy’s face flashed in his mind and he knew the hurt showed in his face, it was enough to see her smile fall to reveal concern.

“Everything okay?” she asked, stepping out from behind the counter and approaching him.

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Good Girls Don’t

There are a lot of things good girls don’t. They don’t laugh too loud, they don’t dress too short, they don’t swear and they don’t put themselves out there. They wait, and they do it while sitting properly in their pristine white dresses, with their hands crossed over their laps and their back sitting up straight.

There’s a lot of things good girls don’t and getting their panties wet every time they see a guy is definitely one of them.

You rubbed your thighs together as your fingers pressed tightly to the table you were sitting on, trying to hold on to a reality that was slipping away as you looked at him. You imagined the taste of his skin, and how it must have felt against yours when he was lying on top of you, and you thought about the fire of his kiss, and how it probably tasted like peppermint and just a tiny hint of sin. You thought about heaven and having him lie next to you at night.

The fire that had settled in your lower tummy was going to consume you all at any moment, and you shifted in your seat, trying to release some of the pressure that had built between your legs. You were definitely wet.

But as much as you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself on your knees while your eyes obediently locked in with his. You imagined your lips wrapping around the two fingers he was offering to you, and the light bob you would do to take them all the way in, while your tongue pressed to them to suck them lightly, looking at him as his eyes, usually green and sweet, turned dark, the burning lust covering them as he gazed down at you. You even imagined the light gag of your throat as he pushed his fingers all the way in, and the moan that bubbled up from your very core when he slid them out, the strings of spit that fell down making you blush as you looked down.

“Look at me, yeah?” He would say, with his voice a little raspier than usual as he kneeled in front of you. “C’mon, kitten, look at me.” He would repeat his command slowly, a smirk curling up the corner of his lips as your eyes fluttered open to obey him. “Look at me while I fuck ya with my fingers, yeah? Use all that spit you left. Were you imagining my cock?” He would ask, his smirk growing bigger as you nodded, still unable to speak your own words, as your heart was knotting on your throat and beating rapidly at the sight of him. “You’re such a fucking good girl.”

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More Ace Dex

Ace Dex combating the casual aphobia that we all deal with at some point.  

“Dude, you’ve never done the nasty?”

Dex rolled his eyes, hard. Whiskey’s tone was just this side of shocked, and it made Dex was to take back the fact that he had said anything at all. It wasn’t exactly that he expected the team to be more understanding than other people, but he hoped that was the case, anyway.

On top of that, Whiskey managed to catch the attention of Ransom and Holster, who were walking past, heads close together.

“Wait, what’s this about someone never smuggling the ol’ bone?”

Ransom gave Holster a critical look, then grinned in that way that only someone on the wrong side of tipsy can. “Playing hide the sausage.”

Holster countered quickly with, “Making the beast with two backs.”

“Assault with a friendly weapon.”

“Entangling the lower beards.”

“Joint sessions of Congress.”

Holster held out a fist. “Bro, pound it out for that one.”

With a solemn nod, Ransom offered tapped his fist to Holster’s. Dex hoped that their (truly awful) back and forth would distract them from what was going on, but instead they plopped onto the couch to join in the conversation. Well, they pushed their way onto the couch, which was already too full, Ransom on one end and Holster in the middle of Nursey and Dex.

Whiskey pointed in Dex’s general direction, and told the captains, “Apparently, Dex has never had sex.”

Holster threw a big arm around Dex’s shoulder and turned toward him. Dex could smell tub juice wafting off of him. “Dex! My dude. My man. Bro. We gotta resolve this.”

“It’s not a problem. There’s nothing to resolve.”

On the other side of Holster, Dex could see his boyfriend’s concerned face. Nursey knew that Dex’s sexuality (well, his asexuality) was still a touchy subject. On the best of days, it was hard for him to have a conversation about. On the days after a game loss and with a group of drunken and less than subtle frat boys, well…. Chances were that it wasn’t going to go well.

“No, but Dex. Dexy. Dex. Sex is so good. Tell ‘im, Rans, tell him about… Shit, what’s a good one for Dex? Crab fishing in the dead sea.”

Dex scrunched up his face. “Dude, that’s fucking gross. And no, whatever fucking euphemism you use, the answer is no.”

On the other side of Holster, Nursey stood up and held a hand out to Dex, and yeah, that sounded like a better idea than having a discussion about life choices with a very drunk Holster. Dex pushed off the couch with a solid fist to Holster’s thigh, maybe a little harder than strictly necessary. He followed Nursey under the caution tape and up the stairs to Chowder’s room.

They spent the rest of the not-kegster (because apparently it could only be a kegster if they won the game) hiding out, watching Brooklyn-99. Dex could feel Nursey sending him concerned looks, but he ignored them. They fell asleep together, cuddling on the thin mattress.

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Cling - Chapter 1

Have some superfamily clingy baby Peter and awesome dad Tony! This wasn’t supposed to be multi-chaptered but I got impatient. There should only be 3 chapters. Idk when I’ll post them, but if anyone wants to be tagged in the other chapters let me know. I tagged anyone I could that liked my post about this fic lol. I’ll post it on Ao3 when it’s finished.

Peter had always been more of an easygoing baby. He didn’t cry very much, he wasn’t easily startled or upset by things, and he was generally pretty good at being held or watched by other people on the rare days where Steve and Tony both got called into work.

Tony should have known his luck would run out eventually.

“I’m really sorry,” Tony said to Happy, who stood looking confused and a little hurt at the screaming toddler in Tony’s arms. “I don’t know what’s gotten into him today.”

Steve had to go into SHIELD today to help train some new recruits with Clint and Bucky, and Tony was supposed to stay home with Peter. Unfortunately, a problem had come up with some of the specs for the new Stark Phone that Tony had completed, and he had been called into an emergency meeting to soothe the nerves of the board. It hadn’t seemed like that big of a deal at first as Tony called up Happy to come to his office to sit with Peter for a little bit while Tony went to the meeting.

Peter usually adored his Uncle Happy and loved when he got to stay with him because Happy was always down to play with Peters’s trucks or robots his him. But today Peter just wasn’t having it, and as soon as Tony had handed him over and was about to leave, Peter had burst into tears and started sobbing, reaching for Tony.

(mobile watch the cut)

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something for when the RFA+Saeran+V come home late to see MC fell asleep on the floor waiting for them to come back? thank you~

Sure! These were fun:) 


  • He had been on a trip for a few days
  • And he just returned
  • You had really tried to stay up to greet him, but something happened you and ended up falling asleep on the floor
  • Zen just kind of smiles when he sees you there
  • He sets down his bags before picking you up bridal style
  • Half way to the bedroom, you wrap your arms around his neck and he realizes you were awake
  • “You knew I would do this, didn’t you?” 
  • “Yeah,” you replied
  • He kisses your forehead and carries you the rest of the way


  • His work day ran late
  • He even missed dinner and felt bad about it
  • He sees you knocked out on the rug, a few stray cleaning supplies near you
  • He smiles softly and gently lifts you onto the couch
  • But…you fell off…and didn’t even wake up
  • Too tired to carry you all the way to the bedroom, he brings pillows and blankets onto the floor
  • Lays down next to you and you two fall asleep together there for the night


  • Your back was hurting so badly, so you laid back on the floor
  • But you didn’t expect to fall asleep on the floor
  • Jaehee comes home late and sees you there
  • You look like a mummy the way your arms are crossed
  • She takes a picture of you
  • It takes a few tries because she’s laughing
  • She sends it in the chatroom for you to find later
  • She lays a blanket on you and lets you sleep in peace


  • You were trying to get Elizabeth’s attention, but she wasn’t giving it to you
  • So you lay on your stomach on the ground with a cat toy
  • She still didn’t bother, and somehow you got sleepy and fell asleep
  • Jumin comes home late and finds you still on the ground
  • Elizabeth is curled up on your back also sleeping
  • He’s melting a little inside so he takes a blurry picture and saves it
  • He crawls onto the floor as well careful not to wake either of you
  • He’s so tired he also ends up falling asleep
  • When you two wake up, Elizabeth is sprawled across the both of you


  • He was working late again in his workroom
  • He comes out in the middle of the night and you’re asleep in front of a running TV
  • He takes the opportunity to take a dry-erase marker and draw all over your face and a little on your neck
  • But then, he scoops you up in his arms and carries you to bed
  • You woke up somewhere in the second half
  • He’s smiling so sweetly at you and you can’t help but think that he’s the nicest person to you
  • That is…until you wake up and see yourself in the mirror the next morning


  • Yoosung got him a job at the local animal center
  • Tonight was a special event, so he was going to be late
  • He forgot to tell you he was going to be late
  • When he got home, you were sprawled out on the floor in front of the coffee table
  • He inches near you and realizes you were asleep
  • He was half considering carrying you to the room
  • But then you stir and see him for a second
  • You try to act like you’re asleep so he’ll carry you but he already notices
  • “Why are you on the floor? Go to bed.”
  • You pout and drag yourself to bed
  • But you don’t see him quietly laugh behind your back


  • He comes home after a late outing with Jumin
  • The room was dark, his eye sight was still recovering
  • And he wasn’t expecting you asleep on the floor
  • Not only did you wake up from his foot in your spleen, but also because he hit the floor with a loud thud
  • You both are screaming in surprise and pain
  • Then there’s a pause before you two are bursting out laughing at the whole ordeal
  • You somehow make it back to bed together
  • But the neighbors are disturbed

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a tiny bit jealous pt. two

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: Sometimes a broken heart can be a good thing.

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: Major spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming, angst, slight swearing

Word count: 2,339

Notes: Thank all of you guys for your support on part one! You guys literally flooded my inbox I loved it. I really enjoyed the attention. The feedback has literally been crazy! So without further ado, here’s part two to “a tiny bit jealous”!

Part 1

Originally posted by hardyness

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It’s Always the Quiet One

What would Peter be like with an Gf that’s like an unexpected tease? Like she seems quiet and innocent but she also will send him flirty pics and whisper freaky shit to him in casual settings.

“I think they’re cute together,” Sam laughed as he and Natasha watched the two teenagers in the living room try to throw popcorn in the air and catch it in their mouth.

“Shut it, Sam,” Natasha growled. Sam only grinned, he knew he was getting on her nerves, that was the point of the game. The team’s youngest members were in a relationship and had been for several months. The news was just getting out to the rest of the team though.

“Does Cap know yet?” Sam smiled, hoping to God that he didn’t so he could tell Steve that Tony’s Spider-kid was dating his little Angel.

“No, he’s still out in Belarus,” Natasha glared holes into the back of Peter’s head.

“And Tony?”

“He knows. He knew a month ago and he’s hiding in his workshop. He thinks I don’t know where he is.”

“Natasha they’re kids,” Sam sighed trying to calm her down. He really didn’t see what the big deal was. Yes, Peter was a little annoying, and Y/N was totally out of his league but he knew Peter was a good kid.

“Do you remember being a teenage boy?” Natasha asked, her voice low and dangerous.

“Yes, but I don’t think Spiderling has it in him honestly. He’s a little nerd,” Sam shrugged.

“It’s always the boys you don’t expect, the nice ones that weasel their way into your heart and make you feel something only to never call back after they have sex with you.”

“Well damn, Nat. Who hurt you?!” Sam turned to look at Natasha incredulously. She glared back at him, malevolence rolling off of her in thick waves, “Alright, alright. Say Peter does all that, where’s he gonna go, Nat. He can’t just disappear and he’s an Avenger. He’s going to be stuck right here with you.”

She seemed to relax a little with that, “I would crush his head between my thighs like an egg.”

“And you trained Y/N. Don’t you think you did a good enough job that she’ll be fine.”

Natasha relaxed a little bit more, “She’d punch a hole through his face.”

“See? Now can you calm down and just enjoy how ridiculous they are together?”

She sighed, “Y/N looks so happy.”

“Doesn’t she… Now I just have to calm Steve down when he gets back,” Sam shook his head and walked away.

Peter tossed popcorn at you and you caught it expertly in your mouth. You threw one at him and it just hit him in the face.

“How are you so good at that?” he groaned, frustrated by his constant failure.

“I’ve got a particularly skilled mouth,” you wagged your eyebrows as you said this, watching Peter’s face as he blushed.

“Stop it, if someone hears you, they’re gonna think I’m some kind of horndog.”

“Oh if only they knew who the real horndog is in this relationship,” you laughed tossing more popcorn at him.

“They wouldn’t believe it,” Peter frowned, “they’d probably blame me.”

“Yep they’d blame you for turning their little angel into a freak,” you murmured.

“Don’t say that!” He freaked out, “You know, I miss when you were just the sweet girl with healing powers, Y/N.”

“No you don’t,” you scoffed, “Because that girl wouldn’t send you beautiful pictures of herself while you’re with Mr. Stark.”

“Exactly! She wouldn’t do that! Do you have any idea how distracting that is? How am I supposed to think about anything else all day?”

“That’s not my problem Spidey,” you grinned before stuffing a handful of popcorn in your mouth.

The next day, Steve came back to the tower. Natasha woke you up early to meet him at the hangar. You stood beside her still in your pajamas nearly bouncing with excitement. Steve was like a father to you. He found you when you were young, took you in, and raised you as his own. The moment he stepped of the jet you ran to him with open arms. As always he dropped what he had in his hands to catch you as you jumped in his arms.

“You have to tell me when I get too big for this,” You laughed as he hugged you tightly.

“You’ll never be too big. You’re gonna be thirty and I’m still gonna hug you like this.”

“I’ll hold you to it, old man.”

He eventually put you back on your feet and you began your usual rapid fire questionnaire about his physical health. He seemed fine, save a few scratches and bruises. You waited in the kitchen for him while he showered so you could tell him all about your adventures in the months you’d been gone… but most importantly to tell him you were dating Peter before someone else could. Sam sauntered into the kitchen and peered into the fridge.

“So you’re gonna tell him, right?” he asked glancing back at you.

“Of course I am. If I don’t you’ll just rat me out anyway,” you huffed.

“Mind if I stand somewhere out of sight and eavesdrop?” Sam smirked.

“Yes I mind.”

“Too bad,” he grabbed a drink out of the fridge then disappeared.

“You are so nosey,” you grumbled, knowing he could hear you. A few minutes later, Steve joined you in the kitchen.

“Alright, catch me up.”

You caught him up on everything that had happened, like how Tony blew up the workshop on accident and you almost died but Peter saved you. Natasha then chased Tony through the tower until she cornered him and punched him so hard in the arm that he still has the bruise- it happened the day after Steve left. You also told him about how Sam almost cut through his finger trying to slice a cucumber. You decided to casually mention your relationship status in the middle of all the chaos.

“Tony found out that I’m dating Peter and he told everyone, then Wanda nearly fell of the roof but the Iron Man bots-”

“Wait, back up. What was that about Peter,” Steve had been making breakfast while you talked but now he was still, waiting for you to repeat yourself.

You cleared your throat nervously, “Tony found out that Peter and I are dating… and he told everyone… so now I’m telling you.”

“That means you were dating him in secret before Tony found out.” he turned around slowly to look at you. He was giving you his stern Captain America face. You were definitely in trouble.

“Yes, sir, I was,” you nodded, it was best to be extra respectful when he got like this. Any slip-up could mean a two hour lecture on respect and safety and responsibility.

“For how long?”

“Five months,” you whispered.

“Five months?! You can barely keep a secret for five minutes how’d you manage it for five months.”

“Well you guys were away a lot and you’ve been looking for your friend so it was kind of easy. And we agreed I could date now so I’m not breaking any rules.”

“But you should have told me!”

“I wanted to tell you. I didn’t want to tell anyone before I told you, but when you were home I didn’t really wanna ruin the time together, and it didn’t seem like the kind of thing to tell you over phone-,” you rambled quickly.

“I get it,” he sighed. He was silent for a moment as he pinched the bridge of his nose and thought about things, “So Peter.”

“Yes. He’s really good to me, Steve. Like really good.”

“Is that a euphemism for something-”

“No! I just mean he’s nice and gentlemanly and there’s no need to go beat him up.”

“Fine. I’m assuming Natasha already sat you down and gave you… the talk.”

You thought back to that surprisingly okay conversation. She didn’t try to scare you with pictures of diseased genitalia or preach about abstinence, she told you what you needed to know to be safe.

“Yes, she did.”

“Good…would you go get Peter. I just want to talk to him.”

“Steve, you never want to ‘just talk’ to anyone,” you groaned.

“No I actually want to talk. You’d just be mad at me otherwise.”

“That’s right. I would hold a grudge for years.”

“Yeah, yeah, go get him.”

You hurried off to go get Peter from Tony’s workshop. The moment you said Steve wanted to talk to him, he turned about as white as a sheet. Tony wished him good luck and sent him out of the door. You tried to prepare Peter as much as you could, but you knew all of your assurances were futile. No matter what you said, there was a good chance Steve was going to kick his ass.

Peter sat at the breakfast bar, right across from Steve. You took up Steve’s abandoned task of making breakfast while they talked.

“Look, son, you know why you’re here,” Steve began. You stirred a big bowl of pancake batter.

“Yes, sir,” Peter nodded.

“Now I trust, Y/N’s judgement, and I know as far as kids go you’re a good one.”

“Thank you-”

“I’m not done. I don’t trust you though, not with her.”

You knew from the tone of Steve’s voice that both you and Peter were off the hook so you decided to mess with your boyfriend. You poured some batter on the griddle to cook then grabbed a banana from the bowl on the counter then turned around. Peter was facing you, if he peered over Steve’s shoulder he could see you just fine. Steve’s back was to you, and he was concentrating on threatening Peter’s life. You caught Peter’s eye as you peeled the banana. He gave you a look full of suspicion and rightly so, he knew you well. You took to licking the tip of the banana and Peter gave you a look of disappointment. When you didn’t get the response you wanted you slowly put the length of the banana in your mouth. Peter blushed despite keeping his mask of disappointment on his face.

“Son, are you listening to me?” Steve demanded and Peter refocused.

“Yes. I understand.” Peter visibly tried to keep his eyes off of you as you defiled that poor fruit and he tried to just keep thinking about how ridiculous you were. He kept chanting to himself, “It’s not hot, it’s stupid. It’s not hot, it’s stupid. She’s absolutely ridiculous.” As he thought this mantra Sam walked in behind him so you had to quickly turn around and attend to the pancakes on the griddle. Peter held in laughter at your quick save.

“Is something funny?” Steve demanded.

“Nothing’s funny, sir.”

Sam left back out and you were back at it again. You took the banana in as far as you could, made eye contact with Peter once more before biting the fruit and chewing. Peter smiled internally at you as you chewed, looking like a little chipmunk. You were ridiculous and he loved you for it.

“Do I make myself clear?” Steve ended.

Peter nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Steve nodded to himself then turned towards you. When he did so Peter made a face at you to let you know you were in trouble. You smiled a little at him as he went back to Tony’s workshop.

Later on, when Steve was taking a nap Peter decided to exact his revenge. You stood in the living room looking through Tony’s old records when Peter simply picked you up and threw you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“Peter,” you laughed, beating on his back playfully. He took you away from the common room wordlessly. Eventually you gave up and just settled for hitting his butt like some bongos while you waited for him to put you down. You recognized the familiar path, he was taking you to his room.

“If Steve wakes up, he’s gonna kick your butt,” you said in a sing songy voice.

“I’ll take my chances,” he scoffed, you both knew Steve was dead to the world and would be for the next four hours. He stepped into his room, kicked the door closed and tossed you carelessly on the bed. Before you even had a chance to stop bouncing he was holding your hands above your head and tickling you mercilessly.

“Why are you such a tease?” he laughed as your laughter filled the room, “I want an apology, Y/N.”

“Never!” you yelled back.

“Then I’m never letting you go,” he spoke back as he continued his attack on your sides. When tears were in your eyes, and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much you gave in.

“Alright, I’m sorry!”

He stopped, “For what?”

“For teasing you.”

“And you’ll never do it again?”

“Well what fun would that be, Peter.”

“None at all,” he smiled as he leaned down and kissed you, “How do you have the Avengers so fooled?”
“Because I’m quiet and sweet.Don’t I taste sweet, Peter?”

He rolled his eyes and kissed you again, “It’s always the quiet one’s who get you.” he mumbled against your lips.

~Mod Lillian

The Assistant Job

Requested By: Anonymous

Can I request? Tom and the reader are dating and the reader is Harry’s assistant just like Harrison is to tom,and tom is worried that the reader will start to like Harry because they’re the same age and are best friends. Thankss!!! ❤️

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You and Tom had been together for a few months, you had gotten close with his friends and family, especially Harrison and Harry. A few weeks later you become Harry’s assistant, making Tom a bit anxious that you could potentially fall for his brother instead, but you prove him otherwise.

Warnings: None really, it’s just cute

Word Count: 2,712

A/N: Ahhhh this was so fun to write and it’s so cute and ugh I love it so much???? Anyways thanks for requesting this! I haven’t seen many Tom imagines like this so it was really fun to create. I really hope you enjoy it. :))

Side Note: Also, sorry for not uploading for a few days, I hadn’t been feeling all too well, but you all were so understanding and supportive and I just love you all a ton! So thank you for that, and I am feeling better so get ready for some bomb ass imagines! ;)

Originally posted by hllands

You and Tom had been together for about five months, you had met at the coffee shop around the corner one day, you both ended up ordering the same drink, blushing embarrassedly at one another. 

Since that day, you two started going on dates, coffee dates, mainly because you both knew each others orders and it was something simply and not very hectic.

From there on you learned he was an actor, that he was the Marvel character Spider-Man, which made you fan girl on the inside, Spider-Man was your favorite.

You soon told him that too, making him give you a wink, causing you to blush madly, doing your best to sip your coffee and play it off, but there was no hiding the amount of red that was on your cheeks, and Tom loved it.

After more dates at the coffee shop, Tom eventually asked you out on a real date, to a real restaurant, causing your heart to beat a lot quicker.

You weren’t sure it was the best idea, you didn’t want him to be stressed out if paparazzi followed him, but he insisted that it was what he wanted, so you went along with it.

Tom had gotten reservations at a small little Italian restaurant a few blocks down the street, it was the cutest place you’d ever seen. It had little dangly lights above and around the building, Italian music faintly playing in the background, it was already so perfect.

Tom gently took your hand in his, directing you to the table he had reserved, making your eyes widen slightly. It was gorgeous, it was a little table away from people, giving you two privacy.

That night changed everything between the two of you, mainly because that’s when Tom asked you to become his girlfriend, nearly causing you to choke on a tortellini.

You could see the love in his eyes as he looked into yours, making you feel warm and tingly on the inside, something you hadn’t felt in a long time.

Needless to say, it was the best first real date you had ever had, even better that it was with a guy you truly felt something for.

Months went by and Tom finally introduced you to his family, you were already in love with his siblings, especially Paddy, you wished you had a little brother like him.

You also became super close with Harry, you two were the same age so you both bonded extremely well.

One day Harry had invited you to join them on set of Tom’s movie, also where you met Harrison, Tom’s best friend and assistant. You automatically loved Harrison too, he was just as dorky as Tom.

Since that day on set you started thinking a lot, you really did need a job, you weren’t famous like Tom, you were an ordinary girl who had bills to pay and food to buy.

That’s when it clicked, you could be an assistant like Harrison, but who you would be an assistant for was the key.

You thought about this idea for a few weeks, talking to Harrison about what it was like working with Tom and what he did for him. You were really serious about becoming an assistant, and Harrison could tell you weren’t going to give up.

You then talked to Tom about it, he wasn’t thrilled of the idea, but he knew you were just trying to do your part in the world, he knew that you weren’t like him where making money wasn’t a huge issue, which is exactly what you had told him before.

You both talked about it for days, until Tom finally gave in seeing you weren’t going to let it go, and all he wanted for you was to be happy, and if being an assistant to someone would make you happy, he would be happy too.

After discussing it with Tom you went to the last person to get their opinion on it, and that was Harry.

You told Harry your plan, how you wanted to become and assistant because you needed money to pay for everything, and the entire time you were talking you never noticed the faint smile on Harry’s lips.

“Y/N.” Harry interrupted you, making your eyes snap up to look at him.

“Hmm?” You hummed, playing with a string on the edge of your sleeve nervously, this was a huge deal to you.

“Why don’t you become my assistant? I know I’m not huge like Tom, but I do short films and I could always use an extra hand to keep me organized.” Harry explained, the smile growing on his lips as he saw your ecstatic expression on your face.

“Harry, if you’re playing me right now I swear to god-” You started off, but Harry shook his head, the smile never leaving his face.

“Y/N, I promise you I’m not playing you, I genuinely mean this.” Harry smiled, making your eyes light up and your heart beat so loud you were sure he could hear it.

“Then yes! Yes! I’d love to be your assistant, oh my god, thank you Harry, you’re amazing.” You squealed excitedly, hugging your best friend as he laughed at your reaction.

“Of course Y/N, believe me, you’re doing me a huge favor." Harry laughed, making you laugh along with him.

A few days later you started working as Harry’s assistant, you had told Harrison and Tom about your new job, they were both extremely happy for you, they knew how bad you wanted this position.

However, once you left to go check on Harry, Tom pulled Harrison to the side, a nervous look in his eyes.

"Dude, what if she falls for my brother? They’re already best friends, and they’re the same age.” Tom whispered, biting his nail anxiously as Harrison looked at him in disbelief.

“Tom, have you seen the way Y/N looks at you? Or when she’s even around you? You mean the world to her. The fact she came and asked you about becoming an assistant in the first place had to of been a bit step for her since she wanted your opinion.” Harrison explained, making Tom’s heart melt slightly, he never really noticed all the small details until Harrison started pointing them out.

“Believe me buddy, you have nothing to worry about. Now this was a nice talk, but you need to go change and get ready for your next scene.” Harrison laughed, patting him on the back before directing him to his changing room.

You on the other hand were helping Harry set up a new short film he was making, he needed some supplies, which is where your new job came in.

“Hey Y/N, do you think you can run to the store and grab some extra props? And maybe a few snacks?” Harry smiled, as you responded with a thumbs up before leaving the building.

You loved this job, sure it might be a tad stressful, but it was worth it, you were getting paid fairly decent, which was the main objective out of all of this. You needed the money to pay for your apartment bills, and for food, so no matter what you had to do, you did it.

You rushed to the store, grabbing a few extra props that he had written down for you, then you decided to treat his crew with a few tasty snacks.

You smiled slightly, walking into the all too familiar coffee shop, the one place that could make your heart swell up with pure happiness and love, and it was all thanks to Tom.

You walked up to the counter, ordering ten coffees, and a few little goodies along the side, before leaving the shop.

It took about ten minutes to arrive back at the set, you gave Harry’s crew the extra props, which they thanked you for tremendously, and then you surprised them with the coffee and little goodies.

You watched as their faces lit up, surprised you had brought them something, they eagerly took the drinks and snacks, but not without giving you a hug and mumbling a thank you.

You then walked over to Harry who was busy directing someone, you waited until they were done shooting the scene, before he turned around his face turning into a bright smile at the sight of you.

“Hey Y/N! Thanks for grabbing the extra props, you were a life saver.” Harry praised you, making your cheeks warm up a tad.

“Of course, it’s what I’m here for, also here’s some coffee’s and some snacks, I already gave the others to the rest of the crew.” You smiled, handing them over to Harry who looked at you in amazement.

“If I knew you were going to be this great, I would have asked you waaay earlier to be my assistant.” Harry winked, making you laugh and shake your head at his answer.

“Hey can I ask a favor?” You spoke up before he returned to his set, he gave a nod signaling you to continue.

“I got some coffee and snacks for Tom and Harrison, do you mind if I go and deliver them?’ You gave a small smile, as Harry nodded and gave you a thumbs up, putting a small tiny sandwich into his mouth.

You quickly rushed out, driving down to Tom’s set, it took about fifteen minutes since they filmed so far away.

You eventually made it, grabbing the drinks and snacks, and thanking security for letting you enter the set, then went on your search for Tom and Harrison.

You soon found them, Tom was filming a scene with Jacob, you recognized it as the part where Ned had found out Peter’s secret, which made you laugh quietly.

You walked over to Harrison, who’s eyes widened in surprise, he wasn’t expecting you to be here at all.

"Hey Y/N, it’s good to see you, we weren’t expecting you here today.” Harrison smiled, making you shrug and smile back.

“I actually brought you and Tom coffee and snacks, I had gone out to get extra props and snacks for Harry and his crew, and decided to get you guys a lil something too.” You smiled happily, handing over the drinks and snacks.

“Wow Y/N, you didn’t have to do this. You really are kind hearted, no wonder Tom is so into you.” Harrison chuckled, making your cheeks heat up slightly.

“Speaking of Tom.. Here he comes.” Harrison grinned, nudging your elbow, as you laughed and swatted his arm.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Tom smiled happily, pulling you into a tight embrace, making your body tingle.

“Well, as I was telling Harrison, I brought you boys a lil somethin’.” You winked, making Tom grin at you slightly.

“Tell me you didn’t.” Tom started, but his smile only got wider as he saw the coffee sitting on the table, beside some snacks.

“You’re amazing you know that right?” Tom smiled at you, making you shrug and play with your hair slightly.

“I do what I can.” You laughed, making Tom’s heart beat quicker, the sound of your laugh was like music to his ears.

“Apparently from what Harry has told me, Y/N’s doing an excellent job being his assistant.” Harrison grinned, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“I really like this position, what can I say.” You smiled, walking over to Tom who took a bite of a sandwich you had gotten.

Harrison grinned at you, making you blush slightly, looking at Tom who was already looking at you.

“How did I get so lucky to have someone like you in my life?” Tom spoke aloud, causing your heart to beat quicker.

Harrison sneaked away, leaving you two alone, there was no way he was going to interrupt one of your guys ‘moments.’

“Maybe because you’re an extremely wonderful person?” You smiled, making him laugh, which made you love him even more.

“The only person that is wonderful is you, Y/N.” Tom smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

“I disagree.” You smiled, making him shake his head and laugh quietly.

You felt his hands rub the center of your back gently, causing goosebumps, but you loved his touch, you just loved everything about him.

He gently brought you closer, before softly placing his lips on yours, the kiss was gentle and sweet, something you’d always cherish.

You both pulled away, smiles on both of your faces, as you gently cupped his cheek.

“I wish you could be my assistant all the time.” Tom mumbled, making you laugh, which made him laugh along with you.

“If I was your assistant, I would never be as professional as I am now.” You winked, before pecking his lips one last time and running off, but not without giving him a cheesy smile from over your shoulder, seeing his shocked expression.

“-Wait! Y/N! What does that mean?” Tom shouted, his eyes widened slightly, as he heard your laughter leave the building.

Harrison looked at Tom who was standing there, still stunned at your comment, trying to process what you had said.

Tom didn’t even notice Harrison had walked over to him until he felt a pat on his back.

“Dude, you’re so whipped.” Harrison laughed, making Tom’s cheeks heat up and a smile form on his lips.

“Dude, I know.” Tom mumbled, taking a sip of the coffee you had gotten him, he couldn’t imagine a better person in his life other than you.

Car Breakdown - Jeongguk

genre : smut, Mecanic!Jeongguk
words : 5,2k
contains : nipple play, oral, a bit of fingering and spanking, teasing, sex, Dom!Jeongguk, praise kink
sum up : You never had luck, especially not with your car, which just broke down again in the middle of the road -again! But well, this time, it turns out better than excepting, really better.

You’ve never trusted your car, not even when you bought it for the first time. It was a particularly old one, dented and stratched, and the person who sold it to you warned you that you might have some problems. And you did. In the first months, it was approximatively alright, but it started to get worse on the fourth month, when you first had an alarming problem with the engine coolant. You had paid fifty bucks to get rid of it, hoping that it would get back to normal, but of course it was only the beginning of a series of problems; no matter if it was with the breaks, the windscreen wipers or the several engine failures you’ve endured. Yet, you couldn’t afford a new car, a problemfree car. You had to do with this pain in the ass, always and constantly hoping for a safe trip.

Maybe it was the karma, or even bad luck, but apparently, wishing too strongly for something led you to the opposite situation. You found yourself in the roadside of a expressway, completely drenched from head to toe because of the heavy autumnal rain that kept falling loudly from the dark sky. You should have noticed the red warning in the corner of the dashboard, or hear the faint yet continuous bang in the front of the car, but you didn’t. You were too focused on the music echoing against the sides of the car, and you were desperate to eventually go home after this dreadful work meeting about your company’s management, which was, by the way, one hundred kilometres away from home.

You wished to get there quickly, aiming to let yourself dive into the warm waters of well-deserved bath, a glass of wine in the hand to help you relax. Of course, you don’t always get what you wish for, and you realised it he second your fucking car started to be deprived of speed, slowing its pace into brusque and hasty movement, only allowing you enough time to stop on the verge. You had taken a few seconds before realising that you just had a car breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, and you had screamed. Violently getting out of the car, you decided to see what was happening under the bonnet, as if you’d knew something about it –which you didn’t.

You lashed out at engine, knocking the bonnet down before running a hand to your now wet hair, fighting back the tears that threatened to falling down your cheeks. Feeling the light cold breeze hit your wet outfit, you made your way back inside the car, not willing to, on top of that, get sick. You took some minutes to pull yourself together, staring blankly in nothing but the night. You were cold, your clothes were soaked, you were lost. At the realisation, you let your head fall against the steering wheel, loudly, hurting your forehead in the process; but you didn’t fucking care anyway.

Taking a long and deep breath in, you straightened your back against the seat. You had to do something, and he only thing that you could do was calling a car mechanic to help you out. You looked to your side, and rushed your hands through your purse, looking for your smartphone. After a frenetic research, you eventually found it, an unlocked it.

“This must be a joke.”

24% left. Your life depended on these very 24% of battery of your phone. You gulped, and browsed as rapidly as ever the number of the closet garage on google maps. ‘The Jeon’s garage’ was open, and offered mending and towing services. They were you only last hope before being left here all alone freezing amidst nowhere. So you called them, desperately wishing for someone to pick up your phone call, for charitable soul. Surprisingly, it happened, right before the fourth sound of your reach out, a hoarse voice resonated into the speaker of your device, grumbling a wannabe polite “hello.”

“Hello! Oh my god thank you for replying. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry to bother at such time of the night but you’re the only garage open in the area and my car just broke down and I don’t know what to do, I might die here.. No. Anyway, can you come and tow my car or something?”

A regnant silence appeared after your quick monologue, making you feel nervous from the absence of sounds. You licked your lips before gaping them slightly, ready to ask if the person was still there, but they beat you to it. “Wait wait wait. Do you know where you are?” They asked, and from the tone of the voice, you guessed it was boy. “I need to know where you are so I can help you.” He justified immediately, and you frowned you eyebrows when you heard some struggling pants through the speakers.

“Apparently, I’m fifteen kilometres away from you,” you indicated, looking back on the map on the screen of your cell phone. “On the National Road 4.”

“Ok, I see. Did you try to restart the car and all?”


“Ok. Did you try to look under the bonnet?”


“Ok. Don’t ever do that again, it’s dangerous. Especially in times like this. Wait for me in the car, but put some warning triangle behind your car. Do you get me?” He asked, after hearing you muttering some ‘Why is he ordering me around exactly?’

“Ok. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Even if he had been ordering you around, at least, he was on time. He arrived sixteen minutes after your phone call to be precise, in a recovery vehicle with way too bright lights shining in the horizon. It looked like the light of your freedom though, that would save you from this hell. Yet, it only symbolised another hardship on the way to your paradise, but, perhaps, it would lead you to something better than the shitty situation you found yourself into. At least, you wished so.

You saw him alight from the truck, dressed in a large waterproof coat, rushing to the side of the driving seat of the car, knocking on the window. Understanding the message, you lowered it down to hear him out. You couldn’t decipher his features well, the association of the big lights and the hood hiding his face from your sight. However, you managed to glimpse some cute purse lips and thick eyebrows.

“Y/N?” He spoke over the sound of the rain hitting the metal of your car.

“Yes, who else?” You said, chuckling a bit, trying to ease the mood, but he didn’t laugh, so you pursed your lips lightly, fighting back an embarrassed grin.

“Yeah. Go inside the truck, I’ll take care of this. Take all your important stuffs with you.”

“Okay, thank you.”


You grabbed your pursed, previously placed on the passenger seat, and pulled got out of the car, running to the lorry after the gentleman opened the door for you. Rushing inside, you were glad to find that the heating was on, warming you and your cold body up; even though you were still drenched. Rubbing your arms with your palms, you watched in the wing mirror the man running around the car arranging ropes here and locking things here. In a matter of minutes, he came back into the passenger compartment, sighing.

“Okay, don’t panic. The truck is going to move a bit, and there will be weird noises but it’s normal.”


He pressed a button, and just as predicted, it happened. But you didn’t really pay attention to it as you finally put a face on this cute raspy voice. Under the light of the car, you noticed his golden skin, his dark hair, his chocolate and fizzy eyes and a sharp jaw. He was beautiful, almost graceful with the beam of the car.

“You must be freezing,” he stressed, tearing you away from your reverie over his face.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“Here,” he said as he offered you the plaid he just took out from behind his chair.

“Thank you very much.”

“Of course. I’m Jeongguk by the way. Now we will go to he garage. It’s around twenty minutes long.”

“Nice to meet you,” you greeted and agreed, side-watching him check if everything was alright before starting the engine. He nodded his head to himself and pressed on the accelerator pedal, driving you and you cursed car to his garage. The drive was silent in the first minutes, yet it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

“So, what were you doing here at this time of the night, by this weather, if I may ask?”

“I had this work reunion in this city, and it finished super late and all. So yeah, I’m pretty unlucky.” You sighed, covering yourself with the plaid a bit more to keep you warm.

“At least, you were lucky enough to find an opened garage,” he joked, flashing you a quick smile from the driver seat.

“Yeah, maybe. But I was so excited to go home. I was really looking forwards to get off…”

You realised, from the stare of the man siting right next to you, that your choice of words was as bad as your luck. You probably were cursed at this point.

“I mean, to relax…” You whispered, sinking in your chair to make yourself as small as possible, fleeing the judgemental eyes of Jeongguk and trying to hide your flushed cheeks.


“I’m sorry Y/N, but I can’t repair it tonight. I need a piece that will be delivered tomorrow. We ran out of it a few days ago.”

You looked at him with a blank face on, registering the information he was giving you. So you had been waiting for one hour, freezing in a cold garage and in wet clothes, at 10 pm, all for nothing. You couldn’t go home tonight. A nervous laugh past pass your lips, and you looked down at him still laid on his board, his lower body still under your car.

“I’m sorry.”

“No no, it’s alright it’s not your fault anyway,” you said, defeated. “I should have foreseen this anyway. But what should I do? Is there a motel or a place that I could crash nearby?” You asked, the last syllable swallowed in your throat as Jeongguk raised to his feet, standing close to you. Suddenly the atmosphere felt tensed in the large room, partially from how you –out of a sudden- found that Jeongguk was sexy in his mechanic outfit and messy hair and that you couldn’t avert your eyes from the sight, but also from the way his eyes tried to avoid your wet –and so see-through- white dress shirt.

“No, there is unfortunately not. I know this might sound insane, but…”

If one day someone had told you your current situation, you wouldn’t believe them. You wouldn’t believe that you had agreed to sleep in the room –note, not home- of a stranger, of a person that you barely know and who could be a psychopath. You would not believe either that you had taken a shower there and accepted his clothes to sleep in. Neither would you have agreed that, after a long fight over the subject, you ended up sleeping in the same bed as said perhaps-psychopath.

Yet, here you were, laid on your back, on Jeongguk’s bed, pressured under the heavy and awkward atmosphere that filled his room. You hadn’t talked since he left the shower to plunge himself under the covers next to you, his body not close enough to let your skins touch but surely enough to let you feel the warmth of his body. You wanted to get rid of it, because you wouldn’t fall asleep this way anyway.

“I’m really sorry, Jeongguk.”

“It’s alright,” he chuckled, looking at the ceiling, “don’t worry.”

“Yeah but still, I invite myself here and borrow your clothes and take a shower and all and it’s just-“

“Hey, you need to relax, it’s okay, really.” He stated, trying to reassure you in your apologising monologue. He was now looking at your face, a smile evident on his lips, almost teasing. “Or, should I say, you need to get off.” He laughed at his joke as your cheeks turned into a deep shade of pink.

You wanted to laugh along with him, but for some reason, you couldn’t. You could only notice how his jawline was sharper when he was laughing, how his smile was cockier, and how his eyes sparkled darkly. You realised that you were turned on by the guy laying right fucking next to you.

“Maybe I want that too.” You whispered, not confident enough to completely let it out in audible words, but not too coward not say out loud what you though, because after all, what did you have to lose from this? You dignity because you were dying to get laid after so long? You self-esteem for trying your luck with a guy who was way too attractive for you to handle? Yeah, not much anyway… but you might regret this for a long time from the silence left by Jeongguk.

“Don’t say things you don’t know about,” he broke the silence, allowing you to notice a change in his voice. It became more hoarse, deeper, something that made you oddly weak at the knees.

“What If I do?” Unlike his, your mouth was not above a whisper, and it was weak and unassured. Your eyes lifted to meet his own as you saw him get closer to you, his face now just right in front of yours. You could feel his breath caress your cheeks, and his lips brushing past yours.

“Are you sure about what you’re saying, Y/N?”


With your consent, his lips crashed on yours, sealing into a hot and messy kiss. It was passionate and bold, your tongues soon dancing a sensual dance together as he pressed his body closer to yours. His hands found their way to your waist as he left some heated kisses along your jaw and neck, making you shiver from the touch. You fell his thumbs dig into the skin of your hipbones, and you bucked your hips into his touch, wanting to feel more, more of him and more of his way too soft caresses. You wanted his hands wandering everywhere, from your waist to your butt, from your butt to your boobs. You craved this.

You realised he desired the same when you sensed the obvious bulge in his boxers as he brought your body closer to his. This new proximity, leaving nearly nothing between your bodies, allowed him to firmly grab your bottom, his two hands gripping your lower cheeks fully, earning a moan from you as he started to suck a blossoming mark on your left collarbone.

Just when you started to feel yourself get lost in the pleasure, he gently pushed you on your back to hover above you, his lips never leaving your skin in the process. You appreciated his wet kisses which slowly moved forward your neck to reach your jaw, eventually crashing on your own again. You ended up kissing hungrily, tongues dancing passionately and teeth crashing in hurry.

Your hands grazed over the skin of his muscular back, heading for his neck to grip at his hair, pulling the small locks that stuck to his flesh, expressing a silent demand for more. Just as you let out a throaty whimper past your lips, he drove away from you, “Let me take away all of your clothes.” You’d almost moan from his thirsty eyes, almost. But you nodded your head quickly, your fingers already tugging at the side of your shirt.

He smirked at your actions; seeing you desperate under him pleased him. He enjoyed the fact that he was making you crave his hands and touch. So without a second thought, he took off his own shirt, and stood up on his knees to allow you to do the same. Soon, in a matter of seconds, you were both naked, and Jeongguk was now overhanging you again, his mouth trailing wet and hurried kisses from your neck to your breast. He reached your perky nipple, and didn’t waste time as he swathed his lips around the bundle of nerves, sucking and nibbling it. His fingers massaged your other boob, softly yet with eagerness, sometimes brushing his thumb over your nipple just to tease you and feel you jolt under him, something he found him appreciating quite a lot.

You felt yourself getting wetter from his attention and ministrations, and even more when you sensed him grind his crotch on your thigh. The moment you wanted to complain about wanting more, he stopped his motions, taking one last kitten lick over you nipple and earning a quiet whimper. He lifted his head up, his eyes directly plunged into yours and you noticed how they were burning with desire.

“Can I eat you out? It’s better if I make sure you’re wet enough for when I pound into you.”

You gulped at his words, not excepting them to get out of this mouth this filthy. Though, it made the blood rush to your cheeks as you nodded your answer after he squeezed your waist gently.

“I need to hear it out loud, sweetheart.”

“Yes.” You replied, trying to make your voice assured.

“Yes what?” He asked, an obvious teasing smirk plastered on his face as he already made his way down your body.

“Yes, I want you to eat me out.”

He chuckled darkly at your answer, kissing chastely your pubis before spreading your legs wide for him to settle between them. You bucked your hips slightly to the new sensation of the fresh air on your drench folds. You witnessed how the smirk on his face made grew bigger, and just to have fun, he blew some fresh air on you, and you whined.

“I didn’t phrase it like that, but I’ll stick with it.”

He didn’t let you the time to properly comprehend his words and dived in right away, teasingly lapping your labia and purposely avoiding your clitoris. You sighed from pleasure, interlacing your fingers into his hair as you felt him massage your squeeze your thighs. He kept leaving kisses here and there, teasing you to no end. You tried to rush him to business, casually thrusting your hips upwards, but it only fuelled his want to tease you.

“Jeongguk, come on.” You complained into a whimper.

“You kept teasing me with your words and outfit and attitude all night,” he spoke against your pussy, the vibrations sending shivers down your side and making your head fall back on the pillow, “but you’re lucky I’m so fucking hard right now. I’m going to make you cum just with my tongue, baby. Then you’ll get what you’re asking for if you’re a good girl.”

Your cheeks couldn’t possibly be more pink as you realised that he might me into dirty talk. Yet, you didn’t give it a second thought when you felt his tongue gently rasp your clitoris a few times, making you moan silently and close your eyes. After taking a few kitten licks on your clit, he let his tongue enter your vagina and graze your walls, allowing his upper lip to tease your folds gently. You tried to close your legs under the overwhelming feeling, but he kept them down, bringing them to your sides to keep you in place.

After a few seconds, he stuck out his tongue to make it rub against your whole pussy’s lips, tasting your juices and humming against you. “It’s so sweet. You taste so sweet, kitten. All this juices for me,” he purred against you against as he brought you even closer to his mouth. “Such a good girl, completely soaked for me.” He carried on licking everywhere, devouring you as if you were his last meal. You sensed his tongue and lips everywhere at the same time, and the pit in your stomach started to form, warning you that you weren’t far away from your orgasm; just like the way your panting breath.

“Moan out loud for me, baby. I wanna hear you when you cum over my tongue. I want to hear how good I make that little cunt of yours feel good.”

His lewd words made you spread your legs wider, if that was still possible, and buck your hips to get more of him. The sounds of your moans soon echoed on the walls, satisfying Jeongguk’s ego. He was eager to make you cum just with his pink muscle, and he wasn’t going to let that go, so when he heard your shaky whimpers and desperate moans, he made it his mission to make you climax right away. He nibbled on your clit and hollowed his cheeks to suck on it as the same time, willing to give you as much pleasure as he could.

He loved seeing his partners begging to cum, begging for him to let them release. That was what made him hard. He lived for this feeling of dominance, for this physical superiority, for this capacity to control of someone else’s orgasm. So he continued his ministrations, occasionally alternating with long laps all over your lips.

“Are you going to cum, sweetheart?” He asked, tilting his head to side to dive back his tongue right in your vagina again. He purposely teased you a bit before going back to clit. “Cum for me.” He ordered in a whisper, his rasping voice sending shivers down your spine. Suddenly, it all became too much, your vision started to get blur and you couldn’t help but desperately buck your hips into an unsettled rhythm. He kept on sucking your clit through your climax, your moans and whines stimulating him to do so. He only stopped when he felt your hands faintly pushing his head away, your arms obviously lacking strength.

“Good girl. Such a good girl.” He praised you, crouching on his knees between your legs. You were tired, but exited for what was going to happen next. You smiled at his words, and your lips curved upwards even more when you saw his hand travel down his stomach to reach his throbbing dick and pump it gently. You licked your lips at the sight. You haven’t paid attention to it until now, but the view was quite mouth-watering.

“Do you want to be a good girl and suck my cock with that pretty little mouth of yours a bit?”

You locked your gaze with his, and crooked a grin before lifting your back to end up lying on your stomach in front him, a pleasing sight for the both of you. You noticed a teasing smirk on his lips, but it didn’t restrain you to wrap your lips around the head of his dick, never averting your eyes away. His lips parted slightly at the sight, and you smiled around his member, taking him in your mouth a bit further, you tongue grazing the tip.

“Damn, you make me feel so good kitten,” he confessed, patting your hair away from your face, “You take me well. I bet you take me even better with that sweet pussy, wet just for me.”

You hummed around him, going down a bit more and swallowed around him. A long and pleased moan past through his lips as he threw his head back. You decided to focus more on his dick, making your tongue brush past his member as your cupped and massaged his balls with the strength you had left. A lot a praises fell from his lips from the new sensation, but he stopped your motions by grabbing the back of your neck. “I’d love to cum in your mouth and see you swallow each drop like the good girl you are, but I’d rather fuck you right now.”

“Yes, please.”

He chuckled darkly at your begging, still hovering above you with his dick near your face as your upper body was supported by your elbows. He caressed your cheeks with his thumb for a few seconds before stepping down the bed.

“Don’t move, stay like this. I’m just putting on a condom. Can I fuck you from behind, sweetheart?” He asked as you gazed at his fingers, rolling up the rubber on his dick.

“Fuck.. Yes.”

A smirk found its way on his lips, and he climbed on the bed again, already settling down on the back of your thighs, his hands squeezing your ass cheeks, hard. You moaned from the sensation, loving the way he gripped at your flesh. Suddenly, he slapped your ass, the sound echoed in your ears, and you couldn’t repress the gasp from escaping your lips. Yet, the light burning sensation was bearable, and pleasing in the end, particularly when caressed the spot he just slapped. He did it over again a few times, fond of the noises coming from your mouth, encouraging his actions.

“Damn, kitten, I think I could spank you all day, damn, your butt is so plump and meek,” he moaned, squeezing your cheeks together. “But I’m so fucking hard right now,” he confessed in a hoarse voice that made your pussy even wetter than it was before. “Can you feel it, sweetheart?” He questioned, and you’d nearly jerk from the new presence amidst your arse, which was nothing else than his rocking cock. He thrusted his member between your butt cheeks. “I asked a question, can you feel how hard my cock is for you right now, sweet cheeks?” He teased.

“Yes.” You replied, raising your waist to create more friction for him, “I’d rather feel it inside of me though,” you whispered, feeling your clit pulsing between your legs in excitation and anticipation of what was going to happen next. He stopped his thrust and stilled his dick between your cheeks, “I’m going to fuck you so good.” It was all he said before freeing your butt and spreading your legs a bit. You sensed two fingers at your entrance, coating some of your juices, “Sweetheart, you’re so fucking wet for me, you’re such a fucking good girl.”

You breathed out at the praise, your head falling forwards. “Just for you,” your voice was not above a whisper, but he managed to catch your lewd words anyway, which made him smirk. He didn’t except you to say this kind of things, but he was still delighted by your horniness and will to have him inside of you.

He dived two fingers in, slowly and sensually, and started to caress your folds, wanting you to become a begging mess under his touch. And you did, letting several “please” and “Jeongguk” pass past the barrier of course, some louder than the others when he scissored his fingers to stretch you well. When he valued that it was enough, he took them out, “Turn your head and look at me.” He ordered, and you obeyed, only to be encountered with the sight of his fingers in his mouth and his other hand pumping his length. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the view, which only made his smirk grow wider and cockier on his lips.

He removed his digits and wiped them on the skin of your thigh, his eyes still profoundly plunged into yours. The atmosphere felt heavy, hot and tensed, but in a good way. It was built from the arousal you both felt, and you couldn’t wait anymore to have him inside of you. You needed it, you needed to get off for good. As if he sensed it, he directed his cock to your entrance, “I’m going to enter you now kitten.”

And he did, painfully slowly. After the few seconds of empty torture, he finally completely in, and you both released a long sigh from the sensation. You felt full and hot under the touch of his hands on your waist and the burning of the skin of his thighs on yours. He filled you just the right way, and a long throaty moan echoed in the room from the new sensation. “That’s right kitten, moan for me. I want to hear you, be a good girl and let it all out.”

He started to move when you began to thrust yourself onto his dick, weakly. “You’re such a good girl Y/N, laying down here, taking all of me, begging to be fucked.” The more he talked, the faster he went. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you, and the way his hands griped harder on your waist. He liked it too. “God, you feel so fucking good around me, tight, hot and wet.”

Moans couldn’t be refrained from escaping your mouth, not that Jeongguk wanted to anyway. He loved to hear that his partner was well pleased. He loved to see his cock go in and out of you, wetter after each thrust, something that made him go speeder and deeper. He couldn’t help it, the sight turned on way too much. Yet, after another strangled moan from you, he deciphered a “harder.”

It was all he needed to placed his hands flat by your sides and started to bang into you, animalistic-way. You could hear the sound of your skin slapping against his, his erratic and panting breath, and even how wet you were. The whole mix made the burning pit in your stomach grow bigger, and you felt yourself clench around him. All of a sudden, he reached the special spot inside of you that made you go crazy, letting you moan out loud various “right here” and “yes, please, I’m going to cum.”

“Are you going to cum for me baby? Are you going to make me feel how good you feel around me when you come and clench all over my dick?”

“Yes, yes,” you kept repeating, hands lost in the sheets as you sensed yourself getting closer and closer to the edge of your orgasm. A new heat warm your back, and you realised that it was Jeongguk’s chest. He had lowered his upper body to lay completely on you, allowing him another angle in you, “cum for me then.”

At his words, you climaxed, hard, for the second time of the night. You saw stars in your eyes and felt soaked between your legs, but you were in a state of bliss and pure physical pleasure, your legs shaking a bit from the intensity of your orgasm. Jeongguk’s moan in your ear became faint for a moment, but then he took his cock out of you as he raised to knees. You heard the sound of your wetness on his dick being rubbed rapidly, showing that he was pumping himself. After a few breathy and high-pitched moan, some thread of white cum landed on your back, but you were still too high in pleasure to care.

After a few seconds -or minutes, you didn’t know anymore- Jeongguk crashed by your side, pearls of sweat sticking his hair to his forehead sexily. “Damn, it felt so fucking good.” You didn’t have the force to reply, so you just granted him a smile, to which he responded with a smirk. In the end, this car might be a problematic hell, but at least, tonight, it sent you to paradise, for once.

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