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So ep 2 gave me 2 impressions: 1. Matt is the best brother ever and 2. Matt is the worst brother ever who leaves their sister/ anyone else looking for them a secret, difficult to find message on their LITERAL GRAVE so there’s a guaranteed sobbing period before they figure it out matt deserves that punch in the face




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Playboy!Namjoon Pt. 8

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(Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3 / Pt. 4/ Pt. 5/ Pt. 6/ Pt. 7) 

{Warning: smut ahead!} 

“Oh, hey look. Your lover girl is on tv.”

Namjoon glances up from his computer at Taehyung across the room, sitting on the couch pointing at the flat tv with a boxy grin. Trying not to look too obvious, Namjoon quickly sits down next to the younger boy, focusing on the screen. The camera zooms in on you as you cringe when an old video of you starts playing.

Just as a young you start singing a song in a coffee shop, playing the guitar and smiling prettily, Jin leans in on the back of the couch. “Oh, she looks pretty,” he exclaims a little too surprised.

“Of course she does, she always looks pretty.” Namjoon is quick to inform, flushing a little after both his group members eyes turn to him.

Taehyung takes a second looking at him before turning to their oldest hyung and saying .“ So whipped.”

Namjoon decided that it was better to just ignore him. He knew he was at least a little whipped for you.

He focused on the television again, scoffing at Jin as he climbed over the back of the couch to sit between them, promptly almost knocking Namjoon off and straight to the floor. The host had just made a snarky comment about you marrying Jackson when you told him how he was a big part of why you went to JYPe, to which you had thrown your head back and laughed out loud as the rest of your members snickered.

“I would never date Jackson, that would be like incest! And also, he’s too short for me.”

“Oh, so you have an ideal type?”

You shrug a little, “Someone who is smart, but not in a smug way. Someone I can talk to about anything at 3 AM, but who I could also just sit in comfortable silence. He has to be a little cute and silly, who can make me laugh. Someone who’s sensitive and empathetic, because I’m also like that.”

“Oh geez,” Jin sing songs in a very annoying tone, giving Namjoon a pointed look. “I wonder who that reminds me of.”

Namjoon deflates a little, remembering you saying you wanted to just be friends.

“It’s not me hyung.” He falters, getting up and going back to his position at the dining table.

He’s feeling funny in the chest again, like he’s light-headed, a little squeezing sensation enveloping his heart. Before you, if any of the girls he slept with wanted to be just friends he would be happy because that would be so easy. But they weren’t you. Not even the girl he met with a week after you had uttered those words made him forget about you for a second. It would be nice, Namjoon thinks, staring blankly at his computer screen, if that guy could be him.


After practice you just crawled into a lying position on the studio floor, exhausted. You heard a little shuffling as your dongsaengs took a bathroom break.

You must have snoozed off because next thing you saw when you opened your eyes was Jackson standing in front of you with a stern expression on his face.  “You’ve been locked in here for enough time, I’m taking you to eat something. I’ll even watch the stupid sky with you if you want to.”

“How did you even knew I was here? We have practice, I can’t just up and leave.”

standing at the door frame Somi looked guilty for about five seconds. “I told him. You’re in stage 2 of a breakup, I had to do something! And our manager told us to go home, anyway.”

You manage to get up, accepting Jackson’s hand to lift you up more easily. “I’m in stage zero because I didn’t break up with anyone! Why doesn’t anybody listen when I say that we weren’t dating?”

Jackson makes this annoying noise from the back of his throat. “I don’t care, you’re overworking yourself, don’t think I don’t know that you got here at dawn. Rest a little, will you? I don’t want to see you getting sick.”

You immediately felt guilty as Somi nodded in agreement. They both looked concerned for you, and that was the last thing you wanted. Sighing in defeat, you collected your things, throwing them into your bags.”Do you wanna go to the same place as always? I’ll meet you there, Oppa. I need a shower.”

After telling you not to take too long, he goes away. You turn around to the youngest of your team, who was trying to get her bag as silently as she could. “What?”

You give her a deep sigh, walking over to her. “I know I’ve been a little off today but you really didn’t have to tell Jackson, Somi. You know how he gets about me.”

She stays quiet for a little. “ I’m sorry, I just don’t like seeing you sad. But why did the both of you stop seeing each other?”

You shrug, going into the locker room. “What else could I do? And besides, you saw how awkward it was at the thrift store.”

She nods because she knows, she was there when you had seen him, smiling and waving at him just to receive an awkward hand wave as he grimaced before leaving the store, which just proved your point. Namjoon didn’t want anything to do with you anymore, despite the friendship you two had formed. What else could you do anyway, admit your feelings and probably end up rejected? You weren’t a risk taker.

Somi leaves you alone after that, so you finish your shower quickly, putting on some fresh clothes, feeling a little better now that you smelled like a normal person again.

The drive to the small and secluded restaurant isn’t long. You park in the narrow street behind to it, walking down the narrow street to get to the small place, hidden behind so many turns and apparently deserted streets that almost anybody was there at this time of the day, before the dinnertime rush.

You smile at the ahjussi sitting behind the counter. He was already too accustomed to you coming here, because he just smiled back, pointing at a door that led to a small private dining room. “Your friend is there with another two friends, should I bring your usual?”

You beam at him, turning your charm on. “Will you make it extra delicious today? Please?”

He gives you a hearty laugh, walking with you and opening the door for you. “Of course I will, you look too skinny. ”

You shoot him finger hearts as you enter the room, walking backward. “You’re the best, Mr. Lee!”

“Can you stop flirting with people for five seconds, Y/N?” a voice calls you.

You turn around to shoot a glare at Jackson. “I’m securing the quality of my food, you can’t blame me of flirting now!” You look at the other side of the table, where a familiar pale face is smiling amusingly at you. “Oh, sunbae. It’s nice to see you.”

Yoongi waves his chopsticks at you. “Don’t call me sunbae, just call me Yoongi or Oppa or whatever.”

You smile at him, sitting down next to Jackson, a little angled so that you could look at both at the same time. “Oppa it is, then.”

Jackson snorts, stage whispering. “Oppa collector.”

You pick up his chopsticks, shoving a piece of ddeokbokki in his mouth. “I think you need to shut up, don’t you, Oppa?”

He choked a little. Good.

“So,” you turn back at the older man, who was yawning a little bit, “what brings you here, did Jackson also threatened you?”

“Not really,” he answers, “He promised us he would buy us food, so we came.”

You frown a little. “Us?”

And like if it was planned, you hear the sound of the door opening. You fix Jackson with a murderous look as you hear the click of the door closing shut, and the voice - that same voice who you were so damn familiar now- saying to Yoongi. “Hyung, they have a tank of live fishes, there’s a crab in there. Do you think I can buy it and raise it as my child? Maybe Jin Hyung…”

You swallow thickly, heart racing a little as Namjoon finally notices you sitting there, stopping in the middle of his sentence, letting a very soft ‘oh’ out before sitting down.

You turn around to look at Jackson. “Hm, Oppa, I think I’m gonna go. I have to… you know. Do that thing.”

Jackson shoots you a confused look. “Do what? You schedule is free for the rest of the day, Somi told me. And you were in the studio working on your songs all day,  if you couldn’t finish then it won’t help you to fry your brain about it now.”

“Of course she did, that little snake.” You look around, avoiding Namjoon brown eyes, trying to think of an excuse to avoid this. Your eyes land on Yoongi. “Oh, right, Yoongi Oppa. Do you want to see how’s it coming along? I have the guide on my phone, I know I’m supposed to go to your studio tomorrow to work on it together but you can hear it now too.”

You fish your phone out of your pocket, going through the files and sliding the device along with your earphones to him across the table.

Namjoon is frowning when you look over at him for a second. Catching your eyes, he says, “ I didn’t know Yoongi was helping you. When did that happen?”

You squint your eyes at him a little, trying to understand his tone of voice. “At Jackson’s birthday, we’ve been talking since then. We’re supposed to start recording sometime this month.”

“You could have asked me. I would have helped you too.” Namjoon is looking straight at you.

“Well,” you answer, shuffling a little as you avert your eyes. “ I didn’t want to bother you.”

I didn’t know if you would answer, is what you want to say. I didn’t know if you would want to.

“You wouldn’t-”

His words are cut short when a waitress brings in your food, setting it in front of you. You smile at her, thanking her.  When you turn back, Yoongi is humming something, recording it with his cell phone. It makes you huff a little. Indeed, genius producer.

You start eating, using it as an excuse not to talk anymore. Yoongi takes one look at the two at you, probably noticing the tension that had formed. he turned His gaze back at Jackson. “What did I miss?”

“Namjoon was jealous about Y/N asking you to produce her song and not him.” He informs, an amused smile on his lips.

You put your chopsticks down, accepting your phone back from Yoongi. “I think I’m gonna head out now. I want to go see the sunset.” before Jackson can protest, you stand up, kissing him on the cheek and giving Yoongi and Namjoon a small bow. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sunbae.”

Before any of them can say goodbye, you’re leaving, going straight back to your car, trying not to feel upset about Namjoon acting as if he didn’t just ignore you like he hadn’t promised you two would still be friends. It confused you, this. And you hated being confused.

“Y/N, hold on a second!”

You look back at the voice calling you. Namjoon was half running to meet you, long limbs looking almost funny as he tried to catch up with you. Feeling your heart thumping at your throat, you wait for him to reach you. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” he pants, hands resting on his knees as he tries to catch his breath, “I just- I wanted- I wanted to say I’m sorry.”

You blink at him with confusion. “Okay?”

He shakes his head. “No, It’s not okay. At the store, I didn’t go to say hi to you because I thought you would feel weird meeting me after… you know. That’s why I didn’t talk to you. I’m sorry. It was stupid, I was stupid. I wanted to talk to you, I’ve been wanting to talk to you since that day, I just- ” he looks at you, his eyes open,  eager in trying to make you understand. “ I just didn’t know if I could. Can you forgive me?”

It takes just a heartbeat before you’re smiling at him again, your chest feeling a little less heavy now. “Of course I do, Joonie.” You take a step forward, your hand meeting his, squeezing it in reassurance. “Do you want to go watch the sunset with me? We can talk there.”

“Yeah, ” he croaks, eyes looking at your hands in his, a soft blush dusting the points of his ears. “I would love to, angel.”

It wasn’t a long ride to the secluded hill, one that very feels people knew to exist. You park your car there, leaving it with Namjoon trailing behind you. You both sat on the blanket you had placed on the ground, The wind was a little bit stronger here, making your hair whip against your face. Namjoon reached at you, fingers placing a stray lock of hair behind your ear softly. You smiled at him, it still felt normal between you two.

You looked up at the now pink sky, the clouds looking like a watercolor painting above the city. You sighed, saying without looking at him. “This is so pretty. This is just what I needed.”

“How so?” he asks, phone in his hands as he took pictures of the pretty cityscape.

“Looking at the sky, remembering how vast it is, makes me realize that my problems aren’t that big. It gives me a little perspective, y'know?”

He hums in agreement, so you turn to him to see his expression, but instead, is faced with his cell phone pointing at you now as he snapped your picture. You make a very indignant sound, making him laugh. “You looked too beautiful for me not to take a picture, don’t be mad angel.”

Still pretending to be mad, you extend your hand, waiting for his phone which he places obediently in your palm, not looking the least bit regretful as he smiles widely at you, showing his dimples.

You took a picture of him as well, making him startle. “There, now we’re even,”

You keep your finger pressing the screen, capturing every moment of him as he pounced over you, holding your wrists above your head as he pressed you down with his body, making you let go of the phone. “You’re such a brat.”

You beam at him. “You like when I’m a brat, Oppa.”

It’s like the air turns heavier then, as he looks at you beneath him, body pressed against his, Face mere centimeters away from yours. You can feel your heart beating against his, can feel his heartbeat mixing with yours as he takes a deep, deep breath before saying, “I know we’re just friends now, but I really want to kiss you.”

Your breath catches in your throat. Because of course, you want it too. You move your head closer to him, lips almost touching. “You can if you want.”

He does.

His lips press against yours, soft at first like he’s trying to commit to memory again what is like to kiss you like he really did miss it. He lets go of your wrists and you tangle your fingers against his soft hair, pulling it a bit before pushing him closer, deepening the kiss. His hands, like always, are roaming your body, tracing your curves, curling behind your knees so he can pull your legs around his hips, accommodating him better like this.

“God, Angel,” he says, mid-kiss, voice hoarse with need and something else. “I missed you.”

“Me too,” you answer truthfully. When he presses his hips against yours, making you feel his bones, you whimper. “Oppa, we should go back to the car. We’re in the open like this.”

Namjoon stops himself, looking around for the first time. He gets up, helping you up as well before guiding you back to the car, You open the back door, thanking your luck of having a big car as you pressed the button that made the backs of the seats recline, forming one big almost bed. It would do for now.

He pulls you inside, the car door closing locking the two inside the car with the soft golden light from the sun setting bathing both of you. And as you pull Namjoon shirt over his head, when he hovers over you, looking at you with so much intensity, like he’s trying to commit you to memory he looks so beautiful it takes your breath away.

You reach up to him again, closing the distance between his lips and your and God, this, this must be the definition of heaven. Being with him here feels so right, the two of you fit together like the missing two pieces of an old jigsaw puzzle that no one knows where had gone just to find it inside the box, tucked in the corner.

It’s a little amazing, you think in the very back of your mind, that you two got along so well. You missed this- not only the physical part but the sense of belonging. The sense of understanding between two people in the same situation. How many times had you went to him, afraid of not being a good enough leader, how many times he had called you because he was scared he wasn’t doing a good job with his team just for the both of you to pick each other up again, to help each other, assure each there that it was enough, what you were doing. But you had ended this with him before for a reason, hadn’t you? His friendship was just as good as the physical part.The both of you had acquired such a good dynamic since the beginning of this sleeping with each other that you were sure it wasn’t just physical anymore.

Which was what made you afraid.

“Joon,” you sigh as he moves from your lips down to your neck, kissing the spot beneath your ear that made you shiver. “Should we be doing this? We said we would-”

“It’s okay, baby.” He answers, voice reverberating against your skin as he lifts your shirt over your head, warm hands roaming your cold skin. “You’re not gonna lose me. I’ll always be right here, with you. Don’t worry”

You close your eyes, allowing yourself to believe him. “Okay.”

His mouth drops to your nipple then, sucking and nibbling the soft bud as you gasp at the feeling, and you can feel Namjoon smiling against your skin at your reaction. His hands are busy untying the lace of your shorts, pushing him down your legs as best as he could without hitting any part of his body against the car walls.

But he’s tall, and his legs hit the door at the same time his head hit the ceiling before he can toss the piece of clothing on the floor, limbs too long to be in such a confined space. He curses softly, letting go of you to massage the top of his head, giving you an unamused look when you laugh at him.

“Let’s switch, babe. I’m smaller than you.” You say, already lifting yourself on your elbows and sitting up.

When you finish pulling him down and straddling his hips he’s a little more comfortable, even of his legs are half off of the makeshift bed and his back is pressing against the car door in what can’t be completely comfortable. Not that he complains as you straddle him, eyes watching your every move as you begin to undo the zipper of his pants, pulling them down.

“You look beautiful.” His voice is uneven, reverent, pulling you back to him. “You always look so good, I’m starting to think you really are an angel.”

You smile at him, blushing for the first time at someone calling you beautiful. But this- this was Namjoon. It wasn’t somebody you didn’t know on a fansign event or at a random interview.  Getting out of his lap, you crawl backward so you’re eye level with his bulge, nuzzling it with your cheek.

You suck softly the head of his cock through the fabric of his black boxer briefs.“If I really was I would have already fallen from heaven for doing the things we do.”

He laughs, watching you kissing his cock over his black boxer briefs. “Fuck, baby. You have such a pretty mouth.”

You free his cock from his underwear and it falls heavy and red against his stomach, precome already leaking from the tip. It makes you leak your lips as you feel yourself becoming even more soaked than before.

You lick a long strip up the vein the side, flicking your tongue on the slit of his red head, sucking it as you look up at him to see if he’s watching. Of course, he is, eyes dark and heavy absorbing your every move. Winking first, you take him while in your mouth, deepthroating him until he’s gasping, hands coming to your hair to ground himself as you start to bob your head up and down, tongue swirling against his shaft just like you knew he liked.

“Babe,” he half groans, half moans “babe, if you don’t stop I’m gonna come in five seconds, and I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

You release him from your mouth with a loud pop, crawling to meet him face to face again, pouting at him. “You’re no fun, Joonie.”

His left-hand curls under your chin, guiding you to his lap again, his now wet cock pressing against your clothed sex, and you can feel your saliva mix with your already soaked underwear. His free hand yanks at the strap of your underwear, snapping it and getting it out of the way. “Don’t,” he looks a little wild as he says, lips pressed against yours again. “call me Joonie or I won’t let you cum.”

Your breathing hitches as his index finger slide in circular motions against your clit, his middle finger pressed against your entrance. You’ve been with him for enough time to know what he wanted to hear. “I’m sorry, Oppa.”

He gives you his completely rude ass smile, the type of smile that made you weak with what it promised. His finger slide inside of you, curling so it had you moaning loudly as he kisses you deeper. “That’s my princess.”

You whimper at the pet name, like always. Namjoon knew how to make you be on edge, his fingers curling inside of you not nearly enough, but driving you insane nonetheless. You moan, forehead pressed against his as you begin to move your hips, fucking yourself with his fingers. Your eyes are closed now, but if you were to open them you had no doubt you would find Namjoon staring at you.

“Please, “ you whimper, finally looking at him, “I need you. Now.”

He nods, hands reaching for a bedside table that isn’t there. Realisation hit you both at the same time.

“Fuck, I don’t- I didn’t think we would- I don’t have-”

You’re silent for a second before looking up at him again, “We could go without. I’m on the pill and not… I’m not seeing anyone besides you.”

His mouth parts again as he absorbs that piece of information. His gaze meets yours. “Me neither. There’s only you. Are you sure?”

You nod firmly once, gaze soft as you smile at him. “I trust you, Namjoon.”

He kisses you again, and you guide him inside of you. He lets out a very creative cuss with the feeling of you wrapping around him with nothing in between. You begin rolling your hips, and it seems so much more intimate like this. He groans beneath you, his arms wrapped around your waist and yours around his neck as you kiss him, chest pressed together.

It’s good that the hill wasn’t a popular spot because even with your tinted windows any passerby could guess what was happening inside your car.

With every move you clit slides against his pelvis, making you moan loudly and clench around him. He trusts up when he notices what’s happening, grip tightening in your waist.

“Fuck, angel, you’re so tight around me.” he groans, going harder. “You’ve been a good girl, so I should let you cum, right?”

“Please, Oppa, I’m almost there.” You all but beg, your head was thrown back as your thighs begin to tremble.

Namjoon lets out the most animalistic grunt you ever heard, his movements becoming even rougher than before. “You feel so good, baby girl, you look so pretty bouncing on my cock like that. Come for me, love, I’ve missed you.”

Your eyes snap open with the new name. You think for a second that you must have heard him wrong before you stop to think complete as the sensation of Namjoon. Namjoon thrusting so deep in you, the tip of his cock sliding against your g spot with every move, Making you cum so hard you can feel your juices making a mess in his thighs as you let out the loudest moan. You would feel embarrassed if you didn’t feel so good.

He pulls out, cock pulsating in his stomach, painting his skin white with his come as he pants, gasping when you lean down and lick him clean, swallowing his come gladly.

“That must have been the hottest thing I’ve ever seen you do.” He manages to say, voice laced with a smile.

You rest your head against his shoulder, his arms embracing you as you shiver with the car a/c. You two stay like that for a while, until your sweat had dried and your breathing is even again. He combs your hair away from your face with his fingers, lowering his face to yours, giving you a sweet kiss that sends butterflies to your stomach.

It’s completely dark now, the stars are shining above the both of you as you two get dressed again in between kisses.

“I should drive you to your dorm, right?”

He sighs. “Yeah. But we didn’t even talk.”

You try to flat his little antenna at the top of his head. “We can talk on the way.”

He nods a little begrudgingly like a little kid after being told they had to go back home. You climb over the driver seat as he goes out to fetch your blanket and phones long forgotten outside, throwing it all at the backseat and smiling widely at you before buckling his seatbelt.

“Yoongi Hyung likes you “ Namjoon notes idly, fingers busy connecting his phone to your car stereo so he could show you a new playlist he made.

You turn the car around, making way to the main road that would take you to the way to his dorm. He didn’t live as far away as you did, and you knew the way by heart from driving him back so many times.

“Of course he does, I’m a very friendly person.” you tell him, smiling as a familiar song started to play.

He turns at you when you stop at a red light, seat belt stretched across his shoulders, cheek resting at the headrest. “Is that part of your idol charm? Making people like you, I mean. He let you be familiar with him so fast, he’s not usually like this.”

You tap your fingers against the steering wheel. “I mean, not my charm, I think is just part of my personality. He’s nice, Yoongi-oppa. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

He ruffs a little, turning back to face the windshield. “I’m nicer.”

You feel your eyebrows rising slowly, a smile trying to make its way out of your lips. “Oh my god,” you say, looking at him for a quick second before turning back to the road. “I can’t believe Jackson was right. Are you jealous?”

‘He doesn’t look at you as he says, “Jealous is a very strong word. I would say I’m envious. You have a really beautiful voice, after all.”

You grin widely. “You’re such a sweet talker, Joon. I’ll sing with you someday, I promise. Make me a song and I’ll do it.”

His hand comes to rest on your thigh, squeezing it lightly. “I’ll remind you of that, baby.” then, lowly, he mutters without looking at you. “I’m really glad we met, you know.”

You lower your hand on top of his, turning his around so you can interlace your fingers as your heart swells a little at what he said. “Me too.” Then, as you pull the car in the backstreet of his building, you finally look at him, heart beating fast at what you were about to say. “Maybe… maybe we should talk about this, right? Last time we said we wouldn’t do this anymore.”

He unbuckles his seatbelt, turning to look at you as he inhales deeply through his nose. “I figured we should, too.”

Your answer is interrupted by a call from your phone, connecting through Bluetooth to your car stereo, Jackson smiling face showing on the screen. You sigh. “He’s probably just want to know if I got home safe, wait a second lemme answer him first.”

He nods once, so you take the call, Jackson’s voice loud in the car making you and Namjoon wince at the same time. “Y/N, are you home already? I’m sorry about not going with you today. And you know, not telling you Namjoon would be there; I was just tired of seeing you sulking.”

You choke a little with your own saliva, trying to find your phone so you could take him out of speaker mode. “I wasn’t sulking, what- don’t be ridiculous.” You tell him and Namjoon at the same time. The latter is looking at you in a strange way, brow furrowing as if he’s trying to figure something out.

“Of course you were! I thought that if you two just talked like two human beings you could sort this out. You know, in my mind you would just finally tell him that-”

Namjoon is looking straight at you, and you fill with a sense of dread because of fucking course Jackson would do this to you. And fuck, where was the damn phone? You turned round in your seat desperately searching for it before he could finish saying-

“- you’re in love with him already. Why didn’t  you already anyway? I mean-”

You close your eyes, hitting your head against the steering wheel as you tried not to die of embarrassment.

“Hi, Jackson.” Namjoon finally says, cutting your stupid friend.

There’s a pregnant silence on the other side of the line. “Fuck.” Jackson croacked. “Fuck, Y/N I’m sorry, I’m gonna hang up now. Holy fucking shit…”

You gulp hard, still with your eyes closed. “Can’t we pretend he never said anything?” you plead, voice weak.

“Y/N, baby, look at me.”  When you don’t, his hands come to your face, combing your hair behind your ear. “Is it true?”

“What difference does it make?” you answer quietly, mouth dry as you avoid his brown eyes. “I know you’re a playboy, Namjoon. I’ve been warned about you. I know you don’t keep doing this with girls that fall for you.”

“Who told you that?” he demands, his voice a little higher.

You pause. “ Does it matter? I know it’s true, that’s why-”

“It’s true if they’re not you.” he gently intones, making you finally look up at him. “Is it true, angel?”

You nod, once, quietly observing his reaction. His brown eyes staring at you, a frown adorning his brow.

You feel cold all of a sudden, this was exactly what you didn’t want to happen. He was going to stop seeing you as his friend. He was going to start avoiding you, at that would be worse than before, when you had the promise of a friend in him if nothing else.

“Let’s forget about this, please,” you say quietly, turning the ignition back on, unlocking his door. “There’s no need of you trying to think of a nice way of rejecting me.”

“What? Baby, let’s talk about this, lets-”

You gulp around nothing hard, heart clenching in your chest as you try not to cry in humiliation. You lean over him, opening his door. “Please, Namjoon. I think is better if you go back to your home.”

He stares at your hand, holding the door open for him, then stares at your face, at your red cheeks and glossy eyes.

“Okay.” he agrees quietly. “Let’s pretend we never said anything. Whatever you want, angel.”

As he leaves, you let out a shaky breath. What a mess it had become all this, even after all your attempts of trying to turn things around. But really, who could blame you? Namjoon was just… Namjoon. Clumsy, loud, over-thinker, hardworking and probably the smartest person you knew.He was everything you never knew you wanted.

You smile a little bitterly a little later, finally lying down on your bed. You weren’t an angel like Namjoon had said, but God, had you fallen for him.


Jin and Yoongi stand in front of a very pale looking Namjoon, gangly limbs half of the couch that he had thrown himself on face down.

“What happened? I thought you had worked things out with her.” Yoongi inquires, sounding a more bored than usual.

“Oh?” Jin chirped, sitting down on the couch, lifting the legs of the younger so that they were on his lap now. “Did you two finally got together again?

Namjoon lets out this dying whale noise. “She likes me, Jackson basically outed her. Hyung, she likes me, and she told me to pretend nothing happened. I don’t know what I should do.”

Yoongi sighs, leaning against the wall. “Well, did you tell her you like her too? I never told us but we know you do, I’ve seen the lyrics you’ve been writing lately They’re all love songs.”

There’s a long pause as the both of them look at their leader as he possibly is having an aneurysm. “Fuck,” Namjoons says softly. "I forgot.”

Jin gives him a big slap in the calves.“Good lord, Joonie. Have you ever considered she thinks you don’t feel the same for her?”

“Don’t hit me!” yelp, sitting up so he can massage his leg. “What do I do now? She won’t want to see me now.”

Yoongi starts walking back to his room, looking over his shoulder at Namjoon. God, the kid was a fucking genius but when it came to this kind of things he was helpless.

“Tell her, Joon-ah. We’ll help you, you just have to don’t fuck it up.”


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