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Silmarien was the firstborn child of King Tar-Elendil. As Númenorean succession laws of the time did not allow her to inherit the crown, she married Elatan of Andúnië and establihed the royal line of the Lords of Andúnië. She inherited the Ring of Barahir, and passing it down the generations it eventually escaped its destruction the Downfall of Númenor. 

Druken Stupor - Part Two (SMUT).

Anon Request: Erika Matsuda (KBTBB) x MC

‘YOOOOO, how about an Erika fic? Can be a ficlet if you like *wiggles eyebrows*’

Author’s note: This was much harder than I expected to write. And I would just like the thank @hifftn @smile-smile-ichthys and @whatdoyouexpectthistime for the help in writing this. Without them I may not have completed it. Apologies it took so long. Anyway, I hope your enjoy nonnie. 

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battlefield clexa tho. like. clarke and her medic satchel slogging through the mud and gore long past twilight. a torch guiding her way as it does for so many other healers. and just. lexa. kneeling in the mess of it all. so tired. she's fine, physically, of course she is. but she's weary. so tired. and she says so. she tips her face up -caked in dirt and blood and who knows what else-, "im so tired clarke. im so very tired." and clarke, well. she knows when to fight and when not to -

-so she pushes lexa’s hair back from her face, cups her cheek for a second before stooping down to press a kiss to her forehead. “rest for awhile then,” she says. and lexa just hums and slumps back down. hands in her lap. bodies strewn about her she’ll come in eventually. once she’s made her peace. and clarke just. leaves her to it. because sometimes lexa needs comfort and company, but other times she just needs to be alone with herself and the dead and the moon.

ugh ashleeeee ;___; i’m dead.

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I see Zootopia on your list! Please do Judy getting tickled by Nick with number 29.

This is my first time writing Zootopia and it’s been a while since I saw the movie, but I loooved it and these two are the cuuutest! Thanks for the prompt<3

“You know you love me.” Judy frowned and looked to her side at her partner. They had just stepped into the car after completing another case, in which Nick totally didn’t let her do anything. When she’d pointed to this once they headed back to the car, and Nick told her it wasn’t safe for her, their quarrel had begun.

And seriously, by now, Judy was really getting pissed at him for using that one line again, as if they were having another one of their usual funny quarrels. No, she was serious here.

No. I don’t,” she snarled, and Nick gasped loudly and dramatically.

“But I know you love me!” he said, still in the joking manner. Judy’s ears were almost touching her neck; she was that angry.

“Nick, I am serious here! I thought by now you’d know I can take care of myself! You’re my partner, not my babysitter!” Judy said, and even though she had wanted to start the car, she let go of the steering wheel so she could grab her head in frustration.

“Hey hey, easy there! Don’t be so angryyy,” Nick taunted, teasingly wiggling his fingers at the angry bunny.

“You’re still not taking me seriously! I – aaahaha Nihihick!” Judy squealed when Nick wiggled his fingers across her tummy, and Nick brightened at her reaction.

“OHoh? Was that a smile? Was it? Was it?” To Judy’s even bigger frustration, Nick pounced on her before she could blurt out a protest, and she burst out in a hysterical giggle fit.

“NOohoho Nick! I haaate you hahahaa!” Judy laughed, clinging onto the steering wheel as if her life depended on it. She blushed like crazy and kicked her tiny feet, but Nick’s fingers were digging into her sides and stomach right where it tickled worst.

Nick tickled her often, he teased her often and she didn’t mind. Except for now, when she just wasn’t in the mood and wanted to have a serious talk!

“Cooochie coochie coo! I’ll have to ickle-tickle that frown off your little face!” Nick teased, and he ran his fingers up her tiny body and wiggled them under her arms.

“Aaaaahh!! Noohoho!” Judy was forced to let go of the wheel, and she fell back into her chair. Laughing triumphantly, Nick pinned her down and tickled her thrashing body to pieces.

“NAAhaha stop! Stohohop hehehe!” Little by little, Judy’s anger was truly fading. The curses she had prepared to yell whenever she got the chance all made place for her bright, genuine giggles.

“That’s better! Away with the angry bunny!” Nick joked, and he continued the merciless assault on her. Judy gasped for breath and tried to curl up when he wiggled his fingers all over her body. He was huge, she was tiny. She was strong, but he was stronger. And there was no way she’d get out of this unless –

“AHAalright! Alright I love you, s-stupid fox!” Judy managed to force out, still giggling.

“How did you know that’s what I wanted to hear?” Nick laughed, stopping the tickling and he patted her head. Judy panted and tiredly stretched her body.

“You’re horrible,” she mumbled. Nick smiled fondly and leaned down next to her on her seat, glancing at her while he rested his head in his hand.

“You know I did it because I care for you. I’m sorry if that offended you,” Nick finally sighed, and Judy’s ears twitched at hearing those sweet words leave his mouth.

“You do?” she asked with a blush.

“Duhhh,” Nick replied, sticking out his tongue. The blush lingered on Judy’s face as she looked away shyly.

She had mistaken Nick’s affection for some patronizing kind of attitude because she was a bunny, and she couldn’t believe she still suffered from these issues even now.

“Well, y-you should learn how to care for me in a better way then,” Judy muttered, pouting.

“Ohoh like this you mean?” And without warning, Nick lowered his hands again and proceeded his ruthless tickle attack on her. Judy screeched and laughed, and it looked like they weren’t going to drive somewhere anytime soon.

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accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au (from this post)

It’s all quick-rapid motion, Erik’s transition from comfortably sound asleep to bolt upright wrench open bedside table grab knife turn on light look around wild eyed and alert and poised to strike. It takes a long beat and another tinny ring to realize the only thing that’s interrupted his slumber is the ringing of his cell phone. He sighs deeply, letting tension ebb from his frame as he thunks the knife back onto the bedside table, picks up his phone and frowns at it. A string of numbers greet him, not somebody programmed into his phone. He has a moment of indecision, but - well, it’s 2:30 am, what if it’s important?

He jabs the green circle on the screen and brings the phone to his ear. “What.”

He immediately pulls it from his ear again, because a blast of sound is issuing from the tiny speaker. Some kind of atrocious music, loud enough to be distorted over the phone line, thumping bass. People talking as well, but not particularly anybody talking into the phone. “…Hello?” Erik tries, patience nearly run out.

“HANK.” Erik nearly drops the phone. “HANK, CAN-… CAN YOU HEAR ME.”

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