i haaaaaate you

Lemme be straight with you– I HAAAAAATE Phoenix as a hero. He’s really tough, he uses HP for his moveset and doesn’t replenish it like Huskar so it’s tough to get a handle on how to control him.

That said, he is easily the coolest take on the idea of a Phoenix I’ve seen in any game ever. He’s basically a living star, and his ability, Supernova, has him collapse like one and explode. Really amazing visuals all around. They go for a cosmic look. Plus I love the head shape.

I had a lot of fun doing this warmup painting, just diddling around with photoshop brushes and trying to push as harsh a light as I could. Maybe I’ll give him another try soon.

Viria??? What a nerd why would I like someone like that. Idk her obsession with me, nor a lot of people’s obsession with me, Anon. So idk why they follow me.

And so many of you are so curious as to my feelings towards not only Viria but also, like, Minuiko, Andy, Angela, and Arielle…and a lot others and I just wanna come out officially and say that

I hate them 

All of them

If youve made a PJO/HoO fanart in any time of your life, then I hate you. Even if I havent seen it. Even if it was just doodle on your failed Algebra homewhome. 

I hate you.