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Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.

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Your hair? very soft 

Your dad? ummm pass 

Your other half? uhhh @bisexualnylander

Your favorite food? yes

Your dream last night? ???oooooohhh boy, conald messaged me on insta to talk about waterslides like, it was a Solid 750 words on this one waterslide and eventually i asked if he was a dog person and he blocked me. ????? i h8 

Your favorite drink? h20

Fear?  numerous and debilitating

Favorite shoes? the two (2) pairs out of like twelve (12) i can wear my brace with

Favorite way to relax? never 

Your mood? aHHHHHHHHHHHH,also embarrassment 

Your love? ryan jarromie noel nugent-hopkins 

Where were you last night? home

Something you aren’t? funny

Muffins? maybe

Wishlist item? ummm here’s my Graduation list lmfao if u have extra money laying around

Where you grew up? cincinnati-ish yet not dayton-ey

Last thing you did? write 

What are you wearing?pajamas because i’m a tired nerd

Something you hate? tfw

Pets? none

Life? k 

Regrets? numerous. (everything i’ve written tonight. but mostly the taltank one)

i’m tagging @adamlarssin @capmcdavo (i mean..,) @oscarklefbon and @bisexualnylander but only if you guys want to 

Volpina summed up (saw someone do this and wanted a go at it)
  • *Gabriel Agreste being a whiny bitch as always*
  • Adrien: shit what's going on in there
  • *Gabriel accidentally reveals his secret giant ass safe*
  • Adrien: My oh my what do we have here
  • Plagg: LET'S OPEN IT
  • Adrien: Nah homie we got school n shit dad would be fukign pissed
  • Plagg: how 'bout I do anyway
  • Adrien: gdi Plagg
  • Adrien: tf
  • Nathalie: Adrien Agreste I s2g if you're l8 m8 I will wreck you
  • Adrien: ohohoh look at me not being suspicious at all hahaha *lowkey steals book* I'm so forgetful! Silly me let's go
  • At school- *everyone gossiping about Lila*
  • Marinette: who tf
  • Alya: Yeah omg Lila the princess the goddess the queen of my heart the famous one you know? Ladybug totally saved her
  • Alya: but she's cool tho and rich n shit
  • Marinette: *watching Lila fukign touch Adrien and flirt him up* oh HAYYLLLLL NAW bitch it's about to get real
  • *Marinette doing some Mission Impossible shit in the library*
  • Tikki: omg Adrien has my sacred book
  • Tikki: Marinette I know I never say this but you gotta steal that shit
  • Lila: oh hey Adrien Agreste the cute boy whom I now love
  • Lila: oH HEY LOOK A BOOK And it has Ladybug in it oh well-
  • Adrien: lADYBUG IS MY LIFE
  • Adrien: Look at how flawless and perfect and amazing and wonderful and gorgeous and-
  • Lila: eyyy lmao forgot to tell u Ladybug's my side hoe
  • Adrien: *all about that shit*
  • Marinette: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • Adrien: *is leave for fencing*
  • Lila: mm lemme just sliiide that book on over here
  • Marinette: tHIEVING BITCH
  • *at le park*
  • Tikki: 'ight I'm going dumpster diving for the book that lILA FUKIGN TOSSED IN THE TRASH
  • Marinette: *eavesdropping*
  • Lila: hey guess what I'm actually Volpina this cool superheroine yea Ladybug is totes lame compared to me
  • Adrien: uh huh okay I never heard of this volpina btich
  • Ladybug: hey Lila, my best friend. my homie. my side hoe. oops hmm I don't remember you oh waaaiit maybe because you fukign lied?
  • Lila: fuk this shit im out
  • Adrien: hey Ladybug my love my one and only bae why you pissed off
  • Ladybug: *le stares* u kiddign me u saw that shit hell if i'm taking that bs
  • Hawkmoth: hey Lila I h8 ladybutt too how bout we team up and smash that bitch u can even be volpina n shit
  • Volpina: surprise bitch bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • LB: how'd you stop a fukign meteor oh my shit
  • Volpina: yeah i'm like twenty times better than u just sayin
  • Chat: hey look a friend a tomodachi a colleague yay
  • LB: stfu isn't this suspicious
  • Volpina: hey look wowie it's Hawkmoth
  • LB: okay but isn't this suspicious
  • Chat: relax this is normal what's with you ladybug
  • Volpina: hey chat you're kinda hot
  • Chat: bitch ikr
  • LB: tf you flirting with my man? hayylll naw
  • *team splits up*
  • LB: oh look it's Volpina and no Hawkmoth wow boy did I predict this
  • Volpina: hey gimme your miraculous
  • LB: hbu go fuk off
  • Volpina: *destroys building*
  • *pigeon breaks the illusion*
  • LB: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • *Chat and LB Skype session*
  • LB: hey so I fuked up here's the address meet me don't be l8 m8
  • Chat: fukign sent me my own address lmao
  • Adrien in his house: hey Lila 1v1 let's talk this out
  • Volpina: see look LB's a lyin hoe I'm the one u looking 4
  • LB: hey guess who's back, back again, yeah I'm Ladybug the real Ladybug all you other heroines are just fakers
  • Adrien: 'ight Plagg ik my plan was shit Transform me
  • Volpina: ooh look im totally original i can clone myself totally hasn't been done b4
  • LB: *destroys illusions* shit where'd she go
  • Volpina: you've been bamboozled bitch and i got Adrien kk baii
  • Chat: literally me tho i'm right here
  • LB: *is gone*
  • Chat: why tf do i even try *follows*
  • Volpina: hey LB gimme your miraculous or Adrien goes free fallin
  • LB: oh no shit he hates that song nOO HERE LEMME HOOK YOU UP
  • Chat: hoe don't do it
  • Volpina: damn u wrecked my shit k imma retreat now
  • LB: *traps Volpina* say bye bye to your fake ass necklace bithc
  • LB: bye bye pretty Papillion
  • LB: hey Lila i'm sorry i was fukign rude let's shake on it
  • Lila: how about fuk u
  • LB: hey w8 where's Adrien the love of my life my precious cinnamon roll gotta go check on him bye chat
  • Chat: she's so stubborn
  • Chat: i love her
  • *runs home*
  • LB: hey Adrien where u at boii
  • Chat: haha yea im all gud just takin a shower like a doofus
  • LB: oH NO HE'S NAKED BETTER RUN K bye luv u
  • *chat and LB do the head rest on the door thingy crushin my stupid heart*
  • Marinette: look Tikki stealing is wrong
  • Tikki: here c'mere lemme introduce you to this master guy
  • Master Fu: yo LB wassup my young padawan we finally meet
  • Marinette: literally who tf
  • *roll credits*
Seven and potatoes
  • Yoosung: hey seven, try my new dish
  • 707: hmm, what is this...?
  • Yoosung: wait. what?
  • 707: o_o this is... interesting. what is it???
  • Yoosung: it's a baked potato...
  • 707: a baked.. what??
  • Yoosung: potato
  • 707: o: a "potato"... neva heard of it. looks gud!!
  • Yoosung: r u srs rn???
  • 707: what??? is something wrong?
  • 707: I don't... bc i don't?? i told u, i haven't seen it before. this word is new to me... ?
  • Yoosung: seven, u're kidding me right??? u can't be srs
  • 707: Yoosung, I seriously have never seen a potato in my life. I didn't know what a potato was until you gave it to me. And I really don't know what it is besides food. I really have nothing else to say.
  • Yoosung: ...
  • 707: *takes a bite* TASTESs VerY STRANGe!!
  • Yoosung: .......... SEVEN
  • 707: What????
  • Yoosung: you need to leave right now
  • 707: What?? why??? i didn't do anything wrong
  • Yoosung: y-you... i can't believe my friend doesn't know what a fucking potato is...
  • 707: language...
  • 707: hey... don't say god's name in vain... :(
  • Yoosung: fuck you im leavin
  • 707: ... :( I just... don't know what potatoes r. y u gotta be like dis??? also... im not gay... but does jumin han is gay????
  • Yoosung: >:( stop tryna change the topic. i h8 u
  • - Yoosung has left the chatroom -
  • 707: LOLOLOLOL ^_^

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39. Thomas the Train/Cam Talbot

There should be a word for a threat that is also a promise.  Because that is what I want you to hold me down and do. (I love you)

Oil Tanking: a tender dialogue between two lovers after a raging carnal moment generated by their fiery simpatico

((did u guys know that oil burners can be used in steam generators #themoreuknow))

Rating: M, NC-17, lemon, lime, and various other rutaceae. questionable train anatomy

AN: DON’T LEIK DON’T READ XDDDDDD.. I SUCK aT summaries rotflmao. 

But just read this!!!! concrit is welcome! leave a review!!!111/

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this lolol so don’t sue me cause i don’t have any money

“”mmmmm baby, what do you want to do now”

“choo -choo”

“not now”


Thomas’ boiler was still hot with lust.

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i h8 mcmansions but at the same time i would love to have the money to be able to afford one you feel me

I feel u. Sucks that they will never be as affordable as they were in 2005 when you could get your dank extra-subprime mortgage from Countrywide and pay it down in like $100/mo increments bc you were unemployed (no prob tho because you totally have to pay it back eventually bc the bank says so- no presh or anything) and in a kajillion dollars of credit card debt because the US education system didn’t teach you how money worked. 

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do u read fanfic?do u have any favorite yoonjin fanfic?

of course! i love yoonjin fanfics because there’s so many dedicated author i almost recognized all of their name like @resonae​, the queen of yoonjin shippers tbh, i fell in love with yoonjin thanks to her. and then there’s also @keemcandy@spookichan​ (old: kwondori) @yuanoe @sugavirus@iamnotaprodigy​ that are some yoonjin authors i know and i love their works.

here are my favs of all:

Unrequited by resonae (3,294 words) - oneshot, angst

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

Seokjin starts coughing up crimson-red rose petals.

I can say this is the first yoonjin  I’ve ever read. this is so painfully beautiful.

Impromptu Fantasie by resonae (12,775 words) - chaptered, fluff

Seokjin is an incredibly decorated classical pianist and Yoongi’s a hitmaker specializing in hiphop.

Their story is cliche and the stuff of cheap romance novels, and Yoongi doesn’t even care.

just like what she said in the description, this ff is cliche but it’s a good read! and there’s jungkook with his cute brother complex personality hahha

Roo by kangaroo (4,025 words) - two shots, fluff, m-preg

Some little bundle of joys take time to get used to.

thanks to this fic I almost planned to name my future daughter with Roo. this fic is so cute but if you’re not into m-preg, just leave it. but i must tell you that there’s only some early stages of pregnancy so there’s nothing too worry about tho.

runnin through the class with my woes by jonghyun - oneshot, fluff, hs teacher au

Four times Yoongi is the worst co-worker to have, and one time Seokjin repays the favor.

as usual, yoonjin being in denial and still cute!

infinity plus one by vppa - oneshot, angst

One’s a romantic and the other’s a skeptic and together they shouldn’t work, but –

“You’re in love with the idea of love, Yoongi.”

A Week with Kim Taehyung by iamnotaprodigy (wip) - chaptered, fluff, kid!taehyung

Namjoon is out of town for a business trip, and he leaves his son to his brother. Taehyung loves his Uncle Jin a lot, and he doesn’t like that weird man who is his “boyfriend.” Yoongi is 100% sure that Taehyung is a goblin changeling instead of Namjoon’s actual child. Seokjin thinks it’s really cute that Yoongi and Taehyung are alike. He’s also really oblivious. It’s a week with Kim Taehyung, and it’s going to be crazy.

there’s nothing better than yoonjin being domestic and evilturnsangel tae!

Unplanned by sugavirus (wip) - chaptered, fluff

Min Yoongi had everything planned out. His music was being recognized by the biggest names in the industry, his life was finally coming together…but of course the universe couldn’t let him off that easily. When he finds a baby by the name of Park Jimin stranded on his doorstep with nothing but a note pinned to him, Yoongi’s life takes a rather unexpected turn. It takes one giggly baby with a smile full of sunshine, and one fatally attractive Kim Seokjin with a baby of his own to make Yoongi realize that maybe…unplanned things are life’s sweetest surprises.

this is still wip tho and I’m here patiently waiting for another update. it’s just so cute, yoonjin with their own sons getting to an unplanned feelings towards each other. ah I think I’m going to re-read this later :”>

To Kiss A Sleeping Stranger by sugavirus (21,999 words) - oneshot, fluff and angst, sleeping beauty au

In the story of Sleeping Beauty it all ends with the kiss. There’s fireworks and an implied happy ending, but nobody tells you what happens after the kiss…Kim Seokjin comes to find out it’s far more complicated than ‘Happily Ever After’ when one kisses a sleeping stranger. 

aaaaah this fic i love!!! i love the twist, the slow build of jin’s character, i love the way the author portray their relationship like it’s not really bold but still gives you a tingling feeling inside, and there’s also some special guests from vixx featured in the story!

Colors by kwondori (2,433 words) - oneshot, ANGST

It was just one mistake. But it was already too much. Now everything Yoongi’s left with is despair.


Fireflies by keemcandy - oneshot, (ANOTHER) ANGST

“I’m sorry, because for the umpteenth time, I manage to prove that beautiful things don’t last — I want to prove it otherwise, but I couldn’t because I won’t be around for too long. Or maybe, I just don’t have enough time with me.”


The Bulletproof Family by yuanoe (1,677 words) - one shot, ot7, angst

Seokjin kept a scrapbook to remember the happy memories.

if you’re not tearing up after reading this, then something’s wrong with your heart :”>

He Loves Me Not by keemcandy (6,080 words) - one shot, mental illness

Seokjin thinks that his patients aren’t ill, only a little broken. But maybe he has been so naive about it.

a twist in the end you will be surprised. I’m shivering just thinking of it now. I remember making up my own ending version together with @sugaberrie after reading this and gaby said my guess is true! hahaha

Veneralia by keemcandy - chaptered, adventures, god & goddesses au

The God of War was known to be bloody, merciless, fearful, and to possess no moral attributes. Min Yoongi doesn’t know fear, until the most precious thing is taken away from him.

I think this is the only action yoonjin fic we have? but it’s so good. it contains action but there’s also yoonjin’s sweet moments and because yoongi as a god? why not!

meet me in the pale moonlight by seokgenie (6,164 words) - one shot, red riding hood au

Rule number one: Don’t leave the path.


We can be something good by eatjin - one shot, angst, asgafjkashfksdf

Seokjin is always the one who Yoongi goes back to.

angst, angst, angst, asshole yoongi, angst, aszadsakjakdjhasklfhsaf, just read :”>

One Day Soon by izzylawliet (wip) - chaptered, smut, angst, polyamory, namjoon (it’s a warning)

They moved to Los Angeles for the life that they couldn’t get in Seoul, but they just didn’t realize that it would be so hard to get it, regardless of where they moved.

this fic is really interesting. they’re married. jin wants to have a baby. and i’m getting anxious for what will comes next because.. namjoon…. /cries in the distance/

challenge the call by onyu (wip) - chaptered, fluff and angst, tennis au

yoongi didn’t miss the second serve; he made sure to aim it down the line. seokjin, that fucker, just got in the way.

goddamn this fic.. it’s not even finished yet but up to 2nd chapter it has already a 60k words like whAT DID I DO IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE TO DESERVE THIS??? anyway this fic is soooo perfect. i don’t understand shits about tennis whatsoever but the author is really detailed on her writing anything related to it so you will understand. i love the how the author brought us along the dynamic of yoonjin’s relationship. it’s so agonizingly slow but its’s uugghh idek anymore. it’s so subtle and makes you scroll back up and went wait what just happening there DID I MISS SOMETHING. i love this!!!

Just Once by Snailieshell - chaptered, smut

An AU Bangtan Boys fic. Seokjin’s first steps into the BDSM world with Dom Suga. Emphasis on the first steps.

hhhmmm yes smut. fluffy smut. vanilla smut. i love how yoongi is soooo gentle with jin here.

I think that’s all for now? umm also.. let me just shamelessly drop my own very first yoonjin fanfic I wrote long time ago :”>

Don’t Mind A Little Distraction (1,589 words) - oneshot, fluff

Yoongi has to get his work done as quick as possible. But what can he do if Seokjin came to his studio with a bundle of pink blanket on his hand?


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How much would you love dalton if he was ugly

Honestly, I love dalton because of his personality. He’s hot, mind you, but I love the fact that he’s loud and obnoxious, and spontaneous, and just a big fucking nerd. He hasn’t let anyone or anything change him, yaknow?
Dalton Rapattoni is the kind of person who isn’t afraid of being who he is, and I look up to that.

The First I Love You - Requested (Luke)

Okay, so anon asked for (Can u do a stry whr u r stressin bout schl & u r behind because u got rlly sick& mssd a week of school & r failin3 classes u hve a panick attack & strtin2 get badagain,luke & the boys try 2 help but u get more h8 & Luke tells u he luvs u 4 the 1 time) i wasnt 100% what you wanted so i did my best, ENJOY!!!

Your two sentences into your assignment when an incoming Skype call fills your screen, you huff and answer, Luke’s face appearing on screen, he has a huge smile across his face but you ignore him, starring instead at the words you have wrote.

‘Hello beautiful’ he cheers, you hum in response. ‘Are you busy?’ he questions and you just nod ‘I can’t call later we have a show and then traveling super late’ he explain and you nod again.

‘Yeah’ you agree nodding.

‘And I was thinking me should adopt some penguins and maybe start an open relationship’ you hear him. ‘Yeah sounds great Luke’ you agree, your pulled from your work a little hearing Luke’s loud laughter. ‘You’re not listening to me at all are you?’ he asks, noticing you looking at him.

‘Luke don’t fucking laugh at me, I’m busy okay, I’m sorry but just because you have time for me in your busy schedule, doesn’t mean I have time for you right now, I have so much to do Luke, and your just fucking laugh at me’ you snap. You notice Luke’s expression sober and he nods a little, rubbing his jaw.

‘Babe calm down, I was just messing. I’m sorry to upset you I was just trying to get you to laugh, your so stressed out lately, I hate seeing you so worried’ He explains, you sigh yourself and stand up, picking up your laptop and moving onto your bed, you pull a blanket over yourself and smile a little a Luke.

‘I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch Lu, I’m so stressed out, I have so much work to catch up on and I’m failing three classes, I’m doing really bad Luke and I just don’t have time for anything else’ you sigh.

‘Wait what? Are you breaking up with me?’ Luke asks his eyes wide and your heart drops.

‘No that wasn’t what I’m saying but maybe we should, right now what’s the point Luke. I’m here and your…your god knows where Luke, your successful and amazing and I’m failing everything and I’m just not myself right now. All of that along with the shit I get on a daily bases from your fans, its hard Luke, I don’t want this but maybe its best’ you sigh, your chest a little tight as your eyes wonder over to the pile of books your have to read for school.

‘No…no, I don’t care what you say we’re not breaking up, no fucking way. You can work through this, so what you have a lot of work to do, quit complaining and do it, you’re getting stressed because you’re thinking about everything you have to do, sit down with one piece of work and think about that one piece of work. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do the work’ Luke’s words are harsh and y look at him wide eyed, he looks annoyed.

‘Yeah like you would know you dropped out of school Luke, don’t fucking lecture me on doing my work’ you growls, he scoffs and you see him moving a little, which makes the laptop move too.

‘So what? I dropped out of school but I didn’t just get given what I have (Y/N), I fucking worked hard for this, 24/7 I’m working hard for this, I thought you understood what I do, I never thought I would have to explain to you how much I do. Your probably right, we should break up, clearly you’re not who I thought you were’ again your shocked by this side of Luke but understand it at the same time, everything he is saying is right, you are different.

‘Luke…I’m sorry I di…I didn’t mean that…I swear I didn’t mean it’ you beg but he shakes his head and wit that the box closes and Luke’s face disappears.



‘FUCK’ you scream, throwing a book, it hits the door frame with a bang and as you stand up to go and get it back the door opens.

‘Well I’m glad we didn’t get here a second earlier’ the male voice surprises you and your look up to see Calum with a smirk across his face. You jump up and wrap your arms around his neck, closing your eyes as you feel his arms wrap about your back and holding you close, so tight your feet lift from the ground.

‘Holy shit, I can’t believe your here’ you cry, making him chuckle, ‘Yeah I bout some friends’ he smiles as he turns you around to see Michael and Ashton also standing in your bedroom door way. You squeal and rush over, getting enveloped between the two of them.

‘Man I missed you (Y/N))’ Ashton whispers.

‘Me too, it’s been too long’ Michael whines and you laugh shuffling out from their grip. You look behind to see Luke but he isn’t there. ‘Is Luke not with you?’ you ask, feeling your heart drop. ‘No’ Michael tells you, you nod a little and slide back into your seat, turning in it to face the boys.

‘What are you guys doing here?’ you ask.

‘We’re here to get you out of his room’ Ashton tells you opening your wardrobe and pulling out the black hoodie Calum lent you a couple of months ago.

‘I’ve been looking for that’ Calum cries pointing at his jacket and you smile sweetly at him.

‘Sorry. I can’t go anywhere guys I have too much work’ you tell them and they all shake their heads.

‘Nope, we aren’t asking, you’re coming and that’s that, so you can get your ass up and in that jacket or Calum will carry you out’ Michael tells you, rising his pierced eyebrow at you.

‘Sorry guys’ you tell them patting your pile of work, Calum’s eye widen and Michael groans, grabbing your hand and pulling you up. ‘Come on, Luke has a surprise’ Michael whines, with the mention of Luke you perk up a little, you look to Calum and Ashton to make sure Michael is bull shitting and they nod letting you know it’s right so you, take the jacket from Ashton and as you slide your arms in they all laugh.


‘Okay no peaking’ Calum chuckles, his hands still covering your eyes, you hum as you continue in the direction your being pushed in. ‘Okay now don’t move’ he whispers, you stay still and hear shuffling.

‘Hello beautiful’ Luke’s soft voice brushes his hot breath against your ear sending chills through your body. You feel this fingertips brush your hand, and his lips press against yours. ‘I’m an idiot, please forgive me’ he whispers, you open your eyes to see his right in front of you, both locking together.

‘I’m the idiot, I’m so sorry Luke’ you apologise sticking out your lower lip a little.

‘Come on we are going the fair’ he cheers a huge smile on his face, but you feel bad, your face falling.

‘Luke, I’m sorry I have too much work’ you tell him and he nods, pulling you along towards the boys, who are standing at the entrance of the fair.

‘Yep, I booked you a tutor for tomorrow, she is coming in the morning and you have her the whole day to help you get through your work.’ He tells you, you stop waling and he turns raising his eye brows at you, you smile a little and he smiles too.

‘You did that for me, your too good to me’ you tell him, pressing into his and pecking your lips to him.

‘I’d do anything for you, (Y/N) I think…erm….i thi…I love you’ he rambles your mouth drops as his lips press to your cheek and them your lips and he whispers again for only the seconds time ever ‘I love you’

From Chelsea

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Think about some rude people picking on Yams after a match and telling him he's a scaredy pinch sever and that he sucks then yams almost cries but the Terushima goes up to them and juST GETS REALLY ANGRY BECAUSE WHY WOULD SOMEONE MAKE THIS ADORABLE HUMAN BEING CRY AND YAMAGUCHI IS LIKE THANKS AND TERUSHIMA JUST WINKS AND GIVES HIM HIS NUMBER YAMS JUST STANDS THERE BLUSHING AND I JUST SCREAM YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I H8 U GUYS FOR MAKING ME SHIP THIS (jk love you lots keep being awesome)