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happy birthday clary snippet

Clary’s birthday is August 23rd, so it’s a bit late, but a tiny Clary and Emma snippet from Lord of Shadows: 

“Clary, what are you not telling me?”

There was a long silence. Clary looked out toward the dark water, biting her lip. Finally, she spoke. “Jace asked me to marry him.”

“Oh!” Emma had already begun opening her arms to hug the other girl when she caught sight of Clary’s expression. She froze. “What’s wrong?”

anonymous asked:

On the topic of Zarkon and memes, imagine them just sending "ZARKON YOUR STICKS"


The photo and its puzzling caption mocks Zarkon from where it’s displayed on his monitor. For a moment the ruler of the universe contemplates stabbing the offensive image, but the weight of Haggar’s gaze on him keeps his arms resting on his throne. He can’t afford to show weakness, even though all of his most trusted officers are also equally confused by the actions of those twice be damned paladins.

The photo in question is this: The Blue Paladin and Yellow Paladin are squatted in front of a few dozen containers of yellow quintessence. Both humans are wearing sunglasses and striking odd poses; the Blue Paladin has his arms hung at an awkward angle, almost like a scarecrow, with his fingers splayed wide. The Yellow Paladin looks like he’s mid sneeze, with his face buried in the crook of one elbow and both arms straight and pointing away from him. Their poses are bizarre; Zarkon had his cultural experts analyze the photo the moment his sensors picked up the transmission floating through space.

As he studies the picture, Zarkon recognizes the slightly blurry label on the sides of the containers- this quintessence is from his most recently attacked research station. The subtle insult stings.

Zarkon turns to his nearest officer. “Have we deciphered what this message means yet?” 

“No sir,” the Galran reports, shaking her head, “whatever code they’re using… It’s not like anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Zarkon hmms and narrows his eyes.

(Meanwhile, at the Castle of Lions)

“’Zarkon your quintessence-’ seriously, Lance?” Pidge looks at Lance with a gaze that clearly reads Your memes are weak and will not survive the winter.

Lance stuck out his tongue. “Hey, don’t hate! It was a tie between ‘Zarkon your quintessence’ and ‘Zarkon your sticks’ because I mean, I had to decide if I wanted the meme to fit the situation or if I wanted to stick to the original. And you know I’m a firm believer in memevolution.”

“I don’t know Lance…” Hunk said, rubbing his chin. “I kinda agree with Pidge… ‘Zarkon you quintessence’ is pretty good but ‘Zarkon your sticks’ is soooo out of left-field. It would confuse them even more, y’know?”

“Damn… That’s true.”

this may be the most important post i’ll ever make.

i’ve been though a lot in my life. i’ve been though childhood rape, domestic violence inflicted on me that left me with a concussion, severe depression / anxiety / suicidal thoughts, parental abuse, been kicked out of school, been kicked out of my house, and more.

and you know, there’s no making lemonade out of these lemons. these wounds have left scars that will never go away. but i do know one thing - i am a warrior. there is nothing this world can throw at me that i can not get through. nothing.

and since i know many others have been through these types of things, please hear this: you are a warrior too. you are stronger than any of the demons in this world that may haunt you. you can make it through, a phoenix rising from the ashes, stronger than ever. i promise. i know it is hard, especially when it feels like no one understands. but i am here for you and i believe in you, every step of the way. you have a great deal strength and determination that many people will never understand. you are not who/what has hurt you. you are not your past. you have come so very far, and i am so very proud of you.

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oh man ive been reading your ghostbusters headcanons and theyre absolultely ruining me in the best way possible!! I was just wondering whether you have any headcanons about young/teenage holtz? (if you havent already posted some of course!) x

aw thankyou!! and i can most certainly do that :) 

  • when she first wants to start pinning her hair (around age 15) she is HOPELESS at it. like it just falls out at school and isn’t styled and it’s not until her best friend at the time is just “here, let me do it omg” 
  • “but jake, ur a dude” “whats wrong with guys doing hair?” holtz just blinks, thinking. then smiles.“you make a very good point, pls do continue”
  • she fixes up a motorcycle she brought with all the summers she did interning at her local mechanic. it becomes like her baby, and she drives it to school!!! every!!! day!!!
  • everyone likes to paint holtz as a bit of a casanova but honestly in my head in high school she’s just so weak for girls. crushing on them in like 2.0 seconds bc how are they so pretty??? and nice?? 
  • (then she met the now GB’s team when she was 17, and oh boy did her best friend abby have to hit her over the head a couple times bc “stop staring at erin you ditz” )
  • she LOVES just tinkering with inventions during class. the amount of times she was sent to the principles office for “miss holtzmann, now it NOT the time to build…your science things” and she just absentmindedly replies with “if now, then when?” with her feet up on her table 
  • !!! her clothing is the most random thrown together mess and patty is usually just “where in the hell did you even get that???” pointing to her overall, boots and bandana. “my good ol pal ‘the thrift shop” “figures”