I forgot to post this! I call this “Fabutron”

im just thinking about that time pearl let steven fall and like….just…

can you even imagine…your parental figure betraying your trust like that and then before you can even confront them they start talking about how sad they are, turning on the waterworks, making you feel bad for them… leaving you no choice but to try and comfort them….you, the CHILD, who was just left to FALL and DIE being put in a position like that directly after. and then making a call back to this in last one out of beach city with “that was scarier than that time you almost let me die!” just adds insult to injury

really sucks for us that were abused as kids because we KNOW exactly how this feels. we know what its like to have your feelings and safety disregarded and then forced to be the bigger person when that same adult lets their emotions come before your fucking well being. to have this in your fucking show where the mission statement is to teach little kids about healthy relationships, healthy conflict solving, etc. is fucking atrocious. the fact that it didn’t even stop here and we continued to have pearls emotions and mental suffering put before other character’s wellbeings is fucking unacceptable and hurtful. it just sucks. you tried to give us a complex mentally ill character but what we got was the chance to relive our childhood abuse and be told its ok because they were hurting too. 


I spent yesterday sleeping. I just, slept, so much. Anyways I figured I should at least do a warmup drawing today whilst I’m still slightly coherent so here’s a…dragon age au where Fenris is some sort of musician who sounds like Ken Ashcorp??? I was listening to “Ryder or Riot” on repeat, bc i am too lazy to change the song. 

It’s basically a scott pilgrim sort of thing going on, someone rescue the party boi from danarius plz, i’m looking at you, Hawke

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*bows* Yo duke, lemme tell ya a story. So I know a dude who posted a carefully reworded version of the assigned essay prompt onto a Reddit thread, and then he wrote his whole essay by carefully rewording the responses he received. Not a single idea in those six pages was his own, but he put so much time and effort just into avoiding the darn plagiarism checker, I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted. Actually, scratch that, it's disgusting. @ Kids: Be original. Don't be "That Guy."

*curtsies* I mean the irony here is that if he applied the same ingenuity and dedication to just writing the damn paper he probably would have been done in half the time.

How I wish I had the words to heal you, to make you happy, to pull you on your feet. How truly sorry I am that I cannot ease your pain, and how I can only do much less than you deserve to have be done for you.

How I wish I had words to heal you, but I don’t even have them to heal myself. All I have is empty time and forceful patience. I wish for death every day, my dear, and I’m so tired — but I keep pushing on. I do my best, I give it my all to be merciful to myself, to allow my wounds time to heal and my insecurities to pass, to forgive my shortcomings.

It all starts and ends with you, little soldier. I can only take you so far. I will hold your hand as long as you need, but we both need to walk over the last stretch with our own feet. Please don’t give up on yourself.

I can think of seven characters who could’ve been in the Kryptonian pod that landed in the S1 finale of Supergirl instead of Mon-El and made S2 more interesting:

1) M’gann M’orzz, because her storyline could’ve paralleled Kara’s in a super interesting way (pun unintended) if they hadn’t decided to sideline her halfway through the season. Last daughters of their planet. Still unlearning cultural prejudices. Fighting for alien rights of those who can’t “pass” for human. Addressing the intersectionality of Kara passing as a white woman and M’gann passing as a black woman with more than a one-liner from J’onn. Mon-El could be the bartender, if you still want him in the story, because him running that bar as a sanctuary for aliens would’ve been so much better than his half-assed hero’s journey has been so far.

2) Krypto. I don’t care how contrived it would’ve been, because puppy.

3) Lar Gand, a prince of Daxam who is closer to the character in the comics, but as a love interest for Winn instead of Kara. Also, instead of being a white slave owner, they could’ve not made slavery a thing on Daxam and cast a MoC because we have more than enough white men on the CW.

4) Val-Zod, Lara and Jor-El’s foster son, because who doesn’t want a black Superman? (I know the answer is racists, but to paraphrase Veronica Sawyer, fuck those people with a chainsaw.)

5) Karsta War-Ul, a Kryptonian refugee who appeared in Superman: The Third Kryptonian as Superwoman, as played by Dichen Lachman.

6) Chris Kent, the biological son of Ursa and General Zod who’s adopted by Lois and Clark in the comics, because it would’ve been an interesting way to bring up Clark not adopting Kara or even sending her to live on his parents’ farm after she arrived on earth.

7) Karen Starr, but as a clone of Kara her parents sent to earth in case she didn’t make it. S2 was supposed to explore what being Kara means now that she’s Supergirl, and bringing in a clone would’ve been a good way to talk about identity and legacy. Also, they could’ve thrown shade at Power Girl’s boob window. I’m just saying.