The Stages of Darkiplier

or how I like to see it. @markiplier

they're not all official but its lil’ baby mark, dark warfstache, googleplier, fireiplier?? I guess, then of course the latest darkiplier. my personal favorite,,//next to warfstache//

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well now you have me thinking bout my dog, who is easily 65 pounds, but insists that he is a lapdog. magnus with a giant demon dog on his lap, drinking a martini, enjoying a quiet evening in with man's most frightening friend.

look, welcome to my mind

hellhounds are supposed to look like doberman pinschers (best thing i’ve ever heard) and just imagine this massive black dog with glowing red eyes, tendrils of something magical curling off of it’s body, crawling on top of magnus, whining in the back of it’s throat and opening it’s mouth with glittering teeth to lap a soft wet tongue over his face.

magnus of course indulges this animal, laughing deep in his chest and rubbing between it’s ears, even though it really doesn’t know it’s own strength. magnus feeds it some raw meat and then continues drinking his martini.

an hour later alec walks in and sees this huge animal, terrifying and beautiful settled on magnus’s lap, whining every time magnus doesn’t pet it’s head enough and his eyes go wide. magnus glances up, giving alec a happy smile.

“ah, alexander. meet excalifur.” he says, his eyes shining. the hellhound perks up slightly, watching alec like a hawk as he approaches cautiously. alec holds his hand out after a second, a slow smile spilling across his face.

the dog leans forward, sniffing it experimentally and then opens it’s glittering mouth and leaves alec’s hand a mess of blood tinged drool.

“that’s a good boy.” magnus hums, leaning forward to press a few soft kisses to the black mass of it’s head.

okay but, do you think young Jace and Izzy ever test out how sensitive the parabatai bond can be

“Do you think if I spin around super fast he’ll feel the nausea too??”
“,, I wanna say no, don’t do that, but as a scientist,,, Everything must be viewed as a experiment..”
15 minutes later and a green looking Alec bursts in like

you know, i do think it’s fun to point out how the delicate moral quandaries of batman and the joker, such as, “why doesn’t batman kill the joker?” or “does batman create his villains?” were translated in lego batman to ask something like, “why does the joker sound like he means “fuck” when he says “fight?””

but at the same time, it’s also not… so… different. lego joker was going to blow up / destroy an entire city to preserve he and batman’s relationship. is that really so much better or less intense than killing for batman’s attention? i know lego joker is cute, and i know it’s a children’s movie. beside the point.

what i’m saying is that if you ship it in the lego batman movie, you can’t really call it gross in other verses. uh, more or less.

Answers About My Face

snowytumble replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

Oh - sorry - I had to read that again before what was bugging me came to the surface. You may have had a blocked saliva gland? I get them occasionally and when they burst, they do feel like little water balloons. And before they burst, there can be soreness and pressure, but it’s usually very much lower jaw oriented. The Science Side of Tumblr could probably tell you if there’s another gland further up that it could have been!

fira211 replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

Possibly a blocked salivary gland (they get stones, go figure). I’ve had one for years that hasn’t really been a bother so I’ve left it (the options to get it sorted are apparently constant massage and that hurts, whereas the blocked gland alone doesn’t so fuck it). So yeah, I’m guessing salivary gland stone (which would mean all your glands like to rebel against you, you poor darling)

I am always struck with abject horror at the idea that there are stones and blockages INSIDE MY MOUTH. I had no idea tonsil stones were a thing until like a couple of months ago and my reaction was one of terror. I DON’T WANT STONES LIVING IN MY MUCUS MEMBRANES. 

Maybe whatever it was prevented a stone from forming. God we can only hope. If I have to dig a stone out of my mouth I will legit yell a LOT about it. 

tienriu replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

Maybe it was cavitation? Basically gasses being released from between joints - much like what happens when cracking your neck or knuckles?

I wonder, but I’ve popped my jaw before and this was a very distinct sensation from that – more liquid, somehow. (Augh, gross)

lnsybird replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

God, I’d be worried just because HE didn’t know what it was!

Well, I mean, I don’t know how much anatomical training they have in that particular office – licensed massage therapists get a TON of that stuff but I don’t know how much training you have to have to do head-and-foot reflexology, legally speaking. Also he was quite young, so I don’t think I got the most experienced guy in the place. (Which is fine, really all I wanted was someone to rub my scalp, you don’t need a degree in anatomy for that.) 

tailkinker-to-ennien replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

Ghost knows you are moving and he REALLY REALLY wants to come with you so he took up residence in your face. (That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.)

“LEAVE THIS FACE AT ONCE.” *rings bell* 

nausiwindstrider replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

My bestie is a massage therapist with almost a decade of experience. I read her your post. She says it couldn’t have been a salivary gland that low and towards the side of your face. It was either the massater muscle which can sound like a pop or the tmj joint. If you aren’t hurting in that spot now you are fine. But also your face is definitely haunted.

Perhaps the TMJ, in that case – I’ve had issues with that before in relation to my eustacian tubes. 

junker5 replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

I had a flash of that scene from Alien when I read this. Poor Sam. You do some mighty fine writing when in pain, though! Maybe Pain is your Muse?

*strikes dramatic byronesque pose* 

But I think of all the possible solutions, this one is my favorite: 

lololovescheese replied to your post “Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight…”

Brain fart!!!! Sorry, couldn’t help it Sam.

*cracks up laughing*

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Ok I know this sounds stupid but I have a hard time trying to understand mess like what's his personality like and his traits again sorry if this sounds stupid

hes very, very closed off .. doesnt trust easy and when he does, it should be super special to the other person !! very observant and analytical , hardly has a filter so he can be a little invasive at times… which is funny considering how he hates invasive people 😳 he isn’t a fan of people being in control of him, and what he does so once again, if he lets you takes the reins, that’s pretty good

if you post mostly harry potter, like or reblog this post if I can queue some posts from you (and so I can possibly follow some new people???) also reply with your creations tag if you make original content so I can check that out too. I’ve been really busy with school lately and I’m going on vacation next week, so I just want to make sure my blog stays active. thank you!!!

“What if I told you
That its just a front
To hide the insecurities I have

What if I told you
That I’m not as strong
As I like to make believe I am

There’s so much I want to say
But I’m so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind
Would you see me differently?
And would that be such a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you..”

I’ve been a little busy today, but I’d just like to pop in before I go to work and ask everyone to imagine Sam saying the words, “Don’t stop,” while in bed with Bucky. Breathy voice, all deep and pleasure warm but shaky too.

What I’m saying is their should be more fic where Sam and/or Bucky have really passionate sex and still want more.
That is all.


I’ve noticed you guys like the stuff where Sasuke is embarrassed or trying to impress Hinata or is emotionally hurting over her.

This is not one of those.






Suigestu and Jugo were at a loss.

Sasuke had left his village again. He got approval from his village under the guise of collecting information on the most notorious people connected to the ninja world. This was not all a farce because their former leader was indeed doing what he said, but the real reason he left was because his girlfriend broke up with him. She was the heiress of some renowned clan or something outrageous like that, and both thought it was a bit fitting that Sasuke couldn’t leave any part of his life to normality.

Sasuke couldn’t just date someone ordinary.

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I kinda resent the idea that if you don’t participate in the discourse you’re a bad person, like if you don’t sacrifice in a way others feel is acceptable you’re bad, but also like um…ND and disabled ppl exist so…