me: lmfao i guess shiro just didn’t have friends at the garrison


me: shiro was a piloting prodigy who was placed on a pedestal by his peers, therefore isolating him from them, and was also under immense pressure from the garrison because of the kerberos mission. lance outright states that shiro is his hero in episode one, further implying that shiro had a larger than life reputation at the garrison. shiro has also never mentioned having family back on earth, implying he may have no one to come back to. it’s no wonder he took keith under his wing.

  • Jimin: You're weird.
  • Taehyung, sad: Sorry.
  • Jimin: No, that was a compliment.
  • Taehyung, touched: I love you bro
  • Jimin: I love you too
Reformed!AU Headcanons (Part 1)

So these are just a few headcanons that I came up with as I thought a bit on @smi-leb ‘s Reformed AU. I decided to post them on my fanart/fanfic blog since I didn’t want to blow up their inbox with my stuff. So here it is.

  •  King/Mister Dice has an irrational fear of large dogs, due to an incident that happened to him when he was a kid. He’s okay with small/medium size breeds. If you want to get an idea of how bad he is with large dogs, here’s a good example:
  • This headcanon really isn’t just related to the Reform!Au, but I’m going to put it in here anyway. Despite how 1930′s the world in Cuphead appears to be, I really do think they have modern tech like smartphones and such like we do, except it’s not as heavily displayed for ‘aestethic’ reasons.
  • Hilda Berg is actually a really good motherly figure, especially towards Cuphead and Mugman who only grew up with their grandfather. Since their parents are so busy with work and barely gets to see them at all.
  • Hilda is a pretty good fortune teller, almost all of her predictions are usually 100% going to happen. She’s also one of those people who doesn’t believe fate is so easy to change just by doing one little thing.
  • Before the Devil’s Casino was the Devil’s Casino, it was actually owned by King’s grandfather under the name of Serenade Casino and in his will, it was supposed to be given to King Dice. However, the casino fell on hard times after his grandfather died and so King did what he thought was the only option to save it and we saw how that went.
  • In this Au, I think Cuphead and Mugman are around 17/18 years old since in the original game trailer. We did see Cuphead putting moonshine in his head. However, since they are based around the concept or Mickey Mouse from back in the day, it isn’t too clear on what their actual ages are or would be.
  • Cuphead is the one who actually came up with the idea to try and reform the bosses to bring a sense of peace back to Inkwell Isles. Mugman was a bit skeptical of the idea at first, but later on decided to help his brother out.

(( That’s all I have at the moment, however I was also doing this while trying to avoid doing homework so.. Yeah, I may make more later for specific characters later.))


@ask-mspaint-lazytown henlo yes I finished ANOTHER R-I mean Him so uhhhhh Also he somehow looks much better in B&W than in colors but nvm, I’m still finishing Sportamullet and I plan on making him as pin-upish as this one

Armadillo heels ftw cuz why not amirite

Anyone else low key upset that Sakura (and to a lesser extent, Sarada) wear the Uchiha crest?

I’m just saying, Sasuke doesn’t even wear one any more. It’s not like he’s not recognizable and he could wear it under his cloak but he doesn’t. Maybe he gave permission, we don’t know but I wish we did.

If Sasuke doesn’t find it important to wear, no one should, in my opinion.

there were so many Cas related moments in regards to Jack in 13.01 but there’s one I haven’t seen mentioned.

Jack walking naked in the woods.  This powerful being who is currently kind of clueless about who or what he is.  Right away I thought of when Cas came back after dying in s7.  We didn’t see it (😢) but Cas walked out of the water naked and Daphne found him strolling nude through the woods without a clue where he came from or who he was, but she took him in and watched out for him even though he was probably acting super bizarre.  Similarly we see sheriff Barker taking Jack in (though her doing so makes a lot more sense–Daphne should have called the cops too) and simply being kind to him and trying to help him.  

Both Cas and Jack hang out with their respective care-takers until angels/demons who want to use them for their power show up.  

Each of them also gets their own Winchester taking a personal interest in their well being and cluing them into what’s going on. 

my favorite thing today are those characters who just… try very hard

like… I just relate to that so much

they might not even succeed half the time but gosh dangit they are throwing themselves at the world like a fly against glass and someday something’s gonna break and maybe just maybe it’ll be the glass