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Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit

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Someone else who likes/loves yandere parents. Doing a little dance of exictment. May I request G1 Optimus Elita as a couple or alone as yandere parents (human reader please). And if you can Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack both from Prime as a couple or alone as yandere parents again (human reader). Maybe Arcee from Prime as a yandere parent (human reader). How are you going to work the headcanons with a poly reaquest e.g. Ratchet/Drift as a couple is that 1 headcanon or 2? Thanks for your time, ;)

If they’re a couple in the request I count it as being one character slot rather than two

G1 Optimus Prime and Elita One

- If you’re their child then you are the safest human in the entire universe. Since they’re both leaders of their own teams, you also get the added protection of said team members. If they can’t be with you then a few of their best, most trusted soldiers will be with you. Don’t expect to ever have time to yourself, they are always prepared for an attack and what that means for you is that you’re always being guarded from a threat that may not even be there.

- Optimus Prime is the doting father that every kid wants. He’s fun, always has your back, and he tries his best to be cool (even if it’s a little embarrassing). Even your smallest accomplishments are met with the utmost support and cheering, he honestly couldn’t be prouder of fleshy little sparkling. However, he hovers… A lot. It’s not unusual for him to tuck you in at night and still be there in the morning. He just wants to make sure you’re safe, that’s all. Speaking of keeping you safe, good luck talking him into letting you hang out with a friend that isn’t one of his or Elita’s Autobots, he refuses to take the risk that they could hurt you.

- Elita One is the cool mom- The actually cool mom, not the trying but failing to be cool parent that Optimus usually is. She loves sharing war stories from back when she was first leading her team to try and sabotage the Decepticons back in the day. Sure, sometimes she might get a bit too graphic while describing how she wiped out a Decepticon base for Optimus’ taste, but when she gets into it there’s no stopping her. She also wants to teach you everything she knows from how to fire every cybertronian gun (scaled down to your size) to the best ways to execute a bot 25x your size. She will let you have more freedoms then Optimus, but will secretly be lurking around to make sure it goes well.

TFP Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack

- Talk about massively varying parenting styles here. Both have their views on how to raise you, but those views are rarely similar. This leads to many disagreements, as well as Wheeljack letting you do things Magnus would never approve of out of sheer spite. Yeah, being in a dogfight with Decepticons may seem dangerous, but not when you got the best wrecker there with you. The only other people they trust to keep an eye on you when they can’t are Optimus Prime and Bulkhead.

- Ultra Magnus is the serious dad that makes sure you’re making good life decisions and staying safe and happy. Your health is his top priority, so nothing but the best food and vitamins for you. He’s awkward when talking to you about your day and interests, but you can tell he cares and is making an effort to do everything he can for you that’s in your best interest. Of course, there are disagreements about what you two think is for the best, but unless you can get Wheeljack on your side you’ll be getting put in your room to reflect on how you should have agreed with him.

- Wheeljack is the irresponsible dad that does things he shouldn’t do with a child present. Ever. Some of it is just fun, albeit dangerous stuff like exploring abandoned areas and showing you how to fly the Jackhammer. He also wants someone to continue the Wrecker legacy, and who better than his own kid? He shows you how to take out Decepticons and humans alike via hands on experience. All these examples are people who he thinks has wronged you and need to be taught a lesson. He gets frustrated that you won’t participate though, but all you have to do is call Ultra Magnus and he’ll make Wheeljack stop (for the time being).

TFP Arcee

- She is over protective to the extreme. Too much loss has made her paranoid that anyone she grows close to will die horribly, so she tries to not let someone get close to begin with. You were different though, she felt herself growing attached to you, but rather than distancing herself, she just wanted to bring you closer. To protect you from everything that may try to harm you. It doesn’t take long for her to deem your parents not good enough (especially after one case where they let you get cornered by a Decepticon), so she decides to take matters into her own servos. It’s a shame that they disappeared so suddenly, only leaving a note signing over custody to her. Weird huh?

- As time goes on her paranoia gets increasingly worse until it gets to the point where she won’t let you leave the base with very few exceptions. She downloaded some homeschooling program and is confident she can teach you just fine on her own. You also get taught self defense (probably more than actual schooling), it helps give her some peace of mind knowing you can take care of yourself. Honestly though, you’re never alone long enough that you would need to defend yourself from anything/anyone. Everyone at the base is concerned, but they’re more scared of what will happen if they try to stop her.

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He's a very very unknown character but... could you do some sfw + nsfw headcanons of IDW Black Shadow being given a huge amount of money + a shy adorable female human as a peace offering ( I guess it's an au where humans are a rare species so they're very valuable)? And she's kind of just a pet at the beginning but he genuinely grows fond of her after a while? Again, he's not a popular character so don't do the ask if it's too hard hun 💗

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Hey there! I’ll be willing to try and fill this request for you, anon. I’ll only be able to fill the SFW headcanons however. I’ve only seen his (very brief) appearances in MTMTE comics and I can only pick up enough of his personality to do those with confidence. Hope you don’t mind! )


✦ When the Autobots approached him to destroy the fleet of Warlords, Black Shadow initially refused their deal. Not out of loyalty or anything like that. It was out of the sake of fragging self-preservation. Are you kidding him? You want him to risk the possibility of having the DJD on his aft for the rest of his lifecycle? Slag off- Not even half a billion Shanix is enough to tempt him to switch teams.

✦ It’s only when he’s presented a human does he change his mind. This is how he knows he’s dealing with Autobots who are willing to get things done, any means necessary. It’s not every day a ‘bot can just pluck a human, given the fact their race is a protected species under the protection of the Galactic Council. He’s heard stories about them and always wanted one of his own. This one is cute enough too with how they look up at him from their container, wide eyes and open mouth. It doesn’t take him long to destroy the fleet of destroyers and book it out of that region, money and human in tow.

✦ Doesn’t really care for them at first. Oh he makes sure they’re healthy and all but he treats them the way a disinterested person treats a pet they bought for show: Leave the pet be to its own devices and only bother to interact with it when he’s bored enough or needs to make sure its not doing anything reckless. They’re a novelty to him and he’s pleased enough to discover they’re a useful novelty when they begin to help keep his platings clean and give him his energon or tools when he demands it. Good pet.

✦ It’s only when they alert him to the presence of the DJD being in the same city as them one day does he start looking at them differently. They were in a neutral planet. If he had died at the DJD’s servos, it would have been better for them. They could have escaped his ship and sought shelter, found a way back home to Earth without fear of being recaptured. Why didn’t they take that chance? When he asks why they did it, they simply reply that they didn’t want him to get hurt. He finds himself falling for them.

✦ Courts them the only way he knows how: Giving them gifts and trinkets, showering them in jewels and silks to their utter confusion. He notices how overwhelmed his human appears and will ask, point blank, if the courting fits aren’t to their liking. That’s when he learns his human is shocked he likes them at all given how he’s treated them in the past. Don’t get them wrong-! There’s no denying that he’s a stunning mech but, ah, they could use some space and more time before jumping into this.

✦ It frustrates Black Shadow to hear this; the mech is so used to getting things his way soon as possible. Yet he indulges them, pulling back and trying to take it ‘slow’ for their sake. This is how he finds himself learning more about his human and their hobbies outside of following his orders, their interests before being taken by the Autobots. He starts to customise his gifts to be more appropriate for his human and they begin to happily accept them. It isn’t long before they are together, for real.

✦ Spoils his human rotten when they’re an official couple. Whatever they want when they’re on a new planet they’ll get and he’ll never let another ‘con or ‘bot play a digit on them again if he can help it. It’s their safety that concerns him the most. They may have been able to shake off the DJD but they won’t forever and he knows better than to take on Tarn and his merry band of psychos and monsters. Besides- What will happen to his human if something did happen and they were left with those nutjobs? The possibilities make his tanks coil in disgust and it’s what makes him finally take up the offer from his old partner, Blue Bacchus, to join his new leader’s crew of space pirates. The leader, Deathsaurus, may not trust him but he sees the way Black Shadow cares for his human as more than a toy or prize. It’s why he thinks there’s maybe hope for him yet.  

You make me strong.

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There's a small amount of steak puns out there, but they all are hilarious. I guess you could say they're a rare medium well done.

With all the meat puns out there, the steak ones are really stacked against each other

i guess you could say the steaks are high