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The Wolf And His Kitten

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Theo x Reader

Summery: Theo treats his Kitten to a quickie after she points out he’s been a little too busy

Behave. The one rule Theo had given you that morning. It was not eleven fifteen and you’d been given three detentions, caused one of the boys you’d winked at to walk smack into a door and decided that to get the most attention from Theo you should be flirting with Scott McCall.

“That’s amazing!” You giggled a little too loudly, glancing over at Theo who slowly looked up at you, shooting a look that could only be described as your punishment is coming.

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Superman v. Clark Kent pt. 3 (Derek Luh)

Part 1

Part 2  

Derek’s POV:

 I wake up with a headache and someone next to me. For a minute, I get excited because I think it’s Y/N, but then I remember last night and why my head hurts. Who runs into a fucking door frame? 

 I look over at whoever’s next to me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep with them, since I just laid on the ground till I fell asleep after hitting my head. The question is how’d I get here and who’s next to me. All I can see is a puff of hair. 

 She starts to stir. I watch as Lucy turns around. What the hell is she doing in my bed? 

 She rolls her eyes, “Calm down, we didn’t sleep together.” 

 “I know,” I say. It’s easy to tell Y/N and Lucy apart. Lucy’s boobs are a little smaller, and Y/N has higher cheeks. Plus, Lucy’s eyes always look kind of defiant, and Y/N always looks at peace. Y/N just gives off this vibe that says that nothing and no one could disturb her, which was why I talked to her in the first place. Lucy just kind of gave off the vibe that she was lost or looking to be.

 I get out of bed and say, “How did you get in here? How did I get in here? And why are you in here?” 

 “I just walked in, sorry. After the whole thing with my sister I got really wasted and I guess I just ended up here. And I think Nate was the one who pulled you off the floor and put you in bed.” 

 I just stared, before realizing I had somewhere to be, “Whatever. Where can I find your sister?” 

 “She’s probably in class now,” she says, checking her phone. 

 “Well, when does she get out?” 

 “I don’t know. Soon. You got any Advil?” 

 “Only if you tell me how I can find Y/N. I have to talk to her about last night.”

 “Get in line. Sisters before misters.” 

 “Not if misters get to her first,” I say. 

 “You don’t even know where she is. And besides she probably wouldn’t even talk to you. I don’t even know if she’ll talk to me. God, she looked so upset last night. She told me it was just a hookup.” 

 “It was not just a hookup! We spent hours talking, I do not deserve this.” 

 “Y/N is great at understanding people, but when it comes to things like this she’s clueless. I’m sure she still thinks we slept together,” she says, looking guilty. 

 “Yah, why did you come on to me like that after I’d just been with your sister. I know I’ve heard you trashing other girls who go in to get ‘sloppy seconds’.” 

 “I don’t know. It’s just that I’d tried to get with you and you turned me down, then came on to her. I don’t even like you like that, I was just frustrated that she could have something I couldn’t.” 

 I sat there for a minute, silent. “You can go talk to her first, I guess,” I can’t believe I just said that. 

 “It’s not like there was ever a doubt, but thank you,” she said. 

 “But could you at least give me her address. If she won’t talk to me I’ll send her a little something,” I say. 

 “Fine,” she writes down the address and heads out. As soon as she leaves I get in my car and drive to the store. Instead of sending something, I’ll just hand deliver it. 


Y/N’s POV: 

 I squint my eyes as I walk outside after my Classic Literature class. Last night I called one of my friends and she let me rant on for half an hour as I tried to sort out my feelings. After a while I felt better, still angry, but I didn’t want to cry anymore and I felt like I could get over it all. Eventually. 

 As soon as I walk in to the cafe I see Lucy. I put my head down but she calls out to me. I try to ignore her as I wait for my order, but she walks up. 

 “Hey, I’ve been texting you the whole morning.” 

 “My phone was off for class,” I say. I grab my drink and thank the barista. 

 “Oh, okay… well I got us a table. You want to come sit?” She suggests. 

 “No, I’m just gonna head home today,” I say. 

 “I’ll come with!” She says with excitement. 

 “No, Lucy, not today,” I say. 


 “Look, I’d appreciate it if you just gave me some space for a while. Some air to breathe. I’d also appreciate it if you never dragged me to one of those dumb parties again, you saw how last night went.” 

 Her face drops, “Okay,” she says. 

 “I’ll call you or something when I want to talk.” I leave the shop and head to my apartment, feeling guilty all the way there. But this is what’s best. As soon as I get to the right hallway I see someone standing at my door. 

 It’s Derek, with a lot of flowers and a big teddy bear. 

 He struggles to adjust everything in his hands so that I can see his face. “I know you said you liked fruity candy too, but I only have so many hands.” 

 I’m finding it hard not to smile at this. I just look at him. 

 “Can we, uh, go inside so I can set this down?” 

 “Sur- wait. How did you figure out where I live?” I’m not letting some stalker in my home. 

 “Your sister told me,” he says, breathless. 

 “Oh,” I roll my eyes. I open the door and he sets all the stuff on the couch. 

 “We need to talk… while we’re both sober.” I finally come to my senses. 

“Nah, I’d rather not.” 

 “Too bad. I really like you, Y/N. And I want to try to be something with you,” he said. 

 “After you slept with my sister?” 

 “I didn’t sleep with your sister. I’d never! It’s you I’m into and I told you that when we first met.” I remember that. 

“Well still, you can’t even tell us apart,” I say. 

 “I was shitfaced drunk, and desperate for you. It won’t happen again I promise.” I still just stare at him warily. He comes forward, and I want to say I was strong and moved away but I can’t because that not what happened. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me behind the ear. “I really like you,” he whispers, “and I’d like to take you out today.” Another kiss. 

 “Well, not now because I’m gonna take a nap, but maybe later.” I open the door and hope he gets the picture. 

 He closes it back, still inside, “Ooh a nap sounds great, and we can cuddle..” he says. 

 “I’m serious about a nap Derek, I’m not having sex with you now.” Even though I want to so bad. I head to the door and begun to tell him to see his way out.

 “Of course not, we won’t have sex until the third date,” he says. 


 “Well last time we had sex after one night, you left me without so much as a good morning kiss. So I figure if we wait, I’ll have a better chance of keeping you in bed with me.” 

 This is just ridiculous now. “You were trying to get with my sister just last night and you still think I’d want to be with you?! You’re sick.” 

 His eyebrows raise. “Woah, I did not sleep with or even try to sleep with your sister. I told you that before we were together and I won’t say it again, I’m into you, not her. She’s not you.”

“Really? Because it sure didn’t seem like it last night.” 

 “Jesus you have a thick skull. I already said this, I thought it was you! I tried to get drunk so I could forget about you, then she showed up and I was too far gone to notice the difference. I’m sorry,” he said. 

 “You aren’t into me, okay? I’m just not the one to be into. She’s taller and skinnier and more graceful and she knows how to keep up a conversation. She’s outgoing and confident and open to anything but I’m not. I’m the total opposite of all of those. She’s like Superman and I’m Clark Kent.”

 Derek tries to interrupt but I stop him. “No, all I do all day is write and eat and sleep and repeat. You’ll get bored of me real fast. So don’t come in here trying to be all sweet and romantic when we both know this,” I gesture between us, “would never last. It hurts.” I open the door, “You can see yourself out.” 

 He comes towards the door, leaving all of the stuff. As soon as I think he’s going to walk out of the door he grabs me and kisses me.

 I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed like this before. His entire body was touching all of mine and his arms were around me so tight it felt like I couldn’t breathe, but at the same time like I had all of the air in the world. A part of me said I should push him away but I ignored it because nothing has ever felt so good.

 After who knows how long, he finally pulled away, he started speaking even though he was out of breath. “You are not boring. I don’t think I could ever get tired of you. Everything about you interests me. Besides, if I’m in your paper I want to read it. And stop comparing yourself to your sister. I don’t care if she’s fucking Beyoncé. I’m here because I want you.

 "I want your cute little laughs, and your fancy words, and your way of looking at things. I want your advice, and I want to hear more stories about your life and I want to tell you more of mine. I want to be with you and I promise it won’t be a short term thing. Please, just let me show you. Let me take you out.”

 I put my arms around him, “Fine. A date.” 

 He smiles and kisses me again, shortly. “And don’t ever doubt that it’s you that I want, ever again.” 

 I just nod. 

 3 hours later, we’re coming back from the date he took me on. We went to his favorite diner, and then saw a movie that he let me pick, which of course was Deadpool. Then we walked around the city until we got back to my building. 

 As I opened my door, I bit my lip. “So, you gonna come in?” 

 He nods and follows me inside. I turn and kiss him as soon as I take my shoes off. Shortly after, it gets heated, and we’re biting each other’s lips, exploring each other’s mouths. Moans are all you can hear. I reach down to rest my hand on his crotch but he groans and grabs it. 

 “Mami, I was serious when I said I wasn’t gonna sleep with you again.. yet,” he whispers, out of breath. 

 “What?” I say, still in a daze from the kiss. 

 “We can’t sleep together tonight. I came in because I wasn’t ready to say bye yet.” 

 “But…” I say, desperate. 

 “No buts,” he says, “especially not that one,” he gestures to my ass, “It turns me on too much.” 

 “Please,” I say, “I’m not leaving this time. I can’t, it’s my apartment,” I say, trying to move my hand back to his crotch. 

 “No, mami. I’m trying to prove a point here. I’m into you for who you are, not anyone else.” 

 “I know that now!” I say, frustrated. “Can’t you prove that some other way then? I want you so bad.” 

 He bites his lip and it just makes me want him more. I kiss him. “I want you so bad too,” he says. 

 “Then come on,” I say dragging him to my room. 

 “I’ll come, but we’re just sleeping, okay?” 

 I roll my eyes, “Fine, but tomorrow, you’re gonna get it.” 

 “And I’m looking forward to it.” 

 I take off my clothes and he takes off his so we’re both in just our underwear. We both get in bed and he pulls me half on top of him. He’s on his back, I’m on my stomach and one of my legs is in between his. 

 He leans down and kisses my forehead, “Goodnight.” 

 “Goodnight,” I say, resting my head on his chest. 

 After a minute, his breathing is still short and uneven and I can feel his hard-on against my thigh. I move it up and down so it rubs against him. 

 “You’re point has been proved.” 

 “I can’t take it anymore,” he says, and flips himself over so he’s on top of me. 

“Oh thank God,” I say, as he kisses up and down my chest. 

 That night we made love too many times to count. And this time I didn’t leave in the morning. Waking up to Derek was better than I could’ve imagined. About a week later, he told me to talk to my sister, which I did. She told me about how she felt and why she did it. Surprisingly, she was jealous of me. She said that I had Derek whipped and I was successful in school and I had my own place and she didn’t have anything like that. We agreed on liking ourselves and loving each other. Now Derek and I were more in love than ever and I couldn’t be happier. He was mine to keep. 



 A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. This was the last part. I’m sorry it took so long to get out, it’s just been a stressful week with my birthday and my dad’s birthday, and all of my exams. There was also that I mainly upload from my iPad but Tumblr is glitchy so I had to do it from my phone. But now I’m free for the summer. Next week I go in vacation but I’ll have plenty of time to write. 

 Also to anyone who made a request, it’ll hopefully be written by 5/24/16, so hang in there! Peace, Shay.

You’re worth more than them (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: Could you write an imagine where Liam gets into a fight at School bc his IED gets the best of him and he’s called to the principal’s office and is silent not talking to anyone so Scott calls the reader who’s the only who can get him to calm down and get him to talk about what happened and takes him back to her place and he’s upset, explains what happened and cries in her arms and she comforts him (strictly platonic pls)

A/n: I’m sorry if it’s not that great. And sorry if i haven’t been posting alot of imagines, it’s just that i’m having writers block but i hope tomorrow i’ll post more imagines for you guys x

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Why I Read Killing Stalking

Alright here we go.

Just because I’ve been told by some people that me enjoying Killing Stalking is wrong because it is horrendous, I’m gonna make one post about it and then not talk about it anymore.

I am in no way condoning what happens it this manga.

Its all wrong. Yoonbum is a stalker who needs help, and Sangwoo is a kidnapper and serial killer who needs death. Point blank, end of story.

However, I enjoy reading this manga. I like reading in the same way I like watching Saw and various other horror films. I like suspense, and horror, and gore. Adrenaline junkie here! So yeah, I don’t think its okay, but I think its quality content.

The characters are well developed, with complicated backgrounds. The story line is well thought out and has several layers. Its quality content.

Now on to the most difficult part to talk about. People have said, “You can’t like it! You’re being totally insensitive to people with histories of abuse!”

I am not condoning the abuse. I myself have been a victim of abuse, in several forms (first by parents and then by a boyfriend, if he can even be called that). I know all survivors are different, and deal with our histories differently, but I myself find this manga.. refreshing I guess you could say.

Because I could have ended up like them. My mind did get fucked, I have many a mental illness and my life is crazy for it. But I did not become a serial killer. I did not become a kidnapper. I did not become a stalker.

I don’t know, but it has made me feel stronger for how I got through my abuse.

But that’s just my opinion.

PROMPT #5: Person A has given up on love. Nope. Love is not for them. Forget that…. And then they meet person B and think; “Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.“

You wanted to get wasted. Trashed. Completely and absolutely drunk.

It was eleven o'clock on a Saturday night when you found yourself at a bar with one of your best friends on the planet, Wanda Maximoff.

You had been set up by a mutual friend to go out with this guy named Tony. You had been hesitant to agree at first but you eventually went with it to please your friend.

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Environmentalism Rant

So my current project for my typography class is to recreate a few spreads out of a magazine using InDesign. This particular issue was about water quality and conservation.

In one section, there’s an interview with a water policy expert about how America is running out of fresh, drinkable water, and nowhere in there was animal agriculture mentioned. It did mention “industrial agriculture” once, but conveniently left out the real problem: livestock. One of the questions was “what can the average person do?” The guy proceeds to talk about wacky things like waterless urinals, fecal matter composting toilets, and government legislation, but I’m sitting there like “so when are you going to mention GOING VEGAN?”

These are all valid measures to take, of course, but all the laws and shorter showers in the world aren’t even going to make a dent in the damage and waste that animal agriculture is causing, and this “water policy expert” doesn’t even mention it once, even though it’s the single most effective thing the average person can do. To be fair, this expert could be vegan for all I know, but he’s not using his position of authority on the matter to spread awareness, and that’s what bothers me.

I guess my point is I’m so tired of these so-called “environmentalists” glossing over or just plain avoiding this issue. The food you are eating is destroying this planet; there is simply no denying it. If you care about the planet, you need to go vegan, and it’s about time that the world started to wake up and realize it.

TITLE: Fics too are Loki’d


AUTHOR: anonymous

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki submitting the most ridiculous imagines to this blog to see if anyone writes fics of them. 

RATING: Suitable for all audiences


Loki glanced at the clock on his wall. It was time. All of the Imagine-Loki’s posts for the day had been posted and he couldn’t wait reading them. He loved the stories the mortals wrote about him, especially those really “romantic” ones. Loki did have to give them credit for creativity. It was adorable how they worshiped him with their imagined dreams, but reading those said dreams wasn’t the only thing why he liked the blog so much. He liked to submit the most ridiculous imagines to the blog to see if anyone wrote them to a full story, and then laugh his blessed Asgardian arse off before going to sleep.

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Knock, Knock Ch.1: Not So Nice To Meet You

A/N: Yay, I started a new fic! It’s inspired by the obnoxiously thin walls of my own new apartment, and I hope you enjoy it more than I enjoy the sounds of my neighbor snoring. 

If you’d rather read on AO3, it’s here.

Look on the bright side, Mary Margaret said.

A least you have a job and a place to live other than your old yellow Bug, she said.

At least you have friends and people who love you, she said.

Mary Margaret. That damn woman and her insufferable fucking optimism. Emma had just let herself start enjoying her silly, cheap apartment with her sad, thin walls. She’d just started calling her obnoxious neighbor Ruby one of her very closest friends; she’d just started considering the sounds of Ruby’s toilet and television and late-night phone conversations to be the sounds of home and the damn stupid girl finally lets down her Fort Knox fucking walls and decides to move in with the doctor she’d been “just screwing” and left Emma far behind. As fucking usual.

OK. It wasn’t Ruby’s fault. In fact, in all honesty, Emma was truly happy for her friend. Happy that she was happy, of course. But also happy because it gave Emma a sense of hope much deeper than Mary Margaret’s (well meaning) platitudes. Ruby finding happiness despite her painful past made Emma believe maybe she could do the same herself. Possibly. Someday.

But that didn’t make the sting of losing Ruby any less painful. And worse, it didn’t do anything to alleviate the absolute agony of having to cope with a new neighbor.

A loud, British neighbor who screamed bloody fucking murder at soccer games and had way too many gruff friends crammed in his living room every other goddamn night – burping and snorting and hee-hawing and overall making Emma wish for the days she was sleeping in the backseat of a half-broken car in the middle of  a snowstorm.

But maybe he could end up being your friend, Mary Margaret said. Why don’t you introduce yourself instead of angry-texting me about him? she said.

Fucking Mary Margaret and her stupid, idiotic optimism. No.

Emma threw herself back into her work – bail bondsperson-ing required a surprising amount of paperwork and googling – doing all she could to ignore the existence of the British bastard and all his stupid noises.

And she was successful, mostly. That is, until she started to hear some huffing and a little grunting and the telltale bounce of springs.

Fuck. This was something she was absolutely not going to listen to. Guess she was going to have to meet the asshole after all.

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Dear God I've seen it all. Mini(BIG) Rant

Been lurking on tumblr most of today, and can I just say that some of the anons I’ve seen make me wanna facepalm into next year. I’ve seen things from playboy Sam ( fucking doubtful if you ask me) to gay Sam. These theories are so outta the park for me,the least believable seeing as Sam literally can’t see to keep his hands off Cait and is supportive of his wifey like an overexcited ginger pup that he is.
I digress, this sounds random but let me just get to the point. Here’s where my little big rant comes to play ( I’ve had a somewhat bad day and have been stresses so this kinda made me go ranty).

This is a narrative. Plain and fucking simple, I believe it’s a complete BS narrative, like we’ve seen before; it’s a goddamn pattern we’ve seen most of the year. Do I think Sam and Cait are willingly playing into this narrative just for the shits part of it? Hell no. I’d think with the impact this is making on how we as fans might view them with constant bs tales replaying on a loop, they would be less than thrilled to be a part of this. I could be wrong about this narratives I really could be wrong,MM could be his so and I could be completely wrong about everything I’ve seen so far. But thats just it, what I’ve seen so far tells me nothing about them being SOs, maybe acquaintances or friends, but I don’t believe for one bit that they can be SOs, just from what I’ve seen.

And y'all, this is I guess the biggest point in my rant, that the minute we get the foul wind that fuckery is happening, we immediately jump to battleship stations, some quite vocal calling S a player, manipulative, mean, etc you name it ( I’m saying the few that do as I’ve seen quite a few the past couple of hours, particularly a few anons I’ve seen pop up that just sent done with him) and we immediately forget all the shippery goodness that happened not even a week ago. Why let this narrative that will clear up sooner than we know, cause that always happens in the pattern, let us doubt what we SEE, what our Intuition shows us about S and C. Plain and simple, this fuckery is business to the powers to be, but the real truth, to me, is that S and C are just pawns being used, and are probably as tired as we are, even more so.

Y'all, my intuition tells me that SC had what looks like a fucking merry and pleasant Christmas in Ireland, that they’re together and stronger together, no bs fuckery is gonna mess with what I believe and have believed since I joined this fandom.

And just a food for thought, I’m holding out to Season 3 because I firmly believe we are getting good shit during that time. Don’t know why, but one of the main reasons being Sam’s eagerness for that specific time period when the show airs, gives me a feeling that he’s happy and excited about something, and not just the shows premiere.

Here’s to the hope that 2017 erases the shitstorm that was 2016 and brings heaps of blessings and good karma. Side note: excuse some choppy language and spelling errors, my phone keyboard is small for big hands and shitty spell check.


Sorry, glitch in the matrix!!! Here’s the video again! if you have sent me a message then you are mentioned here!

Sorry about all the “um”s

EDIT: Here is a transcript for those who need it!!:D

Hi, Im Andy. Im posting a video and the reason why is because after cleaning my house and having an all out argument with myself, I decided to say thank you. The support I’ve received from that horrible, horrible anon has been overwhelming, overwhelmingly fantastic, but overwhelming nonetheless. I have script because I don’t know what to say….

 It didn’t sit right with me, I guess to just type this out in a post. I wanted it to be more personal than that. I wanted to share my thank you with you, personally. There is actually a list of people I am going to name…. Quite a few people that im going to name because they have sent me either private messages or their own asks to show their support. But first I’m going to clear up a few things

#1. I don’t feel bad about posting that blurb of ranting. At all… so, yeah I guess that’s it. I don’t feel bad, I think I needed to be said. Could I have said it differently? Probably. If I were to look back on it now, would I say it differently? Probably not (laughs).

#2 Pronouns .Whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me. I have an interesting view on gender and how all that works. I identify as anything and nothing you call me. It doesn’t matter to me… A few people have taken to calling me “daddy”… okay, cool. Whatever tickles your peach I guess.

#3 Can we RP? Of course we can Rp. I would love to RP with anyone who sends in a submission. I am a bit busy with a bunch of people like Katie and Lundy.. TT whatever. So send dme a submission and get a plotline going. Tell me what you want, what you really want to do. Im totally down for anything. I pretty much ship whatever, so don’t worry about asking “Oh well you might not ship it…” I probably don’t but that doesn’t mean I wont play it!

#4 instagram: it is literally my url. Siriuslynotoverremus is my name without the hyphens. I do post there from time to time, but I just started so there’s like 12 or 13 pictures on there, so bare with me and we will get it together.

#5 Will I do this again, make another video? Pardon me, my voice sounds scratchy, I didn’t sleep last night. Due to my own insomnia, not the stupid person.

Yeah I might do it again. I don’t know. It really depends on 1 whether or not I feel lazy… 2 on the feedback it gets. If you guys want me to do it again, then sure. I’m willing to do it again. Ill even answer questions. I’ll let you know when I’m taking them so you can submit video specific questions.

Anyway… moving on to the people who have sent me PM’s or asks to make me feel better.

1.       @asktheoriginalrebel

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hanmki  asked:

i'm not sure if it's just me but do you think that dave and karkat, and perhaps even vriska, have changed their style of talking? like, you know how karkat used to go off in these HUGE rage rants, calling people terms like "nook sucker" back and forth, and now he sorta talks.. like a normal human being? and vriska is talking more like aranea than anything, and dave doesn't use as much extra-long metaphors? maybe it's just me, but if you see it too, could you explain a reason behind the change?

Three years of stuff that didn’t suck, I guess?  Character development, the positive or negative effects of which we have yet to verify.


I’m ranting for a bit

You see, I don’t dislike Lexa. Really. Honestly. I’m an adult who watches a tv show and knows better than to not appreciate a bad ass character just because i like another ship, it would be stupid and make no sense. 

Do I appreciate Clarke making Lexa a better person? OBVIOUSLY it’s compelling storytelling yall c'mon. 

Do I like Clexa? Obviously not or else I would ship Clexa. But would i stop watching the show because they’re cannon? 

If that was the case I would have stopped in Bodyguard of Lies, but I didn’t. Because it doesn’t matter who Clarke ends up with. It didn’t matter at all because It was a good show still. So there.

So why am I ranting?



Season 1 Bellamy sure, in a blink of an eye, BUT THE CHARACTER EVOLVED.

Its the same as in like: do i think season 3 lexa would betray Clarke? OBVIOUSLY NOT. Why? BECAUSE SHE IS CLEARLY IN LOVE WITH CLARKE AND HAS ACCEPTED THAT FULLY NOW. SHE EVOLVED.

for jason to just disregard all bellamy past experiences (lincoln proving to be a “good grounder”; finn being dominated by pain and never getting back from it; what a mass murder can do to someone’s head; clarke screaming WE DO NOT DECIDE WHO LIVES AND DIE DOWN HERE - fucking hell he learned that in Murphy’s Law) to just make him a idiot in pain and with no self control makes absolutely no sense.

And it freaks me out because that’s what i always loved about the 100, the character’s consistency no matter what. 

So unless this is some complex plot in which bellamy in an inside man or whatever (HIGHLY DOUBT IT), i’m not coming back to this show. because i’m really afraid of what will become of other characters while jason only works on clarke and lexa.

i have better things to do than to watch a GREAT amount of scripts being turn into garbage because jason is in love with the idea of having the first bisexual protagonist in a cable network or whatever. 

guess what. it’s true. representation REALLY MATTERS.

but you could have made Clexa endgame without ruining another character, no biggie. it’s called being a fucking good writer.

so yeah. bye the 100 for now. 

end of the rant.

Talk To Me, Chapter 2

Part two to the “accidentally calling a stranger” prompt I did a while ago!


Part 1

Adrien slammed the door to his room with excessive force, hoping the loud boom carried through the echoic halls into his father’s study. He fell face first into his bedspreads, screaming out loud into the comforter to release his stress. He yelled in frustration until his throat ached, pounded his pillows until his fists turned red, and lay on his back in the middle of the room, back pressed against the hard floor as he stared at the ceiling and tried to get his breathing under control. The shadows lengthened across his body as the sun began to disappear beyond the horizon.

He was overreacting, and he knew it. But his emotional state was not without cause, for once again his request to attend public school like all the other kids his age had been rejected, quite harshly.

You have all that you need here, his “father” had told him, not looking up from whatever he was doing. You don’t need those sort of people to taint your mind.

Those sort, Adrien recalled with a grimace. There are no sorts of people in Adrien’s world, there are only people. And Adrien currently resided among the ethereal, and yet not for a second did he consider himself one of them. He was almost a legal adult, there was no way his father could chain him down with golden chains forever. This halo glued to his head was slowly coming loose.

He dug his phone from his pocket, thumbing through his contacts absently. He needed someone to vent at. He couldn’t keep this emotion contained to himself, it simply would fester within him until he burst and did something he would regret.

He wasn’t close enough with the other models to consider them worthy enough to hear of his frustration. They, who had all worked hard to get to their position, would only see him as a rich boy and his first world problems. None of the people in his other activities were options either, as they consisted mostly of tutors (besides Nathalie, who, bless her heart, couldn’t teach him everything), instructors, and other essential personnel.

That is, until he reached the very bottom of the list, the innocent ladybug emoji hidden beneath the seemingly never-ending list of phone numbers.

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