i guess with robots it would be oil in their eyes

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can i request a shy tony fic? like the team finding out how freaking shy tony really is after they move in together? basically tony being really shy and self-concious about many everyday things. he's not the talkative, self-confident playboy they thought he was, he is the contrary and it wakes up the instinct to protect and treasure in them.

i’ve snet you a shy tony prompt and now i realize that i forgot to add sensitive to the list. because let’s be honest that boy is really sensitive and emotional.

Natasha actually knows that Tony is shy af because of previous spying on him. She thinks it’s cute but she’ll help him out anyway because she knows he’s sensitive. <3 (Basically she’s a Natasha and Jan (from AvAc) hybrid.) Look out for under the cut!

Tony heard voices in the kitchen and slowed to a stop outside the doorway. The voices… sounded pleasant enough. And it was his house. And he was Tony Stark. There was no reason not to go in. Except that he was wearing yesterday’s clothes and he was pretty sure he had oil in his hair. Should he go shower first? He should probably go shower first.

He turned and let out a tiny noise of terror when he found Natasha standing behind him. “Eep!”

Natasha raised an eyebrow at him, then looked him up and down. “…You look fine.”

Tony lifted his hand, then stopped halfway to his head, self-conscious. “I don’t—have oil in my hair?”

“You do, but I’m pretty sure they kind of expect you to be a mess.”

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She’s Busy Hearing Voices

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @geeksandfreaks6713. “Hey, I don’t know if you’re taking requests (if you aren’t I’m sorry to bother you!) but could you possibly do a gerard imagine where the reader is blind??”

You were awoken from a sound sleep by the sound of singing. You felt for your watch on the hotel nightstand, and pressed a button on its cold, plastic surface.

The time is now 3:15 AM, a familiar robotic voice peeped.

“What the fuck?” you whispered to yourself. You had no idea why anyone would be up at this hour, much less making music. You gripped your cane and rose, swinging it left and right to avoid running into the table as you put on your dressing gown and exited your hotel room.

You walked down the hallway, hearing the music get louder and more distinct as you drew closer to its source. Being blind your whole life had made your other senses very sharp, so, soon, you were able to pinpoint the room where the voice was emanating from.

You placed your hand on the doorplate, reading the Braille, which said, Room 1229.

You pressed your ear against the door, listening intently. From here, you noticed that the singer had a man’s voice – and that his voice sounded incredible. Despite the hour, you found yourself enjoying the melody as you listened to his song:

We’re not just dreamers

We’re the kind that comprehend

We gather up our forces

She’s busy hearing voices again

Pneumonic-screamers came to gather up our friends

If giving in is pointless, then get out of bed or this might be the end

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The A-Mei-Zing Outback Adventure Chapter 19

Zǎoshang hǎo! Good morning, Roadhog,” Mei greeted the enormous man cheerfully, tossing her already-packed bag into the pile in the hallway.

Roadhog lifted one hand in response before a little movement of his masked head indicated he was looking past her, at the lanky figure rising up behind her.

“Hehehe, yeah, we had a good morning, all roight,” Junkrat said, leering his toothy grin as he reached out to goose her bottom. “Real good.”

Mei’s face reddened on cue, and he grinned all the harder when he saw the tips of her ears change color. She turned and smacked the back of his hand with a scowl. “Stop that,” she said, “I know what you’re doing, trying to embarrass me. Huài dàn.”

After spending more time with the junkers, Mei could read Roadhog a little better now. Not on the level of Junkrat, of course, who could carry on hours worth of one-sided  conversations with little more than an occasional grunt or wrinkle of the forehead as responses; but now she could spot subtle little movements of his facial muscles, little tics and tells that spoke of the man behind the mask…And right now, he was rolling his eyes at them both.

“Sorry!” she called after him, as he grumbled under his breath and ambled off back into the kitchen. She shot Junkrat a little dirty look as she adjusted her glasses, but he looked all the more gleeful for it, especially when she lifted a finger and shook it at him sternly. “Are we going to have to talk about this? Don’t make Mr. Roadhog uncomfortable.”

“Lovey, I think if we’re talking levels of ‘uncomfortable’ what Roadie and me’s had to deal with, hearing us going at it is pretty damn low on the charts.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so loud…”

Junkrat entwined his arms around her once more, his voice going high-pitched and wavering in an incredibly poor falsetto version of Mei’s accent. “My name’s Mei, I don’t want nobody to know I’m a moaner, not even when I’m getting it good, don’t want anybody to hear me going ‘ooooooh! Oooh Junkrat! Oooooh yeees, mmmmhh’!”

“Oh my gosh! Stop!” she sputtered, shoving at his chest before trying to cover his mouth with both hands, as if to stifle his lewd noises by force.

“Ooooohhhh Junkrat! Oooh, I’m gonna-OW!” he cried a little louder, interrupted suddenly as there was a cracking noise and he was suddenly bulled to the side when Snowball appeared from nowhere and slammed into his shoulder again, smacking its antenna across his head once more. “Ow! Son of a bitch bot, I know where you sleep!”

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Rocket Angel Week - Day 3: Broken Wings

“Angie! Angie, Angie!”

Lena’s frantic calls could be heard through her office door. Angela sprang up from her chair, hand already halfway to the case containing her staff, when the Londoner burst into the room.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, noting the lack of desperation in Lena’s anxiety. She was panting a little, only the faintest flush sat on her cheeks. Angela dropped her hand from the case; she had a feeling she would not need the staff.

“We need medical attention!” Lena jabbed her fingers towards the door, which Fareeha just jogged through. The Egyptian wore a look of urgency as well, though distinctly calmer than the younger woman’s. Angela’s gaze fell to her cupped hands, where a small bird lay chirping pitifully.

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Pink Nails - A Meihem Oneshot

reaper-botherer had the ameizing idea of mei and junkrat painting each others nails so i wrote a little something about it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

„Whatcha doing, Mei?“

Jamison hollered and kicked the door to her cozy little room shut, the frames on her walls clinking slightly. He was a loud man, Mei knew and liked that about him. Most of the time. She liked the way he was never shy of words and would tell her that her hair looked nice or nonchalantly commented on how the tight yoga pants she wore sometimes accentuated her curves. Mei wasn’t the young insecure girl that tried to hide her body anymore, instead she was confident in her looks. It wasn’t even because of how her slightly insane boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She had grown tired of disliking herself and with that she stopped keeping herself hidden.

But yes, she knew that twenty-year old Mei would have gotten quite an ego boost out of Jamie’s lingering glances on her bust.

However, his loud rushing into the room was pretty inconvenient now. She flinched hard, her concentration ripped like a piece of paper and with that there was a huge pink blotch of nailpolish on her foot. She sighed loudly and looked up. Jamison didn’t move, he just stared at her, aware of the fact that he had disturbed her. „Sorry.“, he murmured but couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from twitching. Mei raised an eyebrow. „Looks nice, luv.“, with these words he walked over to the bed, sat down. The sound of his peg leg thumping down on the floor was familiar and Mei liked the steady rhythm he moved in. He gripped her foot and pulled her a little toward him. She was always surprised by how easily he moved and picked her up to his liking. His lanky looks were quite deceiving, Jamison was way stronger than he looked even though he rarely used his strength. Thinking about it, Mei realised that she had never seen him get into an actual fistfight. Roadhog took care of these things while the blond mechanic used his bombs and inventions for protection and, well, destruction.

She was deep enough in thought, studying his messy hair and the stains of the machine oil on his cheekbone to not notice that he had taken the nailpolish remover and a cottonpad and now proceeded to wipe the polish of her foot. „Wh-what are you doing?“, she asked, obviously confused. „Paintin’ yer nails.“, he sounded amused. She furrowed her brows. „I don’t think-“

Jamison cut her off by holding his flesh hand in front of her face. His fingers were soot covered and the black nailpolish which was applied in a sloppy manner already chipped. „I can paint nails, see?“, he said confidently and smirked like a little boy. Mei’s heart melted a little at the sight of his little fangs and then sighed. „Okay.“, she gave in and leaned her back against the wooden headboard, which was beautifully carved and watched him inspect the bottle of pink polish. „Never seen this colour on ya ’fore.“, he said.

„It’s new.“

Another smile, but this one had a roguish edge to it. His golden eyes were glinting with mischief. „Did’cha buy it for me?“

Instantly her cheeks turned red. By this time she had gotten used to his constant teasing but Mei was embarrassed by the fact that Jamison was right. He had looked right through her as if she were an open book. Mei had indeed bought the polish just a few days ago and it fit the blouse that he liked on her perfectly. „No.“, Mei persisted stiffly.

„You sure?“ By now he was already painting her toenails and she was thankful for the fact that he didn’t see how red her face was. She nervously pushed her glasses up her nose and sighed. „Yes.“

It was silent for a few moments. Well, silent except for Junkrat, who was quietly humming an unknown tune. „I could paint your nails too.“, she suggested. „I’m really good at hand massages too.“

She wasn’t. Mei had never massaged anyones hand but she liked touching him. Unfortunately, she was quite shy when it came to initiating physical contact and mostly waited for Jamie to take the first step. However, there were some times where she had spent a whole night fixing her little robot, Xuě qiú, and was on a caffeine high afterwards. These were also the times where she literally ravaged him with her kisses and needy hugs. Jamison quite liked these days.

„Sure.“, he grinned at her, but after a second a distressed expression appeared on his soot covered face. „What is it?“, Mei asked and leant over to her bed stand and grabbed one of the wet wipes she kept in the drawer to clean his face with. „What is it?“, Mei asked with a furrowed brow and held his chin gently, proceeding to wipe oil and grime off his cheeks. He had stopped painting her toenails and seemed to be lost in another world. It wasn’t rare for Jamison to leave the present and return to something he had never really left behind but it worried Mei everytime. With a clearing of his throat, Jamison blinked and sighed quietly. She raised both her brows while wiping the stain on the tip of his masculine nose away, waiting patiently for him to talk to her. „I’ve got only one hand ya can paint.“, he said. I should have added fingernails to the prosthetic, Jamison thought to himself. Mei put the wipe away and sighed. She didn’t like when he got this upset, it was as if the vibrant man was stripped of all his energy. „I can be your other hand.“, she offered timidly. Junkrat seemed to think about it for a moment before he shook his head with a serious expression. „Nah.“, he said. „You can’t be me other hand.“

Mei swallowed hardly and took the bottle of nailpolish. She felt hurt but didn’t intend to show him just how much. „O-okay.“, she stammered. He laughed and grabbed her wrist, pulling it up to his lips. He pressed gentle kisses on her knuckles.

„You can’t be me other hand, cause yer already me other half, snowflake.“

Mei blinked up at him. Jamie loved the way the corners of her mouth slowly curled up into a happy smile and her warm brown eyes began to sparkle. He pressed a kiss to her hair and then took the nailpolish out of her hand. „Now, lemme get this finished. Ya know that I don’t do things by half-measures, baby.“

Two hours later everyone in the common room was gazing at Mei’s and Junkrat’s nails which were painted in the same pink color. „Looks nice, roight?“, Jamie said confidently and waggled his hand in front of Roadhog’s face. The massive man gave an approving grunt and proceeded to drink his tea from a cup that was way too tiny for his large hand.

„Let’s do this again sometime, Mei.“, with these words the blond master of explosive pulled his girlfriend toward him. He gripped her hips tenderly and smiled down to her, his golden eyes glinting. Mei couldn’t help but return the gesture.

„I think french nails would look nice on you, Jamie.“, Hana commented from the sofa she sat on.

A Break in Routine Part 2

Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Sorry I didn’t have this up a bit earlier. I had two games today and one of them ended with a trip to the nurse.

Part 1 is here

You didn’t hear him come in. Well, to be fair, you were buried in schematics for a seismic transmitter that could relay information on living, or deceased, Stormtroopers while in the field, so you would never hear anyone walk in anyways.

A small knock had you jumping out from under the papers, sending the sheets flying every which way. You nearly shouted when you bumped your toe on a spare calcinator, low curses spurting from your mouth.

You froze comically when you looked up, your eyes meeting the very dark, very mysterious outline of Kylo Ren.

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kidding around, pt 3

last time

this is just outrageously out of control. but i am having a blast so *throws up hands*

happy continuing birthday kahn-on-tumblr xD

warnings: implied past child abuse

“Tony. Tony come on, this is a terrible idea,” Rhodey says a little later.

Ignoring him, Tony says, “Okay, who can tell me what a robot is? Steve, I think you know a little something about this, huh?”

“A robot’s a big metal man!”

“Metal is common, yes; man, not always, although we do tend to love making them in our image.”

“It is a creation to do things for us,” Thor says and Tony points at him.

“Hey, that’s good Thor, nice,” Rhodey says and Thor beams.

“Transformers are robots,” Sam says, leaning back out of Tony’s grip so he can look back at Rhodey. Tony catches him before he slides over his arm and onto his head with a hand around his waist.

Rhodey grins at Sam. “That’s right, too.”

“Now, see, I make robots,” Tony says and keys in his access code to the workshop.

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metalandfood  asked:

Loved the shovel talk fic, you should do a follow-up one. K2 and Galen teaming up to cock-block Jyn and Cassian's attempts of starting a relationship. Naturally, everyone is having a laugh at the poor couple's expense.

(A wonderful idea!)

She had been shivering in the council room when Cassian shrugged off his fur lined coat, and wrapped it around her securely. She wanted to protest, she had tried to protest, but it had been warmed by his body and it smelled that comforting and familiar smell of dirt and blaster oil. She found all she could do was look away to hide the heat that was harboring in her face, and murmur a barely audible “thank you.”

Cassian said nothing, but she knew he was smiling that weary, yet somewhat amused, half smile that she seemed to evoke on daily basis.


Of all the places to relocate to.

A cold, barren, wasteland.

“The perfect hiding place.” Cassian had told her as they boarded their ships to leave Yavin for the last time.

She hoped there wasn’t much to talk about this council session, as she slipped her arms through the sleeves of Cassian’s offering, not about to let the warmth still in them go to waste.  

“You always underdress.” Cassian spoke, his voice somewhat smug.

“Well, it’s good thing that you’re around to look after me, then.” she replied sarcastically, though she meant it sincerely, shooting him a coy smile, which he returned.  However, it faltered when he caught sight of someone on the other side of the circled gathering. Jyn, eyes narrowing, followed his gaze to see her father beside the general, his arms crossed, as usual, staring down Cassian with controlled contempt.

“You know,” Cassian murmured to her humorously. “I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t approve of me.”

Jyn snorted, rebelliously pulling the coat around her more securely, annoyed her father would be upset with such an innocent gesture.  

“Though, I did almost kill him.” Cassian digressed to himself. “I guess I just thought the saving his life instead would have made up for it.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with that.” she told him pointedly, wishing it was just that simple. “The last time he saw me, I was five-years-old… I just think seeing me close to someone sits with him the wrong way.”

“Understandable.” Cassian offered.

“Irritable.” Jyn corrected. “I’ve been on my own for years, facing injury, starvation, prison and war, yet he is mostly upset about you.”

Cassian frowned. Sure, he was as self-loathing as the next dedicated rebel, but was he really worse than all that?  

“Maybe you should… give it back to me.” he suggested motioning toward his coat, after having endured a full minute under the scientist’s scathing stare. Better her cold, then him dead by mysterious means. Right?

“No.” Jyn replied haughtily, hugging his coat to her even more tightly. He was foolish to think that he would ever be getting it back at all.

“Well, you have to give it back to me sometime,” Cassian told her out in the passage ways, after the meeting was dismissed. “We’re living on a planet of ice, I’ll need it eventually.”

“But… then I’ll be cold.” she told him, feigning innocence.

“I believe you have been provided with your own coat.” he pointed out factually.

“It’s not as nice as this one.” she argued. “Just let me keep it forever instead.”

“That’s not much of a compromise.” he chuckled in bewilderment.

“Then come up with a better one.” she prodded with a grin, her teeth biting lightly at her lower lip.

“Alright.” he relented slyly, seizing her by the waist and pressing her up against the icy wall, having quite a few ideas of how to keep her warm without his coat on.  He leaned in, intent on her lips, when the sound of rotating machinery and a proper, cyber voice called out through the passage.


They froze in surprise and irritation, reluctantly pulling away as a former imperial droid approached.

“Yes, K?” the captain hissed between his teeth, looking up at his bucket of bolts on stilts, fully aware of Jyn’s frustrated gaze and full pout directed toward him.

“Are you angry with me?” K2-SO questioned, perplexed. “Why, I was only trying to tell you that Captain Solo wished to have a word with you. He said it was urgent. I was only trying to be helpful.”

“Right.” Cassian exhaled heavily through his nose, letting his hands fall away from Jyn, before giving her an apologetic look. “I won’t be long.”

She forced a tight smile and nodded as he made his way back up from whence they came.  How strange that the Corellian wanted to speak with Cassian now, if they both had been present at the same meeting. She didn’t even remember seeing him there. 

She shot a dirty look at the robot who was still there, looking down at her with his expressionless metal head.  

He looked her up and down, analyzing her.

“I don’t believe that is your jacket.” he informed her pointedly.

Her eyes squinted at him warningly, before she turned on her heels and marched in the other direction, only to notice that Bohdi was around the corner.  He was undoubtedly aware of what had just transpired, since he was currently state of trying to withhold a laugh.

“Something amusing, Bohdi?” she asked him daringly, more than ready to deck someone in the face, and he would hurt her fist far less than K2 would.

“No, no, course not.” he replied sarcastically, continuing on his way, before omitting a pitchy giggle.

Re-entering the council chambers, Cassian looked for Captain Solo, only to find Chirrut and Baze in the middle of another debate about the Force’s existence.

“Ah, Captain.” the blind man greeted, staring in his general direction. “We thought you had already left.”

“So did I.” he replied irritably, used to Chirrut somehow identifying him when he simply walked through a door. “Have you seen Captain Solo?”

“Captain Solo?” Baze asked.

“Yes, I was told he wanted to speak with me.”

“Hasn’t he been on a mission with Commander Skywalker since yesterday?” Chirrut asked. “I didn’t think he was at this meeting at all.”

Cassian closed his eyes in irritation. “K… Why did he do that?”

The two guardians somehow, despite one being blind, exchanged amused glances with each other.

“We can think of a few things.” Baze informed him. “Or one thing in particular.”

They then both chuckled at the irritated look on Cassian’s face as he stormed out of the room.  

“That droid of yours is on my last nerve.” Jyn informed Cassian as he let himself into her quarters, informing her of his misadventure with K2’s false message. 

He brushed his lips against her temple as she looked over her mission reports from their last scouting assignment. “I want to deactivate him.”

She heard him chuckle at that as he made his way across the room and fall upon her cot tiredly, kicking off his boots.

“Would you be horribly put out if I did?” she asked, tucking a stray hair behind her ear, eyes still focused on her work. “I’d make it quick, painless for him.”  

“…I did put a lot of work into reprogramming him.” he pointed out.  

She turned around in her chair, watching him as he made himself comfortable, quite aware that they were, at last, alone… and that her door was securely locked from the outside. “I’d get you another one.” she offered, slowly rising from her seat. “One of those fancy astro droids.”

He stared at the ceiling, his lips pursing together as he hummed thoughtfully. “Astro droid?”

“Yes, all the good pilots have one.” she went on, crossing the room, climbing up on the bed, kneeling beside him. “They’re practical,” she placed a hand on the other side of him. “Small,” she leaned in. “And, best of all, they don’t talk.”  

Cassian smiled as her nose brushed over his, before taking hold of the back of her neck and kissing her deeply, just as he intended to in the north passage, his arms winding around her securely. “They’re still really chirpy, though” he added, in between kisses. “All bells and whistles.”

“A much lesser evil over all.” She smiled mischievously. “Better than K turning up any moment we’re alone.”

“He’s not here now.” Cassian pointed out, his hands tightening around her before he spontaneously flipped their positions.

“No.” she breathed, smile widening. “He’s not.”

Feeling liberated with such news, she grabbed at his collar, and he kissed her again. Her fingers trailing into his dark, somehow soft, hair, feeling a sense of relief from all the pent up frustration.  It was all excited bliss until a knock came to her door, making Cassian pull away and look over his shoulder.

“Leave it!” Jyn whispered harshly, not about to let this happen twice in one day. Whoever it was, they’d take the hint and leave. Cassian was about to do as she said, when  the knock came again, even more loudly.

“Jyn, are you in there?” Galen Erso called, dousing the heated atmosphere with an icy-cold bucket of water. They’re eyes widened at each other, and Cassian practically flew off the bed. 

“Jyn!?” her father called more insistently, making both of them panic in silence. 

“Uh, yes!” she called out, cursing under her breath. “Just a moment!”

She motioned for Cassian to hide somewhere, while he raised his arms questioningly in reply, looking around the horribly tight spaced room.  “You’re a damn spy!” she mouthed in frustration. Seething silently, she pulled him to the ground, and helped him scramble under her cot, using her duffle and weapons bag to conceal him. Horrible hiding place, but at least he was out of the general line of sight. Taking a deep breath and kicking his boots out of sight, she fixed her hair and slid open the door.

“Father!” she greeted with a smile, her voice cracking a little. “Pleasant surprise.”

“Jyn.” he replied, giving her a once over. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No.” she replied, regaining her inner calm. “Just finishing up some reports.”

“Then you won’t mind if I come in for a moment.”

So much for inner calm.

“Uh, I…” she shook her head. “Rather you wouldn’t… it’s ahhh messy in here.” Despite the soundlessness of it, she heard Cassian’s face hit his palm at that. “Let’s talk out here.” she motioned to the hall where various rebels were darting back and forth.  Galen raised a brow. “It’s freezing out here, and I’d prefer if we talked in private.”

“Alright, but it’ll have to be quick.” she told him, thinking that if she acted natural he’d be in and out, no further issues. “I have a lot of work to do.”

She stood aside and let him in, praying to the Force, or whatever the hell was beyond the great beyond, that he would not sit on her cot.

“Jyn, I want to speak to you about Captain Andor.”

“Cassian?” Calm, Jyn. Keep it calm. She told herself. “What about him?”

“I think it’s plain to see that you two have grown much closer since Yavin.”

“If we had,” she added pointedly. “That would be completely between us, like we previously discussed.”

“Of course,” he replied. “I am just concerned for you, both of you, in fact.”

“Oh?” she crossed her arms almost humorously mirroring. “Pray, tell.”

“We’re all living in a dangerous and hostile world right now, as you can see… and intimate relationships often make one lose focus of themselves and what’s going on around them.”

Did he just say what she thought he… Jyn felt the back of her neck grow hot, and her ears begin screaming, begging him not to continue. “Father…”

“I mean you wouldn’t want to fall pregnant and bring a child into this world would you?” he asked her, and her mouth fall open wordlessly. “You will want to wait of course until you are both settled after the conflict whenever it may be… Right?”

She stared at him speechlessly. She might as well be a droid because she was sure she was malfunctioning. 

“Right, Jyn?”

“…Right.” she nodded quickly. “Right, you are completely right… if that were the case… which I… okay!” she took him by the arm and led, or rather pushed, him out of her room. “Good talk, thank you for that, I will take it all into consideration.”


She shut the door quickly. “Good night, father!” she called, collapsing at her desk, too mortified for words.

A few minutes after his departure, Cassian cautiously began to emerge from his hiding place.  Though, it was safe to say that he returned to his chamber that night.

Galen Erso made his way through the icy passages, full of pipes and exhaust a smug look on his face.  From the other direction, the form of K2-SO appeared.  The two passed each other with a mutual respect and a sense of a job well done for the day.

“K2-SO.” Galen nodded.

“Galen.” the droid replied.

Whew, wrote another thing!

This was based off a prompt faerieswing gave me, “Snake is having trouble sleeping—Otacon helps him out. (Your choice whether it’s with “boring” anime, a “would you rather?” game, or any other method, sexy or otherwise.)

I kinda wanted to make it sexy, but no, things decided to get dumb and fluffy. Consider an AU where the timeline makes sense for what I wrote and for when the animes I referenced were actually airing.

So, uh, yeah…


Otasune; Rated: PG

Warnings for: N/A

Snake had to admit that having the company was refreshing.

Even if that company frequently went on incomprehensible, lengthy monologues about Cowboy Bebop, or rootkits.

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(v.) pretending reluctance or indifference when you are actually willing or eager; saying no and meaning yes

Everyone knows that Kurapika and Leorio are dating, well… everyone except Kurapika and Leorio, that is.

It started with Killua.

Kurapika had been looking over various documents and news clippings in an attempt to find any possible leads on the Scarlet Eyes and was so immersed in the task that he almost didn’t hear the near-inaudible sound of Killua’s approaching footsteps. The boy truly was an incredible individual. That prowess never ceased to amaze him. If it wasn’t in Kurapika’s nature to stay on alert, he had no doubt that Killua could’ve easily snuck up on him.

“Is there something you need, Killua?” He asked softly, his eyes lifting momentarily to look at the boy before turning back to his papers. His brows were furrowed in concentration as he tried to piece together various strings of information. He felt Killua stiffen before coming closer, his hand brushing Kurapika’s sleeve before he gripped it firmly.

“Tell him he’s not being fair.”

The sound of Killua’s pouting caught Kurapika’s attention and sure enough, when he looked up at him the boy had his bottom lip stuck out, eyes lowered, and blush painting palid cheeks with a rosy hue. The blond frowned and turned his body just enough to bring him closer. “Tell who? Gon? Did something happen?” He hadn’t heard anything breaking or any noise at all for that matter…

Killua looked up at the mention of his friend’s name and shook his head quickly. “No! Not Gon!” He paused before releasing a huff. “I was playing outside with Gon and it was my turn to kick the ball and I kicked it too hard and hit the geezer’s face. Now he says I can’t have any choco-balls or choco-robots when we go to town tomorrow!” The boy’s cheeks were flushed as he spoke quickly, tugging on Kurapika’s arm for emphasis when the blond didn’t respond.

He was confused. Clearly. How hard do you have to kick the ball and at what angle in order to hit the face of someone as tall (6’4” to be exact), but maybe the part that he found most peculiar was why Killua thought he could do anything about it. “Killua, I’m not exactly sure what you want me to do. I wasn’t out there to see it happen and if he’s mad, I can’t exactly fix that.” His shoulders slumped a bit and Kurapika faltered for a moment before raising his hand.

“I have an idea. Come with me.”

Kurapika didn’t wait for answer, already standing up and motioning for Killua to follow. They walked outside to the open door where Leorio was half-heartedly kicking a ball back to Gon. He fought back a laugh when he saw the growing bump on the man’s cheek. “Go apologize. I’m sure he’ll forgive you then.” He offered quietly and gave him a gentle nudge.

Killua stumbled forward before running over to the two. He was saying something that Kurapika couldn’t make out but he felt Leorio’s eyes turn to him and he gave a weak wave. Perhaps it wasn’t the most original idea, but he knew from experience that Leorio would appreciate the straightforward approach. The blond lingered by the door for a few minutes and as he turned around to go back into the study, Killua ran back to him.

“He said he forgives me!” The smile on the pale boy’s face made the blonde smile fondly and he patted his shoulder with a laugh.

“See? I told you it would be okay. It’s a good thing everything worked out.” He replied before tilting his head curiously. Kurapika leaned over to whisper into Killua’s ear, his eyes on Leorio’s form.

“Why did you come to me for help? Gon would have probably told you the same thing I did.” A part of him was curious, yes, partly because the boy came directly to him and partly because his idea actually worked.

Killua moved back to look into his eyes and gave him the most confused expression, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Aren’t you two dating? I figured you knew him best and I was right, wasn’t I?”


What a pleasant surprise.

He wasn’t aware they were in a relationship.

Then came Gon.

Gon had asked for Kurapika to help him make dinner since Killua didn’t feel like it. The blond wasn’t entirely sure why he was automatically elected, but seeing as Leorio was hunched over a medical book and he had already finished his work for the day, he had no choice but to say yes. However, when he entered the kitchen, Gon seemed to have the majority of the situation under control. He would occasionally ask Kurapika to do something (“Can you cut up the onions?”,
“Pour the oil in slowly!”, “Make sure the bottom doesn’t burn, keep stirring.”), but he felt like it was just to humor him rather than actually help.

As Kurapika leaned over to stir the hot pot once more, he caught Gon staring at him with eyes wide and curious. There was something about his behavior that didn’t quite add up, but he wasn’t about to point out something so trivial.

Yet, suddenly, Gon was making him go out in and out of the living room to ask Leorio questions.

“Can you ask him if he likes a specific meat in the pot? I think we still have some steak and chicken. Maybe eggs…” Gon began to trail off as he opened the small fridge and began to rummage around for whatever proteins he could find. Kurapika did as he was asked and tried not to look away when Leorio lifted his gaze and held him there for a few seconds.


“Understood. I’m sorry for disturbing your studies.” He turned swiftly on his heels, barely catching the smile on the student’s lips before he turned his attention back to the diagrams on the page. Kurapika entered the kitchen and smiled as Gon ran back and forth between the counter and the fridge. “Leorio would like steak. I’m alright with whatever you want to put in.” He said softly, returning to stir the soup.

After a few minutes of relative silence, Gon turned to Kurapika once more. “What kind of vegetables does Leorio like?” The blond stared him with a frown and shrugged. Leorio was a an adult. If he didn’t wish to eat something, he could just push it to the side or kindly reject the offering. But before he could protest, Gon had already shoved him out of the kitchen.

This time, Leorio was writing something down in one of his journals and Kurapika was already starting to feel guilty for bothering him twice in such a short period of time. He faltered for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Gon would like to know which vegetables you prefer.” He cursed himself for the shakiness in his voice and willed himself to look up when Leorio let out a deep sigh.

“Onions, carrots, and leeks, I guess. I really don’t mind what you put in it. Just make sure it’s not salty.” He said with a slow yawn, his eyes never leaving Kurapika. The blond kept his gaze steady and bowed his head once more.

“Right, sorry for the intrusion. Dinner should be ready soon.” This time, Leorio stood up from his desk and closed the distance between them, an easy smile on his lips as he pushed a stray piece of hair out of the younger boy’s face. Kurapika could feel the heat start to rise to his cheeks and he did his best to mutter a soft “thank you” before he went back to the kitchen.

“Gon. Onions, carrots, and leeks. He said anything else is okay too.” Yet the boy wasn’t paying him much mind since Killua had stumbled back into the kitchen to help out after all. They were throwing leeks at each other and Kurapika only grimaced before crossing his arms over his chest. “Gon! Are you listening? Why did you send me out there if you already put the things into the soup?”

The answer he got in return was not one he expected. Killua only gave him a knowing smirk in return.

“Because he’s your boyfriend, right? I thought you would want to talk to him and see what food he likes. Now you know!”

Leorio had eaten more than his fair share of the hot pot that night, delighted in the fact that it was the perfect balance of meat to vegetables and not salty in the least. He wanted to thank his younger for making it to his liking, but Kurapika kept avoiding his gaze every time he so much as turned his head towards him.

It was his turn to do the dishes and Killua determined that since Kurapika didn’t really help with the preparation, he was on drying duty. He tried his best to resist the urge to glare, especially when Killua had such a devilish grin on his face, but he merely nodded and began to pick up the plates. “Fine, but it’s definitely your turn tomorrow, Killua.”

Kurapika had the dishes stacked effortlessly and walked past Leorio to place them in the sink for him. “There you are. Just hand them to me as you go.” He murmured, almost dropping a cup when a pair of arms cornered him against the sink.


The boy shivered as the other breathed into his ear and tried his best to relax his rigid composure before nodding. “Y-Yes…?”

“You’ve been avoiding me all night. Why?” In all fairness, it was a simple and valid question. After hearing the same thing from both Gon and Killua—and just hours apart, at that!—he was more than a little put off. What about them made the boys think that Leorio was more than a friend? Situations like this probably.

“What makes you say that? I don’t have any reason to avoid you, Leorio.” Kurapika answered as cooly as possible, trying not to focus on how close Leorio was to him… how his soft shirt brushed against his back and definitely not on the arms touching both sides of his waist. He found this task to be a difficult one.

“I don’t think so. You’ve been acting weird all day. Did Gon or Killua say something to you?” He asked as he took a step closer and Kurapika took a deep breath to keep his cool. It was unsettling how someone like Leorio could be so keen on picking things up, or perhaps he was just very attentive.

“Now that you mention it, they did say something fairly amusing today. They thought we were dating! Funny, right?” He forced out a laugh of his own, his hands gripping the towel tightly as he turned the water on to soak the dirty dishes. Something about Leorio’s sudden gasp made him curious though so he peeked over his shoulder to see the other’s expression.

It was one that he was not used to seeing on the student’s face. Or rather, it was one that he did not enjoy. His warm eyes were slightly downcast and the arms that previously had him pinned to the sink flew slowly to his side. When he spoke, the usual timber was gone.

“That is a good laugh, isn’t it?”

The blond frowned at the tone and carefully turned off the water before turning around to face him. It almost sounded like he was… disappointed? “Did you think otherwise?”

Leorio laughed a bit at that and shook his head, his smile returning although it no longer reached his eyes. “Not at all. It’s just a nice thought. I wouldn’t mind dating someone like you.” Exactly like you, rather. No one other than you. He kept that part to himself, hands cautiously returning to the blond’s waist as a flush crept onto his cheeks.

Kurapika stared up at him silently before nodding, his gaze lowered to see Leorio’s hands placed so naturally on his waist. This was something he could get used to. Or rather, it was something he was already used to. The thought of not having the other so near stirred an unpleasant knot in his stomach.

“I… I don’t think I’d mind dating someone like you either.” He finally said, his hands resting on Leorio’s arms so he could make sure the other didn’t run away. If there was anyone he felt comfortable around, it was Leorio. He wasn’t entirely against the idea of at least trying.

“So, is that a yes…?”

“It’s not a flat no. Just… go slow, okay?” Kurapika mumbled quietly, his cheeks darkening in color until he heard the other laugh. Was this amusing to him?! It would be his first time ever being this way with anyone ever, of course he would want to go slow. He didn’t want to miss anything or mess it up. Not if that person was Leorio.

As he mused to himself in his head, he missed the moment that the student had leaned down and only looked up when a pair of slightly chapped lips brushed over his cheek. His hands trailed up to Leorio’s shoulders to keep him there even though it meant he had to lean up and Leorio had to crouch down even more.

“Slow is okay with me.”

AO3 Mirror: Here

Nalu AU 8

“The process of falling in love”

Summary: After a long, tiring day, the last thing Natsu needed was any more chaos. So, of course, there would be a stunning blonde, laying naked in his bedroom. Perfect, exactly what he needed.

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Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day

5x09 reaction fic NC-17

The clock in his last class of the day seems to be moving back in time, and Blaine would just assume a space-time rift as usual, but everyone around him seems to be unconcerned; teacher droning on about everything they’ve already learned for final exams, students taking notes or texting under their desks or nodding off with their heads on the hard, cold surface.

Blaine taps his pencil, crosses and uncrosses and recrosses his legs. Sits back in his chair with his arms folded. Leans forward with his elbows resting, cheeks propped. Looks at the clock again to find that only a scant minute has passed and it’s all he can do to not groan and thunk his forehead down on the desktop.

Instead he roots around in his bag until he finds the little robot dude down at the bottom, winds him and winds him and winds him. Sets him down on his opened notebook and holds him there, all coiled tight energy begging to burst free.

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That morning, Alfred didn’t feel like being human.

The city stretched before him; the Government’s buildings towered above the flat houses of his neighbourhood, and in the horizon, just behind the Screen, the IT Factory’s glass-roof shimmered like a clean pool. He was heading there in his glider, but he was taking the long route. Instead of steering into the lane of officials, he used the public roads and got stuck in traffic. There, among old hover-cars and star-riders, he leaned back into his seat and connected to Arthur.

His workmate’s image flickered before his eyes until it was as if he was sitting in the seat next to him.

“Why are you calling me?” he asked. “Shouldn’t you be at work already?”

“I’m stuck in traffic,” Alfred said.

“There’s no traffic on the officials’ roads.”

Alfred smiled, “There is on the public ones.”

Arthur stared at him, then rolled his eyes and leaned back in the passenger seat. “I should’ve known,” he mumbled, “One of those days.”

“One of those days,” Alfred agreed and let go of the steering wheel. They were at standstill.

Arthur was dressed in a black coat, the typical attire for a scientist’s comrade. With golden buckles and gloves, his status was revealed; he was but a mere android, created to support men like Alfred in their work. If a switch was flipped, the electricity buzzing through his veins would die out, the gloves would slip off, and the buckles open to reveal a control panel on his comrade’s chest.

Alfred looked away and onto the road. He hated messing with the man’s cords - whenever he needed an update, he hired other androids to take care of it. The one time he’d seen Arthur unscrewed and flipped open on the table, he’d almost puked. The red cords and sticky oil was not unlike the flesh and blood of humans.

Arthur stroked his gloves and glanced around. From where he was situated, he could only see a blurry image of Alfred’s surroundings, but he was good at guessing. “You’re getting close to the Screen,” he said.

Alfred just nodded.

Arthur huffed, “It’s there for the public, not the likes of you.”

“What, does being an official exclude me from society?”

“Don’t be daft. You know why we have the Screen.”

“To inform the public of matters of the state,” Alfred spoke, but his voice was tired. “If we really wanted to inform them, we should open up the doors to the factory and let them see how–” He held his breath, then gulped down whatever words he’d been about to speak.

Arthur was watching him with care. The way he stared made the hairs on Alfred’s neck rise. “Don’t go there,” he said.

“You’re right,” Alfred mumbled.

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Lord Of The Bots- Chapter Two

Title: Lord Of The Bots
Chap Title: Dragon Den
Word count: 3k
Disclaimer: derpfire is the one who created this idea, she just gave me the A-Ok to write it so hell yeah this is the official story and storyline! But everyone is welcome to write their own for it! I hope you all enjoy!

The original plan of going in both Flynn’s vehicle and his wife’s car was a bust. When everyone arrived at the Elsa’s warehouse, the two explained how her car was in the repair shop for the weekend and they were stuck with one vehicle to make the trip.

That is how Tadashi found himself squished in the very back between four others, dying as the smell of cool ranch Doritos and sour punch straws getting sucker punched into his nose. The first fifteen minutes of the trip were a little squishy, but it was manageable. Then they stopped for snacks. Seriously, they should have made a plan for the snacks, because the stench of flaming hot Cheetos was over powering in the back of the car. With the A/C broken and the building heat in the car, the trip was going from being an attack on his nose to being down right unbearable. Tadashi wondered how much he would have to pay Merida to switch him spots so he could press his mouth to the small crack the window was open for fresh air.

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