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Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski

‘Lady Yennefer! No! I do not want to be alone!’  ‘Ciri,’ the sorceress said softly. ‘Once I told you everything I do is for your own good. Please trust me. Run.’ Ciri was already on the stairs when she heard Yennefer’s voice again. The sorceress stood beside a pillar, leaning her forehead against it.
I love you, my daughter,’ she said, her voice muffled. ‘Run.


i needed to practice clean(ish) lineart so i doodled stuff from two fics!! the first is I Guess We’re The Same by @heeyitsmk​ and the second is We All Get Burned by @terwho

Y'all mind if I


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales International Trailer

Aka the one where Elizabeth Turner, née Swann shows up

Cost of Freedom (13/??)

Summary: In which the plan for escape is addressed, Kaito tells a story, and the countdown is set for May 3rd. Prison!AU.

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March bleeds into April.

Even though he knows days aren’t getting shorter, and that time isn’t set to fast forward, Kaito feels like each day passes at a much quicker rate than the last. Most of the time he tries to forget about it, focusing on his magic tricks - Shinichi’s discovered a majority of them, but is still pondering over the more complex tricks - to avoid actively thinking, but some days it’s difficult.

A week passes from his days in solitary, and there are 29 days left until 3rd of May. It makes him feel antsy, especially when he thinks about all the things they haven’t planned.

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lol a few days ago in English I was listening to someone else’s conversation in class because I have no friends and this guy was like ‘yo xxxx is probably queer’ and i replied that i was the real queer in the class mind you i’ve been cracking ace jokes all year but apparently this kid and my entire class thought i’d been joking the whole time and they were like ‘???? you’re ace?’ and i was like ‘???? you didn’t know?’


I’m working on the speedpaint now so that should be up at some point?? Maybe???

So I’m trying something new. I never quite know what to train when I get in the mood to train, so I’m writing it down on a whiteboard calendar and I’m posting it on various social media. These are my goals ATM: agility foundations, intermediate trick dog stuff, and basic general safety skills that I’ve neglected because all I ever do is behavior mod.

I know you might be judging me here. We’ve been talking about ITD for… probably a year or something. If I was working with Bear regularly at all, we would have it already. But I’m not. I often struggle to get anything done besides his exercise. (This is why I want more ball / tug drive in my next dog- if I can’t do anything else, at least I can throw a ball or wiggle a flirt pole.)

So… it’s a struggle. I’m trying to figure it out, for the benefit of both of us. Surrounding myself with inspiration irl has been helpful, but not quite enough.

We’ll see how it all goes.


what fourth wall? 

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okay now i officially have a crazy amount of work to do WHOS GONNA STAY U P WITH ME 


From the journal of Maksim Volkov:

December, 1907

The idea had been to wait until the kid was old enough to grow a proper beard before turning him. As the boss put it, “We’re not having another half grown pup running around humping everything” and everyone had laughed except for Vadim. He was a pretty funny shade of red, though.

Anyway, Kiryak Ivanovich had proven himself more than worthy of getting turned since he first joined us. As scrawny as he was, he’d bulked up quite a bit when he got a hold of some real food. Sprouted a lot, too. He’s still pretty baby faced, but it’s satisfying to watch people piss their pants when he cracks his knuckles. Boss still thinks the kid’s got room to grow, but after we’d lost some of the boys to scraps and with how well he did at the last job even he thought it was a good idea to turn him. Hell, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of animal he’d turn out to be (my money was on wolf, though a number of the guys had argued pretty strongly for bear).

And we would’ve done it by now if it hadn’t been for the fucking cat.

No one has a clue where it came from, but it STINKS of magic and clings to Kiryak like a vine. Every time we try to make a move to get him to come with us, the cat’s there and weaving in between our legs like it KNOWS what we’re up to. I’ve even had boys come up to me saying that the cat’s stared them into submission when THEY tried to get close to Kiryak for anything more than just a friendly talk.

We can’t even do much of anything because the kid is feeding it. Normally he gobbles up all his food but lately he’s taken to eating most of it but leaving stuff like a chunk of bread or some milk out and I KNOW the cat’s taking it. It’s too fat NOT to have been. I keep trying to ask him why help THAT of all things, but he gives me this look like I’d kicked a dog and I can’t push it. Boss has already yelled at me about how we have enough problems with the fae, so trying to kill or kick out the house spirit would probably piss them off even more even without the shit I’d get from the kid. We really need someone to be a go-between for us if we keep going like this.

For now, though, we’re just going to have to live with Kiryak not being turned. It’s not like he’s got anyone to go back to anymore anyway, so who cares if he tried to escape and tell people about us?

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get into a fight that he can’t walk out of since he can’t regenerate like we can.

i’m not ready for today’s game… not at all… they could give a year’s notice and i wouldn’t be ready wtf…