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Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

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okay but the fact that they filmed the final scenes of 6a thinking dylan would no longer be in the series means their original plan was to have stiles exiting the show with scott, his best friend and brother, the same person who he started this all with… and that is so important to me

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Ok Real!Ciel has killed Agni and it's horrible to do done that. But people seems forget that O!Ciel has killed a whole house where were a lot of children, has manipuled people, has lied to Snake and to everyone, has forced a little girl to heal his own butler....well R!Ciel has killed Agni yeah but I think that, then, the two brothers are both messed up.

Mmmm, it’s indeed hard to tell who’s worse at this point! I think a lot of readers have more compassion for our Ciel because we have been reading the story from his POV for 10 years now and we know his motives as to why he did those atrocious things like burning Kelvin’s manor along with all the children inside etc, whereas in real Ciel’s case, we don’t know much about him yet in general, and we don’t know at all why he killed Agni and attacked Soma (who btw happened to be everyone’s low-key faves! (ノД`)・゜・。). RC is mysterious and seems very antagonistic, so I guess that’s why many people think real Ciel is more evil and our Ciel is “better” than him, which *is* true in a way (Undertaker said our Ciel is “different” from his predecessors when he saved Harcourt from bizarre dolls in ch84), but *not* entirely true! I mean, for example, if we just compare the number of people our Ciel and real Ciel killed/tried to kill directly/indirectly so far, we’d get real Ciel = 2 (Agni, Soma) and our Ciel = at least 20 (the children in Kelvin’s manor, the woman who died of blood loss, all the German soldiers in the GW arc, etc). So personally, I agree with you that neither of them is truly “better” than the other one, imo both of them are screwed-up kids and did terrible things x(

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I can't help but notice he said mistrust not distrust and I feel like there's an important difference. The lie is going to be a big issue and I feel like that will last through 217 218 and possibly linger in 219. But I don't think we'll see the season end without it be resolved between them. Plus I feel like Harry tends to answer things in ways to actually leave us guessing and Matt is either bulldozing us w spoilers or making up nonsense where ONE WORD actually applies to the show "Boats" ffs

no he said “distrust” i just transcribed it incorrectly originally bc i didn’t bother double checking, but regardless, this is about magnus’ journey overall and magnus has always been distrustful of the clave in general. i don’t think it has to do with their relationship strictly but it was just funny that matt gets all up in his feelings and half the time it’s like he’s doing these interviews as alec and gets offended on alec’s behalf.

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Hey squad!So I just recently posted prodigies part two and the next thing on my list is ….

Keeping time part 3!

Oh yes, this is gonna be an angsty rollercoster ride! 

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So my tablet recently busted, meaning I won’t be able to draw anything new for awhile. In the meantime, here are some cookies I’m shipping out for the Holidays this year! They were a lot of fun to make–I think the Fourze cookie and the donuts turned out the best!

I’m a little bit confused at the response wicdiv #15 is getting

is it just me that thought hazel/amaterasu was portrayed as clearly in the wrong? yes she’s kind, and nice, and well-meaning, and very pretty, but still a cultural appropriating mess. she’s so desperate to have her last two years on earth mean something that she willfully ignores criticism by someone she used to respect - she leaves cassandra stranded in hiroshima and flees to a shrine to pray, like everything cass said just flew right over her head. she likes to see herself as kind (the praying) but when it comes down to it, she doesn’t really care who she’s hurting as long as it makes her feel good/like she has a “purpose”.

i think there is a discussion to be had @ whether this was a story worth telling - white person is nice but racist, wow, groundbreaking - but gillen has said many times wicdiv is a story about problematic people doing problematic things, so i don’t think the point of this issue was to excuse hazel/amaterasu of any of her problematic behavior.

We hollow ourselves,
create cavities beneath the rib cage,
bleed out ink and graphite.
We pick at wounds and
call the emptiness beautiful;
name it poetry
instead of self destruction,
turn blood and hate and pain
into rosebuds,
veins of pretty words spread out on paper.
Call it art.
Call it lovely.
Pretend that is enough.

And when we fall,
we swear the breaking is music
and no one
dares tell us otherwise.

—  To Write About Pain is Such a Pretty Thing, Isn’t It? (You Can Almost Pretend it’s Fiction)

Okay I’ve been looking through the main comic and extras, and I actually….can’t….find any instances where Bitty calls people honey. He has tweeted the word honey three times. Once in a reply to a stranger, once when Dex asked about 1 in 4, and the last about a honey garlic chicken recipe. 

For all the times we’ve written Bitty saying honey…it doesn’t seem like it happens that much. Maybe it’s just not part of his casual vocabulary to use with friends. So Bitty’s slip of “oh honey” in front of Lardo makes me think he has his guard down on purpose. 

Bitty needs someone to talk to, and maybe he has told Lardo, but my guess is he hasn’t. I think he wants her to know, but doesn’t want the stress of telling her, the stress of asking Jack if he can tell her. If he drops enough hints and she asks, however…he can tell Jack, and maybe they’ll decide together that Lardo’s a good person to tell. 

The reason Taylor is back
  • Us: Brings back serial killer night
  • Taylor: *sees serial killer night* oh darn I missed it but I guess it's never too late to kill people. Adam open that snapchat app you like !!! Then we'll post multiple photos that will kill everyone in the fandom !!!! YAYYY
  • Us: DEAD
  • Taylor: I win serial killer night ha ha

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Did you see Billboard's article? Apparently Harry's going to be in some WWII drama film...I'm not sure if I buy it, since the film comes out in 2017, so it has to be filming now, if not already filmed. I guess we'll see...

Yeah I saw that. It’s being reported by some reputable sources. The Guardian made it sound a bit more unofficial, though.

Harry Styles has reportedly been offered a role in Christopher Nolan’s second world war epic Dunkirk. 

According to Deadline, the One Direction singer is set to make his acting debut in the drama alongside Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance. The reports suggest that it won’t be a leading role.

Details of the film are being kept secret but the Inception director is rumoured to be searching for mainly unknown actors to play the key roles with the more well-known talent taking a back seat. He is said to be keen on newcomer Fionn Whitehead for one of the two leads.

Last month it emerged that Nolan will be using authentic second world war battleships for the film because he wants to avoid using too many digital effects. The film will tell the story of the Dunkirk evacuation at the start of the second world war.

Styles was previously offered a role in romantic drama Tulip Fever, alongside Judi Dench and Alicia Vikander, but turned it down. He is loosely attached to star in the next season of horror comedy series Scream Queens alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts.

Dunkirk is aiming for a summer 2017 release.

Personally, I hope he does it. Christopher Nolan is legit. This is an A list project all the way. This is the kind of thing I was dreaming about for my guys back in 2014. Quality projects. Earning more respect. Building their brand as individuals and then coming back together as a supergroup. This is exciting.Christopher Nolan only officially signed on as the Director back in December. So they’d definitely still be in pre-production rn. The film is set to begin shooting in May. Perfect hiatus timing. And speaking of perfect timing,this sure blew that lame ass Lindsay Lohan fanfic sharted out by The Sun outta the water, now didn’t it? Bless.

I made a post a while back about how Morgan and Carol were destined to end up together, not romantically, but paired-up, alone, without everyone else, and then tonight Morgan notes Carol’s absence. It wasn’t Tobin or Daryl or Rick, it was Morgan who, without any letter or mention looked at the empty porch swing and knew that she was gone. 

This is so important. I know there has been a lot of conflict between them and a lot of grotesque violence, but I can’t help feeling that he’s going to go after her, despite what Rick has instructed, and find her. It’s a needed confrontation of ideals, especially with her moral crisis at full strength, and either he is going to die for her, or they’re going to become best friends.