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I'm an anti too but the amount of hate on this blog is fucking ridiculous. I disagree with a lot of ships but you go way too far. Spreading hate is disgusting, and it's all you do. I hope you can make it to a better place where you don't constantly have to hate other people, because that sounds like a miserable time.

thanks! im bitter all the time and i have a short temper sorry you dont like it lmao. im not forcing you to follow me though. just tap that Unfollow Button™ and you’ll be free of my miserable short temper!!!!!!


february 27 ;

     happy birthday to our thai prince,ten chittaphon leechaiyapornkul, a humble,multi-talented person ever since he was born,raised in a lovely family,surrounded with positivity and full of charms;words just cant describe how amazing you are ♡.wish for you to be always happy and healthy so that we can see you smile & perform on the stage of your own –soon

I think this is a sign I need to focus more on my job… I constantly had my phone with me to text him if I could sneak it in, often snuck out of work earlier to get home to him earlier, took extra time on lunch and break sometimes to talk to him longer… I was probably going to get in trouble for it eventually but now my job is my biggest focus