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I have an important announcement

Sorry guys, but I will stop drawing and probably will delete this account soon, thank you for everything so far and your support. My reasons for this are under read more since it’s kinda long, again I’m sorry.


Sorry for those who thought I was talking seriously :3c so today is Dec 28 and in Latin America is like our April fools (but in december, duh~) if you didn’t knew UwU This is my joke for this year, of course I ain’t gonna stop drawing!! and I’m not gonna delete this account. I can’t believe I’m procrastinating my projects just to draw that troll Peri with Gin-chan’s face xD (you can see how I suffer in snapchat)

So, happy December 28! Try to not fall in other jokes today and again, I’m sorry if you believed this for a second, you can breathe now and punch me if you want ^^

What a Festive Night…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I hope the preview from last week hyped up some people, I’ve been so excited to share this for a while now, I’m glad I could finally post it!


The background alone and without the blur!

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edm artists as flowers  ( ◕‿◕✿)

madeon: garden lavander (fervor), centaurea (happiness), calendula (’’i will calm your sorrows’’), begonia (cordiality).

dillon francis: bellflower (coquetry), nigella (gentleness),  st John’s-wort (animosity), fennel (strenght). and anything yellow, because it’s oftenly related to happiness and brightness.

porter robinson: peony (shyness), honeysuckle (nostalgia), snowdrop (hope), calla (beauty).

zedd: vervain (charm), goldenrod (cheer), white zinnia (goodness), jasmine (kindness).

skrillex: field bindweed (humility), magnolia (sympathy, nobility, perseverance, dignity and happiness. yes! all in one! pretty accurate).

deadmau5: lunaria (sincerity), gladiolus (strenght of character), geranium (gentility).

so, boarding school au

We have wee little 12-year-old Taemin transferring into the tiny, snooty, tie-wearing boarding school that’s practically separated off from the rest of civilization so that the kids can’t like ditch or anything, and so there’s no Outside Influence over these young, prestigious children.

And it’s like February, okay. Middle of the school year. The kids only came back from winter break like a couple weeks ago. Not typically the time they get new students.

But then here comes Taemin, and when his roommate, Jongin, and the student council member who’s showing him around, Kibum, ask him why he’s suddenly decided to go to their school, he explains it’s because of his new step-dad.

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Title; to the moon and back

Description; AU where Phil is an astronomer and Dan is an astronaut.

Wordcount; 17,600+ (holy shit)

Beta; beware-phangirl

A/N; woow so this has been finished for ages but I just wanted to release it on Valentines day bc uwu. I guess I hope you like it! (read: yoU BETTER MOTH ERF UCKIN LIKE IT I TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE IT) happy valentines day everyone! :D (also ty to hannah ( beware-phangirl ) for beta-ing uwu)

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