i guess this was kinda a psa

bah im sorry guys idk if this is really a big issue or not but for the next few days im just gonna keep to myself and therefore won’t really be responding to messages . :/ nothing bad has happened, but i just am not in the mood to talk to anyone. it’s too exhausting atm.

hey this is like a PSA for the Descendants fandom I guess ANYWAY

Specifically, Janelos and Jaylos. 

I went into the Jane and Janelos tag to make sure my most recent post did not end up in there, as it was kinda me doin a lil rant about the outcome of the movie and I didnt want it to show up for people who wanted to see content for their ship and not some whiny jaylos shipper’s angry thoughts. I noticed in both the Jane and janelos tags there were lots of posts from Jaylos shippers who were against janelos. Which is fine we all got our opinions on things but I think maybe it would be best to not tag janelos and jane in those posts? The Jaylos tag isnt filled with janelos shippers talking about how much they hate jaylos. Anyway, I’m not making this post to be like a post police, because I am also guilty of this. I noticed one of my older posts was in both tags, so I went through and edited it so that it SHOULDNT show up, but it wouldn’t go away and I think it’s because she’s mentioned in the replies?? I don’t know :/ I even untagged characters because people looking at those tags probably didnt wanna see that either. I just think that, if we’re gonna talk shit, we need to keep it away from the people who ship what we’re talking about

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Omg okay so I really feel like you and your followers should know about this (I guess this is kinda a PSA?) someone created an account called "thebigbangonice" and they've created an event that brings authors, beta readers and artists together in a massive collaboration and I think people should check it out and sign up. It looks like a lot of fun and I hope a lot of people will join the fun!

It sounds awesome! Check it out!

        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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Regarding some requests...

haha so recently I got a few requests asking for nsfw

But when I said I’ll be doing nsfw, I kinda meant stuff like hardcore angst and gore kinda?? Like stuff that might contain trigger warnings

I guess I forgot that it also stood for exotic love making lmao–

But listen y'all. I love to write and I love to do all these requests for you, but I’m trying to avoid writing NSFW like that for a long while because I know once I start, people will ask for it more.

I like to write stuff with plots and meaningful stuff, and you know, writing about sex between two characters just isn’t my thing rn.

If it comes to it and people won’t stop asking for it, I guess I can pull something out of my ass? But for now I’m not comfortable with writing it.

Anyways TL;DR: I’m not doing any NSFW asks dealing with sex. I’m too uncomfortable. Maybe sometime later.

Thanks for understanding! ♡

Wow…feels like forever and a day since I have been actually online posting something. Guess I have been kinda caught up in a lot of projects as of late. Hope everyone is doing well and the New Year is bring everything that they wanted it too.

As well as a check in, this is kinda doubling a little PSA. Some of you may know that my phone recently has been dealing with some…let’s call them technical difficulties which I thought I was finally able to resolve. Unfortunately, I was mistaken about my phone being back up and running-just my text messages really. So I would kindly ask if instead of texting me that you would send me a PM instead, it would be a lot more convenient for me. As well as stopping any strange activities going though to you, cause you know ‘techy magic’.

Thank you. Hope all is well.

Sorry for the absence!

Woops I’m still kicking! Hey guys just a psa I guess, as you may have noticed, things have slowed down….

There are a few reasons for this 1) It’s summer Everything kinda slows down around this time haha~ 2) Less in the tags - Blaming a bit of this on summer as well lol! 3) I’ve got a lot on my plate irl, just some life things

Hopefully once I’m back on a schedule things will pick up again, in the meantime thank you all for bearing with me! And for following this… whatever it is at this point lol !

“That character acts kinda gay, but then he got a girlfriend/had a crush on a girl, so he’s just camp straight”


“I ship these two girls together, she has a boyfriend in canon but I like her better with this one girl so she’s a lesbian”


“He was gay, but then he broke up with his boyfriend and got a girlfriend so I guess he’s straight now”


“That character lost interest in her male crush and has a female crush now! Hashtag canon lesbians!”

*or pansexual, both are possibilities


Due to an anon I’m not posting, I feel like I needa say a little something

Things that are kinda rude but fine I guess:
someone telling me they think my art is ugly to them personally, that’s cool that’s fine, dunno why you feel the need to be in my face about it, but alright

Things that will get you blocked in about .2 seconds:
attempting to insult me or my art by equating any kind of disorder/disability/neurodivergence/etc, to something bad/ugly/stupid

If you don’t like how I draw tracer you don’t gotta be shitty about it

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Can you draw Volpina fighting The Pharaoh (using the powers of Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead) and his army of mummies for me, please? (Volpina & The Pharaoh are from Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir)

Heyy here’s a small sketch. srry I couldn’t put in all the mummies and it’s kinda sloppy (and my first time doing such a muscular body lol)

Also psa to everyone I’m not dead yet, i’ll be posting some transfixed as soon as school is over and my driving test stuff is finished. which is like tomorrow so many updates to look forward to in the very near future

sorry for the radio silence for a while. things have gotten super busy on my end, thus leaving me tired & uninspired for this account. i’m in no way abandoning sharon, i love her too much to bail i guess this is just me announcing a hiatus kinda thing until i find the muse again. the best way to reach me is via skype, so if you have it then feel free to message me. if you would like it, shoot me a message.

i think the “13 year olds before vs. 13 year olds now” meme is hilarious and all but if we’re being real, has anyone taken the time to consider that maybe the reason young girls are beginning to look more and more mature is probably because the media is really cruel? like, people are really cruel and won’t hesitate to sexualize a young girl for her looks or “lack thereof”. And no this isn’t a new phenomena, i mean when i was 7 i was very overweight and didn’t shave (because i’m indian. connect the dots.)and people made fun of me- even grown men had the audacity to comment on my body and the hair which is what pushed me to become to self conscious for a few years, and ultimately start shaving. so it’s not new, but light has been shed on it, i guess? it’s growing, or just becoming more noticeable, and the girls are noticing it? i don’t know man, but it’s kinda fucked up and we probably shouldn’t (okay, we really shouldn’t) blame these young girls for something society has done to them. furthermore, remember, they’re still kids. just kids.