i guess this is turning into a bit of a list now

List of Solstice’s agility cues

Obstacle names

  • “walk” = dogwalk
  • “climb” = a-frame
  • “teeter” = teeter
  • “tunnel” = tunnel
  • “chute” = chute/collapsed tunnel
  • “weave” = weaves
  • “jump” = jumps, spreads, long jump
  • “tire” = tire
  • “table” = table with automatic down

I do prefer having two separate names for regular tunnels vs. chute. For safety reasons I always want my dog to run straight through the chute, whereas regular tunnels may have various degrees of turns. I prefer different names for the contacts for similar reasons, especially the dogwalk and teeter. Dogs can and should be able to visually differentiate between the dogwalk and teeter, but sometimes they don’t and I feel a different verbal cue is just a bit of extra help.

Directional and other cues

  • “left”/”right” = basic directionals. Used for turns off contacts (usually flip or pull into a tunnel under the contact) or over jumps. For jumps, generally used for turns in extension now that we have a verbal wrap/collection cue.
  • “wrap-wrap-wrap” = take the next jump in collection/wrapping, direction based on body cues. For future dogs I plan to use separate cues for left-wraps and right-wraps, but one is okay for now.
  • “around” = backside of jump. Will likely change this to “push” for future dogs.
  • “out” = move away laterally, take the obstacle farther from me in a discrimination. If used for discrimination, also paired with obstacle name (”out-tunnel”)
  • “come” = pull in to me (such as a serpentine) or take the obstacle closer to me in a discrimination, also paired with obstacle name (”come-walk”)
  • “go on” = take this obstacle and continue straight to the next obstacle on your path.
  • “go-[obstacle]” = go forward to that obstacle but do not continue straight to the next obstacle on your path
  • “free” = release from stationary position, startline stay, table, etc.
  • “target” = 2-on/2-off. Solstice no longer does a 2-on/2-off but Ryker does.

It’s amazing a dog can keep track of all this! Dogs are pretty great.