i guess this is narry too so

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Lmaooo in what planet is that a hug?? But still, they are still cute, and they should have used that footage, even if it's not a hug, on the end of the video... but I guess someone's goal was not to show a united band... much better showing the boys going on different directions... -.-

and it was Narry vs. Lilo of course lol don’t forget that!!!

dflksjkalsfd this footage is cute and definitely an improvement on them walking away from each other but i just don’t understand why you would ever end a music video like that with something other than a group hug…..like……a group hug would have been the ABSOLUTE PERFECT ENDING. 100000000x better than them walking in separate directions and better than them running together too. it’s just so frustrating that any human on the planet could have thought up a better ending to the video than the one the actual directors planned.

My Lovebug - Narry

In which Niall almost kills a bug, but doesn’t exist the good in all creatures?

My Lovebug

Niall squats in the corner right behind the couch and he’s not really sure what to do in an emergency situation like this. He’s called his boyfriend several times by now, but the idiot doesn’t pick up.

What even does that guy have a phone for? What even does one have a boyfriend for, who won’t reply the calls?
Emergency calls.

Niall starts to sweat nervously and peeks over the cushions of the couch, but quickly hides again. That monster in front of the sofa just moved! It moved!
Can you believe that?!

It’s about to kill him, Niall knows it. He has to kill this thing somehow. He actually wants his boyfriend to come and kill it, but Niall  has apparently no such luck and his boyfriend clearly is not a knight in shining armour. He’s hooked himself a really shitty boyfriend.

He risks another peek.

That little fucker is clearly crawling towards Niall and making the poor boy its prey. How does he deserve that? How does he deserve such an awful death? He can imagine the headline of the newspaper tomorrow:

Ridiculously attractive boy with a nice ass killed by monstrous and deathly mutation of an insect

And the text will be about how the extremely gorgeous but dead guy has not been saved by his useless boyfriend. And said boyfriend will die of shame and he will also never move on from this great loss. 

Niall curses internally. He has to take matters into his very own hands. 
Okay, he has to plan this first, before he makes just a simple move.

Another another peek. The level of danger is so high, Niall’s blood is pumping like mad. 

The monstrosity somehow manages in the time Niall doesn’t observe it to crawl nearer and nearer. It’s getting so real in Niall’s living room. You can literally feel the tension. 

“Okay, my friend”, Niall decides that talking calmly at first is always better than starting a war with beating and punching and shooting and killing and all that stuff. 

“I don’t like what you’re doing and I also don’t like that you are even here, you understand? I bet in the insect world, you’re a really pretty bug, but in my world you are not. If you would please be so kind and just leave?”

Niall stares at the dangerous insect from his hiding position behind the couch. Is that thing looking at him? Niall feels its billion eyes all over his body. Does a bug of this sort even have that many eyes? Most likely, all bugs have the eyes. 

Niall shudders and clears his throat. 

“So, uhm, I reckon you like it here, because yeah, I have to admit that this flat is really nice, but… you feel. It’s not your natural habitat. It’s mine. And my boyfriend’s. Well it’s been my boyfriend’s habitat, too, but I guess I have to reconsider that now.”

The monster doesn’t move anymore, it probably just stares at Niall and makes him feel uncomfortable and most of all he feels like a bad host. He likes having guests over, just not this kind of guest.
But then again, all guests are the same, right?

Niall climbs onto the couch, after he makes sure that it’s save and that the bug can’t fly. Or jump at him and smash its ginormous teeth in Niall’s soft neck flesh. 
Then he looks down at the small bug. Uhm. The gigantic bug.

“I guess you could have a nice personality. For a bug. You know?”, Niall asks and he must look like a complete idiot talking to an insect. “Are you a friendly beetle? Where’s Ringo, George and John?”

He laughs all by himself at his stupid joke.

Niall wishes he could share this wonderful pun with his boyfriend… if he has one anymore, at least.
His boyfriend would giggle cutely and then Niall would coo at him and they would make slow passionate love after that.

Niall sighs.

“Okay, bug, you either need to leave or I have to kill you. Only one of us can survive and it’ll be sure as heck not you!”

The bug stays silent. Ready to die?

“I’m not one to kill things, I feel so bad about it. My boyfriend kills the things. He’s a killer boyfriend.”

Another witty pun to share with no one but a bug on the floor.

“You look kinda cute, though”

Niall can’t believe he’s hearing himself saying that. How ridiculous is that? A cute bug?
The only cute bugs to ever exist are ladybirds. And not even those! 

“Uhm… we could be friends, you know? Like homies. Bug and human homies. Mates. Pals. But we’re not getting any closer than that, I’ve got a boyfriend! Don’t forget!”

He doesn’t care if he sounds like a white girl, he has to make this clear between the bug and himself, before things go weird and their friendship is ruined.

“Do you have a name?”, Niall wonders and contemplates about which name he should give the insect.
What about Charles? Charles the bug. Charles the almighty bug. King of the bugs. Or Paul McBugney.


Niall almost falls over and chokes on his own spit. After coughing for an eternity, he pulls himself together and shakes his head vigorously.

“No, your name can’t be Harry, that’s my boyfriend’s name”

“But it is and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, you could always call me lovebug and kiss me”, the bug replies and does its mouth move? Does it have a mouth? How is this thing even able to talk?

“Dude, I told you, we can’t become a couple or lovers or… you’re a goddamn insect, for god’s sake!”, Niall cries out loud and throws his arms up in frustration. “You might be a nice beetle, but really”

“So you won’t kill me?”

Somehow the bug’s voice seems to be suspiciously familiar, but well. 

“No, I won’t kill you, promise”, Niall sighs and shrugs. “We’re friends now, right? And friends don’t kill each other. I also won’t let my boyfriend kill you. You’re safe, man.”

Suddenly two warm arms wrap around Niall’s torso and he’s engulfed in a hug. Niall lets out a manly shriek and tries to fight against the attacker. 
“Bug! Save me!”

“I told you my name is Harry”, the voice of the bug and the voice of the attacker whisper into Niall’s ear at the same time and then Niall realises and groans.

How did he fall for that one?

“You’re the worst boyfriend ever, why did you do this to me?”, Niall complains and pulls his boyfriend over the cushions of the couch onto his lap, where Harry settles himself comfortably.

“Oh, you were just too cute, baby and I didn’t want to interrupt your bug-whispering”, Harry smiles and runs his hands through Niall’s hair, who pouts adorably. 

“I thought it was real, you know?”, Niall mumbles and buries his face into Harry’s shoulderblade. 
“I know, babe.”, Harry chuckles lightly and kisses his boyfriend’s cheek. 

“But I think the bug is dead anyway, Niall.”

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can we talk about jealous!harry and jealous!louis ???? i'm having issues over these two being jealous boyfriends like FUCK

YES WE CAN. Those two are so ridiculously possessive of each other sometimes. I can’t believe they still get like this. And we’ve seen some fantastic displays of jealousy as of late.

Jealous Harry is scary af. Like jealous Louis looks really pissy and annoyed beyond belief, but jealous Harry looks like he’s about to kill a man…

See what I mean. Ha it’s funny because this is usually the other way around with Louis being the one who’s jealous of Niall and Harry. They use him as their play thing I’m pretty sure. 

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and you know in your heart it’ll be worth it on ao3

“At home, we sleep on the,” he points at the ceiling. “The top, so we don’t float away.”

Niall laughs. “The ceiling, you mean?” He traces the line of Harry’s dimple. “I figured you slept inside a castle, like in the pictures of what Atlantis looked like.”

“I doubt that’s accurate,” Harry says. He palms Niall’s thigh, running his hand down to his knee, where he pauses to feel out the unfamiliar bones with his fingertips. “Otters sleep holding hands so they won’t drift apart, did you know that?”

“What, are you an otter?” Niall asks.

“No, but it might not be too bad,” Harry says. He lays his head to rest on Niall’s chest, over his heart. His fingers tangle with Niall’s in the sheets, his skin tanned and smooth, Niall’s pale and scarred.

“Eh,” Niall says. “It’s not too bad, I guess.”

12K Mermaid AU; Magical Realism; Mythical Beings & Creatures

for @julianbrulian as part of the @stylanficexchange

This was Harry’s reaction when a interviewer said the boys would kiss anywhere on her body.

Like, the hole look is like oh shit, I have a boyfriend in the same room. and then he just shakes his head with a laugh, which I guess was a nervous laugh.

Even if Niall was there and would kiss the interviewer too, I think Harry still didn’t want to do it because he felt like betraying Niall.


Niall’s breathing harshly through his nose when he reaches the spot—an exact parallel of that Tuesday one year ago.

Red cheeks that reach the tip of his hairline, sweaty palms from his jittery hands, a pressure caught between his throat and chest that’s making it painfully hard for the air to remain in his tired lungs—it’s all strangely familiar.

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UPDATE: ladies and gents welcome on the party boat of the narry-return

first off all can we please sing a short hallelujah and praise this hug up to heaven, bc this beautiful body clash acted like fuckin titanic crashing the ice block between harry & niall 

fuckin beautiful right.. (i personally really adore how niall holds harry like really tight…)

like real fuckin tight- i dare you to slip a paper between them 
i win this one

it’s a little shaky but let’s praise this girl to heaven shall we?

(i’m just really amazed about how that hug conjured narry out of some fuckin jeans pocked like there was never a lack of it and we never sufferd of a fuckin dehydration.this fuckin hug lead to well narry finally being narry again)

so my fellow narry friend hop on the ship and let’s get this sailing journey going…

  • first harbor: some really weird narry dancing

aaaw the good ol’ WMBY dance.. i missed you fella 

casually being mr.crab

i dont even know 

anyways it’s time to board again we’re heading to

  • crotchland

to the right you can see harry being a little asshole hitting niall’s personal area.. well i’m not sure how personal it is when it comes to harry

and to your left you can see niall’s reaction containing not one but like 2338274 hits bc better too much than too little, right?

  • the next stop of this journey has no name bc it’s too random but too important to leave out

i’m still trying to get the deal of that pointy stuff…

to me it just seems like a no words communication saying.. “look who’s gay!!” *point* “aaaaw he is gay!”

talking about gay..let’s admire harry’s gay wrist for a second, shall we?.. that’s a really gay one

i dont even know what this is.. but it leads us to our next destination

  • “ i just really love to see his smile”

hella random but really fucking cute- time to adore harry’s smile in the last… thank you

their smiles around each other are just really fucking cute, adorable, sweet and just feel like a good coffee at 6 a.m.

next were hitting a stop that’s new in the program 

  • is this some kind of The Thinker but i dont really care bc harry’s fond 

where’s the  fond???

aaaah there is the fond? nice one harry nice like fuckin kiss him already 

oh a apropos kiss.. it’s time for my last but fave stop

  • the bay of kisspering

(attention this could harm your soul so if you’re not the strongest your kindly asked to leave the ship now!)

harry just really like to be close to niall i guess (side note: i breathe for their smiles)

even the camera man thought it was cute…

(the best part comes now)

 getting really close there harry

like dangerously close harry is basically clinching on niall and niall’s just like yeah
oh noo wait- he’s casually stroking harry’s side 

“my dear passenger this isn’t the end of this journey but a little longer halt.. so thank you very much for joining me, i hope you had a good time!! i except to welcome you very soon on board again, sailing around many other beautiful stops let’s pray for a kiss and my dear shippers never forget to praise the lord for giving us the beautiful enjoyment called harry and dont forget to thank him for that powerful and amazing hug- thanks for the mercy!
to not make that goodbye (it’s acutally a see ya soon) too hurtful i give you a very cute very fucking cute niall waving goodbye!" 

(all the gifs are not mine, so thank you to whoever made to effort to do them- i owe you!)


before we head to our next destination i just would like to point something out: 

so little nialler was sin in jersey 

hipster harry in east village NYC
but that’s not all 

casually landing in the same jet..


sailing on it’s time for our next stop:

  • detroit night one (8/16/14)

oh look niall being the annoying little shit for once

did harry actually bump into niall on purpose i mean it’s not like that he could haven chosen the straight way from the start maybe bc he aint straight 

he literally just went there to bump into him…
iec bc all i see is niall reaching behind him as soon as harry bumps into him just to get a hold of harry 

it all started with harry getting really unnecessarily close to niall
then niall slapped harry’s butt to get him to chase him and bc harry love niall so much he of course did it

bc it’s really surviving necessary for harry to put his hand on niall’s shoulder to whisper to him
last but not least the beautiful kisspering (my personal fave part )

and as a goodbye we have niall being casually being the little shit he is bc i’m pretty sure harry dreams of this at night bc i can 


Yayyy, this took me a long ass time and I apologize. Here’s my follow forever for reaching 500 followers and it’’s a few weeks away til my 20th birthday so I guess it can be that too :) Don’t worry if you’re not on this, I love all of my followers and the people I follow. I also only put it into the categories of mutuals and non-mutuals because I already feel bad if I don’t choose everyone on this. Ok, I’m done rambling I promise, here goes.


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Why is it weird that Harry and Louis weren't at the Ryan Seacrest interview? Doesn't 1D sometimes have interviews with just a few of them? Were they supposed to be there and then weren't? Just wondering cause you keep wondering why they weren't there xx

well of course they have sometimes have interviews where they are paired off, but it’s usually Lilo/Narry/Nouis/Lirry and this interview was meant to be all of them. It was said to be one direction interview and then out of sudden Harry and Louis weren’t there and neither Liam or Niall were able to explain where Louis is. Ryan did the work for Harry and said he’s on vocal rest and when he asked about Louis and whether he’s on vocal rest too, Liam said nah I guess he’s just tired or something like that. And since when can they skip interviews when they are tired ? And Niall looked proper panicked. So that’s why I keep wondering. :)